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Chapter 125

Alma Chu knew that she had gone wrong, and her behavior was unreasonable in the eyes of normal people.

But she couldn’t control herself. Wayne Lin’s words made her mentality suddenly collapse. It turned out that she was wishful thinking from beginning to end. Chairman Zi Qiong saved her only because of Wayne Lin’s face. This really made her feel sad.

After signing the contract, Alma Chu officially became the chairman of Centec. The news soon spread. Situ Nan learned of the news that day, but he was so startled that he jumped up on the spot, incredible!

He was still waiting to see Shengke go bankrupt, and Alma Chu’s family fell into disarray. After he cleaned up Wayne Lin, he took advantage of the vacancy and took Alma Chu down. Unexpectedly, God made such a big joke for him.

An investment of 100 million yuan, this is not a small amount of money, you know, even him, it is not so easy to come up with this money. The point is that Centec has no investment value at all.

Moreover, this one hundred million is still accounted for by Ziqiong Film and Television Media Company, which is even more intriguing.

Situ Nan was in a bad mood, and later he also inquired that Wayne Lin seemed to know the mysterious chairman Ziqiong, a partner he knew when he was a child, so he was willing to invest 100 million in Centec!

It’s such a big deal. It’s no wonder that he invited Chairman Zi Qiong to dinner a while ago, but was directly rejected.

At the same time, it made sense, why Jeff Han would be so respectful to Wayne Lin’s trash, and his feelings are so related.

To tell the truth, he was very upset and jealous of Wayne Lin. Why was this kind of waste to be able to meet such a big man as Chairman Shiqiong. But it’s really unfair for a talented person like him to make friends!

Fortunately, he had the foresight and went to the Ugly Master.

Hmph, what about Wayne Lin even if you know Chairman Zi Qiong? Chou Ye is the underground emperor of Hwadrid, covering the sky with one hand. No one in Hwadrid can keep anyone who wants to move, not even the Lin family!

After understanding this, there was a sickly excitement in his heart. The deeper Wayne Lin’s background, the more fulfilling he felt. Nothing is more fulfilling than destroying a powerful opponent by hand!

However, there was still no movement on the Ugly Master’s side, which made him a little anxious, and it was not clear when the Ugly Master would take the shot. Due to the Ugly Master’s majesty, he did not dare to ask more.


The news also reached Berry Chu and Candice Liu. When Alma Chu and Wayne Lin returned home, they were immediately surrounded. Candice Liu said excitedly: “Alma! You have now become the chairman of Shengke.” Is there such a thing, say so in my family group.”

Berry Chu also blushed, too excited, “How can there be any fakes? This has been confirmed! My daughter is promising, and she is now the chairman of Centec, hahaha…”

Candice Liu said again, “Alma, tell me what’s the situation? Why did the old man give up his position to you? I heard that you have brought in a new investment and Shengke is back from the dead, right? Is there such a thing?”

“Yeah, Alma, I didn’t get through when I called you just now. Tell your dad what’s the situation? Which big boss made the investment? Is it Huang Wenhua? Or Situ Nan?”

“From my point of view, it must be Situ Nan!” Liu Su said with red words, “Situ Nan likes Alma.

, He is the son of Ascendas Company, he is very rich! This is true love. I really didn’t expect Situ Nan to have such a deep affection for Alma! That being said, we wrongly blamed him yesterday and shouldn’t embarrass him. “

Berry Chu also nodded and said, “Well, it makes sense. The kid Situ Nan bought a fake and gave it to us to please us. He is not bad in his heart, and he is better than Wayne Lin.”

Candice Liu said angrily: “Don’t mention Wayne Lin! I’ll be angry when you mention him! The blue and white porcelain worth 30 million is gone! Yes, the blue and white porcelain was indeed broken by me, but if he doesn’t take it to the hotel , But take it to the house as soon as possible, and tell us honestly, will I break it? This trash, it’s really not enough to fail!”

They talked with each other, and they kept chatting. Just at this moment, Wayne Lin walked in from the door with two big bags of things and heard what they said.

Alma Chu was in a irritable mood at first, and when she entered the door, she heard that they were making noise pollution. It was even more annoying. She frowned and scolded: “I said you can stop for a while? I don’t know anything, just there. Be smart. I tell you that this money was invested by Wayne Lin and has nothing to do with Situ Nan!”


“how is this possible?”

Both Berry Chu and Candice Liu were shocked and unbelievable.

Alma Chu had pushed them away and walked directly to the room.

Candice Liu thought of something, and then hurriedly asked: “Alma, are you kidding me? Where does Wayne Lin come from so much money?”

Alma Chu ignored her and went into the room, locked up.

Wayne Lin put the things down and said with a smile: “Mom, Alma said it well, it is indeed my investment, in the name of Alma.”

Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, Candice Liu felt like he was joking. At this moment, Berry Chu received a call. After hearing a few words, he suddenly raised his head, looked at Wayne Lin in shock, and blurted out: “Wayne Lin You, you invested 100 million?!”

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Yes.”

Now, Li Candice and Berry Chu’s expressions were extremely wonderful!

“Where did you get so much money?” Candice Liu thought of this and hurriedly asked.

Berry Chu’s eyes widened too. If it hadn’t been verified by phone, he would not have imagined that Wayne Lin, this waste, could get so much money.

Wayne Lin said lightly, “I borrowed it.”

Candice Liu showed such an expression as expected, and then she frowned and said vigilantly: “I tell you, this money has nothing to do with us! We won’t pay it back for you!”

She didn’t ask Wayne Lin where he borrowed it, and quickly cleared the relationship.

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes and was speechless. Fortunately, he had already figured out the character of his mother-in-law, otherwise he would be pissed to death, “Don’t worry, this is my own debt and won’t involve you.”

“That’s pretty much the same.” Candice Liu nodded, and then she learned from Wayne Lin that the 100 million yuan actually bought 55 percent of Centec’s shares and transferred all of them to Alma Chu. Wayne Lin didn’t benefit from a dime. She breathed a sigh of relief, and she despised Wayne Lin as a fool as expected. This kind of loss-making business was done.

Chapter 126

After coming back from the company, Alma Chu’s mood has always been bad, and she was so cold that she almost wrote a line of big characters: I am very upset, don’t come to provoke me.

Regarding this, Wayne Lin regretted it. How good would he have known that he would not use the name of Chairman Zi Qiong, but directly use his own name?

In the middle, he tried to talk to Alma Chu and apologize to her, but Alma Chu didn’t pay attention to her. She kept her face cold all the time, which caused him a headache.

When he went to bed at night, he also locked the door directly and prevented her from entering, which was equivalent to letting him sleep on the sofa outside.


Wayne Lin sighed long and slapped himself hard!

I’m such an idiot, my EQ is too low, and I didn’t realize that Alma Chu hated Chairman Zi Qiong, fortunately I was still there.

Think about it, too, Alma Chu has been embarrassed with Chairman Zi Qiong over and over again. With Alma Chu’s arrogant personality, how could she still have a good impression of Chairman Zi Qiong?

As for Alma Chu, would she like Chairman Zi Qiong? He didn’t think about it at all.

It seems that I will not mention the name of Chairman Zi Qiong in the future, so as not to make Alma Chu angry again.

Wayne Lin thought he had found the truth, and if Alma Chu knew his thoughts, he would definitely be furious.

Early the next morning, Wayne Lin was woken up by the phone. He picked it up and saw that it was a call from an unfamiliar number. He couldn’t help but frown. Who was calling? Logically, few people know his number.

Maybe it was some salesperson, so he simply pressed it down. It’s still early, and he wants to sleep a little longer.

However, it didn’t take long before the phone rang again, he pressed it off again, and turned silent.

But even so, the other party still persevered and dialed again. There was no ringtone, but it was still buzzing and vibrating. Wayne Lin’s sleepiness was shocked. He simply pressed the answer button and said impatiently: ” Who? Call me early in the morning, don’t you know it’s bedtime?”

The other party did not respond immediately, but after a while, an aggrieved voice came, “Why are you so fierce? I just want to ask you to have lunch…”

Is it the voice of a soft girl?

Wayne Lin was a little confused, who? He doesn’t seem to have any female friends in Hwadrid.

“Who are you?” Wayne Lin asked.

Unexpectedly, the other party’s tone became even more aggrieved, “Wayne Lin, can’t you even hear my voice? I am Guo Junyi. We only met yesterday.”

Guo Junyi?

Wayne Lin was stunned for a moment, and then he remembered, isn’t it the tomboy pretending to be a man, “It’s you, calling me so early, what’s the matter?”

Guo Junyi rolled her eyes and said, “Are you forgetful? Didn’t I just say that I wanted to invite you to lunch together.”

“No, I’ll eat at home.”

“Actually, I mainly want to make an appointment with you, can I go to buy a car with me? I am alone, not very familiar.”

“Buy a car?” Wayne Lin was taken aback for a moment, and then said, “Don’t you have no money, what car to buy?”

“That’s why I made an appointment with you, can you lend me another 300,000 yuan, I want to buy a car to travel.” Guo Junyi said.

Wayne Lin: “…”

He was speechless. Not long ago, he just borrowed one hundred thousand yuan to Guo Junyi. Only two days later, he had to borrow another three hundred thousand yuan. He really used him as an ATM.

“No money.” Wayne Lin simply refused.

Guo Junyi immediately said: “Don’t be so stingy, I will pay you back!”

“I said, Miss, do you overestimate our friendship? I just met you by the water…”

“Then I won’t pay you 100,000 yuan.” Guo Junyi snorted.

Wayne Lin was almost choked to death, how could there be such a shameless woman.

I had known that he shouldn’t be nosy at the beginning and let Guo Junyi be fooled. Anyway, a few million is not a big number for Guo Junyi.

In the end, Wayne Lin agreed to Guo Junyi. It was not that he was afraid of Guo Junyi’s threat, but he suddenly thought that he himself seemed to lack a car. With his current status, it was not a long-term thing to go to work every day.

After Alma Chu had breakfast, she went to work, but she still didn’t show Wayne Lin any good expressions.

Wayne Lin was very sad, but there was nothing he could do for a while.

He went to Ziqiong Company first, and was busy until one o’clock at noon when he received a call from Guo Junyi, only to remember that he was going to buy a car with Guo Junyi.

He hurriedly ate two bites of rice in the dining hall. After filling his stomach, he took a taxi to the place Guo Junyi said, a street dedicated to selling cars.

“I’m here, where are you?” Wayne Lin called Guo Junyi.

Guo Junyi said: “I’m here in Audi’s 4s shop, come here.”

Wayne Lin frowned and said, “Didn’t you say you want to buy a car less than 300,000 yuan? Why did you go to Audi’s 4s store?”

Guo Junyi on the phone seemed to be vague, and said, “Oh, I’m just waiting for you here, and I don’t have to buy it. Come here first. I am entangled by a guy here. It’s so annoying. “

Indeed, on the phone, Wayne Lin vaguely heard the flattering voice of a man.

And he didn’t know if it was Wayne Lin’s illusion, he even felt that this man’s voice sounded familiar!

“Okay, I’ll pass now.” Wayne Lin replied badly, and then began to look for Audi’s 4s store. Because they sell cars here, there are stores of any brand. Wayne Lin walked for more than ten minutes before he found Audi’s 4s store.

As soon as he entered, he was stopped by the salesperson. The other person asked kindly: “Sir, are you here to buy a car? What car do you want to buy?”

“I’m here to find a friend, so I won’t buy a car for now.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, the enthusiasm on the other side’s face immediately faded, and he gave a faint oh, and didn’t bother to entertain Wayne Lin again.

Other sales staff, seeing Wayne Lin wearing an ordinary street stall, are obviously ordinary salaried people, not rich people, and they must definitely not be able to buy a luxury car like Audi. They also have no desire to entertain Wayne Lin. Save time.

Wayne Lin smiled lightly at the salesperson’s indifference. He was used to it a long time ago, and he was happy.

But he swept around and didn’t see Guo Junyi. Where did this girl go?

However, when he was about to call Guo Junyi, he suddenly saw a beautiful voice, coming out of an Audi a7. Who else is it not Guo Junyi?

Several sales staff stood beside Guo Junyi, all of whom maintained a respectful attitude towards Guo Junyi.

“Ms. Guo, this Audi a7 is the latest model. It is especially suitable for your temperament. The price is not expensive. It only costs 800,000 yuan for the all-inclusive landing. And if there is an existing car, it can be picked up within three days.” The salesman introduced, his eyes kept peeking at Guo Junyi’s face.

Just when he turned around, Wayne Lin saw him clearly, and he was taken aback. Isn’t this an acquaintance?

Chapter 127

He is indeed an acquaintance, not anyone, but the same Chen Hao that he met at the Alma Chu Junior High School classmate meeting some time ago.

Wayne Lin still had friction with him, and he had been taught him a lesson, but he didn’t expect to meet him here.

The point is, isn’t this Chen Hao saying that he was very successful. He is the boss of some company? Why did you come to Audi as a salesperson?

Wayne Lin was very surprised. He didn’t go over immediately. After all, Chen Hao must have recognized him. After going out, he should call Guo Junyi and ask her to drive in another store.

Guo Junyi nodded and said, “It’s really good, and the power of 3.0t is enough.”

Hearing her words, Chen Hao suddenly showed a surprised expression, “Yes, Miss Guo, when do you plan to order the car? It happens that this a7 is a best-selling model. If you don’t order it in time, I’m afraid it will be snatched away soon. Yes. Just two days ago, many bosses came here to inquire.”

Guo Junyi said: “I’ll wait for my friend, he can book a car when he comes.”

“Oh, okay, okay, when will your friend come over? If it’s not so fast, you can wait in the VIP room. We have special snacks and tea.” Chen Hao kept smiling.

At this moment, Guo Junyi turned her head and saw Wayne Lin who was about to turn around to leave. His eyes lit up and said, “My friend is here!”

Then she strode towards Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin looked around until she found herself and walked over, suddenly feeling guilty, speeding up her pace.

It’s a pity that Guo Junyi walked faster. After a while, he caught up with Wayne Lin’s arm affectionately, and said, “You are here, great, I saw an Audi a7.”

Guo Junyi’s figure is very good, Wayne Lin was hugged by her arm like this, so that his nerves became tense!

At this moment, Chen Hao also saw Wayne Lin, he was taken aback for a moment, and then his expression changed drastically.

He recognized Wayne Lin instantly, and in an instant, there was a fire in his heart, and he rushed directly to his forehead, making his eyes red and gnashing his teeth.

He will never forget it for the rest of his life. Last time, Wayne Lin broke his good deeds and humiliated him severely.

The most important thing is that after that incident, his career plummeted. In just two months, he was facing bankruptcy. In the end, he had no choice but to come to Audi to work.

It can be said that he hates Wayne Lin and believes that Wayne Lin has ruined his life!

Now that Wayne Lin saw Wayne Lin, he was even more jealous when his enemies met.

When Wayne Lin was caught by Guo Junyi, he was very helpless. He knew that he could not leave, and Chen Hao had already found him. Fortunately, his relationship with Guo Junyi was innocent. Even if Alma Chu knew about it, he would not panic. The body is not afraid of shadow leaning.

“Didn’t you say you want to buy a car for 300,000 yuan? Why did you come to the Audi store?” Wayne Lin frowned.

Guo Junyi has recovered her daughter’s body. Yesterday she deliberately bought a lot of beautiful clothes. Now she is wearing a fashionable dress with her hair tied up. She looks youthful and beautiful. She exudes sex appeal and intelligence all over her body. She has a good temperament. You know it is Bai Fumei from Dafuzhijia.

On the contrary, before Wayne Lin set out, he changed to ordinary street stalls, and anyone with a discerning eye would think that he was a salaryman, and he was incompatible with Guo Junyi.

Guo Junyi is not a casual person. She grew up so much that, apart from her father, she did not hold another man’s arm so intimately, let alone touch her arm on her chest.

So all of a sudden, there were two balls on her face

Hongxia, feeling shy.

But what is strange is that she didn’t have any rejection or dislike, on the contrary, she felt quite enjoyable. You know, before this, she was very repellent to have intimate contact with the opposite sex. When others touch her hand, they will feel sick, let alone holding the opposite sex’s hand like this.

As for the reason, she didn’t go deep into it, she only knew that Wayne Lin was good, not like other men who approached her because they coveted her beauty and wealth.

Especially after Wayne Lin rescued her that night, she planted a seed invisible in her heart, which was gradually taking root.

She said in a coquettish tone: “The total price is 800,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan as a down payment. I won’t lend you a penny.”

Wayne Lin’s mouth twitched. Ms. Guo is really willing to buy a 800,000 car!

“Why do you buy such an expensive car? Didn’t you just buy it for transportation?” Wayne Lin frowned.

Guo Junyi said: “Where is the 800,000 car expensive? There is more than this number for any car in my family.”

This Wayne Lin believed that although he did not investigate Guo Junyi’s background, he knew that she came from a rich family only by looking at Guo Junyi’s temperament and conversation.

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes and was about to speak, when Chen Hao walked over, with a playful smile on his face, and said, “Miss Guo, who is the rich friend you mentioned?”

Chen Hao pointed at Wayne Lin and said with a disdainful face.

He knows that Wayne Lin can fight, and he is far from Wayne Lin’s opponent, but now he is in the Audi shop, in broad daylight, so what if Wayne Lin can fight again? Does Wayne Lin dare to do it? He hoped that Wayne Lin would dare to hit him, then he would lie down and let Wayne Lin be detained!

Guo Junyi didn’t know that Chen Hao knew Wayne Lin. Seeing Chen Hao’s contemptuous attitude towards Wayne Lin, she frowned and felt very uncomfortable. She said, “Manager Chen, what is your attitude? The customer is God. Sales manager, how do you treat your God like this?”

Other sales staff also looked at Chen Hao questioningly. Yes, as a sales manager, Chen Hao is very professional. Even in the face of poor customers, he can greet him with a smile. Why is his tone so aggressive now?

Chen Hao also knew that he was not doing this properly, but when he saw Wayne Lin, he couldn’t stay awake, and laughed haha, “Miss Guo, I just thought of you as a god. Ah. I’m afraid you don’t know who this man is?”

Chen Hao said this very loudly, and his tone was full of various targets, which immediately attracted all the customers who watched the car around.

Chinese people have a characteristic, that is, they like to watch lively activities, no matter what level they are at.

Guo Junyi was stunned for a moment, and she finally realized that the sales manager surnamed Chen in front of her obviously knew Wayne Lin.

Moreover, looking at Chen Hao’s appearance, is there any hidden secret in Wayne Lin?

She held Wayne Lin’s hand intimately, and subconsciously relaxed.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly and said to Guo Junyi: “Let’s go, go to another 4s shop.”

However, his performance fell in the eyes of everyone and became a manifestation of guilty conscience.

Guo Junyi hesitated for a while, nodded, and followed Wayne Lin.

It’s just that Chen Hao finally caught this opportunity for revenge. How could he let Wayne Lin go so easily? He immediately said loudly: “Wayne Lin, what, you have a guilty heart? As the son-in-law of the Chu family, you dare to carry it. Alma Chu is dipping flowers and grass outside, you are really amazing!”

The words fell, and immediately, everyone’s eyes looked at Wayne Lin with something wrong.

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