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Chapter 116

Alma Chu was struggling, calling, trying to make her own voice hard, but it was useless.

These relatives who usually get along well with her are now turned into demons, wanting to bite her flesh and blood, wishing her death.

At this moment, Alma Chu was extremely helpless and panicked. She had never experienced such a thing before, why she was a family member, and there was no reason to do this to her. Obviously Sean Chu provoked this basket, but now it has become her fault?

If it weren’t for Sean Chu to go to gambling selfishly and move so much money from the company, would it be impossible to make the company look like this?

She kept telling herself not to cry, not to admit defeat, and to be strong.

However, she really couldn’t do it. At this time, she didn’t have anything to ask for help, she didn’t have any hands to hold, there was only herself between heaven and earth.

Even in a panic, I don’t know who slapped her back.

A loud slap broke her hair.

“Kill you selfish and vicious woman!”

When she heard this voice, she raised her head suddenly, and saw the younger sister who was standing in front of her, who had just called her in. At this moment, the other party was gritting her teeth and looking at her like her father and enemy.

Alma Chu’s heart and liver trembled, and it was difficult for her to accept this fact.

She was so kind to the other party, supported her step by step and taught her so much knowledge. It is no exaggeration to say that if it were not for her, the other party would not have grown to this level, let alone join the board of directors!

But now, the other party dared to hit her…

In an instant, the tears that Alma Chu had finally held back came out again.

“Yanping, why are you doing this? I have never done anything to be sorry for you.” Alma Chu asked her soul.

However, the other party gritted his teeth and said: “Alma Chu! You still have the face to ask me that the entire Chu family has been destroyed by you! You destroy the Chu family, you are ruining my future, and you are my enemy!”

Alma Chu gritted her teeth, she shook her body twice, almost unable to stand firmly.

Other people have the same expression.

She lowered her head and tried to close her mouth, not letting herself make a sound, but the tears couldn’t be controlled, and they fell drop by drop.


At this time, Thompson Chu, who had been watching coldly for a long time, finally spoke.

He was still the most majestic in the Chu family. He spoke and immediately calmed everyone down and stopped attacking Alma Chu, just staring at Alma Chu with vicious eyes.

Thompson Chu said again: “Kneel down.”

Alma Chu’s body trembled again, she raised her head and looked at Thompson Chu unconvincedly and said, “Grandpa, I don’t kneel, I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Thompson Chu slapped the table with a slap on the table, an angry face appeared on his cold face, and he said loudly, “Laughter! Alma Chu, at this level, you still have not pleaded guilty. I really think I can’t cure you, right? I! Say it again, kneel down to me!”

Thompson Chu’s voice is very loud. He has practiced martial arts. Although his physical strength has declined in old age, he still has more energy than most people. The voice is loud and penetrating, and it is directly transmitted outside. Let many employees outside talk gossiping.

Alma Chu became more heartbroken, but she still did not give in.

Because she thinks she has done nothing wrong, it is not that she is not saved! She just did what she thought was right.

“I did nothing wrong, I don’t kneel!” Alma Chu was still so stubborn.

However, Thompson Chu’s expression became even more ugly. He cursed loudly, “It’s unreasonable, it’s your turn, and you won’t even listen to me! Come on, hold her down for me, she won’t kneel anymore. , I interrupted her leg!”

Immediately, two adult men walked over and pressed Alma Chu’s shoulders to force her to kneel and confess her guilt.

Alma Chu struggled, and she said loudly: “Grandpa, why do you want me to kneel? The second time the Chu family’s funds broke, it was not my fault, it was clearly Sean Chu’s fault! You should ask him for his sin, why Take me to blame! He is your grandson, am I not your grandson anymore?!”

To be honest, Alma Chu was really unconvinced at this moment, very unwilling, even if her grandfather interrupted her leg, she would not plead guilty. Because she did nothing wrong, it was Sean Chu who was wrong!

Sean Chu immediately walked out from one side, knelt down in front of Thompson Chu, and said loudly, “Grandpa! I admit that the last time I moved the company’s funds to pay off debts was my fault, I damn it! Because of this, I’m right. Family, you feel so ashamed of Grandpa, you have trouble sleeping and eating. I know I have done something wrong, so I desperately want to save and make atonement for my fault! So I kept running around during that time, looking for people everywhere, I didn’t know how to drink How many wines, how many times I vomited, how many nights I suffered, and how many crimes I suffered! Fortunately, the Emperor paid off, and I finally got on the line of Huang Wenhua, urging the three-inch tongue, and spent a lot of time and Kung Fu, I ate more than 100,000 when I invited him to dinner! I finally convinced him to spend 100 million to finance our company.”

“One hundred million! Full one hundred million, and they only need 40% of our shares, and they will use his resources to open up sales for our company. It is conceivable how good this is. With this money, our Chu family can definitely be reborn from nirvana and move towards new glory.”

“I have done everything well, only the last item is left. I only need Alma Chu to accompany Huang Wenhua once! But in the end, she actually offended Huang Wenhua for her own selfish desires and cut this road! Now Huang Wenhua said that even if our Chu family gave him 90% of the shares, he would not pay anymore.”

“Grandpa, tell me, whose fault is this!”

Sean Chu was cleverly tongue-tied, and his words were extremely pleasant. At first glance, they seemed to be very logical, impeccable, and reasonable. But if you analyze it carefully, it is totally unreasonable.

However, at this time, everyone’s emotions were very agitated, their minds were not clear, and they all threw the pot on Alma Chu collectively and would not analyze it at all. In other words, they also think that this time Huang Wenhua divested the Chu family in a precarious situation, and it was Alma Chu’s fault!

After Thompson Chu listened, his face became even more ugly, and he slapped on the table again, pointing at Alma Chu’s nose and cursing: “What else do you have to say!”

Alma Chu understood that at this time, no matter what she said was useless, because they had already confirmed it and it was her fault.

She closed her eyes, and tears fell silently.

Then he said, “It seems that it’s useless for me to say anything. Don’t you just want to raise money? I can ask Situ Nan, who is willing to put out money to raise money.”

Hearing this, everyone was stunned for a moment, and then their expressions became loose, and some people showed excitement.

“Really?” Thompson Chu asked, “Situ Nan is back?”

Alma Chu didn’t want to explain so much, she just nodded lightly, and then began to call Situ Nan.

Chapter 117

When everyone saw her calling, they all quieted down, for fear that a little noise might affect the conversation between Alma Chu and Situ Nan.

For them now, they are desperate.

Frankly speaking, they are not many capable people. They have been living on the snort of Centec. They have paid dividends every year. They can live well, and they are also relatively rich in the circle.

But once Centec goes bankrupt and they lose this dividend, most of their financial resources are gone, and they suddenly become paupers, which is something they cannot accept!

People are like this, it is easy to change from frugality to luxury, but it is difficult to change from luxury to frugality.

So when they knew that Sean Chu had made a large investment but was made pornographic by Alma Chu, they all regarded Alma Chu as an enemy!

To put it an exaggeration, if the murder was not illegal, they would even kill Alma Chu to relieve their anger.

The Chu family is not a big family, but it is guilty of the problems of the big family, that is, it is indifferent, only benefits, and whoever affects the family’s benefits is the enemy.

The call got through, and Situ Nan’s voice came, “Alma?”

Situ Nan received a call from Alma Chu and was a little surprised, and hurriedly made a’hush’ gesture to the person next to the bed to keep the other party silent, and then began to walk aside and listen to the call.

Alma Chu took a deep breath and said, “Brother Situ, you promised me last time that you would invest 50 million yuan in our company and buy 30% of the shares, do you remember?”

Hearing this sentence, Situ Nan’s brows frowned, and the smile on his face suddenly became cold and gloomy.

It’s really not a pot to mention which pot, how can he put out 50 million to invest now!

Not to mention whether he can get the money out, but the business itself is not cost-effective. The Chu family’s Shengke Company is not a big company in the first place. To put it bluntly, it is just a lighting factory. All add up to three. For the value of 40 million, his brain is watts, and he will spend 50 million to invest, and only 30% of the shares.

He said this before, just to please Alma Chu, so that Alma Chu can be taken down.

Besides, he just went to see the Chou Ye yesterday and gave him a large sum of money to buy Wayne Lin’s life. Now he will not spend 50 million to finance Centec.

So he immediately said embarrassedly: “Well, I’m a little tight lately, and I can’t get that much money.”

Alma Chu was taken aback, and then she immediately became nervous, “Ah? Brother Situ, but you said before that you are willing to put out 50 million to invest. It has only been two days, so why is your hand tight?”

Situ Nan’s tone calmed down, “Alma, are you suspicious of me?”

“Brother Situ, I didn’t mean that!” Alma Chu quickly apologized, and then said: “Big Brother Situ, how much money can you put in? Our Chu family is now more difficult and we need your help.”

When she said this, Alma Chu felt very uncomfortable, like a needle. What a proud person she is, it is really a great challenge for her to say this. !

She felt her cheeks become hot.

In the conference room, the others also held their breaths, opened their eyes wide, and listened respectfully.

However, Situ Nan snorted and did not answer Alma Chu’s question directly. Instead, he said in a ridiculous voice: “Alma, you don’t actually need to find me? Your Wayne Lin is not very capable. Well. Thirty million Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain, if you say that you fell, you can find him.”

Because Alma Chu turned on the speaker, Situ Nan’s voice on the phone reached everyone, stunned them all.

what’s the situation?

Wayne Lin’s waste actually had a Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain worth 30 million yuan, and it was broken?

All of a sudden, their expressions became wonderful!

Even if they don’t believe it is true anymore, they hear 30 million

This number still feels very distressed.

Damn, even if their Chu family’s company is worth about 40 million yuan in total.

When Alma Chu heard this, her mood became even more complicated. She bit her lip tightly, and she was about to bite it!

Yes, Wayne Lin, who obviously had 30 million blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty, was smashed. This was a chance to save the Chu family!

“Brother Situ, Wayne Lin’s blue and white porcelain has been broken, and it only sold for 150,000. So he can’t help me, the only person who can help me is you. Looking at our many years of friendship, you can help me. , Is it okay?” Alma Chu said these words almost enduring sobbing, hushed.

Situ Nan also felt her low sigh. At this moment, he felt very happy. Fortunately, Alma Chu, you have always been arrogant, have always been very high and cold, don’t you dismiss me, why are you sullen to me now? Up?

“Oh, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but that I really have a tight hand. I have all the money in my hand to invest. I really can’t help you!” Situ Nan pretended to say, his heart was already crooked, and suddenly , He thought of something, and clapped his hands and said, “That’s right! Didn’t Wayne Lin say to give you 100 million last time and give you a gift? What else? He has been married to you for four years and didn’t give it. I’ve passed your decent gift, and now I’ll just take out 100 million to give it to you in one sigh. It’s awesome! I know a lot of business tycoons, many wealthy and powerful people, none of them are so generous. Yi Yi sent his wife, tsk tsk, this feeling is moving!”

When everyone heard this, their expressions became even more exciting.

Of course it couldn’t be excitement, but a gloomy expression, they naturally wouldn’t believe that Wayne Lin could come up with 100 million. Don’t say one hundred million, it is ten thousand yuan, and most of it can’t be taken out by Wayne Lin’s ability to waste.

They all guessed that when Wayne Lin said this, he must have pretended to be forced in front of Situ Nan. Unfortunately, this is not a pretense, but a fool!

Alma Chu’s breathing started quickly, almost squeezing words from between her teeth, smiling on her face, but it was uglier than crying, and said, “Brother Situ, don’t be kidding! Wayne Lin is just an ordinary person. It’s madness, how could it be possible to get so much money!”

“Yes, then I don’t know.” Situ Nan said with a sneer, “I won’t tell you anymore, I still have business to discuss!”

“Wait a minute, Brother Situ!” Alma Chu hurriedly stopped him.

Situ Nan didn’t hung up in a hurry, “Is there anything else?”

Alma Chu gritted her teeth and said, “Brother Situ, how are you willing to help me?”

Situ Nan smiled and said, “It’s not impossible to help you. When will you ask Wayne Lin to kneel and kowtow to me and call me a hundred grandpa, I will help you.”

“Brother Situ…” Before Alma Chu finished speaking, Situ Nan had already hung up the phone.

After he hung up the phone, the meeting room became agitated again, and everyone suddenly exploded.

“What? Wayne Lin’s Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain worth 30 million yuan was actually broken by him?!”

“What kind of prodigal is this, brain-dead!”

“Thirty million, thirty million!”

“Situ Nan didn’t say just now. As long as Wayne Lin kowtows to him, he can use the money to invest in us, so let Wayne Lin do it!”

“Yes, call Wayne Lin quickly!”

“Wayne Lin, this trash, I’m afraid I won’t agree?”

“Hmph, dare he agree? You have to tie him over!”

A group of people started clamoring to tie Wayne Lin and order Alma Chu to call Wayne Lin…

Alma Chu was embarrassed, to be honest, she didn’t want to do this.

But the pressure on her from the family was too great, and her mind was not clear at this moment.

Just when she was about to make a call, suddenly, the door of the meeting room was opened, and a familiar figure walked in. It wasn’t anyone, it was Wayne Lin.

Chapter 118

His appearance caused everyone in the conference room to fall into silence.

No one thought that Wayne Lin would appear at this time.

Including Alma Chu, she was stunned on the spot, staring at Wayne Lin in astonishment.

“You don’t need to look for me, I’m here.” Wayne Lin said in a deep voice after coming in. He glanced around and saw the position in the conference room, and he probably knew what had just happened. Especially, when he saw the five-fingerprint on Alma Chu’s face, he became even more angry, “Who beat Alma, stand up for me!”

Wayne Lin seldom gets angry in front of the relatives of the Chu family. He has always been very gentle. This is his patience and courtesy. But now, when he saw the five fingerprints on Alma Chu’s face and Alma Chu’s panic, it was obvious that he had experienced some oppression, how could he calm down!

Since his grandfather passed away, he has no relatives in this world, so he came to Chu’s family, even though his life was very awkward and cautious. However, inwardly, he slowly felt a sense of belonging. Although Alma Chu was always mean to him, he could feel that Alma Chu still had feelings for him. It can be said that Alma Chu is his only relative in this world, and the only person to guard!

Now that he saw that Alma Chu was being bullied like this, his small universe broke out immediately.

And his anger was a different feeling to the many Chu family members in the conference room. They all became nervous and panicked in an instant. Wayne Lin showed too much majesty at this moment, and they seemed to face each other. What a big shot!

Is this still the wasteful son-in-law they know?

However, Wayne Lin’s aura didn’t last long, he walked quickly to Alma Chu and asked concerned: “Alma, are you okay? I’m sorry I’m late.”

Alma Chu’s eyes were a little dazed. It was not just Sean Chu and the others, but also the powerful aura that Wayne Lin showed just now, and she felt it very strange.

“Why are you here?” After Alma Chu came back to her senses, she saw Wayne Lin’s worried and caring look, where there was still the majestic and majestic look just now, she couldn’t help shook her head and laughed at herself for hallucinations, Wayne Lin It’s just an ordinary person from the country, where is the aura of a big man!

Not to mention, she saw a trace of Chairman Zi Qiong’s shadow on Wayne Lin just now!

She must be too tense, emotionally unstable, and too eager for Chairman Zi Qiong’s rescue, which led to the hallucinations!

Yes, it must be so.

Wayne Lin didn’t know what Alma Chu was thinking. He said softly: “Of course I want to come, otherwise you have been bullied by them.”

Alma Chu’s mouth moved, and just about to speak, there was a scolding voice, “Wayne Lin! You are so bold! You dare to break into the board of directors, what do you think you are?”

The person who stood up to speak was Sean Chu. He turned into anger. He was bluffed by Wayne Lin’s trash just now. This is a shame to him!

Not only him, but everyone else also had the same mentality, all of them became irritated, thinking that they were too embarrassing, and they would be frightened by Wayne Lin, and they all pointed the finger at Wayne Lin.

“Sean Chu is right, Wayne Lin, what is your status, you are just a waste son-in-law of my Chu family, a dog, who gave you the courage to break into the board of directors! I know, Alma Chu must have instructed you to come over. Yeah! Well, you Alma Chu, I knew you were a gangster. I didn’t expect you to be so extraordinary! Don’t take the company at all, don’t take the company in the eyes!”

“It’s shameful, it’s shameful!”

“In my opinion, this kind of mess should be expelled from the Chu family!”

They screamed, regardless of whether they were green, red, or white, they buckled Alma Chu and Wayne Lin’s feces bowls, and what they said was more awkward than each.

On the side, Sean Chu sneered, terribly happy, he

I have always hated Alma Chu and Wayne Lin, but now that they are besieged, I am naturally very relieved.

In this regard, Wayne Lin did not have any psychological fluctuations, and he had no feelings for the Chu Family. If it were not for Alma Chu, he would not even have the desire to come here.

But for Alma Chu, these people in the conference room are all her relatives, elders, brothers and sisters, and they are in harmony during the Chinese New Year. But now, it has become an enemy. She is a sentimental person, facing this situation, she can be said to be extremely uncomfortable.

Wayne Lin felt Alma Chu’s sadness. He held Alma Chu’s hand tightly, gave her a bright and sunny smile, and said softly: “Alma, you don’t have to be sad, they are all beasts, not worthy of you To be sad. Also, I promised you that if I would protect you, I would definitely protect you.”

Alma Chu didn’t believe him, and said angrily: “Wayne Lin, didn’t I warn you that you are not allowed to come over? Why are you coming over? You have to go against me, even you have to come to see if I am embarrassed!”

Facing Alma Chu’s emotions, Wayne Lin was not angry, he still kept smiling, and always responded with gentleness and forgiveness to Alma Chu, “Alma, trust me this time, okay?”

Wayne Lin is too gentle now, too Su, Alma Chu was touched, moved, her cold heart was filled with a warm current, biting her lips, she couldn’t say anything to complain about Wayne Lin for a while. Only deep in her heart, she still doesn’t believe in Wayne Lin…

Seeing that Alma Chu’s emotions were relatively calm, Wayne Lin began to look at the people in the conference room, instantly becoming cold and gloomy, and said, “Who beat Alma just now, stand up for me.”

At this moment, there was once again an invisible aura emanating from Wayne Lin’s body.

Although it was not as fierce as when he came in just now, it made people feel scared, but it was also full of invisible pressure, which made them feel very uncomfortable, and their heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably.

What’s happening here? Why would I be a little afraid of Wayne Lin? Is something wrong?

Such questions and incomprehension appeared in everyone’s minds. They had never seen Wayne Lin like this. They were very uncomfortable and felt that their majesty had been provoked, which was intolerable.

Sean Chu was the first one to stand up and say, “How to drop it? Wayne Lin, do you dare to initiate power on the board of directors? You really don’t know who you are. How many catties are you?”

Because of his hatred of Wayne Lin, he was the first to break free of Wayne Lin’s aura pressure, stand up, stare at Wayne Lin coldly, and say with disdain.

With his break, the others slowly returned to their normal state, and they were also staring at Wayne Lin.

At this moment, Wayne Lin stepped forward and cleverly blocked Alma Chu behind him. All the pressure was borne by him alone, and Alma Chu felt more relaxed than ever.

She was behind, looking at Wayne Lin’s back, not knowing why, she had an unprecedented sense of security.

Moreover, in Wayne Lin’s body, she felt the taste of Chairman Zi Qiong more and more…

Several times, her eyes started to look trance.

Wayne Lin stared at Sean Chu coldly and suddenly smiled, “You beat Alma?”

Sean Chu particularly hated Wayne Lin’s posture. He was obviously just a door-to-door son-in-law of his Chu family, a dog, but now he dared to be arrogant in front of his master, angered him, and laughed and said, “Yes, I did it. , What’s the matter, you dare to retaliate…”

Before he finished speaking, he felt a flower in front of him. In the next moment, he was slapped in the face. The kind that was very hard, with a crisp sound, directly slapped him in place. The ground fell to the ground.

In the meeting room, all of a sudden fell into absolute silence!

They all looked at Wayne Lin incredulously, this trash son-in-law, dare to beat people in front of so many of them? ? ?

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