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Chapter 260

Alma Chu hadn’t encountered such an embarrassing thing for a long time, and she didn’t want to stay any longer.

She regrets it very much now. She had known this kind of gathering a long time ago, but she would not agree to come over. This time she was fooled.

Seeing all the men and women who are hooking their shoulders and doing their backs, Alma Chu can’t stop blushing, she has never felt uncomfortable before!

She came here tonight and was pulled over by an important client. At first she thought she was here for a meal and met other bosses, but she didn’t expect it to be a gathering of this nature! I knew this was the case, she wouldn’t come over if she was killed.

This client is a shareholder of a decoration company and has a strong cooperative relationship with Shengke Lighting. She usually walks relatively close to Alma Chu. She is considered to be a sister. She is also very virtuous and peaceful, but she never expected , There will be such a different side behind the scenes, actually cheating outside! You know, she is already married, and the children are going to junior high school. Now she is hooking her shoulders with other men, making various affectionate gestures, and saying all kinds of explicit words. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, Alma Chu couldn’t believe it was true!

“Sister Ai Chu, I said where did you go? I haven’t been able to see anyone, so I came here.”

Just after Alma Chu and Wayne Lin finished the phone call, a voice came from behind Alma Chu, and a hand was put on her waist, blowing in her ear. It was not who, it was the one who brought her here. An important customer.

Suddenly, Alma Chu’s muscles tightened, especially her ears, with goose bumps.

“Sister Hong, don’t talk in my ear, I’m particularly ticklish.” Alma Chu quickly left from Sister Hong, and said uncomfortably.

Sister Hong is a middle-aged woman about forty years old. Her figure is a little out of shape. She started to get a middle-aged haircut. Seeing that Alma Chu is so young, in such a good figure, and still looks so beautiful, her eyes unconsciously show envy. With an expression of jealousy, he said, “Sister Chu, my sister was almost like you twenty years ago. She has a good figure and a pretty face with collagen on her face. It’s a pity, it’s a pity that time is not forgiving.”

When Alma Chu heard such words, she had no choice but to laugh, and said, “Sister Hong, you are also very young now, and you are in good shape.”

After hearing Alma Chu’s flattery, Sister Hong showed some relief on her face, waved her hand, and said, “Don’t talk about this, let’s go and play. Tonight’s party is very rare. Many high-quality handsome guys in the circle have come here. They see You can’t move your eyes. Especially that Long Feiyu. He is one of the shareholders of Everlasting Real Estate. He is young, rich and handsome. He is well-known in our circle and is very popular. I don’t know how many people want Hook up with him.”

Sister Hong said, pointing to a man in the hall. The man was dressed in a white suit with meticulously combed hair, handsome in appearance, tall and straight, and he was the best among men.

When Alma Chu saw it, she had to admit that this man named Long Feiyu was very attractive and was very lethal to women, but it was not attractive to her.

“Sister Hong, I’m already married.” Alma Chu said vaguely.

Sister Hong sneered, and said indifferently: “Look at what you said, which of the sisters here is not married? Most of them still have children. They still have children. Don’t even talk about having children, even grandchildren. There are a lot of people who come out to play. Like us rich women, what is the meaning of life if they don’t come out to play? Besides, who has stipulated that only men can come out to play, but women can’t come out to play? Sister Chu , I brought you into this circle after seeing you as a good person. Don’t let me down on my kindness towards you.”

Hearing these words of Sister Hong, Alma Chu simply wanted Sanguan to collapse, and the more regretful she was in her heart, why did she come to a place like this with Sister Hong!

If it is to change

Alma Chu had already left because of other people, but this person was Sister Hong, a major customer of the company, and she couldn’t offend him, so she said patiently, “Sister Hong, I am still not suitable for this kind of place. So go back first?”

Sister Hong pretended to be displeased and said, “Sister Chu, you are not giving me face! During this time, I have taken care of your company’s business.”

Alma Chu quickly explained: “Sister Hong, you misunderstood, I didn’t mean that, but I can’t drink, just drink it, and it’s too early now, my husband told me to go back…”

“If you can’t drink, then don’t drink so much. As for your husband, just refuse him. Besides, your husband is not a door-to-door son-in-law, he has nothing to do with him. Let’s play with ourselves. That’s it. I believe Sister Hong, you are more resistant because it is the first time. After you play once, you will know the benefits. I guarantee you will be grateful to Sister Hong in the future.”

With that said, Sister Hong took Alma Chu’s hand and walked towards the crowded place.

There are a lot of people in this banquet hall. I am afraid that there are hundreds of them. They are all rich people in the upper class. The scene is very unsightly. If Alma Chu hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she would not believe that there is still money in this world. There is such a thing.

It can be said that Alma Chu is the most beautiful woman with the best figure in the audience, and she is also a newcomer, so she attracted the attention of all men after she appeared on the stage. The eyes looking at her were full of aggressiveness, especially hot. Without disguising. This made Alma Chu feel unusually uncomfortable, like sitting on pins and needles, and didn’t want to stay any longer!

Helplessly, Sister Hong grabbed her very tightly, not letting her leave, and had to grab her over.

“Oh Sister Hong, I really want to go back…” Alma Chu’s voice already brought some pleadings and panic.

It’s a pity that Sister Hong has already drunk her head, and her spirits are particularly high. As a person who comes by, she knows that Alma Chu was shy the first time she came. After the first time, she will be completely let go. After all, she was like this at the beginning. Come here, I don’t know how much fun these years.

“Introduce you to a new member, Alma Chu, the new chairman of Shengke Lighting. It is the first time for her to play in the circle. Men should be gentle with my sister.” Sister Hong said with a big smile.

When the men heard that it was the first time that Alma Chu had come into the circle, he was still a chairman, and all his eyes lighted up.

Especially Long Feiyu’s gaze was the hottest. He stared directly at Alma Chu and made no secret of his strong interest in Alma Chu. The corners of his mouth also began to rise, revealing a smile of a hunter staring at his prey.

Alma Chu was stared at by these people. She was particularly disturbed and panicked. She hurriedly said to Sister Hong, “Sister Hong, I really want to leave. I have already called my husband and he is coming soon. “

Sister Hong immediately pulled her face down and said angrily, “Sister Chu, what do you mean? I kindly brought you in. You kept saying you want to leave, and you called your husband, but you didn’t give me. Face.”

“No, no, I didn’t mean that!” Alma Chu hurriedly explained: “Sister Hong, how could I not give you face, but I am really not suitable for this place, I can’t do things that are sorry for my husband, so I really I’m leaving. My husband will be here soon. If he sees this, he will be very angry.”

However, when the men present heard her words, their eyes became brighter. The more they came out to play, the more they liked to focus on those couples who had good relationships, so that they would feel more fulfilled in conquering. In addition, Alma Chu is so young and beautiful, she is simply the best of the best!

Long Feiyu drank the wine in the goblet in his hand, then strode over and said to Alma Chu: “Miss Chu, hello, get to know, I am Long Feiyu from Eternal Real Estate, since you are Sheng The chairman of Ke Lighting believes that we will have many opportunities for cooperation in the future.”

Chapter 261

I have to say that Long Feiyu is really handsome, he doesn’t know how many times he is more handsome than Wayne Lin, he is not of the same level at all. Especially Long Feiyu is tall and wearing a white suit, he is the image of Prince Charming. He doesn’t know how many women he wants to conquer.

If it weren’t for the so many experiences between Alma Chu and Wayne Lin, and the deep-rooted love, she would inevitably be emotional.

Now Alma Chu looked at Long Feiyu, without any fluctuations in her heart, and her expression was very flat, she just said hello, “Mr. Long, hello.”

Long Feiyu saw that Alma Chu’s reaction to him was so cold, and some dissatisfaction flashed in his eyes. He has a great reputation in this circle. I don’t know how many married women want to have a relationship with him. It is too late to cheat him. , It was the first time I met Alma Chu who was so indifferent to him. For his haughty character, this is an offense.

However, the colder Alma Chu’s attitude towards him, the stronger his desire to conquer Alma Chu, and the more playful smile on his face.

The other men showed regret and unwillingness when they saw Long Feiyu go out. In their opinion, Alma Chu would definitely be conquered by Ma Feiyu, and it would not be their turn.

For Alma Chu’s top quality, it was already in front of her, but she couldn’t eat it in one bite, which was simply torture.

No way, who would let them not have the strength of Ma Feiyu, they can only wait for Ma Feiyu to pick up second-hand ones after getting tired of playing.

Alma Chu couldn’t see the thoughts in these men’s hearts, she was extremely nauseous, she really couldn’t stay here for a moment, especially Long Feiyu’s eyes, as if she would definitely be conquered by him, really disgusting.

So she immediately said to Sister Hong: “Sister Hong, I really want to go back, next time I will invite you to dinner.”

“Hey, this is a good time, why are you leaving so early?” Sister Hong frowned and said.

Alma Chu didn’t dare to offend Sister Hong easily, so she said embarrassedly: “Sister Hong, it’s not that I don’t give you face, but that my husband is coming soon and he sees it badly.”

Sister Hong heard that Alma Chu was leaving again and again. She was about to stay and was about to agree. At this time, a woman said: “Sister Hong, you also know the rules of our circle. Come if you want, and leave if you want. Where is it? You recommended Alma Chu to come in, but now she just came in for a meal and said she was leaving. What do you mean, do you still have us in your eyes?”

Others also echoed: “Aying is right. The threshold of our circle is very high. Everyone is an upper class person with a face and a face. We also let Alma Chu come in because of your face. As a result, she is now Suddenly he said that he was leaving, what do you think of us here, the vegetable market?”

“Sister Hong, you have to consider it, we are looking at your face!”

Several people began to attack Sister Hong and put pressure on Sister Hong. Immediately, Sister Hong’s expression turned off. She said to Alma Chu: “Everyone is right. This circle doesn’t just enter or retreat if you want to retreat. “

After listening to Alma Chu’s face suddenly changed: “Sister Hong, I really…”

Sister Hong interrupted her and said, “In this way, before your husband comes, you don’t want to leave, and chat with everyone. If you still can’t stay, go again.”

Alma Chu bit her lip. She wants to leave now, but in this situation, she also knows that she can’t go away. Once she leaves, then Shengke Lighting will definitely be unable to move in Hwadrid.

After some weighing, she had no choice but to agree and stayed until Wayne Lin came to pick her up.

Seeing her promise, Sister Hong smiled on her face, patted her on the shoulder, and whispered, “Sister Chu, I know your mood, but I just can’t let go of it. I feel sorry for your husband. But you believe my sister, It’s also difficult for the first time. As long as you take this step, heaven will greet you with endless happiness, you know?”

Alma Chu had to show an awkward smile, not easy to refute.

She was a very traditional and chaste person when she was young, and she really couldn’t do these things for her.

Don’t say

Now she and Wayne Lin’s feelings have deepened, that is, in the past, Wayne Lin’s most useless words, she did not do these extraordinary things.

But now that Sister Hong has said so, she is not good to give her face, so she has to stay temporarily until Wayne Lin arrives.

Long Feiyu sat down beside her, poured her a glass of red wine, and said with a smile: “Miss Chu, you are not a married person at all. You are too young and pure. I have seen many young women, you I don’t have the temperament of a young woman at all. I’m really curious, how did you do it?”

Long Feiyu sat down next to her, leaning closer, and deliberately hitting her hand on the sofa behind her when she spoke, half-length facing Alma Chu, aggressive, and the high-end perfume on her body kept moving towards Chu. Fei drilled in her nose, which made Alma Chu feel very uncomfortable, and quickly moved away to keep her distance from Long Feiyu.

“Mr. Long, please don’t get too close. I’m already married.” Alma Chu said righteously. She grabbed her bag and stood in front of her with a strong sense of defense.

Long Feiyu saw that Alma Chu was so defensive against him, and he was even more unhappy. It didn’t show up on the surface. He still kept a handsome smile and said, “Miss Chu, don’t be so nervous, I just want to make friends with you. That’s it. I heard from Sister Hong, you are the chairman of Shengke Lighting. It’s not easy. For a chairman as young and beautiful as you, I think you are the only one in the whole Huarvell. I happen to be a real estate company. This is my business card, and I often order lighting. If you are interested, we can have in-depth cooperation.”

He deliberately pronounced the word “deep” harder, and looked at Alma Chu, the meaning expressed is self-evident.

Alma Chu was a little moved. He had heard of Everlasting Real Estate, which is considered a relatively powerful real estate company in Huarvell. If it can cooperate with Everlasting Real Estate, it is indeed a good thing for Centec Lighting.

She took Long Feiyu’s business card, but Long Feiyu’s purpose was not pure. When she came to pick up the business card, she deliberately touched her fingertips, with a smirk on her face and molested Alma Chu.

In an instant, Alma Chu’s face changed, she wanted to lose her temper, but she held back.

She took out her mobile phone to send a message to Wayne Lin, wanting to ask where Wayne Lin was, but Wayne Lin didn’t reply, which made her very disappointed.

After that, Long Feiyu came to talk to her on various topics. She was extremely skilled, and Alma Chu had been picked up by him several times, and her heart rate had accelerated. Fortunately, her will was very firm, and she would never do anything to betray Wayne Lin, causing all of Long Feiyu’s sultry skills to fail, like a fist hit in the air, making Long Feiyu suffocated to the extreme.

Long Feiyu is a very conceited person. In terms of sultrying sisters, he thinks he is the number one in Huarvell. There is no woman in the world that he can’t get. Now the more Alma Chu resists, the more indifferent, his desire to conquer The stronger! I vowed to take Alma Chu down.

So he tried his best to show Alma Chu. It’s a pity that Alma Chu remained indifferent, and finally made him a little embarrassed into anger, “Miss Chu, I have toasted you so many times, but you haven’t drank it once, so you don’t give me face, is this bad?”

Alma Chu still doesn’t look like oil and salt, shook her head and said, “Sorry, my husband doesn’t like me to drink, otherwise he will be angry.”

Long Feiyu was completely irritated and smirked, “According to what you said, your husband is so powerful, that makes you so devoted to him.”

“Of course, my husband is the most perfect man in the world.” Alma Chu raised her head and said, with brilliance in her eyes.

When Long Feiyu saw Alma Chu’s appearance, he still didn’t get in. He was really annoyed, and he also hated Alma Chu’s husband invisibly.

“I really want to see your husband, what kind of person is it.” Long Feiyu said with a gloomy expression.

Alma Chu said, “He is on the way to pick me up, you will see it later.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Alma Chu’s cell phone rang. She took it out and saw that it was Wayne Lin who called her. She was surprised and answered the phone, “Hey, Wayne, are you there?”

Chapter 262

Wayne Lin was taken aback when he heard the surprise in Alma Chu’s tone, and then nodded, “Well, I just got downstairs, you come down by yourself or me up?”

Alma Chu said: “I’ll go down, you wait a moment.”

“it is good.”

After hanging up the phone, Alma Chu said to Long Feiyu: “My husband is here, Mr. Long, I will be separated first.”

The corners of Long Feiyu’s mouth twitched slightly, Alma Chu’s performance tonight was a blow to him, and she even began to doubt her charm at one time.

As a man, he stood up and said: “Since your husband is here, let your husband come to meet and meet him, maybe your husband wants to be in this circle too.”

Long Feiyu said this sentence with playfulness and ridicule on his face. He did not lie. This is the fact. In this circle, there are several pairs of legal couples, each playing its own way and being very open.

But for Alma Chu, this is too subversive. She thinks that Long Feiyu is molesting her, and her face changes now, and she says: “Mr. Long! Please take care of yourself, I am not the kind of watery flower you imagined, no The moral bottom line woman, my husband is the same!”

She said this a bit loudly, and several women around her heard it. She frowned and became unhappy. A woman said in a bad tone: “Hey, Alma Chu, what do you mean by that? Is it a woman with no moral bottom line?”

“It’s really outrageous! We just made an exception for Sister Hong’s face and let you participate in it. Your land is good. You came here and ate our food. Instead, you installed it there? If you were clean, you would run to us. Come here?”

“It’s really bad luck. I thought that everyone was so crowded tonight and could have fun a little bit, but I didn’t expect to meet such a person and it was really disappointing!”

“When she looks like this, she knows she is a vixen. Maybe she has worn many green hats to her husband behind her back, and she still has her face in there.”

“That’s right, when I look at my looks, I know it’s a prodigious character.”

“How do you say that sentence? Come to think of it! Being a b*tch and setting up a torii, is she talking about people like her?”


What Alma Chu said just now aroused public outrage and became the target of attacks by many women around. These women are people who have been in the circle for a long time, and they are extremely dirty. They have instinct for a chaste woman like Alma Chu. Repulsion.

Hearing these words made Alma Chu extremely uncomfortable. She has always been chaste, and apart from Wayne Lin, she has never had any intimate behavior with other men, let alone being freak! It is even said that she has been married for many years and still maintains her innocence. These women are naked slander and insult to her!

“You nonsense! I have never done anything to be sorry for my husband. I am not like you. I am obviously married, but I came out to steal men and betray my husband!” Alma Chu burst out with excitement.

Her words were undoubtedly a declaration of war to these women at the scene, pushing herself to the opposite side.

“What are you talking about, kind of say it again!”

“Who are you scolding, you are looking for death!”

“What are you doing so much with her, sisters, teach her, give her some color!”

“Yes, didn’t she say that she was chaste, so we took off her clothes and let her show it to so many men!”

When so many men present heard these words, everyone’s eyes lighted up, showing green light, and they nodded and said okay, okay, their breathing became much faster, and they kept looking at Alma Chu.

Alma Chu listen

At this point, she was immediately frightened, took two steps back, and said in a panic: “Don’t mess around!”

“Hehe, don’t mess around? I’ll take off your clothes and see if you can put it on.”

“That is, the boss of a small lighting company doesn’t even count as a fart in our eyes, and he dares to offend us? I don’t know how to write death words!”

“Sisters, don’t talk nonsense anymore, just do it, take off her clothes, and then record the video as her handle, otherwise this b*tch will definitely tell us about us.”

When other people heard this sentence, their expressions changed slightly. Yeah, these things are not visible in the society. Once Alma Chu spread it out and their partners knew about it, their lives would be ruined.

For insurance, they must kill Alma Chu this potential threat!

So what is the safest way? It must be to pull Alma Chu into the water, so as to ensure their safety.

For a moment, their eyes flashed green, and they sneered, but they surrounded Alma Chu.

For a while, Alma Chu was in extreme danger, and she began to regret it a bit. Why didn’t she call Wayne Lin on the phone just now!

At this time she saw Sister Hong and quickly asked for help: “Sister Hong, help me, my husband is here, just wait for me downstairs, I have to go down.”

However, Sister Hong didn’t pay attention to her, she just looked at her indifferently, and even brought some anger, and said: “Alma Chu, I invited you here because you are a good person. As a result, you have a little face. Don’t give it to me, and even said that I am a profane woman with no moral bottom line? If this is the case, then you wait for everyone’s sanctions!”

Alma Chu immediately panicked, and she quickly apologized: “Sister Hong, I was wrong, I didn’t mean that! Please let me go, I promise I won’t talk about your affairs! I don’t think I will be here tonight. Yes, is it okay? I beg you, Sister Hong.”

It’s a pity that Sister Hong ignored her at all and turned her face aside.

Because of Sister Hong’s indifference, other people no longer had any scruples, they all showed malicious smiles and began to surround Alma Chu.

Alma Chu panicked completely, turned and ran.

It’s a pity that she was already trapped in a siege, and she was a weak woman who had no power to resist. She was caught right now. She tried to struggle and couldn’t move. , It is completely lamb to be slaughtered.

“Please don’t do this, I really don’t mean to laugh at you!”

“Sister Hong, help me, I promise not to tell you what happened tonight, even my husband won’t say…”

“My husband is the chairman of Ziqiong Media. He is very powerful. If he knew that you bullied me like this, the consequences would be very serious!”

Alma Chu yelled, panicked, really scared.

Her last words caught the attention of some people, “What? This b*tch’s husband is the chairman of Michelle Media? This is a big man.”

“What should I do? Is it really going to let her go?”

Many people looked at Sister Hong for advice.

Sister Hong said disdainfully: “Listen to her, her husband is called Wayne Lin, she’s just a son-in-law, and she’s useless.

When the others heard this, they were relieved, and then they were ready to do it.

However, just when Alma Chu was about to suffer a murderous attack, suddenly the door was kicked open violently.

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