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Chapter 152

Alma Chu also mustered up the courage before she said this sentence. After she said it, her face started to become ruddy.

However, she did not avoid it, but raised her head, raised her white neck, and stared directly at Chairman Shi Qiong.

Wayne Lin was staring at her eyes and his heart thumped and thumped, and he was even a little panicked. He frantically speculated on Alma Chu’s psychology. What was the purpose of Alma Chu’s saying this? Have you recognized his identity?

Or is it just testing her?

In a panic, he didn’t even analyze the expression in Alma Chu’s eyes. It was obviously full of passion and affection.

In fact, Alma Chu’s heart was beating very fast. Seeing that Chairman Zi Qiong did not speak, she thought that Chairman Zi Qiong had acquiesced, and she reached out to unmask Chairman Zi Qiong’s face.

At this time, Wayne Lin finally recovered. He hurriedly grabbed Alma Chu’s hand and said in a deep voice, “What are you doing?!”

Alma Chu was not afraid. She still looked at Wayne Lin bravely and enthusiastically, and was even closer. At this moment, her body temperature rose a lot, and a lot of body hormones were secreted.

She became emotional, causing her voice to be soft and sweet, “I want to see how you look like, okay?”

However, Wayne Lin, a guy with an outrageously low EQ, even misunderstood Alma Chu’s meaning at this time, and said in a deep voice, “Why, do you doubt my identity?”

Feeling Wayne Lin’s embarrassment, Alma Chu quickly explained, “Chairman, you misunderstood. I didn’t mean that, but… I want to remember your appearance, and I won’t forget it forever!”

Wayne Lin was stunned.

Seeing Alma Chu’s blushing, with affectionate expressions and blurred eyes, even if he is a fool, he also realizes that Alma Chu is emotional and emotional to him!

In an instant, Wayne Lin was not calm anymore, his heartbeat was so exaggerated that he thumped and thumped at any time.

After four years of marriage, when did Alma Chu show this appearance to him? The lethality is simply overwhelming!

And the most important thing is that Alma Chu was so charming in this situation, which caused Wayne Lin to lose consciousness in an instant.

This loss of consciousness immediately caused Alma Chu to touch his mask with her hand, and began to lift it up…

Wayne Lin felt a cold in his chin, and he recovered in an instant. His movements were not unpleasant. He grabbed Alma Chu’s hand again like lightning, his strength lost control, and Alma Chu’s wrist hurt, making Alma Chu’s expression painful. stand up.


He hurriedly put Alma Chu down, moved her body back, and kept a distance from Alma Chu, and said, “You be honest with me, don’t always think about my appearance, it will cause you to kill! You know?”

He was deliberately scary.

Alma Chu was indeed taken aback, but she quickly relaxed, because she was not afraid.

“It’s okay, I’m not afraid.” Alma Chu stretched her body and said.

Wayne Lin was speechless for a while.

At this moment, he finally realized that this situation is not suitable for long stay, he has to quickly adjust Alma Chu’s rhythm.

“Get out of the car and leave here first.” Wayne Lin continued in a hoarse voice, helping Alma Chu untie the rope and letting Alma Chu get out of the car, then he took out a tissue and wiped all the places he touched on the car. Wipe off the fingerprints, he didn’t want to leave evidence.

After getting these things done, he took Alma Chu to his car.

He was in a hurry, so he drove the Audi a7. Although Alma Chu hadn’t seen this Audi, she heard from Shane Chu yesterday that Wayne Lin drove an Audi a7 and picked him up. , And the front of the car crashed.

Coincidentally, the front of this Audi was obviously hit.

After getting in the car, she said doubtfully: “Chairman, did you ask Wayne Lin to borrow this Audi a7?”

“Huh?” When Wayne Lin heard these words, he felt a little bit in his heart, pretending to be calm on the surface, “Why ask?”

Alma Chu still didn’t think about that, she said: “Because Wayne Lin also has an Audi a7 like this, the front of the car just happened to be hit.”

Wayne Lin secretly said that he was negligent, and he had forgotten all this detail!

Fortunately, he had told Alma Chu before that he and Chairman Zi Qiong are good friends, otherwise he would be exposed just by this point, it is really dangerous!

He confessed it generously and said, “Yes, I came in a hurry, so I asked Wayne to borrow the car temporarily.”

“Oh…” Alma Chu nodded, and did not go into doubt, Wayne Lin secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

The car drove all the time, and quickly drove back to the city. They didn’t speak much in the middle.

Alma Chu’s mood has been very nervous, very excited, and very complicated.

She had done countless courage in her heart, wanting to confess to Chairman Zi Qiong, but every time she turned her head to see Chairman Zi Qiong, she was inexplicably afraid to say it.

I keep telling myself that there is still time, there is still time, wait a while, and then say it…

Wayne Lin saw Alma Chu guilty of peach blossoms, and kept peeking at herself with a shy expression on her face.

No matter how low his EQ was, he realized at this time that Alma Chu seemed to fall in love with him.

However, he is now the chairman of Zi Qiong.

To be honest, his mood is quite complicated now.

In a sense, Alma Chu betrayed herself. And he has also turned himself green, which is really bad.

However, he didn’t feel much anger in his heart, but an indescribable gratification. From another perspective, this is also a curve to save the country. Whether it is Wayne Lin or Chairman Zi Qiong, it is actually him…

Suddenly, a bold idea emerged in his heart!

If you take off your mask and let Alma Chu know that Chairman Zi Qiong is him, what will happen to Alma Chu?

After this idea was born in his mind, he couldn’t help it anymore, and his heartbeat was amazing.

As a result, he didn’t pay much attention to driving. Fortunately, there were not many cars on the road at the moment. Otherwise, he could have a car accident or something.

For a time, the two of them in the car had their own ghosts, and both of them were very uneasy.

After driving this way, I finally reached the gate of Alma Chu’s community. Wayne Lin stopped the car and Alma Chu immediately said, “I don’t want to go home yet. Why don’t we go to another place?”

“Ah? Okay…” Wayne Lin nodded. In fact, he also had the same meaning, because he enjoyed it a little bit and came to get along with Alma Chu as Chairman Zi Qiong.

Alma Chu in this state is too gentle and too charming, a state he has never seen before.

He is now 100% sure that Alma Chu is completely in love with him.

Like a heart, Wayne Lin drove to the top of a remote mountain. At this time, there was no one at all. When he opened the panoramic skylight, there was a starry sky above his head.

The car stopped.

“Actually one thing…”

“Chairman, one thing…”

They both looked at each other at the same time and made a sound together.

Because of their tacit understanding, they froze for a while, and then they all laughed.

“You speak first.” Wayne Lin smiled and let Alma Chu speak first.

Alma Chu was not polite either, she twiddled her hair.

Now she, full of fascination, blushing, looks very seductive, exuding the ultimate charm of a woman, every move, every smile, all exudes incomparable magic!

Wayne Lin was completely immersed in Alma Chu’s femininity.

Taking a deep breath, Alma Chu straightened her posture, facing Wayne Lin, her voice was softer and shy like never before: “Chairman, in fact, I like you very much, I like you very much…”

Chapter 153

God knows how much courage Alma Chu has done before she said this!

Her heartbeat was almost at its extreme, and her whole body began to boil. This is the first time she has grown up to confess to a boy!

The most incredible person, she hasn’t seen this man look like yet?

If someone told her that she would do it half a year ago, she would definitely think that the person was crazy and would not do such a thing if she killed her!

But now, she did it, which seemed absurd, but it was totally reasonable.

She felt that she really fell in love with Chairman Shi Qiong, or the kind that could not help herself.

Even if she has not seen the real appearance of Chairman Shi Qiong, she has an intuition that Chairman Shi Qiong must be a very handsome and manly man!

Up to now, she has only met with Chairman Zi Qiong three times, but each time, she will feel differently.

She really enjoyed the feeling of being next to Chairman Zi Qiong, full of security, and her heartbeat speeded up, as if she had the whole world and filled the other half of her vacancy. She knew that Chairman Zi Qiong was her real name, the other half of her destiny.

If she is not with Chairman Shi Qiong, the rest of her life will be meaningless.

To be honest, Wayne Lin’s mood at this moment is no more calmer than Alma Chu!

Even if he knew in advance that Alma Chu would confess to him, but at this moment, he still couldn’t stop the shock, and his whole heart was filled.

He suddenly had an urge to cry!

My nose is a little sour…

Having been married to Alma Chu for four years, Alma Chu has never shown him a good face, let alone confessed to him.

In the depths of his heart, he actually thought about the scene of Alma Chu confessing to him more than a thousand times, but at this moment, he still couldn’t be calm, and a huge wave rose in his heart.

“What are you talking about?” His voice trembled.

Alma Chu smiled, and she also felt the excitement of Chairman Zi Qiong at this moment. She was brave, obviously only half a meter away, but from her reaching out to holding the hand of Chairman Zi Qiong, she seemed to have done an extremely difficult thing, this half-meter distance, yes For Alma Chu, it is a breakthrough in social morality and traditional thinking since childhood!

She took this step, indicating that she had already spared it, no matter whether it was a sword or a sea of ​​fire, or the world broke, she would go on resolutely.

Wayne Lin felt her determination.

To be honest, he was also shocked by Alma Chu’s bravery.

He can’t empathize, but can understand…

“I said, I like you, I really like you…” Alma Chu held Wayne Lin’s hand, her temperature was very high, her face was red, her tone trembling slightly, but her eyes were unusually firm, “No, It should mean, I love you.”

She yelled these words.

After that, she was as if she had broken free from the shackles in her heart, and opened up the two channels of Ren and Du. She was smooth, without the hesitation and struggle just now, and slowly became calm and natural.

“You may be surprised, why I have only met you three times before I have fallen in love with you.” Alma Chu’s eyes were gentle and hot like never before, staring directly at Wayne Lin’s eyes. Once I saw you, your generosity, your honest gentleman, has left an indelible impression in my mind. That was the first time in my life, the most helpless and painful time, I had done it Preparations for sacrifice. It was you, your appearance, which made me see. It turns out that there are gentlemen in this world. Not all men in the world are perverts.”

“My mother said that you pretended to be deliberate. This is a trick of your big shots. I know you are not such a person. I feel that you are essentially a gentleman.”


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“Twenty million, it may be a small thing for you, but for me, it is a life-saving straw! It is you, who gave me a new life for the first time…” Alma Chu’s hand was still a little trembling. , But when she said this, she didn’t shake anymore, she seemed to be used to it. In other words, she has taken that step completely, and there is no way back, but she is more relieved.

Wayne Lin swallowed, his brain is messed up now and he can’t function normally.

Alma Chu saw the panic in his eyes, took his hand, placed it on her face, closed her eyes, showing an expression of enjoyment, and continued talking.

“Since that time, I have been secretly investigating your information. After I investigated, I found out that you are such a remarkable person, 2.5 billion yuan, and bought Ziqiong Company. After a short time, Do it better. Only those who have run the company know how difficult it is to run a company as large as Zi Qiong. The key is that you have come here by air.”

“I started to understand crazily and fantasize about when I can meet again. But, God seems to be against me. You don’t show up anymore. I couldn’t help looking for you during the period, and I never saw you. Me. I started to suffer from lovesickness, and I always suffer from gains and losses. I know that it is very likely that I will never see you again. Because an ordinary woman like me is still married, it is impossible to be with you. “

“I started praying every day, praying that I could see you again. Maybe God heard my wish, and I really saw you again. That time, in Jeff KTV, I was in danger, and you appeared like a god. The tough and overbearing means beat the bad guys away and saved me!”

Having said that, Alma Chu closed her eyes again, took a deep breath, then opened her eyes and smiled: “I still remember my state of mind, that kind of heartbeat, that kind of heartbeat. From that Once, I did not hesitate and liked you uncontrollably. It’s ridiculous to say that I don’t even know what you look like, so I like you.”

Alma Chu showed some shyness.

Wayne Lin’s lips moved. He wanted to say something, but his mind was so confused at this time that he couldn’t say anything.

Alma Chu at this time is so charming and so different. Wayne Lin really wants to photograph her and treasure her forever!

At the same time, he was so touched in his heart that he did not expect that Alma Chu had a deep love for him.

“But you are married. Are you like this, aren’t you afraid that your husband will be sad?” Wayne Lin asked this sentence, and his mood was extremely complicated!

When Alma Chu heard this, some complications flashed in her eyes, but she quickly disappeared, she increased her strength, held Wayne Lin’s hand, showed a little smile, and said, “I’m afraid, that’s why I I have been suppressing myself, not daring to look for you again, and even more closed my emotions, trying my best not to miss you anymore. I am indeed married, and I should abide by women’s way.”

Wayne Lin is a little confused, so you still confess to me now, what’s the situation?

Alma Chu seemed to understand Wayne Lin’s doubts. She continued to smile and said, “Until you appeared this time, you saved me from desperation again. Just now, in that desperate environment, the moment I saw you was moved. And shocked, I finally understood something.”

“It is too difficult for a woman to find her true love for a lifetime. I once thought that I would never find true love again in this life, so I spent my whole life melancholy, living under the constraints of social morality and the thoughts of relatives and friends. But Just now, I wanted to understand that this is not the life I want to live.”

When Alma Chu said this, she put her hand on Wayne Lin’s neck and slowly touched it on the Internet, touching Wayne Lin’s mask, until she reached into the mask and really touched Wayne Lin’s cheek!

“That’s why I decided, I don’t want to live my life like this, I want to live for myself! Even if it is pointed out by thousands of people, even if thousands of people spit it, it will be stinking for thousands of years! I will also take this step, I want to be with you! “

“Chairman, I love you, I love you very much!”

When Alma Chu said this, she began to uncover Wayne Lin’s mask!

Chapter 154

From the time Alma Chu said these words to when she reached out to Wayne Lin’s face, Wayne Lin’s mind moved quickly. It took him only two seconds, but it took him twenty minutes before he could use it. Brain capacity.

He thought about stopping Alma Chu. After all, this was a big deal. He hadn’t thought about telling Alma Chu of his identity before tonight.

It was Alma Chu’s sudden confession that made him panic and disrupted his plan.

Within two seconds, he thought of many things, the most of which was not whether to stop Alma Chu, but how would Alma Chu react when he knew his identity?

To be honest, Wayne Lin has no absolute certainty. Even if Alma Chu said so much, will Alma Chu continue to love him when he knows that he is Chairman Zi Qiong, or develop in a worse direction?

Everything is unknown.

In the end, he chose to be calm and did not stop Alma Chu.

He could clearly feel that Alma Chu’s hand was trembling slightly, she bit her lips tightly, full of excitement, tension, anticipation, and shyness…

At this moment, she suddenly stopped.

“My heart beats so fast, Chairman, are you really willing to accept me?” Alma Chu was timid at this moment.

Wayne Lin nodded, then nodded without hesitation: “Yes!”

Alma Chu clenched her lips and suddenly began to lose confidence, “But, I’m already married, don’t you mind?”

Wayne Lin smiled, “Fool, why would I mind?”

Yes, how could he mind, he himself is Alma Chu’s husband.

Because of Wayne Lin’s words, Alma Chu regained confidence. She gritted her teeth, then mustered up the courage to uncover Wayne Lin’s mask!

Wayne Lin felt a chill on his face, his vision suddenly widened, his mask was lifted, and now his appearance was unreservedly exposed in front of Alma Chu.

In an instant, he saw Alma Chu’s expression, demented, really widened his eyes, dumbfounded, and looked at Wayne Lin incredible.

Then, her reaction was fierce, and her lips were shaking violently!

“Wayne Lin, it’s you?!” Alma Chu’s voice was broken, and now her expression became extremely strange, it was an incredible, unwilling to believe!

“Alma, it’s me, I’m sorry, I have been hiding from you all the time.” Wayne Lin took the initiative to hold Alma Chu’s hand, only to find that Alma Chu’s hand was cold.

Alma Chu came back to her senses completely, her expression was extremely wonderful.

Looking at Wayne Lin, he lost the affection he had just now, but turned into disappointment and disgust.

Wayne Lin instantly realized something was wrong, but just as he wanted to explain, Alma Chu’s face was completely cold, staring at Wayne Lin, gritted her teeth and said, “Wayne Lin, do you think this is fun?!”

“No, I really am Chairman Ziqiong!” Wayne Lin explained hurriedly, he was stunned, what is the situation, Alma Chu didn’t believe he was Chairman Ziqiong?

He had many possibilities in his mind just now, but he didn’t expect that Alma Chu would not believe him.

Alma Chu stared at Wayne Lin coldly, gritted her teeth, and clenched her fists. She felt like she was going to break down. She couldn’t help but yelled at Wayne Lin, “Ahhhhh!!!”

She looked terrifying like this now, as if she was crazy.

“Wayne Lin! I hate you! I hate you!!” Alma Chu stared at Wayne Lin with unprecedented anger and hatred in her eyes. She thought Wayne Lin had deceived her.

Wayne Lin opened his mouth wide and felt very uncomfortable. His originally enthusiastic heart poured a pot of cold water and it instantly became cold.

This feeling made his heart and liver tightened, and he couldn’t breathe.

But he still had to squeeze a smile and said: “Alma, I know it’s my fault, I shouldn’t hide it from you…”

“Shut up!” Alma Chu unceremoniously interrupted Wayne Lin’s words, “Wayne Lin, do you think it’s fun to play me like this? Is this your revenge for betraying you as me? I pretended to be Chairman Ziqiong. Come disgust me and watch my jokes!”

As she said, there were tears in Alma Chu’s eyes.

She now feels no less uncomfortable than Wayne Lin, it is worse than that.

“Pretend?” Wayne Lin was stunned. What is the word for pretending? Shouldn’t it be cheating, concealing, playing tricks?

Soon, Wayne Lin reacted. Alma Chu did not believe that he was Chairman Ziqiong, damn it!

“Alma, you are mistaken, I didn’t pretend to be Chairman Zi Qiong, I am Chairman Zi Qiong! If you don’t believe me, I can call Damon Wang now, and he can prove my identity!” Wayne Lin said hurriedly.

He thought of something and said, “Or, you can go to Chairman Zi Qiong with me tomorrow, and I can prove it to you.”

However, Alma Chu always stared at him coldly, with three words written in her eyes, not believing it.

Taking a deep breath, Alma Chu looked at Wayne Lin, and said: “It was really the biggest mistake of my life to choose you as the door-to-door son-in-law! I knew it, I would rather choose a cat and a dog on the side of the road!”

With that, she opened the door and got out of the car directly.

Wayne Lin was stiff for five seconds. During these five seconds, he felt that he had lost consciousness, lost control of his body, and lost his perception of the world.

He had no idea that things would develop in this direction.

Why is Alma Chu unwilling to believe him? Is it true that in Alma Chu’s mind, he is really so unbearable! Obviously he has done so many things for Alma Chu!

He is not reconciled and must explain clearly to Alma Chu!

He got out of the car, chased Alma Chu, and quickly caught up with Alma Chu, holding her, “Alma, calm down, I am really Chairman Zi Qiong! Why else should I have a clown mask, or me? I can get one hundred million from Ziqiong Company. Otherwise, how could I let Jeff Han bow to me? Otherwise, how could I let Quanxi treat me respectfully? Think about it!”

Anyone who is calm will believe Wayne Lin’s words.

But Alma Chu didn’t believe it, or she didn’t want to believe it.

“Is it enough?” Alma Chu stared at him coldly, “Shut up when you say enough!”

“Alma I…”

Wayne Lin was so anxious that she was crying, why was Alma Chu so stunned, she couldn’t turn her mind.

Suddenly Alma Chu smiled, “Actually, you already knew that I like Chairman Zi Qiong, right?”

Wayne Lin was silent, and Alma Chu’s smile now made him a little hairy.

Alma Chu continued: “You and Chairman Zi Qiong are really good brothers. Not only did they lend you 100 million to make you show off, but also gave you the mask. I see, you are watching from beginning to end. I’m a joke, so tonight you specially used the role of Chairman Zi Qiong to see my infidelity to you.”

“Wayne Lin, you won, you won very thoroughly!”

When Alma Chu said this, her tears shed silently, but there was a smile on her face, “Don’t you just want me and want me to owe you a favor that you can’t pay for a lifetime? I promised, and I won’t resist. It just so happens that these few days are safe, you can enjoy me as much as you want!”

With that, she pulled Wayne Lin and walked into the car again.

Pushing Wayne Lin into the car, then she sat on Wayne Lin’s lap with a playful smile on her face.

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