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Chapter 296

Peter Zhang listened to the praise of these old classmates, his heart was floating, especially cool!

Since the Yuntian Pavilion auction, he has lived in the shadow of Wayne Lin. He would have nightmares for several consecutive nights, dreaming of Wayne Lin’s various abuses and insults, and woke up in the middle of the night.

He couldn’t understand why Wayne Lin was clearly the son-in-law of the Chu family, a pure waste, how could he suddenly become so powerful? Even a big guy like Gu Hanxing can’t help Wayne Lin. This is simply unscientific! Could it be that Wayne Lin had taken some shit luck, or did he say that some big man was approached?

The more he thought about it, the more he didn’t understand, he secretly investigated Wayne Lin, and the more he investigated, the more shocked he was. Wayne Lin was actually the chairman of Ziqiong Media and the master behind Ugly Lord! When he heard the news, he was stunned, his scalp was numb, and it took him half a minute to come back to his senses, and his heart was cold.

He had never understood why Chairman Zi Qiong suddenly appeared at Jeff KTV and put him in jail. The Chairman Zi Qiong was Wayne Lin!

Now he understands one thing. Wayne Lin is no longer the trash that he bullied, but his unattainable existence. He can only pray that Wayne Lin will not hold grudges, and don’t come to trouble him, otherwise. Gu Hanxing couldn’t keep him.

That is to say, during these three or four days, Peter Zhang was relatively relieved, and he was no longer so worried. He thought that after so long, Wayne Lin had not come to trouble him, so he shouldn’t trouble him anymore. He happened to be notified by a college student that he had held a small gathering. The tone was flattering and flattering, which made him float again. There was nothing to do anyway, so he rushed over, planning to pretend to be forced to see if he could hook up. Former female classmate.

“Where is it? Everyone is polite. I’m just lucky and I’m just eating.” Peter Zhang waved his hand and said, deliberately showing the gold watch even more, and the rust on his face couldn’t be covered.

“Mr. Zhang, I heard that you have opened a new company now and you are doing a great job.” A male classmate immediately flattered.

When Peter Zhang heard this, the smile on his face became even more intense. He coughed twice and said, “I haven’t done a lot of money, it’s just an investment of tens of millions. Large companies are still far behind.”

In fact, his new company investment is only 10 million yuan, and now he has blown it to tens of millions. His face is not red or breathless, and the cowhide is blowing hard. Anyway, no one can verify it.

When the classmates in the box heard Peter Zhang’s words, they opened their eyes wide, admiring and enthusiastic, especially those single female classmates, now looking at Peter Zhang is even more enthusiastic, some of them are better in shape and beautiful in appearance. , Even more boldly approached Peter Zhang, constantly winking.

“f*ck! With tens of millions of investment, Mr. Zhang is Mr. Zhang, too awesome!”

“Mr. Zhang, does your company still lack toilet cleaning? Let me clean the toilet for you.”

“Mr. Zhang, my requirements are not high, just go to your company to be a security guard.”

“Mr. Zhang, does your family still lack a bed warmer? Let the slave family warm your bed. What a fck during the day, and what a fck at night.”

“boss Zhang……”

A bunch of people rushed to slap Peter Zhang’s flattery, but Peter Zhang was amused even more, and the smile on his face couldn’t hide. He hasn’t been so happy for a long time, this is the life he deserves.

Alma Chu felt like vomiting when she saw them flattering Peter Zhang. It was too disgusting. Why didn’t she know that these classmates were so cheap, and she didn’t have the face for flattering.

At this moment, a male classmate suddenly said to Alma Chu: “Alma Chu, didn’t you just say that Peter Zhang would pee his pants when he saw your husband? Na, now Mr. Zhang is here, you let me see it.”

Another said: “Yeah,

Wasn’t it arrogant just now, now Mr. Zhang is here to speak out. “

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes looked at Alma Chu, including Peter Zhang.

When Peter Zhang saw Alma Chu, he was obviously stunned. He didn’t expect Alma Chu to be here.

Seeing Alma Chu’s beautiful face, Peter Zhang’s eyes flashed a little covet, but immediately, when he saw the figure next to Alma Chu, he immediately shuddered and his face became paler suddenly.

Even if Wayne Lin turned his back to him, he immediately recognized it!

Now he has a deep fear of Wayne Lin, and he trembles when he sees it.

Others don’t know, they are still fanning the flames.

“Hey, Wayne Lin, you are still eating. You have finished eating all the dishes in a large table. It really came out of the countryside. You haven’t eaten these good dishes in your entire life, just like a hungry ghost.”

“Sitting at the same table with this kind of person for dinner will be out of grade.”

“I’ve never seen such a shameless person, it’s almost impossible.”

“Still eating, I must have seen Mr. Zhang come, people are scared and afraid to speak, haha.”

“Of course I was scared, otherwise you really thought Mr. Zhang would pee his pants when he watched it, isn’t this a joke!”

Many people were chattering, not even noticing that Peter Zhang’s face became paler and paler, and he became more and more frightened.

Alma Chu bit her lip tightly. She felt uncomfortable. She thought that now that Wayne Lin was strong, she would no longer need to be mocked. She didn’t expect it to end in the same way.

At this moment, Wayne Lin had almost eaten. He slowly turned around and said to Peter Zhang with a smile: “Peter Zhang, you are all right. I haven’t seen you for half a month. He has become Mr. Zhang. , The scenery is very beautiful. Doesn’t even I have to evade you?”

Hearing this, Peter Zhang trembled fiercely all over his body. Then, he made a move that everyone was shocked. He directly knelt down and tremblingly begged for mercy: “Randal! I was wrong Randal! Randal, please raise your hand, let me go this time, please…”

Peter Zhang was begging for mercy while palming his mouth. He didn’t dare to get any moisture, and he slapped his face. After a while, he was beaten into a pig’s head.

When everyone saw him like this, they were all dumbfounded, one by one dumbfounded, with the same expressions as hell.

Others rubbed their eyes, suspecting that they had hallucinations.

Peter Zhang is really scared to the extreme now, and his heart is twisted into a ball. What dignity and face are all worthless at this time, and life is not important. Because he knew that if he dared to be arrogant, Wayne Lin would maimed him in minutes.

Alma Chu also opened her eyes wide and looked at Peter Zhang in surprise, unable to recover for a long time.

Wayne Lin was also a little surprised, Peter Zhang knelt so simply, it made him not easy to take action.

He smiled and said, “Oh, isn’t it, then what did you say is wrong?”

Peter Zhang was taken aback for a moment, yeah, where did he go wrong? Can’t tell, he just came here, he didn’t do anything, and he didn’t molest Alma Chu.

But this is not the point. In front of Wayne Lin, he had to admit that he was right!

With a snap, he slapped himself again, crying and said: “I have no eyesight. Seeing that Randal Lin is here, I didn’t immediately please Randal Lin.”

When everyone heard Peter Zhang’s words, they were even more bewildered and felt unreal. The expressions they looked at Wayne Lin were even more different.

Chapter 297

Wayne Lin didn’t particularly embarrass Peter Zhang. After he was full, he and Alma Chu left together. The others did not dare to breathe. After they left for almost a minute, someone swallowed heavily and cautiously. He said, “Didn’t you say that Alma Chu’s husband is a son-in-law? How could…”

This question hit everyone’s heart. Who is Wayne Lin?

Someone secretly looked at Peter Zhang.

Now Peter Zhang’s face was green, and he walked to the door and looked around to make sure that Wayne Lin and Alma Chu had really left. He breathed a sigh of relief and walked back to the box again, regaining his initial arrogance, frowning. In a slightly threatening tone, he said, “No one is allowed to say anything about today, otherwise I will be against Peter Zhang. My energy is not as good as Randal Lin, but it is easy to get you guys out.”

After speaking, he put on sunglasses and left with the two bodyguards.

After more than ten seconds, a man said sourly: “Cut, what pretend to be, in front of Alma Chu’s husband, not even a dog.”

“Yeah, I got down on my knees. It’s just a pug.”

“What Mr. Zhang, I think it’s almost the same as Zhang Gou.”

Several men were sure that Peter Zhang was also gone, and began to speak ill of Peter Zhang, to show their prestige in front of other female classmates.

“You dare to say bad things after Peter Zhang is gone. Why didn’t Peter Zhang dared to beep when Peter Zhang was here just now?” A woman with rich makeup and a bit of beauty said disdainfully.

Immediately another female classmate followed and said, “Yeah, even if they kneel down, they will be better than you. Anyway, they are big bosses with a net worth of tens of millions. Are you still working people, compared with others? ?”

“When Peter Zhang came just now, did you forget how you flattered?”

“I am so embarrassed to laugh at Peter Zhang, there is a kind of thing you run to Peter Zhang and say!”

Facing the irony of many female classmates, these male classmates’ faces are not very good-looking, but they can’t say anything to refute, because they are really afraid of Peter Zhang. In case someone makes a small report and spreads it to Peter Zhang, they Too much.

“Well, I thought I was better off than Alma Chu. It turned out that I was just being passionate. Alma Chu married a super boss, and I can’t even provoke people like Peter Zhang.”

When these words were said, all the female classmates also expressed sadness. When they were in college, they were overwhelmed by Alma Chu. Originally thought that this state would improve after graduation, but the gap was widening.

On Wayne Lin’s side, after he and Alma Chu came out of the hotel, they didn’t go home directly. Instead, they planned to go shopping nearby, right now on a date.

Speaking of them, they have been married for so long and haven’t dated them properly.

“Why did your appetite become so big all of a sudden? Don’t you support it?” Alma Chu asked curiously. She looked at Wayne Lin’s stomach, it was very flat and there was no bulge.

Wayne Lin said: “My martial arts have improved a bit, so my appetite has increased.”

“Oh.” Alma Chu nodded, she didn’t understand martial arts at all.

“Why don’t you ask me, why is Peter Zhang so afraid of me?” Wayne Lin was a little curious.

Alma Chu said: “When did you bully him? He was so afraid of you. Do you still have to ask?”

Wayne Lin was speechless by her, which made sense.

“Alma, you are getting smarter and smarter.”

“But it’s not a problem for you to offend people everywhere like this, someone will definitely come to get revenge.” Alma Chu said worriedly.

Wayne Lin said with some emotion: “It’s not that I offend them, but that they offend me.”

“Then what should I do?” Alma Chu said nervously.

Wayne Lin smiled and said: “What should I do? Soldiers come to cover the water and soil. Don’t worry, there will be nothing wrong. These people are Xiaoxi Mi and can’t threaten me. I plan to set up a new security company and train a batch of people. Strong bodyguards are responsible for your safety.”

Wayne Lin had this idea for the establishment of a security company a long time ago, but he was very busy before and couldn’t spare the time to do it. Now he has broken through to his innate realm, his energy has increased exponentially, and his IQ has also improved a lot. Troubles that are difficult to solve can be easily solved now.

Alma Chu nodded, approving of Wayne Lin’s decision, firmly held Wayne Lin’s hand, and said seriously: “In any case, you must protect your own safety. No accident, you know!”

Wayne Lin said confidently, “Nothing will happen.”

“You promise me that you must protect yourself!”

Wayne Lin and Alma Chu looked at each other and nodded solemnly, “Okay, I promise you.”

Next, Wayne Lin and Alma Chu didn’t talk about it anymore. They focused on shopping. Alma Chu played a woman’s nature and took Wayne Lin to visit many clothing stores. When she saw the clothes she liked, she bought them. There seems to be endless energy.

Fortunately, Wayne Lin is now in a congenital realm, with inexhaustible physical strength, otherwise he will definitely feel tired. In fact, he is not interested in buying clothes at all. Up to now, he has tens of billions of deposits in his account. He is still wearing ordinary clothes. It is not that he is reluctant to spend money, but that he really does not have this need.

Suddenly, Wayne Lin felt something. He looked towards three o’clock, and suddenly saw a familiar figure. He was taken aback and recognized the other person. He suddenly felt a jump in his heart. He quickly turned his face around, and then planned to find Hide in a place, don’t let the other party find out.

However, there is such a coincidence in the world that the other party actually wants to come to this clothing store to buy clothes.

This is over, Wayne Lin can’t hide in the fitting room.

“Hey, isn’t this person… Lin Shao?” After the other party walked in, she saw Wayne Lin’s back, she called out in surprise, and attracted Alma Chu’s attention by the way.

In fact, Alma Chu found out when the other party first came in, and nothing else, because the other party was too seductive and smelled like a vixen, it was hard not to pay attention.

This woman is not someone, she is Tao Sanniang. She happened to be out shopping with two girlfriends tonight, planning to buy two clothes, but she unexpectedly met Wayne Lin, and she was very surprised.

Wayne Lin’s entire face became bitter, and he was unlucky in secret. How could he meet Tao Sanniang here? I had known that he would not choose to visit this mall!

Now Tao Sanniang has recognized him, and there is no way for him to hide, so she turned around, pretending to be surprised, and said, “It turns out to be Tao Sanniang. I am lucky to meet him.”

He was very polite, mainly for Alma Chu.

Tonight’s Tao Sanniang didn’t wear red cheongsam, but changed into modern clothes. She looks very fashionable and sexy. Although she is not exposed, her figure is so good that she is exploding and is perfectly outlined by her clothes. Coming out, it was very eye-catching. She walked all the way, without knowing how many men’s hearts were taken away.

Chapter 298

Tao Sanniang belongs to the kind of woman who is naturally charming, even if she doesn’t deliberately seduce a man, the aura that radiates from her is a fatal temptation for a man.

Even if Wayne Lin is not interested in Tao Sanniang in that respect, she has to admit that Tao Sanniang is really the best among women. In terms of femininity, Alma Chu is not as good as her.

Tao Sanniang saw Wayne Lin, and her expressions rose suddenly, her original calm mood suddenly improved a lot. Even she didn’t notice this change, but the two girlfriends who were with her found out and looked surprised. With Tao Sanniang.

They are good friends of Tao Sanniang. They have known Tao Sanniang for a long time, and they have never seen Tao Sanniang so caring for a man.

“Lin Shao, it’s really you. I thought I was wrong. It seems we are very destined.” Tao Sanniang’s face burst into a bright smile, and she walked over to Wayne Lin and compared her steps. near.

“Cough, cough.” Wayne Lin immediately coughed twice, stepped back, keeping a distance from her, and said: “Tao Sanniang, where’s Elder Fan, didn’t you come with you?”

Tao Sanniang rolled her eyes and said, “Old Man Fan is just my leader, and not my husband. Why should I come over to buy clothes with him. Lin Shao, are you afraid of me? Why keep going back.”

Seeing Alma Chu’s murderous gaze, Wayne Lin felt that his scalp was about to explode, and said quickly: “Sanniang Tao, don’t be kidding me. I’m here with my wife. It won’t be okay to be misunderstood by her. .”

“Wife?” Tao Sanniang was taken aback.

Wayne Lin hurried over to hold Alma Chu’s hand, walked over together, and said with a smile: “Alma, introduce you a friend, this one, Tao Sanniang, the manager of the Yuntian Pavilion auction.”

“Tao Sanniang, this is my wife, Alma Chu.”

The atmosphere was a little embarrassing, Alma Chu and Tao Sanniang didn’t speak, and stared at each other with bad eyes. Wayne Lin felt sparks flashing between them.

It was Alma Chu who smiled first and greeted Tao Sanniang generously, “Hello, is your surname Tao?”

Tao Sanniang also showed a smile, very enthusiastic, as if the tension between them was an illusion, “Yes, Tao Yuanming’s Tao.”

“Oh.” Alma Chu replied and stopped talking, and said generously to Wayne Lin: “Since you met your friend, then you can talk to your friend. I will choose the clothes myself.”

“Alma, listen to me. I didn’t have any relationship with her…” Wayne Lin quickly tried to explain, but was interrupted by Alma Chu and said with a smile: “I know, I believe you, go.”

After speaking, she went to choose the clothes by herself, which gave Wayne Lin a lot of face and looked generous.

Tao Sanniang’s eyes narrowed slightly, and her hostility to Alma Chu became even greater. This was a terrible opponent.

Hey, why do you feel this way? Tao Sanniang was taken aback, could it be… impossible impossible! I only met Wayne Lin once, how could she really like Wayne Lin? What kind of man she has never seen before.

Wayne Lin said, “Miss Tao, if nothing happens, I won’t be with you.”

“Wait a minute.” Tao Sanniang stared at Wayne Lin and said, “I have something to say to you.”

Wayne Lin showed a respectful expression, Tao Sanniang said, “This is not a place to talk, come with me.”

Wayne Lin smiled, “If you have any words, just say it here

Well, there is no secret between us. “

Tao Sanniang suddenly became a little annoyed. She was also a beautiful woman and a high-ranking member of the Yuntian Pavilion. How many men had a crush on her, and there was no chance to say a word to her. Now she took the initiative to strike up a conversation with Wayne Lin, but Wayne Lin did not. It’s disgusting to pay attention to her!

Taking a deep breath, Tao Sanniang forcibly suppressed her anger, and said solemnly: “It’s about Gu Hanxing.”

Seeing Tao Sanniang’s seriousness, it didn’t look like she was deliberately teasing him, Wayne Lin also paid attention. He thought for a while, nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

Then he greeted Alma Chu and walked to a place where he could talk with Tao Sanniang, and said, “How is Gu Hanxing? He broke through the innate realm?”

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, maintaining a skeptical attitude. He himself had just broken through the innate realm. Knowing the pain of the process, would Gu Hanxing’s will be able to sustain it?

Tao Sanniang no longer looked serious, and said with a smile: “I said Lin Shao, you are too cold, right? Is it that between us, only serious things can speak well? Your indifference really makes The slave is sad.”

With that said, she deliberately made a sad weeping look.

Wayne Lin: “…”

Seeing Tao Sanniang’s slanderous appearance, Wayne Lin was speechless and said, “Okay, Tao Sanniang, don’t tease me. I am quite self-knowing about my appearance. From your perspective, is it right? It may be of interest to me. So let’s not come to those imaginary ones, and just talk about business. Has Gu Hanxing already broken through the innate realm? Or is his father Brian Gu coming to trouble me?”

Wayne Lin’s mind turned very fast, and since Tao Sanniang said he was coming to him, he guessed in this regard.

Some surprises flashed in Tao Sanniang’s eyes, Wayne Lin’s mind was so good, he didn’t speak, and Wayne Lin had guessed 70% to 80%.

However, Wayne Lin’s way of not entering the oil and salt really makes her ashamed! My mother is also a big beauty anyway, how many men fell under my old mother’s pomegranate skirt, but you, Wayne Lin, ignored my beauty and got angry with my old mother!

“If you can kiss me, I’ll tell you.” Tao Sanniang said with a smile, and then moved her left face towards Wayne Lin. She didn’t believe that her charm would not be able to conquer Wayne Lin!

However, Wayne Lin’s subsequent reaction caused her to suffer a blow.

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes, then turned and left without saying hello.

Tao Sanniang: “…”

“Wait a minute!” Seeing Wayne Lin walking so resolutely, Tao Sanniang had to’give up’ and stopped Wayne Lin quickly.

Wayne Lin still pretended not to hear, and continued to walk forward, which made her very angry.

“If you don’t stop, I won’t tell you the heavy news. Don’t regret it then!” Tao Sanniang was also annoyed and said angrily.

Wayne Lin finally stopped and turned around and said, “What heavy news.”

Tao Sanniang hugged her chest, snorted, turned her face aside, and looked angry and needed someone to coax her.

Wayne Lin had nothing to do with her, so he had to walk back and said angrily, “Say.”

Tao Sanniang had a criminal figure, but now the visual impact brought to Wayne Lin with her arms around her chest has become more intense. Wayne Lin quickly turned her gaze away, don’t look at any evil.

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