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Chapter 736

“Why come here this time.”

As he walked over, Phillip Zong and Alan Su naturally found him.

Alan Su asked.

Milton Guan said, “There is always something to find Zong, why are you here at this time?”

Alan Su said mischievously, “I have something to do with your boss.”

Milton Guan sat beside him and asked, “What’s the matter?

Can you tell me something? “

“Stop asking about me.”

Alan Su had finished speaking. He came to Ana Lin and asked her about Lena Qin.

He didn’t solve the problem with the old lady. He didn’t dare to face Lena Qin, so he could only inquire about her situation from others.

Milton Guan is not in the mood to gossip about other people’s affairs now, he himself is in a mess.

“Tell me about you?”

Alan Su didn’t want to go back either. When he went back, the old lady would tell him to let him give up Lena Qin. He could only use money to make up for the harm to Lena Qin, and then he talked about it countless times. After it’s gone, you can’t die the relatives who have no face to see the ground.

Alan Su was tired and tired of listening, and didn’t want to go back.

It is better to listen to other people’s gossip and solve your own boredom.

Maybe others are also troubled?

Keller Shen knew it, and didn’t care if Alan Su knew it, so Milton Guan just said it straight, telling Gu Huiyuan’s plan again.

“Gu Huiyuan?

When did you get together? “

Alan Su looked at Milton Guan incredulously.

Milton Guan glanced at him, frowning slightly, “What does it mean to be together?

So ugly. “

“Then why did you suddenly get together?”

Alan Su thought to himself, what did he miss?

What happened when he was not there?

Milton Guan and Gu Huiyuan?

Milton Guan stalked for a while, it didn’t sound good anyway, “I’m too lazy to explain to you.”

He returned to the topic, “Gu Huiyuan didn’t lose his reason, he wanted to retaliate because he couldn’t swallow this breath. What should we do?”

It is impossible for her to disappear completely. The so-called not afraid of thieves are afraid of thieves. A person who wants to harm you all the time lives around you. It is really a matter of cold sweat on your back. She may not know when she will jump. Come out and stab you.

This feeling is very annoying.

It also coincided with Ana Lin’s poor health. This bomb that could explode at any time must be completely eliminated.

Phillip Zong pondered for a moment, and did not elaborate on his thoughts, but said, “Tomorrow I will show up at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Just tell her that you succeeded and lead her to the room.”

To solve it completely, she can only be ruthless, so that she can no longer harm others if she has no freedom.

Milton Guan asked carefully, “What do you want to do?”

Following Phillip Zong’s side for so long, he is not a good stubborn, listening to his tone, it seems that the means to deal with Gu Huiyuan are not light.

Phillip Zong looked at Milton Guan for two seconds, “You don’t need to know, just do as I said.”

After speaking, he raised his hand and glanced at his watch. At nine o’clock, Ana Lin still had an inspection to be done. Now it was half past eight, he stood up, “You all go back.”

“Zong Zong.”

Milton Guan couldn’t bear it and didn’t want Gu Huiyuan to ruin her life.

“Can you give me a chance?”

Phillip Zong didn’t say a word, but looked at him indifferently, and seemed to be able to guess what he was going to say in his heart.

He didn’t tell Milton Guan the plan, just because he was afraid of turning over.

A fairly long-term woman who gets along for a long time and has had intimate behaviors. It is normal to have feelings.

It’s nothing more than trust, but people’s feelings are so, he has to guard against.

“You said.”

Milton Guan thought for a moment, “I try to convince her if she really insists…” Then he has no other choice but to do what Phillip Zong said.

“Hey, don’t you have feelings for that woman?”

Alan Su said directly.

Milton Guan immediately retorted, “I didn’t.”

Alan Su uttered, obviously not believing, stood up, ready to go, passing by Milton Guan, whispered, “Don’t deceive yourself.”

Milton Guan cut, “I know myself well, but unlike you…” “What happened to me?”

Alan Su knew that he was referring to the matter between himself and Liu Feifei, and Lena Qin was hurt because of his confusion.

“Why are you so excited?

Did I step on your tail? “

Milton Guan deliberately poked his sore spot.

Alan Su glared at him fiercely, “Don’t be proud, in the future, maybe, you are worse than me!”

Turn around after speaking.

In fact, Phillip Zong didn’t want to agree to Milton Guan, but he was relieved because he had followed him for so long.

“I don’t want to make a mistake.”

Although he agreed, Phillip Zong also expressed his attitude.

If you disagree with her, do what he says.

Milton Guan nodded, “I know.”

Phillip Zong gave a light hum and said, “You go back too.”

Milton Guan said, “Can I call you later?”

Phillip Zong said yes, after Milton Guan left, he walked into the ward.

Although it is a ward, it has a large space and is still a suite. Outside there is a sofa TV and a coffee table. Guests who come to see patients can be received here.

There is a door on the right side. Inside is the room, which is also very wide. There are also floor-to-ceiling windows with a wide view. The curtains are half drawn. Ana Lin is lying on the bed. Her long hair is especially moving under the moonlight. The face seemed to be covered with a layer of light gauze, making it more feminine.

She closed her eyes and the eyelashes were long and curled. She was not asleep, and opened her eyes when she heard the movement.

Chapter 737

She moved and wanted to sit up, Phillip Zong walked over quickly and helped her up.

Ana Lin sat up following her strength and asked, “Is Alan Su gone?”

Phillip Zong put a cushion behind her and said, “Go, didn’t you sleep for a while?”

Ana Lin was a little dull, “Don’t you want to check later, I didn’t fall asleep, I’m a little thirsty.”

Phillip Zong went to pour her a cup of warm water, she took it and drank half a cup, put the cup on the cupboard next to the bed, and asked, “What time is it?”

As soon as her words fell, the door rang, and it was the nurse who told them that they were going to check.

Phillip Zong picked her up on the bed and went to the examination room.

Generally, hospitals do checkups during the day, but there are many people during the day, so Ana Lin arranges daily checkups at night, which is a lot cleaner.

It is mainly to check the changes of the uterus. Through the four-dimensional B-ultrasound, it can be seen very clearly. During the inspection, the baby can also be seen.

Every time Ana Lin wanted to watch, Phillip Zong would not allow her to watch it.

The baby shown by the B-ultrasound is so ugly that Phillip Zong dislikes it, for fear that Ana Lin will be in a bad mood.

He is very strange, Zong Yanchen and Zong Yanxi are so good, why is this child so ugly?

He frowned every time he went to see the doctor for an examination.

Ana Lin didn’t know why, so just stared at him.

The doctor said, “Look, the uterus is already very thin and only 0.4mm. This situation is prone to dangerous conditions at any time.”

Phillip Zong’s expression was tense. He wanted to give birth ahead of schedule now to reduce the harm to Ana Lin’s body, but she insisted on waiting until eight months and said that the baby should mature, otherwise she was afraid that the baby would be unhealthy.

The eight-month production is also one or two months ahead of schedule.

“Call the nurse at any time if you have a situation.”

There are doctors on duty in the hospital 24 hours a day, and if something happens, they will be ready for a C-section.

Phillip Zong carried Ana Lin back to the ward, and Ana Lin put his arms around his neck and asked, “Why do you look so strange every time you see me for an examination?”

Phillip Zong asked, “Is there any?”

Ana Lin nodded affirmatively, “Yes.”

Phillip Zong said, “I am worried about you.”

Ana Lin didn’t believe it.

Because he wanted to relax himself, he would not show his worry in front of her. The strange expression began to appear after he saw the doctor doing the examination.

I don’t know what he saw.

She decided to have the opportunity to ask the doctor.

The bed in the ward was wider than a normal bed. Phillip Zong would sleep with her arms around her at night, and he could find out what happened in time.

In the morning, Ida Zhuang came to deliver meals. The hospital’s meals were not nutritious. Ana Lin’s three meals a day were delivered by Ida Zhuang.

When Ana Lin had breakfast, Phillip Zong received a call from Milton Guan and walked out of the ward to answer.

“I didn’t convince her.”

Milton Guan simply said five words.

Back last night, he opened the door and saw Gu Huiyuan wearing his shirt, sitting on the bay window with a cigarette in his hand.

Milton Guan didn’t know she would smoke, walked over, took the cigarette from her hand, and asked, “Why don’t you sleep?”

Gu Huiyuan looked up at him, wondering about him in his heart. At first he was so aggressive, no matter how threatening she was, he would not help himself. Later, he agreed for no reason, with some doubt in his heart.

But she is still willing to believe him, even if he leaves after the closeness is over, she may go to inform, she still chooses to believe him once.

She smiled and said, “You don’t know I have more things.”

Milton Guan sat down on the other side of the bay window and watched her name and surname, “Gu Huiyuan, you know everything, right?”

Gu Huiyuan is a little unbelievable, does he know his thoughts?

She was a little bit happy in her heart, maybe he likes himself too?

However, Milton Guan’s next words broke her illusion.

“You know, they all deserve it, why don’t they learn to let go?”

Gu Huiyuan was downhearted, but smiled on her face, “No matter how much the crime deserves, they are my relatives, aren’t they?

If I don’t even care about my loved ones, am I still a human being? “

Milton Guan was at a loss for words, yes, no matter how rubbish or damn they were, they were all her relatives.

This is a family relationship that cannot be changed and given up.

Gu Huiyuan looked out the window and said lightly, “Are you here to persuade me?”

She has a little secret in her heart. She has never told anyone, nor anyone knows. She talked to Milton Guan two years ago. She was responsible for a project with Wanyue Group, which happened to be Milton Guan. To talk about it.

There is no doubt that Milton Guan is capable, otherwise Phillip Zong would not reuse him so much.

During the conversation, she was attracted by Milton Guan and liked him very well.

In that case, there was no consensus on the way of cooperation, and the cooperation became yellow. Since then, Milton Guan has not been seen again.

Although she chose Milton Guan this time and wanted to control him and let him help herself, she could pay a woman to do it for her.

But she did it herself.

Because she likes Milton Guan.

Just like this moment, knowing that he might betray himself, or want to choose to believe him once.

She stretched her legs and sat on Milton Guan’s thighs, hooked his neck with her hands, and said with a smile, “Milton Guan, I still want it.”

Milton Guan frowned, “You…” Before he could finish his words, Gu Huiyuan took the initiative to k*ss his lips, blocking what he was about to say.

She wanted to use her body to turn things around, even if he had already gone to inform her, she also imagined that he would stand on her side and help her once at a critical time.

After she was done, she snuggled in Milton Guan’s arms, and she held Milton Guan’s arms around herself, “It’s all so close, so you just hug me to sleep.”

Milton Guan said, “I’m not used to cuddling people to sleep.”

“You’re used to building more buildings.”

Gu Huiyuan held his arm tightly.

“Gu Huiyuan, let go.”

Milton Guan still wants to persuade her to give up. She is young and beautiful, and she can live her own life.

There is no need to retaliate.

When is the injustice reported?

“I’ve made up my mind. Don’t waste your tongue. I’m sleepy and sleep.”

Gu Huiyuan squeezed into his arms.

When Gu Huiyuan got up in the morning, Gu Huiyuan was still awake.

He called Phillip Zong.

He didn’t succeed, didn’t convince Gu Huiyuan to let go, so he could only do it according to Phillip Zong’s plan.

Chapter 738

After hanging up the phone, Milton Guan returned to the room. Gu Huiyuan was still sleeping. Seeing that she was still asleep, he did not wake her up, but closed the door gently.

After the door closed, Gu Huiyuan opened his eyes.

She woke up when she shut up.

She even knew who Milton Guan was going to call and what she would face next.

She blinked and looked at the ceiling above, smiling bitterly.

Sure enough, men are cold-blooded animals, no matter how close they are, they cannot easily shake his heart.

How poor is she?

How sad?

After ten minutes, she adjusted her mood, lifted the quilt and got out of bed, grabbed Alan Su’s shirt and put it on her body, opened the door and walked out. There was no one in the living room, only noise from the kitchen.

She walked over barefoot and saw a slender face stamped in the kitchen.

He is dressed in casual homewear, with long slender waists and long legs, and looks very thin, but he didn’t seem to have no energy for so long last night.

Thinking of the scene of entanglement with him, her face couldn’t help being hot. She leaned against the door, quietly admiring the tenderness of this moment.

Milton Guan found her and looked back at her, “Wake up?”

Gu Huiyuan walked in, hugged his waist from behind, and said grinning, “Do you know how to cook?

can not tell. “

Milton Guan blocked her with her words, “I know more, but you don’t know.”

“Then you tell me.”

Gu Huiyuan wrapped his hands around him, and dumbly drilled into his pants.

Milton Guan frowned and emphasized, “I’m cooking.”

Gu Huiyuan got in with his hand, his lips pressed against his back, and asked little by little, in a low voice, “I want to eat you even more.”

Milton Guan, “…” This woman simply… He put the fried eggs on the plate, reached out and grabbed her hand, and warned, “Be honest.”

Gu Huiyuan smiled, “What if I’m not honest?”

Milton Guan turned off the fire, turned around and pinched her chin, squinted, “How hungry are you?”

She still smiles like a flower, “People say that newlyweds can stay up all night. Although we are not husbands and wives, we are also very enthusiastic. Were you very enthusiastic last night?”

“Do you know what men are most taboo?”

Gu Huiyuan chuckled and asked, “What are you taboo?

Taboo I said you can’t?

Then you prove it to me, you are good…” Before she could finish her words, she was pushed on the stove by Milton Guan, her waist was on the hard edge, her brows were frowning painfully, and she held Guan. Jin’s neck arched up to cater to him, “Milton Guan, we didn’t take any measures, aren’t you afraid that I am pregnant? “

Milton Guan paused for a while, and the next second, he dragged the back of her head and asked her to look at herself, “Gu Huiyuan, I know you are not pregnant. It’s fun to lie to me, right?”

She laughed. “Don’t you believe it.”

“No ghost will believe what you say!”

Milton Guan’s eyes flushed red and vented on her.

It took a long time for them to finish, and they finished it in the kitchen.

She pestered Milton Guan and asked, “Will you always remember that there was a woman who was so crazy with you in the kitchen?”

Milton Guan sneered, “I will never forget, I will never forget, there was a woman who calculated me, and she was very shameless.”

Gu Huiyuan giggled, “Is this the impression I gave you?”

“if not?”

Milton Guan asked back.

Gu Huiyuan thought about it carefully, “It seems to be too.”

The two went to wash up, Milton Guan put on clean clothes, Gu Huiyuan was still wearing the same clothes she wore yesterday, with many folds on her body.

Milton Guan made breakfast and asked her to eat.

He made fried egg sandwiches, Gu Huiyuan sat down and asked, “Do you want fresh juice or milk.”

Gu Huiyuan took a bite of the sandwich, “I want to drink milk.”

Milton Guan moved for a while and gave her a meaningful look.

Gu Huiyuan became dull, looking at Milton Guan’s expression, as if he wanted to be crooked, and said with a smile, “You are great, I am already very satisfied, and remember, I also had you.”

Milton Guan felt that her words were inexplicable.

But I didn’t think too much.


When the doctor came for the morning rounds, Phillip Zong was not in the room. Ana Lin asked him, “Is the child bad?”

The doctor asked, “Why do you ask?”

“My husband’s face looks very ugly every time I have an examination…” The doctor laughed, and the doctor understood this question at a glance. After the first examination, Phillip Zong went to him alone and asked, during the examination. , The displayed image is not a fetus, the doctor said yes.

However, Phillip Zong looked at him with a funny expression and asked, “Why is it so ugly?”

After all, neither he nor Ana Lin are ugly.

The fetus in the image has a collapsed nose and a big mouth, which is really ugly.

But many babies are ugly at first, and then the longer they look, the better they look. On the contrary, they look pretty at the beginning, and the longer they look, the more unsightly they are.

The doctor asked, “Remember what the last baby looked like?”

That’s the way it was branded in my mind, and I will never forget it, Ana Lin said, “They are very small, with wrinkled skin, and it will take five or six months to get better.”

The doctor said, “Zong always looks at the ugly appearance of the fetus at the time of examination, so he is depressed.”

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