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Chapter 6

When Alma Chu said these words, her face was full of sadness, helplessness and self-deprecating.

Wayne Lin couldn’t help feeling a pain. He took Alma Chu’s hand and said, “Alma, you don’t need to accompany Mr. Wang. I have the ability to protect you now!”

Alma Chu sneered, “What ability do you have to protect me, do you just rely on your lips to tell me, or do you spend 20 million?”

Wayne Lin’s brain was hot, and he took out the bank card from his pocket, “I really got 20 million! Alma, I have 20 million in this card, I can really protect you!”

However, Alma Chu was not half agitated. Her expression became colder and her eyes became more disgusting, “Wayne Lin, you really refresh my knowledge of you time and time again, and challenge my tolerance of you time and time again!”

“Alma, I didn’t lie to you, this card really has 20 million. If you don’t believe me, follow me to the bank…” Wayne Lin took Alma Chu’s hand again, but Alma Chu violently threw it away, “Wayne Lin Enough of you! You are incapable of going out to work and eating soft food. I won’t say anything about you. For the reason that you have never forced me to have a relationship with you, I have a respect for you. But now, you, Let my last trace of respect for you be destroyed, do you know? Twenty million do you know what the concept is? You won’t make this money for ten lifetimes!”

When Wayne Lin heard these words, his heart was blocked tightly, his breathing became difficult, and he bit his lip firmly. He comforted himself time and time again. This is because Alma Chu didn’t know his identity and treated himself. There was a misunderstanding, that’s why he said such harsh words. This is not Alma Chu’s true thoughts of him.

He wanted to squeeze a smile like just now, but found that his facial muscles were stiff and he couldn’t control it at all.

Perhaps because she realized that her words were a bit heavy, Alma Chu took a deep breath and softened her tone, “Okay, Wayne Lin, we can;t get together, so let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for a divorce. If you like, we will pay You can be a friend. There are two million in this card, which I personally gave you. Thank you for doing so many things for my Chu family in these four years.”

After that, Alma Chu took out a bank card from her bag and stuffed it into Wayne Lin’s hand, “The password is your birthday, two million, not much in Huarvell, I suggest you go back to the countryside and sell some flowers. Asking for a wife should be enough for you to live the rest of your life.”

Wayne Lin was holding this bank card in his hand. His heart ached to the extreme, as if his soul had been emptied. For a long time, he raised his head and looked at Alma Chu with a weak voice, “Alma, we have been married for four years, in your mind. , Am I just a servant of your Chu family?”

Perhaps it was Wayne Lin’s appearance that was so desolate and sad that Alma Chu felt an inexplicable pain when she saw it. She couldn’t bear to look straight, and quickly lowered her head, avoiding Wayne Lin’s gaze. Her nose was also a little sour.

After four years of marriage and four years of getting along with each other day and night, Alma Chu’s life has been deeply imprinted by Wayne Lin. It is impossible to say that there is no feeling at all. Raising a dog for four years has feelings, let alone human? Moreover, although Wayne Lin is useless in the past four years, she has really taken care of Alma Chu in life. She still remembers that on the night two years ago, she had a serious illness, Wayne took care of her so much that he didn’t close his eyes for two days and nights.

In fact, she has become accustomed to Wayne Lin’s existence. If it hadn’t happened, she wouldn’t mind spending the rest of her life with Wayne Lin, but unfortunately, there was no if, this was her fate, and she was destined to bear it.

“Yes.” Alma Chu forced herself to say this, and her tone was extremely cold.

Wayne Lin’s tears flowed down unconvincingly, his clenched fists, nails pinched into the skin, and then began to loosen, as if he had exhausted all his strength, in response: “Okay, I agree to the divorce.”

Hearing Wayne Lin’s promise, Alma Chu breathed a sigh of relief and became empty again inexplicably.

Divorce is their best ending.

Today, his father-in-law and mother-in-law were not at home. Alma Chu suggested going out to eat, and as a meal for their marriage to the end, Wayne Lin agreed.

The car that Alma Chu drove didn’t go far, but it was in a high-end restaurant not far from the Civil Affairs Bureau.

The meal was very silent. Neither of them spoke. They were counting down in their hearts, counting the final life span of their marriage.

After eating, they checked out, and they came out of the restaurant and were about to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Suddenly, a figure came out from the front. Without looking at the way, they just hit Wayne Lin and almost fell.

“Hey, don’t you walk without eyes? If you crash my bag, you won’t be able to pay for bankruptcy!” A pungent voice sounded, and Wayne Lin fixed his eyes. This is a woman with heavy makeup.

The woman, who was a little bit blessed, pointed to Wayne Lin’s nose as a curse.

Wayne Lin frowned, just about to refute, Alma Chu said in surprise: “Ora, is that you?”

“Alma Chu?” The other’s face was a little unnatural.

“Yeah, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. I didn’t expect to meet you here today.” Alma Chu said politely.

Ora Han and Alma Chu are high school classmates. They used to have a good relationship. After graduation, they seldom contacted Alma Chu. Because Ora Han disliked Alma Chu very much, she was destined to become a green leaf where Alma Chu was. Alma Chu obviously didn’t know this. She thought that Ora Han was still her former classmate, and she wanted to hold Ora Han’s hand as before, but was pushed away by Ora Han.

Alma Chu was taken aback, and she didn’t quite understand her former classmates who had a good relationship. Why did she become indifferent?

Ora Han looked at Wayne Lin and glanced up and down. Seeing Wayne Lin’s stall, some contempt flashed in her eyes: “This one is?”

Alma Chu blurted out, “He is my husband.”

As soon as she finished saying these words, she regretted it. She was about to divorce Wayne Lin. What a husband.

“Yeah, this is your husband, he is handsome, he is a talented person, what kind of job do you do?” She had a clear tone of gloat in her tone, but she did not expect that the former school girl would marry a poor ghost.

Now Alma Chu became even more embarrassed. In front of outsiders, Wayne Lin had always been a point of her difficulty.

“This one……”

When Ora Han saw her hesitating and unable to speak, she didn’t understand where she didn’t understand, and her mouth became crooked with a smile, “Couldn’t you be out of work?”

Alma Chu laughed twice. It was a acquiescence and wanted to change the subject, but Ora Han didn’t give her this opportunity. She was crazy about it when she caught it, making Alma Chu very embarrassed and regretful. She had known that she would just go straight to the divorce procedure. Now, what else to eat?

“Ora, don’t keep talking about me. I haven’t seen you for so many years. Have you been married yet?” Alma Chu stood in the middle, blocking Wayne Lin, keeping her eyes out.

Ora Han burst into laughter, and she waited for Alma Chu to ask her, “I, I got married last year, and the banquet at the Hilton Hotel costs more than 10,000 yuan per table, which is too expensive. Alas, I don’t grow up. You are beautiful. You are not as good as you. You only marry a small boss who is worth tens of millions. By the way, your husband doesn’t have a job. You can work at my husband’s company. It seems that we are all old classmates. For good reason, my husband will pay a higher salary.”

“We understand your kindness, and we have our own arrangements.” Alma Chu refused, her expression stiff.

At this moment, a voice came from behind Ora Han, “What are you talking about, who is going to report to our company? This is?”

A fat man with a fat body, less than 1.7 meters tall and a big belly came over. His face was rich and his hair was sparse. He looked at least forty years old. When he saw Alma Chu, his eyes lit up. A brilliantly narrowed green light burst into his tiny eyes.

Ora Han was overjoyed, took his arm affectionately, and deliberately said: “Husband, you came just right. This is my high school classmate. Her husband recently lost his job. Isn’t your company still short of people? You can let him go.” Your company works.”

The two of them were crazy to show off their wealth in front of Alma Chu, yin and yang, they changed their way to satirize Alma Chu’s useless man, Alma Chu was very upset, but there was no way, who would make the other party right.

“Ora, I still have something to do, so I won’t talk to you.” Alma Chu couldn’t stay behind, she pulled Wayne Lin and was about to run away.

Ora Han stopped Alma Chu and said with a smile: “Hey, we only met for a long time. Why are we walking in such a hurry? Let’s talk for a while! By the way, it happened that the jewelry store in front was engaged in activities. The two couples bought jewelry of the same value together. It’s a 30% discount. Let’s go shopping together.”

“Ah? This is not necessary? I have no plans to buy jewelry recently.” Alma Chu hurriedly retorted. Now the Chu family is experiencing a serious economic crisis, her savings have long been used to fill the hole, and now she is poor. It’s so, where is there any spare money to buy jewelry.

But the more she refused, the more enthusiastic Ora Han would be. She pulled Alma Chu and kept Alma Chu from leaving. Alma Chu was not a good at rejection. She had no choice but to ask Wayne Lin for help, hoping that Wayne Lin would be more acquainted and could find an excuse. Bugger lest you continue to be ashamed.

However, what Wayne Lin said next made her half angry, “Okay, it just so happens that I also plan to buy some jewelry for Alma.”

Chapter 7

Alma Chu’s face changed right now, she was so angry that she said in her heart “Wayne Lin was a pig.” If there were no outsiders, she really wanted to give Wayne Lin a big slap!

“Look, even your husband said so, so don’t refuse. Let’s go, our two sisters went in and picked up jewels. I just happened to have a diamond necklace. It’s not expensive, it’s only a hundred thousand. “Ora Han laughed so hard that she couldn’t see her teeth.

Wayne Lin wanted to buy jewelry for Alma Chu a long time ago. After four years of marriage, he has never given Alma Chu a decent gift. Now that he is rich, he will naturally not let it go if he has this opportunity. Moreover, he has a careful eye, hoping to use his sincerity to redeem this marriage.

Alma Chu was about to cry, but Ora Han was too enthusiastic. She couldn’t get rid of Ora Han at all, so she walked into the jewelry store and sighed. Wayne Lin is really her calamity. He is about to divorce and will embarrass her. .

After Wayne Lin followed up, Alma Chu stomped on Wayne Lin’s shoes, “Look at the good things you do! You will die if you don’t shame me for a day!”

Alma Chu was wearing high heels, and the pain made him grin, and almost jumped up, “Alma, don’t worry, I won’t make you shame this time.”

“Wayne Lin, you can die if you brag about it once less.” Alma Chu didn’t believe him, her face was disgusted.

Ora Han took Roman Li’s hand, walked in wildly, and said to the salesperson: “Hey, is there any discount that you told me about last time?”

The salesperson said, “Hello, there are discounts. As long as two legal couples buy two pieces of the same jewelry, they can enjoy a 30% discount. Which jewelry do you want?”

With a mysterious smile on her face, Ora Han said to Alma Chu, “Alma Chu, I think you are empty in your hands, you don’t even have a diamond ring. You should choose first. Seeing that everyone is an old classmate, what do you choose? Buy them all so you can save a lot of money. How about it, my old classmate is interesting?”

“Ora, I’m not telling you, I’ve been in a bad business recently, and I can’t afford such expensive jewelry.” Alma Chu almost gritted her teeth and said this sentence. A simple sentence has exhausted all her energy! She is an arrogant person, and asking her to say this is even more uncomfortable than killing her.

Ora Han chuckled out, “Oh, Alma, don’t make a joke. In the past, no one in our class knew that it was your rich daughter. Every day there was a special car to go to school. You said that you didn’t have money. Then we needy people can’t do it. Eat soil! After so many years, your family’s business must be better, right?”

Every word she said pierced Alma Chu’s heart like a needle, making her face pale gradually.

Roman Li on the side also stood up and said, “Haha yeah, besides, isn’t your husband rich? Why can’t he spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy jewelry. By the way, my wife, what price do you think of that diamond necklace? Coming?”

Ora Han said: “The original price is 219,800, and the combination discount is less than 170,000.”

“It’s less than 170,000 yuan. It’s cheap. You can earn it when you buy it.” Roman Li laughed.

Several salesmen in the shop saw that it was big business, and they all ran over to flatter themselves.

Alma Chu only felt incredibly ashamed, and she wished to find a seam to get in. She has never been as embarrassed as she is now!

At this time, a loud voice sounded, “170,000, really is not expensive.”

Everyone looked back to see who was so loud.

It was Wayne Lin, with a full smile on his face, holding Alma Chu’s hand and saying, “My wife, you forgot, I bought an original stock some time ago, and has it reached the limit now? I made a few million dollars this time. , Enough to buy dozens of diamond necklaces.”

Alma Chu was taken aback, what did Wayne Lin learn to trade stocks? She soon realized that Wayne Lin was bragging.

Ora Han and Roman Li also obviously didn’t believe it, thinking that Wayne Lin was acting as a force.

“Wow, I have made millions in stocks. That’s amazing! Then just buy the most expensive one!” Ora Han said with a smile.

“No…” Alma Chu hurriedly explained, Ora Han refused to give her this opportunity and directly said to the salesperson: “What is the most expensive jewelry you have here?”

The salesperson’s attitude became more respectful, “Mrs., you just arrived. Our store transferred a limited edition diamond necklace from the headquarters yesterday. It was designed by a famous jeweller. A total of 999 diamonds were used, representing For a long time, so it is named Eternal Heart.”

Eternal Heart! ? “Ora Han exclaimed, “Is it the eternal heart that was hotly searched on Google some time ago?” “

“Yes.” With pride on the salesman’s face, “This Eternal Heart is a limited edition, there are only nine models in the world, and its value is noble. Our store also managed to win two models because of the good relationship between the boss and the jewelry master. .”

Ora Han’s eyes lighted up, and she quickly said, “Show it to me quickly.”

Soon, the salesperson carefully took out two exquisite boxes, and it was obvious that everyone around them held their breath and looked forward to it.

Even Alma Chu’s gaze was attracted. Some time ago, she brushed Google to this Eternal Heart, which was very beautiful. She was tempted at that time.

Unexpectedly, there was an opportunity today to see this eternal heart with her own eyes, and her curiosity was absolutely seduced.

The salesperson opened the box, and the eternal heart inside immediately appeared. It was dazzling and beautiful. Every diamond seemed to be given life. Different angles would give off a different brilliance.

Ora Han recovered and said to Wayne Lin: “How about this, this eternal heart, can you afford it?”

Wayne Lin did not answer her, but asked Alma Chu, “Alma, what do you think of this Eternal Heart? Do you like it?”

Alma Chu was still immersed in the beauty of Eternal Heart, and she nodded vigorously and said, “I like it!”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Okay, then buy it.”

Then he asked the salesperson to help pack it up.

The salesperson asked tentatively: “Sir, are you really sure to buy it? This Eternal Heart is a limited edition, currently priced at 2,388,888…”

Hearing this price, the surrounding customers all exclaimed that a necklace of more than two million yuan is a sky-high price for them, and they can already buy a house in the city center in full!

Wayne Lin nodded and said: “OK, pack it up.”

Suddenly Wayne Lin thought of something, and said meaningfully: “By the way, your eternal heart is also participating in that discount, right?”

The salesperson nodded in affirmation.

Wayne Lin said to Ora Han, “Alma and I are sure to choose this Eternal Heart. Once you have selected the jewelry, let’s check out together.”

Both Ora Han and Roman Li’s expressions were gloomy. They couldn’t get such a large sum of money now!

Wayne Lin said again: “Roman Li, Ora Han, can you not afford this Eternal Heart?”

Ora Han, like a cat with its tail stepped on, said excitedly: “f*ck you shit! I won’t be able to afford Eternal Heart?! My husband’s company makes millions of dollars a year, and 2 million is used to buy jewelry , It’s not easy. But you, all you wear are street stalls, and you can’t even find work. Can you get two million! I think you can’t get 20,000 yuan!”

After the two jewels are sold at a 30% discount, it is exactly around two million.

Naturally, Wayne Lin would not have the same knowledge as her. He smiled lightly and said, “Sorry, I can really get two million.”

“It’s true. If you have one, just pay for it!” Ora Han was full of disdain, and Wayne Lin was a poor ghost.

Wayne Lin directly said to the salesperson: “Do you support swiping cards here?”

The salesperson smiled sweetly, “I support it. But since you are participating in a 30% discount, you must pay together to take effect.”

“I’m fine.” Wayne Lin looked at Ora Han, “How did you decide, can you pay the bill together?”

The eyes of the couple looked at each other, and they felt that Wayne Lin must be pretending. Roman Li disdainfully said: “Buy together, buy together, afraid that you won’t be successful?”

Then they took out the bank card together, went to the front desk to swipe the card to pay the bill at the same time, and then one after another, there was a notification sound of payment success and failure.

Roman Li was stunned, how could there be a prompt of payment success? His Cumming card is only tens of thousands of dollars. Could it be that the customer had called in advance? This is not good. He used this money to maintain the company’s operations. If it was used to buy these two diamond necklaces, he would have to die!

So he hurriedly said: “How did the payment succeed? Give the money back to me soon, I swiped the wrong bank card…”

Chapter 8

The salesperson interrupted him, “Sorry sir, you didn’t pay successfully.”

“What?” Roman Li was taken aback again. He didn’t make the payment. The one who made the payment successfully…

He looked at Wayne Lin suddenly!

Impossible, it can’t be him, how could this poor ghost get two million?

The salesperson went on to say: “Mr. Lin was the one who made the payment. Mr. Li, your bank card balance is insufficient and the payment failed.”

Hearing these words from the salesperson, everyone was stunned and looked at Wayne Lin in surprise.

“This is impossible!” Ora Han immediately called out sharply, and said: “You must be mistaken. He can’t even find a job. How could there be two million in the bank card!”

The salesperson kept smiling and said: “I am not mistaken. It is indeed Mr. Lin who successfully paid. We have a record of running water here.”

Then she printed out the consumption record receipt, handed it to Wayne Lin with both hands, and said respectfully: “Mr. Lin, please sign.”

Wayne Lin’s face was calm and expressionless, and he signed his name elegantly, and then smiled and said to Roman Li: “Mr. Li, why did you fail to pay? You are not the boss of the company, and earn millions of dollars a year. , Why doesn’t Cary even have two million?”

When Roman Li heard these words, he only felt as uncomfortable as eating shit.

“Mr. Li, please use a bank card with sufficient balance to swipe it again.” The salesman picked up the pos machine and said to Roman Li.

Everyone in the shop focused on him.

He gritted his teeth, his face was very gloomy, and his fingers were trembling slightly.

Seeing that he hadn’t swiped his card for a long time, some people around started talking.

“Does this fat guy have no money?”

“Looking at him like that, he’s pretty much the same. Fortunately, he dared to pretend to be big money just now. It turned out to be a forceful act. It’s too trash.”

“No, he is ugly and he likes to pretend to be forced. Whoever marries him is really bloody for eight lifetimes.”

“Haha, I think they are a match made in heaven. You didn’t see his wife who was so beautiful just now, as if her husband has hundreds of millions of fortunes, but they are actually a pauper who laughs at me.”

The mocking voices of these people were louder than one, and they were clearly transmitted to Roman Li and Ora Han’s ears, making them extremely uncomfortable.

Ora Han couldn’t help it anymore. She finally caught the opportunity and could breathe out on Alma Chu. In the end, she was the one who was ashamed. She couldn’t hold her mentality anymore, and she retorted loudly, “Hey! What are you talking about? Who said my husband has no money? He makes more money in a month than you earn in a year. What qualifications do you have to laugh at him!”

“Hehe, since your husband is so good, then check out. Mr. Lin has already paid successfully and is waiting for you.”

“Yeah, it sounds better than singing. If you have the kind, you can pay. Who can’t talk about it, rubbish.”

Ora Han’s face flushed and she was mad. She took Roman Li’s arm and said, “Husband, just check out the bill for these poor people. It’s only two million, and you can earn it back in two or three months!”

However, Roman Li was indifferent. He frowned, his face becoming more and more gloomy.

“Enough.” Roman Li shook Ora Han’s hand, “I wouldn’t buy you any shit jewelry for two million.”

Ora Han opened her eyes wide, “Roman Li, what do you mean? You agreed to buy me jewelry!”

Roman Li said: “I regret it, can’t you?”

“You!!” Ora Han’s eyes were red.

Other people looked at her even more differently, full of ridicule and gloat.

The salesperson frowned and said: “Please be sure to complete the payment within ten minutes, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the 30% discount package.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Mr. Li, you can’t make two million. Listening to your remarks, I thought you have a fortune of hundreds of millions, and two million is nothing.”

The corners of Roman Li’s mouth twitched and Wayne Lin ridiculed him. He was really aggrieved. He wanted to refute, but he couldn’t say anything to refute. Who made him say so full just now.

“Huh, I just happened to forget the bank card with the money, otherwise you really think I can’t get two million?” Roman Li swollen face to fill the fat man.

“Oh? How much is your bank card just now? A big boss like you doesn’t have half a million, haha.”

Roman Li was so angry with Wayne Lin’s appearance, “Of course I have half a million! I have one million with this card!”

Wayne Lin immediately said treacherously: “Well, it seems that Mr. Li is still rich. Any bank card has one million.”

“Of course!” Roman Li didn’t realize the trap until he heard Wayne Lin say: “Then Mr. Li is asked to honor what he said just now. The party who fails to pay will compensate the other party for the loss of the combination discount, not much. It’s only four hundred thousand. Everyone is a friend. I will charge you a fraction, and you can pay four hundred thousand.” Wayne Lin smiled badly.

Roman Li suddenly snorted and cursed for being fooled, and he was trapped by the kid Wayne Lin!

“This…” Roman Li hesitated, asking him to give out four hundred thousand for nothing, that is impossible.

Wayne Lin continued: “Could it be that such a rich President Li can’t even get 400,000 yuan?”

This stinky kid is so cruel to mock people. When did his Roman Li be humiliated like this, and his face was green right now, he scolded you as cruel, and then rushed out of the jewelry store embarrassedly because he walked too anxiously to the door At the time, he tripped over the threshold and threw himself on the ground, causing a roar of laughter and making a fool of himself.

Ora Han’s face was pale, and she never thought that things would develop in this direction. A strong sense of shame spread throughout her body, and her body shivered uncontrollably.

Especially Alma Chu’s pitying look directly defeated her fragile will, and she cried out, without saying hello, and fled.

The corner of Wayne Lin’s mouth rose slightly. He finally had a man in front of Alma Chu. I believe Alma Chu’s impression of him should be different this time, right?

The salesperson cautiously said to Wayne Lin: “Mr. Lin, do you still want to buy these two diamond necklaces?”

“Buy, why not buy?”

“This is Mr. Lin. Because one person is missing, he can’t enjoy the 30% discount package. It can only be purchased at the original price. The two diamond necklaces combined are 2.6 million…”

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Well, just 2.6 million yuan, I’ll swipe the card.”

“Because you paid two million just now, so now you only need to pay another six hundred thousand.” The salesperson’s heartbeat is fast. This is a super elite.

Other salesmen also envied her.

However, when Wayne Lin paid again, this time he prompted that the payment had failed.

Huh? What’s happening here? He clearly has 20 million.

Only then did he realize that he had taken the wrong card. This card was given to him by Alma Chu. There were exactly two million in it, and the passwords were all his birthday.

Just when he wanted to change the card, Alma Chu said, “Wayne Lin, you have to humiliate me like this?”

Wayne Lin saw Alma Chu’s scary expression and immediately knew what was wrong, and quickly explained: “Alma, listen to me. This is a misunderstanding. I took the wrong card. My other card has…”

“Enough!” Alma Chu yelled these words almost hysterically. The loudness of her voice attracted the attention of tourists outside.

“I gave up such a great effort and got two million from the Chu family as compensation for the divorce. You used it to humiliate me like this?” Alma Chu’s eyes were red and she stared at Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin’s scalp was numb, and he panicked, “Alma, listen to me, I really don’t want to humiliate you, I got the wrong card, I have 20 million in this card!”

Alma Chu looked at Wayne Lin with absolutely indifferent and disgusting eyes, “It is better to marry a dog to marry you!”

Wayne Lin trembled all over, his chest was painful, and he couldn’t breathe. Alma Chu’s words were really a sharp blade, and they were thrust into his chest fiercely!

His face was pale, but he tried to squeeze a smile, “Alma, I beg you not to say that, because one day you will be sad when you find that you misunderstand me…”

Chapter 9

Wayne Lin was laughing, but it was worse than crying.

The audience was weirdly quiet, and those people were dumbfounded. What’s the situation?

Many people felt the sadness of Wayne Lin at this time, and felt compassionate. But Alma Chu was still indifferent as before. She even thought she was acting and became even more disgusted with Wayne Lin, “Don’t worry, I will live my life. I won’t feel sorry for you!”

Wayne Lin lowered his head, he unexpectedly shed tears.

Alma Chu sneered, without any sympathy, coldly left a sentence I am waiting for you in the Civil Affairs Bureau, and then left on high heels.

“Mr. Lin, do you want to continue buying?”

After a while, the salesperson asked cautiously. She didn’t dare to speak loudly, as if louder, it would break Wayne Lin. Now Wayne Lin feels extremely fragile. It seems to be made of glass. It will shatter with one touch.

Wayne Lin said desperately: “Return it back.”

“Oh, good…”

Holding the bank card that Alma Chu gave, Wayne Lin was extremely heavy. He didn’t know how he would get to the Civil Affairs Bureau, as if his soul had been drawn away.

In the Civil Affairs Bureau, Alma Chu saw him coming, no nonsense, and directly took out the divorce agreement and put it in front of him, and said coldly: “Sign it.”

Wayne Lin held the pen, as heavy as a thousand catties. He wanted to beg Alma Chu whether he could not get a divorce, even if he could be a bull or a horse.

After four years of living together, Wayne Lin has fallen in love with Alma Chu hopelessly.

On the divorce agreement, Alma Chu’s name has been written, very simply, without hesitation, there is no nostalgia for him.

Wayne Lin felt that he was a joke. He received a 50 billion inheritance. He thought that Alma Chu could be the happiest woman, but found that he was passionate and Alma Chu would not give him this opportunity.

He took a deep breath. Just as he gritted his teeth and was about to sign, suddenly Alma Chu’s cell phone rang, “Hey, what?! What happened to my brother? Okay, I’ll rush over!”

Alma Chu’s face was anxious, she didn’t care about divorcing Wayne Lin, and hurried out.

Wayne Lin was stunned. Is this Alma Chu’s brother having an accident?

He reacted quickly and immediately caught up with Alma Chu, “Alma, what happened to your brother, is the matter serious?”

Alma Chu said nervously: “I don’t know the specific situation. My mother said on the phone that Shane Chu had provoke a big man. Now that the person has been detained, I will rush over to take a look!”

Shane Chu is Alma Chu’s own younger brother. He is still in college. He rarely goes home and often goes out to wander around. Wayne Lin knows that with his character, he will get into trouble sooner or later.

After thinking about it, Alma Chu made a call, “Hey, Peter Zhang, are you free now?”

Wayne Lin heard the name Peter Zhang, his expression was very unnatural.

Soon Peter Zhang’s voice came through the phone, “Alma, I’m talking about business with customers, but if you need me, I can immediately turn it off.”

Alma Chu couldn’t help being moved. Peter Zhang had pursued her for many years. In order to maintain her loyalty to Wayne Lin, she kept a distance from Peter Zhang. Now it seems that Peter Zhang is much better than Wayne Lin!

She quickly told Peter Zhang the matter, “Peter Zhang, if you are not free, you will not use it.”

Peter Zhang pretended to be displeased and said, “Hey! Alma, look at what you said, your business is my business, and your brother is my brother. I can still see to the matter without being here physically. I will rush over!”

Alma Chu said moved: “Peter Zhang, thank you.”

When he hung up the phone, Wayne Lin’s expression was ugly. He couldn’t help but said, “Alma, there is something wrong with our brother. I can settle without calling outsiders.”

Alma Chu just relaxed, she immediately got worse when she heard Wayne Lin’s words, she now sees Wayne Lin

It’s annoying. I was too in a hurry and didn’t pay attention just now. Why did Wayne Lin bring up this rubbish?

“Wayne Lin, I found that you don’t have any useful skills, but your bragging skills are great! Even a big man who can’t even deal with my dad, what are you going to do to settle it?” Alma Chu sneered.

Just as Wayne Lin wanted to speak, Alma Chu said impatiently: “You shut up, I don’t want to hear your voice! When you get there, don’t follow me, I don’t want Peter Zhang to misunderstand.”

Wayne Lin lowered his head and clenched a fist, so awkward that he pinched his fingers into his own flesh.

Alma Chu drove fast all the way, and reached her destination in less than 20 minutes.

“Oh, Alma, why are you here? We are all about to die.”

At the door, father-in-law Berry Chu and mother-in-law Candice Liu greeted them anxiously.

Alma Chu said, “What’s the situation with my brother? What about the others?”

Berry Chu gritted his teeth and said: “This brute dog doesn’t know Mount Tai, and has offended the Lin family. He is now being held back! The other party wants us to spend 10 million to redeem Shane!”

“What?! Ten million?” Alma Chu exclaimed immediately.

Berry Chu said with a bitter face, “Isn’t it? Our Chu family is in dire straits, how can we get 10 million.”

“The other party is clearly blackmailing, can’t we directly call the police?” Alma Chu said angrily.

“Alma, don’t say anything stupid!” Berry Chu said in a panic, and hurriedly covered Alma Chu’s mouth, looking around, fearing that someone would hear it, and he was sure that it was safe. Then he let go of Alma Chu and said with fear: “Then However, the Lin Family, the most powerful family in Hwadrid City, has a terrifying power. People can destroy our Chu Family a hundred times with any fingertips! If we dare to call the police, we don’t even want to see Shane Chu again. Besides, with the energy of the Lin Family It’s no use calling the police.”

Alma Chu opened her eyes wide, “Is this Lin family so powerful?”

Berry Chu’s eyes showed deep fear, “It can be described as unfathomable.”

Suddenly, Alma Chu remembered that Wayne Lin was also surnamed Lin, and maybe with the Lin family… As soon as this idea came out, she was stunned! I laughed at myself, what I was thinking about, how could Wayne Lin’s trash have something to do with the superior Lin family.

Mother-in-law Candice Liu said anxiously: “What should I do? Can’t call the police, and we can’t make up 10 million? Are you just watching Tian’er being abolished! I’m unwilling, I’m unwilling!!!”

Alma Chu’s eyes were red, and she was about to speak. At this moment, the roar of the car engine came from a distance, and then a yellow Lamborghini stopped beside Alma Chu with a beautiful tail.

“Alma, sorry, I’m late.”

A handsome and unrestrained man walked out of the car, no one, but Peter Zhang. His appearance was so handsome, and his lively and domineering image attracted many women around him to stare at gold stars. Even Alma Chu’s heartbeat accelerated a lot, Peter Zhang at this moment was very attractive.

And mother-in-law Candice Liu saw Peter Zhang and immediately smiled, “Oh Peter, you are here! When you come, Tianer will be saved!”

The more Candice Liu looked at Peter Zhang, the more pleasing he was. It was so much better than Wayne Lin’s waste, and Alma Chu should have been married to Peter Zhang in the first place!

“Yeah, Aunt Alma, I called, I immediately pushed away the business and rushed over as quickly as possible.” He said, and looked back at Lamborghini triumphantly. This car was actually the one he rented from The company rented it to pretend to be forced, and he drove a BMW himself.

When Alma Chu heard it, her face turned red.

“By the way, uncle and aunt, what happened to my brother?” Peter Zhang asked confidently. He is still very energetic in this one-third of acre. Besides, Shane Chu is also a college student, which is offending at most. How much trouble can some classmates who have the strength at home or gangsters cause?

However, when he learned from Berry Chu that Shane Chu had offended the Lin family, his expression changed on the spot!

f*ck, the Lin family, this is Hwadrid’s Big Mac family, and his strength can’t be offended if he increases a hundred times! !

Chapter 10

He started to regret it now. He had known that it was the Lin family who had offended him, so he would not come over.

Seeing his embarrassment, Alma Chu gritted her teeth and said, “Peter Zhang, can’t even you rescue my brother?”

“Yeah, Peter, you are so powerful, can’t you rescue Tian’er?” Candice Liu said nervously.

Berry Chu sighed and said sadly: “The Lin family is the first family of Hwadrid City. They are extremely powerful, so let’s not embarrass Peter. I don’t have a good education because I don’t have a good education. The difficulty should be borne by me. I will kowtow to the Lin family one by one. I can’t kneel down long enough, hoping to influence the Lin family!”

Peter Zhang’s head was hot, he slapped his thigh suddenly, and said, “Alma, uncle, auntie, don’t worry, I will definitely not die! I asked Peter Zhang how much status he still has in Huarvell, presumably the Lin family will also Give me face.”

“Really?” Alma Chu’s eyes lit up suddenly.

Berry Chu and Candice Liu became excited, “That’s really great, Peter, we will remember your kindness!”

Peter Zhang floated up, looking at Alma Chu’s beautiful face, he couldn’t help but blurted out, “But I have one condition, I hope Alma can accompany me on a date once it’s done.”

After saying this, Peter Zhang immediately regretted it, how could he have said what was in his heart!

Sure enough, Alma Chu had listened. Most of the touch on her face had disappeared, and she was a little uncomfortable. Peter Zhang seemed to threaten her, her original tall image suddenly reduced a lot.

Berry Chu and Candice Liu also frowned slightly.

“Okay.” Alma Chu nodded. “As long as you can rescue my brother, I am willing to date you.”

Peter Zhang hurriedly said, “Don’t get me wrong, Alma, I’m just kidding, even if you don’t date me, I will save your brother.”

Alma Chu forced a smile, “Well, even if you don’t tell me, I will date you.”

She is about to dedicate herself to the family soon, and she is no longer pure. What does it mean to date Peter Zhang?

Wayne Lin was in the car, watching Alma Chu and Peter Zhang talk intimately from a distance, like lovers, he was very unhappy. Thinking left and right, he still didn’t feel relieved, and decided to follow it over, maybe he could help.

This is a high-end billiards club. When Alma Chu and his party entered, they saw Shane Chu kneeling on the ground and being beaten by the fat, her nose and face swollen.

Shane Chu saw Alma Chu and cried out aggrievedly, “Sister, save me!!”

As soon as he finished yelling, he was kicked to the ground by a young man next to him, and violently cursed, “I’ll let Lao Tzu kill you again!”

Candice Liu has always spoiled Shane. When she saw her son being beaten like this, she felt distressed at the moment, tears streaming down her eyes, “God, my son…”

She wanted to run over, was caught tightly by Berry Chu, and whispered, “Don’t act rashly, you want to kill Tian’er!”

Candice Liu also realized that the young people in front of him were not easy to provoke, especially the young man who played billiards leisurely. He had a strong aura and was the boss of their group, and he must be the brother of the Lin family.

Alma Chu took a deep breath and stood up and said, “Big brothers, my brother Shane is ignorant and offended all the big brothers. I hope that big brothers can raise their hands and let my brother go. We are indebted to the Chu family in Huarvell!”

“Oh, she is a beautiful woman, she looks very good!”

“Unexpectedly, Shane Chu, ​​this trash, has such a beautiful sister, haha.”

When they saw Alma Chu, they all showed frivolous expressions and whistled.


;Some people even wanted to come and touch her, so she was scared to hide behind Peter Zhang, “Peter save me!”

Peter Zhang couldn’t tell. He recognized it. The young people present were all big people he couldn’t afford. Every one of them could easily strangle him, especially the young man playing billiards, who belonged to the Lin family. His name is Vicky Lin, and he is also the most powerful person here!

Last month, he met Vicky Lin once, and even his father had to be conscientious in front of Vicky Lin, not to mention him as a son.

Peter Zhang likes to pretend very much, but he also knows his own weight. With his status, Vicky Lin’s eyes are not enough to look at, and it is impossible to really sell him any face.

And once Vicky Lin is offended, then he will be finished.

At this moment, he even began to retreat.

However, Alma Chu’s help swelled his masculinity. He decided to be Alma Chu’s flower protector, and said with a high head, “Stop it all.”

“Who are you, dare to tell Lao Tzu to stop?”

A rich second generation pointed to Peter Zhang’s nose and cursed.

Peter Zhang swallowed his saliva, and the hard breath that was finally squeezed out was all of a sudden. He took out the cigarette from his pocket and handed it to the other party. He humbly said: “Big brother, my name is Peter Zhang, I belong to Zhang Yan, the chairman of Hongyang Group My son is also in the Hwadrid circle.”

“Hongyang Group?” The rich second generation frowned and asked them back, “Hey, do you know this Hongyang Group?”

They all shook their heads to indicate that they didn’t know each other. They had never heard of it. Peter Zhang was embarrassed. In the eyes of these elder brothers, his family’s Hongyang Group was really nothing but a small company.

“I care if you are the Promoting Group or the Luyang Group. Don’t talk nonsense, take out 10 million, and I will ask you to take Shane away. If you don’t have 10 million, let Laozi go!” said the rich second generation arrogantly .

Peter Zhang lowered his posture even lower, “Big Brother, Shane Chu is my brother-in-law. He has a low IQ and doesn’t know Taishan. He doesn’t know what he did to offend Big Brother?”

When the other party saw Peter Zhang’s humble attitude, he didn’t lose his temper and snorted, “You really got it right. This rubbish has blinded the dog’s eyes, and if you drink a little bit of alcohol, you think it’s the best in the world. Don’t have to apologize, and dare to speak out! I’ll just tell you that, if you can’t get 10 million to redeem today, don’t want his hands!”

Candice Liu couldn’t help cursing after hearing it, “He just scolded you a few words, as for beating him like this? He asked for ten million, why don’t you rob!”

Vicky Lin, who played billiards, said, “You’re right. I just robbed him. Why? Dare to call me Vicky Lin as a bastard. Your son is very courageous! Now the price has increased. Ten million can’t solve the problem, you guys. I have to spend 20 million. Of course…”

Vicky Lin said here with an unkind smile, “You can also go to the police and gamble to see if it’s useful. However, don’t blame me for not reminding you. Once the police are reported, I don’t want him to use both hands. , But to his life!”

His words made Alma Chu and others shudder!

Peter Zhang swallowed frantically. He regretted it and was about to shirk responsibility. At this time, Vicky Lin hooked his finger and said jokingly: “So you are Zhang Yan’s son, come here.”

“Lin Shao…” Peter Zhang’s legs were swaying, but he didn’t dare not pass, now his face was pale with fright.

However, as Peter Zhang walked over, Vicky Lin patted him on the shoulder, as he was about to talk, footsteps came from the door, and a man walked in.

No one, but Wayne Lin.

Vicky Lin, who was still very prestigious a moment ago, saw Wayne Lin, his face suddenly changed, and he showed a look of awe!

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