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Chapter 776

Wayne Lin walked up according to the position Murongxue said. He didn’t think so much. It wasn’t that he was not smart enough, but that such a small matter was not worth his brains.

Murongxue wanted to invite him to dinner, so he came to the appointment. In any case, Murongxue was a childhood sweetheart from the past, and he still had to give it some face.

However, when he walked out of the elevator, he found something was wrong, because he heard the voices of many people, not just Murong Xue.

What’s the situation? Didn’t Murong Xue only invite him to dinner?

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, but Wayne Lin didn’t think so much since he was satisfied with the rules. The fate between him and Murongxue was exhausted, and there was nothing to eat.

He opened the door, glanced at it, and immediately saw that there were more than forty people in the big box, all of whom were familiar faces, friends from the previous circle.

And his arrival immediately drew the attention of everyone in the box, and they all looked over.

“Look, Wayne Lin is here.”

“I’m going, I’m not mistaken. Is this really Wayne Lin? Isn’t this too shabby? The total amount of this outfit is probably less than five hundred yuan.”

“It seems that after Wayne Lin left the Lin family, he really couldn’t do it, it was too bad!”

“Haha, just like him, he has the face to retell his old love with Murong? Isn’t this toad wanting to eat swan meat”

“However, seeing Wayne Lin’s desolate look makes me feel so comfortable.”

“Haha, me too……”

They still had some worries, if Wayne Lin really got mixed up with strength, then they still didn’t care about being too ridiculous. But now that Wayne Lin is dressed so shabbyly for such an important meal, it shows that Wayne Lin is really bad.

Since this was the case, they had no worries at all, and returned the bullying Wayne Lin had brought them back all at once!

Who is Wayne Lin, his eyes are golden, and he can see the reactions of these people with just one look.

With his current ability and status, and these rich second generations, they are no longer in the same class, even their elders are all ants in front of Wayne Lin.

However, Wayne Lin was still quite disappointed. Originally, he thought that Murong Xue really wanted to reminisce with him, but in the end he was wishful thinking, and Murong Xue changed after all.

When he came, he was at peace. Wayne Lin didn’t bother to leave, and strode directly to meet him, smiling and saying, “It’s quite lively.”

Murongxue also walked up and said to Wayne Lin, “Wayne Lin, you rarely come back. I called my friends in the circle and came to gather together. Would you mind?”

She said in a joking tone, in her words, there is no longer the kindness in the daytime, but a bit more cold and ridiculous, and her posture is much higher.

She originally thought that even if Wayne Lin left the Lin family, she wouldn’t be too bad at all, but now it seems that she still overestimates Wayne Lin. And such Wayne Lin wanted to retell her old relationship with her, without knowing it at all. Invisible, made her look down on Wayne Lin.

How could Wayne Lin feel

Not her mentality, and Wayne Lin also discovered that when Murong Xue was speaking, she secretly glanced at the man next to her, obviously caring about this man’s thoughts, that kind of attitude, Wayne Lin immediately knew that this man is out of the question. Nine is Murong Xue’s boyfriend.

He had never thought about continuing the relationship with Murongxue. Now that he sees Murongxue like this, he also shows a thought-provoking smile: “Mind, didn’t you say that we had our separate dinner? You called so much. It’s not convenient for people to come.”

Hearing this, Murongxue’s expression became even colder, and between her eyebrows, she couldn’t hide the disgust and contempt, thinking that Wayne Lin was really unkind to her. It was really a toad who wanted to eat swan meat!

As for the others present, they showed such an expression as expected, and they despised Wayne Lin even more, and thought that Wayne Lin would definitely be humiliated by Layton tonight!

Murong Xue said, “What’s inconvenient, everyone is in a circle.”

At this moment, a man in a white suit with thick bangs came out. He first glanced at Wayne Lin, and then said with a playful expression: “Wayne Lin, you have dinner with Murong. You don’t really want to chase Murong. ?”

“Are you?” Wayne Lin asked deliberately in confusion.

The expression on this man’s face immediately stiffened, a little embarrassed, and his eyes showed shame. This guy, Wayne Lin, actually forgot him? Unreasonable!

He immediately raised his voice and said, “I am Liu Di, you don’t remember me so soon?”

Wayne Lin suddenly realized that he seemed to remember it. When Liu Di’s face returned to smile, he immediately said, “I don’t know.”

“You!” Liu Di was suddenly angry at him. He originally wanted to taunt Wayne Lin, but he didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be so down and out now, and he is so cheap!

Immediately another person came out. It was a woman with a blessed figure. She looked up at Wayne Lin. Her eyes clearly looked down on Wayne Lin and were full of contempt. She squinted and said, “Wayne Lin. , I heard that you have been expelled from the Lin family in the past five years, and now you are living like a bereaved dog.”

She spoke without the slightest pretense, and she mocked Wayne Lin directly and relentlessly, especially the lofty and contemptuous expression in her expression, which was incomparably beaten.

Even if it was Wayne Lin’s disposition, he was a little uncomfortable when he was stuffed with such a sentence by the other party. Of course, he would not express this emotion. He pretended to be surprised and said, “Are you Zhuang Yuan?”

Zhuang Yuan was recognized by Wayne Lin, the expression on her face became more arrogant, she straightened her shriveled chest, and said, “Yes, it seems that you still have some eyesight and recognized this lady.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said: “Then you must be recognized. In the circle, you are the fattest, like a pig. I didn’t expect that after the past five years, you are still so fat. You usually eat pig feed. ?”

Hearing this, Zhuang Yuan’s face suddenly became irritated, and immediately after being defeated, she cursed angrily: “Wayne Lin, you are looking for death!!”

Other people present wanted to laugh when they heard this sentence, but they laughed out embarrassedly.

Zhuang Yuan is indeed very fat, and it belongs to the kind where the meat should not grow, and the meat should not grow crazy. Her posture has no beauty at all. Many people call her to be a fat pig in private. .

Chapter 777

“Wayne Lin how do you talk!”

“There is no reason to say that Zhuang Yuan is a pig. I think you are living impatiently!”

“You, the abandoned son of the Lin family, you can’t even drive a car. Who gave you the confidence to mock Zhuang Yuan!”

“You’d better apologize to Zhuang Yuan immediately, otherwise you won’t be as fruitful!”

Suddenly, many people jumped out to scold Wayne Lin, aggressively and harshly speaking, with no intention of putting Wayne Lin in their eyes.

Wayne Lin saw this situation, he was naturally impossible to persuade him, it was not that he was stingy, but he didn’t need to show these people a good face.

But of course he didn’t scold the street either. He just snorted, and suddenly a strong aura emanated from his body. Everyone who was swept by his eyes couldn’t help feeling the fear, and his heart was all caught in that moment. Pinched tightly.

Their faces became pale, and they didn’t even dare to look at Wayne Lin’s gaze, joking, what realm Wayne Lin is now, if he wants to exude all his aura, he can directly scare these ants to death. In the past, even became a vegetable!

The spiritual power of the Innate Realm Dzogchen is so powerful that it is far beyond the ability of ordinary people.

Wayne Lin took it as soon as he saw it, and didn’t let the group of people pee their pants. There was no need. For him, these former playmates were already ants.

He came over today, originally just wanting to talk to Murong Xue about the past, nothing more.

Even the Lei family’s elder, when Wayne Lin’s gaze was scanned, his brain was instantly demented, and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated a lot.

When he reacted, he was very annoyed. The eldest young master of his dignified Lei family, of course, is noble to say!

If Wayne Lin is still the second youngest of the Lin Family, maybe you can compare him with him, but now Wayne Lin is just a downcast little person, and he is actually shackled by such a little person. To him, it is an absolute shame. !

So he was a little angry at the moment.

Not only him, but the other people present were in the same mood, looking at Wayne Lin more angrily and disgustingly. Some of the more energetic men even wanted to do something with Wayne Lin. Anyway, there are many people, and Wayne Lin has only one. Even if they beat Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin can’t do anything about them.

Wayne Lin naturally saw their thoughts. Fortunately, they didn’t do this. Otherwise, Wayne Lin wouldn’t mind giving these “old friends” a lesson!

“Murongxue, since you have a meal, then I won’t bother you.”

Wayne Lin knew the nature of the dinner tonight, and didn’t want to stay here anymore. For him, it was a waste of time.

Murong Xue was also shocked by the look in Wayne Lin’s eyes just now. At that moment, she seemed to see the spirited Wayne Lin from before, and even the awe-inspiring and domineering displayed at that moment was even stronger than before!

She is now a bit of six gods, and she subconsciously looks at Leyton next to her, begging for Leyton’s meaning.

Leyton snorted. Originally, he had no idea about Wayne Lin, knowing that Wayne Lin was only Murongxue’s childhood sweetheart, but now he is completely desolate and has become a bereaved dog. For such a small person, he only needs to give a warning. It’s almost enough to let Wayne Lin retreat. But just now, the look in Wayne Lin’s eyes calmed him and made him angry.

However, Wayne Lin would not be let go so easily.

At the moment he showed a meaningful smile and said, “I’ve already come, so what are you going to do in a hurry? You are Murong’s friend. As Murong’s fiance, I should treat you well!”

He deliberately bit the word’entertainment’ harder, and his face was full of meaningful smiles. Anyone who knew Layton at the scene knew that Layton was angry and wanted to humiliate Wayne Lin severely.

This kind of situation is something they love to see. They had hatred against Wayne Lin, but now they can see Wayne Lin embarrassed, that would be great!

Wayne Lin never paid attention to Layton. He looked at Murongxue from the beginning to the end. To tell the truth, he didn’t care about who Layton was and didn’t pay attention to it. He came here just Give Murongxue face.

However, from Murong Xue’s eyes, he could no longer see the feeling that he used to. Murong Xue now is no longer the same Murong Xue.

He shook his head, sighed in his heart, sighed a little, and then just turned and left.

But as soon as he left like this, he was immediately stopped by Leighton, “Stop! Is this the place where you want to come?”

He said these words very unceremoniously, and his tone became much colder. In accordance with the current situation, if he changes to other people, he will definitely be very scared, but for Wayne Lin, it is naturally not at all.

Wayne Lin stopped and turned around, “Why do you want to force me to stay?”

Murongxue was a little nervous. She said, “Wayne Lin, you shouldn’t be so stingy. I saw that you rarely come back, so I called my friends in the circle to greet you. I just made a joke with you, could it be you? Is that angry?”

What she said was to ridicule Wayne Lin just now. If Wayne Lin were to leave, it would become Wayne Lin’s stingy.

Others also said, “Yes, Wayne Lin, wouldn’t you really be so stingy? Everyone is a friend. I haven’t seen you for so long. If I made a joke with you, you should take it seriously?”

“Hehe, after so many years, why have you become even more stingy than before.”

“It’s boring, not conscious.”

What’s more, he said: “I see, he is not angry, but afraid. After all, he is not a bad mess, hahaha.”

The smile on Layton’s face became even brighter. He looked like a protagonist. He stepped forward and said to Wayne Lin: “Wayne Lin, right? They were all joking with you just now. You don’t have to. Take it to heart. You are Murong’s friend. Let me entertain you. Don’t worry, I will treat you tonight. You don’t need to spend any money, you can eat whatever you like.”

Others also followed Wayne Lin hypocritically, joking. They were here to mock Wayne Lin and embarrass Wayne Lin. If Wayne Lin went back so easily, it would be boring.

Wayne Lin fell silent, seeming to hesitate.

At this time Murong Xue said again: “Wayne, come and sit down, I will toast you a cup first.”

Murong Xue came over with a wine glass.

Wayne Lin showed a smile, and after clinking glasses with Murongxue, he began to sit down generously.

Leiton also sat down, Murong Xue snuggled against his friend, looking like a little bird, and deliberately holding Murong Xue’s waist, with a serene expression on her face, which was clearly showing off.

Chapter 778

Wayne Lin’s heart is like a mirror for Leyton’s behavior, and he laughs in his heart. Such a naive approach naturally cannot affect his emotions. He has no such affection for Murongxue before.

After a while, a man said to Wayne Lin, “Wayne Lin, I don’t know what company you have now? What is your annual income?”

When he asked this, everyone else’s faces were full of jokes, and they were clearly watching Wayne Lin’s jokes. They all knew from Murong Xue that Wayne Lin had been expelled from the Lin family five years ago, and now he is in a particularly desperate way.

Naturally, they would not let go of this kind of beating a dog in the water.

Wayne Lin said: “I really don’t know the annual income. Subordinates help me take care of it.”

Wayne Lin didn’t lie about this. He has already handed over all the business matters. He really doesn’t know how much he earns a year, because he doesn’t care, but what he can be sure of is that he is one year now. The income is an astronomical figure. Even the dozens of rich second generations present will not earn him a year in total.

He didn’t bother to say this kind of thing. It wasn’t that he was embarrassed, but that it made no sense.

But his reaction fell in the eyes of other people, and it turned into an expression of guilty conscience, and another person said strangely: “Oh, listening to you say that, it seems that your company is very big? No? Do you know what company you start? Let’s listen to it and see if there is any possibility of cooperation between us.”

What he said was just ridiculing Wayne Lin, and ridiculing Wayne Lin round and round.

Murongxue is also very curious, will Wayne Lin actually start a company?

Wayne Lin didn’t answer right away, but instead of drinking and eating vegetables in a hurry, his behavior was particularly unpleasant to others.

I think Wayne Lin is pretending to be coercion, and it is too shameless to pretend to be coerced in front of them!

After serving himself comfortably, Wayne Lin said, “The Lin Group, have you heard of it? I drove it.”

“Which Lin group?” Leighton asked.

The Lin Group is not unfamiliar to them, because it is the largest enterprise in Province G. It is not only huge in scale, but also in many fields, and the development is particularly good. It can be imagined that in a few years, it will definitely be Become the business empire of China!

Wayne Lin gave the full name of the Lin Group.

The scene suddenly became quiet.

Then there was a burst of laughter.

“Puff! I heard you right, right now, the Lin Group, which is in the limelight in the province of G, was yours?”

“Hahahaha! I really laugh at me. I see a lot of people who like to brag, but I’ll see you for the first time if you grow up like you! Why don’t you say that the entire country of China belongs to you?”

“Interestingly, do you think your surname is Lin, and the Lin Group belongs to you?”

Wayne Lin’s answer immediately made them laugh to death, and ridiculed them unabashedly again.

“Is it funny?” Wayne Lin said lightly.

A man laughed out of breath and said, “It’s funny, this is the funniest joke I’ve heard this year! The Lin Group belongs to your Wayne Lin, haha. No, I have to take this If you post jokes to your circle of friends, many people will like it.”

Murongxue also shook her head, thinking that Wayne Lin was crazy and wanted to suffer a lot. She even dared to say this, and there was a problem in her mind.

Leiton was also laughing, he naturally wouldn’t think that Wayne Lin’s words were true, what kind of existence was that of the Lin Group, even their Lei family would cling to it and be a behemoth to fudge.

Especially the chairman of the Lin Group, who is even more of a fairy-like character. I heard that he is still a great master, his realm is extremely high and his energy is huge, beyond the scope of ordinary people’s understanding!

And the Wayne Lin in front of him was just an abandoned son of the Lin family.

But anyway, to hear such funny jokes is still quite interesting for him, as it is a joy in life.

He waved his hand and motioned to everyone else to stop laughing, but said to Wayne Lin: “It’s amazing. It seems we have missed it. Unexpectedly, you are the chairman of the Lin Group who has never seen the end of the dragon, a super man. what!”

Wayne Lin couldn’t hear Layton’s ridicule, he said: “It is much better than you little people.”

The smile on Layton’s face became a bit stiff. He was originally a yin and yang strangeness Wayne Lin, but he wanted to see Wayne Lin’s embarrassment. He didn’t expect Wayne Lin to have such a thick face and he really put it on.

He clapped his hands and continued to mock with yin and yang, “Awesome! It seems that we are really the big people we met this time. I heard that the assets of the Lin Group are close to 500 billion, which is a huge business empire. , And you are the chairman of the Lin Group, you must be very rich, right? Why don’t you settle the bill tonight?”

He looked at Wayne Lin completely mockingly to see how Wayne Lin picked it up.

Others also cried beautifully, this move directly general Wayne Lin.

If Wayne Lin refused, he would immediately slap his face and become a laughing stock, and if Wayne Lin dared to agree, it would be even worse and would directly bankrupt Wayne Lin!

After spending this night, it is impossible not to have one million eight hundred thousand.

They just watched how Wayne Lin accepted the move.

Why can’t Wayne Lin understand? He sneered and said, “Didn’t you just say a treat? Why, you forgot to bring money?”

To Wayne Lin’s bill tonight, it’s not even a dime, but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t cherish money. If he asks these guys to eat, he would rather throw the money into the sea.

Leiton suddenly laughed, “Hahaha, I’m not giving you a chance to show, after all, you are Murong’s childhood sweetheart. By the way, I heard that you are still the second young master of the Lin family. You were expelled from the Lin family five years ago. I wonder if this happened?”

Layton said this, his face full of joking.

Others also looked at Wayne Lin mockingly.

As for Murongxue, her gaze towards Wayne Lin was also very cold, she felt that Wayne Lin had failed too much, and looked down on Wayne Lin from the bottom of her heart.

Wayne Lin looked at Murong Xue directly and said, “Murong, you called me over tonight, just to let these guys taunt me and taunt me?”

Murong Xue did not expect Wayne Lin to ask so directly. For a while, she was still a little flustered. After all, her image in front of Wayne Lin has always been very kind and elegant, mocking people such harsh things, and Her personal settings do not match.

Leyton immediately said: “Huh, that’s what I meant! Wayne Lin, you trash, don’t take pictures of yourself by soaking urine, you actually have the face to ask Murong to eat, and want toads to eat swan meat? I warn you, Murongxue is my woman. I don’t care what your relationship with her was before. From now on, if you dare to pester her again, I can make you ask, believe it or not?!”

Leyton said this, incredibly arrogant and domineering, making Murongxue’s heart instantly melted when he saw it, thinking that Leyton was the most domineering man in the world. In contrast, Wayne Lin was just a clown!

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