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Chapter 299

“You apologize to me first.” Tao Sanniang said with a proud face.

Wayne Lin was speechless again, now Tao Sanniang is making trouble unreasonably, but he can’t get angry at all. Sure enough, the world is unfair, and people with good looks are always favored.

“Stop making trouble, just say it quickly, I’m going back to go shopping with my wife.” Wayne Lin said angrily.

Tao Sanniang pouted, acting like a coquettish couple, and said: “I don’t care, you apologize to me, or I won’t say anything.”

Fearing that Wayne Lin would ignore her, she quickly added: “I’m telling you, this is heavy news. If you miss it, you will be in big trouble in the future.”

To be honest, Wayne Lin didn’t believe in Tao Sanniang’s words. After two encounters, Wayne Lin’s impression of Tao Sanniang was a cunning, fickle, elusive, and truly fox-like woman.

After thinking about it, Wayne Lin decided to apologize to Tao Sanniang. Anyway, he can’t lose two pieces of meat. If Tao Sanniang really has any important news, then he will also make money.

So he said: “Okay, I was wrong, now you can say it.”

However, Tao Sanniang twisted her face again, annoyed, and said, “No, you have no sincerity.”

Wayne Lin was really a little angry now, he raised his brows twice, and said with a black face, “Do you like it or not.”

After speaking, he strode away.

Tao Sanniang could see that Wayne Lin was really angry, and she didn’t dare to molest Wayne Lin anymore, and quickly said: “Okay, let’s say I said, let’s go, what a stingy man.”

A black line appeared on Wayne Lin’s forehead. If it wasn’t for his identity, he really wanted to press Tao Sanniang to spank her ass. It was so f*cking skinny, he had never seen such a skinny woman!

Tao Sanniang put a smile on her face and said earnestly: “I found out from the intelligence that Gu Hanxing has taken Xisui Pill and went out smoothly. His father, Brian Gu, also hosted a celebration banquet for him. Now it’s almost innate.”

Wayne Lin had already guessed it and nodded.

Tao Sanniang continued: “Gu Hanxing has always had a very bad reputation in the circle. He is arrogant and arrogant. Many people have been bullied by him. Gu Hanxing’s personality must be better. You were at the auction last time. If you humiliate him, he will definitely not let you go. Now that he has broken through the innate realm, he will definitely come to trouble you, so you must be careful.”

Wayne Lin narrowed his eyes, his tone became colder, and said, “If he really dares to trouble me, I don’t mind giving him an unforgettable memory.”

At this moment, Tao Sanniang perceives Wayne Lin’s body, a pressure that is like a abyss, like a prison. In her spiritual world, Wayne Lin in front of her has turned into a god of war who can walk through the sky. The land of Shenzhou was pierced, and her breathing suddenly stopped.

“You also broke through the innate realm?!” Tao Sanniang said in horror.

You know, she met Wayne Lin half a month ago, at that time Wayne Lin’s aura was not that terrifying.

Wayne Lin recovered his momentum in an instant. From the image of God of War just now, he suddenly changed back to an ordinary person. He shook his head and said regretfully, “It’s almost.”

He didn’t tell Tao Sanniang the truth, not because of what he was afraid of, but because it was unnecessary. Besides, Tao Sanniang was a member of Yuntian Pavilion, not even a friend. If Tao Sanniang talks about this news, it will not be good for him.

Now Wayne Lin works calmly, the old wolf, dripping water.

Tao Sanniang’s eyes flickered, and after thinking about it carefully, she chose to believe Wayne Lin’s words, because she had also seen a strong man in the Innate Realm, and her aura was far greater than Wayne Lin.

And deep down, she didn’t really believe that Wayne Lin could really step into the innate at such a young age.

The realm.

Because Wayne Lin and Gu Hanxing are different, Gu Hanxing has a good father like Brian Gu, but he can’t make it by himself. Brian Gu helped him, but Wayne Lin didn’t.

Tao Sanniang continued: “In addition to Gu Hanxing, the person you have to watch out for is Brian Gu. This talent is a real powerhouse. Especially the Beitianhui behind him is so powerful that it hasn’t changed.”

Wayne Lin nodded and was silent for a moment. He suddenly said, “How does the Northern Sky Club compare to the BRAGRUN organization?”

After speaking, Wayne Lin stared at Tao Sanniang, hoping to see any clues about BRAGRUN organization from Tao Sanniang!

However, Tao Sanniang showed a confused look, and said doubtfully: “BRAGRUN organization? What kind of power is it? Haven’t heard of it.”

Now it was Wayne Lin’s turn to be surprised, Tao Sanniang, as the senior member of the Yuntian Pavilion, actually didn’t know the BRAGRUN organization?

If it hadn’t been for Wayne Lin that she had been staring at Tao Sanniang closely, and not letting any change in her eyes, he suspected Tao Sanniang was lying to him.

Facts have proved that Tao Sanniang really didn’t know BRAGRUN organization.

In this way, the BRAGRUN organization is really a powerful and extremely mysterious force!

No wonder the clown tried so hard to prevent him from getting trouble with BRAGRUN’s organization at this time. No wonder Lu Dongbin showed that kind of posture of watching all beings and calling himself a god.

“Nothing, just talk casually.” Wayne Lin stalled.

Tao Sanniang looked at him strangely and thought it was Wayne Lin who was teasing her. She had been in this circle for so long, and she had never heard of the BRAGRUN organization as a force or anything. It sounded very low (low level). .

“Anyway, you have to be careful, and you must beware, otherwise you will easily suffer the poisonous hands of the Gu family father and son.” Tao Sanniang said.

Wayne Lin showed a puzzled expression and said, “Tao Sanniang, you and I are not relatives, why do you remind me that I am not afraid that I will be troubled by the Gu family and his sons?”

This is something Wayne Lin is very curious about. He and Tao Sanniang have only met twice this time. They are not even friends. Why should Tao Sanniang come to remind him?

Wayne Lin didn’t believe that people like Tao Sanniang would like him. This is totally nonsense. What kind of man hasn’t seen a woman at the level of Tao Sanniang? Besides, Tao Sanniang can climb to this position, which shows that Tao Sanniang has outstanding ability and outstanding thinking. It is not those young ignorant girls who casually swear to each other to live or die.

But in fact, Tao Sanniang specifically reminded him that there was only one reason, and that was that he was valuable to Yuntian Pavilion.

Tao Sanniang blinked and said with a smile: “Lin Shao, don’t you think this question is a bit redundant? Sanniang, don’t you know what I am? I hate it.”

Speaking of Tao Sanniang poked Wayne Lin’s chest, Wayne Lin gave a shock all over her body, and quickly said: “Oh, Tao Sanniang, you don’t have to pretend it anymore. I owe you Yuntian Pavilion a favor for this matter. .”

Tao Sanniang said: “What does it mean to owe Yuntian Pavilion a favor? It is Tao Sanniang’s favor. It has nothing to do with Yuntian Pavilion. Also, I have helped you like this, don’t you show it?”

Wayne Lin said vigilantly: “What do you want to express?”

“For example, invite me to dinner, watch a movie, develop and develop…”


Wayne Lin turned around and left without waiting for her to finish.

Tao Sanniang stomped her feet, trying to catch up, but found that she was wearing high heels and it was not convenient to run, so she could only watch Wayne Lin disappear into sight.

Suddenly she thought of something and patted her forehead, “Bad thing, not even getting his contact information, it’s a failure.”

Chapter 300

Back at the clothing store, Alma Chu had already bought the clothes. She was waiting for him. When she saw him coming back, she greeted him with a smile and said, “Is the chat finished?”

Wayne Lin nodded and explained: “Alma, I have nothing to do with Tao Sanniang, you must not…”

Before he could finish speaking, Alma Chu gently blocked his mouth and said with a smile: “No need to explain, I believe you.”

Wayne Lin was taken aback, and said with some disbelief, “Alma, why do you believe me so?”

Alma Chu’s too much trust made him feel uneasy, Tao Sanniang is also a superb stunner, and a smile is a sultry gesture, it is difficult for a man to resist Tao Sanniang’s temptation.

Alma Chu said, “Why can’t I believe you? We have been married for four years and we sleep in a room every day. You have never stepped past Lei Chi. Is there anyone in this world who is more Liu Xiahui than you?”


Wayne Lin had nothing to say about this, and he always felt weird. Is Alma Chu complimenting him or hurting him.

But Alma Chu already believed him, so he didn’t have anything to worry about. Anyway, he wasn’t afraid of the shadow leaning, so he had a clear conscience.

Then they didn’t go around for too long and returned to Yulong Bay, because today Alma Chu came to relatives, Wayne Lin had no choice but to hold Alma Chu to sleep.

The next day, they got up early in the morning and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to remarry.

When he went to Ziqiong Company, Wayne Lin held a high-level meeting and asked the company’s management to report to him the current progress of Ziqiong Company and how the financial income was.

The market value of Zi Qiong has now exceeded 8 billion, which can be described as an exaggeration. The monthly income is very considerable, but all shareholders with a few shares have made a good profit.

And all of them know very well that the reason why Ziqiong Media can be today is not to say 100%, but at least 80% of the credit is from Wayne Lin. In fact, many of the decisions Wayne Lin made were so beautiful, not only allowed Zi Qiong to ride the wind and waves, but also avoided several crises, making it bigger and bigger.

They believe that under the continued leadership of the chairman, Ziqiong Media will definitely do better, and it is not impossible to even become the largest media company in China!

Looking at the chairman on the main seat, they made no secret of their admiration and awe of the chairman. After everyone reported their work, they waited for the chairman to speak.

However, what Wayne Lin said next shocked all of them.

“Now Ziqiong Media has reached a bottleneck in its development. Next, it should suffer from a lot of joint strangulations from its peers. Now stop for a while, throw out 30% of the stock on your hand, and cut a wave of leeks. Next, there should be a wave of leeks. A tough battle must be fought, and everyone must prepare for the battle.”

Hearing this, everyone was dumbfounded. What happened? Now Ziqiong Media is developing well. The market value is rising every day. The situation is very good. How can it be a bottleneck? Many professionals have analyzed that the market value of Zi Qiong Media will be at least 12 billion.

But now Wayne Lin’s decision is obviously to restrain himself and abolish his martial arts.

So the meeting room was quiet for half a minute. Almost everyone was puzzled and dissatisfied with Wayne Lin’s decision, but they didn’t dare to put forward a rebuttal immediately because Wayne Lin’s pressure was too great. Now Wayne Lin stood there, like a mountain, pressing them out of breath.

Finally, a senior management majoring in finance and the stock market raised a question and said in a cautious tone: “Chairman, according to my experience, the company is now in the development stage, and more than 90% of the projects are in our hands. Among them, it also creates value for the company continuously, and the relationship with peers is also very good.

. Forgive me for my ignorance, in the current situation, shouldn’t we increase the scale of development? How can we sell stocks and stop the expansion? “

Another management also said: “Yes, Chairman, the subordinates don’t quite understand, is there a problem in which link?”

Wayne Lin had long expected that this group of people would oppose it. After all, not everyone could reach his level, and IQ had made breakthrough improvements. It is no exaggeration to say that he now learns things at least ten times faster than ordinary people, and he can quickly solve many difficult math problems. Looking at the company’s future, it is also more accurate and farsighted.

He didn’t bother to explain these things, and said: “I have a sense of measure, just follow my instructions.”

Many people wanted to refute, but they didn’t have the guts to see Wayne Lin who was expressionless on the main seat.

Regardless of whether they are also managers and shareholders, in fact, Ziqiong Media is still a company of Wayne Lin alone. Wayne Lin alone controls 60% of the shares and has absolute say.

After a pause, Wayne Lin said again: “One more thing, I plan to become a new security company, mainly responsible for the bodyguard business of the rich. Whoever wants to invest in capital can apply to me. The deadline is half a month. Inside, it’s overdue.”

Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, everyone was even more surprised, and many people even started to discuss in a low voice.

“I heard that right, did the chairman actually want to set up a security company? It’s not easy to do, there are too many domestic bosses.”

“Isn’t it? The security company needs a strong network and professional reserves. We have always been in the entertainment and media sector. We can’t get along with the security company. What should we do?”

“The chairman is joking, right?”

“I don’t think it’s like it. The chairman has taken too much steps. A new advertising company was established not long ago. Now I want to set up a security company again. What do you want to do?”

“In my opinion, the chairman is still inflated because of his achievements in Ziqiong Media…”

“It is possible that this year the chairman is not thirty years old, and expansion is normal.”

They thought they were talking so softly that Wayne Lin couldn’t hear it. In fact, it passed to Wayne Lin’s ears without missing a word. But Wayne Lin is not angry. He is not so stingy. With his current state, there are very few people who can keep up with him. He has no need to explain to ordinary people. All he wants is that they execute orders, and that’s it. .

Damon Wang also flickered his eyes, and for the first time questioned Wayne Lin’s two decisions. He planned to wait for the meeting before he personally asked Wayne Lin to ask him clearly.

“Since everyone has no objections, then let the meeting adjourn and do as I said.” Wayne Lin stood up, then put his hands on the conference table, leaned over, his eyes were drawn across everyone’s faces, and said: “I I don’t like that someone is violating my decision. Once I find out, I won’t be merciful, you know?”

“Know that!”

“The chairman can rest assured that we will resolutely implement your instructions!”

“There will never be any violation of the law. In fact, I also think that your decision, Chairman, is correct.”

“Yes, firmly support the chairman…”

Wayne Lin nodded in satisfaction, and then walked out of the meeting room.

After he left, the thirty-odd high-level people in the conference room breathed a sigh of relief and began to gasp. The pressure Wayne Lin had put on them just now was too great.

They couldn’t understand why Wayne Lin was so young, but with such a big aura, crushing their group of old dough sticks to death.

Chapter 301

Damon Wang came to Wayne Lin’s office. He thought about it carefully, and knocked on the door. After a while, Wayne Lin’s voice came: “Come in.”

Wayne Lin saw Damon Wang walk in solemnly, and said with a smile: “Why, do you even have to question my decision?”

Damon Wang was very honest, and said with a wry smile: “I can’t talk about doubts. It’s just that the subordinates are dull and can’t understand the basis of Wayne Lin’s two decisions.”

Wayne Lin put down his hand and looked at Damon Wang and said, “You know the truth is that the prosperity will decline. Now Zi Qiong is developing very well. On the surface, Zi Qiong has no threat and should be expanded. But what Everything has a certain degree. Once that degree is exceeded, something will happen. Michelle has ran too fast this year, and the scale is undeniably much larger. Correspondingly, there are many omissions. It is not a piece of iron. The embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed by ants. Point. On the surface, it looks strong, but in fact it is very weak inside. As long as competitors use a little trick, they can easily defeat Zi Qiong.”

Damon Wang was shocked when he heard it, and felt that it made sense, but when he thought about it, he didn’t find that Zi Qiong had any omissions that would be crushed by competitors.

“Chairman, I still didn’t want to understand, please advise the chairman.” Damon Wang asked humbly.

Wayne Lin smiled and patiently explained Damon Wang’s confusion. Specifically, he pointed out the company’s current omissions and imagined how competitors would do it, which would cause great harm to Zi Qiong. By then, it would be too late for Zi Qiong to stop.

Damon Wang is a wise man. He has been immersed in this industry for so long, so naturally he will get through. After listening to this, he was in a cold sweat, looked at Wayne Lin in amazement, and said, “The chairman has a great view! If we In the next week, if you don’t stop expansion and sell stocks, then Michelle will really have something big!”

After speaking, Damon Wang’s eyes looked at Wayne Lin more admiration and awe.

Fortunately, he thought that Wayne Lin was swollen just now, and he insisted on going his own way. Wayne Lin had seen through his feelings, but he didn’t bother to explain it to them.

Wayne Lin smiled, with his current innate ability to run a company, it is not a matter of hand.

Then Damon Wang talked about some details in depth and thoroughly understood the problems that Zi Qiong was facing now. He had more cold sweats. At the same time, he admired Wayne Lin more and was deeply grateful. It is conceivable that if it were not for Wayne Lin’s meeting today, Ziqiong Media would really have something wrong!

Even if he doesn’t go bankrupt, his vitality will be greatly injured, and he will lose a lot of money.

“Chairman, there is one more thing I don’t understand.” Damon Wang said again.

Wayne Lin was not surprised, and said, “You said I want to establish a security company.”

“Not bad.” Damon Wang nodded and said, “The security company’s business is too deep. Even if there is capital injection, it is difficult to do it without 10 or 8 years of investment. Unless it is just a small security company that specializes in training. Doorman. But I believe that since the chairman wants to establish a security company, the structure will certainly not be that small.”

Indeed, security companies are a difficult industry, and ordinary companies dare not touch them easily. First, the water is deep and the cost is high. Second, the competition is fierce. Third, if there is no professional team, it is also It’s hard to do it. The team mentioned here is not the civilian staff such as the management, but the coaches and bodyguards with professional skills.

As far as Wayne Lin’s current conditions are concerned, he is a layman who has nothing but money.

A truly powerful security company, its senior bodyguards are responsible for the safety of the wealthy and celebrities of the upper class. Over time, they will gradually come into contact with the core of protecting people, privacy, etc., and will obtain very important information.

To put it another way, the bodyguard is an upright spy.

It is also because of this nature that not everyone can be a security company. This is Damon Wang’s concern.

Wayne Lin naturally knew this truth, and smiled and said, “I didn’t think about making a big one at the beginning. In the early stage, I trained a batch of high-quality bodyguards to protect the people around me, and then slowly add them later. Big investment and development to a higher level.”

After listening, Damon Wang nodded. If he did this first, he could do it. But there is also a problem right away…

He said, “Chairman, as far as I know, if you want to establish a security company, you have to worship the dock…”

“By the dock?” Wayne Lin was a little surprised when he heard these words. It’s the 21st century now, why is there such a thing?

Damon Wang nodded solemnly and said, “Yes, almost all security companies in the South are now monopolized by the Beitian Club. Chairman, if you want to establish a new security company, you must go to the dock and get the consent of the Beitian Club. Only then are qualified to open, otherwise it will not be able to continue.”

The Northern Heaven Meeting, the Northern Heaven Meeting again, Wayne Lin showed a weird expression, it seemed that he had collided with this Northern Heaven Meeting.

Wayne Lin thought for a while and said with a smile: “What will happen if I don’t go to the pier?”

Damon Wang shook his head and said, “Chairman, it’s best not to have this idea. The North Sky Club is very powerful in the south. If you don’t go to the dock and open a security company without authorization, you will be disrespectful to the North Sky Club and they will come up to ask for trouble. Yes. If it is not dealt with by that time, it is very likely that it will affect Michelle and Tengyue (the newly established advertising company).”

“In this way, let’s go to a dock.” Wayne Lin said easily.

Seeing that Wayne Lin was so calm, Damon Wang couldn’t help but reminded: “Chairman, it’s not that I don’t believe you, but that the Beitian Club is not so easy to deal with. They are all a group of martial artists. Money can be done. You must have a little hard power and get their recognition before you are eligible to open a security company. After you start the company, you have to pay tribute to them every month. Their style is extremely domineering. That’s why I It is not recommended that you open a security company. If you want to hire a bodyguard, you can go directly to the Beitianhui bodyguard. The price is more expensive, but you can buy Ping An.”

As everyone knows, Wayne Lin laughed loudly after listening, asking him to buy a bodyguard from the Beitian Club. It was impossible. He asked the bodyguards to protect the people around him. Isn’t it just to guard against the Beitian Club?

Damon Wang did not understand why Wayne Lin laughed so loudly, and was very confused.

I saw Wayne Lin say: “It is impossible for me to cooperate with the North Sky Club. Let me tell you this. I have a grudge against the vice president of the North Sky Club. I set up a security company to fight the North Sky Club. “

“What?!” Now it was Damon Wang’s turn to be shocked. He never thought that Wayne Lin would have a grudge with Beitian. Now he felt extreme fear, and his hands and feet became cold.

Wayne Lin squinted his eyes and stared at Damon Wang meaningfully, “Why, are you scared?”


Damon Wang swallowed hardly. He was indeed scared. The North Sky Club is a huge monster. Even though he is now the president of Ziqiong Media, it is very beautiful, but compared to the North Sky Club, he is just a small person.

“Chairman, how did you provoke the Beitian Club? This Beitian Club is not easy to provoke…” Damon Wang said palely. Compared to Damon Wang’s panic, Wayne Lin seemed much calmer. He leaned back on the boss’s chair and said in a lazy manner: “You don’t have to worry about this. I must open a security company, Beitian. I will also handle the meeting there, so you can help me contact some retired special forces who can bear hardships and stand hard work, or the civilian training family, send them to me, pick a time, and I personally go to the North Tianhui dock.”

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