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Chapter 404

Wayne Lin did not respond to Wu Meizi. From everyone’s point of view, Wayne Lin was already at the end of the battle, and would be beaten to death by Wu Meizi at any time.

However, they were still surprised that Wayne Lin was able to hold on to Wu Meizi’s hand for so long. Originally, they thought that Wayne Lin was purely looking for death and was vulnerable and would soon be defeated.

As the two masters of the Innate Realm, the damage brought by the two of them is extremely huge!

You know, before Wayne Lin and Brian Gu were in the big forest, they caused such a big movement, and now in the steel city, the damage caused is even more appalling. Anything they touched will explode and fly directly around.

Fortunately, this is in the stadium, and there are no residents nearby, otherwise it will cause big news. But even so, people around the stadium attracted their attention, thinking that there was demolition inside.

There were so many people at the scene, densely packed, and many of them were accidentally injured, making them tremble and terrified.

“My God, is this really a human? It’s too scary!”

“This is a humanoid tyrannosaurus?!”

“No wonder it is said that Innate Realm is an extraordinary master, similar to the superheroes in the movie, now it seems that it is like this!”

“The two of them are afraid they will be able to carry bullets, perverted, really perverted.”

Everyone drew far away, for fear of being harmed by Chi Yu, joking, the damage Wayne Lin and Wu Meizi brought was far beyond their ability to bear.

Wayne Lin has now entered a wonderful stage. He has blocked his senses, smelling, hearing, sight, and touch are all inaccessible.

At this moment, between heaven and earth, it seemed that he was the only one left. More than 3,000 people on the scene disappeared. Everyone’s voice and all the pictures disappeared. Even Wu Meizi’s figure was blurred in his vision.

It was as if he had entered his own meditation, completely relying on his own consciousness to manipulate his body, in this way, he could shield Wu Meizi’s spiritual influence on him.

Immediately Wu Meizi felt his state, her face changed for the first time, “This son…”

Now Wu Meizi’s heart is particularly horrified, because she has never seen such a technique before, and can actually seal off her senses, relying on her own fighting instinct to fight her. Now she felt that Wayne Lin was dead, without a soul, just a robot.

She has never seen such a technique at such a young age! It completely exceeded her understanding of the innate realm. At a certain moment, she even doubted that Wayne Lin was already dead.

The key point is that Wayne Lin has closed off his senses and has become a’body’. Instead of weakening his fighting ability, he has become even more powerful! Wu Meizi’s pressure suddenly increased a lot, and she couldn’t even suppress Wayne Lin.

You must know that the reason why she can stabilize Wayne Lin is mainly because her spiritual cultivation is much stronger than Wayne Lin, and she keeps invading Wayne Lin’s spiritual world. In the end, Wayne Lin is restrained and unable to exert her peak strength. Lost to her.

But now, Wayne Lin is actually not affected by her spirit. In this way, her advantage over Wayne Lin disappears, so what else can she use to stabilize Wayne Lin?

Fortunately, her realm was there. Wayne Lin would not be her opponent just by relying on his fists.

Since this is the case, Wu Meizi put away her spiritual majesty towards Wayne Lin and focused her energy on her fists and feet.

Wayne Lin launched a stormy attack.

Don’t think she is a woman, but her fists and feet are so strong that she is a mess, completely breaking the weak nature of women, not only fists and feet, but also endless physical strength.

If it were for other Innate Realm masters, facing such a fierce attack by Wu Meizi, he would have already felt jealous.

But Wayne Lin was not affected at all, because he was already a’body’.

Moreover, his fighting instinct is surprisingly terrifying, and he still has the ability to learn, like a sophisticated computer, learning Wu Meizi’s moves in a short period of time, and then perfecting himself, slowly turning from the disadvantage to a state of equal competition. .

Wu Meizi became more and more frightened. She once suspected that Wayne Lin was not a person, but a machine!

Suddenly, she yelled at Wayne Lin. A huge sound wave spread out from her mouth and rushed towards Wayne Lin. The sound resounded through the sky and was deafening. Even Gu Hanxing, who was hundreds of meters away, felt a little bit sick. No, I had to cover my ears, and the buzzing pain, as for other ordinary people, was even more unbearable.

This is comparable to the lion roar in the martial arts movie, and the power is amazing.

This is one of Wu Meizi’s killer features. Even if he is a master of the Innate Realm, his eardrum will be ruptured and his strength will be greatly reduced, and he will be defeated.

But Wayne Lin seemed to be an unexplored prophet. When Wu Meizi issued the’lion roar technique’, he reacted in advance, and saw that his earlobes were spiritually like, and they were tightly attached to the ear holes and avoided Wu Meizi. The sound waves hit.

Almost at the same time, Wayne Lin also screamed at Wu Meizi, the loudness of the voice was not below Wu Meizi, and even louder, it fell in the ears of everyone, as if it was a dragon chant, which shocked the mind.

Wu Meizi’s face changed drastically in an instant!

She didn’t expect Wayne Lin to learn so fast, and she still meant that blue was better than blue. This sound made her hair and clothes float up, showing how strong and loud her voice was.


Wu Meizi’s brain exploded. She didn’t have the ability of Wayne Lin’s earlobe to stick to her pierced ears. At this moment, her eardrums were about to rupture, blood was bleeding from both ears, and her mind was extremely shocked! As a result, her movements were a few minutes slower, although it was only a flash, but in front of the top masters like Wayne Lin, any flaws that appeared were fatal.

Wayne Lin immediately caught this opportunity and punched out, silently, as if from the void, a fist appeared, sealing all Wu Meizi’s retreat, causing Wu Meizi to be unable to hide anymore. Watching the punch helplessly, it hit her chest.

With a bang, a dull and loud noise, Wu Meizi spurted blood in response, and with great strength, she directly broke up her bottom plate, and the whole person flew out like a fate.

Then he fell heavily to the ground, his face was full of pain, and then he was seriously injured!

The audience was silent.

Everyone was dumbfounded, and couldn’t believe that the scene before him was true. Wu Meizi was actually defeated by Wayne Lin? This is too… subverted!

This punch broke Wu Meizi’s ribs several times and also broke all her confidence.

She lost, actually lost to the junior Wayne Lin!

Gu Hanxing’s pupils contracted, his face was full of fear and disbelief, he was so pale that there was no trace of blood, his legs were swinging, and he kept saying: “Impossible, impossible…How could Shishu not be Wayne Lin’s opponent… “

Chapter 405

Isn’t it right, Wu Meizi is a super master of the upper class of the Innate Realm, and she is so famous in the circle, so many people are afraid to avoid her. As for Wayne Lin, he was just a newcomer who had just been promoted to the congenital realm, less than half a year old.

Besides, just a few months ago, Wayne Lin was only an acquired pinnacle master, and he was in the same realm. How long has it passed before that he has become an unattainable existence?

He is really unwilling, nor convinced!

Why, why is there such a person against the sky in this world, and how does this make other people live? ?

In the same way, Wu Meizi was the one who frightened the most. In the life and death struggle with Wayne Lin just now, she could clearly feel that Wayne Lin was constantly improving, and her learning ability was abnormal. She had never seen such a person. !

Why is this happening? It’s not scientific.

In particular, Wayne Lin’s last punch was too subtle, and until now, she hasn’t figured out how Wayne Lin made that punch, with such a powerful force, it was so powerful that it directly wounded her seriously!

The over 3,000 people present all looked at Wayne Lin with awe and shock. At this moment, no one dared to look down on Wayne Lin, no one dared to look down on him anymore.

Especially some of the people who slandered him, now all have a numb scalp, and start to panic and fear. They can’t wait to give themselves a big slap, what did they just do!

As for Tao Sanniang, her eyes are now bursting with tears, and she is extremely excited. Wayne Lin won and did not disappoint her! Proving that her choice was correct, a bright light appeared in her originally gloomy life, driving away all the gloom.

Wayne Lin, under the gaze of so many people in the audience, he started to move and walked towards Wu Meizi. His eyes were cold, but there was still no emotion.

This means that he is still in the state of a’body’ now, without emotions and consciousness, just a state entirely from his fighting instinct.

Soon he walked in front of Wu Meizi. Wu Meizi saw his cold eyes and could not see a trace of’person’. Even if it was her psychological quality, she couldn’t help but tighten her heart and felt scared. .

“Wayne Lin, I really underestimated you, I lost, from now on…”

Wu Meizi was softened and gave up. With her current state, it is impossible to be Wayne Lin’s opponent. If she still fights Wayne Lin, there is only one dead end.

She lowered her head, and a bit of cold flashed in her eyes. With her personality, how could she give up? When she recovered, she would kill all the people around Wayne Lin, and then Wayne Lin would die!

It was this trace of her murderous intent that was caught by Wayne Lin. Before she could finish her words, she was kicked by Wayne Lin with a whip. The speed was extremely fast, close to the speed of sound, and the air exploded. With a bang, Wu Meizi realized that it was not good and wanted to dodge, but because she was seriously injured, her speed was greatly affected, and she couldn’t dodge. She was kicked heavily by Wayne Lin’s whip leg, screamed, and another blood spurted out. , Was kicked by Wayne Lin and flew more than ten meters away.

This kick is too heavy, it will break her waist!

Originally, Wayne Lin’s punch was enough to hurt her vitality, but Wayne Lin’s kick made her lose the ability to resist.

She gritted her teeth and shivered with anger. When did Wu Meizi get hurt like this? Or in front of so many people, she was going crazy!

“Wayne Lin, you dare to attack me sneakily, you are looking for death!”

Wu Meizi threatened Wayne Lin coldly.

But as soon as she finished speaking, her pupils shrank suddenly. In her sight, Wayne Lin had already walked in front of her again, with black and white eyes, without any emotion, just a cold machine. Wayne Lin at this time, Just

The devil who crawled out of hell will devour her!

She immediately felt Wayne Lin’s killing intent, no, or it can’t be called killing intent. It just didn’t treat her as a human being. Now Wayne Lin only has the instinct to fight, he wants to treat her as a pig and dog. End life in the same way.

Scared, Wu Meizi was really scared, and she began to tremble from the depths of her soul!

“Wayne Lin, you can’t kill me…”


Wayne Lin ignored her and kicked it again. Wu Meizi was a super master at the upper level of the Innate Realm anyway, and now she was prepared, even if she was seriously injured, she could still temporarily resist Wayne Lin’s kick.

But she could block this foot, not Wayne Lin’s foot.

Bang bang bang…

Wayne Lin’s legs were like iron whips, constantly beating Wu Meizi’s body, Wu Meizi stepped back, and after a while, he was kicked and lost the ability to stand.

Everyone looked at this scene, feeling terrified, and had unprecedented fear of Wayne Lin!

Wu Meizi now looks too miserable. She has no strength to fight back. She fell to the ground and was dying. She was dying of fear and despair in her always cold eyes. She began to beg for mercy, “Wayne Lin, I was wrong, no I should be against you, please let me go, please…”

Wu Meizi’s begging for mercy now deeply irritates everyone, especially Gu Hanxing. He is now plunged into the abyss, bitingly cold!

Uncle Shi was defeated, and he was still defeated so simply.

Wayne Lin stepped on Wu Meizi’s chest and looked at her condescendingly. His eyes were as dark as ever, without emotion. Because of this, it is the most frightening.


Wayne Lin pressed her feet and stomped Wu Meizi’s chest directly. Wu Meizi’s body straightened for a while, and expressions of despair, regret, fear, unwillingness and reluctance appeared on her face. She froze, and then she froze. , Dying.

Wu Meizi is dead.

More than 3,000 people present had received this message and died in the hands of Wayne Lin, and still under the eyes of everyone, this kind of impact is great for everyone!

You must know that Wu Meizi is not a cat or a dog, but a leader in the innate realm. Now she is dead like this.

When everyone looked at Wayne Lin, they could only feel biting fear and cold.

Wayne Lin still didn’t wake up. After he trampled Wu Meizi to death, he seemed to have done a trivial thing. Then he turned around and looked at Gu Hanxing.

Seeing this look in his eyes, Gu Hanxing suddenly shook his whole body and shook fiercely. He wanted to turn around and run, but his feet seemed to be rooted, completely unable to move.

“Lin Lin Lin…”

Before he could speak out, Wayne Lin had already arrived in front of him.

He pinched Gu Hanxing’s neck with one hand and lifted him up. Gu Hanxing kicked his feet in the air, feeling helpless and fearful.

As Wayne Lin’s hands continued to tighten, Gu Hanxing felt a huge pain, his neck was about to be pinched, he couldn’t breathe, his sight began to disappear, and he would die.

At this moment, a shout came from behind, “Wayne!”

It was Tao Sanniang, this shout made Wayne Lin’s cold eyes, some fluctuations appeared, slowly, his eyes turned and began to regain consciousness.

He turned around and saw Tao Sanniang looking at him in fear and worry.

Chapter 406

Wayne Lin regained his consciousness, and his face changed a little. As soon as he loosened his right hand, Gu Hanxing fell to the ground. There was a smell of urine in the air. Gu Hanxing was actually so scared that he peeed his pants.

Tao Sanniang walked over cautiously and stared at Wayne Lin, “Wayne Lin, are you okay?”

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “I’m fine, did you scare you just now?”

Tao Sanniang nodded first, and then shook her head. Then she was sure that Wayne Lin had recovered her mind, and she threw herself into Wayne Lin’s arms like a swallow.

She was worried to death just now, and now Wayne Lin defeated Wu Meizi, she wept with joy, and hugged Wayne Lin tightly, her tears couldn’t stop.

Wayne Lin felt her emotions and was very distressed and moved. He put his arms around her backhand, patted her on the back, and said softly, “It’s all right, it’s all right.”

“Hmm…” Under Wayne Lin’s comfort, Tao Sanniang slowly relaxed, nodded vigorously, and took courage to kiss Wayne Lin’s lips, and said: “From now on, I will be you. You can’t abandon me.”

Wayne Lin stiffened, showing a wry smile.

At this moment, Gu Hanxing wanted to escape, Wayne Lin didn’t look back, kicked a stone beside his foot, and slammed it heavily on Gu Hanxing’s back. Gu Hanxing fell to the ground and screamed.

Wayne Lin walked over with a cold face, stepped on Gu Hanxing’s chest and looked down at him, “Gu Hanxing, I originally killed Brian Gu and planned to spare you a dog’s life, but you didn’t appreciate it and dared to call Wu Meizi to find him. Am I in trouble?”

Gu Hanxing was so scared that he was about to break his courage, and he trembled and begged for mercy, “Master Lin, Master Lin! You have a lot, let me go this time, I beg you, I really don’t want to die, oh oh… …”

Today is Gu Hanxing’s birthday, and the scene is unprecedented. Almost all the famous officials and nobles in G Province came to cheer. It was originally Gu Hanxing’s day, but because of Wayne Lin’s appearance, the situation was completely reversed. Gu Hanxing’s face was embarrassing. Up!

He can’t take care of these anymore, and now he is really scared, even Wu Meizi is not Wayne Lin’s opponent, then he has no chance of revenge. Now he just wants to live, he is still young and doesn’t want to die!

Wayne Lin squinted his eyes, looked at him coldly, and said, “Gu Hanxing, you should never do anything, you should attack the people around me and beat the Chu family so badly! You have already offended me. Bottom line.”

When Gu Hanxing heard this heartbroken, he quickly begged for mercy and explained, “Lin Ye, that was not what I meant, it was the idea of ​​a crazy woman like Wu Meizi, and it has nothing to do with me!”

Now he betrayed Wu Meizi unscrupulously.

More than three thousand people present, hearing his words, he now looks like he has no dignity and begs for mercy, they are very disdainful and contemptuous.

Wayne Lin sneered. Naturally, he would not believe Gu Hanxing’s nonsense, and it was even more unlikely that he would let Gu Hanxing go.

With one foot, Gu Hanxing ended his life in despair.

So far, the audience is silent!

Everyone’s eyes were horrified and demented, looking at Wayne Lin, looking at a god, a demon coming from hell.

Wayne Lin killed people in front of so many people. According to the law, he was going to die.

But everyone knows that Wayne Lin will not die, his future is unlimited!

Moreover, the forces of province g have completely shuffled from this moment.

The name Wayne Lin, born out of nowhere, became the strongest in Province G, without a doubt.

As for those because of Wu Mei

Zi’s warning, and those who chose to draw a clear line with Wayne Lin now regret that their intestines are green!

No, they are the wrong treasure. Who would have thought that Wayne Lin, who had just been promoted to the Innate Realm, would be so terrifying, even cutting Brian Gu and Wu Meizi.

Wayne Lin’s gaze crossed all of them. Everyone he saw had a heartbeat that was almost at the extreme, nervous and frightened, and quickly lowered their heads, not daring to look at Wayne Lin, for fear of making Wayne Lin angry. .

Now at Ouyang’s house, Yuntian Pavilion’s mood is extremely complicated. Ouyang Feng and Fan Lao’s mouth are bitter. They really hit their own feet by moving a rock this time!

Wayne Lin felt the heart movements of these people, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing an intriguing sneer.

“Let’s go.” Wayne Lin said to Tao Sanniang, and then began to leave.

Tao Sanniang Xiaoniao leaned back in Wayne Lin’s arms, nodded docilely, and left with Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin walked slowly and came out of the ruins. When passing the crowd, everyone who stood in front of him stepped back and gave him a five-meter-wide road for Wayne Lin to leave for fear of hindering Lin Zi. Ming.

“Wayne, what happened just now was a misunderstanding. In fact, Yuntian Pavilion has always been on your side!”

At this moment, a few people walked out, all of them from the top of the Yuntian Pavilion. Among them, Mr. Fan nodded and bowed to apologize, with an unprecedented humility.

Several other senior members of the Yuntian Pavilion also quickly explained that they hoped to restore relations with Wayne Lin.

But will Wayne Lin restore relations with them?

Naturally it is impossible.

He sneered, only faintly said two words, “Go away.”

The voice was very low, like a chat between friends, but everyone who fell in the Yuntian Pavilion was a thunderbolt from the blue sky, shaking their heads rumbling! His face became pale, especially fearful.

Even Fan Lao was frightened. His face was full of regret and panic. He had to ask Tao Sanniang for help and whispered: “Sanniang, can you help us speak? This is a misunderstanding between us.”

Tao Sanniang said with a cold expression, and said lightly: “There is nothing to say. I know what Yuntian Pavilion has done during this period of time better than anyone else.”

When Old Fan heard this, his face turned black, and the other people in Yuntian Pavilion were also very angry. Tao Sanniang, as a member of Yuntian Pavilion, did not speak for them, she was a traitor!

Even their eyes looked at Tao Sanniang with threats.

It’s just that these little movements of them, how can they hide Wayne Lin? I saw Wayne Lin snorted coldly, stepped on his right foot, and his strength exploded. With a bang, the hard floor was cracked by his foot, and the cracks spread to the Yuntian Pavilion and others. Finally, there was a bang, that look threatening Tao. Sanniang’s man, the tile under his feet exploded directly.

“From now on, Tao Sanniang is my person, whoever dares to move her is against me, and the end is just like a brick.”

Feeling the murderous intent emanating from Wayne Lin, all the people in the Yuntian Pavilion slammed their heads and quickly lowered their heads, not daring to speak any more.

On the other side, Ouyang Feng and others, who originally wanted to reconcile with Wayne Lin, immediately dispelled this idea.

Ouyang Xuehai slapped himself heavily, regretting it to the extreme!

Finally, Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang left the gymnasium under everyone’s gaze.

Everyone will never forget what happened tonight, and they know that Wayne Lin’s identity is completely different since tonight!

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