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Table of Contents

Chapter 721

Alan Su squatted against the wall, took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, shook a cigarette in his mouth, and unskilledly lit it on fire.

This was also the first time Lena Qin saw him smoking.

Alan Su never smokes, she knows this very well.

At this moment, he is hiding in a place where no one is smoking, showing how bored he is.

Think about it, too, I can’t give birth, and his only relative urges him to marry and have children. How can he not suffer in his heart?

Lena Qin especially didn’t want to see him so uncomfortable.

She turned around quietly and did not go upstairs to see the old lady. She underestimated the old lady’s desire to have a grandson.

When I came, I didn’t think too much, I just wanted to come to see Alan Su and visit the old lady. This unplanned behavior made her see the problem between herself and Alan Su.

How long can they walk without children?

Alan Su could not want it, but his grandma could not want it.

She sat on the edge of the flower pond on the side of the road, took out her mobile phone and made a call to Alan Su. After the phone was connected, it rang a few times before being picked up.

Lena Qin could imagine what he was doing when he answered the phone late.

You are adjusting your mood, or you are pressing out the cigarette in your hand.


Soon Alan Su’s brisk voice came.

If she hadn’t seen him hide and use a cigarette to relieve emotions, she would have felt that he was in a good mood at the moment, listening to his voice on the phone.

However, at this moment, she knew that Alan Su’s good mood was pretended.

Cover your heart in front of her.

“Nothing, just want to call you.”

Lena Qin looked down at her toes, “Alan Su.”


Lena Qin wanted to say, let’s divide it.

Stop torturing each other.

But I can’t say it.

In fact, she could feel that Alan Su still had some feelings for her.

She is the same.

“Why don’t you speak?

Do you miss me? “

Alan Su’s voice came over, pulling back Lena Qin’s floating thoughts, she said, “I don’t know what to say.”

Lena Qin stood up and put the bought flowers into the trash can on the side of the road, “I still have to work, so I hang up first…” “Don’t hang up.”

Alan Su interrupted her hastily, for fear that she would hang up.

Lena Qin asked, “Anything?”

“You call me without telling me you miss me, you just hang up, isn’t it too much?”

Lena Qin stopped the rental and said, “Alan Su, can you not be naive.”

“Am I naive?”

Alan Su’s voice came, and before Lena Qin answered, he said again, “I am naive, and I just want to be naive to you alone.”

Lena Qin squeezed the phone tightly, her heart seemed to be stabbed by something.

The taxi driver asked, “Miss, where are you going?”

“Xiaoya, where are you?”

“I’m taking a car outside.”

Alan Su wondered, “Didn’t you just say you want to work?

Why did you take the car again? “

“I went out to meet a client, Alan Su, I still hang up beforehand.”

“Well, you go busy, Xiaoya, you don’t want me, I miss you, take care of yourself, in a few days when the old lady is discharged from the hospital, I will visit you.”


Lena Qin muffled her voice, “I’m hanging up.”

She hung up immediately after speaking.

She just felt that her heart was gripped by something, and she was too stuffy to breathe.

She couldn’t tell whether it was distressed or where it hurts, but she couldn’t control the tightness of her throat and sore nasal cavity, and she wanted to cry.

She covered her nose and mouth and choked in her palms.

The driver in front didn’t know where to go, and asked in a low voice, “Miss, where are you going?”

Lena Qin realized that she was sitting in the car. She sniffed and reported the address of the villa.

Now that she was here, she went to see the two children and Ana Lin.

The driver started the car and asked, “Are you broken in love?”

Lena Qin restrained her emotions and asked, “How do you see me like being broken in love?”

The driver smiled, “You are so beautiful, so naturally you won’t lose love. There are definitely many people who like it.”

Lena Qin smiled, “Pretty?

Don’t you know that plastic surgery is popular now?

This face is straight. “

“The love of beauty, everyone has it, it’s normal.”

Lena Qin stopped talking.

After a while, the car stopped at the door of the villa, and Lena Qin paid and got out of the car.

The driver looked at the independent and unique building outside the window and sighed, “Sure enough, I have money for plastic surgery and live in such a good villa.”

The driver withdrew his gaze in envy and drove away.

Lena Qin walked to the door and rang the doorbell. When Yu’s mother came to open the door, there was only Yu’s at home. Marsha Sang went to school, and the two children went to school. Zong Qifeng and Roberson Cheng were not at home either. Where did they go? Mom is not sure, anyway, they will pick up the child on time.

“Miss Qin.”

Wanda hurriedly gave up her position to let her in.

Lena Qin smiled, “Yu’s mom is okay recently.”

Wanda also smiled and said, “I’m just like that, my body has nothing to say.”

Entering the house, Wanda asked, “What would you like to drink?”

Lena Qin said, “Just white water.”

Wanda poured her a glass of water and brought it over. Lena Qin took it. Just about to ask if Ana Lin was at home, she heard Wanda sigh, “This lady has been abroad for two days, and I don’t know what happened.”

Lena Qin looked up at Wanda and asked, “What did you say?”

“I said my wife went abroad… Don’t you know?”

Wanda thought she knew.

Thought Ana Lin would tell her.

Ana Lin didn’t call specifically to tell Lena Qin that she was going abroad. She is going abroad now, Lena Qin would definitely ask why.

She didn’t want others to worry about herself.

“what happened?”

Lena Qin asked nervously, why did she go abroad at this time with her big belly?

“It seems to be due to the wife’s health. I don’t know the details.”

Wanda said.

Lena Qin took out her mobile phone and called Ana Lin but failed. She frowned, “Why can’t I get through?”

“The possible reason for being abroad?”

Wanda guessed.

Lena Qin installed her mobile phone and stood up, and decided to ask Keller Shen.

She didn’t want Alan Su to know that she was back, so she could only find Keller Shen.

Why does Ana Lin need to go abroad for his health?

She wanted to know.

She went to the hallway and opened the door, and someone just outside the door was about to come in.

Seeing someone coming, she was stunned for a long time.

Chapter 722

Marsha Sang went to school today, reported it, and met with the original teacher. She was very happy that she could go back and continue to study.

She also decided to take this opportunity well.

Can’t be as impulsive as last time.

There was no class today, she came back, but she didn’t expect to meet someone she hadn’t seen at the door.

“you are?”

Marsha Sang didn’t know Lena Qin, but Lena Qin had met her.

Not a real person, but a photo sent to her by Alan Su.

“Are you Keller Shen’s girlfriend?”

Lena Qin was not sure yet, because Alan Su had sent her a picture of Song Yaxin before.

Marsha Sang unconsciously pulled the corner of his clothes, “Yes…” “Do you know Marsha Sang?”

Wanda came over and asked.

Lena Qin laughed and said, “This is the first time I have seen a real person and seen photos.”

“Who sent you the picture?”

Marsha Sang was surprised.

Because she had never seen Lena Qin, she was curious.

Before Lena Qin spoke, Wanda told her first, “She is Alan Su’s girlfriend.”

Marsha Sang suddenly realized, “Oh, hello.”

Lena Qin smiled back, “Hello.”

“Are you going out now?”

Marsha Sang asked.

Lena Qin nodded and said, “I’m about to go to your home, Keller Shen, and want to ask him something.”

Marsha Sang asked, “Is it about my sister-in-law?”

Lena Qin paused and nodded.

She has always been called Sister Ana Lin, but she did not follow Alan Su as sister-in-law, so she didn’t realize that Marsha Sang said Ana Lin.

“I know.

Come in and talk. “

Marsha Sang said.

Lena Qin nodded and returned to the house. Marsha Sang also walked in, took off his backpack, put it on the sofa, and sat down opposite Lena Qin.

“My sister-in-law went abroad suddenly because she was in poor health. The doctor said she wanted her to give birth early, because it is only seven months old. Early birth is not good for the child. They should go to a foreign hospital for examination when they go abroad.”

Marsha Sang said.

Lena Qin grabbed her heart and asked, “Did you say why?”

“It seems that the uterus is thin.”

Lena Qin knew that this 80% was caused by Ana Linsheng Zong Yanchen and Zong Yanxi.

“Are you going to have dinner with Alan Su?”

Marsha Sang asked enthusiastically.

Lena Qin shook her head, “I am here by myself. He has something to do. I will leave after seeing the child.”

Marsha Sang nodded.

Buzzing-The phone in Lena Qin’s pocket vibrated.

She took out her mobile phone and saw Ana Lin’s number on the caller, she immediately picked it up.

“Did you call me?”

Ana Lin’s voice came.

Lena Qin said, “I heard that you went abroad, how is your health?”

Ana Lin sat in the spacious ward, looked at the strange scenery outside through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and said, “How did you know?”

“I came to City B and heard about you.”

Ana Lin got off the bed and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window. She raised her feet, nestled in the sofa, and said faintly, “I just had an examination today.”

Although the doctor didn’t tell her what the result was, but from the doctor’s eyes, she saw that it was not good news.

Now Phillip Zong is talking to the doctor.

She was alone in the ward.

“No matter what the result is, you have to relax and keep a happy mood, so that you can be nice to you, understand?”

Ana Lin gave a hum and asked, “Did you go to see Alan Su in city B?”

Lena Qin said no, “I’m here to see you.”

Ana Lin smiled, obviously didn’t believe it, but didn’t reveal it. The two said a few words and the door opened, she hung up the phone, got up from the sofa, looked at the person who came in and asked, “What did the doctor say? ?”

Chapter 723

Phillip Zong did not answer immediately, but closed the door and stepped in.

Ana Lin’s mood became more and more tense, and even his hands trembled unconsciously.

The more he does not say, it means that the result of the inspection is not good.

“worry about what?”

Phillip Zong held her hand, “I’m hungry, accompany me to eat something.”

She didn’t move, just looking at him like that.

Phillip Zong sighed, knowing that if she didn’t give her an answer, she wouldn’t feel at ease.

He took Ana Lin’s hand and sat on the sofa. According to the results of Ana Lin’s inspection, early delivery must be necessary, because her uterus is much thinner than the average person. It’s too dangerous to wait until the day of delivery. The uterus ruptures, threatening the lives of adults.

The doctor’s suggestion is similar to the domestic plan. If there is no childbirth for seven and a half months, then bed rest will be required, and it will be extended to eight months at the latest.

“The doctor said that our child is very healthy, and there is no danger even if we give birth early…” “So the result is the same as early birth?”

Ana Lin interrupted him.

Phillip Zong clenched her hand, “Don’t worry, okay?”

Ana Lin restrained his emotions and said, “I am not worried.”

She stood up from the sofa, took his hand and said coquettishly, “Aren’t you hungry?

I accompany to dinner. “

She buried her worry in her heart, and she was very relaxed in front of Phillip Zong.

In fact, Phillip Zong knew she was pretending, but he didn’t expose it.

Just like him, he was worried in his heart. After all, it was his children and his wife, but he couldn’t be worried in front of her.

His negative mood will only make Ana Lin more uneasy.

“I know there is a nice restaurant, let’s eat there.”

Phillip Zong put his arms around her waist, “It’s hard to tell, is there any place you want to go?

I will take you there and relax. “

Ana Lin deliberately said, “Do I want to go to a nightclub?”

Phillip Zong glanced at her belly, “You can’t drink, and you can’t smell smoke. What are you doing there?”

“Go see the handsome guy.”

Ana Lin said.

Phillip Zong smiled, opened the car door for her and asked, “Am I not handsome?”

“There is no fragrance outside.”

Ana Lin got into the car, looked up at him and said.

Phillip Zong stood in front of the car door with one elbow on the car door, and looked at her slightly, “Fragrant, don’t smell it. Obediently give birth to me.”

He paused, “Man, you can only look at me.”

Ana Lin smiled, “What should I do if I get bored?”

Phillip Zong, “…” He bit his head and said, “I’m so handsome, you won’t be bored with it, you will only like it more and more.”

Ana Lin laughed from the bottom of his heart, thinking that he was so narcissistic.

Seeing her smile, Phillip Zong also relaxed a little.

When they came here, everything was arranged by the person in charge of the branch company. The non-person in charge of the branch company knew that Phillip Zong was coming over and prepared the car for him.

Soon the car stopped at a very high-end restaurant. Phillip Zong stopped the car, pushed the door down, and opened the door for Ana Lin, “There are things that cannot be eaten in China.”

Ana Lin stooped down.

Phillip Zong handed the car key to the restaurant staff, who would drive the car to the parking space and park it.

The restaurant is very spacious, and the decoration is very individual, but it is different from many restaurants, there are a lot of seats, there are a total of seven or eight tables, each table is far apart, like an independent party.

The light is soft, and it feels quiet and comfortable.

The waiters here wear black vests, white shirts, and tie flowers at the neckline. They are polite and gentleman at the same time.

They sat down in a random position, the waiter with one hand behind him, bent slightly to hand over the menu.

Phillip Zong took it and handed it to Ana Lin, “Look what you want to eat.”

In fact, Ana Lin’s appetite is not very good, just thinking about the baby in her stomach, and now because of her health, the baby is going to give birth early, and the atmosphere between Phillip Zong and Phillip Zong is a little cautious.

She looked casually appetite and opened the menu.

The menus are all named in English, each dish has a picture and an introduction to the ingredients.

Just look at the picture, you can see it is very delicate.

And they are all expensive ingredients.

She ordered two signature dishes in the store, some of which were slightly lighter, and finally ordered a dessert.

Phillip Zong was socializing outside, and he ate a lot of greasy food. At home, he likes light food.

Ana Lin also likes light, so she handed the menu to the waiter after ordering.

“After dinner, let’s go for a walk.”

Phillip Zong said.

When I came here, I just took a break and went to the hospital. I didn’t have time to walk around.

Ana Lin smiled and said, “Okay.”

The waiter soon brought the dishes.

When looking at the pictures on the menu, Ana Lin knew that the cuisine here pays much attention to decoration, and after seeing the real thing, it is more refined than the picture.

Phillip Zong asked her to taste how it tasted.

Ana Lin picked up the knife and fork and tried the taste.

At first, it was just exquisite, but after eating it, it tasted great.

Foreigners do not have any domestic stir-fry, and most of them retain the original flavor of the food.

With the special flavor, it creates another flavor.

Because of worry, no matter how delicious the food is, it loses its taste.

Ana Lin said it was delicious. He forkped a piece of meat in his basin and put it in Phillip Zong’s basin. He smiled and said, “You eat more.”

Phillip Zong smiled, “Don’t you should eat more?

Why did you give it to me instead, because it hurts me? “

Ana Lin smiled and said, “You think it is, so be it.”

After eating, they left the restaurant, instead of driving, they walked hand in hand on the streets of a foreign country.

Today Phillip Zong didn’t wear formal clothes. Compared with the mature and stable feeling of formal clothes, casual clothes made him look cleaner and younger.

Holding hands like this is like a couple in love.

“Since it’s all the same, let’s go back and live.”

There are many people I know in China, and the children are also in China. If she is abroad, it means that she has not seen the children for a long time.

They are all in school, and they can’t take time off easily.

However, she did not know that something was happening in China.

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