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Chapter 704

As Wayne Lin said this, the atmosphere of the scene suddenly changed subtlely. Many people present felt nervous inexplicably, and their heartbeat accelerated a lot.

The neon clothes who were rushing over suddenly stopped and stared at Wayne Lin in surprise, with a look of hatred for iron and steel, wondering if Wayne Lin’s brain was burnt out, and he would say such words.

As long as Lei Zhen is released, the grievances with BRAGRUNen can be written off. What a good deal this is!

Anyone who is a normal person knows what choice to make, but Wayne Lin actually refused? This is the brain flooded!

As a senior of the BRAGRUN organization, Nishang deeply knows how powerful the BRAGRUN organization is, especially the high-ranking saint king, who is a godlike existence. If Wayne Lin really doesn’t know good or bad, he will anger the saint. Wang, then even if Wayne Lin had ten lives, he wouldn’t be enough to die!

Jian Rushuang squinted his eyes and said meaningfully: “Young man, your achievements are indeed extraordinary, but this world is huge, and there are still many existences worthy of your awe. I am not saving thunderstorms, but saving you. ,do you understand?”

Wayne Lin still kept a smile on his face. He retracted his gaze from Jian Rushuang, looked at Lei Zhen, and said with a smile: “Do you think I should let you go?”

He seemed to be talking to an old friend. At this moment, he couldn’t see any murderous intentions on his face. It was precisely because of his posture that Lei Zhen relaxed a lot, snorted, and said threateningly:” You dare not kill me, you know very well, once you kill me, then you are dead, and you will be killed by BRAGRUN’s full force! At that time, even if you escape to the end of the world, you will have to die!”

Now Lei Ting seemed to have regained his composure, and decided that Wayne Lin would not dare to kill him, because Wayne Lin didn’t look like a fool, as long as he was not a fool, he knew what to do.

So he was quite proud, even if Wayne Lin defeated him, so what? Behind him is the entire BRAGRUN organization, even if it is China, it must be afraid of the existence of three points!

He is no longer afraid, and his thinking is slowly working. The moment Jian Rushuang appeared, he knew that his life was saved. Needless to say, Lord Saint King was also watching this decisive battle. And the appearance of Jian Rushuang must be the meaning of Lord Saint King!

“Really? So it seems that I can only let go of your path.” The smile on Wayne Lin’s face has become more intense. From outsiders, it seems that he has succumbed to the prostitution of BRAGRUN organization. Dare to kill Lei Zhen.

Lei Zhen snorted and said, “You are not afraid of death, so just give it a try.”

Wayne Lin was lost in thought, he seemed to be struggling.

However, Jian Rushuang’s brows did not loosen, instead they wrinkled even tighter. Because, he did not feel Wayne Lin’s killing intent relax, on the contrary, the killing intent that Wayne Lin condensed was getting more and more vigorous!

Wayne Lin, this is killing Lei Shock!

But most people didn’t see it. They all thought that Wayne Lin was persuaded. Many people were still gloating and discussing in a low voice.

“Cut, it seems that Wayne Lin is persuaded, he dare not kill Lei Zhen. This is the shortcoming of no background, even if Wayne Lin defeats Lei Zhen, what about it? Behind Lei Zhen is the BRAGRUN organization that exists in the Big Mac , Wayne Lin is not so obedient to let go.”

“Yes, Wayne Lin has already counseled. He won and lost. Moreover, when he beat Lei Zhen like this, he had a grievance with BRAGRUN organization. By then, his fate will definitely not be much better.”

“In other words, what is the origin of the BRAGRUN organization you are talking about? Why have I never heard of it?

? “

“Of course, the BRAGRUN organization is a mysterious organization that has existed for more than a hundred years. It is impossible to know if it is not a person at that level. This BRAGRUN organization is so powerful that it can be called a small country, especially that one. The legendary saint king is even a god-like character. I heard that even the army god is very afraid of this saint king, otherwise, the Chinese nation will not let the BRAGRUN organization exist for so long…”

“Damn, is this BRAGRUN organization so awesome? I haven’t heard of it. It seems that I am ignorant.”

They talked about it, and for a while, they also became enthusiastic, thinking that Wayne Lin would not dare to kill Lei Zhen.

On the other side, Shangguan Wei’an used military-grade sight glasses to observe this side. He frowned and said, “Why does this sword Rushuang also appear? Does Wayne Lin really want to release Lei Zhen?”

As the peak of the Chinese nation, Shangguan Wei’an has always held a hostile attitude towards the BRAGRUN organization. It is just that the BRAGRUN organization is too strong to act rashly. If Wayne Lin really released Lei Zhen, then he would be quite disappointed.

“Brother Cary, what do you think?” He couldn’t help looking at the military god.

Cary said, “Wayne Lin will not let Lei Zhen go.”

“Oh? From this point of view, this kid is bold enough to fight the BRAGRUN organization head-on.” Shangguan Wei An said with admiration.

However, Cary Dao shook his head and said, “It’s not the case. In all likelihood, I guessed that I was here, so I won’t stand by.”

Shangguan Wei’an frowned upon hearing it, and said, “This kid has such a high IQ?”

“Only higher.”

“Then do you feel BRAGRUN’s breath?” Shangguan Wei’an asked in a deep voice, he looked around, a little jealous.

Cary narrowed his eyes, shook his head and said, “Not yet.”

He used’return’, Shangguan Wei’an immediately knew what was going on, and BRAGRUN would appear in any case, but Cary Road hadn’t sensed it yet. But in this way, he is even more worried, because if BRAGRUN is already here, but Cary Road can’t feel its aura, then it means that Cary Road is not strong enough for BRAGRUN!

“Wayne Lin!”

On this side, Jian Rushuang said in a deep voice: “Don’t let yourself be fooled. Lei Zhen is the heavenly king of the BRAGRUN organization. If you kill him, you will declare war with the BRAGRUN organization. The consequences are not yours!”

His words sounded a bit inexplicable to everyone, isn’t Wayne Lin already persuaded? Why do you still say this.

“Really? Why don’t I have an exchange with you. As long as you let your mother go, I will let Lei Zhen go, how about it?” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Jian Rushuang’s expression became colder, and said, “Wayne Lin, you are provoking BRAGRUN’s majesty, and the consequences will be serious.”

Wayne Lin shrugged and said, “So there is nothing to talk about?”

“I don’t have much patience. You will release Lei Zhen now. I am not discussing with you, but giving an order!” Jian Rushuang said coldly, his aura rising steadily, and the chief Wayne Lin dared to kill Lei Zhen. Then what awaits him is Jian Rushuang’s anger.

When Lei Zhen saw this scene, he was even more proud, and provoke Wayne Lin, “Wayne Lin, let me go if you know you, there is still a way to survive, otherwise…”

However, before he said these words, he heard a click, his neck was broken, and his pupils were instantly enlarged, revealing incredible…

Chapter 705

Lei Zhen couldn’t say his last words, because his neck was broken by Wayne Lin, but he didn’t die immediately. Instead, he opened his eyes and looked at Wayne Lin in fear and despair, with a ho ho ho ho sound in his mouth. , Like a chicken with its neck cut off, struggling to death.

The whole audience was silent and deadly quiet. Everyone looked at Wayne Lin with incredible eyes. It was absolutely unexpected that Wayne Lin was so courageous. Faced with the threat of BRAGRUN organization, he dared to break the neck of Thunder Zhen. It was declared war with BRAGRUN organization!

Even Jian Rushuang’s pupils shrank in an emergency. The next moment, he let out a monstrous roar: “Wayne Lin!!!”

He was furious, and Wayne Lin actually killed Lei Zhen in front of him. This is totally unforgivable!

You know, Lei Zhen is not an ant, but the king of the BRAGRUN organization in the Southern Territory. He has a noble status. He sits on the side and made great contributions to the BRAGRUN organization. The effect is huge. Now he was killed by Wayne Lin. For BRAGRUN organization , Is a huge loss!

The others were also stunned. They didn’t expect that Wayne Lin actually dared to kill Lei Zhen. This was a lunatic behavior. They all felt that Wayne Lin must have gone mad, and it was no different from seeking death.

Nishang only felt that his scalp was numb, and his body couldn’t help but tremble, “This lunatic, really, really killed Lei Zhen, this time will be over…”

Her face became pale.

However, Zhong Tao, Luo Hongyang and others laughed loudly, unabashedly gloating. Wayne Lin was swollen. He actually dared to kill Thunder Zhen in front of Jian Rushuang, which is equivalent to offending the entire BRAGRUN organization, especially that. A holy king who has lived in seclusion for many years, once he makes a move, then Wayne Lin has only one dead end!

On the other side of the mountain, Shangguan Wei’an said in astonishment: “This Wayne Linbiao actually killed Lei Zhen, now he is going to cause trouble.”

Cary showed appreciation in his eyes, and said, “Wayne Lin is very bold, not bad, not bad.”

Lei Zhen, as a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, was particularly tenacious in life. Even if he was broken his neck, he still hadn’t died for a while now, but his vitality was dissipating at an extremely fast speed, and he couldn’t live by sight.

He couldn’t think that Wayne Lin was so courageous, he really killed him.

Now he is an unprecedented regret. He knew that Wayne Lin was such a lunatic, and he would not have written a battle with Wayne Lin if he killed him. Now he took his own life into it!

As a rare peerless genius in the world, he has to cherish his life more than anyone else. He can expect that in time, he can definitely break through to the point where King Kong is not bad. At that time, he will be an invincible existence, the sky and the earth are big, he will roam freely.

But now, everything is gone…

Wayne Lin threw him aside like trash, and smiled at Jian Rushuang and said: “I’m sorry, I am the person who hates threats by nature. If you talk to me well, I can still thunder and shake a dog’s life.”

Jian Rushuang stared at Wayne Lin stubbornly, his eyes raging to the sky, his aura constantly rising, like a demon god descending on the heavens and the earth, to destroy everything in the world.

“Zhuzi! You are looking for death!” Jian Rushuang’s voice fell, and he had already reached Wayne Lin and started to attack Wayne Lin.

In an instant, Wayne Lin felt the overwhelming pressure, even breathing

Some hurried up, Jian Rushuang is too powerful, and Lei Zhen are not at the same level, completely beyond Wayne Lin’s expectation.

Facing Jian Rushuang’s troubles, Wayne Lin did not dare to neglect the slightest bit. He knew that when fighting against a master like Jian Rushuang, as long as he made a slight mistake, he was caught by Jian Rushuang and waiting for him. The disaster is over.

So he can’t relax a bit.

Although Jian Rushuang was very powerful, he was not afraid at all, but rather excited and full of fighting spirit. Two months ago, he was just an ant in front of Jian Rushuang, but now, he has the ability to fight Jian Rushuang.

Jian Rushuang’s style is completely different from Lei Zhen. Jian Rushuang is a sharp and magnanimous sword fairy. His every punch and every kick carries endless sword intent and sharpness. Wayne Lin simply confronted him, and his body was scratched and bleeds by his sword intent, and the sword aura would still adhere to his wounds, constantly tearing his wounds.

This is the second time Wayne Lin has confronted Jian Rushuang. This time, he can truly feel Jian Rushuang’s strength, how terrifying it is.

He now finally knows why Jian Rushuang is called Jian Rushuang, because the sword intent of Jian Rushuang, like frost, penetrates, cold and destroys.

He thought that after he had digested all the life origins in his body, he already had the strength to fight Jian Rushuang, and now it seemed that he was still a little worse.

But it doesn’t mean he will be afraid, even if Jian Rushuang is strong, it will not affect his fighting spirit at all.

Jian Rushuang was also very frightened. He had no mercy anymore. He had over 90% of the power he gave out, but Wayne Lin was able to carry it down. You know, two months ago, Wayne Lin was only one person. Only ants, such a growth rate, had to shock him.

No matter how talented Wayne Lin is, now that Wayne Lin has killed Lei Zhen, then Wayne Lin will only have a dead end, Jian Rushuang’s eyes become even colder.

Hearing a tick, a faint blood-stained sword appeared on his brow. It looked like a sword, and it continued to turn red until there was blood dripping, and with a click, it fell to the ground.

“Wayne Lin, there is no denying that your talent is very high. It is not an exaggeration to claim that you are a rare genius in the past century. I originally wanted to keep you, but unfortunately, you are still dead. In that case, I will let you see. Look, the real King Kong is the strongest if it is not broken, what level is it!”

Jian Rushuang’s mouth did not move, but his words spread throughout Junlin Mountain and exploded in Wayne Lin’s ears.

At this moment, Wayne Lin felt an unprecedented sense of crisis. He had an intuition that he could not stop Jian Rushuang’s blow!

But he did not sit still, he made the most correct response at the moment of the moment, and began to accumulate his strength to block the next blow from Jian Rushuang.

Almost in an instant, Jian Rushuang shot his hand. His punch came out, cutting the air into pieces, and struck Wayne Lin unreservedly. Wayne Lin kept backing away, dissolving the sword like frost. At the same time, he kept waving his arms and quickly created a whirlpool in front of him to suck the sword intent like frost.

However, Jian Rushuang’s sword intent was still too strong. Wayne Lin’s whirlpool couldn’t bear it at all. It was cut to pieces by Jian Rushuang’s sword intent. In the end, the punch of Jian Rushuang broke Wayne Lin’s defenses. When he hit Wayne Lin’s arms, Wayne Lin only felt the tremendous destructive power, and his whole body couldn’t bear the power, and he flew upside down.

Chapter 706

Wayne Lin was defeated.

Compared with Jian Rushuang, his strength is still a bit worse.

However, his reaction was very quick and his defense was formed very quickly. His arms could bear the punch of Jian Rushuang. Otherwise, if he was hit by Jian Rushuang, he would be seriously injured and would completely lose his fighting ability. Taken as a mermaid.

Jian Rushuang was also shocked. The move just now was regarded as his assassin. He thought it would definitely hurt Wayne Lin, but Wayne Lin was able to prevent it.

As a result, he had more hostility in his eyes, and even more murderous intentions towards Wayne Lin.

People like Wayne Lin are a huge threat to the BRAGRUN organization. Now Wayne Lin is less than 30 years old, and he has already achieved such an achievement. Give Wayne Lin a few more years, it is very likely that Wayne Lin will be able to break through to the question. King Kong is not bad, when the time comes, BRAGRUN organization will be threatened.

Therefore, he must be here to kill Wayne Lin!

He didn’t stop, and immediately rushed towards Wayne Lin. The speed was so fast that he could only see an afterimage. One could not breathe, so he came to Wayne Lin again and attacked again.

Wayne Lin’s pupils shrank deeply, and that strong sense of crisis reappeared. He knew that Jian Rushuang had already murdered him. If he didn’t fight well, then it was very likely that his life would fall here.

He is still very curious, isn’t the army god here, why hasn’t he made a move to save him?

In any case, he now has to deal with Jian Rushuang wholeheartedly, no matter what, he can’t die.

He quickly calmed down and fought Jian Rushuang.

Jian Rushuang’s sword intent was too overbearing, it was almost pervasive, and constantly infiltrated. After a while, there were already many scars on his body, and it looked like he was covered with bruises.

However, slowly, he also began to adapt to Jian Rushuang’s attack, not as embarrassed as before.

Jian Rushuang is now completely pressing against him, without the slightest strength to fight back.

If this continues, he will lose sooner or later.

Sure enough, when Jian Rushuang used that move again, he was no longer able to resist. He was about to be seriously injured. Wayne Lin was nervous. Could it be that he made a mistake in his estimation, and the god of war was not there?

If this is the case, then he is threatening.

However, as soon as his thought came up, he heard a sigh, “The sword is like frost, and your hand is stretched too long. Wayne Lin is from China, so it is not your turn to intervene.”

It is the voice of the military god Cary Road.

Wayne Lin heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this voice. Fortunately, he was right, and the military god would not let it go.

Jian Rushuang heard this voice, his expression also changed rapidly, the cloudy and sunny changed, he gritted his teeth, his speed has not weakened, but surged a lot, he wanted to solve Wayne Lin before the military god arrived. !

“Sword Rushuang, do you dare?!” The military god suddenly furious.

Wayne Lin also felt tremendous pressure in an instant. He roared, facing Jian Rushuang’s mortal blow, he released his full potential.

In the strongest state, welcome this move of Jian Rushuang.

With a loud bang, the two collided together. As a result, Wayne Lin was defeated and flew out hard, spitting out a large mouthful of blood.

Jian Rushuang was not happy either, but instead expressed disappointment and anger, because he knew that he could not kill Lin.

Wayne just injured Wayne Lin.

At the same time, the military god Cary Dao has arrived, and his face is cold, “The sword is like frost, you are so bold!!”

He was angry, it seemed that the gods were really angry, the heavens and the earth were discolored, and the creatures of Junlin Mountain were trembling. As for those onlookers, they were now fearful and pale in mind. They could not think of anything. Looking at the figure on the top of the mountain, it was like looking at a god, with a strong thought of surrender in his heart, and many of them knelt down directly.

Even Jian Rushuang’s face is pale now. Even if he is the strongest King Kong, he will still feel terrified and awe in the face of Cary Dao. After all, Cary Dao is the true King Kong is not bad, and he is known as the Chinese military god. That’s no joke!

The moment he saw Cary Road, if his mind was shaking, he didn’t expect that the army god would actually appear here. He didn’t hesitate to turn around and ran.

As a person who has accompanied the Holy King for many years, he knows how terrifying it is that King Kong is not bad! It is not what he can match. It is no exaggeration to say that he is just a bigger ant in front of Whampoa Road.

However, no matter how fast he was, he still couldn’t reach Whampoa Road. I saw Cary Road and didn’t make any moves. He just waved his hand, an invisible inner strength hit the sword Rushuang’s body. Suddenly, the sword Rushuang seemed to have suffered a huge blow, the bones creaked, and the whole person flew out and fell heavily to the ground!

He vomited blood and his face was as white as paper.

This change made everyone stunned, their scalp numb, and an invincible figure like Sword Rushuang was seriously injured by a slap in the face. It was too terrifying.

Even Wayne Lin was frightened. He knew that Cary Dao was very strong, as the god of war, guardian, and powerhouse of King Kong. However, he still didn’t expect that Whampoa Road would be so strong, just a wave of Whampoa Road just now, hitting people in the air, the sword was severely damaged!

At the foot of Junlin Mountain, Zhong Tao, Luo Hongyang, and Fan Zhengping saw the emergence of Cary Road. They all showed enthusiasm and awe. They knelt down and shouted loudly, “Subordinates, see the army god!”

“See the military god!”

“See the military god!”

As their voices came out, others realized that this middle-aged man who looked elegant and easy-going was actually the myth of the Chinese nation, silently guarding the military god of the nation!

Soon, they knelt down and shouted to see the god of war.

This scene is very shocking. At this moment, Cary Road is the only true god in the entire Junlin Mountain, and it is admired by thousands of people.

Cary Road seemed to be used to such a scene, he waved his hand to motion them to stand up.

But Wayne Lin stood up at this moment, he saw this scene, the detached status of Cary Dao in China, he was still very envious and yearning.

Men should be like Cary Road.

As a man, standing on the top of China, this is the only way to forget this life.

Once upon a time, Wayne Lin also longed to be a person admired by thousands of people. How happy is that to respond to a hundred responses?

Cary looked back at Wayne Lin, saw that Wayne Lin was fine, nodded slightly, and then he was about to grab the sword like frost.

Although Jian Rushuang was very strong, he was nothing more than an ant.

However, at this moment, there was another misty voice, which seemed to be transmitted from the sky, “Whampoa Road, you are too much.”

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