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Chapter 320

Wayne Lin hadn’t thought about having the same knowledge as these three second generation ancestors, so he waved his hand and forgave them.

Immediately, Ouyang Feng waved his hand, sent them away, sat down in person, and made tea for Wayne Lin. This made Wayne Lin even more uneasy, and said quickly: “Mr. The juniors can’t afford this!”

Wayne Lin has always been a well-educated and polite person. Now from beginning to end, Ouyang Feng has been very kind and enthusiastic towards him. How could he be ashamed to let an 80-year-old man make tea for him? Drink it, and quickly stop it and dare not accept it.

Ouyang Feng smiled and didn’t force it. He admired Wayne Lin’s eyes even more, and said, “Well, since Randal Lin has shown the old man’s face like this, the old man is not hypocritical. Come on, Xuehai, you Come make tea for Randal Lin.”

Ouyang Xuehai came over and started making tea.

This is the study room in Ouyang’s family that specializes in entertaining guests. The area is very large, with dozens of square meters. The study room is full of antiques, paintings and calligraphy, and there are many books. I can see that Ouyang Feng is very thoughtful. A person of very high state.

“This is the ugly master, it is indeed a dragon and phoenix among the people. I just neglected the ugly master, I am sorry.” Ouyang Feng said with a smile.

The ugly master quickly said: “Older Ouyang is polite! Older Ouyang can call me a clown. I came with the young master. If you have anything, you can talk to my young master directly, without considering my existence. “

Ouyang Feng nodded, set his eyes on Wayne Lin again, and said, “Randal…”

Wayne Lin interrupted him quickly and said, “It’s fine if Mr. Ouyang calls me Wayne.”

“Well, Wayne, speaking of it, this is not the first time we met, do you remember?” Ouyang Feng said with a smile.

Wayne Lin’s heart tightened, knowing that the subject was coming soon, he remained unchanged on the surface, politely accepted the tea brought by Ouyang Xuehai, and said with a smile: “Remember, when I was very young, the old man I’ve been to the Lin’s house and hugged me. I thought the old man had forgotten about it, so I didn’t dare to mention it, haha.”

Ouyang Feng’s eyes flashed some reminiscences, and he said, “Yes, many years have passed in a blink of an eye. At that time, your grandfather Lin Changtian was still alive, and your grandfather and I were good friends. Now things are different. , Your grandfather is gone, and I also lost a close friend.”

When Wayne Lin heard this sentence, his nose was a little sour. He resisted, did not show his grief too much, and said, “Old gentleman, if Grandpa is in the Spirit of Heaven, he will be very happy if he knows you still remember him. !”

Ouyang Feng smiled slightly, did not speak, looked at Wayne Lin deeply, then sighed, and said guiltily: “Wayne, I’m sorry for speaking of you. After your grandpa left, there was no first time I’ll take you over. I hope Wayne will not hate the old man in your heart.”

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “The old gentleman is serious, how can I hate you?”

“Wayne, you are a good boy. You have suffered so much over the years, and it’s hard for you.” Ouyang Feng said, “If you don’t dislike me as an old man, why don’t you call me Grandpa Ouyang?”

Wayne Lin was really shocked when he heard these words. Ouyang Feng is a very important figure in the province of G. He is the chairman of Shengyang Group and the former president of the Chamber of Commerce in G province. , The connections and energy are all there, the most important thing is that even the senior officials in China have to give to Europe

Yang Feng is kind of thin!

Now you actually want to take the initiative to win Wayne Lin, and let Wayne Lin call grandpa? If this spreads out, it will definitely cause a lot of shock!

Wayne Lin now knows how many jins are a few taels by himself. Regardless of whether he is the chairman of Ziqiong Media, he has tens of billions in his hands. But according to his social status and energy, he is still a big figure like Ouyang Feng. Incomparable.

To put it in a bad way, he dared to offend Beitianhui, but he did not dare to offend Ouyang Feng, because Ouyang Feng is no longer as simple as a pure businessman. The kind of social status and connections behind him cannot be accumulated overnight. Arrived.

The simplest, Ouyang Fenghun’s circle is not as superficial as the business circle. Which of Ouyang Feng’s friends is not the great power of China?

So time, Wayne Lin was also very shocked. After a while, he came back to his senses and said, “Old Mr. Ouyang, I will have grievances with Beitian now. Are you afraid of offending the Beitian Association if you are like this?”

When Wayne Lin said this, he was frank and temptation.

Ouyang Feng laughed loudly, “What will Beitian do? If it is the man who the old man wants to protect, how dare he Beitian?”

When he said this, he was full of domineering and self-confidence, and he didn’t put Beitianhui in his eyes.

Wayne Lin could hear that Ouyang Feng was not bragging, he really had this confidence.

But the more this happened, the more it made Wayne Lin confused. He and Ouyang Fengfei were not related to each other. Strictly speaking, this was the first time they met. Why did Ouyang Feng try to woo him like this? It makes no sense.

Is it really because of friendship with Grandpa Lin Changtian?

Soon, he also threw this idea out. It felt unlikely. Grandpa passed away almost five years ago. If Ouyang Fengzhen and Grandpa are close friends, how could it be possible to come to him now?

Obviously, it is because of his value.

As for what value in him, does Ouyang Feng value it?

Wayne Lin thought about it a little bit, and he probably thought that he was just looking at the strength of the innate realm, right?

After all, don’t look at the size of Ouyang’s family, but looking at the entire Ouyang family, you can’t find a few masters of innate realm! There may even be none!

However, since Ouyang’s words are for this purpose, what good friendship does he have, he directly shouted: “Grandpa Ouyang!”

“Good, good!” Ouyang Feng was very happy, looking at Wayne Lin’s eyes with more appreciation and eagerness, and said: “I didn’t expect that before Ouyang Feng, I could have such an excellent grandson. This old man will be worth his life what!!”

Ok? What the hell, grandson?

Wayne Lin snorted, and the bad premonition came again, and he asked, “Grandpa Ouyang, why am I your grandson? Are you wrong?”

“That’s right.” Ouyang Feng said with a smile: “I have a granddaughter. She is beautiful and beautiful, but she has a cold and arrogant personality. I have always been worried about her marriage. Now I met you Wayne. Grandpa has seen the most outstanding one among so many young people. So I plan to introduce our grandson to you. Our grandpa and grandson will kiss each other, how about you?”


Wayne Lin cried out in his heart.

Chapter 321

“Why, you don’t want to?” Ouyang Feng asked with some displeasure when seeing his expression.

Wayne Lin smiled dryly: “Grandpa Ouyang, it’s true that I am already married, so I don’t have this blessing to marry your granddaughter.”

Isn’t it? It’s no secret that he is the son-in-law of the Chu family in Huarvell. How could Ouyang Feng not know. Now Ouyang Feng still said this, Wayne Lin seriously suspected that Ouyang Feng was teasing him.

Ouyang Feng was not surprised at all, and said, “I know, your wife is Alma Chu. She is Thompson Chu’s granddaughter and the chairman of Shengke Lighting. As far as I know, she can become the director of Shengke Lighting. It’s because of your support.”

“Grandpa Ouyang, since you already know, why do you still say that you want to marry me your granddaughter?” Wayne Lin said with a wry smile, his expression saying that you are making me fun.

Ouyang Feng said, “Haha, Wayne, do you think Grandpa is joking with you?”

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes, and it was obvious, isn’t it?

Ouyang Feng laughed twice and said, “You may have misunderstood your grandfather. It is normal for a good man to have three wives and four concubines. Looking at the world, how many of the capable men guard a woman for a lifetime? No one! Grandpa didn’t joke with you. You are the best young man Grandpa has ever seen. You should be born with three wives and four concubines. Otherwise, staying with a woman for your whole life will be too boring.”

Wayne Lin was stunned after hearing these words. He couldn’t believe it was Ouyang Feng who said it. Now in the 21st century, in a society under the rule of law, and not in the feudal era, how could it be possible to have three wives and four concubines. Besides, you, Ouyang Feng, are all over 80 years old. Is it appropriate to say that?

Facing Ouyang Feng’s words, Wayne Lin had to smile awkwardly and politely, and it was difficult to answer.

Ouyang Xuehai, who is making tea, said: “Wayne, you don’t have to worry about the conditions of the little girl. The little girl is a little arrogant, but in terms of body shape, appearance, temperament, and self-cultivation, you will not disappoint Wayne.”

Sure enough, it is Ouyang Xuehai’s daughter. No wonder Zhang Guilan’s eyes were not right when she saw him just now. It was really the eyes of the mother-in-law watching her son-in-law!

“Uncle Ouyang, I’m already married. If I marry Ling Ai, I would commit bigamy. This is not fair to Ling Ai. Surely Ling Ai is unwilling to marry a married man, right?” Wayne Lin thought he had said enough. Euphemistically, but also enough to understand.

Now he really doesn’t understand what medicine Ouyang’s gourd sells, so he actually proposes to marry him at this time, is it playing him?

Ouyang Xuehai shook his head and said: “As long as Wayne you nod, you can contribute to this marriage. We don’t need you to be a parent, just be my normal son-in-law of Ouyang’s family. This matter is for Wayne, Baiyi There is no harm. Besides, as long as Wayne you marry my daughter, with my backer of Ouyang’s family, Beitianhui will definitely not dare to trouble you any more.”

This sounds really tempting. For Wayne Lin, there are only advantages and no disadvantages. Anyone with normal intelligence knows how to choose. But Wayne Lin knew that what Ouyang’s family did was definitely not as simple as the surface, and there must be more in-depth implications.

Wayne Lin thought for a while and said, “It is indeed very tempting to listen. All the advantages are taken up by me. However, Grandpa Ouyang and Uncle Ouyang, you may not know me very well. I am a person who does not like to take advantage of others. It’s cheap, so I’m still embarrassed. I can’t agree to this marriage.”

Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai looked at each other, and then Ouyang Xuehai said: “Wayne, I know I can’t hide anything from you. At your age, you have such an achievement and such a realm, there is no one!”

Wayne Lin just smiled slightly, without comment.

Then Ouyang Xuehai said again: “Wayne, what you said is right. At this point, we won’t lie to you anymore. Our Ouyang family wants to marry you. It is indeed a conspiracy. It is not harmful to you. We are Fancy you, someone at your age, at only twenty-eight, has reached the innate state, which is rare in the world. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth.

You, don’t think our Ouyang family is very beautiful, in fact, there are no masters in the Innate Realm. “

Wayne Lin fell silent after listening. He was thinking about the truthfulness of Ouyang Xuehai’s words. Logically speaking, a business family like the Ouyang family has a very strong relationship, even if there is no congenital realm in the family. What effect?

After an analysis, Wayne Lin believed that Ouyang Xuehai still concealed something from him.

Just when Wayne Lin wanted to speak, suddenly, the door of the study was violently pushed open, and a graceful figure broke in, accompanied by an angry voice, “I can’t marry him!”

Wayne Lin was not surprised by this woman’s intrusion, he had heard the other’s footsteps a long time ago.

He looked back, and he saw a tall, beautiful, and fair-skinned big beauty. She looked very young, 18 or 19 years old, and she was probably still a college student. Needless to say, this beauty is Ouyang Yanran, the daughter of Ouyang Xuehai.

Ouyang Feng immediately frowned, and said displeased: “Ouyang Yanran, who let you in, let me out!”

Ouyang Yanran did not go out, but walked in strode, gave Wayne Lin a cold look, and then solemnly said to Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai: “Grandpa, Dad, I’m still in college now, and I still If you have a boyfriend, it is impossible to marry him! You will die!”

Ouyang Xuehai was angry. He had just spoken well to Wayne Lin and boasted that as long as Wayne Lin nodded, this marriage could be facilitated. As a result, Ouyang Yanran appeared immediately and slapped him in the face. Thick can’t hold it anymore.

“Presumptuous!” Ouyang Xuehai stood up and yelled at the table, “Parents’ orders, the matchmaker’s words, where is your turn to call the shots of your marriage! Besides, your shit boyfriend is worse than Wayne.” Ten thousand times, you are about to break up with him, otherwise I can’t spare him!”

Even if Ouyang Xuehai is very elegant in front of Wayne Lin, he can’t be underestimated now that he is so popular, he is particularly scary.

Ouyang Yanran’s face was cold. She was not too scared. She was a very serious person. She boldly looked at Ouyang Xuehai and said, “It’s the 21st century now, do you still come here? It’s impossible for me to break up with him anyway, let alone marry this person!”

After that, she turned around and left without waiting for Ouyang Xuehai and Ouyang Feng to agree, highlighting a cold and arrogant and stubborn, and would not easily change her attitude.

After Ouyang Yanran left, the study was a little embarrassed, and Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai were a little embarrassed.

Wayne Lin is very good at life. He took the initiative to break the silence and said with a smile: “Grandpa Ouyang, Uncle Ouyang, there is still something to deal with at my company. If there is nothing wrong, I will leave first.”

Ouyang Feng said, “Wayne, I just showed you a joke. My granddaughter has been stubborn since I was a child, and she has a very good temper.”

“In fact, Sister Ouyang is right. It’s the 21st century. Marriage is free. Since Sister Ouyang already has a boyfriend, we really shouldn’t force her to do things that she doesn’t like.” Wayne Lin said.

Ouyang Xuehai said: “That’s not what it says. No matter when, parents are for the good of their children before arranging marriages for their children… Forget it, let’s not talk about this. Since Wayne has something to deal with, then we don’t I’m delaying you, come and sit when you have time.”


Wayne Lin and Chou Ye left Ouyang’s house. On the way, Chou Ye said, “Master, in fact, you shouldn’t refuse the marriage between Ouyang Feng and his son just now. Marrying Ouyang Yanran will be of great benefit to you.”

“You are so embarrassed to tell me this, I haven’t settled the account with you yet, this marriage, you have a’credit’!” Wayne Lin said coldly.

Chou Ye did not deny it, and said: “It’s also the meaning of Master Nishang.”

Is this woman called Nishang again? Wayne Lin frowned, and said, “She is too wide in control.”

Chapter 322

The Ugly Master said meaningfully: “Master Nishang is also for your own good.”

Wayne Lin was noncommittal and said, “Make arrangements for me. I want to see her.”

The ugly master was silent for a while, and said: “When the time is right, Master Nishang will come out to see you.”

Now that Chou Ye’s words are all here, then Wayne Lin has nothing to say.

Reason tells him that this so-called adult in neon clothes should be harmless to him, and one day, he will be able to see neon clothes.

What he needs to do now is to improve his strength in the shortest time!

After Wayne Lin and Chou Ye left, Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai also had a chat.

“Father, it seems that Wayne Lin is very loyal to his wife. It is not easy to recruit him through marriage.” Ouyang Xuehai said with a worried expression on his face looking at the direction where Wayne Lin and Chou Ye were leaving.

Ouyang Feng said: “There is no absolute loyalty in this world. As long as the temptation is big enough, Wayne Lin will definitely be tempted.”

Ouyang Xuehai said again: “Father, I don’t understand. Does Wayne Lin really have such a great value? Our Ouyang family is also one of the best in the south. As for us to draw him in such a low profile?”

Now Ouyang Xuehai no longer has the loyal and honest appearance in front of Wayne Lin, frowning, his eyes full of wisdom. Indeed, a person who can achieve his position cannot be as simple and honest as the surface, and must have enough city government and scheming, otherwise he will be played to death every minute.

“Hahaha…” Ouyang Feng suddenly laughed, full of anger, not at all like an old man in his eighties, and then a terrifying spirit burst into his eyes and said: “The twenty-eight year old A master of the innate realm is a rare and rare existence! Besides, he still swallows the innate realm that the superb cleansing pill has broken through. Such a talent, looking at the whole country, may be the only one, Wayne Lin! You say he has one! No such value?”

Ouyang Feng stared at his son with piercing eyes.

Ouyang Xuehai was also shocked by what his father said. After thinking about it carefully, he still had some doubts and said, “My father, I don’t understand that the innate state is really that powerful? It’s the 21st century. In the era of hot weapons, personal combat capabilities can no longer play any role, right?”

Indeed, this is something that Ouyang Xuehai still didn’t understand. After he learned about Wayne Lin’s life, he admired Wayne Lin very much and knew that Wayne Lin was an individual talent, worthy of the Ouyang family to recruit. However, talents belong to talents, but it is not enough to let the Ouyang family put down their attitude and recruit them through active marriage, right? Besides, Wayne Lin is already married. If this spreads, it will affect the reputation of Ouyang’s family.

Ouyang Feng shook his head and said, “Xuehai, you have been in business since you were a child and have never practiced, so you are not interested in martial arts. If you don’t take it seriously, it is normal.”

After a pause, Ouyang Feng continued: “Under the peak of the day after tomorrow, they are all mortals. No matter how they can fight, it is just a martial artist. It is not worthy of our Ouyang family to draw in like this. This is a good statement. But, when it comes to the innate state, then It’s completely different! The innate realm, also known as the transcendent realm, does not exceed three digits in the world who can reach this realm. In the innate realm, the improvement is not just as simple as force! The most important thing is right. The human body’s thinking, IQ, sixth sense, etc. have all been greatly improved. It is no exaggeration to say that Wayne Lin has jumped out of the category of mortals and is considered a half land fairy. You said such a person is worth us Put down your stance to solicit?”

After hearing this, Ouyang Xuehai was completely shocked!

He opened his mouth wide and his expression was incredible.

Ouyang Feng was right. He had been in business since he was a child and was not interested in martial arts. He thought it was an inferior sport. He always disagreed with it, so he didn’t understand the power and preciousness of Innate Realm. Now listen to Ouyang Feng

After that, he was completely shocked and opened up a new understanding.

“Is the Innate Realm really that strong?” Ouyang Xuehai expressed doubts, “If it is so strong, why would Wayne Lin commit such a stupid thing to offend Beitian Society?”

Ouyang Feng immediately said: “Idiot! Offending Beitian Society is a stupid thing. Beitian Society is just a stepping stone for Wayne Lin, not a threat to Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin is now in a congenital realm, his IQ And the brain’s computing power is far superior to ordinary people, and the consequences have been counted. Beitian will be unable to help him.”

Suddenly waved his hand, Ouyang Feng said impatiently: “Don’t say this, Wayne Lin must be recruited. If I guess correctly, the Situ family and Shangguan family may also recruit Wayne Lin next. We need to move faster. Yanran, you have to convince her as soon as possible and try to match the two of them together. It is better to be able to cook the rice with raw rice, which is more secure.”

“Yes, father!” Ouyang Xuehai nodded vigorously and followed Ouyang Feng’s order. Now that he knows Wayne Lin’s greatness, there is nothing to worry about.

On the second day, Wayne Lin continued to train those bodyguards. Under his devil training, they got a huge improvement, especially for Xu Hua, which benefited a lot. Now his martial arts have improved a lot and he has already touched. It’s the threshold of the day after tomorrow’s peak, which makes him very excited.

The more his strength improved, the more he felt the terrifying aspects of Wayne Lin, which was simply unfathomable. As long as he was in front of Della Qin, he kept saying good things about Wayne Lin and tried his best to bring Della Qin to chase Wayne Lin.

Della Qin thought Xu Hua was yin and yang weird at first, so she gave Xu Hua a hard time. After listening to more, she realized that Xu Hua was not yin and yang weird at all, but really worshiped Wayne Lin. This made her even more annoyed and bitter. If I could catch up with Wayne Lin, I would still be special. Why would you teach me? !

She felt that she was suffering from lovesickness. Every day, she was thinking about Wayne Lin crazily. In her dream, she didn’t know how many times she had conquered Wayne Lin.

Later, she went to chat with Alma Chu and found that Alma Chu and Wayne Lin were reconciled as before. When Alma Chu mentioned Wayne Lin, the smile at the corners of her mouth could not be covered, and she knew that Alma Chu and Wayne Lin had already broken through. At that level, she knew even more that her hopes were slim.

Time passed quickly, and another week passed in a blink of an eye. Wayne Lin trained the group of bodyguards to the point where they were ready to work. He began to announce the establishment of a new company and cut the ribbon.


Gu Hanxing has been particularly depressed recently. Since meeting Wayne Lin that day, he has always wanted to trouble Wayne Lin, but Wayne Lin shrank like a tortoise. He has never been able to find Wayne Lin. He didn’t have the ability to suppress Wayne Lin with the same method, but he couldn’t hold him back.

Originally, he wanted to threaten Wayne Lin through the people around Wayne Lin, but was stopped by his father Brian Gu. If this were passed on, it would be bad for the reputation of the Beitian Association.

He is impatient, holding his breath like this, unable to release it, how can he stand it, he doesn’t know how many sandbags have exploded!

Now he has touched the threshold of the innate realm. After another month, as long as he digests the remaining effects of the medicine in his body, he will definitely be able to break through the realm.

But if he had to wait for a month, he couldn’t wait.

Finally, on this day, he heard good news.

Wayne Lin’s newly established security company is about to be established. The ribbon cutting ceremony will be held today. Wayne Lin will also show up at that time. He immediately cheered up and laughed. This is a good time for him to take revenge!

It is conceivable that at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Wayne Lin’s new company, he suddenly appeared to kick the hall and beat everyone under Wayne Lin’s company. Will Wayne Lin’s company still open?

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