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Chapter 572

This kind of power of heaven and earth, even in Wayne Lin’s current realm, he felt afraid under the bombardment of such lightning. He became infinitely small, and a random lightning could wipe him out.

He had never seen so many thunder and lightning, as if it was the anger of heaven, coming on thunder and lightning, to punish the world, and not allow things like heaven and earth spirit fruit to be born in heaven and earth.

Within a second, there were several lightning bolts falling on and around his head. The rumbling sound was very loud and deafening. Even with Wayne Lin’s physique, his mind was shocked. Fortunately, he His response was fast enough and he blocked his ears in time! Otherwise, his eardrums will be broken.

This situation also horrified everyone on the Lion Rock.

“Oh my God, what’s the situation, how can it suddenly become so terrifying, lightning and thunder, is the world the end?!”

“The power of these lightning is too great, and the energy of any one lightning is enough for a city to supply electricity for a year.”

“It must be the spiritual fruit of heaven and earth that is about to mature, and it really is extraordinary!”

“Find out where the heaven and earth spirit fruit bloom!!”

On Wayne Lin’s side, he was motionless, as if the world had nothing to do with him. At this moment, he only had the little white flower in front of him, watching it change!

Finally, after the time was up, under the roar of these thunder and lightning, the small white flower began to condense at a speed visible to the naked eye for half a minute, and within half a minute, it grew from a small flower the size of a thumb to one and a half flowers. Meter-wide colorful flowers, and in the buds, a colorful, dazzling fruit blooms!

Wayne Lin opened his eyes wide and watched this scene steadily. His heartbeat stopped and his breathing was short.

It was too shocking, too dazzling, and too amazing. He knew that there would be such a miraculous fruit as Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit in the fields, but when he saw it with his own eyes, it was still very amazing. It was a spectacular that he had never seen before!

Since the emergence of the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth, the surrounding air has become different, fresher, and more secretive. Wayne Lin took a deep breath, and the whole person became more energetic, as if he had taken some tonic!

And, with an indescribable fragrance, it smells so good, it smells much better than the most expensive perfume in the world!

In the end, the sky again dropped an extremely thick thunder and lightning, as if consciously, bombarding the heaven and earth spirit fruit directly, seeming to destroy the heaven and earth spirit fruit!

“Not good!” Wayne Lin reacted in time. He almost didn’t think through any thoughts. He rushed forward as fast as he could, holding the style of the heaven and earth spirit fruit, and then pulled it hard…

Good weight!

Wayne Lin couldn’t help but exclaimed. If he hadn’t been a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, he would not be able to pull out the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit. Wayne Lin estimated that at least a thousand catties!

With a puff, after it was successfully pulled out, it suddenly loosened. It turned out that it was not that the Tiandi Lingguo was so heavy, but the style of the Tiandi Lingguo was too tough, comparable to high-strength composite materials.

It was too late to say that it was fast, and after he pulled out the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth, he immediately rolled aside. Almost instantly, this thick lightning blasted down, blasting heavily on the rock, Shattered this huge stone to pieces and turned it into pieces.

There were several stones, and they hit Wayne Lin with great strength. If Wayne Lin’s breakthrough was abnormal enough, this would have been injured!

It is amazing that after this thunder and lightning blasted down, the movement between the world and the earth became much quieter at once, and there was no more lightning and thunder.

For one minute, there was no thunder and lightning at all, and the dark clouds in the sky slowly dispersed, as if the thunder and lightning that destroyed the world just now had not appeared.

Everyone on Lion Rock was shocked by this situation, and many people were still in a daze.

“Colorful Origin Fruit! It must have matured!!”

At this moment, someone drank violently and realized this.

Suddenly, everywhere in the Lion Mountain began to become excited and excited, and everyone entered a state of madness and began to frantically search for heaven and earth spirit fruit.

On Xuanyuan Three, Peng Zhuo also opened his eyes wide, and said with great excitement: “The Seven-Colored Origin Fruit is mature! We hurriedly search for it. If we can pick the Seven-Colored Origin Fruit and send it to it, it would be a great accomplishment. !”

Sun Liang was also short of breath, and said excitedly: “Yes, let’s find them! This time we are fully prepared for the three places at Xuanyuan, and we will surely be able to pick the colorful origin fruit!”

In the same way, Zhao Xia and Xiao Cangmang were also beaten up with blood, no longer talk nonsense, and began to look for the colorful origin fruit.

This situation also happened at Xuanyuan No. 1 and Xuanyuan No. 2.

Fang Xingping opened his eyes wide, and said with great solemnity and excitement: “The Seven-Colored Origin Fruit has matured. It is on the Lion Mountain. We must pick the Colorful Origin Fruit, and we can’t give it to others!”

Zhong Tao also said to a group of Xuanyuan No. 2 agents: “Everyone is acting! The Colorful Origin Fruit has already appeared. This mission can only be successful, and no failure is allowed, you know! Who is the first to discover the Colorful Origin Fruit, remember it once? Great work, jump two levels in a row, you know!”

“Yes, instructor!”

With a wave of Zhong Tao’s big hand, all the people in Xuanyuan 2 began to diverge, using their power to find out the origin of the colorful fruit.

On the side of Miyazaki Ryuui, a bunch of masters of the Sun Country gathered together, and their expressions were excited and serious.

“Everyone, this colorful origin fruit must belong to our Sun Nation! Once we pick the colorful origin fruit back and dedicate it to the noble heavenly king, then the heavenly king can successfully break through to the legendary realm of King Kong indestructible. Then, Under the leadership of Lord Uranus, our country of the sun will definitely go to glory! This is the only opportunity for our country of the sun, and we can’t miss it! Everyone, understand!”




“Okay, go find out the source of the colorful fruit!”

Miyazaki Ryuui looked at the disappearing figures around him. He clenched his fists and his eyes burst out with a strong spirit. This time the colorful origin fruit, he is also bound to get it. Once he gets it, then the Sun Country can Rise successfully. At that time, Hua Guo will not be an opponent!

With a swish, he also started to leave the place.

There are still many other forces, and now they are also embarking on a carpet-style search. They all feel that they must be the chosen son of heaven, and they can find the heaven and earth spirit fruit in the first time.

On the top of the snow-capped mountain, the sword is like frost and the eyes are like electricity, sweeping the entire Lion Mountain, no one can escape his search in any corner.

Nishang is also searching, but her mental power is not as strong as Jian Rushuang after all, she can only cover one-third of the Lion Mountain.

At this moment, Jian Rushuang’s face suddenly changed, and he cursed in a deep voice: “Damn it! Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit has been picked!!”

Nishang heard this, his face suddenly changed, and he blurted out: “Who is it?!”

Chapter 573

Jian Rushuang’s eyes were fierce, and his pupils flickered. His eyes covered the entire Lion Mountain, trying to find out the thief who stole the heaven and earth spirit fruit.

But he searched aside again, but still couldn’t find it, which made his face extremely ugly.

This time he promised in front of the holy king that he would definitely pick the colorful origin fruit, and now he was actually picked up first, so how could he bear it!

He is the supreme powerhouse of the Dzogchen in the Innate Realm. He is not bad, and only one step away from King Kong. If he really didn’t grab the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit, where would he go after him?

So he would never allow this to happen!

He did not answer Nishang, but Nishang is not stupid. When he saw him like this, he knew it, and he did not find out who picked the heaven and earth spirit fruit.

Suddenly, a thought came to Nishang’s heart, “Couldn’t it, Wayne Lin picked the heaven and earth spirit fruit?!”

As soon as this idea appeared, it was stifled by her. She felt that this possibility was too small. There were no fewer than forty masters of the Innate Realm gathered on this Lion Rock. It could be said that there were a gathering of masters, and every one of them came prepared, so how could Wayne Lin get on the ground first.

On Wayne Lin’s side, he succeeded in picking the Colorful Origin Fruit, with an extremely happy and relieved smile on his face.

“Alma, you are saved.” Wayne Lin smiled brightly, like a pure child.

At this moment, the flowers that wrapped the heaven and earth spirit fruit began to wither, and slowly, there was only the heaven and earth spirit fruit in the middle, which really gave off a colorful light, extremely bright and dazzling, it seemed that it was not as simple as a fruit. But a life with soul and thought!

Wayne Lin had never seen such a miraculous food. Looking at this spiritual fruit of heaven and earth, he had to sigh with the miracles of nature and the extraordinary craftsmanship between heaven and earth.

Like Nishang said, the world has indeed changed, slowly becoming different.

That’s why such a miraculous fruit is born, which can add to the source of human life, which can be called an elixir.

This heaven and earth spirit fruit, as big as an adult’s fist, constantly exudes a fragrance, very rich, full of energy, and has endless magical effects.

Wayne Lin was holding this heaven and earth spirit fruit, and he could clearly feel the rich original aura inside. If Alma Chu ate it, she would definitely be able to reinvent her body, fill up her physical deficiencies, and break through to her innate realm in one fell swoop. Directly increase the life span of decades!

If he swallows it by himself, the powerful source of energy can definitely directly break through to the innate realm Dzogchen, and even ride the wind and waves directly to the diamond is not broken, it is not impossible!

This kind of temptation is really too big, even if it was him, in an instant, he couldn’t help but have a hint of wanting to swallow it.

But in an instant, this idea was pinched off by him. This was Alma Chu’s only hope, and he naturally couldn’t swallow it!

However, just as he was about to put the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth in his pocket and started to go home, suddenly, in front of him, a person appeared on his right. He saw the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth in his hand and was shocked for a second. , And immediately afterwards, he shouted loudly: “It is you, who picked the Colorful Origin Fruit!!!”

This voice was extremely loud, like a thunder, spreading over half of the Lion Rock, and many eyes looked over!

Suddenly, Wayne Lin screamed in his heart and screamed that it was not good. He turned and ran without saying anything.

Oops, actually got

People have discovered that now he wants to leave the Lion Rock, it will not be so easy!

Fortunately, he is now the peak strength of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, and he is absolutely invincible under the Innate Realm Dzogchen, and in the entire Lion Mountain, only Jian Rushuang is the innate realm Dzogchen strong, as long as He still had a chance to run without touching Jian Rushuang.

However, as soon as he finished thinking like this, he immediately felt it, a sharp gaze, projected from far, far away, which brought him a huge murderous opportunity, causing him to be stung at the level of his brain in an instant. For a moment.

He hurriedly looked back and saw that on the top of the snow-capped mountain, that powerful figure stood there, like a god, and warned him that it was no one, it was the sword!

Suddenly, Wayne Lin’s mood sank. After all, he was discovered by Jian Rushuang, and Jian Rushuang locked his breath, making it hard to leave.

At this moment, Wayne Lin did not panic, on the contrary, he calmed down as never before, and his brain was calculating quickly!

The more in this situation, the less he could panic, he had to calm down and face it calmly.

If it was just someone else, Wayne Lin would still be able to retreat all over, but now Jian Rushuang had already focused on him, it would be difficult for him to leave. Even if he could go, his chances of winning would not be great, and once he was stopped by Jian Rushuang, he could not beat Jian Rushuang with his current cultivation base.

Taking a deep breath, he took out the phone and started calling the clown: “Hey, clown, take my wife Alma Chu to the foot of Qilian Mountain… You don’t need to ask the reason, do it, and bring her here as soon as possible. .”

After making this call, Wayne Lin showed a smile. He was relieved. With the ability of a clown, he believed that Alma Chu could be brought here in a short time!

And he only needs to survive this period of time, rejoin Alma Chu, and swallow the heaven and earth spirit fruit to Alma Chu.

Fortunately, Jian Rushuang is on the top of the snow mountain, more than ten kilometers away from him, and will not be able to catch him for a while.

After finishing these things, Wayne Lin had no other distracting thoughts, only one thought, escape, must protect the heaven and earth spirit fruit!

He believes he can do it.

He ran, and soon, in front of him, two tall, blond and blue-eyed foreigners appeared, both holding guns in their hands, pointing at Wayne Lin, their eyes full of enthusiasm.

In crappy Putonghua, he said: “Chinese people, give us the tears of the earth, we can not kill you.”

These two foreigners are at the level of the first stage of the Innate Realm, that is, the so-called S-level powerhouses, and they still have pistols in their hands. If they are in other places, they are quite powerful.

But facing Wayne Lin, they are no different from a kid holding a pistol.

Wayne Lin showed a sneer on his face, without any nonsense, he rushed to them directly, like a tiger, pounced on two fragile lambs!

“court death!”

“I think you are impatient!”

The two foreigners were furious and began to shoot Wayne Lin. They were originally masters of the innate realm. Both their reaction and strength were far superior to ordinary people. The pistols in their hands were just as powerful as a tiger. Not only did they shoot fast, but also There is almost no recoil.

They fired six shots in a row, sealing Wayne Lin’s body.

They didn’t panic at all, with a sneer on their faces, thinking that Wayne Lin was looking for death, and Tiandi Lingguo belonged to them.

Chapter 574

But then, the smiles on their faces solidified!

Because they felt that Wayne Lin’s overwhelming aura was too powerful. In their spiritual world, it was like seeing the tsunami hit and Mount Tai was crushing, and they were going to swallow them up and die without a place to be buried. !

They indeed fired six shots, their marksmanship was superb, and they blocked all Wayne Lin’s movements. No matter which direction Wayne Lin dodges, he would end up being shot, and once he was shot, he would end up dead.

However, the next scene completely subverted their ideas.

Because Wayne Lin made an action they didn’t expect at all, in an absolutely weird posture, he could dodge the six bullets they fired, and the speed had not slowed down. When they wanted to shoot again, Wayne is already in front of them.

“not good!”

“Why is he so fast?!”

They realized that it was not good, their scalp was numb, and they were about to fight back. Unfortunately, they still underestimated Wayne Lin too much. Maybe they didn’t know who they were facing.

Before he had time to react, Wayne Lin took out his palms from the left and right, and patted them on their foreheads separately…

With two bangs, their bodies suddenly stiffened, and their pupils suddenly enlarged, projecting incomparable fear and pain. The next moment, their eyes began to appear bloodshot, stained red, and blood flowed out of their seven holes. People turned back, Qijue died.

When they fell, Wayne Lin’s figure was already a hundred meters away, and the speed could be described as extremely fast.

Kill one person in ten steps and never stay for a thousand miles.

After the matter is gone, he will hide his merit and fame.

At this moment, Li Bai’s “Xia Ke Xing” was performed to the fullest by Wayne Lin.

At the same time, several foreigners in other places saw this scene with consternation and fear on their faces. They did not expect that Wayne Lin’s strength was so strong, two S-level masters, and guns in their hands. He didn’t have the ability to resist at all, so he was beaten to death by Wayne Lin!

“How can this Chinese man be so powerful that even an s-level superpower can’t stop him?”

“It must be a 4s-level powerhouse, it’s terrifying!”

“Hmph, even if the 4s level is strong, what about him, now carrying Tears of the Earth, he will definitely be strangled by other strong, he is dead!”

“That is indeed, there are too many strong people on Lion Rock.”

“We have to tell Mr. Zeus quickly that he is also a 4s-level superhuman, and he can be called a superman. He will surely take the tears of the earth!”

Several foreigners began to pass the news to their Mr. Zeus.

Soon, Zeus received the news from them, with a bloodthirsty smile on his face, and looked towards Wayne Lin’s fast-paced direction, “A Chinese at the 4s level, you are mine.”

When the voice fell, his figure disappeared in place. When he reappeared, he was already more than ten meters away, and he rushed towards Wayne Lin at an extremely fast speed.

Wayne Lin found him the first time, but he didn’t dodge or go around. Instead, he rushed directly towards Zeus face to face, without slamming Zeus.

His eyes were indifferent, and he didn’t put Zeus in his eyes. Zeus felt his disdain and was furious, “Arrogant Chinese, you are looking for death!”

His body is extremely burly and tall, he is nearly two meters tall, and his bones are large, probably more than 300 catties. He is a brown bear, and the visual impact it causes is extremely huge!

Wayne Lin was two laps short in front of him, and he was not of an order of magnitude at all.

Many people’s eyes gathered here and saw this scene, especially many foreigners

, Were very excited, thinking that their Mr. Zeus would definitely kill the Chinese and then take the tears of the earth!

On the ground of China, so many powerful people have captured the tears of the earth and then successfully left. This is a proud thing. By then, the face of the Chinese people will be lost!

In their bones, they look down on the Chinese, thinking that the Chinese are inherently weak and small, and they are not their rivals for distinguished white people.

Wayne Lin and Zeus were both too fast. The distance of about one kilometer was shortening rapidly, and they met in just over ten seconds.

In the eyes of everyone, this is a complete duel, Mars hit the earth.

Zeus clenched his fist, and he could cross almost ten meters with one step. It was terrifying. After rushing in front of Wayne Lin, he shot a punch and smashed Wayne Lin’s head heavily!

Then the inertia of his rushing over so far, the strength of this punch, can be described as extremely huge, even an iron plate was beaten by him!

When Wayne Lin faced this punch, he didn’t dodge, but the corners of his mouth raised slightly, revealing a meaningful smile, and then he made a move that shocked everyone.

He didn’t flash too much, so he fought Zeus!

“This is a lunatic! Actually fighting against Mr. Zeus?! Doesn’t he know that Mr. Zeus is famous for his heavy punches!”

“This is not a lunatic, but a fool! This Chinese is dead, do you think he is invincible as a 4s powerhouse!”

“Wait, this arrogant Chinese will be punished!”

Before their discussion was over, Wayne Lin fisted with Zeus, and there was no dodge, no bells and whistles, just head-on, completely confrontation between real men.

The smile on Zeus’s face solidified in an instant. He was holding the winning ticket, and he had already thought of the picture of this Chinese man being beaten by him and his arms were dislocated.

However, at the moment of the collision, he felt an overbearing force and swept his fist, as if he had hit a high-speed train instead of a person! It was not the strength he could bear at all, causing him to scream, and the whole person staggered back, “This is impossible?!”

He couldn’t help screaming out.

The Chinese man in front of him, fisting with him, did not show any painful expressions, his body just trembled slightly, did not retreat at all, and within half a second, he continued to attack him.

How is this possible!

This Chinese man is a head shorter than him, and he is not of the same size, so he was forced back with a punch? !

He couldn’t believe it was true.

Of course, Wayne Lin was not at all nothing. He fought with Zeus and felt pain, but it was nothing more than that. His actions were not affected in any way, and he could completely crush Zeus!

Not far away, Zhong Tao, who rushed over, saw this scene, his pupils shrank suddenly and cursed: “Grass, that’s how it feels! This surnamed Lin is so powerful that he is not human. !”

Apart from Zeus, he was the only one who fought with Wayne Lin, and he knew this feeling very well.

Wayne Lin didn’t stay any longer. He was close to Zeus almost in the blink of an eye. This time he didn’t choose to fight Zeus, but spliced ​​his superb martial arts to crush Zeus.

Zeus is indeed a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. He is very powerful, surpassing Zhong Tao and Peng Zhuo of the same level, but because of this, his martial arts are too rough, and Wayne Lin is not on the same level. , Was completely suppressed and beaten by Wayne Lin.

He roared again and again, unable to accept that this was true, and when he saw the turbulent murderous intent in Wayne Lin’s eyes, he became afraid.

The Chinese man in front of me is going to beat him to death alive! ! !

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