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Chapter 233

Ye Piaoyang spent a lot of money tonight. I started to prepare for tonight’s banquet a few days in advance. Not only the hotel is the best, but the location is the best. Even the dishes are all precious materials prepared in advance, and a famous restaurant is specially invited. The chef is in charge of leaving a good impression on Wayne Lin.

Ever since Ye Piaoyang knew that Wayne Lin was most likely from the Lin family, he was determined to embrace Wayne Lin’s thick leg.

Wayne Lin knew Ye Piaoyang’s thoughts well, but just smiled indifferently, without causing any disturbance in his heart.

However, he was very happy to be able to see so many stars. Two female stars have been stars who debuted for a long time. A few years ago, he had seen the movies played by these female stars and the songs they sang.

When he was the door-to-door son-in-law of the Chu family, these female stars were unattainable to him, but now they all flattered him one by one, and wanted to stick to him and hook him up. This feeling is quite strange.

“Come on, Randal Lin, I toast you a glass!” Ye Piaoyang stood up with the wine glass first, and toasted Wayne Lin.

The other female stars also stood up and toasted Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin smiled slightly and accepted the glass of wine.

After drinking three rounds, Ye Piaoyang said, “Randal, I admire you from the bottom of my heart. You can make such amazing achievements at such a young age. I, Ye Piaoyang, can be considered a lot of big people, but I have never seen him. Well, someone as young and capable as you is really awesome!”

Ye Piaoyang gave Wayne Lin a thumbs up, his face was full of admiration, and he didn’t know if he really admired or faked it.

Immediately there was a plump and charming female star who also said: “Yes, Randal Lin, you are really amazing. You have such a great achievement at such a young age. You are simply the protagonist of the genius in the movie. I can be with you tonight. Eating is an honor for the little girl!”

Wayne Lin knows this female star, Yang Xiaomi, who is a very famous female star in the circle. She is known for her hot body. She was once known as the house goddess. She is too good in figure. I don’t know how many men’s dream lovers are.

I have to admit that her figure is really foul, and it will produce primitive impulses when people look at it. It is not too much to say that she is a stunner. Wayne Lin had watched Yang Xiaomi’s movies before and liked her a lot.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Haha, Miss Yang, I have passed the award. I am just an ordinary man. I was lucky enough to make some money. I can’t be called the protagonist. It is you who are the winners in life. The whole country knows you, and I can be excited for a long time when I see you.”

Yang Xiaomi said: “Randal Lin, Xiaomi take the liberty to ask, have you seen my movie?”

She stared directly at Wayne Lin, with some tension and anticipation in her eyes. She was a very hot big figure a few years ago. There are many fans in China. How many people spend millions just to have a meal with her. , It’s just that in the last two years, too many traffic stars have appeared, robbing her of her light and making her look much dim.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Ms. Yang is a big star. Of course I have watched your movies. After all, I’m still half a fan of you.”

This sentence is not lying. Wayne Lin is indeed a fan of Yang Xiaomi. To be precise, Alma Chu is a fan of Yang Xiaomi. She has not missed Yang Xiaomi’s movies and TV shows, and she has not even missed variety shows.

As everyone knows, when Yang Xiaomi heard these words, she immediately showed a bright smile, blooming like a flower, “Is that really great! Randal Lin, you are the chairman of Zi Qiong, you are sure of acting It’s very understandable. I just have some doubts about acting. Why don’t I ask you for advice tonight?”


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She bit her lip lightly, her eyes were full of radiance, and she stared straight at Wayne Lin. The taste that she expressed was self-evident, as long as she was not a fool, she could understand her meaning.

The other female stars present, including Ning Yuning, were very upset in their hearts and cursed Hu Meizi secretly, shameless!

Wayne Lin smiled faintly without responding.

When Yang Xiaomi saw Wayne Lin’s reaction, she was up and down, not knowing what Wayne Lin meant.

Immediately, another female celebrity seized the opportunity, took the wine glass, walked directly to the seat next to Wayne Lin, and said to Wayne Lin with a smile: “Randal Lin, I toast you, I wish you good health and all the best. , There will never be a shortage of beautiful women around.”

This female celebrity is tall and a singer. She has a very strong treble and has a great reputation in China. She has been on many variety shows recently and is very popular. She is also younger than Yang Xiaomi. She has that pure appearance. It is also a pure character on the screen, but now in front of Wayne Lin, he is very active and sexy, which is heart-pounding.

When the other party walked over, Wayne Lin immediately smelled a fragrant breeze. It was particularly sultry and he was so close. It would be impossible to say that he didn’t feel at all. He was a man of vitality, and he was more energetic than ordinary people. Be vigorous a lot.

It’s no wonder that men are prone to become bad when they are rich. This temptation comes automatically, and it is really not easy to resist it. The most important thing is that he is single now, there is no need to resist!

At that moment, Wayne Lin inevitably made ripples.

Fortunately, his concentration is very good. There was a momentary wave in his heart. The next moment he returned to calmness. He smiled and picked up a wine glass to clink with the other party, “I also wish you a better career and eternal youth.”

After clinking the glasses, she simply sat down next to Wayne Lin, and she was still very close, Xiangfeng kept digging into Wayne Lin’s nose.

Next, several other female stars all toasted Wayne Lin one after another, doing all they could to please Wayne Lin, and giving them away.

Ning Yuning was the last to toast Wayne Lin, not because she pretended to be high-minded and didn’t look down on Wayne Lin, but because she had the thinnest skin and was the least good at doing these things. She always wanted to speak, but she was always treated by others. The female star was cut off halfway, and there was no chance to speak. In the end, with the help of Ye Piaoyang, she had the opportunity to toast Wayne Lin alone.

“Randal, I also toast you.” Ning Yuning stood up and toasted to Wayne Lin, the expression on his face was obviously nervous.

There are a total of six female stars in the audience, each with its own merits. They are all first-class beauties and have countless fans. But in terms of beauty, Ning Yuning is still the highest, and Alma Chu and Guo Junyi are of the same level.

Wayne Lin naturally saw her nervousness. In fact, on the set that day, Wayne Lin felt her indifference and contempt for herself.

“Yeah.” Wayne Lin didn’t save her face, but he didn’t say much. After lightly touching the cup and taking a sip, he didn’t look at her again.

Seeing him like this, Ning Yuning bit her red lips tightly. She was so wronged in her heart, her nose was sour, and she had the urge to cry!

As a first-line star in the entertainment industry, she is talented and has many fans. How many men try their best to make her smile, and a random appearance can arouse cheers. An autograph is worth a thousand dollars, but in front of Wayne Lin, she But it became useless, Wayne Lin didn’t even look at her at all. This kind of strong contrast really made her feel disappointed!

Chapter 234

Ning Yuning is a very arrogant person. In the past few years, the star journey has gone smoothly. Before she knew it, she cultivated her personality of high coldness and self-respect. It was not until she met Wayne Lin that she realized that she was just a person. Ordinary people, in front of real big people, she is not worth mentioning.

This kind of strong contrast made her unable to accept it in a short time.

She knew that in this situation, she couldn’t show a grieved expression, but she really couldn’t control it, and her eyes suddenly reddened a lot. She knew she couldn’t hold it any longer, and she would continue to make a fool of herself if she stayed.

So she stood up again and said, “Sorry, I’ll go to the bathroom first, and you will continue to talk.”

After finishing speaking, she left without waiting for Wayne Lin’s promise.

Her departure made Ye Piaoyang a little embarrassed, and hurriedly explained: “Randal, Ning Yuning has a thin face, you must not be familiar with her.”

Wayne Lin was also a little stunned. He didn’t expect Ning Yuning to leave like this, and it seemed that Ning Yuning was aggrieved just now? Is it just because you are indifferent to her?

Shaking his head, Wayne Lin didn’t think much, and said that it was all right, indicating that he did not have the same knowledge as Ning Yuning.

Some surprises flashed in the eyes of Yang Xiaomi and others, and they were very happy. Originally, among their female stars, the most competitive is Ning Yuning. Now Ning Yuning has left the stage first, which is good for them. News, at least one strong competitor is missing.

Especially for Yang Xiaomi, she is even more excited. Among so many female stars, Ning Yuning can stabilize her in terms of appearance. Now that Ning Yuning is gone, she is the most competitive. Yeah. If she can successfully hug Wayne Lin’s thigh, then she won’t have to worry about it in the entertainment industry!

As a result, she tried her best to please Wayne Lin, and she was about to stick to Wayne Lin’s body.

Because of the status blessing, she now sees Wayne Lin more and more pleasing to her eye, and she can’t wait to win Wayne Lin’s favor right away.

To be honest, Wayne Lin was a little bit embarrassed. It was the first time that he was surrounded by so many women. All kinds of temptations came over and made him a little unbearable. Don’t look at him after four years of marriage, but he is still the first brother. For these mature women such as Yang Xiaomi, he was really overwhelmed.

So he hurriedly coughed twice, kept a distance from Yang Xiaomi and the others, and ate normally.

And his performance fell in the eyes of female stars such as Yang Xiaomi, and it turned into a test, and he performed even harder.

During the period, their hints have not stopped, making Wayne Lin feel like he has fallen into the daughter country. Now he regrets coming over to eat with Ye Piaoyang tonight. This is to make him make a mistake.

Fortunately, his drinking volume was amazing, and Yang Xiaomi and others were toasted continuously, but they were not drunk, but they were a little dizzy.

Ye Piaoyang asked, “Randal, I have a doubt, don’t you need a bodyguard when you go out?”

This question really troubles Ye Piaoyang. When a capitalist at Wayne Lin’s level is not afraid of being kidnapped?

When Yang Xiaomi and other female stars heard this question, they looked at Wayne Lin curiously.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I have no habit of bringing bodyguards.”

“Randal, excuse me for taking the liberty of being a boss like you, with a net worth of more than ten billion yuan. Are you not afraid of being targeted by bad guys?” Ye Piaoyang asked away.

Wayne Lin continued to smile and said, “You might not believe it. I am a martial artist, and I am better than many bodyguards, so there is no need to hire a bodyguard.”

“Uh…” Ye Piaoyang was stunned on the spot. He obviously didn’t expect to get such an answer. Among the wealthy people he knew, no one would not ask for a bodyguard, let alone say that he is a martial artist, and he is more skilled than a bodyguard. Fortunately, he took a closer look at Wayne Lin and found that Wayne Lin’s figure can only be said to be uniform, without strong muscles.

He was just an ordinary person who said he was better than a bodyguard. He absolutely didn’t believe it, so he finally thought that Wayne Lin was joking.

Ye Piaoyang is also a person of right and left. He is especially good at dealing with him. He gave his thumbs up and said following Wayne Lin’s words: “Randal is really good. I didn’t expect that he is still a martial artist. Yemou is a five-body to Randal Lin!”

Other female stars also thought that Wayne Lin was joking. They didn’t believe that Wayne Lin was a martial arts master. How could a wealthy man like Wayne Lin practice martial arts and do things like fighting and killing.

Wayne Lin smiled slightly without explaining too much.

More than ten minutes have passed, and Ning Yuning still hasn’t come back. A female star remembered this. She said, “Hey, why has Yu Ning been in the bathroom for so long, is it all right?”

After the female star had finished speaking, she was immediately stared at by other female stars. She blamed her for talking too much. They wished that Ning Yuning would not come back, so that they would have one less competitor!

Wayne Lin also remembered this incident. He had a bad feeling and said to Ye Piaoyang: “Ye Dong, why don’t you call Miss Ning?”

Ye Piaoyang nodded and called Ning Yuning. However, the phone rang for a long time and no one answered.

“Strange, why doesn’t Yu Ning answer the phone? She’s not drunk in the bathroom, right?” Ye Piaoyang asked curiously.

Not long after the voice fell, Ye Piaoyang’s phone rang, and it happened that Ning Yuning called back. After Ye Piaoyang took the call, Ma came up with Ning Yuning’s crying, panicked and helpless voice, “Chairman ,help me……”

Ye Piaoyang was stunned right now. When he hurriedly spoke again, he found that Ning Yuning had already hung up the phone.

Wayne Lin’s hearing is very good. He heard Ning Yuning’s call with a bad feeling in his heart.

“what’s the situation?”

“Ning Yuning, she seems to have something wrong, and just asked me for help on the phone.”

Wayne Lin said in a deep voice, “Call her back again.”

At this moment, Wayne Lin became the backbone, Ye Piaoyang listened to his words, and quickly dialed back, but it was no longer possible.

The other female celebrities were confused and didn’t understand what happened.

Wayne Lin made a decisive decision, stood up and said, “Let’s go find her.”

“Okay!” Ye Piaoyang nodded vigorously, then stood up and walked out with Wayne Lin.

Other female stars had to go out with them.

Logically speaking, this is in a five-star restaurant. The security work must be done well. There will be no robbers. In addition, Ning Yuning is a public figure. As long as he is not a madman, it is impossible to treat Ning. What evil did Yu Ning produce?

And just listening to Ning Yuning’s panic and helplessness on the phone, it didn’t look like a fake.

Strictly speaking, Wayne Lin and Ning Yuning are not even friends, but in any case, Ning Yuning left just now and has some relationship with him. If Ning Yuning really got into trouble because of this, he would still be somewhat responsible. .

After coming out, Wayne Lin first asked the waiter at the restaurant if he saw Ning Yuning.

The waiter asked three questions, and didn’t even know that Ning Yuning was eating here, because Ning Yuning was wearing a mask and sunglasses just now.

As for Yang Xiaomi’s female celebrities, they went to the women’s bathroom and took a look, but they didn’t see anyone. Ning Yuning disappeared.

In this situation, Wayne Lin first thought of mobilizing the monitoring of the restaurant to see where Ning Yuning had gone.

At this moment, Wayne Lin’s ears flicked slightly, and he heard a loud noise coming from the box in front of him. In the vagueness, he seemed to have heard Ning Yuning’s grievances.

Chapter 235

Ning Yuning was indeed an accident.

After she got out of the box, she went to the bathroom first. The more she thought about the things just now, the more she felt wronged. The point was that she couldn’t figure out what she was wronged. It was obvious that she and Wayne Lin weren’t even friends. Besides, is it not normal for a man like Wayne Lin to have many beautiful women around him?

But she just felt very uncomfortable. She has never been ignored by men like this since she was a child, especially after she became a big star. Wayne Lin’s indifference to her just now hit her self-esteem too much. If Wayne Lin is a nameless person, it doesn’t matter. The key is that Wayne Lin is still a big person, and a big person who wants her to stand up high, she feels particularly uncomfortable.

In the end, she even cried aggrieved, shed some tears, hid in the bathroom for a while, adjusted her emotions, and prepared to go back to the box.

But as a result, when she came out of the bathroom, she met three men. When she saw her, they all brightened, and she was amazed by her stunning appearance.

“Oh, isn’t this the superstar Ning Yuning!”

The man in the middle blew his whistle, staring straight at Ning Yuning, and said in a lavish tone.

The other two men also looked at Ning Yuning lividly, and looked up and down Ning Yuning’s figure.

Ning Yuning suddenly panicked. She was too anxious to come out just now and she forgot to wear a mask and sunglasses. Now she put on them quickly and said: “You have admitted the wrong person, I am not Ning Yuning.”

Said she was going to bypass them and leave.

It’s just that she has been discovered now, where she walked away, and the man in the middle grabbed her wrist and said, “A big star is a big star. She is really beautiful and her body is still so fragrant.”

Ning Yuning was caught, and she immediately panicked, “Hey, what are you doing, let me go!”

“Don’t be afraid of big stars, we are all your fans, come and sign us.” The man said lividly, he leaned very close, and smelled the scent of Ning Yuning’s body vigorously. There was an expression of intoxication.

As a big star, when did Ning Yuning be molested like this? When those fans saw her, they all treated her like a god. Now this man’s rogue makes her particularly angry, “Enough! You don’t Let go of me and I will call the police!”

However, when they heard this sentence, they were not afraid at all. Instead, they seemed to hear a big joke, and laughed loudly, “Call the police? Do big stars have such naive things?”

“Are you afraid of not knowing who I am? Do you think the police can scare me? My phone call can make you unable to mix in the entertainment industry, haha.”

“Brother Ma, just ask her to call the police to see if it works.”

The three men didn’t have the slightest fear on their faces, instead they laughed jokingly, cats and mice.

Ning Yuning chuckled in her heart, with a bad premonition in her heart. As a star who has been in the entertainment circle for a long time, Ning Yuning has also seen many big people, and her eyesight will not be bad. She can see it now. The identities of these three men are not simple, they are not ordinary people. Especially the man in the middle is fluent, but his brow reveals wealth and self-confidence. The clothes he wears are also super famous brands, and he must have a lot of background.

“What do you want to do?” Ning Yuning asked in a deep voice.

The man in the middle said, “I didn’t want to do anything. Didn’t I say that I was a fan of yours. I was able to meet you today because of our fate. I would like to invite you to have a drink in the box and sign me. Isn’t this request too much?”

He said this, but his eyes were always on Ning Yuning’s body, especially on her chest the most. The squint eyes made her particularly uncomfortable!


p; Ning Yuning said: “Sorry, I came out with our chairman of Black Rock Media tonight for dinner. He is still waiting for me to go back.”

She moved out Ye Piaoyang’s famous hall, trying to scare him away.

However, the other party didn’t pay attention at all, and said: “Then let him wait and drink two glasses with me first.”

“No, I don’t drink.” Ning Yuning shook her head and said, before leaving.

Another man immediately pulled his face down, and cursed unceremoniously: “Grass! Don’t you dare to give us Ma Ge’s face, you are so tired of living! Do you know who our Ma Ge is!”

Ning Yuning is a lofty goddess. The men I met before were respectful and polite to her. Wherever she had been scolded in person like this, now she was going to blow up, and her face immediately became cold. “I warn you to speak cleanly, or I will sue you for insulting in minutes.”

Her words made the three men laugh again, and the man called Ma Ge said: “Okay, I don’t have much patience. Go have a drink with me and I will let you go. Otherwise, then no It’s just as easy as drinking.”

Ning Yuning saw the threat from the other party. She was so flustered now that she planned to turn around and run away. As a result, her thoughts were seen through. Before she could turn around, she was held back, “Toast or not to eat or drink? very good.”

“What are you doing, let me go! I yelled! Help! Help!” Ning Yuning yelled, the voice spread out, and was heard by the people around, but they all pretended to see Ma’s face. Did not hear it, and left here.

When Ning Yuning saw this scene, she realized that she was in danger, and her heart kept sinking.

Fortunately, her response was quick. Knowing this situation, it is useless to call. It is obvious that the identity of this person named Ma is not simple. In a hasty, she made a judgment, or first obeyed the other party’s will, and when she found an opportunity, she called the chairman and asked the chairman to come and rescue her.

I believe that as the chairman of the board, the other party must give the chairman face no matter what.

After understanding this, she didn’t resist, took a deep breath, regained her composure, and said, “Okay, I will accompany you to drink and give you an autograph, but you can’t touch me.”

Brother Ma let go of Ning Yuning, put his hand on his nose and sniffed, and said with a smile: “This is just obedient, don’t worry, I just want to have a drink with you, absolutely nothing else.”

The other two men showed smirk.

Ning Yuning was very upset, but she couldn’t help it. Now she regrets it. She had known it earlier that she just came out wearing a mask and sunglasses! You won’t encounter such a thing.

But now that she calmed down slowly, she didn’t panic anymore, because she began to realize that this was in a five-star restaurant with cameras everywhere, giving the other party ten guts, and she didn’t dare to do anything to her. .

When she finds a chance, she will report to Ye Piaoyang and let Ye Piaoyang come over.

However, she still thought too idealistically. When she went to Marge’s box, she realized that there were a lot of people inside. The seats were full, and they were all men. After she came, she caused a wave of wolves. Make her especially nervous and scared.

“Wow, isn’t this the superstar Ning Yuning!”

“It’s so beautiful, Brother Ma, is this your new horse?”

“Ma Ge is Ma, even the big stars are done, tsk tsk.”

When they saw Ning Yuning, they all said blatantly, making Ning Yuning very unbearable, feeling that she was a sheep into a wolf pack, and then she was constantly being filled with alcohol, which made her dizzy.

Moreover, Ge Ma wanted to do something to her, she was really terrified in the end, and began to call Ye Piaoyang for help…

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