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Chapter 239

His horses were obliged to follow their orders, and they rushed up immediately. Several of them were still the masters who often fight. They were good at rushing up with bare hands. Instead, they copied wine bottles on the wine table as weapons.

I have to say that this scene is still not small, at least 13 or 4 adults rushed forward menacingly. If they were ordinary people, they would have been scared into fools.

The fact is true. Except for Wayne Lin, Ning Yuning and others screamed when they saw this situation. They were terrified to the extreme. They are big stars, but they are also ordinary people. They are all civilized people, and they rarely fight with others, let alone encounter such troubles.

Ye Piaoyang also had an ugly face, panicked and regretted. In his opinion, Wayne Lin must be planted this time! And Wayne Lin was invited by him to come over for dinner. If something went wrong, he would definitely not be able to escape responsibility.

If he had known this way, he shouldn’t have invited Wayne Lin over for dinner tonight, and nothing like this would happen.

Now he regrets to the extreme in his heart, whether it is Ma Long or Wayne Lin, he cannot afford to offend him.

Ma Long stood up again, he gave a sneer, very relieved and happy, as if he had seen Wayne Lin being beaten by everyone, kneeling on the ground begging for mercy!

However, he soon saw that Wayne Lin didn’t show any timidity in the face of this danger, but showed a disdainful expression.

Wayne Lin was indeed very disdainful. Even if he was injured by just a dozen or so pieces of waste wood, he was not worthy of being the best child in the history of the Lin family.

When they swarmed up, Wayne Lin moved. He put his arm around Ning Yuning with one hand, said in a low voice, closing his eyes, and then he began to fight back.

Ning Yuning was originally very frightened and nervous. Liushen Wuzhu was suddenly hugged by a strong arm. She was stunned and forced to close her eyes. Then, she saw the shocking scene.

I saw Wayne Lin put her arm around her with one hand, facing a siege of more than a dozen people, without panic, counterattacking like walking in a leisurely court, constantly kicking her feet, and looking very relaxed. , But the speed is very fast, her whole body is constantly rotating in Wayne Lin’s arms, and her feet have left the ground several times. She has experienced a feeling of flying!

Boom boom boom boom…

Wayne Lin quickly put the dozen dudes down, and he didn’t suffer any injuries at all. After a series of actions were performed, they were extremely elegant and unrestrained, completely violent aesthetics.

The box quieted down suddenly, everyone opened their eyes and looked at Wayne Lin incredible, especially the female celebrities Yang Xiaomi. They were completely dumbfounded now, and they couldn’t close their mouths! They didn’t expect that Wayne Lin was able to fight like this, and he could bring a dozen people down with his arms around one person. This is exactly the martial arts master that only appears in movies!

Ning Yuning is even more needless to say. Now she can lay an egg in her mouth. She raised her head and looked at Wayne Lin in a dazed manner, full of shock and admiration. Just now, she had been hugged by Wayne Lin, which was the best experience. That kind of “flying” feeling!

Ye Piaoyang just got up, seeing Wayne Lin this scene, he almost fell, the expression on his face was indescribably funny!

Now he suddenly remembered that Wayne Lin just said

If so, his skill is very high, there is no need to hire a bodyguard. At the time he thought Wayne Lin was joking, but now it seems that people are not joking at all, but are serious!

As for Ma Long, his pupils shrank suddenly, thinking that he had hallucinations. How could this country boy be able to fight like this?

Wayne Lin’s face was calm, there was no expression, there was no feeling of excitement, or excitement at all. He just did something not worth mentioning. He let go of Ning Yuning and said, “Miss Ning, sorry, The situation was urgent just now and it was Meng Lang for you.”

When Ning Yuning left Wayne Lin’s arms, she still felt a sense of loss!

This made her blush, and shook her head hurriedly and said: “No, it’s okay, I should be the one who thanked you, thank you for saving me.”

Wayne Lin smiled slightly and said, “It’s just a matter of effort.”

Several female celebrities Yang Xiaomi saw this scene, they came back to their senses, and they were almost sour! He kept scolding Ning Yuning as Hu Meizi and robbed them of their men. Yes, now they all regard Wayne Lin as their own man. Isn’t it? He is rich, good in figure, able to fight, and so polite, he is simply the legendary Prince Charming!

As for Wayne Lin’s appearance? Fart, Wayne Lin’s appearance is not as good as that of Wu Fanyi’s milky niche, but he can definitely be called a handsome guy. The more you look at it, the more flavorful, full of masculinity. Nowadays, small fresh meat is rampant. , It is precisely this kind of hardcore man who is the most rare!

So they are all springing up now.

Wayne Lin ignored these, he walked to Ma Long.

Ma Long was a little afraid of him, stepped back, hit the wall behind, swallowed, and said sternly, “You, what do you want to do?! I warn you, don’t mess around, my dad is Kunlun Chairman Ma Kaiyu of the group!”

Wayne Lin ignored him, but continued to walk towards him until he was in front of him, staring at him coldly, and said, “It is glorious to bully a woman?”

Ma Long gritted his teeth, a little embarrassment flashed across his face, but immediately he snorted and said, “It’s your ass, I want you to do things?”

Wayne Lin smiled, and then he slapped Ma Long on the face, slapped it loudly, and beat Ma Long to blood.


Ma Long was angry and wanted to fight back. He was originally a rebellious character. He was so old that he had never been beaten. The character can be said to be arrogant and domineering. Now that Wayne Lin slapped him, he is annoyed. But before he had time to fight back, Wayne Lin slapped him again.

This slap was heavier than before.

Ma Long started to fight back, but where he was Wayne Lin’s opponent, he was beaten up in three or two. Knowing that he had kicked the steel plate this time, he quickly begged for mercy: “Don’t fight, don’t fight, I was wrong… “

He was crying in his begging for mercy.

Everyone in the box was shocked by this scene. The invincible Ma Long, in the hands of Wayne Lin, was like a child, only to be abused, without the ability to resist!

Especially for Ning Yuning, it left an indelible impression in her heart!

Chapter 240

Wayne Lin accepted it as soon as he saw it, and did not go too far.

“I will see you bullying women in the future. I see you hitting them once at a time.” Wayne Lin said in an elder tone, “I hear you.”

Ma Long was completely afraid of Wayne Lin now. Hearing what Wayne Lin said, his neck shrank a little. In front of Wayne Lin, he seemed to have returned to the fear he had when facing the head teacher when he was a child. He nodded and said: “I heard that. Never dare it again!”

Wayne Lin turned around and said to Ye Piaoyang and others: “It’s okay, let’s go back to eat.”

Ye Piaoyang and the others still haven’t recovered. What happened just now is still very subversive to them, especially Ye Piaoyang, he knows the identity of Ma Long, the son of Kunlun Group, and he is not easy to provoke.

Now that Wayne Lin slapped Ma Long like this, it would be equivalent to slap Ma Kaiyu on the face. Ma Kaiyu’s character would definitely not give up!

He moved his mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

He believed that a person of Wayne Lin’s level must have his own way of doing things, and would not just rely on his own hobbies. Since Wayne Lin dared to teach Ma Long after he knew Ma Long’s identity, then it shows that Wayne Lin has certain reliance!

Gradually his mind cleared up, and he thought of Wayne Lin’s background. Since Wayne Lin came from the Lin family, he was indeed not afraid of Ma Kaiyu.

After returning to the box, the atmosphere immediately changed. None of them spoke. They all stared at Wayne Lin with various expressions.

Wayne Lin had been drinking just now, and hadn’t eaten anything. After exercising just now, he is a bit hungry now, so he is not welcome. He started to eat, filling his stomach first.

Soon he realized something was wrong, and raised his head and said, “Why don’t you eat anymore, what are you doing while looking at me, is there anything on my face?”

Ye Piaoyang quickly poured wine to Wayne Lin, the expression on his face hesitated for a while, and then asked: “Randal Lin, you just beat Ma Long, are you afraid of his father Ma Kaiyu’s revenge?”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Do you think I should be afraid of Ma Kaiyu?”

Ye Piaoyang hurriedly shook his head and said, “No, no, no! I didn’t mean it, but Ma Kaiyun is the chairman of the Kunlun Group, and his personality is more vengeful. I am afraid that Randal Lin will suffer in the future.”

Wayne Lin naturally understands these things. Ma Kaiyu is the chairman of the Kunlun Group. He has a lot of energy, but to Wayne Lin, it is nothing. Originally, he didn’t want to fight Ma Long. After all, he is a low-key person. It’s just that in the situation just now, Ma Long was bullied to his head. If he didn’t fight back, he would be insulted by Ma Long. In terms of identity, this kind of thing is definitely not acceptable.

If this is the case, then it is better for him to do it first, and in this matter, once he does it, he is already having an affair with Ma Kaiyu. Now that he is guilty, he might as well be a bit more wicked and beat a second generation ancestor like Ma Long. Let’s talk when it’s cool.

Moreover, he also looks down on dudes like Ma Long, and takes bullying women as pleasure, which is simply a scum among scum.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Then I can’t just watch Ye Dong and Miss Ning being bullied?”

Ye Piaoyang was a little touched and punished himself for a cup, and said, “Randal, I’m all to blame, you are tired!”

Wayne Lin waved his hand and said, “Ye Dongyan is serious, it’s hard to talk about being involved. I haven’t seen a little Ma Kaiyu yet.”

Upon hearing this, Ye Piaoyang’s eyes brightened, even more

If you are determined, you must curb Wayne Lin’s idea!

Ning Yuning bit her lip, and took the initiative to toast Wayne Lin, thanking him sincerely: “Randal, you have saved so much of what happened just now. Yu Ning thanked you here! If Randal Lin needs to go to Yu Ning in the future, In the place where, despite the orders, Yu Ning will definitely meet Randal Lin’s requirements!”

Seeing Ning Yuning’s beautiful and moving face, Wayne Lin suddenly became a bit mischievous, blurting out, “Any requirement can be met?”

Ning Yuning was taken aback. Seeing Wayne Lin’s current expression, she suddenly wanted to crooked. Two faint blushes appeared on her face. After hesitating for a while, she nodded vigorously as if she had made some important decision, and said : “Yes! Any requirement can be met!”

Wayne Lin was just ridiculing so casually. Ning Yuning was never expected to be serious, and Wayne Lin’s heartbeat speeded up a lot. He couldn’t help but glance at Ning Yuning.

I have to say that Ning Yuning is a stunner, not to mention her beauty, her figure is also very good, and she is a big star, you can often see her on the Internet, invisibly added a lot of points, in an instant , Wayne Lin really had some peachy thoughts in his heart.

Fortunately, these thoughts were quickly suppressed by him, and he smiled and said: “Just kidding, Miss Ning need not take it to heart. Ye Dong is my friend. You are Ye Dong’s person. I can’t die without saving.”

Wayne Lin is telling the truth. He really has no idea about Ning Yuning. The reason why he tried to rescue him just now was because of Ye Piaoyang’s face, and secondly, he was also a person with a sense of justice, making him helpless. Seeing the weak being bullied, he couldn’t just sit idly by.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that this sentence was passed to Ning Yuning, but he was misunderstood by Ning Yuning. He was anxious and quickly explained: “Randal! You misunderstood. The chairman and I are innocent. There is absolutely no such relationship!”

“Uh…” Wayne Lin was a little surprised, what’s the situation? I didn’t say any shameful secrets between you and Ye Piaoyang.

Ye Piaoyang touched his nose, and he was also a little embarrassed. To tell the truth, as the chairman of Heiyan Media, he is indeed a girl star, but he and Ning Yuning are really innocent.

After coughing twice, he also explained: “This is a fact. Ning Yuning and I have a pure employment relationship. Randal Lin can rest assured.”

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes, what is this, I don’t care if you have that aspect. Besides, even if you don’t say it, I can see it. It’s not that I have no eyes.

But he didn’t bother to explain this kind of thing, echoed twice, and it passed.

Next, he ate for a while, and after filling his stomach, he was ready to go back.

When Yang Xiaomi and other female celebrities saw Wayne Lin was about to leave, they were willing to let go of this opportunity and hurriedly stood up and said to send Wayne Lin home in person.

It’s not obvious what it means to be sent home in person this night.

Wayne Lin didn’t have any thoughts in that regard. He came to dinner tonight purely to show Ye Piao’s face. Now Yang Xiaomi is so enthusiastic, everyone is like a wolf and a tiger, and he is really overwhelmed.

In the end, he had no choice but to say casually: “In this case, then Miss Ning will send me back.”

In contrast to the excessive’enthusiasm’ of Yang Xiaomi and others, Wayne Lin would rather let Ning Yuning send herself back. Anyway, Ning Yuning is more reserved, and will be easy to get away when the time comes?

But when Ning Yuning heard this, she was stunned. The next moment, her face turned red instantly at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Chapter 241

Yang Xiaomi and others are stiff!

What kind of situation is this? They are obviously the ones who take the initiative, why did Wayne Lin call for Ning Yuning to send him back!

This is not fair, is it because Ning Yuning looks the most beautiful!


Especially Yang Xiaomi, she was really unwilling, obviously she had acted so blatantly, but Wayne Lin still wanted Ning Yuning.

Ye Piaoyang looked at Ning Yuning’s eyes become ambiguous, and said meaningfully: “Yuning, since Randal Lin asked you to give it away, then you must behave well. Don’t let Randal Lin down, you know. ?”

Ning Yuning’s heart was like chicken blood, almost to the extreme, her pretty face was flushed with bleeding, she nodded, and said shyly, “Well, I know…”

Wayne Lin was speechless when he saw this scene. Does his feelings look like a pervert himself?

Finally, under the envious and jealous eyes of Yang Xiaomi and other stars, Wayne Lin and Ning Yuning left together.

It was said that Ning Yuning sent Wayne Lin home, but it was actually the other way round, because Ning Yuning didn’t even have a driver’s license. Of course, they all drank tonight, it is impossible to drive.

“Miss Ning, where is your home, I will take you home first.” Wayne Lin said first after getting on the car.

The ruddy on Ning Yuning’s face has not disappeared, and she was in a state of trance. She didn’t hear Wayne Lin’s words. After Wayne Lin repeated it again, she came back to her senses, and said, “Randal Lin you, what did you say?”

Wayne Lin’s eyes rolled again, and she had to repeat what she said just now, but Ning Yuning misunderstood again, thinking that Wayne Lin was planning to be at her house. The red glow on her face was deeper, and she bit her lip gently and told Wayne location.

Wayne Lin knew that Ning Yuning had misunderstood, but he didn’t bother to explain, and directly asked the driver to drive to Ning Yuning’s house.

The car was very quiet, except for the melodious music, there was no sound.

Ning Yuning’s heartbeat has been fast, and her mind is also messed up, she can’t calm down at all. She has been thinking about what will happen when she arrives at home!

Although she has always maintained her innocence in the entertainment industry, she is not an ignorant little girl. She still understands men and women.

She blushed especially at the thought of that kind of thing, and the blush couldn’t fade away.

She couldn’t help secretly looking at Wayne Lin next to her, and found that Wayne Lin had closed her eyes, closing her eyes and rested, very quiet, motionless, she didn’t know if she was asleep?

She peeped from time to time, and after a long time, she found that Wayne Lin hadn’t awakened, but was still sleeping quietly, as if he was really asleep. So she began to muster the courage to look at Wayne Lin intently.

From this look, I found that although Wayne Lin is not very handsome, he is really tasteful and endearing, especially the profile. He looks particularly determined and masculine, especially masculine. This style is Man, she is rarely seen in the entertainment industry.

Especially the confidence that Wayne Lin showed just now, the ability to control the audience, she felt that Wayne Lin was more and more attractive!

Suddenly, an idea appeared in my heart…

It seems that giving your own to the man in front of you for the first time is not a loss, it’s better than giving those big belly fat people?

In fact, when entering the entertainment industry, Ning Yuning also knows that it is difficult for herself to stay out of the mud and not stained. Now she still has a little talent to support. Ye Piaoyang will protect her, but one day her talent will If you run out, then you can’t help but


Looking at it, Ning Yuning was a little silly.

At this moment, Wayne Lin suddenly opened his eyes, looked at her weirdly, and said, “What are you looking at me for?”


Ning Yuning was taken aback, and immediately backed away, but in a hurry, she knocked her head to the ground. The pain caused her tears to flow out, and a bag was on her forehead.

Wayne Lin: “…”

He was really speechless, how clumsy Ning Yuning was, completely inconsistent with the high-cold image on the Internet.

“Are you all right?” Wayne Lin asked concerned.

Ning Yuning felt very embarrassed, and she wished to find a place to sew into it. What happened to her? She was too stupid. She actually knocked her head on her head and got embarrassed in front of Randal!

“No, it’s okay…” She said so, but the pained expression on her face couldn’t hide her.

Wayne Lin sighed, and said helplessly: “Come here, let me help you blow.”

“Ah? No need!” Ning Yuning was taken aback.

Wayne Lin ignored her, moved directly, held her head, and blew gently. The cold air blew on Ning Yuning’s wound, and she immediately felt much better.

She raised her head and fixedly looked at Wayne Lin who was close to her. At this moment, she felt that time seemed to have stopped flowing.

“Okay, after you go back, just rub it with some medicine, and it will be cured in two days.” Wayne Lin let go and said.

After Ning Yuning was let go by him, there was still a deep sense of loss in her heart.

Not long after, the car stopped and arrived at the community where Ning Yuning was staying. Wayne Lin said, “Okay, your house is here. Go back and rest early. I’ll go back first.”

Ning Yuning was taken aback, and said, “Randal, aren’t you going to my house?”

“When did I say I was going to your house?” Wayne Lin asked back.

“But… you asked me to send you, not me…” Ning Yuning was embarrassed to continue, she is a shy person, such words are really too shame for her.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “You think too much. I just want to go home. It’s okay. It’s not early. Go back.”

Ning Yuning got off the car in a daze, she really couldn’t figure it out now, didn’t Wayne Lin want to be with her? Why did you leave? Is it because you look down on her? Or is Wayne Lin not that kind of superficial man?

After returning home, Ning Yuning kept thinking about this problem, which caused her insomnia.

Wayne Lin didn’t think so much at all. After returning to the villa in Yulong Bay, he took a shower and immediately started investigating Ma Long.

I met Malone tonight, and my instinct told him that this Malone is not that simple.

However, he used his own energy to investigate for more than an hour, and nothing was found. Ma Long’s information is very simple, he is the son of Kunlun Group Ma Kaiyu, other than that, he has no other identity.

“Is it really that I read the wrong thing?” Wayne Lin frowned.

At the same time, in a high-end clubhouse, Ma Long, who was taught by Wayne Lin just now, did not go home to find Ma Kaiyu immediately, but came to this place and found the man in front of him who really enjoyed a massage.

“Big brother, you are going to help me this time, I was beaten!” Ma Long added more jealously to tell the story…

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