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Chapter 730

The main thing is that she knows the person in the wheelchair.

Alan Su’s grandma.

Why is she here?

Lena Qin changed. The old lady didn’t recognize her as Lena Qin at all, and asked, “Who are you?”

She has never seen this girl.

Lena Qin couldn’t answer for a while, what should I say?

Say you are Lena Qin, or say no?

She never thought that she would meet the old lady suddenly like this.

Keller Shen came over and saw that it was an old lady, smiling, “Why are you here?”

The old lady’s eyes were a little red, and she said, “I’m here to find you and Phillip.”

Keller Shen took the wheelchair of the nurse’s mobile phone and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The old lady sighed deeply.

“It’s not Alan Su that kid, angry me.”

When the old lady thought of Alan Su’s decisiveness, she felt that she couldn’t live.

“Has he called you?”

Asked the old lady.

They were arguing fiercely at the time, and Alan Su left in anger. She was worried about Alan Su but could not accept his remarks.

“No, what happened?”

Keller Shen glanced at Lena Qin and asked.

“He suddenly said to me that he wants to be a DINK and doesn’t like children. You said he is crazy?”

Keller Shen pushed the old lady away from the door, letting Lena Qin stay in the house first.

Lena Qin had heard what the old lady said just now, and already knew what the old lady was here for.

I definitely hope that Phillip Zong and Keller Shen will persuade Alan Su.

If she didn’t go, she knew what the old lady would say, so she didn’t follow up. Hearing too much would only make herself uncomfortable.

Keller Shen parked the old lady next to the rectangular fountain on the right side of the villa. The reason why he was not in the house said that he was afraid that Lena Qin would hear it.

There are so many people in the room, I’m afraid that someone will leak, let the old lady know that it is Lena Qin who just opened the door.

In fact, even if he didn’t hear the old lady finish, he probably knew what happened.

Otherwise, how could the body of the old lady come to the villa at night at this time.

The old lady sighed, “Do you know what happened to Alan Su?”

I haven’t heard him say that he doesn’t like children before, and he seems to be looking forward to having his own child.

Suddenly, everything changed. He said that he should give birth to a child as soon as possible, so he was particularly disgusted with raising a child.

She can’t figure it out, nor can she figure it out.


Tell me, is something wrong with him?

How could it be so good, suddenly become like this? “

Keller Shen didn’t know how to persuade the old lady, “In this society, there are actually many young people who don’t like children…” “Others are others, but he can’t!”

The old lady interrupted him excitedly, “It’s not that you don’t know his situation. The Su family is only a seedling. If he makes the Su family extinct, how can I go underground to explain to his grandpa?”

Keller Shen pursed his lips and said nothing.

The old lady looked at Keller Shen, squinting her eyes, “Do you know what?”

“I don’t know…” “Keller.”

The old lady interrupted him again, “I haven’t been alive for a few days, so don’t help Alan Su deceive and coax me.

Tell me, did he find Lena Qin? “

Otherwise, she couldn’t understand what else could make Alan Su so abnormal.

“Is she unwilling to give Alan Su another child?”

The old lady guessed.

Keller Shen really didn’t know what to say, “You are not in good health, I will take you back to the hospital.”

“If you don’t tell me the truth, I can’t go.”

The old lady was firm.

Keller Shen couldn’t help but took out his mobile phone and wanted to call Alan Su, but at this moment, Lena Qin came over.

“Big Brother Shen, go back to the house, and I will talk to grandma.”

Keller Shen came over and pulled her aside, “I’ll solve it here, you go back to the house.”

Lena Qin smiled, “Can you solve it?”

A word left Keller Shen speechless.

“It’s okay, you can come in.”

Lena Qin smiled. She was in the room for a while, and she wanted to understand that she had to face it sooner or later, as long as she was with Alan Su, she had to pass the old lady’s level.

Keller Shen hesitated.

“You can’t solve it. The key lies in me. I’ll tell my grandma, you can come in.”

Lena Qin was very calm and calm. Keller Shen thought for a while and finally nodded, “Call me if something happens.”

Lena Qin said, “Okay.”

Keller Shen entered the house and Lena Qin walked over.

The old lady stared at her, “Girl, tell me?

who are you? “

No matter how you look at it, I don’t remember her, I’m sure I haven’t seen it.

Lena Qin said kindly, “Hello, grandma.”

The old lady was a little confused, “Who are you?

Do I know you?

Why do you call grandma when you open your mouth? “

Lena Qin clenched her hand, released it again, and repeated it several times, “I am Alan Su’s girlfriend.”

The old lady opened her eyes suddenly, “Are you Alan Su’s girlfriend?”

Lena Qin nodded.

“That’s why you don’t want children?”

So Alan Su didn’t want it?

Keller Shen entered the house, and was not relieved, and called Alan Su.

Fortunately, Alan Su didn’t turn off the phone, and was connected soon.

It’s quiet over there, and I don’t know where it is.

“You come to the villa quickly.”

Keller Shen said.

Alan Su was in a bad mood and didn’t want Lena Qin to discover her emotions and said.

“I dont go.”

“Your grandma is here, and Lena Qin is talking to her now.”

Alan Su was sitting on a bench by the river and smoking a cigarette. Hearing that the old lady had gone to the villa, she stood up, “How did she go?”

“To make a wheelchair, the nurse will help.”

Keller Shen said.

“I will come soon.”

Alan Su hung up the phone and got in the car and drove towards the villa.

Outside the villa, the old lady looked at Lena Qin up and down. Although it was night, the lights outside were very bright and the light was good, so I could see Lena Qin clearly.

I think she is beautiful, but she lacks a sense of intimacy and the impression is not very good.

Lena Qin nodded honestly, “It’s me, I don’t want children.”

The old lady Limara lowered her face, “Why don’t you want children?”

Before Lena Qin could answer, she said, “You and my Alan Su are not suitable, so we broke up immediately.”

The old lady thought to herself, this girl is far from Lena Qin.

How can Lena Qin be half as good?

Lena Qin is reasonable, good-looking and kind, and treats her well. Now that I think about it, I still feel uncomfortable. This girl hasn’t married yet, so she urges Alan Su not to have children.

Alan Su could actually have no children for her.

He’s crazy?

For such a woman?

The old lady was angry and gasped, “I tell you, you don’t want to enter the door of my Su family, let alone you don’t want to have a child, I don’t necessarily agree with you even if you want to have a child!”

Chapter 731

“It’s my business to have children. What’s the point of disagreeing?”

Alan Su stepped forward.

The attitude is exactly the same as in the hospital.

The old lady was frightened by his hard attitude. Regardless of her physical inconvenience, she asked the nurse to get a wheelchair from the hospital and came to the villa at night, just to get Phillip Zong and Keller Shen to persuade him.

Seeing her grandson, the old lady had tears in her eyes, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Are you confused by this fox?

Lena Qin clasped her hands together and watched Alan Su strode from a distance.

She was not too surprised, knowing that Keller Shen would definitely inform him.

In fact, this is quite good, take this opportunity to spread the matter.

If the old lady really can’t accept it, she will withdraw. There is no need to keep Alan Su in the middle and be in a dilemma.

“Alan Su, have you forgotten Lena Qin?”

The old lady tried to convince Alan Su, after all, he also liked Lena Qin before.

“I am Lena Qin.”

As soon as Alan Su approached them, he heard Lena Qin speak frankly to the old lady.

He cast his gaze on her, just facing the light, looking at her calm face.

He knew that her peace at the moment was definitely not what she was on the surface.

Alan Su reached out and grabbed her hand, and looked at the old lady.

The old lady was a little confused and felt that she had heard it wrong.

“You, what did you say?”

The old lady’s first reaction at the moment was that she was lying to herself.

Lena Qin, she didn’t know her.

“What she said is true. She changed her appearance because of the kidnapping and severe injuries. It was also because of the explosion. She could no longer have children.”

Alan Su wanted to persuade the old lady to let Lena Qin stand in front of the old lady and explain the situation.

In that way, Lena Qin would not have the pressure of not having children, after all, the old lady wanted to drive.

But the development of the matter did not follow his plan, and now she can only confess like the old lady, hoping that she can see Lena Qin’s sufferings and not mention the child.

The old lady didn’t speak for a long time, so she looked at Lena Qin, wanting to see a trace of the past on her face.

However, it is difficult, there is no shadow at all.

“You, you, are you really Xiaoya?”

The old lady’s voice trembled slightly, a little unbelieving, some shocked.

Lena Qin just wanted to open his mouth and say yes, Alan Su suddenly held her hand and said to the old lady, “Yes, she is Lena Qin.”

The old lady waved her hand, “Go away, I want to listen to her.”

The old lady stared straight at Lena Qin.

Lena Qin did not flinch, and said, “I am Lena Qin.”

The old lady opened her mouth and did not speak for a long time.

This is incredible.

After a long time, she waved to Lena Qin, “Come here, let me see…” Lena Qin took Alan Su’s hand away, walked up to the old lady, and knelt down gently, the old lady stretched out tremblingly. Moved, stroking her cheek, it was a completely strange face.

So strange that she couldn’t believe it, this was Lena Qin.

What kind of injury is needed to completely change the face.

Even the voice was different, it was completely another person’s appearance.

“We are sorry…” The old lady wiped the moist from the corner of her eyes, heartache, shock, or–unacceptable.

At the same time she was shocked, her heart was clear. She was Lena Qin. She continued to be with Alan Su, and she would not even want to embrace her great grandson until she died.

However, against it, her conscience will be condemned.

She was flustered and conflicted.

“When did you come back?

Why don’t you visit me? “

The old lady put away her emotions.

Lena Qin bowed her head and said nothing.

She didn’t say it, and the old lady knew, “You must be because of the harm that Alan Su, a muddler, caused you, that I didn’t even look at it, right?”

“I understand.”

The old lady clasped Lena Qin’s hand, “It’s good if you are good, just good.”

The old lady really hoped that Lena Qin would be safe and sound.

Lena Qin pursed her lips, “I’m sorry.”

“What is so sorry about you, we are sorry for you.”

The old lady is still reasonable and knows whose fault it was.

Alan Su squatted next to Lena Qin and stretched out his hand to embrace her shoulder, “Grandma, I want to be with Lena Qin, do you agree?”

The old lady looked at her grandson, this is her army.

If she disagrees, then she has no conscience, and Lena Qin is what she is now because of them.

“Of course.”

Although the old lady couldn’t accept the things Lena Qin couldn’t give birth to, she felt that the medical treatment was good and it could always be treated.

Alan Su did not expect that the old lady could accept that she had no children because she was Lena Qin. She was overjoyed, “Grandma, you are so kind.”

Alan Su embraced the old lady excitedly.

The old lady was not happy. She pushed her grandson away and said to Lena Qin, “Go to the hospital to see me tomorrow?”

Lena Qin hesitated and agreed, “Okay.”

The old lady patted her hand, “It’s late, go to rest early.”

Alan Su helped Lena Qin without the excitement in his heart, and said, “Thank you grandma.”

The old lady didn’t look at Alan Su and didn’t respond. She shouted to the caregiver standing far away, “Push me back.”

Alan Su said hurriedly, “I’ll take Lena Qin in, and I’ll take you back to the hospital later.”

Lena Qin said, “No need.

You’d better send grandma back. “

After all, the old lady has inconvenient legs and feet, and she needs a strong person to help get in the car. It is better for Alan Su to send her to her.

Alan Su wanted to say something, Lena Qin smiled at him, “We will see you in the hospital tomorrow.”

After speaking, he turned and walked into the house.

Alan Su didn’t catch up and thought it was too. The old lady agreed. They had a chance.

He pushed the old lady back.

The old lady was thinking in her heart that she had to find a good doctor to examine Lena Qin.

However, Alan Su was still immersed in the joy of the old lady’s acceptance of Lena Qin, and did not realize that it was purposeful for the old lady to let Lena Qin go to the hospital to see herself.

Chapter 732

Early the next morning, Lena Qin went to the hospital and bought a fruit basket. He went to the hospital to visit her elders. It was always bad to go empty-handed.

Be polite.

The old lady hasn’t slept much all night, and her deep-rooted old thoughts, how can she say that she wants to go.

She agreed because she felt that Lena Qin had to agree because they had been hurt, and she also felt that she couldn’t have children and that it could be cured.

Ignore it completely. After the plastic surgery, she can’t see the flaws in her face at all. It is a realm that can only be achieved with such superb medical skills. She also feels that she can’t have a child because the doctor she met is not good.

She asked Lena Qin to come to the hospital just because she wanted her to be examined in the hospital.

Can’t you be treated at birth?

Now that the level of medical care is so advanced, she thinks she can always give birth to children.

It really doesn’t work, she can also accept IVF, as long as it is Alan Su’s child.

Lena Qin knocked on the door, and it was Alan Su who came to open the door. Seeing that it was her, he immediately took what was in her hand and asked softly, “Have you eaten?”

Lena Qin said, “I came after dinner.”

Alan Su led her, “Come in quickly.”

“Xiaoya, come and be my side.”

The old lady beckoned to her.

Lena Qin came over, and the old lady was able to accept herself. She was also surprised, and she was still a little grateful. After all, she knew how much the old lady wanted great grandchildren.



The old lady took her hand and said with emotion, “You have lost a lot of weight and suffered a lot, right?”

Lena Qin looked down and said, “It’s all over.”

The old lady patted her hand and said, “Don’t be afraid, there will be me in the future.”

Knock—— At this time someone knocked on the door of the room, and Alan Su went to open the door. Generally, a doctor would come for rounds at this time in the morning.

However, opening the door is not the doctor who usually checks the old lady.

Alan Su asked, “You are…” “I am Doctor Chen…” “Doctor Chen, come in.”

The old lady said to the door.

Alan Su looked back at the old lady, “What’s the matter?”

He didn’t change doctors. The doctor who treated the old lady was a very authoritative doctor and very capable.

There is no need to change to another doctor.

“This is Dr. Chen, who specializes in treating infertility. I asked him to show Xiaoya. We are not without money. We must be able to treat Xiaoya well.”

The old lady felt that she was good for Alan Su and Lena Qin.

Lena Qin instantly seemed to be poured cold water from her head to her feet.

She pulled her hand out, and no sound came out from her throat.

Alan Su’s face also turned ugly in an instant, and he said coldly to Doctor Chen, “I won’t look at it, thank you, please leave.”

“How can you not watch, isn’t Xiaoya unable to have children?

Dr. Chen studied in China, and he has good medical skills. Maybe Xiaoya’s infertility can be taken care of by him. “

The old lady said eagerly, “I’m doing it for you too. You don’t want to have no children forever?”

“I said, I don’t want children…” “Don’t get excited, if you really have infertility problems, I can really help you. Now the test tube technology is very mature…” Lena Qin stood up, her face was blank. Looking at the young doctor with an expression, “If there is no uterus, can I get a test tube?”

“This, this can’t.”

The test tube only cultivates the embryo, the main thing is to grow in the mother’s womb. Without the uterus, it is impossible to give birth to children.

Unless you give birth through your belly and grow in someone else’s womb.

“So you can’t cure it.”

Lena Qin was shaking her body while she was standing, and every time she mentioned it, she seemed to have been stabbed by a knife.

She forced her small face and turned to look at the old lady, “Grandma, I’m leaving now. When I think of it, I still have things.”

After saying that he strode towards the door, Alan Su immediately chased her and took her hand, “Xiaoya…” Lena Qin shook his hand abruptly, after which she also felt that she was too excited and shouldn’t Annoyed others, but she felt uncomfortable. The flaws were so nakedly exposed to everyone that she felt ugly because of flaws and incomplete ugliness.

She adjusted her emotions as quickly as possible, “Alan Su, I received a call from my second uncle, and he said that there is an urgent matter over there, and I have to go back.

Take good care of grandma. “

After speaking, she walked out quickly.

Alan Su was worried, and chased up, “Xiaoya, listen to my explanation. I don’t know that the old lady will call a doctor. Don’t mind…” “I don’t care. It’s because my body is defective. What can I be angry about? of?”

She stared at Alan Su sharply, “The flaws are exposed in front of people, making me uncomfortable, do you know how I feel?”

Alan Su said, “I know, I have never told my grandmother that you are Lena Qin, just because she is afraid that she will put you under pressure in front of you as a child. I’m sorry, I didn’t handle it well.”

Lena Qin sniffed, “Go back, I really want to leave.”

She held back her tears, “If it hasn’t been resolved, or can’t be resolved, all told me over the phone that I want to be mere, don’t go to me for the time being.”

“Sorry…” Seeing her uncomfortable, Alan Su was also uncomfortable.

Lena Qin pressed her lips and turned and walked out of the hospital.

Alan Su rubbed his face vigorously, feeling like he had fallen from heaven into hell.

Yesterday he also looked forward to many good things.

I wondered how to give Lena Qin a romantic marriage proposal.

But today… He turned and walked back to the ward, and he heard the old lady talking to the doctor.

The old lady was shocked by Lena Qin’s reaction. She understood in her heart, but she didn’t seem to understand. Most of them did not want to believe what Lena Qin said. She still had a fluke in her heart. She hoped that the doctor could give a satisfactory answer to her. I got it wrong, “No, what does it mean to have no uterus?”

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