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Chapter 761

On Wayne Lin’s side, Freda Shangguan saw that Wayne Lin had not spoken, her face was stern, she held Wayne Lin’s hand and said carefully: “Are you angry?”

Wayne Lin still didn’t speak, and continued to walk forward. With his appearance, Freda Shangguan could not see what he was thinking.

Freda Shangguan gently shook Wayne Lin’s hand, and said coquettishly: “Well, I was wrong. Don’t be angry without discussing it with you in advance.”

Her coquettish appearance is extremely lethal. If she were changed to another man, she would have been unable to withstand it a long time ago, and her bones would be broken.

But to Wayne Lin, it can be said that she has no feeling at all, and she even feels that she is very artificial.

After coming out of the hotel, Wayne Lin directly shook her hand away, “Tonight, for Shangfeng’s sake, I don’t care about it with you. In the future, you will find a chance to explain clearly to Qin Long. “

After finishing speaking, Wayne Lin strode away directly. As everyone knows, his indifferent appearance completely irritated Wayne Lin, making her annoyed all of a sudden, “Hey! You stop me!”

But how could Wayne Lin pay attention to her and continue to move forward.

This performance of Wayne Lin made Freda Shangguan gritted her teeth even more. You must know that she has always been a eldest lady. Her status is more noble than Qin Long. It is not an exaggeration to call a princess. She is always embraced wherever she goes. The existence of clusters, like today, has been ignored so much.

She grew up, surrounded her by flatterers, trying to please her, for fear of angering her, there is no Wayne Lin like this, just ignore her.

However, Wayne Lin would take care of her, and walk in his own way. He didn’t lie just now. If it weren’t for Shangguan’s stalwartness, he would have taught Freda Shangguan a long time ago because of his character. Just kidding, he would not be what he used to be. He is a worthless son-in-law, but a real big man, a rare genius in a thousand years, and within five years, he will surely step into the realm of God.

Freda Shangguan saw Wayne Lin still not putting her in his eyes, stomped her feet, and shouted directly from behind: “Wayne Lin, if you don’t stop, I will tell my grandfather that you are indecent to me!”

She shouted this loudly, and immediately let the people passing by look over.

She was still wearing an evening dress, matching her appearance and makeup, she was a first-class beauty. Many men saw it, and their eyes lit up, showing stunning and coveting.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly. He didn’t expect that Freda Shangguan would be so shameless and self-willed, and dare to use this to threaten him.

No matter how good his temper was, he couldn’t help but feel angry now.

However, he took a deep breath and suppressed the anger, not as knowledgeable as Freda Shangguan.

However, he still underestimated the waywardness of Freda Shangguan, and Freda Shangguan shouted directly from behind: “Indecent, indecent…”

Her scream brought even greater lethality, and it immediately attracted more people’s attention, and even some bold men came over to catch Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin’s footsteps stopped, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch twice, and the anger rose even more intensely.

He turned his head, looked at Freda Shangguan, and said, “You’re enough.

Want a face! “

Freda Shangguan didn’t panic at all, but was even more seductive, feeling that even people like Wayne Lin would be eaten to death by her.

“Aren’t you leaving? Why aren’t you leaving?” Freda Shangguan said with a smile, like that, especially owed.

At this moment, a few men who were righteous and brave had already walked up. They stared straight at Freda Shangguan, salivating, and on the surface they said in a just and awe-inspiring manner: “Beauty, is this guy insulting you? Unreasonable, we immediately arrested him and sent him to jail!”

Freda Shangguan nodded, looking aggrieved, and immediately aroused the desire for protection of these men, geared up, and strode over to take Wayne Lin down.

Wayne Lin was really annoyed, this Freda Shangguan was extremely willful!

Faced with the arrival of these men, Wayne Lin didn’t need to make any moves. They just stared at them. They immediately stood there in shock, with big drops of cold sweat streaming down, and Wayne Lin didn’t dare to move anymore. With a cold snort, “Get out!”

They pissed off all of a sudden, where they dared to stay.

Wayne Lin walked over to Freda Shangguan, stared at her, and said word by word: “What do you want?”

When Freda Shangguan saw Wayne Lin’s compromise, she smiled more brilliantly, completely as a winner, and said: “I am your woman now. I am unaccompanied in Huarvell, so I can only come to you. Now Everyone in the circle knows that I was deprived of you, so don’t think about being irresponsible.”

She looked like she really owed it a lot. Wayne Lin almost wanted to do it. He took a deep breath again and said, “Enough, you can stop, don’t push me in a hurry!”

Freda Shangguan was not scared at all. Instead, she straightened her chest and walked two steps forward. She was very close to Wayne Lin, and said in a provocative tone, “What do you dare to do to me? Yes. Just plant it, and I’m already yours anyway.”

Wayne Lin: “…”

He asked himself that he had seen many types of women, but it was the first time he met someone who was shameless like Freda Shangguan.

“Don’t play with fire.” Wayne Lin looked at her deeply.

Scanning Freda Shangguan’s body deliberately, she has to admit that Freda Shangguan’s figure is still very domineering and full of femininity. If it were not for this savage and willful character, she would indeed be called a goddess.

Freda Shangguan was seen by Wayne Lin’s eyes, her heartbeat speeded up a bit, Wayne Lin’s eyes were too sharp, she only felt that she had been seen through just now, and she actually had an indescribable shame.

If you change to a normal woman and see Wayne Lin look like this, you will know that enough is enough, at least there should be shame. But Freda Shangguan didn’t, she thought it was fun, because she was sure that Wayne Lin was a paper tiger, and she absolutely didn’t dare to do anything to her. Nothing is more fulfilling than playing a genius.

So she straightened her chest even more, got closer to Wayne Lin, looked at Wayne Lin provocatively, and said, “Playing with fire? Are you fire, or am I fire?”

Wayne Lin sneered. Faced with Freda Shangguan’s provocation, he finally responded, only to see that he directly hugged Freda Shangguan’s waist, and pulled him a little harder, the two bodies pressed together. Then he turned around and pressed Freda Shangguan on the wall…

Chapter 762

His movement was too sudden, and it didn’t match his style at all. It immediately shocked Freda Shangguan, and his slack body suddenly became tight!

Freda Shangguan opened her eyes wide and looked at Wayne Lin in disbelief. She had no idea that Wayne Lin was so courageous and dare to be so frivolous. You know, her grandfather is a stalwart Shangguan, Wayne Lin’s immediate boss, and one of the best in power in the country!

Don’t look at Guan Freda’s frivolous and bold appearance, but in fact, she is still a virgin and has never had such close contact with any man.

Because she is a person with very high vision, because of her background and her personality, she doesn’t like the men who have appeared in her. Even people like Qin Long can only be regarded as ordinary people. , But she has always maintained a perfect body.

And now, Wayne Lin dare to offend her like this… Yes, in her opinion, Wayne Lin’s behavior is an offense!

Especially the strong hormonal breath passed from Wayne Lin’s body, which made her more panic-stricken, and her heart and liver thumped and jumped out.

And Wayne Lin’s chest was pressed against her chest, and the contact made her ashamed and flustered.

“Wayne Lin, you…” She widened her eyes and was a bit fierce, but in Wayne Lin’s eyes, it was completely an expression of being strong from outside.

To be honest, Wayne Lin himself didn’t want this. Freda Shangguan was too presumptuous. He didn’t give a lesson anymore. Freda Shangguan could not figure out how arrogant he could be. Once Freda Shangguan went crazy and found his home Go, it will be even more troublesome.

If you say that you do have a leg with her, that’s fine, it’s not wrong, but the problem is that this is the second time I have seen her. It’s a completely innocent relationship! Under the balance, Wayne Lin simply felt that the long-term pain was better than the short-term pain, and he turned against the general.

Looking at Freda Shangguan’s reaction now, Wayne Lin secretly breathed a sigh of relief, which shows that Freda Shangguan is a paper tiger.

Doing nothing and endlessly, Wayne Lin simply acted like an evil charm, aroused Freda Shangguan’s chin, and said jokingly: “Why, you are starting to be scared now? You didn’t just keep saying that you want to be my woman ?”

Wayne Lin’s expression was full of teasing and mockery.

“You!” Freda Shangguan, who was like a princess, had been molested like this before, her face flushed immediately, she stared at Wayne Lin, very embarrassed.

She was indeed panicking now, mainly because she didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be so bold.

“You let me go!” Freda Shangguan was a little annoyed, and couldn’t laugh anymore, said in a commanding tone.

I have to say that when she gets angry, she is indeed somewhat majestic. She is indeed the granddaughter of Shangguan’s stalwart. This kind of aura and majesty can’t be done without corresponding status.

Of course Wayne Lin wouldn’t let her go so easily. Now the rhythm is on her, and her mind must be completely destroyed.

Therefore, Wayne Lin’s hand followed Freda Shangguan’s chin, and slowly stretched it down, past Freda Shangguan’s face, neck, arms, waist…

Freda Shangguan’s face flushed. In her perception, Wayne Lin’s hands seemed to have electricity, making her body tremble uncontrollably, “You, presumptuous!”

Now Freda Shangguan is a little broken.

Wayne Lin laughed and saw that the effect was almost the same. He said, “Presumptuous? Anyway, people in your circle know that I am your man. I am asking for some interest now. It’s normal.”

Freda Shangguan see

When Wayne Lin looked like a rascal, she was helpless and wanted to resist, but how could she resist it? Wayne Lin held her hands with one hand and couldn’t move. She was so wronged wherever she was, and her eyes suddenly turned red.

Wayne Lin didn’t continue to be awkward, so he closed it as soon as he saw it. When he saw that Freda Shangguan was about to cry, he let go of Freda Shangguan, “Is this crying? Too boring.”

Freda Shangguan was let go, and he was relieved immediately, and wanted to scold Wayne Lin a few words, but at this time Wayne Lin stared at her and said: “This time, I think it’s for your grandfather’s sake. Let you go once, and then It’s not as simple as touching your waist.”

After speaking, he just disappeared.

“a*shole!” Freda Shangguan stomped fiercely, especially annoyed, breathing quickly, and his face flushed.

She looked down at herself. The feeling of Wayne Lin molesting her just now hasn’t disappeared. The feeling that Wayne Lin had when he touched her still remained on her waist, which made her heartbeat still unable to calm down.

She was very shy and annoyed, but she was strange, but she didn’t have that kind of anger, which even she herself felt very strange. According to her usual character, she should be furious, so she made a direct call to let Wayne Lin disappear from the world. However, she doesn’t feel this at all now. Instead, her heartbeat has been fast. There is a feeling that she has never felt before. Deep in her heart, rooting and sprouting. When I think of it, her body can’t stop getting hot.

“Damn Wayne Lin, this lady will never let you off easily!”

Finally, she stomped her feet vigorously, took out her phone, and started calling.

Of course, the call was not to send someone to teach Wayne Lin. First, she didn’t have this idea, and secondly, she didn’t have the ability. She was calling her subordinates to arrange a place to live, and she planned to stay in Hwadrid.

It’s been a long time since she met such an interesting person, just like when she was a child, she found a toy she liked very much, and she had to play with it.

On the way Wayne Lin went home, his mood would not calm down for a while. What he did just now was really helpless. It was to teach Freda Shangguan and let her retreat.

However, the feeling in the middle was quite embarrassing to him. After all, Freda Shangguan was Shangfeng’s granddaughter, if Shangfeng knew about it, he might decide how to treat him.

Fortunately, he took care of this matter, and I believe Shangfeng would not embarrass him too much.

When he returned home, Wayne Lin didn’t dare to go directly into the room. He took a shower and washed off the smell of Freda Shangguan. Although he and Freda Shangguan were innocent, they were still not quite scented by Alma Chu. Good explanation.

Alma Chu was already asleep, Wayne Lin went in gently, without waking her up, and meditated on the ground by herself.

In the following days, Wayne Lin’s life became busy again, and as the time for the Kung Fu Cup approached, he became even busier.

This time the Kung Fu Cup was held very grandly, and it happened to be able to boost the surrounding economy.

For ordinary people, they don’t know the existence of the Kung Fu Cup. Many ordinary citizens are just wondering why there have been many foreigners in the past two months.

Everything has two sides. The influx of many foreigners can indeed boost the economy, but there is also the risk of disrupting public order.

As for these foreigners with special skills, ordinary police force can’t control them, and Xuanyuan has to suppress them in three places.

No, it didn’t take long for a few foreigners to cause chaos. Fortunately, the troubles weren’t serious, and ordinary agents in Xuanyuan three places could handle it.

But on this day, a big one came.

Chapter 763

On this day, Wayne Lin received a call as soon as he came out of the house, “Hey, Instructor Lin, are you free now?”

The call was made by a special agent from the fourth group. He was particularly flustered. Wayne Lin immediately asked, “What happened?”

The other party said: “It’s like this…”

After hearing what the agent said, Wayne Lin realized that it turned out that there was another foreign warrior who was rioting in Huarvell, clashed with the countrymen, and seemed to have beaten them seriously.

“What is the cultivation base of the other party?” Wayne Lin asked.

Wayne Lin was not surprised by this kind of thing. After all, the day when the Kung Fu Cup started was getting closer and closer. During this period of time, so many foreign warriors poured in, there would definitely be friction. During this time, Wayne Lin knew that he would not place ten orders.

However, most of the troubles were caused by ordinary warriors, and the troubles of the congenital realm masters had not happened.

Now that Wayne Lin received this call, he immediately realized that it must have been a congenital realm master who had also started making trouble.

To be honest, Wayne Lin is very repulsive to this kind of behavior. These foreigners, relying on their own arrogance, look down on the yellow race, and are particularly arrogant.

Like before, he had encountered this type of foreigner, but he killed them all.

If these foreigners really dare to do evil on the Chinese territory, he doesn’t mind giving these foreigners a bitter lesson!

The agent on the opposite side of the phone said: “I am a master of the innate realm, with a good cultivation base. We agents are not their opponents.”

Wayne Lin frowned, his expression even more ugly, “Did they dare to attack you?”

These foreigners, even if they dare to make trouble on the ground of China, they even dare to attack the agents of Xuanyuan No. 3, which shows that they are very arrogant and clearly do not see China in their eyes!

The agent hesitated and said with shame: “Chief instructor, I’m sorry, we have made Xuanyuan embarrassed.”

At this time, Wayne Lin would not blame them either. This is not what a qualified leader should do. He directly said: “Where are you, I am past now.”

Soon, the agent said an address, not too far away from Wayne Lin.

Time was running out, and Wayne Lin didn’t drive anymore. He hurried over on foot, and arrived there in only one-fifth of the time.

When Wayne Lin looked at the scene, he immediately noticed that there had been fighting here.

“Chief instructor, you are here, great.”

At the door, there were two agents waiting there. Seeing Wayne Lin coming, they all breathed a sigh of relief, found the backbone, and hurriedly greeted them, paying a military salute to Wayne Lin, full of worship.

Wayne Lin nodded, without talking nonsense, and asked directly: “What about people?”

“Inside.” The agent pointed inside, and another agent said indignantly: “Chief instructor, these foreign devils are too arrogant. On our site, they still don’t abide by our rules, make trouble everywhere, and dare to beat people!”

“Yes, Chief Instructor, we officially stepped in. Not only did they not compensate, they also had a particularly arrogant attitude. They didn’t put our Xuanyuan three places in their eyes at all! Daniel and the others couldn’t see it, they scolded them, and were taught by them. Well, the injury is not light!”

Wayne Lin nodded, his face was not good-looking, originally he had no prejudice against foreigners, but certain

Foreign devils, it’s really hateful, they look down on China from the bottom of their hearts.

“Is Daniel and the others okay?” Wayne Lin asked concerned.

“They are all okay, but they are also injured, especially Juntao and Lin Bei, whose ribs have been broken a few! These guys are really horrible! It’s a pity that my skill is not enough, otherwise, I Just rub them on the ground!”

They were all gnashing their teeth, their faces flushed, and they were obviously really angry.

Wayne Lin knew it in his heart. He didn’t get any more wordy, and he walked in in strides. As soon as he walked, he heard it immediately, and an arrogant voice came, “Our respectable Mr. George said, you Chinese people , If you don’t compensate ten million, don’t even think about leaving here!”

When the voice fell, an angry voice sounded, “You stooge of translator, tell these foreign devils, don’t be too much! This is the territory of our country, you foreign devils, you should abide by the rules of our country, but You dare to take the initiative to beat people, and you should be the one who compensates!”

Wayne Lin was stunned for a while when he heard this voice, feeling that it was a deep breath, as if he had heard it somewhere, but for a while, he couldn’t remember it.

Immediately afterwards, another voice came out, “You are too presumptuous! Do you really think that our country has no one to rule you! You wait, our chief instructor will be here soon, and then our chief instructor will come, and it will be delicious without you! “ask

Wayne Lin could hear this voice. It was a big cow.

Immediately there was another foreigner’s voice, speaking in English: “Hahaha, you Chinese, who are skinny like monkeys, dare to teach us? You are all rubbish, losers, I can take you with just one fist Down, you can’t even get into the top eight in this Kung Fu Cup.”

Accompanied by a ridiculous voice, especially arrogant and arrogant.

Wayne Lin sullen his face and hurried over quickly.

He opened the door directly and appeared in front of everyone.

His appearance immediately drew everyone’s attention. All of a sudden, they looked over. Agents such as Daniel, Juntao, etc. saw him and were overjoyed. They immediately saluted respectfully and shouted: “Chief instructor!”

At the same time, Wayne Lin also saw the situation clearly. There are more than 20 people in total, of which six are foreigners. Two of them are masters of the innate realm, and the other four are masters of the acquired peak. , The figure is very tall and burly, it looks very uncomfortable.

On the other side, there were almost twenty people, except for a few agents such as Daniel and Juntao, the rest were ordinary people, and they were also familiar faces.

Isn’t it right, the people standing in front of him are all the Lin family…

Dabo Hanson Lin, cousin Vicky Lin, cousin Lin Shao-ang, and half brother Lin Zihao are all here.

“Lin, Wayne Lin?”

When he recognized the Lin family, the Lin family also recognized him, all of them opened their eyes wide, full of surprise and shock.

Especially the elder brother Lin Zihao, his pupils suddenly shrank, and he was very shocked. He never expected that the person who appeared here would be the younger brother Wayne Lin he had always looked down upon!

He had been listening to Daniel and them just now that their chief instructor was very powerful, and the cultivation base had reached the congenital realm of Great Perfection. As long as the chief instructor came over, he would definitely be able to teach these foreign devils a lesson.

However, he never thought that this mysterious and powerful chief instructor would be Wayne Lin…

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