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Chapter 713

But isn’t it? They searched for a circle, but did not find Wayne Lin, but now Wayne Lin suddenly appeared behind him, and still so close to him, normal people would be frightened.

Soon, when Qin Shao saw the playful expression on Wayne Lin’s face, he suddenly became irritated and cursed: “Hiding behind me and pretending to be a ghost, I think you are impatient! Get it on me, take this wicked pen! “

Qin Shao directly waved his hand and attacked Wayne Lin. He was a master of Yandu and came to a small place like Huarvell. It can be said that he walked sideways. Someone dared to act in front of him. Now Wayne Lin hurts others. I won’t say anything, but even dared to scare him and cause him to lose face. This is something he cannot tolerate!

It can be seen that his status is very high, and the thugs immediately attacked Wayne Lin after hearing his order.

However, the two Innate Realm masters did not act rashly. Generally speaking, with their identities, high above them, this kind of low-level battle does not require them to take action.

They had scanned Wayne Lin a while ago, and found that Wayne Lin was just an ordinary practitioner. The aura on his body was not strong, and they didn’t take it seriously. If they knew that Wayne Lin was a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, they would definitely tremble with fear.

Faced with this situation, Wayne Lin didn’t even look at it. He swiped his right hand directly. Each of these menacing thugs, all of them hitting a bullet, flew out at a very fast speed and fell heavily to the ground. , He puffed up blood.


Suddenly, everyone in the audience was dumbfounded, especially the second generations like Qin Shao. They were all dumbfounded and dumbfounded. They had never seen this kind of battle before, just like conjure, Wayne Lin never encountered these thugs. , Why did these thugs fly out? Actor?

But soon, Shane Chu and Chu Xing shouted in excitement.

“Hahaha, brother-in-law is invincible!”

“Brother-in-law is strong, just slap all the rubbish!”

“Brother-in-law is mighty and domineering!”

They have strong confidence in Wayne Lin, and now that Wayne Lin appears, they have completely relaxed, especially Shane Chu, ​​his face is full of tears now, and he just feels that his patience just now is worth it, he has not shamed his brother-in-law!

“This, what’s the situation!” Qin Shao couldn’t help being rough, and he looked at the two Innate Realm masters.

Don’t mention them, even the two Innate Realm masters were surprised by Wayne Lin’s hand, because even they didn’t see clearly how Wayne Lin made the move, and his expression became serious. They are not stupid, and soon I also realized that Wayne Lin is not an ordinary person, but an innate realm master like them!

They looked at each other and saw the solemnity in each other’s eyes. One of them stood up and said: “It seems that we have missed it. You are still a master of innate realm. No wonder you are so arrogant.”

After Qin Shao heard this, he was stunned for a moment and was very surprised. Looking at such a young man, Wayne Lin was actually a master of the innate realm?

Humph, but, even if Wayne Lin is a master of the innate realm, what about it, in front of him, it is also an ant!

He knows that the two masters of his own side are powerful, even in the innate realm, they are considered to be the existence of the upper level, and

There are two more. But Wayne Lin was the only one himself, still so young, and he knew where he was not as good at a glance.

Even he was even more excited, there is nothing like humiliating an innate realm master, and there is a sense of accomplishment.

“Oh, I’m still a master of the innate realm. I said I dare to be so arrogant. Tsk tsk.” Qin Shao said with a smile. He put his hands on his chest and looked at Wayne Lin with scornful eyes, as if he was looking at a prey. .

The other second generations understood what Qin Shao meant, and now they are also excited, with smirks all over their faces. They were originally arrogant and domineering second generation ancestors, relying on themselves as Yandu nobles and no one in their eyes. They do not know how many bad things they have done, and they deserve it. Demon King.

There are countless people planted on them, but they really haven’t humiliated the masters of the innate realm. They didn’t expect to have this opportunity today.

What a character Wayne Lin is, how could he not see the thoughts of these second generation ancestors, he shook his head, his heart was already angry, he knew, like this kind of thing, they must have done nothing less, and today he will act for heaven. Give these second generation ancestors a lesson!

“You second generation ancestors, it seems that your parents did not educate you well, which caused you to become arrogant and do a lot of bad things. Today I will teach you a good lesson for your parents.” Wayne Lin carried his hands on his back. He said coldly, his aura is very strong, and the next year is not much bigger than Qin Shao and others, but there is a feeling of elders, Qin Shao and the others feel an invisible pressure. For a moment, they almost thought that they were in front of them. Wayne Lin is their elder.

Shao Qin was even more embarrassed. Who is he? Even in Yandu, he is a ranked person. How many people rely on his breath, but in a small place like Huarvell, some people say they want to Discipling him for the elders, this has already touched his negative scales. The corners of his mouth twitched fiercely, his expression was a bit savage, and he said fiercely: “Who do you think you are? You dare to be arrogant in front of Lao Tzu. , Lao Tzu is impatient to see you live!”

The other second generations were also furious and furious at Wayne Lin. As the second generation ancestors, each of them had a different family background. They had been arrogant and domineering and walked sideways. They considered themselves superior, except for their circle. The people in here are all mud-legs and lowly species, even if they are masters of the innate realm, they are just running dogs for them.

And Wayne Lin now dares to humiliate them like this, he is looking for death!

“Your kid is dead!”

“Lao Tzu’s arrogant people have seen it, but this is the first time I have seen someone like you, and today you can hardly fly!”

“Huh, what to do with him so much, just let Fu Bo and Uncle Chen take action, take him down, I want to piss him!”

“I still feed him shit!”

They were clamoring one by one, especially angry.

At this moment, Shane Chu, ​​Chu Xing and others have ran behind Wayne Lin and relaxed. Chu Xing said: “Brother-in-law, we must not let them go. They are too much. Not only are they playing hooligans against Brother Tian’s girlfriend, they also put us You beat so badly, we exploded your name, they didn’t put you in their eyes!”

“Yes, brother-in-law, they are too damn…”

They said what you just said briefly, and Wayne Lin understood it, and his eyes became colder and colder.

Chapter 714

Before he came, he was still worried about whether Shane Chu and Chu Xing were backed by him and they drifted away, causing them to provoke the dignitaries of the swarms of Yandu. If this is the case, it would be a loss, and he would not be able to take revenge. .

But now, after he heard it, he knew the truth of the matter. It was not Shane Chu and Chu Xing who took the initiative to cause trouble, but the group of second generation ancestors in front of him were looking for trouble, and the methods were still very dark.

If you change someone else and know their identities, you still dare not take revenge, you can only suffer a dumb loss. But Wayne Lin definitely wouldn’t be so counseled, and with his identity as the Great Perfection of Innate Realm, he didn’t need to counsel him at all.

“I see, I will give you an explanation.” Wayne Lin nodded and said to Shane Chu and Chu Xing.

Shao Qin and the others are impatient. They directly said to the two masters of the Innate Realm in a commanding manner: “Uncle Fu, Uncle Chen, it’s time for you to take action. Take down this kid, I will use all the methods to let them Life is better than death!”

Uncle Fu and Uncle Chen nodded, and then Fubo said in a deep voice: “My friend, it seems that you are also breaking up in the congenital realm. You can catch it by yourself. Otherwise, if we make the move, you will have to suffer a lot of flesh and blood.”

Uncle Chen also said: “My friend, you have kicked the iron plate this time. These young masters are not something you can offend. Even if you are a master of the innate realm, you are also a small person.”

With their lofty attitude, Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention to them at all.

Indeed, they also have this confidence. They are all powerhouses in the third stage of the Innate Realm. They have served the rich and powerful for so many years, and Wayne Lin, looking at his early 30s, no matter how talented he is, he will die. It is also the first stage of the Innate Realm, and their strength is not at the same level.

Wayne Lin’s expression turned weird. According to reason, he is now very famous, especially after the first battle with Thunder on Junlin Mountain. Anyone in the domestic circle knows him. Why don’t these two Innate Realm masters actually know him?

“You don’t know who I am?” Wayne Lin asked curiously, “My name is Wayne Lin, haven’t you heard of it?”

Indeed, Wayne Lin was quite curious.

However, after the two of them heard it, there was no response, and they frowned, thinking that Wayne Lin was playing mystery. They were already unhappy, thinking that Wayne Lin didn’t take them seriously.

“We don’t have much patience, don’t be shameless, wait for us to act, you will not be as simple as being humiliated!” Fubo said coldly, and as his voice fell, it suddenly radiated from him. The powerful aura swept over like a tide, and it had no effect on Wayne Lin, but for ordinary people such as Shane Chu and Chu Xing, they were terribly scared, each of them pale and trembling.

Uncle Chen also said: “I count to three. If you don’t hold your hands, don’t blame us for being rude.”

Wayne Lin sighed, he was sure now, these two guys really didn’t know him.

“I originally wanted to give you a chance to save you from suffering, but I didn’t expect that you didn’t know who I am. If this is the case, then no wonder I asked.” Wayne Lin shook his head and said.

His words directly angered both Fu Bo and Uncle Chen. Fu Bo was obviously more irritable. He snorted coldly, toasted without eating and fine wine, and then started his hand. There was an eagle claw on Wayne Lin’s neck. Come over, directly in a rough way

, Capture Wayne Lin.

In his eyes, the master of the first stage of the innate realm is no different from the ants.

However, he had just rushed in front of Wayne Lin and hadn’t even touched Wayne Lin. Suddenly, he felt an unprecedentedly powerful aura, which burst out of Wayne Lin, causing his heartbeat to speed up suddenly, and he was severely beaten. Shocked. At this moment, he felt that his vision was dark, and reflexively looked up, only to see a palm that fell from the sky. At this moment, he felt that he was a grandson, facing the Buddha’s palm, and he couldn’t escape anywhere.

He roared, trying to escape as hard as he could, but found that the sky was so big that there was nowhere to go, and even he couldn’t even resist, so he could only watch the slap fall and slap him heavily on the shoulder. On the ground, the powerful force, like Taishan’s top pressure, was completely beyond his ability to resist. When he was beaten, he knelt down and hit the floor heavily. The powerful force directly smashed the floor and made a click.

Even his knees sank into the ground.

Then Wayne Lin kicked him out, kicked him hard, hitting the wall behind, knocking out a hole in the wall.

But Fu Bo directly lost his combat effectiveness, vomiting blood, his pupils contracted, and his eyes burst into panic and disbelief.

Wayne Lin didn’t pay any more attention, just a beat and kick just now, which had already wiped out Fu Bo’s combat effectiveness.

He looked at Uncle Chen and said lightly: “It’s you.”

From Fubo’s shot to Wayne Lin’s smashing defeat, it only took a second to add up. It can be said that it was almost to the extreme. Now Uncle Chen was stared at by Wayne Lin’s eyes, and his face was pale with fright in an instant. Swallowing, “you you you…”

He knew how powerful Uncle Fu was. As a master of the third stage of the Innate Realm, no matter how bad he was, he wouldn’t be crushed like this.

There is only one possibility, and that is that Wayne Lin’s cultivation is far above them.

As for Qin Shao and the others, they were even more dumbfounded now, they couldn’t react at all. They couldn’t figure out why Wayne Lin was so good, it was totally unscientific.

“You, who are you!” Uncle Chen is now trembling with his lips, and he realizes that Wayne Lin definitely can’t be an unknown person. Just the strength that Wayne Lin showed just now is at least the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. Up, even higher!

And such a big hand, definitely can’t be an ordinary person, nor can they offend!

“I said, I’m Wayne Lin. I thought you would retreat when you heard my name. I didn’t expect that you didn’t know me, so I can’t blame me.” Wayne Lin said with a smile, but he The smile made Uncle Chen even more scared.

“What realm are you, and why do you have such a terrifying combat power!” Uncle Chen asked incredulously. How he looked at him, he also felt that Wayne Lin was very young, how could he have such a powerful strength at such a young age!

“It’s just the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm.” Wayne Lin said lightly.

However, when Uncle Chen heard this, his legs became weak and his body trembled fiercely. He almost couldn’t stand still, “Greatly big, Dzogchen…”

His brain was blank, and now he realized how stupid he was just now, and he dared to threaten a supremely strong man with the Dzogchen Congenital Realm! !

Chapter 715

As a master of the Innate Realm, Uncle Chen knows very well what the Dzogchen in the Innate Realm represents, this is definitely an existence standing at the pinnacle of mankind! Don’t even think that he is also a master of the Innate Realm, but in the face of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, it is just a bigger ant.

Now that he saw Wayne Lin’s playful expression, he only felt that his scalp was numb, and he was extremely scared and regretful. He has provoked a monster.

“I heard that you are going to be rude to me?” Wayne Lin said.

Under his pressure, Uncle Chen couldn’t bear it at all. He shook his head and waved his hand and said, “No no, senior, I was joking just now! Don’t take it to your heart, if I know senior you are born The realm of great perfection, give me a hundred courage, and dare not offend seniors!”

Uncle Chen bowed his head deeply.

Wayne Lin didn’t have the same knowledge as him, he was just a bunch of second-generation running dogs, and he didn’t have much sin.

So Wayne Lin put his gaze on these second generation ancestors, “What about you.”

Those second generation ancestors now know that they have kicked the iron plate, and they seem to have lost their arrogance, and their arrogance has been reduced a lot, especially the aura on Wayne Lin, which made them invisibly afraid.

“I don’t see it, you are still a master, so I underestimated you!” Qin Shao snorted heavily, and he straightened his waist again and said: “I will save you face for today’s matter, so I won’t be held accountable. ,let’s go.”

He turned and left as he said, his posture was still high, as if he just didn’t care about Wayne Lin, he was the winner.

But how could Wayne Lin let him leave in vain? Not to mention, his current status does not need to be afraid of these second generation ancestors. They bullied Shane Chu, ​​Chu Xing and others in this way. As a brother-in-law, Wayne Lin cannot sit back and watch. ignore.

“Huh!” Wayne Lin stomped, and the ground trembled suddenly, as if there was an electric current spreading from the ground to their feet, and a crack appeared around them.

“You want to go, have you asked my opinion!” Wayne Lin said in a deep voice, full of majesty, turned into an air bomb, and exploded in their ears, causing them to buzz and make their faces pale. a lot of.

Regardless of whether they are second generation ancestors, they have a deep family background and have been used to being arrogant since childhood, but in essence, they are still ordinary people. Facing a powerful person like Wayne Lin, they are instinctively suppressed, like a mouse sees. Cat.

Those second generation ancestors suddenly changed color on their faces, showing fear and panic. They had never seen someone as powerful as Wayne Lin.

Even Shao Qin had a numb scalp now, and couldn’t help swallowing.

“Shao Qin, what should we do, this guy seems to be very powerful.”

“Shao Qin, this is a reckless man, we can’t deal with it…”

These second generation ancestors all began to have no masters at this time.

“Don’t panic, we are from Yandu. Could we still be afraid that the mud legs won’t work? No matter how high his martial arts is, he will only be mud legs!” Qin Shao pretended to say calmly. Calm down slowly.

He turned around and said: “The surname is Lin, I admit that I missed it this time. You win, but don’t know what it is! We

But the nobles from Yandu, even in Yandu, our family can call the wind and rain. In a small place like your Huarvell, let alone stomping your feet, you can make your Huarvell upside down! This matter is a bit misunderstood. I don’t know each other. I remember you Wayne Lin. If you are free when you come to Yandu, I can entertain you personally. Now we are going back. You are a smart man and know what to do. . “

What he said was very strong, and in his tone he dared to threaten Wayne Lin, and did not put Wayne Lin in his eyes at all.

After Wayne Lin listened, he smiled and said, “It seems that you have not realized your current situation. Since this is the case, I have to make you sober.”

When Wayne Lin’s words fell, he moved, stepping forward, and striding towards the group of second generation ancestors.

This group of Second Generation Ancestors was shocked when they saw it, and quickly backed away. Although they had several people, they didn’t have the ability to fight back in front of Wayne Lin.

“Hey! I warn you not to mess around, but my dad…”

One of the second generation ancestors scolded loudly, but before he could finish his words, Wayne Lin slapped him and slapped him on his face, knocking him upside down and flying out, half of his face was swollen.

Others were also shocked by Wayne Lin’s actions. I didn’t expect that Wayne Lin was so stubborn that he really dared to beat people. You know, they are the nobles in Yandu. They have always been the only ones who bullied people, where they were beaten. Passed, and now, Wayne Lin actually started this.

“You! You are dead, do you know who we are? You have to move our fingers…”

“Noisy.” Wayne Lin snorted impatiently, then shot again, and slapped it again. The second generation ancestor was beaten twice and fell to the ground in embarrassment, already embarrassed.

Bang bang ……

Next, Wayne Lin made consecutive shots, slapped a second generation ancestor with one slap, and after a while, he slapped these second generation ancestors on the ground, even their elders had never taught them this way.

Especially Qin Shao. In the end, he was beaten with two teeth knocked out. The intense anger occupied his brain and made him lose control. He shouted loudly: “I want to kill you!!”

He got up and rushed towards Wayne Lin in stride, shaking the Wang Ba fist in his hand, he had lost his senses. For such a second generation ancestor, Wayne Lin was more relaxed than swiping flies, facing Qin Shao’s other face, again. It was a slap in the face, louder than before, and it directly flew Qin Shao upside down and fell heavily to the ground.

Wayne Lin has never had a good impression of this kind of evil second generation ancestor. He can expect that this group of guys, definitely don’t know how many people have been bullied, and his beating is entirely for heaven.

“You, you, you are dead! You are dead, I will tell you! I am already angry, wait for you to die, I will let you copy the whole door after a phone call!!” Qin Shao has no more Demeanor, hideous face, red and swollen face, how embarrassed and embarrassed.

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “I never repent, you disappoint me.”

When the voice fell, Wayne Lin went over again. He lifted Qin Shaodan up his hand, opened his bow left and right, slapped his face, and slapped his face. The loud slap slapped the audience, making the second generation ancestors who were present tingled their scalp. Without the arrogance just now, looking at Wayne Lin as if looking at the devil, completely afraid.

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