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Chapter 724

That is, Ida Zhuang was released from prison.

Keller Shen took her back to the villa.

In order not to worry Ida Zhuang, she did not tell her about Ana Lin.

Just to say that Phillip Zong took her to travel abroad.

“Yanyan has a big belly and is not suitable for traveling abroad. If you want to go to play, I have to wait until the child is born. I will take it with them. They will go wherever they want to play.”

Ida Zhuang has lost a lot of weight, but he looks good.

It may be that she has seen her daughter’s happiness and in a good mood, so she is in good spirits.

Although Ana Lin was not born with her, she was brought up since she was a child, and her relationship is deeper than that of her biological mother.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Keller Shen comforted her and told her not to think too much.

“That is, she is taken care of, and it’s okay to go abroad to relax.”

Lena Qin echoed.

When Ana Lin gave birth to two children, Ida Zhuang knew that Ana Lin’s health was not very good. Now that she is a month old, she still hopes she can be more careful.

However, she thought that Phillip Zong should be measured and should be able to take care of Ana Lin, so she was no longer struggling.

Then she looked forward to the two children after school and wanted to see them soon.

Keller Shen let Wanda prepare a little more dinner, after all, Ida Zhuang’s release from prison is worth celebrating, and Lena Qin is also here.

He asked, “Is this to see Alan Su?”

Lena Qin’s smile instantly solidified, and said, “No, don’t tell him I’m here.”

Although Keller Shen is insensitive to his own affairs, he still sees other things very clearly. Seeing Lena Qin’s appearance, he is having trouble with Alan Su, “No, have you reconciled?”

Did he make you angry?

No, I feel that he treats you like a queen. “

Lena Qin looked at him, “Big Brother Shen, are you sarcastic for me?”

Keller Shen smiled and asked, “Is there any?”

Lena Qin answered and sat on the sofa to talk to Ida Zhuang.

Keller Shen also had problems, and did not continue to stay in the villa.

When I was in the bureau, I heard that Song Bureau had been sent to the hospital. He hadn’t heard any news for a day, so he was going to have a look.

Although he hated the Song family’s mother and daughter very much, he went to see the Song Bureau.

He greeted Marsha Sang and left.

After arriving at the hospital, he inquired about the ward where Song Bureau was located. He hesitated before knocking on the door. He hesitated because he was afraid that Mrs. Song or Song Yaxin would be there. He really didn’t want to see them.

Then after pushing the door open, he was inexplicably relieved without seeing them.

Song Ju was wearing a medical suit, and his complexion was not very good.

“what happened?”

Keller Shen asked with concern.

Song Ju snorted, “It’s not because of you, you said you didn’t want to, why did you agree?

Take a look, let her make trouble and make me all face in the game. “

At that time, Keller Shen didn’t know his own heart, but felt that Song Yaxin was about the same age as him, and it was appropriate to get married.

Who knows after meeting Marsha Sang again… “Are you okay?

what did the doctor say? “

Keller Shen also knew that the promise was too hasty at the time, and he promised not to think clearly.

At that time, Song Yaxin chased too closely, and he couldn’t do anything.

Song Ju leaned back on the bed, immersed for a moment and said, “I can’t die.”

Syncope caused by qi and blood attacking the heart, no serious illness.

“Song Ju, sorry, I…” “Don’t explain, I still don’t understand you?”

Song Ju sighed again, “Blame me too, knowing that you don’t like her, you even matched it, making it so embarrassing.”

Keller Shen lowered his head, like a kid who did something wrong in front of Song Ju.

“It’s okay, but you can’t go to my house in the future.”

His wife must be overwhelmed by this hurdle.

Keller Shen didn’t know what to say.

“Okay, go quickly.”

Song Ju waved his hand, his wife and daughter went out to buy things. It is estimated that they should be back soon. When they see him, they will make trouble in the hospital.

When the time comes, he will be really faceless.

Keller Shen said that I will go first.

Song Ju said, Keller Shen opened the door, and their mother and daughter had just returned from shopping.

Chapter 725

I really hate what comes.

As soon as Keller Shen wanted to go out sideways, Mrs. Song stretched out her arm, “What are you doing?

Do you want to see if my old Song is mad at you? “

Mrs. Song felt that all of this was caused by Keller Shen, and it all depended on him.

Keller Shen didn’t want to quarrel with her, but Mrs. Song was reluctant.

“You come in for me!”

Song Ju let out a deep cry.

Mrs. Song snorted at Keller Shen and ran into him. Song Ju stared and said sternly, “The doctor said, I can’t be angry. If you want me to die, you can do it hard.”

“Where did I do it?

It’s him…” “Okay mom. “

Song Yaxin interrupted Mrs. Song, she was afraid to provoke Keller Shen and shake her dark history out.

She raised her eyes and said coldly, “My dad was admitted to the hospital angrily because of our business. Are you satisfied with the current results?”

Keller Shen’s eyes were dim, just glanced at her gently.

He didn’t speak, he rarely explained anything to such a person.

Why Song Ju was hospitalized is indirectly related to him, not directly.

He turned sideways and walked out, Song Yaxin took his arm, “Keller Shen, if you can’t be with me, why did you agree at first and investigate me secretly…” Before she finished speaking, suddenly Keller Shen had something in her pocket. When the phone rang, he took out his phone, and the caller ID showed “cute”. When Keller Shen bought the phone, Marsha Sang accompanied him. At that time, Marsha Sang said, “Your new phone, if the first number saved is mine .”

She took Keller Shen’s cell phone and entered her cell phone number, and when she was in the remarks, she asked Keller Shen, “How do you plan to call me in the future?”

Keller Shen hadn’t thought about this problem. He felt that the name was the most appropriate.

Marsha Sang is rather mischievous, and his name has become a little cute.

She is not very tall and thin, and looks very small when she walks with Keller Shen. She also joked, “If I go out with you, will others think I am your daughter?”

At that time, Keller Shen had a black line on his face.

Song Yaxin frowned when she saw the display on his mobile phone.


He is such a wooden knot, and he still has such a taste.

Also, who is this little cutie?

Song Yaxin squinted. He really has another new love?

Her hand hanging to her side was clenched into a fist. Who was prying her corner of the wall?

Keller Shen did not answer immediately, but walked away with his mobile phone and pressed the answer button some distance from the ward.

Marsha Sang called and asked him if he wanted to go back for dinner.

Keller Shen said, “Go back, and I’ll be back later.”

“Then we will wait for you for a while.”

Marsha Sang said.

Keller Shen hung up with a hum. Instead of going back immediately, he went to see the old lady.

At that time, Alan Su couldn’t come back in country C. He sent the old lady to the hospital and knew that she was also in this hospital.

He went to the corridor of the ward and saw through the glass that Alan Su was smoking in the smoking room.

He opened the door and walked in, Alan Su drooped his head and didn’t notice anyone coming.

Keller Shen patted his shoulder heavily before he raised his head and looked at Keller Shen in surprise, “Why are you here?”

Keller Shen answered the wrong question, “When will you smoke?”

Alan Su reached out and put out the fire in the ashtray, and took a deep breath, “My grandma forced me to marry…” “Didn’t you make up with Lena Qin?”

Keller Shen put his arms on her shoulders, “It’s not difficult to get married. You can even smoke cigarettes if you need to worry?”

Alan Su looked up at him and gave a wry smile, “I can still beg Lena Qin to get married, but she wants to have a great grandson, how can I give birth?

You say how can I be born? “

Keller Shen also silenced his voice instantly.

Lena Qin’s situation… The child is an unsolvable problem.

“Is it awkward with Lena Qin because of this matter?”

Seeing Lena Qin in the villa, her expression was not so good.


Alan Su felt that his words were inexplicable.

He and Lena Qin were okay, as long as she didn’t let her know the attitude of the old lady, there would be no big problems, at least she would not shrink back.

“Would you like to go to the villa for dinner with me?”

Lena Qin refused to let him tell Alan Su that she was coming, but did not say that he could not take him back for dinner.

Alan Su said, “I still have to take care of the old lady here.”

I didn’t realize that Keller Shen was helping him.

“you sure?”

Keller Shen looked at him.

Meeting his eyes, Alan Su said uncertainly, “Is anyone in the villa?”

Keller Shen stood up, “I don’t know, just say, you go or not.”

Alan Su hesitated for a moment, and then stood up, “I’ll go, I’ll go to the ward, tell the old lady, and plan to call a nurse.”

Keller Shen said, “I will go see the old lady with you.”

Alan Su patted him on the shoulder, “Thank you.”

“There is nothing to say thank you between us.”

Keller Shen gave him an angry look.

The two walked out of the smoking room together and went to the ward to visit the old lady. They were very happy to see the old lady Keller Shen.

Then there was a series of words that urged you to get married, that is, those words that have been said countless times. How old are you and when will you get married?

Alan Su relieved him, “When you are old, don’t worry about other people’s lifelong affairs. I am not enough for you to talk about?”

The old lady opened her eyes, “Is he someone else?”

They have a relationship with him, and the old lady treats him as family.

Keller Shen knew, and said with a smile, “I’m not in a hurry.”

“Are you older than Alan Su?

Not in a hurry?

Why, want to be a monk? “

The old lady pulled her face, what do they all want to do?

Alan Su smiled, “My girlfriend is ready to talk, so don’t worry about it.”

“Have a girlfriend?”

The old lady’s eyes lit up, “What kind of girl?

Take me to see if you have time. “

Alan Su was afraid that the old lady would talk endlessly. When the nurse came over, he took Keller Shen out of the ward on the excuse of something.

Keller Shen followed in Alan Su’s footsteps and teased him, “You are like this, but you are not filial.”

Alan Su glanced at him coldly, “Believe it or not, if I don’t pull you out, she can nag you for an hour.”

Keller Shen understands, the old man.

Alan Su asked again, “What the hell do you have?”

Keller Shen started the car, “Just tell you to have a meal.

There are so many questions. “

Alan Su drove to the villa more than ten minutes later, and the two got out of the car after stopping.

Chapter 726

Keller Shen looked at him with a completely ignorant expression. He really didn’t know that Lena Qin had come to City B.

He recalled Lena Qin’s face and tone when speaking, and 80% knew the determination of the old lady to want a great grandson.

Otherwise, how could she come to City B, but Alan Su didn’t know.

Don’t let yourself tell Alan Su?

Keller Shen was panicking for Alan Su, and finally got Lena Qin’s forgiveness and gave him a chance to come back. Now there is a hurdle for childlessness, and that is a big challenge for the old lady.

Old people are old-fashioned, but many modern young people cannot accept marriages without children.

Children are an important part of marriage.

Two people have a common child, and they can be more closely linked together.

“Hey–” Keller Shen let out a sigh before he knew it.

Alan Su stared at him, “What’s wrong with you?

Conflicted with Marsha Sang?

Or is the Miss Song’s matter not handled properly? “

“Why do you think it’s mine?”

Keller Shen glanced at him sympathetically.

“Otherwise, why are you sighing?”

Alan Su didn’t know that Keller Shen was worrying for him.

Keller Shen ignored him and knocked on the door.

Anyway, she would understand when she saw Lena Qin.

Marsha Sang and Wanda were in the kitchen. They were both elders at home, either children. Ida Zhuang hadn’t gotten close to the two children yet, and now they talked with their arms around them.

She got up to open the door.

The door opened.

“Shen…” She just wanted to say that Big Brother Shen was back when she saw Alan Su beside him, she couldn’t help being taken aback, and then quickly reacted and went to see Keller Shen.

Didn’t she say that she is not allowed to tell Alan Su that she is here?

Keller Shen shrugged his shoulders, looking as if it had nothing to do with him, “I didn’t tell him that he had to follow me to the villa for dinner, I couldn’t help it.”

Lena Qin knows their relationship too well, better than her brother’s feelings. She grasped the doorknob hard, “Do you think I will believe it?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask Alan Su, does he have to come to the villa for dinner?”

Keller Shen touched Alan Su, “Speak, explain to me.”

Alan Su just stared at Lena Qin without speaking.

I understood why Keller Shen asked himself to come to the villa.

He was thinking, why didn’t Lena Qin tell him when he came.

“Have you been to the hospital?”

He concealed his panic.

Lena Qin didn’t say a word.

Keller Shen squeezed into the house sideways, wisely.

Alan Su grabbed Lena Qin’s wrist, dragged the person out, and dragged her to the wicker chair placed on the lawn, “You tell me, you are in city B, why don’t you tell me?”

“I want to see two children, why, can’t it?”

Lena Qin sat in a chair, looking up at him.

“Are you a fool?

If you are here to see your child, what can you hide from me? “

Alan Su suppressed his anger.

I was angry that she had something to hide from herself.

Lena Qin still refused to admit it, “I didn’t hide you, I haven’t had time to tell you.”

Ha ha-Alan Su laughed, “How long did we use the phone? In terms of time, you were already in city B at that time?”

Lena Qin was silent for a moment and said, “Can I give you a surprise?”

Alan Su closed his eyes, suppressed all his emotions, and sat on another wicker chair. He thought for a while and asked, “Did you…know something?”

He didn’t believe in any surprises. If she wanted to surprise herself, she would have done so long ago, and she still needed Keller Shen to build a bridge?

“I don’t know what else you said.”

Lena Qin turned her head, aside from Alan Su’s gaze.

Alan Su grabbed her hand and held it in her palm, “Did you hear what the old lady said?”

Otherwise, it won’t be abnormal. Looking back now, when she called herself, it was he and the old lady who came out. Is it a coincidence?

He didn’t believe it was a coincidence.

“You want to see the old lady, did you hear what she said?”

Alan Su clenched her hand tightly, “Xiaoya, you have to believe me, I can absolutely have no children, as long as you…” “You can, can your grandma?

Do you really want to wean off children? “

Suddenly, Lena Qin roared out, the next moment she was like a deflated balloon, “Alan Su…” “Don’t say anything.”

Alan Su slid down from the chair and squatted down in front of Lena Qin, hugging her legs, “I really don’t need children, you have to believe me.”

“I believe you, but how can you solve it with your grandma.”

Lena Qin lowered her head and looked at him, her vision getting blurred, her eyes were covered with a layer of mist, “I don’t want to drag you…” “What is drag?”

Alan Su asked dullly, “Is it your fault not to have children?

It’s me, it’s my fault! “

Lena Qin felt very tired, and she didn’t want to continue.

“Alan Su…” “Don’t think about telling me, let’s break up. If that is the case, how difficult it is for us to start again, how can you easily say those hurtful things?”

“I have a showdown with the old lady, and I will persuade her. After I solve it, I will take you to see her again. Don’t think about the mess, okay?”

Alan Su grasped her hand tighter and tighter, so afraid of losing her, “I know you are under a lot of pressure, so I will take care of everything.

You just have to give me some time. “

Lena Qin took a deep breath, took out her hand, wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes, and said calmly, “I see, everyone is in the house. It is not good for us to stay outside for too long.”

Alan Su nodded, and the two settled their emotions and entered the house.

The food is already on the table. Phillip Zong is not there. Zong Qifeng, as the head of the family, asks Wanda to take two bottles of wine. Today is the day when Ida Zhuang is released from prison. Phillip Zong and Ana Lin are not there. Even if he represents them, Take the wind and dust to Ida Zhuang.

Although she is not Ana Lin’s biological mother, nurturing grace is more important than giving birth.

Without mentioning the previous relationship, they are considered in-laws.

“I’ll call Phillip later. It’s a good thing that you come out. If you know, you will be happy.”

Zong Qifeng said.

Ida Zhuang feels very ashamed. After all, what she has done is not a good thing, and she is disgraceful. She touched Zong Yanxi’s hair and cherishes the time now. “Thank you very much for not giving up. I will live a good life in the future.”

“We are all a family. If we say anything we dislike, we will see you outside.”

Zong Qifeng said.

Roberson Cheng also agreed. He sat next to Zong Yanchen. He first picked up the wine glass, “Come on, let’s drink one to celebrate your freedom from now on.”

Ida Zhuang didn’t know how to drink, so he picked up the wine, “Thank you.”

Roberson Cheng introduced himself, “My uncle of Phillip, we are all relatives, so don’t be so polite. We live in the villa. We are all one family.”

Ida Zhuang smiled.

“Daddy and Mommy are missing today.”

Zong Yanchen looked at a table of people disappointed and said.

They went abroad suddenly. Grandpa told him that Dad and Mommy were traveling abroad. He and his sister had just gone to school and Mom was still pregnant. How could it be possible to finish playing?

He didn’t believe it, and he was very worried.

Ida Zhuang reached out and touched his head, comforting the child silently.

Originally speaking, Alan Su didn’t say a word at the dinner table. Keller Shen and Marsha Sang were also very quiet.

Ida Zhuang introduced it when he came back, and they all know each other now.

It’s just that Phillip Zong is not there, and there are few words with the elders.

The dinner was very harmonious. After it was over, Alan Su said goodbye to several elders, saying that the old lady was in the hospital and he had to go back.

Do your filial piety, no one will say anything, let him go back quickly.

Lena Qin helped clean up the dishes and didn’t mean to talk to Alan Su. She thought that both of them should calm down, but Alan Su called her, “Lena Qin, you send me off, I didn’t drive.”

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