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Chapter 764

Wayne Lin was also surprised. Speaking of it, he has not seen the Lin family for almost two years. Although he has always been in Hwadrid, he has always deliberately avoided the Lin family and does not want to be with the Lin family again. , Had any relationship, but I did not expect that I would meet the Lin family here.

At this moment, his mood is quite complicated.

Before, he really hated the Lin family, even hated him, because of the injustice and bullying of the Lin family.

However, two years ago, he personally went to the Lin family, slapped his face severely, and avenged his revenge, but he didn’t kill Lin Zihao at that time.

Over the past two years, too much has happened, especially his status, which has improved a lot. The layout and vision are not comparable to before, so he now has no hatred for the Lin Family.

He glanced over and saw that Lin Zihao suffered serious injuries, bruised all over his body, and even his face was beaten and swollen. He looked particularly miserable.

In addition to Lin Zihao, there were Lin Shaoang, Vicky Lin and others, who were also slapped with color, and even Dabo Hanson Lin was slapped.

Now they are in a state of despair, decadence, and grief.

Wayne Lin knew right away. Obviously, it was the Lin family who clashed with this group of foreigners and was taught a lot.

It sounds a lot, but in fact, it was only a matter of one or two seconds. Those foreigners discovered that only a tall and thin young man who appeared ordinary, and immediately laughed contemptuously, and didn’t stop at all. Wayne Lin looked at it.

One of the foreigners, who was 1.9 meters tall, said contemptuously: “The chief instructor you are talking about is this kid?”

His tone is incomparable contempt and disdain.

Daniel nodded vigorously, and said with a sneer: “Yes! This is our chief instructor, and he can abuse them with just one finger! You are over!”

The translator quickly translated Daniu’s words, and the six foreigners even leaned forward and backward with a smile.

“Hahahaha, I really laughed at me, a monkey with no hairs is actually the chief instructor of your country of China. It seems that your country is empty, rubbish, all rubbish!”

“Originally I thought that in this Kung Fu Cup, even if you could not make it to the quarterfinals, at least you could make it to the top 16. Now it seems that your China is gone, it’s all rubbish, you can’t even make it to the top 16. Hahaha.”

They made no secret of their ridicule. If you owe more beatings, you owe more beatings. In the end, there is a foreigner who raised his tail to everyone, raised his head, and said with contempt and disdain: “You Chinese are all sick men. ,Rubbish.”

And he deliberately said in Mandarin: “You are, trash…”

His remarks immediately angered everyone, and Daniel and the others were even more angry and angry, and pointed at them.

“Hey, what are you talking about! Looking for death, you kind of say it again!”

“It is unreasonable, you foreign devils, dare to run to our country to go wild, I think you are living impatiently!”

“What are you talking about with them, just take them down and put them in custody, to see if they are still crazy or not!”

“It’s so presumptuous. In front of our chief instructor, if I dare to do this, I’m looking for death!!”

big cow

They were gearing up, surrounded them, and wanted to do it again.

This group of foreigners was full of disdain, and did not put them in their eyes at all. Instead, they hooked their fingers and provoked.

At this moment, Wayne Lin spoke, “Stop it.”

Daniel and the others respected Wayne Lin, stopped immediately, and said to Wayne Lin: “Chief instructor, they are too much! We must teach them a lesson, otherwise they will have to make an inch of it and don’t put our country in the eyes. what!”

Others also expressed their opinions one after another, their eyes were red, and it was obvious that they were really angry.

The dozen or so Lin family members were also looking straight at Wayne Lin, but none of them spoke. For them, the appearance of Wayne Lin made them very embarrassed.

A few years ago, they drove out Wayne Lin like a dog, humiliating Wayne Lin to their heart’s content. At that time, the Lin family was still the first family of Hwadrid City, with endless scenery, but Wayne Lin was just a dog who lost the family.

Unexpectedly, the feng shui took turns, and within a few years, the identity of the two parties changed drastically.

Especially Lin Zihao, his mood now is even more uncomfortable.

“You are not their opponents.” Wayne Lin said lightly, immediately making Daniel and the others ashamed, and lowered their heads, “Chief instructor, we are useless and shame you.”

Wayne Lin waved his hand, and then said to the foreigners: “Who gave you the courage to make trouble in China?”

He stepped out now, staring at the other side, quite a bit of a savvy man.

But those foreigners didn’t know who the young man they were facing was. They thought Wayne Lin was just a silver gun and wax head, and immediately a tall foreigner said arrogantly: “I’m making trouble in your country. What can you do? We can come to China to give you face to China! You China should entertain us with the best sincerity, otherwise, our country will not come to your China to invest or give you technology to use. Back to the feudal era in an instant.”

Wayne Lin squinted his eyes, he was already a little angry, “I am the chief instructor of Hua Guo Xuanyuan No. 3, since you have arrived in China, you should abide by the rules of our country, and you have not abided by the rules. , I even beat up our Chinese compatriots and dared to blackmail them on the spot. According to the laws of our country, all of you will go to jail! However, our country has always been a country of etiquette, thinking that you are the first offenders, I can give you tolerance. You immediately apologize and pay compensation. I can go to jail without arresting you.”

As if they heard a big joke, these foreigners laughed loudly, looking at Wayne Lin’s eyes as if they were looking at a clown.

“Hahaha, I heard you right? This yellow-skinned monkey actually said he wanted to arrest us and go to jail?”

“This is a lunatic.”

“No, this is a fool, his brain is burned out.”

“It’s no wonder that China is so weak that even such a fool can become the chief instructor. There is no one in China.”

When everyone heard these words, they gritted their teeth and hated them. Those Lin family originally had hope for Wayne Lin, but now they all feel that Wayne Lin is afraid of these foreigners, bullying and fearing hardship.

Wayne Lin laughed at this moment, “I have already given you the opportunity. Since you didn’t cherish it, don’t blame me for being polite.”

When the voice fell, he shot directly…

Chapter 765

Wayne Lin’s movements were not fast, everyone present could clearly see his movements, because of his shots, the atmosphere of the audience suddenly changed. The agents of Daniel began to get excited one by one, their faces began to flush, their eyes widened, and they wanted to watch Wayne Lin severely teach these damn foreigners.

As for those Lin family members, they are not very optimistic about Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin will definitely suffer this time, because two of these foreigners are masters of innate realm, especially the blond hair. In the innate realm, they are all considered powerful. As for Wayne Lin, where is his opponent?

The foreigner looked at Wayne Lin even daring to shoot at him. He suddenly showed a cruel and disdainful sneer. He said a sentence of death in English, and then he started to move, punching Wayne Lin in the face.

Don’t even think of him as the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow, but he is a professional fighting expert, and he has to participate in many competitions throughout the year. He is powerful, and even an ordinary warrior is not his opponent. Especially his fists are very heavy. He is known as the “heavy gunner” and he can knock off his opponent with one punch. Now Wayne Lin is two laps smaller than him, and he is not a heavyweight at all. Wayne Lin fainted.

The other foreigners also laughed happily, thinking that Wayne Lin must be unlucky this time.

But soon, the scene that happened shocked them all.

When Wayne Lin came to the foreigner, he slapped the opponent’s fist with a slap without evasive. Then he slapped the opponent’s fist with a crack. On the other’s shoulder, there was another cracking fracture, which directly patted the foreigner to the ground.

With a plop, he fell heavily to the ground and let out a bleak scream.

The shock caused by Wayne Lin’s palm to those present is still very huge, especially Wayne Lin’s body, compared with the other party, it is really much worse, like a child, shooting a strong adult Like dead.


First of all, everyone in the Lin family opened their eyes wide and their expressions were very surprised. They all thought that Wayne Lin was about to suffer badly, but they didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would defeat each other with this kind of strength. .

As a half-brother, Lin Zihao brows fiercely. Since childhood, he has been bullying Wayne Lin. Even if he lost to Wayne Lin last time, he didn’t feel like he and Wayne Lin. How big the gap between them is, he will always be able to catch up with Wayne Lin one day with hardship, and he will be ashamed.

But now, the strength that Wayne Lin unconsciously showed was already beyond his imagination.

This foreigner, if it is one-on-one, he can beat, but he can never do so easily.

As for the big cows, they are not surprised, they all know Wayne Lin’s strength, the great demon king of the innate realm of Dzogchen, kidding, it is not like trampling on the ants to kill a foreigner at the peak of the acquired day.

But those foreigners reacted the most, and they immediately became furious.

“Damn! You yellow-skinned monkey, you dare to hurt Jack, you are dead!”

“Despicable Chinese, you must have used some despicable means to figure out Jack! You are so bold!”

“Shameless and despicable Chinese, you

This is looking for death! “

They scolded Wayne Lin and immediately surrounded Wayne Lin, and there were two foreigners who began to attack Wayne Lin, and they still attacked Wayne Lin from behind. They attacked Wayne Lin very hard, and greeted Wayne Lin’s head vigorously. It is to kill Wayne Lin.

It can be seen how arrogant and arrogant they are. As foreigners, they dare to make such unreasonable actions in a foreign country. It is no longer as simple as looking down on China.

Wayne Lin would naturally not show mercy to such a bad foreigner. He has always been a person with a clear grievance and grievances. He snorted and kicked it out with 10% effort.

Even with this strength, it is not something that the two foreigners at the peak of the acquired day can bear. I saw these two foreigners weighing more than two hundred catties, flying out directly in the air, and hitting the back wall heavily. There was a loud bang, and the whole room began to tremble.

When he fell down, he passed out directly.

Moreover, Wayne Lin used secret energy with this kick, even if they did not kill them, they would never want to spend their lives normally in the future, they would spend it forever in pain.

Wayne Lin has never been a benevolent person. Don’t look at him as he usually takes care of people and things. He is gentle and easy to talk, but once he becomes ruthless, it is a devilish existence.

In just three seconds, the three tall and magnificent foreigners were resolved, and with this kind of crushing posture, the foreigners’ arrogance was lost by more than half, and the pupils were obviously contracted, deep. Staring at him, the other two innate realm masters are a little better, but they put away their arrogance and contempt, full of hostility.

But the last post-acquisition peak was left, and his feet were already shaking.

In particular, he was immediately stared by Wayne Lin’s eyes, and his whole body was shaken with fright, almost peeing on his pants.

It’s not that he is timid, but Wayne Lin’s eyes are too sharp. After staring at each other for that moment, he seems to see the death god, the cold and merciless sickle, placed on his neck, and he will be hooked away at any time. Life.

He grew up so old and had never suffered from this kind of breath, as if he was really going to die anytime.

The scene suddenly fell silent, and the dozens of Lin family members on the side looked at Wayne Lin now, not as simple as surprise, but shocking, unbelievable, and deeply unfamiliar and awe.

For a moment, they all suspected that the Wayne Lin in front of them was not the Wayne Lin they knew.

They grew up watching Wayne Lin. Although he was very talented since he was a child and learned everything quickly, he was still relatively simple and kind in character. He was definitely not as decisive and aggressive as he is now. If Wayne Lin had been this character since he was a child, they didn’t care about expelling Wayne Lin from the Lin family.

Wayne Lin noticed the look in their eyes and glared at them with a smile.

And this look made them even more frightened, their faces became pale, they didn’t dare to look at Wayne Lin at all, and quickly lowered their heads.

Heart and liver thumped without stopping.

Lin Zihao couldn’t resist Wayne Lin’s gaze and lowered his head, but he was very puzzled and unwilling. He couldn’t understand how the younger brother who had been oppressed by him had grown to this point?

Chapter 766

I have to say that Wayne Lin is still quite relieved when he sees the Lin family now.

Back then, after he inherited his grandfather’s fortune and made some achievements in martial arts, he indeed went back to the Lin family to take revenge, and he defeated Lin Zihao and vented his resentment.

However, it would be unrealistic to say that his hatred of the Lin Family was eliminated at once. Although the hatred was not much, it was still a little bit more or less. Now that he saw the Lin Family so shocked, he was still very happy.

But speaking of it, even if the Lin Family is shocked, he can’t be touched too much, because he has grown too fast in the past two years. Unknowingly, the pattern has far surpassed the Lin Family. The Lin family now is no longer an opponent to him, just like a predecessor who was deeply loved. Years later, when I saw it again, the relationship has actually faded a lot.

Although he still had the Lin family’s blood on his body, he had nothing to worry about in the Lin family anymore. The death of his grandfather completely severed the contact between him and the Lin family.

The other two foreigners finally started to face Wayne Lin. One of the white men in the second stage of the Innate Realm said: “Ask you are also an s-level supernatural power, no wonder people who dare to be so arrogant and hurt us!”

Wayne Lin looked at him and said lightly: “You have committed a crime in China and must go to jail. The remaining two of you are masters of the innate realm. I will give you a little face and catch it by myself. Otherwise, wait for me to take action. , Your fate is worse than these three wastes.”

Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, the expressions of these two foreigners were very ugly, especially the blond white man. He stared at Wayne Lin firmly, trying to see through Wayne Lin, but no matter how he looked, it was always Can’t see through Wayne Lin.

This made him very jealous of Wayne Lin.

“I count to three. You can catch them before you slap them. I’ll take them.” Wayne Lin took two handcuffs from Daniel and threw them on the ground.

These handcuffs are not ordinary handcuffs, but made of special materials. They are much tougher than ordinary steel and also have high-voltage electricity. If the person who is tortured resists, it will release high-voltage electricity. Even the masters of the innate realm would be very hurt by the electric.

Unless the cultivation base reaches the fourth stage of the Xiantian realm, that is, the 4s-level abilities referred to abroad, can it be resisted and not hurt.

The two foreigners looked at each other and laughed.

“Chinese people, I admit that I missed my eyes, I didn’t see that you are a supernatural person. But do you think you can defeat us by yourself? You are too arrogant!”

“Chinese people, you don’t know what identity we are. I am a 2s ability player. This is a 3s ability player next to me, and you are just a s-level ability player. Any one of us is Can beat you easily!”

They stared at Wayne Lin, their eyes full of threat and coldness. Even if Wayne Lin showed his hands just now, they still didn’t take Wayne Lin to heart, because what Wayne Lin showed just now was only S-level strength.

In the situation just now, if they made a move, it would take less than three seconds to solve these three foreigners.

The blond white man even licked his lips, full of enthusiasm for Wayne Lin, his eyes seemed to have found a prey, and he could have a good time.

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “Toast and not eat or drink fine wine, since you are so innocent, you can’t blame me.”

Then Wayne Lin hooked his fingers to the two foreigners and said, “You guys go

Right. “

He said this sentence, not very domineering, just speaking plainly, just speaking plainly, for him, he was just doing something as simple as eating and sleeping.

But for these two foreigners, it was a strong provocation and offense, causing their brows to be fiercely provoked, and anger appeared in their eyes.

“Chinese people, you are very arrogant, you don’t know who you are facing.”

“Since you are so arrogant, then I will not show any mercy. I will teach you severely in front of your underlings. At that time, I will see what you can do to us in China!”

The two foreigners showed grimace on their faces, gearing their hands, and staring at Wayne Lin closely. They were clearly intent on killing Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin must be carefully concocted to relieve their hatred.

Wayne Lin naturally wouldn’t put these two ants in his eyes. For him, no matter how many masters of this level came, it would be a slap.

It just so happens that he can also use these two foreigners to stand up and kill the chickens and monkeys. Otherwise, if so many foreigners come to Hwadrid City, if they commit such crimes, it will be him who will be tired.

At this moment, behind Wayne Lin, a voice came from behind, “Brother Wayne, don’t underestimate the enemy! These two foreigners are masters of the innate realm, very powerful, especially the blond white man, who is the most powerful! No, you should call your superiors and let them send masters to suppress it!”

Wayne Lin looked back, and the speaker was Vicky Lin, his distant cousin. At that time, after he got his grandfather’s inheritance, Vicky Lin was the first to come to him.

The whole Lin family, to say that Wayne Lin is least offended, except for the housekeeper, is this cousin.

He nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, these two ants won’t get into my eyes.”

What he said is still very plain, but the content, heard in everyone’s ears, is full of incomparably domineering and confident, and this kind of domineering, in their cognition, has never appeared before, at such a moment. , They felt that Wayne Lin became more and more strange.

There was even an indescribable awe that made them unable to look directly at Wayne Lin again.

Da Bo Lin Shan He moved his lips, trying to say something, but in the end he didn’t say it.

When Wayne Lin was expelled from the Lin family, he did not humiliate Wayne Lin. At that time, he looked down upon Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin had died of his parents and was expelled from the Lin family. Day.

But what I never expected was that things would go in this direction later, especially now that Wayne Lin had unknowingly become an existence that absolutely made them look up.

This feeling is really uncomfortable.

Wayne Lin ignored them, because one of the foreigners had already begun to attack him.

It was the foreigner in the second stage of the Innate Realm. He shot very violently. With his huge body, I have to say that he was quite powerful.

This shot immediately caused the Lin family behind them to hold their breath. Even Lin Zihao was shocked. If it was him, he would definitely not be able to stop the opponent’s punch.

Lin Zihao couldn’t understand what Wayne Lin needed to receive this punch.

But what happened next directly made him stunned, hell.

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