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Chapter 749

It’s not that Li Dao is arrogant, but that he has such confidence, because he has investigated the three places of Xuanyuan that is the most powerful, is their chief director Peng Zhuo, the fourth stage of the innate realm, but he has not reached the peak. And because Peng Zhuo’s qualifications can only be said to be mediocre, and he is a management team, he doesn’t have much time to practice, his true strength is definitely not much better.

As for the others, like Zhao Xia, Xiao Cangmang and others, they are even less worth mentioning.

This time the Kung Fu Cup is very important to China. It is very important to China. If you can stand out on it and make the Kung Fu Cup beautiful, then it will be a great achievement. Besides, this was not originally a difficult task, it was a sweet potato, and for such a fat man, it was actually assigned to three places of Xuanyuan to be responsible. Li Dao was really upset because he was from one place of Xuanyuan. .

In his opinion, this important task should be entrusted to Xuanyuan to perform.

However, this is an order directly issued from above. No matter how big his opinion is, he dare not refute it directly. What he can do is to follow General Qin, come to Province G, and humiliate Xuanyuansan at the reception banquet. After a meal, the many masters in Xuanyuan 3 were beaten to the ground. At that time, General Qin had reason to report to the above that Xuanyuan 3 was not able to take on this important task, so it was handed over to Xuanyuan. This is him and Qin. The general agreed.

Faced with this kind of thing, the people in Xuanyuan Three were naturally frustrated and gritted their teeth, but they were helpless because they had to admit the fact that Wayne Lin was not there, and they were indeed not Li Dao’s opponents. Of course, if they go together, they will definitely defeat Li Dao. But this is meaningless, even if you win, you lose.

They regret it now, and they called Wayne Lin to come with him if they knew it, and if Wayne Lin was there, where is this guy who is on the Li Dao?

When Li Dao saw that so many of them were dumbfounded, he became even more fascinated. He snorted and said, “You Xuanyuan three places, are you just this capable? Don’t even dare to go together, because you still have the face to dare to take it. The important task of holding the Kung Fu Cup!”

General Qin also came out and said, “Director Peng, this Kung Fu Cup is not trivial. It is related to the face of our country. From my point of view, since you are incapable and even instructor Li can’t beat you, you don’t want to swell your face. Director Peng, you are a smart person, you know, when the Kung Fu Cup is broken, you are a small Director, but you can’t take this responsibility. Therefore, as a friend, I suggest you to apply for it. Let this important task be given to Xuanyuan. This will benefit everyone.”

It can be said that they have not given any face at all, and other people have also fallen into trouble. On the surface, they are kindly persuading. In fact, they are disgusting and despising Xuanyuan 3 places. It suddenly makes the people in Xuanyuan 3 places look hard to see. pole!

“Li Dao, you don’t want to be arrogant! In the eyes of our chief instructor, your three-legged cat kung fu is not a table top at all!”

A senior could not help cursing immediately.

Sun Liang also continued: “General Qin, you don’t have to be hypocritical here! If we don’t have this strength in all three of Xuanyuan, then we won’t be in Xuanyuan one!”

Zhao Xia couldn’t help but said loudly, “Yes, our three most powerful chief instructors at Xuanyuan have not come yet, what are you arrogant about here!”

As he said these words, other people in the three places of Xuanyuan looked at him.

Sun Liang said in a low voice, “Old Zhao, what is the situation?

Tell Instructor Lin? “

Originally, Wayne Lin had not been notified of the reception. First, they did not expect that the people from Yandu would attack them in this way. Second, Wayne Lin was coming home. But never expected that such a thing would happen!

So they all regret it now. They knew that they would directly call Wayne Lin over and they would be able to slap Li Dao and General Qin in the face!

Zhao Xia nodded vigorously, and said in a deep voice: “Yesterday I specially invited Instructor Lin, just to beware of Li Dao’s coming!”

Suddenly, Peng Zhuo, Sun Liang and others lit up, and couldn’t wait to ask, “Then instructor Lin agreed?”

Zhao Xia nodded and said, “Yes, I said I will come.”

“Then why instructor Lin’s people haven’t arrived yet?”

Zhao Xia scratched his head, he was also very depressed, Wayne Lin hadn’t arrived yet.

On Li Dao’s side, he seemed impatient, and didn’t believe that there were any masters in Xuanyuan’s third place. In his opinion, it was entirely the pretense of Zhao Xia and others.

“Humph, I still had respect for the three places of Xuanyuan before, and thought that the three places of Xuanyuan were upright and upright, but now it seems that it is nothing more than a reputation!” Li Dao immediately said with a sneer, his tone full of disdain: ” I have to admit that your Xuanyuan 3rd place was indeed on the stage five years ago, but now, your Xuanyuan 3rd place is nothing more than a depilatory phoenix.”

“You keep saying that I can’t get on the table in front of your instructor Lin. You said that instructor Lin is very powerful. Let him come out if you have a kind. Let me see if he can beat my iron fist!”

Immediately after Li Dao finished speaking, there was a big guy next to him sneered, and yin and yang said strangely: “I said Lao Li, do you really believe it? If this surnamed Lin is really that powerful, it’s not too early. It appears, as for asking the tortoise to shrink up like this? I see, it’s just a lie made up by Xuanyuan three places.”

“Haha, isn’t it? The three places in Xuanyuan are nothing more than that. They are vulnerable. When that happens, we will go back and reflect on the above. The three places in Xuanyuan are too weak to hold the Kung Fu Cup.”

The people in Yandu Fang were all there mocking them, it can be said that they didn’t give them any face, making Peng Zhuo and the others gritted their teeth, their faces gloomy and terrible.

The Kung Fu Cup this time is a rare opportunity. If it is done well, it is indeed a great achievement. When the operation is completed, it is expected to restore the glory of Xuanyuan Three! But now, facing the ridicule of Li Dao and others, they are really angry and powerless. Who makes their fists not as hard as Li Dao!

Xiao Cangmang said in a deep voice, “Call Instructor Lin, let Instructor Lin come over and kill the grandson’s spirit!”

His words were approved by others, and they all looked forward to it. Wayne Lin could rush over as soon as possible. As long as Wayne Lin came, he would definitely be able to teach Li Dao and the others a lot.

Zhao Xia nodded, he took out his cell phone and dialed Wayne Lin’s number…

But soon, he heard the alert tone on the phone, his expression paled, “Instructor Lin, his cell phone can’t get through…”

Hearing this, Peng Zhuo and others shook their bodies, revealing despair.

Chapter 750

Peng Zhuo gritted his teeth and made a decision, “Since instructor Lin has not come, then I will guard the honor of Xuanyuan three places!”

Sun Liang said immediately: “But Chief Peng, you haven’t fully recovered from the injury you suffered last month. It’s not appropriate to face Li Dao now!”

Last month, when Peng Zhuo performed his mission, he was indeed injured by internal injuries. He has not been fully recuperated. If Peng Zhuo played, he would definitely increase his injuries. Besides, Li Dao’s original cultivation base was stronger than him. Playing, then it is no different from seeking a dead end!

Peng Zhuo smiled bitterly, and said, “Are there any other options besides me to play? None of you have reached the fourth stage of the Innate Realm.”

Everyone sighed heavily and their eyes darkened. Peng Zhuo was right. Now looking at the entire Xuanyuan three places, apart from Wayne Lin this abnormality, only Peng Zhuo was the master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. When they went up to fight with Li Dao, they would hit the stone with pebbles.

For an instant, they all became angry and hated why they were so incompetent. After practicing for so long, they still have this cultivation level!

Peng Zhuo made a decision. He took a step and made a huge change in his aura. He was no more than Li Dao. His eyes were filled with divine light and piercing. In that moment, the entire lobby was bright. a lot of.

“I’ll come!” Peng Zhuo walked up to Li Dao, fighting boldly, and did not evade Li Dao’s sharpness. As the chief director of Xuanyuan Third Division, at this time, the honor of Xuanyuan Third Division should be guarded by him. !

Li Dao laughed loudly, “Well, Peng Zhuo, you are finally willing to go off the court, I want to see, you, the so-called Xuanyuan, carry the handles in three places. How many catties are you!”

After speaking, he raised his momentum and directly overwhelmed Peng Zhuo, making Peng Zhuo feel the tremendous pressure.

At this moment, everyone in the three places of Xuanyuan was extremely heavy, because they knew that Peng Zhuo was definitely not an opponent, and Peng Zhuo was just to protect the honor of the three places of Xuanyuan.

However, just at this moment, when the war was about to start, the closed door was pushed open, and a slender man walked in, “Peng Chu, deal with this kind of young man, it’s not for your old man to play in person. “

What came in was a tall young man with a good-looking appearance, and he walked in without haste, full of charm. At this moment, everyone’s eyes were involuntarily attracted to him.

“Instructor Lin!”

The people in the three places of Xuanyuan saw the appearance of Wayne Lin, and they were stunned for a while, and then they all got excited, clenched their fists, like a drowning person, they found the straw, and they all exclaimed.

“Great! It’s Instructor Lin!”

“Hahaha, I know that instructor Lin will not abandon us. Now that instructor Lin is on the stage, what is a small sword?”

“Of course, I don’t look at who instructor Lin is. A martial arts genius who is rare in a thousand years, who is less than 30 years old and has achieved great congenital realm! You can slap Li Dao to death with one slap!”

“This Li Dao is over! Hahaha…”

At the same time, the people on Yandu’s side also found Wayne Lin and frowned.

Regarding Wayne Lin’s appearance, they had seen the photos when they were in Yandu, but they didn’t care much, because they didn’t believe that there would be Dzogchen masters in the world who were less than 30 years old!

But isn’t it? It’s like someone said to them that a three-year-old child, who is already the world’s top scientist, can win the Nobel Prize. It is a complete fantasy. In their view, it is nothing more than a lie made up by the three places of Xuanyuan to get ahead. It is the same concept as the God-making movement.


Li Dao stared at Wayne Lin. At first he was a little bit jealous. After all, the excitement of Zhao Xia, Sun Liang and others just now didn’t look like a joke, but when he saw Wayne Lin clearly, he was really young. It’s unbelievable, and the aura on the body is not strong, and it will be the fourth stage of the innate realm if it is dead, and it is still the kind that has just entered the fourth stage.

For such strength, he can beat with three punches and two kicks.

So he was not scared at all, but instead folded his arms around his chest and stared at Wayne Lin with a smile.

The main purpose of his coming this time was to ruthlessly break the myth that Xuanyuan had boasted about in three places, so as to prove his power.

“Instructor Lin, it’s great that you came.”

Seeing Wayne Lin, Peng Zhuo breathed a sigh of relief and found the backbone.

Unconsciously, Wayne Lin has become the backbone of the three places of Xuanyuan. As long as Wayne Lin is there, they will feel very at ease. Especially, after Wayne Lin personally defeated Lei Zhen on Junlin Mountain, the people in the three places of Xuanyuan had more confidence in him, and even brought awe!

Wayne Lin nodded his head. He simply looked at the atmosphere at the scene and he probably knew what happened just now.

Li Dao squinted at Wayne Lin, his tone was very frivolous, with a lofty attitude, he did not put Wayne Lin in his eyes at all, and said arrogantly: “Little baby, you are a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen who is less than 30 years old. You Xuanyuan three places will be hype, saying more than singing, I don’t think you Xuanyuan three places are responsible for national security, go to the entertainment industry.”

Hearing what he said, everyone at Yandu made joking noises, haha ​​mocking.

The third place of Xuanyuan and the others gritted their teeth again and were very annoyed. They especially expected Wayne Lin to show off his might and sternly teach these gangsters, it was too much!

Wayne Lin didn’t feel anything, and the expression on his face had not changed.

“Looking at you, I think I’m very powerful, don’t you pay attention to Xuanyuan three places?” Wayne Lin asked with a smile.

Li Dao sneered disdainfully, “It’s not what I think, but the fact that you Xuanyuan three places have already fallen. Since they have fallen, you should be self-knowing and shrink up! How big your head is and how big your hat is, This Kung Fu Cup is so important, can you Xuanyuan three can afford this important task! Cut!”

He looked like this, really the principal and arrogant, it made people uncomfortable to see it, Wayne Lin didn’t hate him at all, but now, he is starting to be upset.

Sun Liang immediately couldn’t help but cursed: “Li Dao, you are so scared! Now instructor Lin is here, it is easy to teach you! I advise you to obediently apologize to our Xuanyuan three places, otherwise, wait for instructor Lin to take action. One trick can defeat you!”

Zhao Xia also said, “Yes, Li Dao! Your three-legged cat skills are not enough in front of our instructor Lin. You’d better apologize now. When Wayne Lin takes the shot, you will have no chance. Instructor Lin, One slap can knock you over.”

The other people in the three places of Xuanyuan now had the courage and started to fight back. All kinds of taunts made Li Dao’s face very ugly, and even the people who came with Yandu became annoyed.

“Li Dao, talk nonsense with them, just shoot, and slap this little kid!”

“Yeah, Lao Li, you shot and beat this man named Lin to cry!”

“f*ck him, instructor Li…”

Li Dao also began to get annoyed and looked at Wayne Lin coldly, “Boy, you angered me. Now, kneel down and apologize to me, I can spare your life, otherwise, there will be a dead end!”

Chapter 751

As Li Dao said this sentence, his aura became stronger and stronger, as if it had condensed into substance, making people unable to breathe. Even Peng Zhuo raised his brows fiercely, feeling huge. The pressure caused by heart palpitations.

As for the others, it goes without saying.

One by one, like a big enemy, sweating with big drops.

But isn’t it? In the Innate Realm, every other stage, the gap produced is huge, and the Li Dao is the peak state in the fourth stage of the Inborn Realm. For Zhao Xia and the others, The pressure is conceivable.

And the ones below the third stage of Innate Realm, let alone, they didn’t even dare to look at Li Dao.

Everyone in the Yandu camp showed cruel smiles. They knew that Li Dao was powerful. Even in places like Yandu, they were still ranked as the kings of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. Dealing with the little one, Wayne Lin, was not a matter of grasping.

For a time, they all looked at Wayne Lin like a clown.

Wayne Lin laughed immediately, “A dead end? Even if it is the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm, I dare not say such things in front of me. You are a small fourth stage of the Inborn Realm, an ant-like character, dare to stand in front of me. Let go of the words.”

Then, he turned his head and said to Peng Zhuo: “Chief Peng, this guy, I’ll kill him, will it make it difficult for you?”

Wayne Lin’s words are calm and calm, as if they were just talking about an extremely ordinary thing, as if they were saying, I slap this fly to death, and it won’t make it difficult for you to do it.

Peng Zhuo was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect Wayne Lin to ask him that way. His first reaction was that Wayne Lin was joking, but when he saw Wayne Lin’s eyes carefully, it didn’t seem like he was joking, but he was serious. Suddenly, his heartbeat accelerated a lot. He swallowed and said, “It’s better to be merciful, and teach him a little lesson.”

Peng Zhuo was really scared. Wayne Lin directly killed Li Dao on impulse. Even if Li Dao was arrogant and defiant just now, he would still be a member of the military department. If Li Dao was shot directly to death, Wayne Lin There will still be big troubles.

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Okay, I see.”

When everyone saw this scene, they couldn’t help but be stunned. They felt that Wayne Lin was too arrogant…No, it can’t be described as arrogant, but absolutely arrogant, defiant, and even to Li Dao. Five great humiliations!

Li Dao immediately twitched the corners of his mouth twice. As the master of the fourth stage of the dignified Innate Realm, even in Yandu, he is a well-known big man. He entered the military department when he was more than ten years old, and is now forty. How many years old, 30 years old, I don’t know how many contributions he has made, let alone how many people have been killed and how many forces have been deterred.

But he had never been so humiliated before, and he was actually humiliated by a little Maotou who was less than 30 years old!

In an instant, his chest was filled with endless anger, and his eyes suddenly became red and bloodshot. He coldly Wayne Lin, clenched his fist, made a clicking sound, matching his expression and The momentum can be said to be very terrifying, it is completely a volcano about to erupt!

The presence suddenly fell silent, almost everyone was shocked by his appearance, and stepped back subconsciously.

Anyone who knows him knows that his performance is truly angered and murderous towards Wayne Lin!

He was so angry that he smiled, showing a cruel and hideous smile, “Okay, very good, very good! Wayne Lin, the chief instructor of Xuanyuan No. 3, right? You have a kind! I haven’t been humiliated like this for a long time. Now, you are the first man Lao Tzu has encountered in the past ten years!”

Faced with his threat, Wayne Lin didn’t even blink his eyes, still had a faint smile on his face, and didn’t put him in his eyes at all.

Just kidding, Wayne Lin is now the first person in the Congenital Realm of Great Perfection. Even Jian Rushuang has been defeated by him, and he can’t get out of the God Realm. Who is his opponent? Not to mention the small Li Dao, but the ants in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, even if they were the Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, Wayne Lin didn’t care about them, and dared to fight him and crushed them directly.

It is not that Wayne Lin is arrogant, but that he has such strength!

“Li Dao is really hot, this man named Lin is going to die!”

“Yeah, Lao Li is here for real. I remember the last time he showed this expression. It was ten years ago. At that time, an S-level powerhouse in the beautiful country provoked Lao Li in such a way, and he was killed on the spot. Li slapped him to death and turned into a pile of mud! Now this guy seems to be the third stage of the Innate Realm. In front of Lao Li, he is an ant-like character who dares to provoke Lao Li in this way. Where is his courage.”

“Then it goes without saying, it must have been the crazy hype of Xuanyuan 3rd place during this period of time, making him the first master of the younger generation, and he is also known as the innate realm of great perfection who is less than 30 years old. Well, a genius who is rare in a thousand years, so he believes it, and floats away.”

“The analysis is very reasonable. It seems that this is the case. It is a pity that this guy provokes someone bad, and actually provokes Lao Li, the whole Yandu, who doesn’t know that Lao Li is notoriously irritable, now He provokes Lao Li, isn’t he looking for death!”

“Look at it, Lao Li definitely can’t spare him. He has broken his hands and feet. Abolishing the cultivation base is the lightest. When I saw that Xuanyuan three places were willing to protect people.”

At this moment, the camp of Yandu came to lively discussions, gloating at Wayne Lin and the people in Xuanyuan three places happily. In their opinion, Wayne Lin was already dead, even Xuanyuan would be affected in all three places.

At this moment, Lao Li turned his head and said to General Qin: “General Qin, I want to kill him.”

He was asking General Qin, just like Wayne Lin just now, but he got a different answer. General Qin nodded and said, “No problem.”

When Lao Li heard this, his eyes brightened and he became even more excited. In his eyes, there was a scary red light, which looked particularly scary, and he licked his lips and looked at Wayne Lin. As if looking at a prey.

“Boy, you are dead. No one has ever been in front of me, so arrogant!” Li Dao stared at Wayne Lin with lightning, full of murderous intent. This murderous intent is so strong that everyone in Xuanyuan three places behind Wayne Lin , Shuddering.

But Wayne Lin smiled, and stretched out a finger to Li Dao, and said, “One move.”

“Huh?” Li Dao expressed doubts.

Wayne Lin continued: “With one move, I will defeat you, otherwise I will lose.”

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