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Chapter 683

what’s the situation? Hearing Wayne Lin’s voice, everyone was stunned.

Next, they saw a shocking scene.

I saw the dust slowly dissipating, showing the scene in it. I saw Wayne Lin standing with his hands on his hands. Although he was injured, he didn’t look embarrassed. Fan Zhengping got up from the ground, his clothes in rags, and he already had Many injuries, a decline and unwillingness.

Obviously, Fan Zhengping was defeated and lost to Wayne Lin!

This result stunned all of them, and couldn’t believe it was true!


Peng Zhuo’s eyes widened, and his eyes couldn’t hide the shock, although he knew that Wayne Lin was also in the congenital realm of Dzogchen, at the same realm as Fan Zhengping. However, Fan Zhengping is a well-known living king. In the past two decades, how many earth-shattering things Fan Zhengping has done, and now he is actually defeated by Wayne Lin!

Wayne Lin only broke through to the congenital realm of Dzogchen some time ago.

Subversion, really subverted.

Even Peng Zhuo had a numb scalp, let alone other people, especially for Zhong Tao and others, it was an extremely strong blow!

“Fan, he actually lost?”

“No, it’s impossible, how could this be possible, Fan Chu is an absolute king, how could he lose to the young man Wayne Lin…”

Fan Zhengping stared at Wayne Lin fiercely. The shock in his heart was the greatest. Just now in the fight against Wayne Lin, he used all his best to do everything possible, and he still lost to Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin’s strength is too strong, especially the ability to learn. The farther behind, Wayne Lin’s moves are more sophisticated. He loses step by step, and when he reacts, he has no strength to fight back!

“You, what kind of evildoer are you!” Fan Zhengping now has no calmness, but is full of shock and disbelief.

Now he began to believe that Wayne Lin had seen the military god, because Wayne Lin was too enchanting. He had such strength before he was thirty years old. How could the country be willing to obliterate such a talent!

No wonder Wayne Lin was so calm from beginning to end!

“Damn it!” Fan Zhengping yelled, not Wayne Lin, but Zhong Tao and Luo Hongyang. If it weren’t for these two idiots, he wouldn’t come to Xuanyuan to arrest people. If it succeeds, it’s okay. Anyway, the order from the peak didn’t come down. Wayne Lin is indeed a sinner, but now he has lost, his face is scandalized, and if it spreads out, he becomes a laughingstock!

Wayne Lin seemed to be smiling but not smiling, apparently seeing his thoughts clearly, “You, the chief of Xuanyuan No. 2 Office, was urged by two subordinates. I really admire you. Do you think I don’t know that I am responsible for the crime? Come back, just waiting for your jumping clown to appear. However, I still have to thank you for helping me complete the test.”

Fan Zhengping is a wise man. He immediately wanted to understand when he heard this. He was immediately angry again. His feelings were deceived by him. He became a tool for the military god to test Wayne Lin!

In an instant, even with his xinxing, he couldn’t help but get angry, gritted his teeth and almost ran away.

Thinking of him, Fan Zhengping was in the hands of Wayne Lin for half his life, so damn it!

But he didn’t dare to do anything anymore, snorted heavily and was about to leave.

Wayne Lin stopped him and said, “Fan Zhengping, where are you going?”

Fan Zhengping stared at him and said: “Wayne Lin, I admit that you have two brushes. This time I underestimated the enemy. I will spare you for the time being. However, Shangfeng’s temper is not as good as mine. Order down,

You are doomed! “

“Hahahaha.” Wayne Lin laughed loudly as if he heard a big joke, “Fan Zhengping, at this point, you have to give me this set. I really thought I was young and I was a soft persimmon. People knead?”

At this moment, Wayne Lin’s momentum was released, covering the audience, completely overwhelming Fan Zhengping.

Fan Zhengping frowned, he had a bad feeling in his heart, if Wayne Lin really wanted to embarrass him, he really had nothing to do.

Now that he was injured, his combat power was less than half, but Wayne Lin only consumed some physical strength, really tore his face, and he would still suffer by then.

Zhong Tao got Fan Zhengping’s wink. He immediately stood up and shouted loudly: “Wayne Lin, you are young and ambitious, and you need to be an inch! Fan is broad-minded, just click and stop, let you take one step, you think you have won I tell you, you committed a heinous crime, when Shangfeng orders it, you will only have a dead end!”

Wayne Lin glared at him and said a noise, then his body moved and rushed towards Zhong Tao.

This time, it was Thunder Wanjun, almost instantly in front of Zhong Tao.

Suddenly, Zhong Tao felt that the sky was about to collapse, and an unprecedented sense of crisis emerged in his heart. He immediately panicked and shouted, “Wayne Lin, do you dare to…”

However, before he could finish his words, he snapped, Wayne Lin slapped him on the face, slapped him in the face, knocked him out, flipped a few somersaults in the air, and when he fell down, half Zhang’s face was swollen, and one tooth was broken.

“What kind of ant are you, dare you yell at me?” Wayne Lin said coldly.

The audience was silent again.

Wayne Lin’s shot this time deeply shocked them again.

Too overbearing and too powerful.

You know, Zhong Tao is not a small fish or shrimp, but a super master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. How many people have to rely on him, but now, Wayne Lin slapped him in the face, and has no power to fight back. .

Even the people in the third place of Xuanyuan, looking at Wayne Lin now, are a little more afraid, this instructor Lin is too terrifying.

Zhong Tao only felt that half of his face was gone. It was no longer a hot pain, but a heart-wrenching pain!

Especially, half of his teeth were knocked out, and a mouthful of blood.

He raised his head to look at Wayne Lin, and when he came into contact with Wayne Lin’s cold and mocking eyes, he persuaded him, and had a deep fear of Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin looked at Luo Hongyang and the others, without exception, when they touched Wayne Lin’s gaze, they couldn’t help shaking and lowered their heads in a panic.

Fan Zhengping saw this situation, he was also very big now. Wayne Lin was out of his formidable and domineering, but now he lost his wife and broke down, making it difficult to ride a tiger.

“I let you go?” However, just after he took two steps, Wayne Lin’s voice came from behind him, his tone full of majesty and teasing.

Fan Zhengping stopped, staring at Wayne Lin, and said, “Wayne Lin, I warn you not to play with fire!”

“Playing with fire?” Wayne Lin smiled contemptuously, “I want to play with it, and see what you can do.”

With that, Wayne Lin walked towards Fan Zhengping, his eyes locked on Fan Zhengping.

Fan Zhengping panicked, he immediately said in a deep voice, “Wayne Lin, what do you want to do!”

“Apologize, to all the people in Xuanyuan Third Place.”

Chapter 684

Ten minutes later, Fan Zhengping left in a desperate manner.

A group of people in the three places of Xuanyuan were left in a trance, unbelievable.

An apology is almost impossible for people like Fan Zhengping, and it is even more uncomfortable than killing him.

But just now, Fan Zhengping apologized, succumbing to Wayne Lin’s lustful might, this was an incredible thing for them.

This is especially true for people like Peng Zhuo who know Fan Zhengping, because they have known Fan Zhengping for many years and have never seen Fan Zhengping apologize.

But Wayne Lin did it today.

The eyes they looked at Wayne Lin were no longer admiration, but absolute awe. They could imagine how great Wayne Lin’s future achievements would be, and his identity would become more and more detached. Even the small temple at Xuanyuan Three Can not tolerate Wayne Lin.

Not long after, Yandu compound.

“This kid is arrogant enough. Even if he defeated Fan Zhengping, he actually made Fan Zhengping apologize.”

Shangguan Wei An settled down, shook his head and said, but there was a little more appreciation in his eyes.

Military god Cary said with a smile: “He is not arrogant, but deliberately made for others. Once such an image is erected, it will be more convenient for him to act in the future. This Wayne Lin is a great talent.”

Shangguan Wei’an nodded and agreed with Cary Dao’s statement. He said: “Hua Guo can cultivate a talent like Wayne Lin, which means that the national fortune is still there. Maybe he can delegate that task to Wayne Lin.”

Cary Dao shook his head and said: “Don’t worry, observe again.”

“Well, then observe again.”

After this incident, Xuanyuan went up and down in three places, but treated Wayne Lin like a god.

Even when Peng Zhuo spoke to him, his tone of voice did not consciously respect him, let alone other people.

Wayne Lin didn’t have much feeling for this change, he smiled, and before he knew it, he was used to this kind of treatment, and he was not surprised.

The next day, Wayne Lin left three places in Xuanyuan and returned to Huarvell.

During this time, Alma Chu was busy again. The Chu family, under her leadership, became more and more prosperous. Centec Lighting Co., Ltd. has also raised several rounds of financing, and even began to hit the level of listing.

And Wayne Lin’s three major companies, under the operation of Damon Wang and Jeff Han, are also thriving, and he does not need to operate at all. Now he has become the most idle person.

His personal wealth is getting higher and higher, and his assets have exceeded 300 billion, which is terrifying.

But when the money reaches a certain level, it has lost its meaning. It is just a bunch of numbers. Wayne Lin took the money and did a lot of charity.

As for the old classmate Deng Kai, he was assigned to work under Jeff Han. When Deng Kai knew Wayne Lin’s identity, he was shocked. It took a full minute before he recovered, and then shouted excitedly. Damn it.

He knew that Wayne Lin was not ordinary, but he never expected that Wayne Lin’s industry was so big that some big companies he usually heard of were actually related to Wayne Lin.

In comparison, Han Ruxin is nothing but an ant!

He is very fortunate now that he is not like Dai Xinghuai’s group of guys, the dog looks down on others, otherwise, how could he have such a good opportunity!

Now he followed Wayne Lin and attacked directly.

And this

The news spread quickly, and within a few days, the old classmates all knew the identity of Wayne Lin, the bosses of several giant groups, and even the lord of the city, were respectful of Wayne Lin!

When they heard the news, they reacted completely in shock, and then slapped themselves twice, regretting it to the extreme.

I had known that Wayne Lin’s background was so big, and gave them a hundred courage, and they didn’t dare to go against Wayne Lin, let alone mock Wayne Lin!

Especially Dai Xinghuai and others were even more frightened and worried all day long, for fear that Wayne Lin would make trouble for them. Within a week, Dai Xinghuai fell ill and almost died.

They learned that Deng Kai is now following Wayne Lin, taking off directly, and is too jealous. Those who originally looked down on Deng Kai began to flatter Deng Kai, especially a few female classmates who are still decent, and use beautiful colors. Come to seduce Deng Kai.

For a while, Deng Kai also felt the taste of being a master.

However, he didn’t lose himself. He knew that Wayne Lin hated this group of classmates. If he was adept at putting these old classmates in, then Wayne Lin would definitely be unhappy.

Deng Kai, as a person who has been in despair for so many years, cherishes this kind of opportunity especially. Just like a drowning person, he will not let go of life even after he has grasped the straw.

As Banhua’s Han Ruxin, she has had a bad time recently and has had insomnia for a few days.

After she learned about Wayne Lin’s background, she had countless ideas, but they couldn’t implement them because she couldn’t reach Wayne Lin at all.

To say regret, she is the one who regrets the most.

She was able to take Wayne Lin down by taking the initiative with her appearance, but she wasted this opportunity!

When people are unlucky, everything will happen. She feels that her luck is beginning to go bad, her career is declining, several projects have lost money, and now there is a shortage of funds.

It’s all because she has developed too much in the past few years, which has made her mentality swell up, and she has not laid a good foundation. It was not revealed when the market was good before, but now the market is not good, it immediately reveals the truth.

If this continues, it won’t take long before she will go bankrupt.

She wanted to ask Wayne Lin for help, but Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention to her at all. She couldn’t even see her. There was no way. She had no choice but to go to other bigwigs in the industry to raise a financing and tide over the difficulties.

Tonight is in the hotel. She is drinking with more than a dozen customers. She has drunk a lot, and has vomited several times.

“Mr. Chen, I really can’t drink anymore, I want to drink more, it won’t work…” Han Ruxin said pleadingly.

Mr. Chen said with a smile, “The last one, I won’t drink after the last one.”

Han Ruxin looked at the full glass in front of him, at least two or two, she would definitely get drunk if she drank it again.

She knew very well that Mr. Chen’s purpose was to get her drunk and then assault her.

In her mind, a man appeared, Wayne Lin, if she didn’t mock Wayne Lin that night at the classmate meeting, Wayne Lin would definitely help her?

But she did not turn her head back when she opened the bow. She had already done this, and there was no possibility of redemption, even if she regretted it now that her bowels were blue.

“President Chen, would you like to sign a contract if I drink this glass of wine?” Han Ruxin gritted her teeth and said.

Mr. Chen looked at her frantically, nodded and said: “Yes, as long as you drink, I will sign the contract, hehe.”

Chapter 685

Han Ruxin was struggling. If she drank this glass of wine, she would definitely be drunk, but if she didn’t drink it, then she would not be able to get through this difficult time!

After careful weighing, she decided to drink it.

“Okay! I drink! I hope Mr. Chen will not break his promise.”

“What a joke, who is Chen Liqiang? If I say something, how can I break my promise with the spilled water! Today I put my words here, as long as you drink this glass of wine, I will sign the contract!” Said grandiosely.

Han Ruxin was moved, she was so eager for this financing, and finally she gritted her teeth, picked up the wine glass, and lost her mouth!

This is a foreign wine of dozens of degrees. The stamina is very big, almost two or two. After she drank it, the whole person was swayed, her face was red, she was about to bleed, and her eyes were blurred a lot, and she slapped the wine heavily. Hiccup, said: “Chen, I, I have already drunk the wine, you can sign the contract now.”

Mr. Chen was no longer awake when he saw her swaying appearance, his eyes made no secret of the heat and wretchedness, especially when he saw Han Ruxin’s protruding body, he salivated and swallowed constantly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll have some food first, and I’ll sign it right away when I have dinner.”

Han Ruxin immediately changed her expression and said anxiously, “Mr. Chen, sign it now. We have read the contract and both ways. It’s no problem. You only need to sign it.”

Manager Chen laughed happily: “Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll sign it right after I have dinner. Manager Han, you look so beautiful, I heard that you are not married yet, is it a virginity?”

Now Mr. Chen tore off his disguised side, and squinted at Han Ruxin, his eyes were like seeing through Han Ruxin’s clothes.

Han Ruxin is not an idiot. She doesn’t know where she is. Chen Liqiang is playing tricks on her. The other party didn’t plan to raise money. From the beginning to the end, they were teasing her, just greedy her body!

“Mr. Chen, you just promised me that as long as I drank, you would sign the contract, you, how can you break your promise now! What is the difference between your approach and the villain?!” Han Ruxin said embarrassedly .

Chen Liqiang frowned and said, “Mr. Han, please pay attention to your words! I just promised you to sign the contract after drinking, but didn’t say to sign the contract immediately. Now, you sit down and chat with me. When I feel better, I Will consider signing a contract.”

“You!” Han Ruxin suddenly became angry. If she changed from before, like Chen Liqiang, she wouldn’t have to pay attention to it, but now, there is no way.

She has almost had a catty of wine after drinking, and now she feels very bad, her whole body is hot, her vision is blurred, and she can’t even stand too firmly. It’s damned!

None of the other people at the dinner table helped her speak either. They looked at her with a smile and seemed to be sure that she was a cooked duck and would be eaten by Chen Liqiang sooner or later.

Chen Liqiang said in a hurry, “Han Ruxin, I know your current situation, and you are short of my financing, otherwise your company will go bankrupt. At that time, your end will be even worse.” As far as I know, you asked the bank to borrow a lot of money, right?”

Han Ruxin gritted her teeth, and now her wine spirit is up, her whole body is dizzy, and her brain can’t work.

“Speaking of which, I won’t hide it anymore.” Chen Liqiang lit a cigarette and said:

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