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Chapter 347

“Why, don’t you let me bet?” Wayne Lin saw that they didn’t answer for a long time, and continued smiling.

A dealer said with a dry smile: “Randal, we were all jokes just now, there is no other meaning, you must not take it to heart.”

The other two dealers hurriedly said, “Yes, Randal Lin, we are just playing around, don’t take it seriously.”

“Just kidding, Prime Minister Randal Lin can hold a boat in his belly, how can he have the same knowledge as us? It’s gone, let’s not disturb Randal Lin.”

Said they were about to disband.

Wayne Lin stopped them and said, “Don’t worry, my metric is not that small. Anyway, tomorrow will be the battle between me and Brian Gu. Either he will die or I will die. So I am not kidding, I plan to buy myself for 2 billion. If you win, you will not suffer.”

“This…” Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, the three dealers were obviously stunned, looking at Wayne Lin suspiciously, not sure if Wayne Lin was angry or serious, 2 billion, this is not a small sum. what!

One of the dealers still said with a dry smile: “Randal Lin, we are really joking, you just treat us as a fart, don’t take it to heart.”

These three dealers are all group bosses, each with a net worth of more than 10 billion yuan, and they are also big shots outside, but they really dare not have any arrogance in front of Wayne Lin. Because Wayne Lin’s personal strength was far beyond them, he was still in the old forest deep in the mountains. If Wayne Lin was really angry and beat them to death, they would die very wrongly.

Others were also very embarrassed and quickly joined in to explain.

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “Could you not dare to pick it up.”

The three dealers looked at each other and exchanged their eyes. The last dealer asked tentatively: “Randal, are you sure you really want to pay 2 billion? When you lose, we will not refund you.”

“Yes, Randal Lin, we did just open the market just now. It was just for fun and didn’t mean to target you.”

Wayne Lin walked in and said with a smile: “2 billion is only a small amount to me. However, according to your odds, once I win, you will pay me 14.6 billion. You are sure you can get this. Any money?”

The three dealers all sneered, “Randal, don’t worry about this. 14.6 billion is just a small amount for us. The key is you, are you sure you want to bet? As far as I know, many people are not optimistic. You can beat Brian Gu tomorrow.”

Others looked at Wayne Lin with the same joking expressions, and didn’t believe that he had this ability to defeat Brian Gu.

Wayne Lin said: “You don’t need to worry about this. According to what you said, if I really lose in the hands of Brian Gu, no amount of money can be spent, so I might as well use it for a gambling. My potential will come from a dead end.”

Hearing what he said, many people in the room laughed, thinking that Wayne Lin was talking idiotically.

One of the dealers said: “Randal, since you also have such a good Yaxing, then we can’t help you. The 2 billion bet, the three of us have accepted. However, we need you to transfer the money first.”

The other two dealers muttered in a low voice, “That’s not it, if you are killed tomorrow, who do we want this money to?”

Wayne Lin laughed again. He was just bored. He planned to go out and stroll around. He didn’t expect to catch such a good opportunity and earn 14.6 billion in vain.

“Okay, you can provide me with an account number, and I’ll turn it over.” Wayne Lin said with a smile, appearing to be very talkative.

When everyone saw that he seemed to be serious, they all felt very happy. They especially envied the three dealers, earning 2 billion in vain. On average, everyone has close to 700 million.

Wayne Lin moved quickly. Using his mobile phone, he immediately transferred 2 billion. In the account provided to the dealer, the three dealers were still surprised when they heard the information received. He did not expect Wayne Lin to actually transfer the money. coming!

When they reacted, they were all very excited. They made two billion in vain. Even if you exclude others who bought Brian Gu, you can make more than one billion. This is really cool, hahaha!

As for Brian Gu will lose?

Sorry, they never thought that this kind of thing would happen, because it is impossible.

Wayne Lin looked at the uncontrollable smiles of the three dealers, and sneered in his heart. After tomorrow, some of them would cry!

“Randal, this is our contract. If you lose to Brian Gu tomorrow, the money will be lost to us. If you win Brian Gu, we will immediately compensate you with 14.6 billion. You sign here. .”

Wayne Lin waved his hand and said, “The contract is no longer necessary. It is meaningless. If I win tomorrow, I believe you will not dare not lose my 14.6 billion yuan, right?”

The three dealers laughed, “Haha, of course. Since Randal Lin is so bold, then we really don’t have to sign a contract.”

Wayne Lin gave a thought-provoking smile and left the cabin.

After he left, the three dealers all jumped up excitedly and made a fortune.

Someone reminded them that if Wayne Lin wins, they will lose a lot.

These words received the unanimous disdain of the three of them, even if the sun rose from the west, Wayne Lin would not have won.

After Wayne Lin left the cabin, he continued to stroll outside for a while, and then began to return to his room, ready to rest.

He is still very wonderful now, and he can pick up 14.6 billion in a random turn. As for the three bookmakers who will not compensate by then? He wasn’t worried at all. As long as he killed Brian Gu, his reputation would rise. He gave the three dealers a hundred courage and didn’t dare to hack him.

Just kidding, as an extraordinary master of the Innate Realm, does any ordinary person dare to offend or fear death?

The richer the person, the more afraid of death.

So Wayne Lin is not worried at all.

It was still early, Wayne Lin didn’t fall asleep right away, but began to meditate and enter meditation to make his spiritual platform clear and bright.

After he reached the innate realm now, his strength was improving every day.

When he was still at the peak of the day after tomorrow, he still needed punching and exercise in his practice. But now, he doesn’t need to practice so superficially. He only needs to enter meditation, control his brain, and secrete various hormones to achieve the effect of practice.

So this is also the reason why the Innate Realm, also called the Transcendent Realm, as long as Wayne Lin does not die, he will continue to make endless progress.

After meditating for an hour, Wayne Lin had already tempered his battle with Brian Gu no less than a hundred times in his mind. Now his brain, which is equivalent to artificial intelligence, runs very fast, and regardless of IQ, EQ, or sixth sense, it will greatly improve.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and heard the sound of footsteps coming from the corridor towards his room.

Soon, he reached the door of his room and stopped.

Chapter 348

Wayne Lin’s eyes became cold, and the other party also held the doorknob, preparing to open the door.


Wayne Lin quickly got up from the ground, lay down on the bed, covered the quilt, and closed his eyes to pretend to sleep.

He wanted to see, who dared to attack him!

Soon, the door was opened with a click…

It was not opened by violence, but was opened by the door card induction.

Then, from the corridor outside, a light was projected into the room, and then, a graceful figure appeared at the door, looking around, sneaky, like a thief.

Wayne Lin Yu Guangzhong was stunned when he saw this figure.

Isn’t this Tao Sanniang, why did she come here! ?

The visitor is indeed Tao Sanniang, so she has the key card for Wayne Lin’s room.

She struggled for a long time, and after a sister who was in the same room with her fell asleep, she sneaked out and came to Wayne Lin’s room.

In fact, she didn’t understand why she had to come and find Wayne Lin.

According to her usual character, she would not do this.

But she has always had this impulse in her heart. If she didn’t take a look at Wayne Lin and talk to Wayne Lin, she would be really unwilling, like she had lost something beloved.

In her opinion, Wayne Lin is going to die tomorrow. She is playing with Wayne Lin’s friends. On this last night, she should come to accompany Wayne Lin.

Fortunately, everyone is sleeping in the room at this time, and no one sees her.

She opened the door cautiously, put her head in, and saw that the room was dark and there was a person sleeping on the bed, Wayne Lin. She breathed a sigh of relief, then walked in gently and closed the door.

However, as soon as she was about to close the door, behind her, there was a sudden voice, “Sanniang Tao? Why did you run into my room without sleeping at night?”

Wayne Lin’s sudden words shocked her so much that she jumped up and let out a scream, “Ah!!!”

And he almost fell to the ground with fright.

Wayne Lin was speechless when he saw her excessive reaction, and turned on the light casually.

Tao Sanniang turned her head and saw that it was Wayne Lin. She relaxed from her nervousness. She thumped Wayne Lin in shame and cursed, “You almost scared me to death just now!”

She hurriedly closed the door and patted her chest, causing a surge of surging.

Seeing this scenery, Wayne Lin couldn’t help speeding up his heartbeat a lot, and quickly looked away, don’t look at any evil.

Tao Sanniang seemed to have just taken a bath, and her body was so fragrant. In this kind of lonely space, it was even more bloody.

Wayne Lin had to step back, kept a distance from her, and said, “Is there anything wrong with you coming to me so late?”

Tao Sanniang didn’t answer him, but after her breath slowly stabilized, she chose to lock the door and put the safety chain on, then turned her head and looked at Wayne Lin, but she still didn’t say anything, affectionately. .

Wayne Lin was really uncomfortable with the look in her eyes, so she frowned and pretended to be displeased and said, “Are you dumb?”

Tao Sanniang walked forward and approached Wayne Lin step by step. Wayne Lin’s brow furrowed deeper, and he suddenly realized that she couldn’t see Tao Sanniang.

He is not sure what Tao Sanniang’s purpose is now, is he really in love with him, or is it another plan?

When Tao Sanniang moved forward like this, Wayne Lin had to retreat, or she would be touched by Tao Sanniang.

But the area of ​​the room was limited. Soon Wayne Lin pushed to the corner, frowning even more tightly, and said, “Enough! You can get out now!”

Tao Sanniang ignored him, but opened her arms and leaned towards Wayne Lin’s chest.

Wayne Lin raised his palm, wondering whether to give Tao Sanniang a palm!

But he finally resisted it, and Tao Sanniang successfully leaned on his chest.

Immediately the atmosphere became very ambiguous…

Wayne Lin’s mouth moved, trying to say something cruel, but he suddenly couldn’t say it, because at this time, he heard Tao Sanniang in front of him, and heard a low sobbing sound.

His body is stiff.

What’s happening here?

Did Tao Sanniang actually cry?

Is it because of him?

“You, why are you crying?” Wayne Lin asked with a numb scalp.

Now Tao Sanniang put her arms around his waist, buried her face in his chest, and cried softly.

This really made Wayne Lin at a loss.

Tao Sanniang finally started to speak, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I hurt you…”

Wayne Lin was stunned again. Tao Sanniang ran over in the middle of the night just to show her self-blame?

To be honest, Wayne Lin has always been very wary of Tao Sanniang. At this moment, he suddenly realized that he seemed to have misunderstood Tao Sanniang. Maybe Tao Sanniang is not as treacherous as he thought.

“Can you let me go first, it’s not suitable for you to hold me like this.” Wayne Lin said helplessly.

Tao Sanniang didn’t let go of him, but continued to hold him, sniffed twice, and said, “You have always been on guard against me. You think I’m a bad person, you think I’m a b*tch, right?”

This one……

Wayne Lin is really hard to answer.

Say yes, it’s not right; say no, lie.

In the end, Wayne Lin had no choice but to say, “I never thought you were a b*tch.”

“Then you have always thought that I was a bad person, thinking that my approach was for your purpose, and it was all to harm you.” Tao Sanniang suddenly became a little daughter, and she was a little bit coquettish, which made it difficult for Wayne Lin to fight. .

He had always had nothing to do with women, especially the tears of women.

“Sanniang Tao, you ran to my room in the middle of the night just to tell me this?” Wayne Lin asked weirdly.

Wayne Lin is very helpless now. He is held in this way by Tao Sanniang. It is impossible to say that there is no feeling at all.

But he can’t act rashly, he is a man with a wife.

Fortunately, Tao Sanniang finally let go of him, looked up at him, and said: “No blame you for thinking like this. I know my own business. All men will think I am a vixen when they see me. Wandering b*tch. But does anyone know that my third wife has never done shameless things from beginning to end. Yes, I did rely on my own charm to seduce many men and make them willingly Do things for me. But I have never let them succeed, and I have not been touched by a man until now!”

This is a bit too much.

Wayne Lin couldn’t help showing a suspicious look.

When Tao Sanniang saw it, Tao Sanniang snorted heavily, and said, “I knew you would misunderstand me like this, thinking that I am a prodigal woman, huh! Actually, I have never been touched by a man. All All men in the world think that a sexy and seductive woman like me must have experienced many men to have such a skill. In fact, it is just the opposite. The truly brilliant charm technique requires a cultivator to maintain a virgin heart. The greatest power!”


Wayne Lin believed it, and through his judgment, knew that Tao Sanniang was not lying.

To be honest, this surprised him.

But what did Tao Sanniang tell him about this?

“I believe you are, but can you go out? I’m going to sleep. There will be a fierce battle tomorrow.” Wayne Lin asked very sincerely.

Tao Sanniang glared at him fiercely, as if complaining about his incomprehensibility.

At this time, Tao Sanniang’s face suddenly blushed, and made a move that made Wayne Lin stunned!

Chapter 349

I saw Tao Sanniang who was about to undress! ! !

What’s happening here?

Wayne Lin was shocked right now.

What kind of situation is this, Tao Sanniang ran to him in the middle of the night to give him benefits? What is this? Knowing that he will die at Brian Gu’s hands tomorrow, so you want to reward him? Or is this the way Tao Sanniang expresses guilt towards him?

In any case, Wayne Lin couldn’t do this.

Not to mention that he is already married. If he had sex with Tao Sanniang, he would have done something wrong with Alma Chu.

Even leaving Alma Chu aside, he can’t have a relationship with Tao Sanniang now. Tomorrow will be a life and death battle with Brian Gu. He must maintain his energy, how can he be discouraged tonight.

So he hurriedly stopped Tao Sanniang and stared, “Hey! Tao Sanniang! Are you crazy? In your mind, I am the kind of man who thinks in the lower body!”

Tao Sanniang was stopped by him, and said angrily: “Wayne Lin, are you still a man? I have done it for this purpose. You still want to reject me?”

Wayne Lin said: “Is I a man, can I only prove it through this kind of thing? Okay, you go back, there is no need to express your guilt for me in this way, I will tell you this way, tomorrow In a fight with Brian Gu, I can only win, so you don’t have to feel guilty or anything, just do your business well.”

But Tao Sanniang didn’t believe his words at all, looked at him deeply, and said, “Wayne Lin, you don’t have to say these things to lie to me. I have already come tonight and I won’t go back. You think I am ashamed. Either compensation, it’s my shameless seduce performance. My Tao Sanniang has rarely fallen in love with a man in my life. I don’t want to do nothing, so I just watched this man disappear in my world! “

What she said was very sincere and serious. It was not a joke. It was the first time that Wayne Lin saw Tao Sanniang so serious after having known Tao Sanniang for so long.

The shock brought to his heart was quite big. Before that, he had never thought that Tao Sanniang would really fall in love with him, which made him feel unreal.

I couldn’t help but have a doubt, does he really have such a big charm?

Counting it down, many women have expressed love to him.

“Are you serious?” Wayne Lin asked with a frown.

Tao Sanniang raised her head, fixed her eyes on Wayne Lin, and said, “What do you mean?”

“Well…” Wayne Lin was a bit lost to Tao Sanniang.

Next, Tao Sanniang prepared the action just now and dedicated her life to Wayne Lin. This time, Wayne Lin stopped her again, and said seriously: “Sanniang, since I have said this, I will not hide you. Up.”

“Tomorrow’s battle with Brian Gu, Brian Gu is not my opponent. Knowing why I know that the person behind Gu Hanxing is Brian Gu, a super master in the middle level of the Innate Realm, should I still abolish Gu Hanxing? Because I am not afraid at all. Brian Gu, in my eyes, Brian Gu is just my stepping stone, killing him is just a trivial matter in my life.”

Wayne Lin said.

Tao Sanniang’s mouth moved slightly and wanted to say something, but Wayne Lin interrupted, and said again: “Also, I can tell you, don’t think I have just broken through the innate realm, but I wash my marrow by swallowing the best Dan broke through, the strength itself is stronger than the general innate realm. Besides, I have been improving every day since this time. I have studied Brian Gu specifically,

His current strength is really not my opponent. “

Now Tao Sanniang was convinced, her eyes flickered a few times, and she asked uncertainly, “Really?”

Wayne Lin said, “Of course it’s true. It’s not the first day you met me. Have you ever seen me when I’m unstable? I won’t do things that I’m not sure about.”

Tao Sanniang felt a lot relaxed now. She carefully recalled that it was true that Wayne Lin was prudent and would not do things that were uncertain.

But Brian Gu’s reputation is still too great. After thinking about it, Tao Sanniang is still a little worried, biting her lip and saying: “Even if you can defeat Brian Gu, I want to give myself to you. Don’t worry, I won’t let you You don’t need to make you responsible, and you won’t let your wife know about what is difficult for you. I just need you to come and find me when you think of me by accident.”

Wayne Lin’s heart beat faster when he heard this. With Tao Sanniang’s appearance, if he really became his underground lover… it would really be the pinnacle of a man, besides, Alma Chu seemed to acquiesce in him looking outside small.

But soon, he expelled this idea. It was too immoral to do so. It was a kind of harm to Alma Chu and Tao Sanniang.

“So this is related to the second point again.” Wayne Lin continued to say seriously: “Although I am sure to defeat Brian Gu, it is based on my peak state. What if I and you tonight If you do, it means you have vented your energy and your strength has declined, so I will not be able to beat Brian Gu. So you should go back for my good.”

Tao Sanniang was stunned when she heard this, “Can this still make you discouraged?”

“That must be.” Wayne Lin nodded solemnly.

Tao Sanniang stared closely at Wayne Lin’s eyes, and found that Wayne Lin hadn’t avoided it. She probably didn’t lie to her, she believed it.

“All right then.” Tao Sanniang nodded and agreed.

Wayne Lin finally breathed a sigh of relief when she heard her relax. It was really not easy.

If other men knew that he had turned away the big beauties who took the initiative to send them to the door, they would definitely despise him to their bones.

“If this is the case, then you can go back and rest and wait for my good news tomorrow.” Wayne Lin said.

Tao Sanniang still shook her head and said, “I’m out tonight, so I don’t plan to go back. Wayne, I will stay with you to sleep tonight. I won’t scold you, so I will hug you to sleep.”

Wayne Lin is full of black lines, eldest sister, don’t you mean to tease me if you sleep with me?

“I said Sanniang, don’t you have any points on your charming technique? If you hold me, I can still sleep.” Wayne Lin said angrily.

Tao Sanniang pursed her mouth and said, “What should I do? Anyway, it is impossible for me to go back.”

Wayne Lin refused to persuade him for a long time, and was a little annoyed. He said, “Okay, if you want me to be killed by Brian Gu tomorrow, then stay.”

When Tao Sanniang heard this, she was finally afraid, and quickly said: “No, then I’d better go back. You have a good rest tonight, and you must win Brian Gu tomorrow.”

“Okay, no problem.” Wayne Lin felt weird, how did he feel like coaxing a child?

Next, Tao Sanniang stayed and chatted for a while, and when Wayne Lin was not paying attention, she kissed Wayne Lin on the cheek, and finally left reluctantly.

Just when she was going out, the door diagonally opposite opened, Du Xinli walked out of it, seeing this scene, his face turned green on the spot with anger.

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