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Chapter 113

Sitting in the taxi, Wayne Lin frowned. Who were the two people in the opposite car?

Are you here to follow Guo Junyi or follow him?

The opponent is obviously a stalker, good at secret whereabouts and breath, if he is not vigilant enough, he can’t find it.

No matter what, Wayne Lin had to be careful.

He did not immediately relax his vigilance, but continued to pay attention to the two people, and found that the other party drove up to follow him after he set off.

He asked the taxi driver to change direction and went to a residential area with more complicated terrain. Then he got off the car and circled a few times. After throwing off the two people, he returned to the hotel of Guo Junyi and waited a while. , Found that the two people were back again and were waiting on the side of the road.

In this way, you can be sure that these two people followed Guo Junyi.

Moreover, from them, Wayne Lin did not feel hostility. It was almost certain that this was sent by Guo Junyi’s family, mainly to monitor and protect Guo Junyi.

It is ridiculous that Guo Junyi thought she had managed to escape.

But that’s okay, then he can relax more. Although he doesn’t want to have too much involvement with Guo Junyi, anyway, Guo Junyi is a good person, and Wayne Lin still can’t bear to see her hurt.

This time, Wayne Lin was much smarter. Before he went home, he deliberately handled his clothes and made sure that he had no traces and would not cause Alma Chu to cause any misunderstandings before he went home with confidence.

However, unfortunately, after returning home, Alma Chu saw him, her face was still cold, and she pushed him out, “Get out!”

Wayne Lin was puzzled, “Alma, what’s wrong with you?”

Alma Chu stared at him coldly, and said, “Wayne Lin, you really have you. I warned you last time. I don’t object to you getting on the grass outside. Bring me ashamed, you just took my words to your ears, right?”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin’s heartbeat speeded up a lot, and he was panicked, but he couldn’t figure it out. He had clearly cleaned up the smell on his body, and he was sure that the dog’s nose couldn’t smell it. But why did Alma Chu return it? Know that he has contact with other women? It makes no sense.

“Alma, I don’t understand what you’re talking about, I’m not in trouble!” Wayne Lin defended aggrievedly.

Alma Chu stared at him coldly, “Want to quibble? Wayne Lin, you think you have cleaned up the smell on your body, I don’t know, right!”

Wayne Lin’s expression immediately stiffened when he heard the words, but he was more puzzled. How did Alma Chu find him?

As if she understood his expression, Alma Chu walked over, twisted two long hairs on his shoulders, and put them in front of him, sneered and said, “I didn’t know how to wipe my mouth if I ate it outside. There is such obvious evidence! Don’t tell me, the wind of these two women’s hair came on you!”

Wayne Lin was dumbfounded, how did he get Guo Junyi’s hair? He and Guo Junyi have not been in contact either…

Suddenly, he wanted to understand. It must be when he entered the hot pot restaurant. Guo Junyi was hungry and exhausted. He tripped when he crossed the threshold. He helped Guo Junyi at that time. That was when he got Guo Junyi. Your hair!

I go.

This is really an injustice of the ages!

“Alma, listen to my explanation, things are not what you think…”

Alma Chu interrupted indifferently

Wayne Lin, “Shut up! Wayne Lin, you are still so disgusting, but I thought you were really different from other men and would be very dedicated. It turns out that you are also a scumbag.”

Wayne Lin was so uncomfortable. What is this? He has never done anything to be sorry for Alma Chu. He just invited Guo Junyi to have a meal. Is this also a mess?

“Alma, I admit that I met a new girlfriend, but I was just having a supper with her, it’s not what you think!” Wayne Lin said hurriedly.

However, when Alma Chu heard this, her eyes became even colder, and her words would become frozen and gloomy, “New acquaintance, girlfriend??? Wayne Lin, you can really play! It’s amazing, and it starts. I met my girlfriend!”

Wayne Lin opened his mouth wide, and then he gave himself a slap in the face, “Look at my broken mouth. I was wrong. I was not a girlfriend, but a female friend! In fact, she is…”

“Enough!” Alma Chu interrupted Wayne Lin completely rudely and indifferently, her expression full of disgust, “I don’t want to listen to your explanation again! Wayne Lin, I said, I didn’t give you the best of my wife. Obligation, I don’t object to you looking for a woman outside. But you can’t bring her back, even if she doesn’t smell like it!”

“Also, please, don’t take you to love me anymore and treat me well to disgust me.”

After saying these words, Alma Chu directly closed the door with a loud bang.

Wayne Lin stayed for five seconds, then he slapped himself hard and screamed, “Wayne Lin, you are such a fool!”

On Alma Chu’s side, after she closed the door, it was still locked. Because of the movement on her side, Candice Liu in the room was alarmed. She just came out to see her cold face, like the whole world owes her millions. , Candice Liu asked, “Alma, what’s the matter? Did Wayne Lin make you angry again?”

Alma Chu didn’t answer her, ignored her, walked past her, walked back to her room, and locked it back.

Leaning on the back of the door, Alma Chu didn’t know why she was so excited, so angry, so annoyed.

There was even a grievance that she disliked!

Yes, why is she wronged? She obviously didn’t love Wayne Lin, and from beginning to end, she was just a tool man.

Is it because of the long-term love?


The person she likes is Chairman Zi Qiong.

It must be because Wayne Lin is her husband, her husband in name. Wayne Lin did not respect her in doing so, and she has reason to be so angry.

It’s like a slave betrayed his employer.

Yes, that’s it.

Alma Chu kept persuading herself.

Tonight, she rarely suffered from insomnia.

Lying on the bed, I feel uneasy and can’t calm down. There are always those inexplicable voices and some inexplicable associations in my mind.

She even wondered if Wayne Lin would be cold outside, was he still in the corridor, or had he already ran to another gentle village?

With this kind of thought, she has been utterly unconscious, and did not go to sleep until midnight.

Then early in the morning, she woke up.

After brushing her teeth and eating breakfast, she opened the door and was about to go to work, but saw Wayne Lin curled up in the corner of the door, looking very pitiful…

Chapter 114

Alma Chu saw this scene, her pupils shrank suddenly, and her heart was tightened instantly.

Did Wayne Lin spend the night here last night?

Is he a fool?

Wayne Lin was awakened by the sound of opening the door, he quickly got up, because he had been maintaining a posture, his right leg was a little numb, so he staggered and almost fell. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and supported the wall in time. It didn’t fall.

“Alma, are you awake?” Wayne Lin said, “Alma, you really have to believe me. What happened last night was really a misunderstanding. I admit that I did have a late night snack with a female friend. But she is a tomboy, and I don’t know her at all. The last time I drove to the 4s shop for repairs, I realized her…”

Wayne Lin hurriedly told Alma Chu about his acquaintance with Guo Junyi, and specifically explained that he had a chance encounter last night, and he couldn’t save him, so he got Guo Junyi’s hair. Besides, He still has nothing to do with Guo Junyi.

Alma Chu has been quietly listening to Wayne Lin’s words, and she didn’t even notice her. After she finished listening, her irritable and tense mood unknowingly relaxed a lot, and the corners of her mouth rose involuntarily, but she Or deliberately put his face on the floor and stayed cold, “You slept here last night?”


“Why are you so stupid, in winter, aren’t you cold?”

Wayne Lin scratched his head and said, “It’s okay, my skin is thick and rough, not cold.”

Alma Chu looked at him like this stupid, her stomach disappeared cleanly, and she was a little bit guilty and regretful. Is she too cold-blooded and shut Wayne Lin out all night…

“Come in, take a shower, put on new clothes, and I will prepare breakfast for you.” Alma Chu opened the door and let Wayne Lin in.

Wayne Lin dared not go in, and asked cautiously, “Can I really go in?”

Alma Chu directly grabbed his clothes, pulled him in, and deliberately said in an impatient tone: “Just let you in, just come in, what are you doing with so much nonsense.”

Wayne Lin went to take a shower, changed into new clothes, came out of the dining room and saw Alma Chu really cooked breakfast for him, the hot noodles made him feel unreal!

If he remembers correctly, he has been married for so long, this is the first time that Alma Chu has cooked him breakfast, right?

At this moment, he was a little flattered.

“What are you doing stupidly, hurry up and eat.”

Wayne Lin nodded vigorously and said with a smile, “My wife, you are so kind to me.”

Alma Chu turned her head away, deliberately not looking at him.

“I’m going to work, you can stay at home and take a good rest.” Alma Chu walked to the door and said.

Wayne Lin immediately said, “My wife, let me go to the company with you.”

“Why are you going to the company with me?” Alma Chu frowned.

I have to go to the company with you. You messed up Sean Chu’s investment. Now the entire Chu family must see you as a thorn in your eyes. If I’m not there, you will probably be drowned by their saliva. However, Wayne Lin didn’t say these inner words. He said: “I took a rest last night, and it just happened that the company has a holiday today. I’ll send you to work.”

“No.” Alma Chu rejected him, shaking her head and said: “I can go to work by myself, you do your thing.”

Wayne Lin gobbled up the noodles in the bowl in twos or twos. He wiped his mouth and said, “Alma, I’ll take you there. I said I want to protect you.”

Alma Chu frowned immediately. She saw Wayne Lin’s stubborn look, and she felt angry when she didn’t come. Wayne Lin kept saying that she wanted to protect her, but what would she do to protect her?

She knows very well that waiting to go to the company, what is waiting for her, can’t be described as violent storms.

She didn’t want Wayne Lin to see this kind of scene, so she planned to face it alone from the beginning, and her parents didn’t take it with her.

“Why are you going? Don’t bother me.” Alma Chu said coldly, and then began to leave.

Wayne Lin caught up.

Alma Chu stopped, staring at him dissatisfiedly and said, “Wayne Lin, you are sick, don’t you understand what people say?!”

She was quite gentle to Wayne Lin just now, and in a blink of an eye she started to be fierce again.

Wayne Lin has become accustomed to her appearance, and said softly, “Alma, I will not let you face this alone.”

Alma Chu bit her lip tightly. She was moved in her heart, but it was more angry, a nameless fire, “Wayne Lin, do you know what I hate you most? It’s because you don’t know yourself! I don’t know where you are. I don’t blame you for your lack of ability, but please don’t pretend that you are very powerful and capable. In the end, you are self-defeating and shame me!”

Wayne Lin hurriedly said: “Alma, please believe me, I can really help you through this difficult situation this time, so let me take you to work.”

Alma Chu did not respond to Wayne Lin, but gave Wayne Lin a cold look, then she went out and closed the door forcefully.

Wayne Lin sighed, Alma Chu was really too stubborn.

Based on his understanding of Alma Chu, if he keeps up with him, Alma Chu will become even more angry. The best way is to take action. When the Chu family speaks hard to Alma Chu, he will stand up and relieve the siege. Alma Chu will truly trust him.

So he called Damon Wang directly and asked him to go to the vicinity of Chu’s house, always be prepared, and he would appear immediately after receiving his message.

With everything ready, he started to rush to the Chu Family Company.


As soon as Alma Chu went to the company, before entering the conference room, she immediately felt something wrong with the atmosphere.

First of all, the most intuitive thing is that many employees in the company have already left, at least more than half have left, the company looks a lot empty.

And there is no one working anymore, just chatting in twos and threes, very lazy, even if I see her coming in, there is no restraint, there is no usual awe of her at all.

Alma Chu has never seen such lax employees. Even when the company was facing a huge crisis last time, these employees were not so presumptuous. She immediately calmed her face and said, “What are you doing during working hours, don’t you need to do it? “

In the past, she was still a bit dignified in the company, the iceberg beauty, these employees must have become anxious when she saw her anger, and hurried to work. But now, facing Alma Chu’s scolding, they didn’t have half awe, but some people laughed disdainfully.

“The company is going to close down soon, what else are you doing.”

“That’s right, those creditors will come to collect their debts in two days.”

“That is, if it hadn’t been for one month’s salary that hadn’t been settled, I would have resigned with Roman Li and the others.”

“I know that Centec has no future, and now it is true.”

They all talked unscrupulously, and did not put Alma Chu in their eyes.

Seeing this situation, Alma Chu was very angry. She raised her voice and said, “Shut up! Who said the company is going to close, the company is very good!”

“Hehe, Manager Chu, don’t deceive yourself. Who doesn’t know that Centec’s capital chain is broken and is already facing bankruptcy? You should think about it quickly, how to deal with the creditor!”

“And our salary, you can’t escape, we are all protected by the labor law, ha ha.”

Alma Chu was very annoyed when she heard it. This group of people was too much, but there was more sadness in her heart. She couldn’t say anything to refute, because what they said was not wrong, and it is indeed very difficult for Shengke now.

Originally Huang Wenhua was Shengke’s hope, but she has completely offended Huang Wenhua.

Her only hope now can only be placed on Situ Nan, I hope Situ Nan will not hate her for what happened yesterday!

Thinking of Situ Nan, she couldn’t help but think of Wayne Lin. If Wayne Lin had not exposed Situ Nan’s lies and made Situ Nan lose such a big face, Situ Nan would definitely be willing to raise Shengke. But it’s hard to say now…

Chapter 115

At this moment, someone came over with a cold expression and said to Alma Chu: “Why are you here now? Everyone in the conference room is waiting for you.”

This person is a distant relative of the Chu family, with average abilities. At the beginning, she was introduced to Shengke by Alma Chu. She usually saw Alma Chu respectfully and yelled at her sister Fei every bit. But now, she tells Alma Chu. Fei’s attitude is extremely cold, even with some contempt and disdain. It seemed that Alma Chu didn’t take it seriously.

Alma Chu felt her attitude and felt very angry, but she was more sad and self-deprecating.

She realized for the first time what it means to be bullied by a dog! Besides, she hasn’t really been deprived of her power yet, it’s already like this. When she enters, what will it be like?

Alma Chu’s face paled a bit!

However, she also developed a mentality of reluctance to admit defeat. The more she did this, the less she could admit defeat, and the idea of ​​turning things around and making everyone look down on her was a big shock!

Alma Chu took a deep breath and tried to calm her mood, then she arranged her expression and started striding into the meeting room, letting the storm come more violently, she was ready.

After she left, there was a gleeful ridicule behind her.

Soon, as soon as she stepped into the conference room, she felt a sense of murderous air, and she rushed towards her face.

It’s not an exaggeration, Alma Chu really feels like this at the moment, her heart is suddenly tightened, her breath is held.

There were more than a dozen people in the conference room, and everyone cast their eyes on her at the same time, and they were full of anger and murderousness. Some people really wanted to tear her alive.

Speaking of ridicule, all those who can sit here are surnamed Chu, all of her relatives, elders, brothers and sisters, but they hate her deeply. Just because she didn’t sacrifice herself to accompany Huang Wenhua.

At this moment, her heart was desolate, and she smiled bitterly and laughed at herself.

As the Patriarch, Thompson Chu, sitting on the main seat, also looked at her coldly.

Alma Chu paused for two seconds, then walked again and walked to her seat.

After passing, I found a person next to me put his leg on her seat. Seeing her coming, he didn’t mean to move away.

Alma Chu looked at him and said, “Brother Cheng, please move your foot, this is my seat.”

The man called the brother is in his thirties. Now he has a sneer on his face and said, “Your seat? Does the Chu family still have your seat, haha.”

Alma Chu is not angry, is this the first hurdle for her?

“Does the Chu family have a seat for me? It doesn’t seem that you have the final say.” Alma Chu maintained a calm expression.

Brother Cheng said: “Alma Chu, I really don’t know what your face is, and I dare to come back to the company!”

Alma Chu looked at him and said, “Why didn’t I dare to come back to the company? I didn’t embezzle anything from the company, I didn’t sell the company’s secrets, and I did my duty in the company for so many years, so why didn’t I dare to return to the company? Up?”

When Brother Cheng heard her words, his face began to grow sullen, pointing to Alma Chu’s nose and cursing, “To be responsible for the company?! Alma Chu, you really have a face, say this.

words! When have you done your duty to the company? Feelings can’t help but selfishness is what you call due diligence, right? “

His words drew more people’s anger, all of them glared at Alma Chu with an angry expression.

Alma Chu gritted her teeth. She thought she would be very calm, but when she really faced the embarrassment and resentment from her relatives, she still couldn’t be calm. She felt extremely sad and aggrieved, and couldn’t help raising her voice. Speak clearly! When did I fail to save the company, and the company’s capital chain broke again, was it my fault? It was clearly Sean Chu’s fault. What reason do you have to blame on me?”

“You don’t have any repentance yet, you really can’t tell. You have such a thick skin, so shameless!” Brother Cheng simply stood up and shouted, “Sean Chu finally found Huang Wenhua for financing, a large investment of 100 million yuan. People only need to account for 40% of the shares! What a great thing, with this one hundred million financing, our Chu family will directly rebirth and move toward new glory! But you, when the critical time comes, you just pretend to be I’m pure, and I’m not willing to contribute to the family! Alma Chu, you are really a young man, a dog with no conscience!”

Chu Cheng scolded fiercely, spitting wildly, with a grim expression on his face, making Alma Chu roar in his ears. But in comparison, what is more uncomfortable is her heart!

She saw the expressions of many people in the conference room, and it was obvious that they viewed her the same way.

Suddenly she felt the unprecedented grievance and sadness, her nose became sour, and her eyes became ruddy uncontrollably.

“Why should I sacrifice? Sean Chu caused the disaster? Why should I pay for his fault!” Alma Chu couldn’t control her emotions, her grievance broke out, she straightened her neck and shouted loudly: ” Besides, the last time the family was in trouble, I have sacrificed once! You didn’t thank me for a while, and kicked me out of the board of directors. Now that the family is in trouble again, you pushed me out again. What do you think of me! You said that I have no conscience for the family, but what about you, what have you done for the family?!”

Before coming, Alma Chu told herself many times, no matter what happened, what kind of grievances she received, she must hold back, not cry, and not lose her attitude.

But when she really faced this moment, she still couldn’t help it.

She overestimated her ability and underestimated the meanness and complaints of these so-called relatives towards her.

So she broke out.

However, her eruption, her grievances, and her sorrow did not arouse anyone’s sympathy or understanding. On the contrary, they became more indifferent and angry towards her.


With a slap on the table, Chu Huayou stood up abruptly, pointed at Alma Chu and cursed, “Alma Chu, you really did this because you complained about the family! What a poisonous heart! There is no family in these years For your cultivation, can you have today, can you grow so beautiful? You are good, because the family temporarily asked you out of the board of directors, you hated the family, so you can’t save your opinions and come to avenge the Chu family. Well, now Huang Wenhua is not financing, and the Chu family is bankrupt, you are satisfied, right! Alma Chu, you are really not a thing!”

As these words fell, various voices blaming her sounded in the conference room, and everyone stood up and began to yell at her nose, completely drowning her weak voice, and even some people were grumpy. Come over and push her.

For a time, Alma Chu was a small boat in the ocean, facing the tsunami, she would be submerged at any time.

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