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Chapter 742

Ana Lin fell asleep, and Ida Zhuang replied, “It was a lady who came to visit Yanyan.”

“what is it call?”

Phillip Zong asked again.

Ida Zhuang thought for a while and shook his head, “I don’t know…” Well—— Ana Lin was asleep when he heard someone talking, slowly opened his eyes, Phillip Zong walked to the bed and said softly, “Wake up Up?”

Ana Lin rubbed her eyes. She slept very lightly, “Why are you back?”

Phillip Zong didn’t answer her, but directly asked, “Did you see Gu Huiyuan?”

Why did he know so soon?

Ana Lin sat up, “Did you specifically ask me this when you came back?

Besides, how did you know? “

Phillip Zong told her about her and Milton Guan.

Just treat her as gossip, relieve her boredom, stay in the room all day, knowing she is bored.

After listening to Phillip Zong’s words, Ana Lin opened his eyes wide and was dumbfounded. It took a long time to return to his senses, “Milton Guan and her?”

Phillip Zong reached out and pinned a strand of hair that fell from her ear behind her ear, “surprised?”

Ana Lin nodded, always feeling something was wrong.

She said her thoughts, “Even if she wants revenge, she doesn’t have to sacrifice herself.”

Gu Huiyuan uses herself as a bait. She is really incomprehensible. In fact, she can find a woman to do it.

Does she need to use the kind that can be spent with money?

What does she think?

“She doesn’t really like Milton Guan, right?”

Ana Lin guessed.

Women and women always have some psychic powers, which men can’t think of. As a woman, she thought of it.

If she hates this man, how did she overcome her mentality and meet him frankly?

Then there is only one answer. She likes this man, so she is willing to give herself.

Phillip Zong doesn’t care who she likes, who is accustomed to him and what matters?

How did you digress?

“Did you really meet Gu Huiyuan?

She also gave this flower? “

Phillip Zong returned to the topic.

Ana Lin nodded, “Well, see, she sent this flower.”

Phillip Zong didn’t say a word, so he picked it up and gave it to Ida Zhuang to let her throw it out.

Ana Lin, “…” “What’s wrong with the flowers.”

Phillip Zong said, “Who knows, did she do anything, what if something is hidden in the flower that is harmful to your health?”

Ana Lin laughed, thinking he was making a fuss.

“Is there too much suspense drama?”

Ana Lin is boring in the ward, and she can watch TV to pass the time. There are many plots in it, dustpan to the thinking logic of extraordinary people.

Everything must be conspired.

Phillip Zong doesn’t have time to watch TV at all. TV is a peanut for idlers to pass the time.

Hiss~ Ana Lin frowned suddenly, and Phillip Zong asked nervously, “Does my stomach hurt?”

She shook her head, “No, my leg cramps again.”

Phillip Zong opened the quilt and kneaded her, “Is it this leg?”

Her right leg cramps more frequently, so he subconsciously went to massage her right leg first.

Ana Lin nodded.

It hurts like a knot.

Massage only relieves muscle tightness, and the cramps still have to wait for the tension to pass.

Ana Lin was used to it, she leaned on the bedside and waited silently for the pain to pass.

Phillip Zong deliberately talked to her to divert her attention, “Be later, the two children will come over and have lunch with them.”

Ana Lin said in a low voice, “Today is neither Saturday nor weekend. Why are you free?”

They ate at school at noon, delivered it in the morning and picked it up at night.

Only have time on weekends, or evenings.

“I will ask the driver to pick you up, come and accompany you to finish the meal, and I will send them back to school. I haven’t seen them for a few days. Should I miss them?”

Ana Lin nodded.

Near noon, Phillip Zong called the driver and asked him to go to school to pick up the two children to the hospital.

Milton Guan searched for the whole morning, but did not find Gu Huiyuan. He walked very cleanly and left nothing.

The phone is still off, and it can’t be connected no matter how you dial.

Finally, Keller Shen reminded her, “Will you go abroad?”

Milton Guan thought it was impossible, so why did he go abroad?

Although I didn’t believe it, I checked the exit records and really went abroad and went to Canada.

It is not that difficult to find a person at home, but it is really not easy to find someone abroad.

Milton Guan sat listlessly in the office, wondering why Gu Huiyuan had to leave.

Except for Alan Su, he is the most depressed now. Apart from Phillip Zong, the happiest person is Keller Shen.

Although he and Marsha Sang are not married yet, and there is a big age difference, they have a good way of getting along. Marsha Sang is naughty and mature and sensible. Keller Shen has a calm personality and is usually quiet when alone at home.

If he is busy with work, Marsha Sang will never come to disturb him. When he is not busy, Marsha Sang will pester him and tease him.

This uncle-level man is quite cute.

Last weekend, Marsha Sang came to his residence. Keller Shen was not there, so she took the initiative to clean up his room.

The residences of single men always lack some sense of family, and are more lonely and seem very deserted.

Marsha Sang not only washed the clothes that needed to be washed, but also bought some small things for him, such as replacing the gray sheets and quilts for his bed, using warm-colored bedding, and placing green plants and flowers. .

Keller Shen doesn’t cook at home, and he doesn’t know how to do it. Most of them eat outside. He eats work meals at work. There is almost no fire at home.

Marsha Sang filled the empty refrigerator with only water and filled it with all kinds of food.

The whole house was cleaned up, and some small gadgets were placed, adding a lot of color and instantly feeling at home.

After a busy day, she sweated a lot. Keller Shen was not at home, so she took a shower in the bathroom.

After all the clothes were taken off, I remembered that there are no clothes for her here, and the bath towels in the bathroom have been washed for her, and they are hanging on the balcony to dry. Thinking that Keller Shen is not there, she walked out naked, opened the closet and prepared Find a T-shirt or shirt from Keller Shen to make do with it.

Later, she washes her sweaty clothes, bake them in a dryer, and put them on without delay.

When she took the clothes to go back to the bathroom to take a bath, Keller Shen came back, and she didn’t know when he came in, and she stood not far away.

Chapter 743

He appeared so suddenly and silently that Marsha Sang was overwhelmed and all his clothes fell off.

Just like that, Chi Guoguo stood in front of Keller Shen, and it took several seconds for Marsha Sang to react, picking up the clothes on the ground to block him.

I was so nervous that I stammered, “You, why are you back?”

Keller Shen said, “This is my home.”

He returned home and found that the house had become clean. He was still wondering what was going on. Hearing movement in the room, he walked over and saw Marsha Sang.

“You, have you seen nothing?”

Marsha Sang deceived herself and asked.

Keller Shen gave each other a step and said, “No.”

Marsha Sang lowered his head, “Can I take a bath here?”

The key was given to her by Keller Shen, so that she would come to him if she was making a noise in the dormitory. He rarely came back to be quiet at home during the day.

After Marsha Sang left the villa and went to the school’s dormitory, this was the second time she came to Keller Shen’s home. Before she went to the dormitory, Keller Shen had brought her here, acknowledging the door, fearing she could not find it.

Keller Shen said, “Yes.”

Marsha Sang lowered his head and ran into the bathroom.

Closing the bathroom door, her heart was still beating like a chest, her cheeks hot.

Thinking of myself in front of him just now, exposing the picture of his body, covering his face shyly.

Keller Shen sat on the sofa and only felt the taste. After drinking half a glass of water on the table, he still felt thirsty. It was as hot and dry as it was roasted by the fire.

He got up and walked to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and found that there were a lot of things inside, including eggs, tomatoes, celery, pork, potatoes, carrots, bread and milk, and fruits such as jackfruit, grapes, and watermelon.

He took out a bottle of ice water, unscrewed the lid, poured half a bottle in one breath, his Adam’s apple rolled a lot, and finally he was calm.

He closed the refrigerator door gently and looked around the room, the balcony was full of things.

Although the placement of the furniture has not been moved, only some small gadgets have been added, which gives the previously deserted home a warm feeling.

He lived alone in this kind of city for a long time, and he yearned for the warmth of the family in his heart.

If you are alone for a long time, you will want someone to accompany you.

He walked to the living room and drank half a bottle of water on the coffee table.

The cold water dissipated a lot of the heat in his blood.

After a while, the bathroom door rang.

Marsha Sang wore a T-shirt rarely seen in Keller Shen. Keller Shen was tall and his clothes were big enough to cover his thighs.

She stood in the living room, “Have you had dinner?”

Keller Shen said, “Not yet.”

Originally planned to order takeaway.

Marsha Sang smiled, “Then you wait a moment, I will do it.”

After speaking, he walked towards the kitchen.

She took out the potatoes from the fresh-keeping compartment above the refrigerator and took out the beef from the freezer compartment below, preparing to make beef stew with potatoes.

Keller Shen sat on the sofa, looking at the busy back, his body slowly relaxed, and his entire back leaned back on the sofa.

He enjoys such a quiet time.

If he didn’t eat out at this time before, he should be eating takeaway at this moment.

About an hour later, Marsha Sang sat down with his food, brought him to the table and called him, “I’m here for dinner.”

She cooked two dishes and served two bowls of rice.

“You taste it, this is the first time I’ve made this dish.”

Marsha Sang picked a piece of beef stew and put it in his bowl.

Keller Shen picked it up and put it in his mouth. Marsha Sang stewed the beef for forty minutes. It was already rotten, and it was delicious and delicious.


Keller Shen said, he took a piece and put it in Marsha Sang’s bowl, “You eat too.”

Marsha Sang acted like a baby to him, “You feed me.”

Keller Shen picked up the beef put in her bowl, Marsha Sang opened her mouth, Keller Shen put the beef into her mouth and asked, “Is it delicious?”

Marsha Sang was still chewing and had no time to answer her. He waited until he swallowed the beef and said, “I’m a genius. I can do so well the first time I do it. Do you think I can open a restaurant?”

Keller Shen picked up vegetables for her, “Study your studies well.”

Marsha Sang smiled and picked up a bowl of grilled rice.

Keller Shen hesitated and asked, “Are you free to come out on Monday?”

Marsha Sang thought for a while, should be free, and no class on Monday morning.

“I have time in the morning, what do you do?”

“Let’s get the certificate.”

Keller Shen looked at her and said, “If you have to think about it, then wait…” “Don’t wait.”

Marsha Sang hurriedly interrupted him, she was willing to marry him.

“Wedding…” “Wait for my graduation, and hold it together with the graduation ceremony, okay?”

Marsha Sang felt that it was a good day to remember.

Keller Shen said, “Okay.”

Marsha Sang asked, “Why do you want to get the certificate from me.”

In fact, she wanted to hear Keller Shen say that she liked him.

After all, letting him confess his love is not a simple matter, so I asked him deliberately.

“If a relationship like ours is not legalized, others will gossip and it will be bad for you.”

Keller Shen is thinking about her. After all, she is young and has not graduated from university.

Marsha Sang’s expectations fell through. She pretended to be angry, “You and marrying are not because you like me, but because you are afraid of others talking gossip?”

Keller Shen hurriedly explained, “No, I like you, so I don’t want you to be gossiped.”

Marsha Sang knew, but only deliberately teased him.

Marsha Sang stayed here that night until she finished eating, and then cleared the kitchen before leaving. Keller Shen sent her to her.

Before getting married, Keller Shen was not a man who could do decent things. Even though he had the impulse that a man should have, it was hard to bear, but he controlled it.

Today, Keller Shen finished handling the things in the hotel and went back to the bureau. He was eating at the restaurant in the bureau at noon. When a colleague accidentally poured food on him, his clothes and pants were all oily, so he went home. Change clothes.

I opened the door and saw Marsha Sang there.

She is making dumplings.

Pork and celery stuffing. There is no class today. In the morning, I went to study outside of class with my classmates. I went home in the afternoon. This is her home now.

Marsha Sang saw her smile, “I’m back?”

Keller Shen nodded and asked, “Are you not in class today?”

Marsha Sang said, “I went to study outside of class in the morning, and there was no class in the afternoon, so I came back, thinking that the things I bought last time are still in the refrigerator, and I am going to make some dumplings and keep them in the refrigerator. When I am away, You can cook it yourself.”

When she was speaking, she noticed the oil stains on Keller Shen’s clothes, got up and stood up, washed her hands in the sink where she was washing vegetables, and went to the house to get clean clothes.

She cleaned up at home and knew the location of Keller Shen’s clothes.

She handed the clothes to Keller Shen and asked, “How did you get it on?”

Keller Shen said, “I accidentally made it.”

He took the clothes and was about to go to the house, Marsha Sang looked at him, “So avoiding me?”

Without waiting for Keller Shen to speak, she said again, “Now we are legal.”

Keller Shen pursed his lips, not only his shirt, but his pants also needed to be changed. It was not that he deliberately avoided Marsha Sang, but he felt that it would be awkward to let Marsha Sang look at his body.

“Why don’t you have a bad figure?

It looks good through the clothes, I like muscles, do you have one? “

Marsha Sang asked with a smile.

Of course Keller Shen has.

“I don’t believe it, you take it off for me to see.”

Marsha Sang pulled at his clothes, pretending to be molested, “I did.”

Keller Shen grabbed her waist abruptly and buckled the person in his arms. Marsha Sang’s body was tightly attached to his. His two hot bodies were getting hotter and hotter.

Keller Shen said in a low voice, “Marsha Sang, you are always like this, I will not be able to control myself.”

Marsha Sang looked up at him, looking at him clearly wanting, but forbearing, and said, “I do.”

Keller Shen hugged her tightly, and he k*ssed her on the forehead, “You are still young.”

She hasn’t graduated from university. What about her studies if she accidentally becomes pregnant?

Keller Shen thinks a lot, mostly for Marsha.

Chapter 744

Marsha Sang pouted, as if he didn’t like that he always thought he was small, and once again emphasized, “I am an adult, don’t always treat me as a child. You are not a father, and I am not your daughter.”

Keller Shen, “…” He explained, “I didn’t treat you as a daughter.”

“You treat me as a daughter, you are a beast.”

Marsha Sang put his arms around his neck, “Are you still in the game?”

Keller Shen said, “Back.”

There is also work. He came back to change clothes.

“Then what time do you come back at night?

I’ll make a meal and wait for you. “

Keller Shen thought for a moment, “I will be back at about five o’clock.”

Marsha Sang let go of him, “Then you go to work, change your clothes, and I will wash you.”

Keller Shen looked at her.

Marsha Sang walked to the table and sat down, “I don’t want to watch you change it. I can’t help but get as shy as a little girl.

“Keller Shen, “…” Self-esteem was hurt 10,000 points.

How is he like a little girl?

Marsha Sang folded his legs, with an expression that wanted to appreciate his body.

Keller Shen helped the forehead, this little girl’s film is really boring.

“Should I close my eyes?”

Marsha Sang tilted his head.

Keller Shen, “…” It’s not that he has no clothes inside, and there are pants. What is he afraid of?

You can’t lose the dignity of a man in front of this little girl.

He took off his shirt and his body was straight like a white willow with muscles, but it was not very prominent, with muscular lines, properly outlined, and it looked extremely powerful.

Marsha Sang wanted to tease him, but when he saw him naked, his face became hot, but he was embarrassed.

She lowered her head, afraid to look directly.

Seeing Marsha Sang lowered his head, Keller Shen put on his clothes hurriedly and asked, “Did you scare you?”

Marsha Sang shook his head, pretending to be very calm, “You change your clothes, I wash my hands, and continue to wrap up the dumplings.”

After that, she got up and went to the kitchen, ready to wash her hands, and continued to wrap the dumplings on the table. She washed her hands and walked out. Keller Shen changed her pants. When she was about to walk over to clean up the dirty clothes, the door suddenly rang Up.

Marsha Sang walked to open the door.

Standing at the door were two men in black uniforms. They saw Marsha Sang, looked at each other, and asked, “Is this the residence of Deputy Shen Shen?”

Marsha Sang nodded, “You are?”

Because they weren’t wearing the same uniform as Keller Shen, Marsha Sang decided that they were not Keller Shen’s colleagues, but they looked like they were dressed in a government department.

“We are looking for Deputy Bureau Shen.”

After speaking, he opened the door and barged in. Keller Shen was holding the changed dirty clothes and threw them into the washing machine. When he saw them, his eyebrows were lightly raised.

He knew these people from the inspection hall.

One of the two showed his certificate and investigation order, “We received a report that you are taking a female college student as a mistress. Now it seems that the situation is true. Now go back with us for further investigation.”

“You are love, fu!”

Marsha Sang walked over and stood in front of Keller Shen, “What evidence do you have?”

The person in the inspection hall showed a photo of Keller Shen sending Marsha Sang to school. The photo was very clear, Keller Shen’s face, and her face, “This is evidence provided by the whistleblower, and we have already investigated. You are a student of Huaqing University, right?”

Marsha Sang said, “Yes, yes, but what can it explain?”

“It seems that you are indeed living together. You said that you are not in love, so why did you appear here?”

As he spoke, the man looked around the room, his gaze fell on the unfinished dumplings on the table, “You still have a little life?”

After speaking, he looked at Keller Shen, his eyes fixed on the clothes he was holding, “Deputy Shen, should understand that as a political official serving the people, what should be done and what should not be done to serve the people. What’s the purpose of this? I think that Shen Deputy Bureau’s declaration when he joined the party has not forgotten it?”

Keller Shen said, “Never forget.”

“Very good, I hope Deputy Bureau Shen can correct it if he knows the mistake, but there are still relevant penalties.

Yes, come with us. “

“Why is he going to be punished?

What did he do wrong? “

Marsha Sang stared at them.

“Please don’t disrupt our work. If you obstruct official duties, you will be punished.”

The man warned.

Keller Shen took Marsha Sang’s hand and dragged her behind him, “I can go with you, but I have to wait.”

He took Marsha Sang to the balcony and put the dirty clothes on the washing machine, “You wait for me at home.”

Marsha Sang shook his head, his eyes flushed, “Why should they arrest you for investigation? You have made no mistake.

Why, is it a crime for you to marry me?

! “

Keller Shen hugged her and patted her on the back, and comforted, “It’s just an investigation, don’t panic. If they find out, I’ll be fine.”

Marsha Sang hugged him tightly, “No, I don’t want it.”


Keller Shen let her go.

No matter how unwilling Marsha Sang was, Keller Shen was still taken away.

Her anxious tears came out. Suddenly, she wanted to understand that they said that someone anonymously reported Keller Shen’s Baoyang Qingfu, but she and Keller Shen got the certificate on Monday.

They were legal. She ran back to school immediately, forgot to take off her apron, and remembered when she went out.

The moment she got the marriage certificate, she was excited and cherished it, so her certificate, which she brought with her, left it in the dormitory when she went out with her classmates this morning.

Now she wants to get it back as soon as possible.

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