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Chapter 727

Lena Qin glanced at him and said, “I don’t have a car.”

Keller Shen and Yiyi took out the car keys and handed them over, “Drive me.”

Lena Qin turned her head and stared at him.

Sheng Keller smiled, “Why, I drove you the car, is there something wrong?”

“Of course there is a mistake, I can’t drive, if I drive you into the river, who is it?”

Lena Qin deliberately mentioned the incident of falling into the river before.

Keller Shen smashed his mouth, “Why are you not a good person?”

“Why, awkward again?”

Roberson Cheng smiled and interjected in.

“Well, they were awkward, and I was wrong to help them.”

Finding the opportunity, Keller Shen complained of suffering.

Ida Zhuang laughed and persuaded, “Xiaoya, just forget it if you make trouble.”

Roberson Cheng also agreed, “You young people, if you have nothing to go outside to play, everything will be solved. Please don’t be awkward. Hurry up and get married and have a baby. You are not young anymore. When do you want to wait?”

The air suddenly changed its taste.

Alan Su and Keller Shen looked at Lena Qin almost simultaneously.

The person who said this obviously didn’t know about Lena Qin’s infertility.

Lena Qin was holding the dishes in her hand. When she heard this, her nerves became fierce, but her body was cold, her hands softened, and a pile of dishes banged! With a sound, all fell to the ground.

Everyone was taken aback.

Alan Su reacted for the first time, walked over and grabbed her hand, and said softly, “What’s the matter, I broke a few dishes, it’s all right, it’s all right.”

Lena Qin returned to her senses, “My hands slipped.”

“Sui Sui (smashed) is safe, Sui Sui is safe.”

Wanda smiled and squatted on the ground to clean.

Everyone said it was okay.

“Extraordinary elders, let’s go first.”

Alan Su took Lena Qin’s hand.

“Go, be careful on the road.”

Ida Zhuang said.

“Will do.”

Alan Su pulled Lena Qin and called out Keller Shen, “Get out of the car.”

“Didn’t you just not drink?”

Alan Su took it for granted.

Keller Shen put on an expression that I would not go, “I didn’t drink, so I have to be a driver for you?”

“Do you think I would let you be my driver?

I still think you are a light bulb. Xiaoya just drank and couldn’t drive a car. If you brought me, you have to take me back. “

“Hey, you still stuck to me.”

Keller Shen said, but went out first.

Alan Su held Lena Qin’s hand and followed. When she reached the car, she pressed to unlock, the headlights flashed, and he pulled the driver’s seat and sat in.

Keller Shen specifically mentioned, “You sit in the back.”

Alan Su was about to open the rear door, when he heard Keller Shen’s words, he paused, and said coldly, “What do you mean?

I don’t want to be next to you. “

Keller Shen snorted, “What is it?”

The two of you choked me, I choked you, and didn’t let Lena Qin come out of what was just now.

Sitting in the car, there was no expression on her face, and Alan Su couldn’t say any comforting words, just held her hand tightly.

Keller Shen drove the car without squinting, for fear of disturbing the two people in the back seat.

Lena Qin knew in her heart, “You don’t need to comfort me, I’m fine.”

Alan Su pursed his lips.

“I will tell the old lady when I go back, we will go to apply for the certificate as soon as it is resolved, I mean really, we will live in City C, where is your career.”

Alan Su was thinking about Lena Qin everywhere.

Lena Qin also knew that Alan Su was doing her own good, and she also hoped that where the old lady could pass, Alan Su could do what she is now, she saw it in her eyes, and she didn’t want him to be embarrassed.

She looked down at Alan Su’s hand, and covered his back with the other hand, “I’ll wait for you. I will stay in City B for a few days and come to me when I have time.”

She is also soft to Alan Su, knowing that he is suffering in his heart now, being caught between her and the old lady, it is conceivable that he is so uncomfortable.

Not long after the car stopped at the hospital, Alan Su said, “I’m here.”

Lena Qin sat still, “I won’t go down anymore. I’m going to see grandma later.”

Alan Su nodded, now is indeed not the time.

When he is resolved, let the two meet again.

Alan Su got out of the car and said to Keller Shen, “Drive slowly.”

Keller Shen nodded.

After Alan Su left, Keller Shen drove away from the car. Lena Qin looked at Alan Su’s back until she disappeared. When she retracted her gaze, she saw another car following their car. Through the windshield, she saw the driver. people.

She is a woman, and she is familiar.

“Brother Shen, look at the car behind.”

Chapter 728


What car?

Keller Shen looked at the car behind through the rearview mirror, and soon he noticed who the person in the car was.

His brows wrinkled involuntarily, and his face was not very pretty.

Lena Qin asked, “Did I follow you on purpose.”

“probably not.”

Keller Shen said.

Feel no reason.

What is she doing following herself?

Lena Qin glanced back again. Keller Shen’s car was not fast, nor was it the peak time for commuting. There were not many cars on the road, but the cars behind were slower. Under normal circumstances, this speed would definitely be overtaken. .

What is not tracking?

“I can’t see it. Didn’t you deal with her matter?”

Lena Qin herself suffered a loss and said, “I don’t want you to be the same as Alan Su.”

Marsha Sang will be hurt by that time.

Keller Shen said, “We have all made it clear, and she agreed, and we broke up peacefully.”

“That’s it.”

Lena Qin nodded.

According to Keller Shen’s personality, he will not drag and use two boats.

Keller Shen speeded up, and the car behind was getting up quickly. Keller Shen turned Song Yaxin’s car also turned. This road is obviously not accessible by Song Yaxin. Her home is in Nancheng District, which is Beicheng District, in the opposite direction.

Keller Shen also began to hesitate, if she returned to the villa and let her see Marsha Sang, it would be no good.

Lena Qin was also observing the car behind. If it was not clear that she was following before, what about now?

Keller Shen drives fast and she is fast, Keller Shen slows down and she is slow, just following the car like this.

“Big Brother Shen, don’t you deal with it?”

Lena Qin didn’t want it very much, and Keller Shen followed the old path of Alan Su.

In such a triangular relationship, the one that suffers the most is the most innocent one.

She didn’t want Marsha Sang to be her second.

Keller Shen leaned to the side of the road and stopped the car.

Soon the car behind also stopped. Keller Shen turned to look at Lena Qin, “Wait for me in the car.”

Lena Qin nodded, she would not go down and make trouble.

Keller Shen pushed the car door down and walked towards the car behind.

Well, Keller Shen stopped the car suddenly, Song Yaxin was still whispering in her heart, before she could understand, she saw Keller Shen walking towards her.

Her heart suddenly became tense.

Did he find himself following him?

She squeezed the steering wheel, her heart pounded, and she saw Keller Shen approaching her car.

Knock——Keller Shen knocked on the window glass, Song Yaxin calmed down and lowered the window glass.

She pulled out a smile, “Is there something?”

“You follow me?”

Keller Shen speaks without obscurity and asks directly.

“Do I follow you when I walk the same way?”

Song Yaxin’s face was calm.

But my heart panicked.

When she saw Keller Shen’s caller ID, she wanted to know what kind of woman she was that could make a man like Keller Shen stubborn with a woman’s mobile phone number remarked as cute.

Is Keller Shen’s integrity all pretended?

In fact, there are also wild men in the bones?


Ha ha.

It happened that she would follow Keller Shen. When she left the hospital, she saw Keller Shen’s car and a woman in the car. At first she thought it was Alan Su’s girlfriend, but after Alan Su got out of the car and left, the woman Didn’t come down.

She suspected that the woman in the car was the person with the cute note on Keller Shen’s phone.

“Does your family live here?

As far as I know, you have no relatives or friends in Beicheng District, right? “

Song Yaxin pursed her lips. It was obvious that Keller Shen wouldn’t believe what she said, and she didn’t just pretend it. She pushed the door down and pointed to his car, “Who is the woman in your car?”

Keller Shen coldly said, “Who has anything to do with you?”

“I’m just curious about what kind of woman it is that she pried my corner, why can’t it work?”

Song Yaxin raised her head, completely out of her previous intellectual appearance.

The personality is exactly the same as that of Mrs. Song.

Keller Shen was strict, “We broke up because I don’t like you and have nothing to do with others!”

Song Yaxin bit her lip, “Keller Shen, you are deceiving too much!

Don’t like me, you promised to associate with me? “

“Yes, I don’t like you. It was a mistake to promise to associate with you!”

Keller Shen warned word by word, “I have nothing to do with the girl in the car. She is Alan Su’s girlfriend. Don’t have any crooked thoughts!”

Song Yaxin trembled all over, “Do you think I’m a fool?

Alan Su’s girlfriend is running around in your car?

Do you think I will believe? “

That day, Keller Shen introduced himself to his friends. Phillip Zong took Ana Lin, and Alan Su was alone. There was no woman around him, and she had never heard of Alan Su having a girlfriend.

He actually claimed to be Alan Su’s girlfriend to protect that woman?

! Tell such lies?

“Whether you believe it or not, this is the truth, you have to touch her hair.

I will make you notorious! “

After speaking, Keller Shen walked towards the car.

This woman is as difficult as her mother.

Keep talking, it will only be her endless entanglement.

He couldn’t figure out why Song Yaxin was totally different from Song Ju, and her personality was so different.

It completely followed her mother’s character.

Keller Shen pulled the door and got into the car, Lena Qin quietly looked at his face, “Have you negotiated?”

Keller Shen remained silent.

“Big Brother Shen, you must choose one of the two, not half-hearted and vacillating.”

Some men are shrewd in life and get confused when it comes to feelings and women.

She was afraid that Keller Shen would be so confused.

Keller Shen started the car and said, “Am I like that person?”

Lena Qin smiled.

“Unlike, Brother Shen is a clear person who can handle it.”

On the side of the road, Song Yaxin looked at the car going by, stomping her feet in anger, and the duck that reached her mouth flew, can she be annoyed?

Now there is another woman who maintains that.

Suddenly, a string of beautiful bells rang, and it was Song Yaxin’s mobile phone that rang.

She bent over and got in the car, took out the phone in her bag, and pressed the answer button.

It was from the daughter of Principal Huaqing.


“Yaxin, do you know?”

Song Yaxin was confused and asked, “What do you know?”

Chapter 729

“It’s the matter of Marsha Sang going back to school.”

The principal’s daughter heard it from the principal.

After learning about it, he called Song Yaxin the first time.

Song Yaxin is stiff, Marsha Sang is back?

In other words, what Keller Shen said is true, and the girl in the car really has nothing to do with him.

He broke up with himself and investigated his dark history.

Is it because Marsha Sang is back?

Song Yaxin was trembling all over, angry and angry. She had said before clearly that she wanted to be with Keller Shen, but she suddenly appeared again. What did she mean?

Play with her?

The more I think about Song Yaxin, the more angry.

“I know.”

She suppressed her anger and spoke to the phone.

The principal’s daughter smiled, “I just want to tell you why Keller Shen broke up. I think you should give up. There are so many men. Although Keller Shen is excellent, he is not the only one who is excellent.”

The principal’s daughter felt that the twisted melon was not sweet, so it was better to give up.

Song Yaxin said in a calm voice, “I see.”

“That’s okay, I’ll hang up.”

After the phone was hung up, Song Yaxin got into the car and left with anger.

Shen Oh Eichuan drove back to the villa, everyone was still awake, the dining room had been cleaned up, Zong Qifeng worked at Pope Yanxi, Zong Yanxi accompanied Ida Zhuang.

Keller Shen walked into the kitchen and Marsha Sang was cutting fruit. Although she hadn’t been in the villa for long, she had figured out the habits at home in a few days.

She would eat some fruits after the meal. She thinks that Yu’s mother is old and there are too many people, so if she can do, she will take over to do it on her own and save Yu’s work.

Marsha Sang saw that Keller Shen was walking in, and asked in a low voice, “Did Alan Su and Miss Qin quarrel?”

When Alan Su asked Lena Qin to send him, it was obvious that Lena Qin was deliberately shirking. The two people who are normally in love with each other, shouldn’t it be the appearance of you and me?

They feel as if they are both concerned.

Keller Shen didn’t answer positively. It was not that he wanted to conceal Marsha Sang deliberately. It was just a barrier between Alan Su and Lena Qin. It was because Lena Qin was unable to have children. This was related to Lena Qin’s privacy. Therefore, he was not good to tell Marsha Sang.

“It’s a bit awkward.”

Marsha Sang was very transparent, did not ask any further, told him with a smile, “I will officially start class tomorrow.”

Keller Shen nodded and reached out to touch her head, “Well, study hard.”

Marsha Sang was awkward. He felt like he was teaching himself like an elder, especially touching his hair, as if he was coaxing a child. Marsha Sang frowned and said, “Don’t touch my hair.”

Keller Shen’s heart shook, did her actions make her feel aggression?

He hurriedly retracted his hand and explained, “Marsha Sang, I didn’t mean to…” “Do you treat me as a child?”

Before he finished his explanation, Marsha Sang interrupted him.

Did not notice his cautiousness.

Keller Shen looked at her face that had just opened up, “You are a kid.”

“Keller Shen.”

Marsha Sang patted him on the chest, “Don’t treat me as a child.”

Keller Shen whispered, “You weren’t that big…” “Will you fall in love with a child?”

Marsha Sang helped her forehead, so angry and funny, why didn’t this person have any interest at all?

Keller Shen silenced his voice almost instantly.

It took him a long time to find a divorced topic, “What did you cut?”

Marsha Sang looked at the pineapple under the fruit knife and blinked, “Don’t you know pineapple?”

Keller Shen, “…” He was stupid if he didn’t know him. He just wanted to turn off the topic he was talking about. Unexpectedly, he was embarrassed when he spoke.

Marsha Sang smiled, took a cut and handed it to his lips, “Try it.”

Keller Shen opened his mouth stiffly.

Marsha Sang smiled sweetly and asked.



Keller Shen said.

Marsha Sang stared at his squirming lips and saw that there was no one at the door. He stepped his feet and k*ssed his lips, and then asked, “Is it sweet or pineapple sweet?”

Keller Shen only felt the warmth remaining on her lips, and the soft touch had not yet dissipated. The tension and the beating of her heart had not calmed down the moment she k*ssed her.

Stuttering for a long time, unable to speak.

Marsha Sang likes him looking at this picture that doesn’t know what to do. It’s a bit silly and a bit funny.

“I cut it.”

Marsha Sang put the cut fruit on the plate. She worked in the restaurant and saw those chefs put the plates, so she arranged the fruit plates very delicately.

Plus the dishes at home are also pretty, so it looks very pleasing to the eye.

Keller Shen said, “You know so much.”

Marsha Sang teased herself, “Am I very good?”

Keller Shen knows that she has experienced more for life, so she knows more.

Reaching out and touching her cheek, he said distressedly, “I will take care of you from now on.”

Marsha Sang nodded vigorously and said, “I believe you.”

“Tsk tusk, you are too unscrupulous, is it appropriate for me to k*ss me in someone else’s house?”

Lena Qin leaned against the kitchen door with her arms around her chest, laughing and teasing them.

Keller Shen turned to look at her, “Why do you have a tune with Alan Su?”

Speaking of Alan Su, Lena Qin left immediately.

Marsha Sang smiled.

“Let’s go out too.”

Keller Shen nodded.

“Everyone, eat some fruit.”

Marsha Sang and Keller Shen placed the fruit plate on the coffee table.

Everyone can chat.

While eating fruit.

“I want to eat something first and write later.”

Zong Yanxi found an excuse. She found it difficult to learn to write, and her hands hurt.

The homework assigned by the teacher was completed very early by Zong Yanchen, and only her hasn’t finished yet.

Zong Qifeng also loved his granddaughter and said, “Well, eat something, take a break and write again.”

“Thank you Grandpa.”

Zong Yanxi hugged Zong Qifeng’s face and gave a k*ss.

Zong Qifeng smiled kindly.

At this time the doorbell rang and Lena Qin was near. She stood up and said, “You are all sitting down, I will open the door.”

She walked to the door and opened the door, and saw a strange middle-aged woman pushing a wheelchair.

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