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Chapter 608

The current Yao Sheng is very prestigious, like a god of war. He swept over with a glance, no one dared to face it. They all bowed their heads and shivered.

For ordinary people, the coercion of a master of the second stage of the innate realm is not something they can resist!

Under Yao Sheng’s intimidation, they all stood in place, afraid to leave.

Yao Sheng was very satisfied with his majesty and made him feel the infinite status. What about so many rich people present, they are a group of ants, no one dares to disobey his will!

Tonight, he is here to declare sovereignty. As long as Jiang Liqun is crippled, he will soon be able to drive in, swallow Jiang Liqun’s industry, and become the boss of Yuancheng.

He is absolutely sure that he can take Jiang Liqun down, because Jiang Liqun has completely fallen behind him, not to mention that he has specially invited a master of the third stage of the Innate Realm to sit down! Today is Jiang Liqun’s fiftieth birthday and Jiang Liqun’s death.

When Jiang Liqun saw Yao Sheng’s arrogance, he was already going crazy, and his anger burned his whole person directly. He shouted loudly: “Audacious! Give it to me, take Yao Sheng, a beast who is inferior to a pig and a dog. under!”

He waved his hand and gave an order, and immediately the bodyguards who were eyeing at him began to rush towards Yao Sheng.

They are well-trained and have extremely uniform movements. As special forces, they have good cooperation, and their strength is not bad, they still have weapons in their hands, and the threats they bring are also great.

It’s a pity that they still didn’t look enough under Yao Sheng’s hands, because this was no longer a level.

Yao Sheng sneered disdainfully, and didn’t need him to act at all. The bodyguards behind him swarmed up, all the masters of the acquired peak, one by one, like wolves and tigers, directly began to counter-encircle and counterattack.

When the two groups of people fought like this, the scene immediately became chaotic. Jiang Liqun’s 50th birthday tonight has also become a farce.

Although Jiang Liqun’s special forces bodyguards are very strong, they will not be the masters at the peak of the day after all, and they have all fallen in less than a minute. Many of them have been seriously injured and are dying.

“Jiang Liqun, you are too weak, not only you are weak, even your subordinates are too weak, you are simply a mob.” Yao Sheng said contemptuously.

Jiang Liqun clenched his teeth and his face was pale. He knew the strength of his bodyguards, and he couldn’t help Yao Sheng. He only thought that he could consume Yao Sheng’s power, but he did not expect that these men brought by Yao Sheng, Each of them is powerful, and without Yao Sheng’s action, he abused his men.

“Yao Sheng! You are so courageous! You dare to run to my site to make trouble, you really think I can’t help you!?” Jiang Liqun was furious, staring at Yao Sheng, but everyone can see that he is now Has fallen completely.

Yao Sheng laughed loudly: “Jiang Liqun, death is imminent, you are still going crazy there! I want to see what you do to me! I am not afraid to tell you the truth, I have now broken through the second stage of the innate realm. , The strength is a quarter higher than you, what do you use to fight Laozi?”

Jiang Liqun was shocked when he heard that, “Impossible! You lost to me last time, how could it be possible to break through to the second stage of the Innate Realm so quickly!”

“Seeing this one beside me, Ben Lei

Du Feng, the super strong man in the third stage of the innate realm. With the help of Mr. Du, I have successfully made a breakthrough, and now I abuse you like a dog. “Yao Sheng took two steps forward, made a wiping motion, and said to Jiang Liqun with a sneer: “Old dog Jiang, your good days are over, today is your death date!” “

He finally said the words’death period’, sonorous and powerful, which made people hear the blood spurting, as if it was the judgment of God, the words must be done, Jiang Liqun is finished.

“What? Lei Feng Du Feng?!” Jiang Liqun’s pupils suddenly enlarged and looked at the man in Tang suit next to Yao Sheng. He saw him, his scalp was numb, his hands and feet became cold. He had heard of Du Feng’s name. , Absolutely ruthless role. Even if he had already broken through to the innate realm, he still couldn’t see enough in front of a master like Du Feng.

At this time, he was really a little frightened, and a sorrow was born spontaneously. Could it be that Jiang Liqun is really going to die on his fiftieth birthday today? He is unwilling!

Yao Sheng enjoys the way Jiang Liqun looks now. The smile on his face has become more intense, “Old dog Jiang, are you finally afraid now? Very well, for your wife’s sake, I will give you a chance, as long as you kneel Come down, kowtow to me nine times, call Dad three times, and I will let you go. How about, Old Dog Jiang, I’m pretty affectionate.”

Yao Sheng had already humiliated Jiang Liqun as a winner.

Thousands of people on the field have seen this scene, most of them are the nobles of the source city. They looked at the king of the source city and were humiliated by Yao Sheng in this way, and there was no way, and they still felt quite unhappy.

But what is the way to do this? This society is so realistic, winners and losers, Yao Sheng’s strength is stronger than Jiang Liqun, and naturally he stepped on Jiang Liqun.

“Sheng Yao! You are looking for death! I am Wayne Lin, the number one expert in Province G. If you dare to touch my hair today, you will definitely die!” Jiang Liqun shouted loudly in desperation.

After he yelled at these words, he reacted, yes, what is he panicking, Randal Lin is here, with Randal Lin, what can Yao Sheng do, and what can Du Feng do?

After understanding this, he immediately relaxed, and quickly looked towards Randal Lin.

“Hahahahaha…” Yao Sheng laughed loudly, “Old dog Jiang, old dog Jiang, you are all about to die, dare you to scare me with that dead ghost Wayne Lin? No one in the circle knows that Wayne Lin is dead. Before? Before, didn’t you rely on Wayne Lin to support you, so you are so awkward and dare to swallow Lao Tzu’s territory. What a pity, Wayne Lin was a short-lived ghost who died at a young age. The backing is gone, hahaha.”

He gloated over misfortunes and looked at Jiang Liqun like a clown, thinking that Jiang Liqun was dying and struggling. It was a joke.

Jiang Liqun looked back and didn’t see Wayne Lin. He couldn’t help but panic. Could it be that Randal Lin has already run away?

But at this moment, a lazy voice came from the right direction, “Who said I was dead?”

This voice was not very loud, but it clearly reached the ears of everyone present.

Du Feng, who was originally Dao Bone Fairy Wind and an expert, suddenly changed his face when he heard this voice. Then, he immediately looked over and saw Wayne Lin’s appearance. His body trembled fiercely. It was also full of shock and horror.

Chapter 609

“Lin Linlin, Wayne Lin?!! Du Feng yelled out in shock, his eyes and his reaction were like hell, his face pale in fright.

He really didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would appear here, because that day on the Lion Mountain, he was one of the team that grabbed the Colorful Origin Fruit. He witnessed Wayne Lin forcibly seizing the Colorful Origin Fruit, and then successfully escaped under the besieging of more than forty innate realm masters!

Moreover, in the process of escaping, Wayne Lin also killed many innate realm masters.

This is an absolute fierce man, although Du Feng is very confident of his own strength, in his circle, he is also a pyramid. However, he definitely did not dare to be presumptuous in front of Wayne Lin, because Wayne Lin was really too strong, he and Wayne Lin were not at the same level at all!

For this, he is still very self-aware.

The key is that Wayne Lin was already dead, and was finally chased by Jian Rushuang. You know, Jian Rushuang is a peerless murderer of the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm!

And he witnessed the last big bang with his own eyes, a big bang of that magnitude, let alone masters of the innate realm, even if the legendary King Kong is not bad, he must drink hate!

But now, Wayne Lin actually stood in front of him alive and well?

Moreover, the strong breath that Wayne Lin exudes has not weakened at all, but has become even stronger.

This, how is this possible.

Du Feng asked himself that he was well-informed. He had met many people in the world and had a strong psychological endurance. But now, he really couldn’t accept it. At this moment, he even suspected that he had hallucinations.

And Yao Sheng immediately looked at Wayne Lin. When he saw Wayne Lin, he hadn’t seen it at first, and cursed: “Who the hell are you, dare you…”

Before he could finish his words, Du Feng, who was next to him, put his foot on his feet, kicking him forward and almost fell over, “You f*cking shut me up! This is Randal, dare you? Disrespect to Randal Lin, I think you are impatient!”

After speaking, he immediately took a few steps forward, knelt down on one knee in front of Wayne Lin, and shouted loudly: “Junior Du Feng, see Randal Lin! Randal Lin has no boundaries, and he is the first person in the world!”

Du Feng lowered his head deeply, his heartbeat was so fast that he could be said to have turned up a huge wave in his heart now. Now he walked in front of Wayne Lin and felt the terrifying aura emanating from Wayne Lin more and more. It was like a volcano, containing destructive energy, which he could not resist at all.

And he can also be sure that Wayne Lin is not injured, this is Wayne Lin’s peak state, as long as Wayne Lin is willing, within a second, he can take his life!

Facing such a fierce man, how dare he be presumptuous?

The scene suddenly fell silent. There were so many people present in a state of astonishment. They didn’t expect that this point would be reversed.

Jiang Liqun clenched his fists. Now he didn’t know how excited he was. Wayne Lin was too strong, so that a strong man like Du Feng chose to surrender without hesitation.

Then, Yao Sheng can’t escape tonight!

How can this not make him excited?

As for Yao Sheng, he is completely dumbfounded now, looking at Wayne Lin dumbfounded, his mouth is big, but he just can’t say a word. Now his heart is extremely shocked, and he is even beginning to fear, shivering. .

How could this happen

In this way, Wayne Lin, isn’t he already dead?

He confirmed this news from Du Feng, because Du Feng was also on the Lion Mountain that day, and he watched Wayne Lin being chased by a peerless powerhouse of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm and died in the explosion.

But now, Wayne Lin appeared in front of him unscathed. This is completely impossible!

In a certain corner, Yin Hong also covered her mouth. She was so excited that her heart thumped and thumped. She has lived for more than twenty thoughts, has never been subverted like today, never has her mood ups and downs like today.

Now, her mind is full of Wayne Lin’s figure.

Wayne Lin looked down at Du Feng and said faintly: “Are you also on the Lion Rock that day?”

Du Feng quickly said: “Back to Randal Lin, yes, the junior was on the Lion Rock that day, so I was fortunate to see the unparalleled heroic figure of Randal Lin! From that day on, the junior was deeply shocked by Randal Lin and regarded Randal Lin as a Idol! It’s great to see Randal again for juniors now!”

He swears that he has never licked a person like this in his life. Wayne Lin is the first one. As the master of the third stage of the Innate Realm, wherever he goes, he is not always held by the stars, vying to please the existence. ? But now, he kneels and licks Wayne Lin like a dog.

Still in front of so many people, it can be said that his reputation would be ruined if it spread out.

But he still has to do this, because he knows that if he doesn’t make such a statement, then Wayne Lin might kill him!

Compared with Xiaoming, what is self-esteem and reputation?

But he did so, the impact on so many people in the audience was great. This is especially true for the people on Yao Sheng’s side.

“Lin Lin, Wayne Lin?! That’s wrong, Mr. Du, didn’t you say that Wayne Lin is too dead to die anymore!” Yao Sheng couldn’t accept this fact at all, he screamed.

The action tonight is a rare opportunity for him to trample Jiang Liqun’s old opponent to death. In his mind, he has thought about countless scenes where Jiang Liqun stepped under his feet, and the scenery after he unified the source city. .

But now, with the appearance of Wayne Lin, everything is in vain!

Even, the situation will come to a big reversal, and he will be finished!

“Shut up!” Du Feng immediately stared and roared, “Yao Sheng, don’t you want to slander me! When did I say that Randal Lin is dead, Randal Lin is my idol, I have infinite respect for Randal Lin!”

Then he immediately explained to Wayne Lin: “Randal, the sun and the moon are a lesson, I admire you very much, and I have never said anything disrespectful to you outside!”

Wayne Lin smiled, looked at Du Feng with a smile, and then said: “Du Feng, you met the windshield, and when you saw me coming back, you started to please me.”

Du Feng smiled awkwardly.

However, Wayne Lin was too lazy to be familiar with Du Feng. He directly said to Yao Sheng: “You were very arrogant just now, want to move my person?”

Facing Wayne Lin’s coercion, Yao Sheng felt unprecedented pressure. Not only did he swing his legs, his whole body was shaking violently, and his mouth trembled: “No, no, no…”

Wayne Lin snorted and stared sharply. Suddenly, a powerful aura pressed towards Yao Sheng. Yao Sheng is just a master of the second stage of the Innate Realm. How can he withstand Wayne Lin’s power? Suddenly he collapsed mentally, limp on the ground, kowtow desperately to let Wayne Lin spare his life.

Chapter 610

Wayne Lin really has no interest in such ants.

Moreover, Yao Sheng is Jiang Liqun’s old enemy, so he naturally wouldn’t use his own hands to kill Yao Sheng.

He said directly to Jiang Liqun, “Old Jiang, I’ll leave it to you.”

Jiang Liqun nodded vigorously, his eyes were all red!

Then he walked over in strides, he was looking forward to this day, it has been too long, and now that this day has finally arrived, his whole mood will explode!

Even with his xinxing, he has experienced so many winds and waves, at this moment he couldn’t help but feel sour in his nose and tears.

For him, Yao Sheng is his life’s greatest enemy and the person he hates most. He hates Yao Sheng completely, and he wants to eat Yao Sheng’s meat, chew Yao Sheng’s bones, and drink Yao Sheng’s. blood!

Originally, he had a very happy family, which was destroyed by Yao Sheng.

For so many years, Yao Sheng has been overpowering him, making him not only unable to take revenge, but also humiliated.

Now, I finally waited for this opportunity to take revenge.

He took a deep breath, held his tears in, and laughed up to the sky, “Hahahaha! Yao Sheng! Yao Sheng, Yao Sheng! You have today, and you have today! Aren’t you very arrogant and arrogant just now? Show me the arrogant one!”

Jiang Liqun raised his eyebrows and was happy from the inside out, he hadn’t been so happy for a long time.

Yao Sheng knelt on the ground, his face was pale, with incomparable resentment, and incomparably humiliated and gritted teeth, but he had no choice. Who would let him lose tonight.

But he was calm in his heart, not too scared, because he didn’t believe that Jiang Liqun would dare to kill him on his fiftieth birthday. With Jiang Liqun’s conservative character, he would at most make him lose money and bleed. As long as the others are still there, there is still a chance for everything, and he can make a comeback at that time!

So he chose a temporary humiliation and said to Jiang Liqun: “Brother Jiang, I was wrong. For so many years, I can’t help you! I thought that everyone used to be brothers. If you have a lot of adults, please spare me. This time, I swear, I will never dare to fight against you again, from now on, I will be your subordinate… No, I am your dog!”

As he said, he started to kowtow to Jiang Liqun, but the corners of his mouth showed an imperceptible sneer.

Jiang Li looked condescendingly, as an old opponent for many years, he was still a brother before, how could he not know Yao Sheng’s tricks!

“Yao Sheng, are you really willing to be my dog?” Jiang Liqun asked.

Yao Sheng quickly said: “Of course! Brother Jiang, I will be your dog from now on, and everything about me is yours!”

“Well, since that’s the case, then I will let you go once.” Jiang Liqun sighed and said, it seems that Yao Sheng has really been let go.

Yao Sheng heard a burst of great joy in his heart, he quickly raised his head and took a look, what he saw was Jiang Liqun’s cat-and-mouse-like jokes.

Yao Sheng is not stupid. He didn’t even realize that Jiang Liqun was only teasing him, and he suddenly felt angry.

But at this moment, he didn’t dare to vent, and continued to humblely said: “Brother Jiang, if this is the case, then I should go first?”

Then he tried to back up, he kept smiling flatteringly, and then just after he walked a few steps, Jiang Liqun suddenly said, “Du Feng, dispose of Yao Sheng for me.”

Du Feng on the side brows twice, he surrenders to Linzi

Ming, it doesn’t mean that he will listen to Jiang Liqun’s call. In his eyes, Jiang Liqun is just an ant.

So Jiang Liqun’s call to him like this immediately made him unhappy. But then, Wayne Lin’s words made his scalp numb, and he didn’t dare to fail.

“Yao Sheng ran away, I will take your life.”

Du Feng was going to be scared to death, so he dared not neglect, he hurriedly shot and rushed towards Yao Sheng, “Yao Sheng, take his life!”

Yao Sheng’s pupils shrank instantly, and he became extremely frightened. He knew Du Feng’s strength. If Du Feng made a move, he would have no room for resistance!

“Mr. Du…” He yelled out quickly, then turned and ran.

However, he is just an ordinary master who has just been promoted to the second stage of the Innate Realm. How can he compare to a strong like Du Feng? In less than a few seconds, he was caught up by Du Feng, and then a hand knife slashed Yao Sheng’s neck, cut off his neck directly, let out a scream, and then Yao Sheng caught it back.

Throw it in front of Jiang Liqun, and then ran to Wayne Lin in small steps, clasped his fists and said, “Randal, the younger generation is fortunate to live.”

Wayne Lin gave a faint hum, waved his hand, motioned him to step aside, don’t get in his eyes.

Yao Sheng is now completely frightened, fear to the extreme, his whole body is trembling constantly, his neck is chopped off by Du Feng, because he is a master of the innate realm and a powerful life, so he has been supported, and he has not died. .

However, he knew that his injury was too serious, and he had no ability to resist.

Now he was lying on the ground, looking at Jiang Liqun’s murderous eyes, his heart was pinched in, and he kept begging for mercy: “Brother Jiang, I was wrong, I was really wrong! Please let me go. I’m willing to All my sites and all the properties are transferred to you! Brother Jiang, please hold your hands high…”

Yao Sheng is now begging for mercy like a dog.

The sound was very loud, resounding through the entire manor, so many people were watching this scene, for them, it was a very shocking scene.

Including everything that happened tonight, for them, it was never unexpected.

Moreover, their gazes couldn’t help but look towards Wayne Lin.

They remembered Wayne Lin deeply, because anyone with a discerning eye could see that the protagonist tonight would be Wayne Lin. If it weren’t for Wayne Lin, tonight would be another ending.

Yao Sheng was miserable, begging for mercy like a dog, he laughed loudly, and flashed in his mind everything that had happened for so many years. All the humiliation, hatred, and pain were all released at this moment.

“Yao Sheng! You beast has today, and today!” Jiang Liqun laughed, and then he walked over and stepped on Yao Sheng’s chest with force, and with a click, Yao Sheng’s ribs were broken by him. Up.

Then, it was the moment when Jiang Liqun took revenge. He constantly tortured Yao Sheng and vented his hatred for so many years.

In five full minutes, Yao Shengtang, the master of the second stage of the Innate Realm, died in his hands!

At this moment, with the death of Yao Sheng, Jiang Liqun’s momentum changed, he was relieved, and finally he was revenge!

After briefly calming his mood, he did not forget Wayne Lin, strode to Wayne Lin, knelt down on his knees without hesitation, and kowtow, vowing very solemnly: “Thank you Wayne Lin for this. This time, I will get revenge. From now on, I will be Wayne Lin’s person. I will be Randal Lin’s person, and death will be Randal Lin’s ghost! I will never betray Randal Lin in this life. , Can’t die!!!”

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