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Chapter 733

The doctor thought that the old lady really didn’t understand, and replied directly, “Without a uterus, it means that she can’t give birth to a life or a child.”

The old lady’s eyelids trembled, and it was only at this moment that she understood why Alan Su kept emphasizing that he didn’t want children, and he was also determined. It turned out that Lena Qin couldn’t have children at all.

Without a uterus, it is an incurable disease, which means that Lena Qin cannot have her own child or be a mother in this life.

“You take care of yourself, I’m leaving now.”

The doctor turned and walked out of the room.

The old lady returned to her senses and said, “Thank you.”

The doctor smiled, “I didn’t help much either.”

The old lady looked at the closed door blankly, which made her somewhat unacceptable.

No children?

Is the Su family going to be broken?

She was stunned.

After Alan Su came back, he sat on the chair beside him, bent his elbows against his knees, and said nothing.

The old lady was silent too.

It seems to take time to digest the news.

City C.

Lena Qin left city B on the earliest flight of the day and arrived at city C at one o’clock in the afternoon. Gibson Shao came to pick her up.

Her face was pale and there was not much blood. Gibson Shao walked over quickly. She didn’t bring any luggage. She simply praised a bag. Gibson Shao stretched out his hand, “I’ll take it for you.”

Lena Qin raised her eyes to look at him, “Second Uncle.”

Gibson Shao asked worriedly, “Is it uncomfortable?

I don’t think your face is good. “

Lena Qin shook her head, “It’s not that she feels sick, it’s that she feels sick in her heart.”

Gibson Shao smiled and said, “Go, second uncle will take you to relax.”

Gibson Shao is an old child, cheerful temperament, and always a little arrogant when talking.

Lena Qin didn’t want to go, just wanted to be alone.

Gibson Shao took her out of the airport, “When you are depressed, the more you stay alone, the more depressed you are. Come with me, I promise to make you happy.”

After leaving the airport, he took Lena Qin and walked to the car parked on the side of the road. He opened the rear door and put the bag in the back seat, then opened the position of the co-pilot and stuffed Lena Qin in.

He got into the driving seat, started the car and drove away.

Lena Qin asked, “Where are you taking me?”

“You’ll know when you get there.”

Gibson Shao deliberately sold a pass.

Lena Qin turned to look at him, he always smiled, looking heartless.

With him, Lena Qin also felt relaxed, jokingly and commandingly, “I am not happy, today you are responsible for my happiness.”


“Only, I call you second uncle.”

Gibson Shao smiled, “You, you will be clever with me.

Say, did that kid Alan Su provoke you? “

“Second uncle, can you pick up which pot without opening it?”

Lena Qin felt heavy when she thought of Alan Su and the old lady.


Gibson Shao laughed, “When I see him, I will tie him up and beat him up to vent your anger.”

“What you said, I can remember.”

“I always say that if I can do it, I’m afraid you will feel bad about it.

“I don’t feel bad.”

Lena Qin pretended to be fierce, “It’s better to beat him up.”

Gibson Shao smiled, “You’ve been addicted to the mouth, I really beaten up, you have to cry in distress.”

The car stopped at the mall now.

Lena Qin blinked, a little unbelievable, “This is where you want to take me to relax?”

Gibson Shao shrugged, “I’ll take you to my circle, I’m afraid you will be overwhelmed.”

Lena Qin curled her lips, “It seems that your circle is very slutty.”

“What is debauchery?

It’s so ugly, the life of a bachelor is just “being alive and colorful”. Are you interested in participating? “

Gibson Shao knocked on the steering wheel with one hand, looking like a mess.

Lena Qin pushed the car door and got out of the car, “It’s beautiful, it’s yours alone, come to the mall to spend, second uncle, do you pay?”

“If I pay, I will pay the bill and go.”

Gibson Shao looked like an uncle, stretched out his arm, “Come and take your second uncle, don’t lose it.”

Lena Qin laughed angrily, “You will run away.”

The two talked and laughed unconsciously. Gibson Shao took her to the underground entertainment city. Lena Qin asked, “Aren’t we here to buy things and consume?”

Gibson Shao waved his hand, “You girls know how to buy, buy, buy, can you improve your mind?”

Lena Qin said flatly, “No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend, girls just like buying and buying.”

“Girls who like me line up. I don’t want to marry. Believe it or not, as long as I beckon, my threshold will be broken?”

“Just blow it.”

“Why don’t you believe it, Gan Ming’er, I will open your eyes.”

Entering the entertainment city, all kinds of video game sounds, adults and students, are very lively.

Before the automatic coin change machine, Gibson Shao used WeChat to scan and exchanged three hundred yuan of game coins. After a while, the more than three hundred game coins were all sold out. He reached in and grabbed them and put them in the import. The bag, soon, the two pockets fell down. The game currency is similar to a one-yuan coin. They are all iron, and more than 300 are quite heavy.

He smiled and said, “Go, I’ll take you to beat the mole.”

Lena Qin, “…” That was played by children, how childish?

“How can I trust you?

Uncle, can you be more reliable? “

Lena Qin didn’t move. Gibson Shao pulled her over. After putting two coins into the gopher game machine, he put a hammer into her hand, “Take these gophers as Alan Su and smash them hard.”

Lena Qin looked up at him.

“Why can’t you bear it?”

Gibson Shao smiled.

Lena Qin snorted coldly, “Reluctant?

Humph, look at me. “

Soon the game started, Lena Qin held the hammer in both hands, and smashed the gopher that suddenly appeared.

Gibson Shao cheered on one side, “Come on, come on!”

After the first round, Lena Qin hadn’t enjoyed herself yet, and said to Gibson Shao, “Second Uncle, give me two more coins, and I have to play another round.”

She found her nerves tense, and when observing the emergence of the hamster, she would forget all her worries and feel pleasure when she fell.


Gibson Shao stuffed two more coins.

After playing another round of smashing the hamsters, they played double peas, catching dolls, driving a car, and beating monsters… They played almost all the games in the video game city, and they went to the next milk tea shop to drink together. Milk tea, Gibson Shao threw the finished milk tea cup into the trash can, “We should go back.”

He brought Lena Qin out to relax, so that she could relax, have troubles, and easily think about it.

Ana Lin said no more, and no one can enlighten her, he can’t comfort her as a big man, he can only do something like this.

Lena Qin held the baby bear from the claw machine in her arms, and nodded with milk tea in one hand.

Stepping out of the mall and getting into the car, Gibson Shao drove, and after 20 minutes he sent Lena Qin to the gate of her community.

At this time, a taxi also stopped at the gate of the community.

Chapter 734

The people in the two cars got out of the car almost at the same time. They were all taken aback when they saw each other. Ana Lin reacted first. He watched Lena Qin holding the doll in his hand and asked, “Where did you and the second uncle go?”

The result of the inspection was similar to that in China, and Ana Lin said that they would come back to produce, so they did not stay abroad for too long.

Before returning to City B, Ana Lin wanted to visit City C.

They flew directly back to City C, intending to return from City C to City B.

“are you ready?

Why are you back? “

Lena Qin walked over quickly, “How was the inspection?”

Ana Lin pursed her lips and said calmly, “It’s nothing serious, but it needs to be delivered in advance, so don’t worry.”

She didn’t want others to worry about her.

“That’s good, that’s good.”

Lena Qin said with pleasure.

Ana Lin smiled, “When did you get so good with your second uncle?”

While speaking, she deliberately glanced at the doll in her arms.

Gibson Shao explained hurriedly, “She was in a bad mood and got angry with her boyfriend. I took her to relax.”

Ana Lin looked at Lena Qin and asked, “Have you quarreled with Alan Su?”

Lena Qin lowered her eyes, “It’s still because I can’t have children.”

This is an unsolvable problem.

Gibson Shao didn’t want to participate in this topic. He was a big man who was not suitable and said, “I’m leaving now.”

He pulled the car door, Lena Qin turned around and said, “You drive slowly.”

“Do not worry.”

Gibson Shao paused when he got into the car and looked at Phillip Zong, “Are you going to spend a few days here?”

“Two days.”

Phillip Zong paid the car and walked over.

“Then you guys have a rest today, and I will eat together tomorrow.”

Gibson Shao said.

Phillip Zong said, “Good.”

“Then I will go first.”

Gibson Shao got into the car.

Phillip Zong walked to Ana Lin, “Go in first.”

Lena Qin nodded, “I have forgotten what I said. You just got off the plane and you must be tired and need to rest. In your room, you can rest after I changed the sheets just a few days ago.”

Ana Lin smiled and said, “Thank you.”

“Are you polite with me?”

Lena Qin pretended to be unhappy and walked to the front to open the door.

Ana Lin stood behind and smiled.

Entering the house, Lena Qin changed her shoes at the entrance, and took out two pairs and put them on the ground. She walked into the house and asked, “Have you eaten, do you want to eat something?”

Ana Lin said, “No.”

There is no hot water at home, Lena Qin went to boil the water, “There are milk and juice in the refrigerator, do you want me to pour it?”

“I want juice.”

Ana Lin sat on the sofa.

Lena Qin opened the refrigerator, took out the juice and poured a glass, and asked Phillip Zong what he wanted to drink.

He said the same as Ana Lin.

So Lena Qin poured two glasses of juice and brought it over. She sat on the solo sofa on the side and told Ana Lin that Ida Zhuang had been released from prison.

Ana Lin said the juice motion, a gleam of light flashed in his eyes, “Really?”

Lena Qin smiled, “Can this lie to you?”

Ana Lin was a little excited. This is a good thing for her. She grabbed Phillip Zong’s hand and choked slightly, “I’m very happy that she can come out.”

Depended on each other for many years and had deep feelings.

Blood kinship is just a kind of kinship.

Their feelings surpassed that of blood.

This is also a good thing for Phillip Zong. Ana Lin needs some comfort at this time. Although she always pretends to be okay, she knows that she hides all her worries in her heart.

Now that Ida Zhuang has appeared, it can always bring some comfort to her soul.

Phillip Zong gave a light hum.

“By the way…” Lena Qin said, Roberson Cheng wanted to come over, “We accidentally talked about Xiangyunsha, I said there is a factory here.”

Xiangyunsha belongs to the Cheng family, and Roberson Cheng understands that if he can manage the factory, it would be great, this will also reduce Gibson Shao’s workload.

“I think it can.

What do you think? “

Ana Lin turned around and asked Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong said, “I listen to you.”

Ana Lin smiled at him.

Lena Qin smashed her mouth, “It’s really annoying, I don’t eat dog food.”

Phillip Zong smiled, “If you don’t eat, you will go into the house.”

Lena Qin stood up and stretched out, “Actually, I have just returned from City B. I also need to rest. You guys can do it yourself.”

After speaking, she went to the bedroom.

Phillip Zong held Ana Lin’s waist, “Let’s go, let’s rest too, we haven’t rested well in the past few days abroad.”

Ana Lin followed him into the house.

Time flies by quickly.

During the two days in City C, Ana Lin went to the store. Lena Qin was adding the tailors and designers who were recruited. They were all very busy and there were many customers. She stayed in the store for a day. Six or seven guests came here.

After returning to City C, she told Roberson Cheng that if he wanted to, he could come to City C and he would take care of the factory.

As soon as he heard that he could manage Xiangyun Yarn again, his words were melancholy and grateful, “I can’t do anything when I’m not old. I can manage Xiangyun Yarn again, and I feel better.”

After all, it is the ancestors of the Cheng family, with special feelings.

Two days later, he went to City C, where Gibson Shao received him and did the handover work, basically without Ana Lin worrying about.

Because she will be pregnant for seven and a half months in a few days. Before that, she must make arrangements for the arrangements.

After that, she has no time. She will stay in bed for eight months before giving birth in advance.

The doctor recommends staying in bed in the hospital for daily physical examination.

For the sake of the children’s health and the safety of adults, Phillip Zong decided to stay in bed in the hospital.

There are Ida Zhuang and Wanda, the driver and Zong Qifeng, the two children basically don’t need Ana Lin and Phillip Zong.

Zong Qifeng said that he would take care of them at home if they were to be at ease in the hospital.

When Phillip Zong returned, Keller Shen returned to his residence, and Marsha Sang returned to the school dormitory.

Alan Su and the old lady seemed to be at a stalemate. The old lady thought about it, but couldn’t accept the fact that there were no children.

Even if I feel I owe Lena Qin, I still can’t promise her and Alan Su good.

Alan Su felt unable to face Lena Qin without handling the old lady’s affairs, nor had he been to C City to see her.

Apart from Alan Su, the troubles are also concerned.

“Milton Guan, you said, they have gone abroad and there is no way to start, but I saw Phillip Zong come to the company.”

At night, Milton Guan went home from get off work and was blocked by Gu Huiyuan at the door.

Milton Guan glanced at her and said, “Go in and say.”

Gu Huiyuan nodded.

The two entered the house together. This is not the first time that Gu Huiyuan has come to Milton Guan’s house. In order to stabilize Gu Huiyuan and prevent her from making a moth, Milton Guan lied to her and promised to help her avenge Phillip Zong.

A few days ago, Phillip Zong went abroad, Milton Guan said that there was no chance, and asked her to wait.

Gu Huiyuan also found out that Phillip Zong had indeed taken Ana Lin to go abroad, so he believed Milton Guan.

It was also very quiet during this period, without any moths.

Back now, she can no longer do nothing.

Entering the house, Milton Guan poured water on her.

Gu Huiyuan was sitting on the sofa. She was wearing a white chiffon blouse and an A-line skirt. She had her legs crossed. She looked at Milton Guan and said, “Milton Guan, I need you to do me a favor. “

Milton Guan put the water in front of her, sat opposite her, glanced at her legs dangling in front of the coffee table, and asked, “How can I help you?”

Gu Huiyuan hooked her finger, “Come here.”

Chapter 735

Milton Guan sat and didn’t move, “Just say what you have to say, there are no outsiders in this room, no one will hear.”

Gu Huiyuan slowly became cold, “Why, are you so afraid of me?

Can I eat people? “

She hides everywhere, is she a tiger?

Milton Guan looked at her quietly for a few seconds. In order to keep her trusting herself, he sniffed, sat over and smiled and said, “Why are you so stingy?”

Gu Huiyuan snorted, “Milton Guan, you promised to help me not to lie to me, right?”

“I didn’t lie to you, I really didn’t lie to you.”

Milton Guan grinned doglegally, “I originally planned to resign. In order to help you, I didn’t even quit my job and acted as an undercover agent. What are you going to do?”

After all, if you know her plan, you can crack it in advance.

Gu Huiyuan pondered for a moment, “I am not frantic, but my family is broken and my heart is upset, and I am panicked. I know that I will also be punished by the law if I do illegal things, but looking at the people who destroy my family, I live a happy life. I can’t be indifferent, I think, destroying their relationship between husband and wife, and their wives are separated. Isn’t it illegal?”

At least she hadn’t heard of anyone who was sent to prison as a junior.

Milton Guan, “…” He thought, there are so many juniors in this world, if being a junior is considered a violation of the law, would it be much less?

He strongly hopes that such a law can be introduced.

Destroying other people’s families is moral corruption, and violating others’ ownership rights should be criminalized! After all, it is unrealistic to want to return, and now the delay is to figure out what Gu Huiyuan wants to do.

“how do you want to do it?”

Milton Guan asked.

Gu Huiyuan raised his eyes, “You are the person next to Phillip Zong, and he trusts you very much?”

“He trusts me, otherwise I can’t stay in the company for so long.”

Milton Guan said.

Gu Huiyuan leaned over, leaned over to his ear, and said in a voice that only they could hear, “You find a way to bring Phillip Zong to the Grand Hyatt Hotel and faint, whether it is drinking alcohol or medicine, or other methods. , I think it’s best if you want to get him drunk. Create a scene of Xing drunk and let his wife Lena Qin see. I don’t believe it. She saw Phillip Zong and a woman lying on the bed naked. Don’t misunderstand!”

Milton Guan withdrew back, feeling cold all over, “Are you really shameless?”

This woman is really nasty, worse than a man.

Gu Huiyuan grabbed his collar and leaned over, “What are you withdrawing?”

Milton Guan told the truth, “I hate you shamelessly!”

Gu Huiyuan smiled, “Are you jealous?”

Milton Guan looked down, her gaze happened to fall on the neckline she opened because she leaned forward, and the scenery poured out. Putting aside Gu Huiyuan’s crooked mind, she was still very capitalized as a woman.

At least for the moment, Milton Guan has the urge to be a man.

He looked away, “I said I’m jealous, can you not do it?”

Gu Huiyuan smiled and was in a good mood, “You are my man, I will protect you naturally. Besides, I can’t push myself to the forefront. As long as I spend some money, many women in the night market are willing to do it. I don’t need to do it myself. Get out of the horse…” She let go of her hand while speaking, and put her fingers in his neckline, and said charmingly, “Milton Guan, are you a man?”

Milton Guan stiffened, “Am I a man, don’t you know?”

Gu Huiyuan smiled, “I know.”

Her body leaned even lower, almost pressing on Milton Guan’s body, “Don’t you want to do something on this night?”

Milton Guan glanced out. The sky was already dark, but there were colorful neon lights flickering, rendering the sky.

He slowly retracted his gaze and asked in a low voice, “Do you know what you are doing?”

“You and I are both adults, do whatever you want, is there anything else you need to take care of?”

Her lips moved to Milton Guan’s chin and k*ssed gently, “I will not hold you accountable. When you finish what you promised me, you want me to leave your world. I will never pester you.”

Milton Guan squinted, “You woman is really boring, I plan to pat my butt and leave after sleeping?”

Gu Huiyuan unbuttoned his shirt, smiled and said, “You and I are not lovers, nor husband and wife, nor business relationship. If you are interested, I can just go to bed with you without discussing relationships. After all, I am very satisfied with you. ~” The last sentence was full of teasing.

Milton Guan felt hot, a little unbearable, and finally couldn’t bear it, and took her to the bedroom.

After Milton Guan went to take a bath, Gu Huiyuan was naked and nestled in the quilt. There was still flush on her face. She was drowsy, but she was not really asleep.

After ten minutes, Milton Guan came out wearing a bathrobe.

“Milton Guan, let’s be bed partners, OK?”

Milton Guan did not agree, nor refused, but said, “Sleep with me today.”

Regardless of his nakedness, Gu Huiyuan opened the quilt and ran down to hold Milton Guan’s waist, and his body was tightly pressed against him. He raised his head and k*ssed his lips, “If you don’t say anything, I will treat him as you agreed. I will come to you later if I need it.”

Milton Guan looked down at her, his lips pressed tightly.

He would go to bed with her only because he was a normal man, he was impulsive towards women, it was entirely a physiological reaction.

However, hearing her say this, she felt a different kind of feeling in her heart.

He was not confused by the female sex, and said lightly, “Go to sleep.”

Gu Huiyuan got into the quilt again and covered her body in the quilt, “Aren’t you sleeping?”

“I have something to go out.”

Milton Guan walked to the bed and reached out to touch her face, “Will you be awake in someone else’s bed?”

“In other people’s bed, I may suffer from insomnia, but in your bed, I will sleep soundly.”

She curled her lips, “Go ahead and do your business.”

Milton Guan took a deep breath, turned and walked out of the bedroom, reaching out and holding the handle to open the door, Gu Huiyuan asked, “Will you be back at night?”

Milton Guan paused, but didn’t look back, and said, “Go back.”

He has a guilty conscience and dare not look at her directly.

After all, he is going out now to see Phillip Zong to discuss how to solve her problem.

Milton Guan changed her clothes and left without coming in to see her.

He drove the car to the hospital and arrived in about ten minutes. He parked the car and pushed the door down.

He took the elevator to the VIP inpatient department on the 28th floor. He took out his cell phone and called Phillip Zong. When he went to the ward, he was afraid that it would disturb Ana Lin’s rest.

So I planned to call out Phillip Zong.

He dialed the number. After the call was connected, he heard the ringing of the cell phone. Looking for the reputation, he saw Phillip Zong and Alan Su sitting on the chairs in the corridor. He hung up the phone and walked over.

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