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Chapter 359

They have fought all the way, and now they have reached the depths of the forest. Others have been chasing after them, wanting to see this wonderful battle of the century.

However, both Wayne Lin and Brian Gu moved too fast, and most of them couldn’t catch up. Only the masters at the peak of the day after tomorrow could barely catch up.

They can only follow the huge movements that are constantly produced. Suddenly, these movements disappeared and stopped abruptly.

They were stunned, and stopped involuntarily.

“What’s the situation? Why is there nothing?”

“Yeah, wasn’t it always intense just now? Why is there no sound now?”

“Could it be that the battle is over?”

“It’s possible, Wayne Lin must have been resolved by Brian Gu.”

“I have to say that this Wayne Lin is really amazing. He has grown to this level when he is only thirty years old. It’s terrifying. With time, I can’t tell how far Wayne Lin can be perverted!”

“What can I do if I’m abnormal? Now everyone is killed by Brian Gu. Through this battle, Brian Gu’s reputation has become even stronger. If Brian Gu becomes the president of the North Sky Club, who will dare to provoke him in the future? Him.”

Most people felt that Wayne Lin had been beaten to death, and the only winner was Brian Gu.

They looked back at the damage caused along the way, and they couldn’t help but feel terrified. It was terrible.

Soon, Tao Sanniang waited for the people from Yuntian Pavilion to catch up. She heard these people’s discussion, a nervous heart sank indefinitely, her nose was sour, and tears flowed out in despair.

She staggered two steps, if it weren’t for a companion next to her to hold her, she would have fallen down now.

Wayne Lin was dead, she seemed to have lost one of her most important treasures, and she was extremely uncomfortable.

“Oh, Sanniang, you should forget him, he can’t be Brian Gu’s opponent.”

Tao Sanniang bit her lip tightly, unwilling to believe it.

Fan Lao also sighed heavily, and said, “Oh! The 28-year-old master of the Innate Realm, what a genius, and how amazing. Give Wayne Lin three more years, Wayne Lin can definitely defeat Brian Gu. It’s a pity that Wayne Lin is still too anxious!”

He looked at Tao Sanniang whose face had lost his blood, and shook his head helplessly, feeling very sorry.

Others reacted differently. Some felt sorry, some gloated, and others watched the excitement.

The rain that had stopped for a while, now it’s underground again, ticking the ground, soaking the ground.


Wayne Lin was gasping for breath, and now his lungs were burning fiercely. The breath that was just now completely exceeded his limit. Now his lungs are all damaged. Fortunately, these injuries are within his tolerance, as long as he is given some time, he can return to normal.

Just now Brian Gu’s move to return the carbine was really hanging, he was only a little bit beaten to death by Brian Gu!

At this moment, he heard Brian Gu’s voice coming from the ground, weakly and hoarsely begging for mercy: “Please, let me go, please, let me go…”

It’s Brian Gu.

His neck was chopped off by Wayne Lin’s hand knife, but the others hadn’t died yet, showing how strong his vitality was, and he would have died after changing ordinary people.

Indeed, the reason why the masters of the Innate Realm are terrifying is also because of their strong vitality.

A little bit.

Now Brian Gu no longer had the arrogance and domineering he had before, now his face is full of panic and begging for mercy, looking at Wayne Lin, hoping that Wayne Lin can let him go.

Wayne Lin recovered, he knelt down, looked at Brian Gu, and said, “Brian Gu, your time is over.”

Deep regret flashed in Brian Gu’s eyes. He underestimated Wayne Lin too much. Give him a chance. He will definitely not go against Wayne Lin!

But now, it’s useless to say anything. He is defeated and his neck is interrupted. There will be no place for him in the future. He only hopes that Wayne Lin can have a large number of adults and let him go.

“Randal, please let me go. I am willing to transfer all the property to you.” Brian Gu continued begging.

Wayne Lin looked at him and said, “Brian Gu, do you know why you are not my opponent? Because you don’t have the heart to move forward. You have been a big man for too long. You have bonds. You think you are very strong. In fact, You haven’t improved for a long time.”

When Brian Gu heard his words, his eyes flickered crazily, and finally, slowly dimmed, and agreed with Wayne Lin’s words.

However, he just wants to survive now.

“Randal, let me go, I promise I won’t fight you again… No, we will be your most faithful dog in the future!” Brian Gu begged frantically for mercy. He has completely abandoned his dignity now, just thinking Survive from Wayne Lin, “Randal Lin, I have a lot of lost martial arts skills, as long as you let me go, I am willing to teach you without reservation! I also privately raised a lot of national beauty, and …”

Wayne Lin shook his head, interrupted him, and said, “Brian Gu, you have disappointed me. You are also a character, so you beg for mercy without dignity.”

Feeling Wayne Lin’s killing intent, Brian Gu panicked even more. He quickly wanted to ask for mercy, but Wayne Lin no longer gave him this opportunity. He slapped a palm on the back of his head, and he snorted and died.

five minutes later.

Someone couldn’t help it anymore and wanted to go in tentatively to see what was going on, whether Wayne Lin was already cold.

And at this moment, from the depths of the forest, there was a sound of footsteps. Someone stepped on the branches and made a clicking sound.

Then, in the sight of everyone, a figure appeared, carrying a person in his hand, and walked out in a hurry.

When everyone saw what this person looked like, they were all stunned, showing an incredible look!

In their eyes, the person who appeared was Wayne Lin, not Brian Gu!

Wayne Lin’s clothes are torn now, only shorts are left, with a lot of dust and blood on his body, bare feet, and a person in his left hand… No, it should be a corpse, Brian Gu’s body came out of the forest step by step.

This scene really shocked countless people, and they were dumbfounded.

They didn’t expect that the person who survived would be Wayne Lin, not Brian Gu!


“I’m not mistaken, am I? Wayne Lin won? Brian Gu died?”

“My god, this day, it’s going to change!!”

“Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin, how could there be such a strong person…”

Tao Sanniang and the people from Yuntian Pavilion also arrived. They saw the people walking out of the forest. They were all dumbfounded and filled with disbelief. Tao Sanniang opened her eyes and covered her mouth tightly. She was in tears at this moment!

Chapter 360

“Who borrowed a piece of clothing for me to wear?”

Wayne Lin walked out and stood in front of the crowd, showing a sunny smile, threw down Brian Gu’s body, and asked politely.

No one answered him, everyone was in a dazed state, looking at Wayne Lin as if looking at a ghost.

At this time, they finally realized that Wayne Lin really won, Brian Gu lost, and was beaten to death.

This is something they have never thought of!

Who is Brian Gu, the vice president of the Northern Sky Club, an absolute big figure in the circle, and how many famous masters are defeated by Brian Gu’s hands. Usually Brian Gu stomped his feet and caused an earthquake.

And such a big man was actually beaten to death by Wayne Lin now.

The key is Wayne Lin, who has just emerged in the past six months. Most people didn’t know him before.

Now they looked at the ground, their necks had been broken, and Brian Gu was at a ninety-degree angle. They only felt their creeps and cold hands and feet.

Especially those who have laughed at Wayne Lin, are now even more scared.

Including the three masters of the Innate Realm present, they are also full of horror. As masters of the Innate Realm, they know Brian Gu’s horror better than ordinary people. Anyone between them is not Brian Gu’s opponent. The crushed portion!

But now, Brian Gu actually died at Wayne Lin’s hands.

What was even more terrifying was that they still couldn’t feel Wayne Lin’s injury. They didn’t consume much physical strength, and they were still so abundant, which was incredible.

Wayne Lin saw everyone’s reaction in his eyes, and he was still a little proud.

But now he is shirtless and wearing only a pair of shorts, which is really indecent. He pointed directly at a man in his 30s not far away and said, “You, come here.”

The man was named by Wayne Lin, and his complexion instantly became bitter, his legs were swaying, and he walked over with a slight tremor. He stammered and cried, “Lin Linlin, Randal Lin, you What is your little thing?”

Wayne Lin felt very speechless when he saw him about to pee his pants. Is he so scary?

“Take your clothes off and put them on me.”

“Huh?” The opponent immediately stunned.

Wayne Lin’s face became cold, and said, “Ah what, why are you not willing?”

The other party was shocked instantly and shook his head hurriedly and said: “No no, don’t get me wrong, Randal Lin, I will take it off for you!”

The other party used three times to divide five by two, taking off his clothes at the fastest speed in his life, and handing them to Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin nodded in satisfaction, shook his head twice, then put it on, patted the other person on the shoulder, and said, “Thank you. Go to Hwadrid to find me when you have time. I’ll treat you to dinner.”

The other party was visibly stunned, and then showed ecstasy, and the chicken nodded vigorously like a peck of rice.

When other people saw this scene, they also showed envy.

Wayne Lin stood among the crowd, glaring across everyone’s faces, and then said, “Brian Gu, I have been killed by me, and his nameplates are all with me. Not surprisingly, I have the most nameplates for this hunting contest. People. There is still some time before the end of the hunting contest, whoever wants to grab it, I am happy to accompany it.”

No one listened to his words at all!

Just kidding, even a big devil like Brian Gu was beaten to death by Wayne Lin, their gang of shrimp soldiers and crabs, where are their opponents.


br />

All of them shook their heads quickly, expressing that they didn’t have this thought, for fear of being misunderstood by Wayne Lin.

Even the masters of the three innate realms dare not provoke Wayne Lin and evade.

Wayne Lin now has more than four hundred nameplates in his hand, and a big bag full of them. He is already the person who has won the most nameplates in this hunting competition. It is logical that he will also become the leader.

As for the reward for the leader this time, it is still unknown.

Wayne Lin then walked to Tao Sanniang and said with a smile: “Look, I didn’t lie to you, I won.”

Tao Sanniang’s lips are about to be bitten, she is now staring at Wayne Lin closely, her beautiful eyes are full of excitement, affection, rejoice, and happiness.

Then, she moved forward, hooked Wayne Lin’s neck with her arms, and sent her own kiss!

In an instant, Wayne Lin widened his eyes. Damn, when he relaxed, he was actually kissed by the fox like Tao Sanniang. It was too grassy!

However, Tao Sanniang’s kiss is really sweet enough.

Wayne Lin tried to push Tao Sanniang away, but Tao Sanniang was so tight that he couldn’t push away.

It’s better to default.

People are not ruthless, Wayne Lin sees Tao Sanniang’s performance and knows that Tao Sanniang really falls in love with him, and he knows how it feels to love someone. In this case, there is no need to be ruthless. Pushed away Tao Sanniang.

A total of more than three hundred people were present, their eyes widened, looking at them two, full of envy.

Men envy Wayne Lin, women envy Tao Sanniang.

As for the people in the Yuntian Pavilion, their eyes are now shining, and they are particularly excited and excited. Now the relationship between Wayne Lin and the Yuntian Pavilion has become even closer!

Fan Lao was also very excited. Now he looked at Wayne Lin, he was looking at his son-in-law, and he even wished that Tao Sanniang and Wayne Lin would do things on the spot, which would be more secure.

Wayne Lin is a shy person. He was really embarrassed to kiss in front of so many people. After a while, he patted Tao Sanniang’s arm and said, “Okay, many people are watching.”

Tao Sanniang’s pretty face turned red now, looking like a peach, especially attractive, making people want to take a bite.

It has to be said that Tao Sanniang is truly amazing as a woman, and she can be called the best. When Wayne Lin faces her, it is difficult not to be unmoved.

“I will rely on you for the rest of my life, don’t try to escape from my palm.” Tao Sanniang leaned into Wayne Lin’s ear and said softly.

Wayne Lin felt painful and happy after listening.

Old Fan walked over, rubbed his hands, and said with a smile: “Wayne, I knew you could defeat Brian Gu, as expected! It is great that Brian Gu was really defeated by you.”

Wayne Lin said meaningfully: “Old Fan, you didn’t think so before, did you? I think you are very optimistic about Brian Gu, now Brian Gu was beaten to death by me, are you disappointed?”

Old Fan was taken aback by Wayne Lin’s remarks and quickly explained: “No, no! There is absolutely nothing! Don’t get me wrong, Randal, I have always hoped that you will win.”

Wayne Lin smiled again. He just wanted to make a joke with Old Man Fan. He didn’t expect to scare him like this, patted him on the shoulder, and said: “Old Fan, you relax, I just made a joke with you.”

Old Fan smiled awkwardly, and realized that Wayne Lin was joking with him.

Next, Wayne Lin took these nameplates and went out to settle the settlement. Not surprisingly, he was the leader this time.

Chapter 361

This hunting competition has settled down, and Wayne Lin walked out of the forest with the support of a group of people.

When it was about to leave the forest, the Siberian tiger ran out. The huge body shocked many people. Many people even took out their weapons and prepared to shoot.

Wayne Lin scolded, “Don’t hurt it!!”

Now Wayne Lin’s words are the golden rule, no one dared to disobey his will, and stopped reflexively.

Wayne Lin showed a smile and walked over to the Siberian tiger. The Siberian tiger roared and trot to Wayne Lin, and then leaned down, as if to kneel for Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin walked up to the Siberian tiger and gently stroked its head. Such a ferocious Siberian tiger did not dare to have any reaction. He was incredibly well-behaved. It seemed that it was not a tiger but a kitten. For people, it is shocking and subversive!

Tao Sanniang looked at him, the admiration and affection in his eyes couldn’t be concealed. This man was so perfect that he actually surrendered all the wild Siberian tigers!

In the zoo, there are indeed many tigers. They look very docile, and the caretaker will not bite people when they go in to feed.

But this is a wild Siberian tiger. He has lived in the wild since he was a child and preserved its wild nature. Anyone will be torn apart in front of it, but now it surrenders to Wayne Lin’s feet.

Wayne Lin’s eyes were gentle. These days, it was this Siberian tiger who was accompanying him, with some feelings. Moreover, this Siberian tiger is very smart, has a high IQ, and has spirituality, which is very rare. Now the Siberian Tiger is expressing a meaning, hoping that Wayne Lin can take him away, and his huge head keeps rubbing against Wayne Lin’s hand, begging and acting like a baby with Wayne Lin.

“You belong here. It’s not good for you to walk with me. I’ll visit you often when I have the opportunity. Go.” Wayne Lin stroked the Siberian tiger’s head and said softly, as if talking to his own child.

The Siberian Tiger seemed to understand what he meant, and there was a look of sadness and dissatisfaction in his eyes, which was amazing!

“Let’s go, obedient.” Wayne Lin scowled and scowled.

The Siberian tiger let out a low tiger roar, stood up from the ground, began to leave, looked back three times, finally walked a few dozen meters away, looked back at Wayne Lin again, issued a monstrous tiger roar, and finally jumped and disappeared. In the forest.

Wayne Lin shook his head helplessly, and continued to leave.

After the scene just now, his image in everyone’s minds became even bigger and unfathomable. Some even suspected that he was the reincarnation of a god, otherwise, how could he have the ability to communicate with tigers?

When they came out of the forest, everyone was already waiting there. When they saw that Wayne Lin came out first, they were all stunned, which was different from what they expected.

“What’s the situation? Why is this Wayne Lin coming out first? Where is Brian Gu?”

“Yes, where is Brian Gu? Didn’t Brian Gu meet Wayne Lin?”

“It’s possible. You see Wayne Lin’s clothes are all clean. Obviously he hasn’t fought, and he definitely didn’t meet Brian Gu.”

“Damn, this Wayne Lin’s luck is really good, so I didn’t meet Brian Gu, and took a dog’s life!”

There were more than five hundred participants, and not everyone witnessed the battle between Wayne Lin and Brian Gu with their own eyes. They now see Wayne Lin coming out intact, and they all agree that Wayne Lin has not encountered

Brian Gu, luck is too good.

Including those three dealers, they are also frowning now, and they are particularly unhappy. They could make Wayne Lin a lot of money, two billion, but they didn’t meet it. This is too bullshit!

It means that Wayne Lin’s two billion will be returned to Wayne Lin, and the fat on his lips will be vomited out, which is uncomfortable.

The organizers also frowned, but they still followed the rules and said, “The hunting contest is officially over. You are the last group to come out. Show your nameplate.”

But no one showed it. The organizer said: “Please show your nameplate and let us register. The one with the highest nameplate is the leader of this hunting contest.”

Still no one was moving. At this moment, Wayne Lin carried a bag in his hand and walked up and said, “Don’t ask them, their nameplates are in my hand.”

The organizer frowned immediately, thinking that Wayne Lin was bragging. There were more than 300 people here. All the nameplates were in his hands? The leader is not him, can Brian Gu agree.

If it is not enough, he still follows the rules, saying indifferently: “Show the nameplate you have.”

Wayne Lin opened the bag and dropped a lot of nameplates. It was so spectacular that many people opened their eyes wide. Good deed, there are at least 400 nameplates here!

There are only 500 people participating in the competition, and 400 of them are in Wayne Lin’s hands. Doesn’t that mean…

Wait a minute, what about Brian Gu?

Soon someone asked this question, “Something’s wrong, how could Wayne Lin have so many nameplates, and Brian Gu?!”

Many people also realized this, and quickly looked at the crowd behind Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin thought of something, took out a golden nameplate from his trouser pocket, handed it to the organizer’s staff, and said, “Forget there is another one here.”

The staff took a look, and there were two words engraved on it: Brian Gu!

This means that this is the nameplate belonging to Brian Gu, let me go!

In an instant, the staff numbed their scalp and said, “This is Brian Gu’s nameplate? What about the others?!”

Many people opened their eyes when they heard the staff’s words, and hurriedly came to look at it. As expected, Brian Gu’s name was written.

Wayne Lin smiled faintly, and said, “Brian Gu is behind, you can see him immediately.”

As his voice fell, then two people carried a stretcher with a’person’ lying on it, pale, without a trace of blood, it was the dead Brian Gu.

When other people saw this scene, they felt cold in their hands and feet and chilled all over!

They are not stupid, they have already reacted, Brian Gu is dead! And he was killed by Wayne Lin!

In the next moment, all of them looked at Wayne Lin together, full of horror and terror.

Some people even suspected that they were dreaming, that Brian Gu, who was inexhaustible, was actually beaten to death by Wayne Lin? This……

The organizer’s staff reacted and their complexion became very exciting. Some people quit, hurriedly left, ran to a remote place, and called, “Chairman, something big happened, the vice chairman was defeated, and Wayne Lin was beaten. died!!”

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