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Chapter 739

Ana Lin smiled. It turned out to be the case. He thought there was nothing wrong with being a fetus.

“If you have abdominal pain, you must call a doctor immediately.”

The doctor said.

Ana Lin nodded and said, “I know.”

Before leaving, the doctor was afraid that Ana Lin would also dislike the ugliness of the fetus. Some time ago, there was a video on the Internet where a pregnant woman was crying while walking.

It’s just that the baby in the 4D ultrasound is very ugly.

The expectant mother was crying by the ugly baby.

“You and Mr. Zong are both very good-looking, and the children will not be ugly, because they are too young and have not developed well, so don’t worry too much.”

Ana Lin smiled and said, “I won’t think too much.”

She would not dislike how ugly, as long as she is healthy.

The doctor left before going to another ward.

Phillip Zong walked in, saw Ana Lin smiling, and asked, “What’s so happy?”

Ana Lin didn’t answer, but pointed to the breakfast on the table, “This is for you, eat it quickly, and wait until it gets cold.”

Phillip Zong sat at the table and picked up the chopsticks. Ana Lin asked, “Do you think our children are ugly?”

Phillip Zong turned his head to look at her, as if he understood what she was laughing at, righteously said, “Ugly is also my child, what’s wrong with Ugly?”

Ana Lin smiled, “Aren’t you depressed?”

Phillip Zong gave a light cough, thinking in his heart, this doctor is really annoying, and he will talk about everything.

“I’m not depressed, I’m happy.”

Ana Lin lay down and asked, “Are you going out today?”

Phillip Zong nodded. He was going to deal with Gu Huiyuan’s affairs and could not accompany her in the hospital today.

Ida Zhuang poured him a glass of water and said, “Then I will be here to guard, you come back and I will leave.”

Phillip Zong said, “It’s okay, there can’t be no one by her side. Call a doctor as soon as possible.”

He explained.

Ida Zhuang said, “I know.”

After breakfast, Ida Zhuang took out the lunch box and cleaned it. Phillip Zong rubbed Ana Lin’s legs. Her legs had already begun to show edema, and the frequency of cramps became high at night.

Sometimes it hurts several times overnight.

He used to think that pregnancy is a very simple thing. Since Ana Lin’s physical condition is not good, he clearly knows that when a woman is not only having a child, she has to go through a ghost, and even the process of pregnancy is not easy. .

Can’t go out, Ana Lin was very boring, half-squinted, and asked, “Is it dealing with company affairs?”

Phillip Zong gave a hum.

When Ida Zhuang came back, Phillip Zong left. Before leaving, he said, “I will come back as soon as possible.”

Ana Lin said, “You can rest assured to work on your affairs. I am in the hospital and there will be no danger.”

Ida Zhuang sat down by the bed, “Do you want to eat some fruit?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “I don’t want to eat.”

It’s not long after eating, and I’m not hungry yet, so I don’t want to eat.

Knock—— Someone knocked on the door, Ida Zhuangg got up and opened the door. There was a nurse standing at the door. A lady came to see Ana Lin at the door. The nurse asked, not letting in.

Ida Zhuang asked, “Who is it?”

“The lady said that her surname was Qin.”

The nurse answered.

Ida Zhuang thought it was Lena Qin, and without asking Ana Lin, he asked the nurse to let him in.

However, when she reached the door, she realized that it was not Lena Qin. She blocked the door and looked at Gu Huiyuan warily, “Who are you?”

Gu Huiyuan investigated Phillip Zong and Ana Lin and knew that the woman who had the best relationship with Ana Lin was Lena Qin.

That’s why she told the nurse that her surname was Qin.

Gu Huiyuan held a bunch of flowers in his hand and said with a smile, “I’m here to visit Mrs. Zong.”

Ida Zhuang said, “I don’t know you. She is uncomfortable and can’t see guests. Please go back.”

Gu Huiyuan still smiled, “I’m not a bad person. You don’t need to be so wary of me. I just came to see Mrs. Zong. If you don’t believe me, go and ask.”

Ana Lin heard their voices in the room, sat up and listened carefully.

The sound seems familiar.

She soon remembered who this voice belonged to.

Gu Huiyuan.

What is she here for?

“Mrs. Zong, can I say a few words to you?”

Ida Zhuang said that she was not allowed to come in. She had no choice but to use this method.

Ana Lin did not answer.

Gu Huiyuan was not discouraged and continued, “I have no malice. This is your site. I dare not do anything. I just want to say a few words to you.”

Ana Lin thought for a while and said, “Mom, let her in.”

Ida Zhuang said, “Phillip explained that you should not let in someone you don’t know. I don’t know this person. You need to rest. It’s best not to see guests.”

“I know this person, you can let her in.”

Ana Lin said.

Ida Zhuang glanced at Gu Huiyuan, “You can only stay for a few minutes.”

Gu Huiyuan said, “Okay.”

She took Gu Huiyuan to the room.

Ana Lin kept his vigilance in his heart, his face was calm, even his eyes did not waver.

This woman repeatedly wants to provoke the relationship between her and Phillip Zong. What is it doing now?

Come up with a moth again?

“Can I say a few words with Mrs. Zong alone?”

Gu Huiyuan looked at Ida Zhuang.

Ida Zhuang shook his head, “I must be here.”

Gu Huiyuan turned his gaze on Ana Lin and asked, “Can you?”

Ana Lin holds the call remote control in her hand, as long as she presses it down, the doctor will come over immediately.

Ana Lin nodded and looked at Ida Zhuang, “Mom is okay, you will wait at the door for a while.”

Ida Zhuang frowned, “Phillip wouldn’t let you see people alone.”

Ana Lin smiled, “I know her and nothing will happen.”

Ida Zhuang could only follow her, “Then you hurry up and let her come out.”

Ana Lin said, “I know.”

Ida Zhuang walked out of the room and closed the door.

The smile on Ana Lin’s face immediately stopped, “Let’s talk, what are you here to do?”

Gu Huiyuan smiled, “Don’t be so hostile to me. I bought it from the flower shop when I came. I don’t know if you like it or not.”

She placed a bouquet of lilies and roses on the cupboard next to the bed.

Chapter 740

She stroked the bright petals of the lily and whispered, “Lily, what an elegant and beautiful flower.”

Ana Lin looked at her, “You came to express feeling that Lily is beautiful?”

It’s not that she has no affection for Gu Huiyuan, but that she is Gu family. It is impossible to become friends with such a relationship.

Gu Huiyuan took a step back and bowed to Ana Lin, “I apologize for what I did to you before.”

Ana Lin’s behavior surprised Ana Lin, and she remained vigilant in her heart, pursing her lips.

Gu Huiyuan knew that Ana Lin had a grudge against herself and would not believe her so easily.

She didn’t come to make Ana Lin believe her either.

“I think Mrs. Zong and Mrs. Zong have a good relationship, right?”

Although it was a question, it was a statement. She sat in a chair by the bed.

“Actually, really, I shouldn’t have come to see you. After all, our relationship…” She looked up at Ana Lin, “I know that they are wrong, and they deserve it. I shouldn’t have revenge, but they It’s my relative, does Mrs. Zong understand how I feel?”

“I think you should tell your erring relatives who are still alive that this is a society under the rule of law. If you break the law, you must bear the guilt. No one can ignore it. If you love your relatives, then because your relatives suffer The person who hurts, there are also family members, a person who doesn’t know how to consider things from the other side’s standpoint is immature and paranoid. You say you understand, but in fact you don’t understand. You think I or my husband have a bad life , Is fairness. In fact, what you have to do is to tell Gu Bei that the world is fair. If you make mistakes, try hard to correct, and be a talented person again is the right way. If he is persistently obsessed, no one can save him, right? “

Gu Huiyuan suddenly felt that she had always stood in her own perspective, feeling that only the unpleasantness of Phillip Zong’s life was a comfort to the dead father and the brother who lost her freedom.

She had something to say, but now she can’t say a word.

Ana Lin didn’t want to stand on the commanding heights of morality and blame someone, but just wanted to tell her the right truth.

If a person makes a mistake without paying any price, isn’t the world in chaos?

Where is personal safety?

“If you still love your brother, you should tell him how to be a man. A gentleman loves to get money in a good way, instead of doing things that hurt the nature and reason to earn ill-gotten wealth. What did your brother do before? , You know very well that your parents didn’t stop them, but indulged in shelter, which has already planted the bane.”

Undeniably, Ana Lin was right.

If the father is not a corrupt official, if the father does not abuse his power to shield his younger brother and tell him what to do and what not to do, perhaps he will not be reduced to where he is now.

She came to Ana Lin to tell her that she had let go, but they owed herself, but now think about it, what’s wrong with them?

It’s just to let the truth come to light and let the criminals get the punishment they deserve.

She closed her eyes slowly.

Complex and messy inside.

Suddenly, she chuckled, “Sure enough, I am Gu’s family. I think the problem is different from others, right?”

Ana Lin doesn’t think this has anything to do with Gu’s family.

It’s personal thoughts and consciousness.

Jenkin Bai’s mother-in-law, the third child of the Gu family, and Gu Huixin understood very well. They didn’t intervene at all to imagine what happened at the beginning. They knew who was right and who was wrong.

“Just tell me, what did you come to see me for?”

Ana Lin looked at her and asked.

“Just to see you.”

She said lightly, “Milton Guan is very loyal to Zong.”

Ana Lin squinted, what does she mean?

Is she related to Milton Guan?

“I think I came here today, and my heart suddenly became clear. I would still feel very selfish, just for myself. After listening to you, I don’t think I am sorry for anyone.”

She stood up and said sincerely again, “I’m sorry for what you did before.”

“I understand that if I were you, I might also have a mentality of revenge. No matter how wrong they are, the blood relationship cannot be changed. It is natural for you to feel sad and dissatisfied.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

Gu Huiyuan never thought that she was such a reasonable woman. Before, she thought she was just good-looking.

Now she found that there was light on the woman.

“If I have a chance to meet in the future, I hope I can become friends with you.”

She stretched out her hand, “May I shake your hand?”

Ana Lin stretched out his hand, shook hands with her, and quickly retracted each.

“I will leave today.”

Ana Lin nodded.

After leaving the hospital, Gu Huiyuan went to the prison but did not see Gu Bei.

Prevent the last thing from happening again, no one can see him.

She wrote a letter and sent it in.

Then she went to the hotel as planned.

It’s just that it didn’t arrive on time, it was late.

Originally, Phillip Zong wanted to give a tooth for a tooth, no, it was much harder than Gu Huiyuan’s plan.

Gu Huiyuan just wanted to frame him to sleep with a woman.

Phillip Zong pushed the boat along the river, planning to get a death row from the prison and put it in that room to frame her for murder.

It wasn’t that Phillip Zong was ruthless, but it was because this woman was too strong in revenge, and he would not be able to live a stable life unless she was completely eradicated.

Ana Lin is in this situation again, and he must ensure Ana Lin’s safety.

He and Keller Shen set up this bureau and waited for Gu Huiyuan, who thought he was carrying out his plan, to appear. However, she did not appear within the time Milton Guan said.

Keller Shen said, “Isn’t she lying to you?”

Milton Guan said with certainty, “No.”

As soon as her voice fell, Gu Huiyuan appeared at the door.

Chapter 741

This room was opened next to the room where Gu Huiyuan said he would frame Phillip Zong.

When Keller Shen just came out to see the situation, the door was not closed, and Gu Huiyuan opened it directly.

She looked calm and was not surprised to see them.

She knew very well in her heart that Alan Su betrayed her and revealed her plan to Phillip Zong.

She knew that there might be a full set waiting for her here.

Milton Guan put back his cell phone, he was about to call Gu Huiyuan and told her that he had got Phillip Zong drunk and asked when she would bring the woman over.

However, she appeared at the door.

He looked at her in surprise, “How could you…” Gu Huiyuan smiled, “Milton Guan, it’s all this time, are you still going to hide that you betrayed your boss?”

Keller Shen turned to look at Milton Guan, as if asking what was going on?

Gu Huiyuan ignored Milton Guan’s pale face and said to Phillip Zong, “Have you ever doubted, did Milton Guan tell you lies?

To tell you the truth, he and I lied to you. By now you should have seen it clearly. We are in a group. He is responsible for holding you down, and I went to the hospital and saw your wife… …” “what have you done? “

Phillip Zong’s eyes were gloomy.

“According to the plan, Milton Guan held you back, and I, naturally, did something unfavorable to you… It’s just that I regretted halfway through. When did the so-called grievances be reported?

I decided not to retaliate. “

She glanced lightly, smiled, turned around, and waved her hand behind them, “Zong, was deceived by the person you trust most?

What is it like? “

Phillip Zong didn’t fully believe her words.

Milton Guan didn’t rush to explain, because at this moment, he understood everything.

He told Phillip Zong of her plan. She knew everything, so today there is a full set. She knew about it, so she didn’t bring the woman who wanted to frame Phillip Zong. She pushed the boat along the water and said everything was their conspiracy and provocation. The trust between him and Phillip Zong.

He thought to himself, did she hear it when he called Phillip Zong?

“Milton Guan, our cooperation is over, goodbye.”

She smiled, raised her hand and shook her head, and then left unhurriedly.

“Really you and her teamed up to lie to us?”

Keller Shen questioned.

Milton Guan glanced at him and said to Phillip Zong, “I never promised her.”

Phillip Zong didn’t pursue him, but his eyes were cold, “You have been calculated by a woman, so you have a face.”

Obviously, Gu Huiyuan knew about what Milton Guan had informed him. He thought that Milton Guan had full confidence and made Gu Huiyuan trust him to make this plan.

Who knows he was played with.

It was still a fool who was counted once by a woman who didn’t have a long memory and could be counted twice by others, Phillip Zong would doubt Milton Guan’s IQ.

“I’m sorry…” Milton Guan didn’t expect that Gu Huiyuan didn’t believe in himself, it was his negligence.

“You solve it here, I’ll go first.”

He was still worried and had to go back to the hospital to see Ana Lin.

He doesn’t believe that woman.

Keller Shen said, “Go, leave it to us here.”

Now he also understood what was going on.

It was Alan Su who thought he had deceived Gu Huiyuan. In fact, people didn’t believe him and even used him to make such a show.

Keller Shen patted him on the shoulder to show comfort.

Milton Guan only felt a headache. He fell into the hands of the same woman twice, and it was a damn shame to say it.

The cell phone in his pocket rang suddenly.

He pulled out and pressed the answer button.

Soon Gu Huiyuan’s voice came over, “Milton Guan…” “Gu Huiyuan!”

Milton Guan was anxious, and this woman was… his nemesis.

Let him make mistakes again and again.

When Gu Huiyuan went to see Ana Lin, she was ready. She thought she would leave the country like this, and she was sorry for her father and brother.

After listening to Ana Lin’s words, her heart opened up a lot, and she didn’t think it was selfish to give up revenge and leave.

She gave up revenge, but she didn’t want to make Milton Guan feel better.

This man’s heart, she does not warm her body.

His loyalty is carved into his bones.

She stood at the boarding gate, looking at the sky through the glass in the lobby. This was the last time she looked at the clouds in the city, “Milton Guan, you lied to me, I naturally want to give you some gifts, do you still like it? ?”

Milton Guan’s fists clenched and gritted his teeth, “Calculate, can you feel a sense of accomplishment?”

Gu Huiyuan laughed, and soon her laughter was restrained, “Milton Guan, you lied to me, and I took advantage of you. We are even, and I will not pester you in the future.”

She took a deep breath, “Before leaving, I want to tell you one thing, I’m pregnant.”

“Don’t f*cking want to lie to me again, say, what do you want to do?”

Gu Huiyuan pondered for a moment, and said with a smile, “I just want to piss you off.”

“Gu Huiyuan!”

Milton Guan was left with irritability.

Hearing his angry voice, she smiled, “Milton Guan, goodbye.”

After speaking, she hung up the phone, turned off the phone, and walked into the boarding gate without hesitation while pulling the suitcase.

Goodbye Milton Guan, goodbye everything.

It’s over. As Milton Guan said, she should live her own life.

So she let go of everything, including Milton Guan.

Milton Guan called back immediately, but what passed was, “Sorry, the phone you dialed has been turned off, please call again later, Sorry…” Milton Guan hung up the phone, but this woman turned off?

I don’t want him to find her.

“Look, I’m leaving now.”

After talking about Milton Guan, he ran out.

Keller Shen stood there for two seconds, and he did it.


When Phillip Zong returned to the hospital, he saw a bunch of flowers on the table in the room. He frowned and asked, “Where did this flower come from?”

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