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Chapter 143

Wayne Lin’s words are very abrupt. He is the only person in the cemetery, but he is speaking in a nihilistic direction. If a second person sees it, he will definitely be frightened, thinking that Wayne Lin sees something unclean. Up.

Indeed, there was nothing in the direction Wayne Lin looked at, only the empty night wind blowing.

But not long after his voice fell, someone unexpectedly emerged from behind a tombstone.

This person is wearing a night gown, which can be perfectly hidden in the night, silently.

Fortunately, now that the sky has gradually brightened, his night clothes have gradually become conspicuous.

This is a man, a handsome man, with a faint smile on his mouth, revealing an unforgettable evil charm.

“Brother, I haven’t seen you in four years. You have made progress. You can actually find my existence.” Lin Zihao walked over slowly, holding a dog’s tail grass at the corner of his mouth, looking cynical. Nothing in the world has been affected. He looked at it.

Wayne Lin saw this man, his pupils shrank slightly, his eyes narrowed, and he said in a deep tone, “Lin Zihao, is it you?”

Yes, the person in front of him is the eldest man whom Vicky Lin said, and Wayne Lin’s brother, Lin Zihao!

They are half brothers, so they look a bit similar.

Logically speaking, now the head of the Lin family is Hanson Lin, and the eldest master should be Hanson Lin’s own son, Lin Shaoang, so Lin Zihao can’t be turned.

Helplessly, Lin Zihao’s strength is much stronger than Lin Shao’ang, regardless of IQ, EQ, martial arts, or means, they are far above Lin Shao’ang. Especially over the years, Lin Zihao has accumulated countless contacts and followers, so the identity of the young master has fallen on Lin Zihao.

Of course, Lin Zihao is such a smart person, he would not let Hanson Lin lose face, as early as a few years ago, he adopted himself under Hanson Lin, now nominally, he is the son of Hanson Lin.

Since childhood, Wayne Lin and Lin Zihao have been in a competitive relationship, and because Wayne Lin’s talent has always been higher than Wayne Lin’s, Lin Zihao has been jealous of him since he was a child.

Wayne Lin knew that he would meet Lin Zihao sooner or later, but he still didn’t expect that this day would come so soon, it would still be at his grandfather’s grave.

“Good brother, when you saw me, you didn’t even yell your brother. Isn’t it too rude?” Lin Zihao walked up to Wayne Lin quickly and said in a pretending disappointment.

They are brothers, but the relationship between the two is no different from the enemy.

Wayne Lin stared at him, holding back his anger, and said, “What are you doing here?”

“Respect grandpa.” Lin Zihao said with a smile. He pretended to bow to the tombstone, but there was no respect or sadness on his face. Some were joking instead.

When Wayne Lin saw him like this, the anger in his chest became more vigorous! Since childhood, Lin Zihao has no respect for his grandfather. Moreover, Wayne Lin seriously suspects that grandpa suddenly became a vegetable four years ago and he has a relationship with Lin Zihao!

“Grandpa, you are really partial. You die before you die. Before you die, you still inherited the inheritance to Wayne Lin, this waste, which caused our Lin family to fall into an economic crisis. How do you look like you, let us juniors respect you?” Lin Zihao shook his head and said, in his tone, complaining and unwillingness were revealed, and he had no respect for the dead grandfather.

Click! Click! Wayne Lin clenched his fists, he wanted to attack Lin Zihao so as to teach his grandfather a lesson!

This kind of thought was very strong, and in the end it was suppressed by him. At the grave of grandpa, he didn’t want to disturb grandpa’s quietness.

But he didn’t shoot Lin Zihao. Lin Zihao did it first. Seeing that Lin Zihao didn’t have the slightest warning, he suddenly turned around and kicked Wayne Lin hard. The speed was fast and anxious. The strong wind arrived in front of Wayne Lin in less than 0.1 second.

This speed has surpassed what ordinary people can respond


Fortunately, Wayne Lin is not an ordinary person. He is a fighting expert. In addition, he has been secretly guarding Lin Zihao, so his pupils shrank and reacted immediately, and he easily passed Lin Zihao’s position. Kick.

“Yes, it’s better than before. I thought you had been a door-to-door son-in-law for four years, and you lost all your effort.” Lin Zihao didn’t kick his kick and didn’t continue chasing, but with his back facing away, smiling Staring at Wayne Lin, there was no hostility on his face, but it felt like a spring breeze.

Of course, Ru Mu Chunfeng is only his surface. As an opponent for many years, Wayne Lin saw the coldness and murderous intent in the depths of his eyes at a glance.

Wayne Lin also laughed and said, “Yeah, I haven’t seen you in four years. You are still like that, and you haven’t made much progress. No wonder Grandpa doesn’t like you much.”

Hearing this, Lin Zihao’s mouth twitched invisibly, and Ru Mu Chunfeng’s face became gloomy.

He stared at Wayne Lin steadily, “Do you think that Lin Changtian, a dead ghost, left you all the inheritance, so you can change your fate against the sky?”

He actually called his grandfather’s name directly, and he was still in front of his grandfather’s grave. It was disrespectful. No matter how good Wayne Lin’s temper was, he couldn’t help it at this moment. He clenched his fists and was angry like never before, and rushed to his head. Let his eyes be bloodshot.

“Lin Zihao, you unscrupulous beast! Grandpa taught you all of your skills! Without grandpa, it is just a bug! You dare to insult grandpa now, you are inferior to a pig and a dog!” Wayne Lin was angry. soaring.

“Hahaha, I scolded him, how come? As a child of the Lin family, it is his duty for him to teach me skills. What credit is this?” Lin Zihao laughed disdainfully, without the slightest respect, “I can grow up to this point. One step, relying on his own efforts, has nothing to do with him! On the contrary, it is Lin Changtian. He preferred you from the beginning of his freshman year, taught you all his great skills, and hid himself from me! Otherwise, you think you have grown up Big, can you hold me down?”

When he said these words, his expression was full of jealousy, to the point of hideous distortion.

Wayne Lin took a deep breath. Lin Zihao’s remarks refreshed his awareness of shamelessness!

“So because you are jealous and unwilling, you attacked Grandpa four years ago and made him a vegetative man, right!” Wayne Lin’s gaze stared at Lin Zihao closely, not letting go of any changes!

Lin Zihao’s eyes flickered, and then he smiled wickedly again, “Want to know the truth? Defeat me, I’ll tell you.”

When the voice fell, he suddenly shot, and his body dashed forward. The distance of a few meters was narrowed by him in one step. In the blink of an eye, he came to Wayne Lin, punched out, and actually made a slight sonic boom, as if it was the air. It was blown by his punch.

Wayne Lin also accumulated a fire in his heart. Now that Lin Zihao shot him, how could he bear it? He shot back directly, without even thinking about it, he just punched out and confronted Lin Zihao head-on!

With a bang, the two hard fists slammed into each other without obstacles, and both of them felt like they had hit a steel plate.

The huge recoil force made both people unstable and began to retreat.

With a click, Lin Zihao put his foot on his grandfather’s tombstone for the last time, causing a crack in the tombstone! Seeing that Wayne Lin’s scalp was numb, and his heartbeat stopped, he felt very distressed!

Lin Zihao didn’t feel guilty. Instead, he laughed, “Oh, I didn’t expect to step on the tombstone of the old thing. I’m really embarrassed.”

This is what he said, but in action, he bends his knees directly in response to the force of the tombstone, flicks hard, and quickly rushes towards Wayne Lin!

As a result, the tombstone received more force and became overwhelmed again, and the cracks became bigger.

Seeing this, Wayne Lin was so angry that he was about to burst out!

But he still didn’t lose his mind and backed up quickly. He knew that once the two of them wrestled, the destructive power would be great. He had to back up, find an open place, and fight Lin Zihao!

Chapter 144

Lin Zihao naturally knew Wayne Lin’s thoughts. In fact, he also had the intention. Find an open place to play a good fight. Here, there are always too many constraints. Although he didn’t care much, in fact he didn’t dare to really destroy Grandpa’s grave, otherwise his reputation would be ruined if he spread it out. Even if he was strong, the Lin family couldn’t tolerate him.

Hua Guo pays attention to the great deceased. In any case, Lin Changtian is his grandfather. As a grandson, he destroyed his grandfather’s grave. That would be disrespectful and would be pricked on the backbone.

There is another reason, he also wants to have a good fight with Wayne Lin!

He has been pressured by Wayne Lin for a long time, and he is very unconvinced. In the past four years, he has been training hard and his strength has improved by leaps and bounds. He didn’t believe it and couldn’t beat Wayne Lin.

This is already his heart knot, today, no matter what, he will defeat Wayne Lin!

So he gave a clear whistle, opened his arms, chasing Wayne Lin like a wild goose.

The blood in Wayne Lin’s body was boiling, and all the cells were alive at this moment.

The fighting spirit was constantly rising. For four years, for a full four years, he had been living in dire straits every day. The four years of life in the Chu family as a son-in-law was a torture for him.

Almost every day, he thinks about the sleepy dragon ascending to heaven and regaining everything that belongs to him.

In general, even if Lin Zihao does not come to him, he will find Lin Zihao to avenge his grievances that night four years ago, and the investigation reveals whether Grandpa’s illness is really related to Lin Zihao.

When he finally reached an empty place, Wayne Lin stopped and didn’t run anymore. He heard Lin Zihao behind him, turned around and fought Lin Zihao!

If someone who knew Wayne Lin saw the strength that Wayne Lin showed now, he would definitely be shocked. They would never have thought of killing them. Then the incompetent Wayne Lin had such a powerful strength!

Every punch and every kick is so fast, so heavy, bang, bang, on the top of the mountain, the sun has not fully come out, there is only a faint morning light between the sky and the earth, and their speed is so fast that the retina can’t keep up. , The number of moves is even more dazzling.

Wayne Lin and Lin Zihao were evenly matched, and the clashing of fists and fists continued to erupt. Fortunately, this was a tomb in the suburbs. At this time, there was no one within two miles. Otherwise, this movement would definitely scare many people. I thought it was haunted!

Carefree and dripping.

It has been a long time since Wayne Lin did such an activity. Lin Zihao’s strength is comparable to him, and because of the antagonism of his identities, he has no worries at all. His spirit, and his anger. It can be said that the joy is at its extreme, even if he is injured, it is a pleasure!

On the contrary, it was Lin Zihao, he was full of confidence at the beginning, thinking that Wayne Lin was definitely not as good as him, it was a complete defeat.

But in the end, the facts completely exceeded his expectations. Wayne Lin’s strength has not regressed, but has grown a lot. Not only does it match him, but even overwhelms him.

This feeling of being suppressed made him feel particularly aggrieved! It seemed to be back when he was a child, when he always lowered Wayne Lin’s head.

How could this be? How could this be? !

Lin Zihao’s heart was roaring wildly. He had worked very hard in the past four years, and his martial arts had improved a lot. Why couldn’t he still stabilize Wayne Lin? It makes no sense!

Could it be that his talent is so much worse than Wayne Lin?

You know, in the past four years, their training environment is completely different

Similarly, Wayne Lin was the door-to-door son-in-law of the Chu family. He had no meal at all. He couldn’t keep up with nutrition at all, and there was no sparring or actual combat. And he eats well and sleeps well, as well as a professional training team. Two years ago, he also bought artificial intelligence for scientific training. Wayne Lin is inferior to him in any way.

Indeed, in the past four years, Wayne Lin, although he has kept training secretly, the environment is too poor compared to Lin Zihao, apart from other things, Wayne Lin is no match for Lin Zihao in terms of physical strength.

In terms of fighting skills, Wayne Lin can rely on his talent to make up for it, but in terms of physical strength, it cannot be made up by talent.

So after ten minutes came, Wayne Lin couldn’t take Lin Zihao, his physical strength was too much, and he couldn’t support it anymore, his breathing became much heavier, and both the speed and strength of punches decreased.

Lin Zihao caught this immediately, his eyes brightened, and he laughed loudly: “You are exhausted! Wayne Lin, you lose!”

After speaking, he immediately launched a counterattack, like a storm, not giving Wayne Lin a chance to breathe.

How could Lin Zihao be Wayne Lin’s opponent if he changed the same training environment as before? But now, their two training environments are too far apart. Fighting skills can be smoothed out by talent, but there is no way to smooth out physical strength.

Wayne Lin was full of unwillingness. Facing Lin Zihao’s counterattack, he had no less than ten ways to deal with it. Unfortunately, he had no physical strength and was panting like a cow. He could only watch Lin Zihao’s fist break his defenses. , Hit his chest hard and knocked him out!

It was so painful that Wayne Lin’s throat was sweet, and he couldn’t help but vomit a mouthful of blood.

There is still too much difference in physical strength. In the past four years, even if he has been secretly insisting on training, Lin Zihao still opened the gap.

He still wanted to stand up, but Lin Zihao already followed him, rushed over, and stepped on his chest, staring at him condescendingly, his face full of sorrow and disdain, “Tsk tsk, is this your strength? What a waste.”

Wayne Lin gritted his teeth, “What do you need to do? It’s just taking advantage of physical strength. There is a kind of three months you can give me. When I train up, I can make you shit.”

“Hahaha, how dare your defeated generals dare to be strong?” Lin Zihao said disdainfully. He pressed his feet and looked at Wayne Lin’s painful expression. He felt happy and excited sincerely, “Trash is trash, don’t give you three months , Give you three years, you are not my opponent either!”

Wayne Lin gritted his teeth without saying a word.

Lin Zihao stared at him, his eyes flashed with murderous intent, and he was shocked to Wayne Lin!

“Say, Grandpa gave you more than 50 billion, where did you hide?” Lin Zihao said coldly.

Wayne Lin smiled, “What do you want?”

Lin Zihao pressed his feet, “Give me this money, I can spare you not to die!”

Wayne Lin’s pain became heavier and heavier, and the bones in his chest were about to be trampled off, but he still gritted his teeth, did not scream, even smiled, and said with difficulty: ” Kill me, as soon as I die, the money will be donated to charity immediately, and you won’t get a cent!”

“Damn!” Lin Zihao yelled, his face turned into a hideous expression, “It seems that you can’t see the coffin without crying! If that’s the case, then you die for me!”

With that said, he was about to trample Wayne Lin to death.

At this moment, suddenly from behind, there was a gunshot, bang!

The bullet happened to hit Li Zihao’s feet.

Chapter 145

The sound of the gunshot appeared suddenly, and Lin Zihao was taken aback. His original movement to trample Wayne Lin to death also stopped.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Wayne Lin used his last strength and quickly rolled to the right, struggling out of Lin Zihao’s feet!

After the gunshot, there was a voice: “Master Zihao, please forgive and forgive, stop.”

It was a man’s voice. Wayne Lin immediately looked up and saw a young man in sportswear who looked like he was coming out for a morning jog, standing more than ten meters away, holding a silver pocket pistol. There was a faint smile on his face.

Lin Zihao also saw this person, and his face changed slightly, “Joker, is it you?”

The man who was called to be a clown nodded lightly and said: “It’s rare to be proud that you remember me, Master. The clown is deeply honored.”

If Situ Nan was here, he would definitely be able to recognize it at a glance. This person called a clown is surprisingly the famous underground emperor in Huarvell, Ugly Lord!

It turns out that Ugly Lord’s name is Joker.

When Wayne Lin saw the clown, complex colors flashed in his eyes.

At this moment, the clown also nodded to Wayne Lin, and said respectfully, “Master Wayne.”

Wayne Lin did not respond to him, but stood up silently, resisting the urge to cough up blood.

“Joker, are you going to fight me?” Lin Zihao stared at the ugly master coldly, his tone of voice was not good.

The Ugly Master shook his head and said, “The clown dare not.”

“Then don’t be nosy, get out of my way!” Lin Zihao snorted, saying that he was going to attack Wayne Lin again.

But just as he moved, there was another gunshot, and the bullet hit his feet again. The ugly master said, “Master Zihao, you should go back.”

Lin Zihao stopped his figure again, his face was ugly, and he stared at the ugly master, “Joker! You are determined to fight against me, right?! Don’t think that you are fascinated in Hwadrid. , I am afraid of you!”

The ugly master lowered his head again to show respect to Lin Zihao, but he said: “The master told the clown during his lifetime to protect Master Wayne, so please don’t make Master Zihao difficult for the clown.”

“Grass! It’s this dead old thing again!” Lin Zihao gritted his teeth and cursed fiercely, his face changed and he looked at Wayne Lin for a long time, full of unwillingness.

Wayne Lin’s expression did not change, he looked calm, and looked at Lin Zihao without fear.

“Fortune telling you! There is a clown to protect you.” Lin Zihao snorted heavily and said, “Also, let you jump for a few more days. Something that should belong to me will belong to me sooner or later.”

After speaking, he flashed a few times and disappeared.

Wayne Lin relaxed after making sure that he was gone. He was already sweating. The fierce battle just now consumed too much energy. If the clown hadn’t appeared, Lin Zihao would definitely abolish him even if he didn’t kill him. Martial arts.

The Ugly Master put the pistol away and walked to Wayne Lin, trying to hold Wayne Lin, but he was pushed away by Wayne Lin, “What are you doing here?”

Wayne Lin was quite critical of Ugly Master.

Chou Ye said, “Master Wayne, I’m here to protect you.”

“Protect me?” When Wayne Lin heard these words, he seemed to have heard a funny joke, and he actually burst into laughter, and finally tears came out, “What a funny joke!”

The Ugly Master looked at Wayne Lin almost mad, his expression also changing, and finally lowered his head, bowed deeply to Wayne Lin, and said, “Master Wayne, I know you hate me for not looking for you in the past four years, but This is what the lord ordered. He specifically confessed to me that he can only secretly protect your integrity and cannot find you.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin’s expression was lightly touched, “Why did Grandpa do this? What is the purpose?”

Intuitively, he believed what the clown said.

The ugly master slowly said, “I don’t know what the master’s intention is.”

“Wait a minute! No!” Wayne Lin immediately found the key information. He stared at the ugly master and said, “When did Grandpa account for you?”

According to the timeline, Grandpa suddenly became ill four years ago and became a vegetative person. He lost his consciousness. That was the same thing that made him frame him as a sinner. Now that you have become a vegetable, how can you explain the clown? If you don’t explain the clown, you can take the role of the clown and help him grow, instead of having been in vain for so many years!

So this matter is a contradiction. The only explanation is that the clown is not lying, or the grandfather has already explained to the clown before he fell into a coma.

But it is very sudden for Grandpa to become a vegetable. How can he explain to the clown?

Chou Ye said, “Master Wayne is extremely clever, and he discovered the doubt so quickly.”

“Don’t slap me flattering, what is the situation!” Wayne Lin frowned.

The ugly master slowly said: “Actually, the master confessed to me before becoming a vegetative. On that day, he called me over and told me earnestly that he was running out of time, and asked me to protect you secretly. You, four years. Four years later, I can only meet with you today.”

After speaking, Ugly’s expression was extremely complicated, sentimental, admired, and awe.

Wayne Lin also opened his mouth wide, and his brain quickly turned around, and his grandfather’s serious and kind face appeared in front of him.

He is a smart man. By this time, he immediately wanted to understand. Grandpa ordered the clown early. Obviously, he already knew that he would become a vegetable.

And most likely, he also knew who the murderer was!

But he didn’t say, even if he woke up after four years, he still didn’t say.

In this case, there are only two possibilities.

One, the strength of this murderer is very powerful, and the Lin family cannot deal with it.

Second, this murderer is someone close to Grandpa, and it is likely to be a close relative, so even if Grandpa knew it, he still chose to accept it silently…

After a long silence, Wayne Lin said, “Has Grandpa told you anything?”

Ugly Master shook his head, and then he said again: “There is a word, Master asked me to tell you.”


“Master said, don’t think of avenging him, and live your life. Some things, let him pass, don’t need to pursue them.”

Wayne Lin took a deep breath, he could fully imagine what his grandpa would look like when he said this to the clown.

After a while, Wayne Lin looked straight at Ugly Master, “Do you know who killed Grandpa?”

Chou Ye shook his head, saying that he didn’t know.

Wayne Lin didn’t ask any more. He also asked casually. He didn’t expect to really ask anything from the clown. It was not that the clown would lie to him, but the clown himself didn’t know.

“Grandpa, grandpa, who really hurt you?” Wayne Lin looked back at Grandpa’s tomb, sighing in his heart.

Then, he and the clown went back, rearranged the grandfather’s tomb, and said a few more words until the sky was completely bright before he started to leave.

When he reached the foot of the mountain, the ugly master suddenly said: “By the way, Master Wayne, there is a man named Situ Nan who came to me to buy your life. The price was high. Would you like me to clean him up?”

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