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Chapter 278

The woman stared affectionately at the embroidered person, her eyes seemed to have endless tenderness and hope, which could melt everything in the world.

“Ming’er, are you doing well now? Have you already known about Weiniang? Weiniang can’t help you, or your Lin family…”

The woman was heartbreaking with tears in her eyes and a sad face.

Two tears dripped on the embroidery and wet the youth’s forehead.

At this moment, a red figure appeared silently behind the woman, acting very softly and quietly, for fear of awakening the woman.

The woman sensed the arrival of the red figure. She wiped her tears, raised her head, and said with a smile: “Nishang, here you are, chat with auntie.”

Nishang is a woman of about 20 years old. She looks like a fairy, like a fairy coming out of a painting. In terms of appearance, she is a little better than Alma Chu and Guo Junyi!

Nishang wears a red Hanfu, looking like a lady in ancient times.

But in her temperament, she did not give people the elegance of piano and calligraphy, but an indescribable heroism. It’s like the image of an ancient female hero in a movie.

She sat down next to the woman and saw the woman crying, her eyes flashed with unbearable and angry, “Auntie, why are you crying again? You keep crying, it is easy to get old.”

The woman smiled softly and said: “Neon clothes, long time no see, where have you been, I haven’t come to see my aunt for so long, is there no aunt in my heart.”

Nishang hurriedly shook his head and said, “How come Nishang has no auntie in his heart, and Nishang is given her life by her aunt! Even if she dies, it is impossible for Nishang to forget the great kindness of her aunt!”

“Okay, you girl, my aunty just made a joke for you, she scared you.” The woman said jokingly, and then continued to embroider her hands.

Nishang’s gaze also turned to the embroidery in the woman’s hand. She looked at Wayne Lin’s appearance in the embroidery, her eyes flashed with strong pity, holding the woman’s hand, and whispering: “Auntie, you are embroidering Wayne again. .”

The woman smiled slightly and did not answer. The corners of her eyes were smiling, as if there was endless warmth and kindness. Because of her existence, the world had become more warm.

After a while, Nishang said: “Auntie, I went to meet Wayne. He is doing well now. He has inherited Lin Changtian’s inheritance. He is now the chairman of Ziqiong Media and has established a new advertisement… …Auntie, are you okay!”

When the woman heard the neon clothes, her mood suddenly fluctuated, causing her embroidering hands to tremble, the needle pierced her fingers, and dripping blood fell on the embroidery.

But she didn’t feel any pain at all, and a demented expression appeared on her face. After she recovered, she hurriedly grabbed Nishang’s hand and said excitedly: “Nishang, have you really met Ming’er?! What is he doing now? How is he, is he okay? Did he lose weight, or how is he? He, do you remember me?”

Speaking of the last words, the woman’s voice became smaller and smaller, her eyes gradually turned red, and endless sadness, longing, regret appeared on her face…

Nishang hurriedly grabbed the woman’s injured hand and put it in her mouth to suck, and then said: “Auntie, don’t worry, Wayne is doing well now! And he must still remember you. During this time, I went to Hwadrid City to see Wayne. He has grown up and he is no longer the kid who needs your protection.”

The woman is not someone, but Wayne Lin’s biological mother, Qin Yuehua, is also the saint of the BRAGRUN organization.

Of course, the status of a saint has been a thing of the past. When she ran away from the BRAGRUN organization and married a mortal Lin Sheji, she had been deprived of her status as a saint, and now she was caught back to the BRAGRUN organization under house arrest. In a sense, it’s just the identity of a prisoner.

“Really? Ming’er, how are you doing now?” Qin Yuehua looked at the neon clothes expectantly and nervously.

Nishang nodded vigorously, and said, “Okay, that’s great! Auntie, Wayne is your son, too good. He has grown up without the professional training of our organization. I was almost spotted by him. Up.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Qin Yuehua finally relaxed and smiled again, with endless tenderness and expectation in her eyes, as if Wayne Lin is all she has. As long as Wayne Lin is happy, then she will Happy.

Nishang picked up the embroidery in Qin Yuehua’s hand, looked at the look of Wayne Lin on it, and said, “Auntie, your embroidery craftsmanship is really good, and you have painted Wayne very similarly. However, now Wayne’s temperament has happened quite a bit. The change is not as ostentatious as before. Now Wayne is quite restrained and calm.”

“Calm?” Qin Yuehua froze for a moment when she heard this, as if it was difficult to associate Calm with Wayne Lin’s image.

As a biological mother, Qin Yuehua watched Wayne Lin grow up since she was a child. She knew very well that her son’s character was a very open-minded, lively and outgoing child. Even after Wayne Lin became an adult, this open-minded character has not changed.

Wayne Lin was very smart and clever since he was a child. He learned everything very quickly. In addition, he was born in the Lin family and grew up in the stars. He has long established his self-centered public personality. So Qin Yuehua heard Wayne Lin’s introverted and calm personality, it was really hard to imagine.

Thinking of something, Qin Yuehua immediately said, “During the four years since I disappeared, has there been a huge change in Wayne?!”

Qin Yuehua’s reaction was quick, and she immediately realized this point. She knew Wayne Lin too well. If it hadn’t been for a huge change, Wayne Lin’s personality would not have changed so much.

Nishang lowered his head, nodded lightly, and said, “Brother Wayne has really not been very good in the past four years…”

Then, Nishang told Qin Yuehua about Wayne Lin’s expulsion from the Lin family at the beginning and then went to the Chu family to be the son-in-law.

With the energy of neon clothes, now that Wayne Lin has been found, it is not difficult to investigate clearly what Wayne Lin has experienced over the past four years.

After Qin Yuehua listened, tears were streaming down her eyes, and she said with great regret and sorrow: “My poor Ming’er, I have suffered you in the past few years, and you have suffered!”

Nishang saw Qin Yuehua look like this, she felt uncomfortable, she quickly held Qin Yuehua’s hand, smiled and said: “Auntie, brother Wayne is very beautiful now, and the four years of experience is a good thing for him! Now I am rich and powerful, and I have a family. I don’t know how happy I am, and I don’t need my aunt to worry about it.”

Qin Yuehua sighed quietly, and said, “It’s good for him to be happy…Ah, I blame me for not being a good mother, which made him suffer so much.”

Nishang was silent for a while and said: “Auntie, I also found one thing, brother Wayne, he seems to have known the truth of the year and wants to come to you…”

“What?!” Qin Yuehua had a great reaction when she heard this, and hurriedly shook her head: “No! He can’t come to me. Once someone in the organization finds out, he will be forever!”

Nishang bit her lip and said: “Auntie, don’t worry, I will protect him in secret, and I won’t let the organizers find him.”

Chapter 279

Qin Yuehua held the neon clothes with her backhand and said, “Nine clothes, thank you very much.”

Nishang smiled and turned the country and the city into Qin Yuehua’s arms, her little daughter, and said: “It’s not hard at all. The life of Nishang is given by my aunt. Now my aunt is left with her brother Wayne. Naturally, I must help my aunt to protect his brother Wayne.”

Qin Yuehua gently stroked Nishang’s hair, with infinite tenderness and kindness in her eyes, and said: “Nishang, the auntie picked you up at the beginning, the aunty made the most correct decision in her life.”

Nishang said: “Nishang can follow my aunt in this life, it is the biggest blessing of Nishang’s life. If it is not for my aunt, I don’t know what it means to live in the world.”

“Silly girl.” Qin Yuehua said with a smile.

Thinking of something, Qin Yuehua said again: “I heard that the organization arranged for you a talented man to help you get married. Have you met and how do you feel?”

Nishang’s face immediately showed a repulsive and disgusting expression, and said, “I’ve seen him, a pervert, so I don’t want to marry him! I won’t marry anymore in my life. I will guard my aunt for the rest of my life. Slave, hehe.”

Qin Yuehua kissed her forehead and said angrily: “You girl, what are you talking about? A woman is incomplete if she doesn’t marry. It’s rare for people to walk around the world. Every life should be Living for yourself, or you’re ashamed of yourself, you know? Besides, my aunt has hands and feet, and she lives well, where is it worth your protection. You, let’s find a good family to marry you, Your condition is so good, it would be a waste not to marry.”

Nishang’s face blushed and said, “Auntie, even you teased me. You told me that the outside of a person is just a skin, and the real soul lies in the mind.”

Qin Yuehua blinked and said, “Have I said such a thing?”

While the two of them were chatting, a few people came from a distance. When Nishang saw them, they immediately frowned, full of anger and hostility, and said: “After so many years, they still don’t want to let go. Auntie, too much! No, I have to report it to the organization!”

Qin Yuehua held the neon clothes and shook her head and said, “Don’t act rashly about the neon clothes. This is the life of my aunt, and no one else can change it.

Nishang said unwillingly: “But aunt, you have already been punished, and the Holy King refuses to let you go! Besides, you have never done anything to harm the organization! The Holy King is doing too much!”

Qin Yuehua hurriedly covered Nishang’s mouth, staring at her to stop her from speaking, and said sternly: “You are not allowed to slander the saint king like this in the future, do you know, otherwise you don’t recognize me as an aunt!”

Nishang bit her lip tightly. She didn’t know that her aunt was so fierce that she was trying to protect her. The more so, the more sad she would see her suffering.

In a short while, those few people walked in front of them. Three men and two women were wearing ancient clothes. They were tall and tall and had an extraordinary temperament on them. They were different from most ordinary people in society.

“Qin Yuehua, it’s time to get the baptism.” A handsome man among the five said with a blank expression.

Nishang immediately said angrily: “It’s been four years since the baptism, any sins should be washed away, why go to the baptism!”

The handsome man directly ignored the neon clothes, his eyes only looked at Qin Yuehua.

Neishang saw their unreasonable appearance, and her heart burst into anger. Her position in the BRAGRUN organization was not low. The five people in front of her belonged to her subordinates, who should have been respectful to her, but turned out to be so arrogant.

But when she wanted to say more, Qin Yuehua stopped her and walked out.

Step, said: “Okay, I will go with you.”

“Auntie…” Nishang chased up.

Qin Yuehua turned her head to face the neon clothes, her eyes revealed her meaning, let her guard Wayne Lin, neon clothes understood, she bit her lip heavily and nodded slowly.

Seeing Qin Yuehua being taken away with her own eyes, even if the neon clothes were unwilling to do anything, she couldn’t help it now. Finally, she looked at the embroidery falling on the table, and the appearance of Wayne Lin on it looked so bold and energetic, she murmured: “Wayne, I hope you can really grow up and lead your aunt out of the sea of ​​suffering.”


Wayne Lin has become busy again during this period. As the chairman of the two companies, he has a lot of things to deal with, especially when a new advertising company is set up. No matter how he does it, there are many big decision-making directions. , I still want him to sign.

And now he is getting more and more into the upper class. In the sight of the boss-level, many people have begun to ask him for dinner.

There are some necessary meals, and he can’t shirk it.

Everything in this world has pros and cons. There are gains and losses. The higher a person’s position and the greater his achievements, the less freedom he has and the more things he has to take into consideration.

Wayne Lin is in this state now, his status has been up, but time is short.

Fortunately, his ability to see people is more accurate. After the necessary period in the early stage, he immediately found a professional team to slowly distribute the tasks, and he only needs to be the helm behind the scenes.

So after working hard for half a month, he now finally starts to relax.


With a punch, Wayne Lin smashed the sandbags, and the iron sand inside flowed out. He shook his head and said, “These sandbags are too brittle and can’t stand my punch.”

Next to him, there were already a dozen sandbags that were broken by him in this way, and even the international heavyweight fighters would be shocked when they saw it.

The Ugly Master came over and said: “Your strength has surpassed the peak that ordinary humans can reach. Naturally, these sandbags cannot withstand your heavy blow.”

Wayne Lin took a towel, wiped his sweat, and then asked, “How many people like me are in the BRAGRUN organization?”

Ugly Master said with a weird expression: “Do you really want to know?”

Wayne Lin had already seen the answer from his expression. He said, “It seems that your organization is not simple. You have specialized training methods to train so many masters.”

Chou Ye said: “That is natural. The leader of the BRAGRUN organization is an extraordinary figure. In just a few decades, the BRAGRUN organization has grown to such a scale. To some extent, he is close to being a god.”

Wayne Lin asked again: “Have you seen him?”

Ugly Master shook his head and said that he hadn’t seen him before, and then he said: “There are very few people in the world who have seen him. Little Master, this is not something you should care about, it’s too far away.”

Wayne Lin could hear the contempt in the Ugly Master’s tone, but he did not respond, because it was a fact. The more he comes into contact now, the more he knows the horror of the BRAGRUN organization. Regardless of his current status, he is very rich. It is still too far behind the BRAGRUN organization.

After a while, Wayne Lin said again: “Is there any way I can break through the bottleneck and improve my realm?”

The ugly master thought for a while and said, “In a few days, there will be an auction in Fengcheng. I heard that someone seems to have brought out the Xisui Pill for auction. If you can buy it, it should be helpful to you after taking it.”

Chapter 280

“Washing marrow pills?” Wayne Lin was taken aback, and said with a weird expression, “Are you sure?”

Chou Ye couldn’t understand Wayne Lin’s suspicion. He said solemnly: “It’s not the kind of thing you imagined. Xisui Pill is extracted from various Chinese herbal medicines, animals, etc. by a clever master of pill medicine. The essence is extracted and then refined into a pill, which contains huge medicinal effects and energy. For ordinary people, it is a poison, but for a martial artist of our realm, it is a perfect marrow pill that can expand the meridian. , Increase the capacity and strengthen the five internal organs, so as to achieve a breakthrough effect.”

Then, Chou Ye gave a detailed description of the nature of the marrow pill. It turned out that the marrow pill is an ordinary pill. The principle is not much different from that of western medicine. It is based on a special method to extract the essence from plants and animals.

It’s just that the materials of the marrow pill are more rare, the method of extraction is more difficult, and the conditions are more demanding. The most important thing is that the level of refining this marrow pill is too high. If one is not careful, it will easily fail. Once it fails, it means A lot of time and money was wasted in vain, and people who generally don’t have the talent and wealth can’t afford it.

As a result, Xisui Pill is very expensive, and ordinary bosses cannot use it or can’t afford it.

It turned out to be such a thing. After Wayne Lin heard it, he said, “Joker, it seems that you have a wide range of knowledge. You even know things like Xisui Pill.”

Chou Ye said: “There are special alchemists in the organization, I naturally know.”

Wayne Lin was not surprised at this. Since the BRAGRUN organization was so large, it was normal to have a dedicated alchemist.

“Then go to this auction in a few days to see if Xisui Pill is really such a god.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Next, Wayne Lin practiced for a long time here, but in the evening, he stopped and started to go home.

When he just walked out of the house, suddenly there was a jump on both sides of his temples, and he felt a gaze projected from the five o’clock direction. He quickly looked back, fast, but found that he saw nothing.

“Strange, is it because I’ve been too nervous for a while and have hallucinations?” Wayne Lin frowned slightly.

Logically speaking, his current martial arts has improved a lot, and his sixth sense has also increased a lot. If someone looks at him deliberately, he can feel it.

The sixth sense is very mysterious and can’t be understood by ordinary people, but it is not a rare thing for a master at a certain level.

Because the sixth sense is originally the instinct of animals, like rabbits, sika deer, when they are stared at by tigers or lions, even if they don’t see the predator, they will feel it and run away.

Humans should have this instinct, but because human thoughts are too complicated and there are too many things in their minds, this instinct has been’forgotten’. Now Wayne Lin has used this kind of instinct through practice. Instinct gave me a “memory”.

He just felt that someone was staring at him secretly, that’s why he attracted his attention.

But waiting for him to look back for the first time, but he didn’t see anything, which made him quite puzzled. If it wasn’t because of his mental tension that he had an illusion, it was because the opponent’s strength was above him, so he could not tell.

Then he stayed in place for a while, all kinds of temptations, but did not find the existence of the gaze just now, he gradually dispelled his doubts and drove home.

After he left for a minute, in a certain corner, a red figure came out, looking at the direction where he disappeared, and said to himself: “Brother Wayne, your progress is so fast, almost I was discovered by you.”

This red figure is no one, it is really neon clothes. Now she has put on modern clothes, looks particularly fashionable and elegant, and her gestures are full of women’s charm, which makes many men passing by show amazing looks.

Fortunately, she wore sunglasses and a mask, almost covering her entire face, otherwise, her stunning face would surely cause a sensation.

After a while, when the neon clothes appeared again, they had already reached the ugly master and shouted, “Clown.”

Hearing her voice, the ugly master trembled all over, and Gu Jing Bubo’s face showed a shocked expression for the first time. The next moment he suddenly turned his head and saw the neon clothes, his pupils suddenly enlarged and called out: Fairy, it’s you!”

Nishang waved his hand and said: “Call me Nishang, my aunt said, we are all humans, there is no essential difference.”

When the clown heard this, his body was shocked, and his expression was unconcealable and he said with excitement: “Master Neon, is the Lord let you over? Lord, her old man, how is it?”

Asking this sentence, the clown’s face was obviously respectful and expectant, especially the fanaticism, ready to come out.

If Wayne Lin was here, he would be surprised to see the expression of the clown. He has known clowns for many years. He has never seen a clown so fanatical and respectful to a person, as if the other person is a god, not a person.

Some sadness flashed in Ni Chang’s eyes, and said, “Auntie, her old man is okay, but she has no freedom.”

“That’s good, that’s good!” The clown rubbed his hands nervously, and then asked expectantly and nervously: “Master Nishang, the Lord is calling you over. Is there any order that the subordinate needs to execute?”

Nishang sat down, she tilted Erlang’s legs and looked out the window, in a daze, and did not answer the clown’s question directly.

The clown didn’t dare to talk too much, so he slightly bent over and stood aside, waiting for the neon clothes to speak.

“Brother Wayne’s kung fu has improved rapidly. I was almost spotted by him just now,” Nishang said.

The clown was surprised when he heard this. As a person from the BRAGRUN organization, the clown knew very well the strength of the man in front of him. He can only be described as unfathomable. He has no ability to fight back in front of him. Can’t catch a trick.

And Wayne Lin actually almost found the existence of Lord Neon Clothing?

But soon, he was relieved. Wayne Lin was no longer the half-bucket boy before, and now he is not even Wayne Lin’s opponent.

“Young Master is a martial arts wizard, and he has made rapid progress.” The clown nodded and said.

Nishang said: “Now he has reached the bottleneck, he has to cooperate with Xiusui Pill to break through.”

The clown said admiringly: “Master Nissan really knows what he has done. Now the young master is indeed at a bottleneck and needs to take Xisui Pill to break through. There is an auction in Fengcheng just a few days ago, and I have asked the young master to participate.”

“Is Fengcheng’s auction?” The neon clothes showed some meaningful expressions in his eyes.

“Yes, I will let the young master put this marrow pill at auction at that time.” The clown replied respectfully.

Nishang nodded, did not continue to say, but said: “Don’t tell him my existence, now he still has a long way to go.”

When the clown heard this, he snorted in his heart. Thinking of something, he opened his eyes instantly and said with excitement, “Master Nishang, is this the Lord’s meaning? The Lord wants…”

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