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Chapter 548

When Xu Jing saw Alma Chu agree, her face immediately showed surprise.

Alma Chu’s two female bodyguards immediately said, “Madam, President Lin explained to us that we must protect you personally when he is away, especially not to keep you out of our sight.”

“Yes, madam, I hope you don’t make it difficult for us.”

When she heard the words of the two female bodyguards, Alma Chu also hesitated, because Wayne Lin had indeed explained that.

Alma Chu said with some embarrassment: “Xu Jing, my husband did explain this way, or let them follow in. They are professional bodyguards and won’t bother us.”

Xu Jing’s face sank immediately, and she said displeasedly: “Alma, I said what’s wrong with you, and finally came to my place. With so many old classmates gathering, you have to bring bodyguards in. This is not to believe us. ?”

Alma Chu quickly explained: “Xu Jing, you misunderstood, I didn’t mean that, I just…”

At this time, a female classmate next to her said in a weird manner: “Hey, Xu Jing, I don’t think you should force Alma Chu. She is a female president and has a very expensive life. Naturally, we must be cautious. People are watching us. “

Another male classmate also said: “Xu Jing, next time you ask you to say hello to me. I knew our party and bodyguards were mixed, so I didn’t rush over all the way, although my business is better than Not in Alma Chu’s big company, but there are dozens of people who followed me for dinner.”

The two of them made a mockery of Alma Chu, making Alma Chu feel very embarrassed, and her face blushed, “You are misunderstanding, I didn’t mean that…”

Seeing Alma Chu’s anxious appearance, Xu Jing took advantage of the victory, and immediately said: “Then what do you mean? Don’t believe us? If you really don’t believe us, you can let your professional bodyguard go in and check and see if we will It won’t hurt you!”

“Yeah, you can let the bodyguards go in and check! You don’t have to say that our old classmates are plotting against you!”

The more they talked, the more excited they were, as if they had been wronged. They insisted on being fair to Alma Chu. They were sure that Alma Chu was the kind of thin-skinned person. The more they were like this, the more embarrassed Alma Chu was.

Sure enough, Alma Chu said anxiously: “I really didn’t mean that…”

After gritting her teeth, she said to the two female bodyguards: “You just wait outside. These are my old classmates. There will be no problem. Wayne will be here soon.”

The two female bodyguards fought for them, but in the end they were persuaded by Alma Chu and had to obey Alma Chu’s arrangement.

If they change other occasions, they will definitely not let Alma Chu leave the sight, but this is at the home of Alma Chu’s old classmates, looking at ordinary people doing business seriously, they are not too worried, anyway, they are outside the house. , If there is something abnormal, they can rush in immediately. The most important thing is that Wayne Lin is coming over soon. With Wayne Lin’s identity and ability, I believe these people will not dare to have any unruly thoughts about Alma Chu.

Seeing that Alma Chu was willing to go in by herself, Xu Jing raised her mouth slightly, her smile that could not be suppressed. The others were also excited. They hid so deeply. Alma Chu was not wary of them, so she didn’t notice.

Then, Alma Chu followed Xu Jing and them into the villa together.

I have to say that Xu Jing’s villa is quite big, and the decoration is also very luxurious. What surprised Alma Chu was that the doors and windows in the villa were closed tightly, and the air conditioner was very cold. Alma Chu When I first came in, it was still a bit cold.


In the hall, many people have already arrived, most of them are fresh faces, and they are sitting together with men and women, their movements are very intimate, and even a little too much. After Alma Chu looked at it, she frowned. Somewhat disliked, she said to Xu Jing: “Xu Jing, didn’t you say that the party tonight is mainly a party between our old classmates? Why are there so many new faces?”

Xu Jing took her hand and said with a smile: “These are my good friends. They are very interesting. Besides, the more people there are, the more interesting the party.”

After Alma Chu came in, everyone’s eyes were placed on her, and she was amazed to see her so beautiful and beautiful. Many men still made no secret of their passion and coveting for Alma Chu. The look in her eyes made Alma Chu feel Very uncomfortable.

She was no longer the ignorant girl who was as simple as white paper before. The atmosphere on the scene gave her a bad feeling, but out of politeness, she did not leave immediately.

A few people walked over immediately, three men and three women, one of whom was a young and handsome man who looked at Alma Chu unscrupulously, then blew a whistle and said to Xu Jing, “Xu Jing, you can do it. , I found a newcomer with such high quality.”

With that said, this handsome man came over and touched Xu Jing’s waist directly. It was very awkward, and Xu Jing was not angry yet, even her husband Qin Yuanqing was still smiling. I didn’t care that my wife was molested by another man.

This scene made Alma Chu unbelievable!

Xu Jing giggled and said, “Mr. Jiang, you don’t have to do anything with me. I’m not yours this time.”

President Jiang laughed twice, and even said a few ambiguous words with Xu Jing. Not only was Xu Jing not angry, but also interacted with President Jiang very happily, making Alma Chu on the side look very ruined. Three Views!

I almost doubt if she has hallucinations, Xu Jing, who was so shy and honest when she was a child, actually has such a…dissolute side! You know, Xu Jing’s husband is still nearby. The key point is that Xu Jing’s husband is not angry yet. He is smiling and leaning back with President Jiang, which really subverts her cognition.

Soon, Mr. Jiang put his gaze on Alma Chu, and seeing Alma Chu’s mouth in a dumb and unbelievable manner, some light flashed in his eyes, staring directly at Alma Chu, and said, “Hey, Beauty, what is your name, when did you get married, and have you had children?”

Alma Chu stepped back two steps, her brows frowned very tightly. When Mr. Jiang looked at her like this, she only felt nauseated and said to Xu Jing, “Xu Jing, I still have something to do, so I won’t be with you.”

After that, she turned around and left.

She is very angry now, Xu Jingming knows that she is married, and brings her to such a place! No matter how stupid she was, she could see that none of these people in the room were serious people, including Xu Jing, who were inconsistent.

She is a very traditional and dedicated person. How could she accept these things? She didn’t turn her face on Xu Jing on the spot. She was already giving Xu Jing face!

However, as soon as she turned around, she was pulled by Xu Jing and said with a smile: “Hi Alma, where are you going? This is just here. The exciting session has not yet begun.”

Then she immediately yelled at Mr. Jiang: “Mr. Jiang, I blame you and scared Alma Chu! My old classmate is a serious person. Since I got married, I have never played outside or had children, so pure very.”

When President Jiang heard these words, he immediately opened his eyes, clapped and said, “Yes, good, good, Xu Jing, this time you have done a great job. Starting today, you will be our core member, hahaha .”

Chapter 549

“Really, thank you, Mr. Jiang, thank you, Mr. Jiang!” Xu Jing cheered, and even though Qin Yuanqing was beside him, he directly hooked Mr. Jiang’s neck and gave her a sweet kiss.

And Qin Yuanqing was not angry, his face also flashed with excitement, it seemed that being a core member was a great thing.

Alma Chu was really ruined by this scene. From her perspective, she couldn’t accept this kind of thing!

“Xu Jing, you, how can you do this!” Alma Chu pointed at Xu Jing in disbelief.

Xu Jing chuckled and said to Alma Chu: “How am I doing?”

Qin Yuanqing also said: “Yes, how is Xu Jing, you can make it clear.”

The people around also came around, their faces full of joking, all kinds of teasing Alma Chu, including those old classmates before, the same, but Alma Chu was very angry!

She has figured it out now, what kind of party is the party tonight, and who is this group of people? Before, she just read this kind of joke on the Internet, but she did not expect that she would really meet it today. ! She only felt unprecedented nausea and nausea, and at the same time regretted it. Why did she come to such a gathering, obviously she had run out of time!

The more she thought about it, the more regret, the more she thought about it, the more aggrieved, and finally couldn’t help, tears streaming down her eyes, “Xu Jing, I believe you so much, why did you bring me to this place, you know I’m married!”

Seeing her crying, Xu Jing didn’t have any guilt or intolerance on her face. Instead, she frowned and said displeased: “Alma Chu, why are you crying? It seems like we bullied you. Let me tell you, many people want to join our group without a chance. We don’t like everyone. Didn’t you see that we are all handsome men and women?”

As for the others, seeing Alma Chu like this, they were even more excited, especially the men present who opened their eyes and stared at Alma Chu directly, full of coveting and enthusiasm. In their eyes, Alma Chu is the lamb to be slaughtered.

The more wronged and scared Alma Chu was, the more excited they were. For these people, there is nothing more satisfying than bringing a good family woman to the depravity, especially Alma Chu’s kind of fairy looks.

“Yeah, Alma Chu, it’s very fun. You are the protagonist tonight. With so many handsome guys present, they will do everything they can to please you. This is a treat for new talents!”

“Alma Chu, the first time you come in, it will inevitably be a little difficult to accept. This is a normal reaction, but you will soon experience the fun of it.”

“Life is short. It’s boring to guard a man for a lifetime, especially for a beautiful woman like you. Of course, you have to experience a few more men, and you have to be handsome, rich men, otherwise your life will be in vain. Up.”

“Alma Chu, don’t worry, as an old classmate, I will definitely satisfy you tonight, Jie Jie…”

Listening to these shameless words, Alma Chu’s body was trembling with anger. She is an extremely traditional and dedicated person. After marriage, even if Wayne Lin is in such a humble state, she has always maintained a clean body and has never had sex with the opposite sex. Any close contact! And now that she and Wayne Lin are in love, it is even more impossible to accept such ridiculous and shameless things!

“You people, shameless!” Alma Chu finally couldn’t help it, yelling loudly, making her body tremble again with anger, then she gave Xu Jing a disgusted look and turned to leave.

Xu Jing sneered behind her, and said with her arms folded: “Want to go? It’s too late. You are here tonight, so I can’t help you go.”

When the voice fell, someone immediately blocked Alma Chu, joking and smirking all over her face.

Alma Chu immediately panicked and angry, “Xu Jing! What do you want to do?!”

Xu Jing took Mr. Jiang’s arm and walked up with a face full of evil intentions, and said, “I didn’t want to do anything, but as an old classmate, I just brought you into a new happy world. Alma Chu, you should not hate me. , I should be thankful, you will know soon, this is the happiest thing in the world.”

President Jiang never looked away from Alma Chu, his eyes flashed green, and said, “Alma Chu, the party tonight is for you. No one else

It is an honor to be the first to serve you at that time, and I will guarantee you an unforgettable memory. “

With that said, Mr. Jiang reached out his hand directly to go to Alma Chu’s chin, very frivolous, Alma Chu immediately dodged and cursed angrily: “You are presumptuous! I tell you, I can’t agree to a death. You better let me go, otherwise when my husband comes, you will all be finished!”

Before the critical moment, Alma Chu didn’t want to move Wayne Lin out, she always caused trouble for Wayne Lin.

Mr. Jiang frowned, and said with some trepidation, “What is her husband?”

Xu Jing immediately said with disdain: “Cut, there is a fart. I have already investigated it clearly. Her husband is just a door-to-door son-in-law, who came as a waste. I met once at her house that day. He was just an ordinary person. Don’t take it to heart. Besides, his husband is on the way too. I’ll be on the court in person later, and I won’t serve the door-to-door son-in-law to a good degree.”

After President Jiang heard this, his face reappeared with a smile, and he was more relieved.

Others also relaxed. Their group, the most feared, was to offend a big person who could not afford to be offended, and was caught in a pot. Therefore, every time they bring in a new person, they are very cautious. They have to investigate the background clearly, and have more than 90% confidence in the new person’s character before making the move.

Alma Chu was panicked and angry. Seeing their unkindness, she forced herself to calm down. The more this kind of thing, the less she couldn’t mess up Fang Cun: “Xu Jing! I didn’t joke with you, my husband is The chairman of Ziqiong Media is not an ordinary person, and he is still a martial arts master, he can punch through the wall with one punch! Now he is on the way here, if you let him know, you are bullying me, he will Very angry, your end will be miserable! So you better let me go right away, I don’t need to tell my husband about this.”

Alma Chu finished speaking in one breath. The more she spoke, the calmer she became. She had absolute confidence in Wayne Lin, and she felt full of security when she thought of Wayne Lin.

However, after listening to these people, they didn’t have any fear or jealousy. Anyway, every one of them showed weird and mocking smiles. Xu Jing was amused at all, and she laughed out loud, “Hahaha, The chairman of Michelle Media? It’s so awesome, it scared us to death. Alma Chu, don’t you think that you live in Yulong Bay, you really are married to a big boss, I’ve already given your details The investigation is clear, your husband is just a door-to-door son-in-law.”

A female student next to me said: “The funniest, martial arts master, and punched through the wall with a punch, haha, I really laughed at me, really we are idiots.”

A man said: “It’s really scary to punch through the wall with a punch. I’m going to be scared to death, hahaha…”

Everyone around was laughing.

Mr. Jiang also laughed. He stared at Alma Chu closely, swallowed his saliva gurglingly, became impatient, and said directly: “Okay, let’s not wrestle, let’s tune this newcomer well! “

When the other men heard it, green light appeared in their eyes, and they swallowed continuously.

Seeing their expressions, Alma Chu was completely panicked. She didn’t hesitate to twist her body and ran away, and started yelling for help, hoping to attract the attention of the two bodyguards outside!

However, no matter how she called, the sound couldn’t be heard. The place was closed, and dynamic music was deliberately played outside. The two bodyguards couldn’t even hear it.

The more panicked and struggling everyone present saw Alma Chu, the happier and excited they were, especially Mr. Jiang. His face was shining with a terrifying light, and it was very scary to look at.

He rubbed his hands and walked over to Alma Chu like a big bad wolf, saying, “Miss Chu, don’t struggle anymore. If you can’t get rid of it, you should cooperate obediently, Jie Jie…”

Alma Chu ran hard, but she was alone and weak, and she was weak now, no matter where she could run, she was caught by two women in a short while, unable to move, she was terrified and struggling desperately There is nothing that can be done.

“Let go of me, you let me go! I don’t have much time. I just want to give my husband a complete self in the last time. Don’t be like this. Please, please, please…” Alma Chu tears like rain, begging desperately, but these people have no humanity, the more she feels like this, the more excited she feels.

Chapter 550

Alma Chu was already very weak, and her mood could not fluctuate too much. Under this situation, she immediately felt her heartbeat speed up, the strength of her whole body was gradually being pulled away, and the temperature of her body was constantly dropping.

She felt her change, her heart was shocked, and her legs began to weaken. She realized that she was sick!

A lot of vitality was lost in her body.

If this continues, she won’t be able to last long!

The two women who grabbed her were frightened by how she looked now, “Why does her body become so cold?”

“His face is still so pale, shouldn’t you have a heart attack!”

At this moment, other people also saw what was wrong with Alma Chu and frowned.

President Jiang turned his head and asked Xu Jing immediately, “What’s the situation? Don’t tell me, she has a heart attack!”

Xu Jing was stunned for a moment, and she didn’t expect that Alma Chu would have such a situation. It looked quite scary.

Seeing Mr. Jiang’s unkind eyes, she quickly said, “No, I asked her specifically yesterday. She has no disease, let alone a heart disease. This is pure pretense!”

In order for her to become a core member, she has completely abandoned her bottom line. In addition, she has indeed asked Alma Chu to confirm that Alma Chu does not have any major illnesses. At most, she has poor psychological quality and was intimidated. There will be no problems.

When she came in for the first time that year, she was also not very resistant. Later, for the first time, she immediately let go after she tried to taste it. Now Alma Chu is in this state. She doesn’t believe that there are really loyal people in this world. The so-called loyalty is just that she hasn’t tasted that taste.

She didn’t think she was harming Alma Chu, but she was helping Alma Chu.

President Jiang was relieved when she heard her say this, mainly because he was too greedy for Alma Chu, and he didn’t want to let such a superb stunner.

He smiled happily, and walked in front of Alma Chu, the green light in his eyes became more and more vigorous, including the men behind him, all salivating, wishing to swallow Alma Chu into his stomach!

Alma Chu saw this situation, she was already a little desperate at first, even the strength of resistance disappeared, and she collapsed on the ground, tears falling silently down her eyes…

“Oh, I actually cried. It’s very good. The harder you cry now, the more grateful you will be in the future, hehe.” Mr. Jiang smiled evilly on his face, and then he squatted down and began to reach out to Alma Chu You must eat Alma Chu’s things first!

At this moment, a deafening sound suddenly came from the door.


The locked door was kicked open with a violent kick, which contained infinite strength. He directly kicked the solid wood door and exploded. A lot of sawdust flew over and hit some of the people present, causing them to cry and howl. .

This sudden change shocked everyone. Many people trembled with fright and their faces were pale, and Mr. Jiang’s legs weakened and he fell to the ground.

Alma Chu raised her head, and she saw standing at the door with a calm face. In both eyes, a fire and a terrifying aura emanated from him, causing the entire villa to fall into ice. Cave in.

Behind him, lay a row of stumbling bodyguards, following Alma Chu’s two female bodyguards, bowing their heads in shame.

Not long after Wayne Lin arrived, the villa was closed. Even the pinnacle master of the day after tomorrow could not hear the movement inside, but for Wayne Lin, he could hear it clearly. When he heard Alma Chu’s The sound of crying made my whole body burn with anger!

Now, he saw Alma Chu collapsed on the ground, crying, her face pale, and her breath weak, and his whole person was even more ignited.

There was a thud in his head!

It exploded directly!


He let out a roar and disappeared instantly. There were more than twenty people present, no one could see his thing clearly. When he appeared again, he had already reached Alma Chu, knelt down and hugged Alma Chu.

In an instant

, He felt the coldness of Alma Chu’s body, a lot of vitality, and pulled away from Alma Chu, Alma Chu was as weak as ever!

Panicked, Wayne Lin panicked completely, never panicked or even feared like today.

Because he has known Alma Chu for so long, and has never seen Alma Chu look so weak. The vitality of her body is constantly losing. He can’t imagine why Alma Chu is like this. It is clear that Alma Chu’s body is quite healthy. What bad habits.

He immediately checked Alma Chu’s pulse and found that Alma Chu did not have any disease, but her body was inexplicably weak and her vitality was constantly being lost. He simply couldn’t understand why this happened.

“Alma, Alma, how did you become like this? Don’t scare me!” Wayne Lin held Alma Chu’s hand tightly, and found that Alma Chu’s hand was cold, he instilled Alma Chu directly without thinking. His anger passed, helping Alma Chu stay alive.

Fortunately, after he instilled true qi, Alma Chu’s condition improved, her face returned to some ruddy, and her body was not so cold.

Alma Chu saw Wayne Lin’s flustered and distressed look, her eyes reddened again, she was countless, but she didn’t expect Wayne Lin to know her situation! She really regrets, annoys, and hates herself, why she has done everything, but at the last moment, she still fell short. In this way, the last good time between her and Wayne Lin will be ruined!

“Wayne, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” She kept saying sorry, full of guilt for Wayne Lin. She felt guilty that she could not accompany Wayne Lin through the rest of her life, and let Wayne Lin stay alone in this world and accept the thoughts. Suffering.

Seeing her like this, Wayne Lin felt a pain in her heart, and said quickly: “Alma, don’t say sorry to me, I am the one who should say sorry! It was me who came late and put you in danger again! “

Wayne Lin really blamed himself. He had known long ago that he shouldn’t stay with Damon Wang, he should have rushed over as soon as possible. Then, nothing like this would happen.

He hates, he hates!

At this moment, President Jiang reacted. He was furious and pointed at Wayne Lin and cursed: “You are so brave, you dare to break in, I think you are impatient!”

Xu Jing also recovered. She looked at Wayne Lin and said sharply: “Mr. Jiang, he is Alma Chu’s husband, the son-in-law!”

“It’s him, that’s just right. Just now I was so scared that I almost lost my soul. I want to die. I want to put his wife in front of him!” Mr. Jiang was very angry, and he kicked Wayne Lin. go with.

The speed is quite fast, it can be seen that he has the basic skills.

The corners of his mouth raised slightly, and a sneer appeared. He had absolute confidence that this kick could kick Alma Chu’s husband into a howling ghost.

However, when he was full of confidence, Wayne Lin turned his head abruptly and stretched out his hand to catch his foot. Then he squeezed hard and heard a click, and then, Mr. Jiang was killing a pig. Scream.

Wayne Lin directly squeezed his calf bones violently, just like a Coke can was smashed.

The bones of adults are very hard, and it is almost impossible to smash it with the strength of the five fingers, but for a super strong person of Wayne Lin’s level, smashing the bones of Mr. Jiang is no different from smashing a can of Coke.

President Jiang suddenly fell to the ground and hugged his right leg, crying and crying.

This scene was too shocking for everyone present, everyone was dumbfounded, never expected that such a thing would happen.

After Wayne Lin pinched President Jiang’s calf, he only did a trivial thing. When he looked back at Alma Chu, his face was full of affection and tenderness. He picked up Alma Chu and put it on the sofa. And she kissed Alma Chu’s lips lightly, helped Alma Chu remove the green silks on her face, and said softly: “Alma, wait for me here for a while. I will help you with your grievances and get it back. .”

After speaking, he stood up. When his face looked at Xu Jing and the others, the affection and tenderness just now disappeared. What was left was only coldness and murderous intent, uttering words like a knife, “Who is it for you? Courage, hurt my beloved!!!”

When the last few words were spoken, it was as if the thunderbolt went down to the ground, and the thunder was rolling, which was shocking.

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