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Chapter 719

Ever since Tao Sanniang and Wayne Lin took that step and became real women, their whole bodies have been rejuvenated, especially the feminine amorousness, which has become more intense, and it is mouth-watering.

Originally Tao Sanniang was a naturally charming type, but now she has become a real woman, with the flattery between her brows, not to mention it, men and women kill each other, as long as they see her, they will have thoughts of crime.

Tao Sanniang was originally a very capable person. Now that she is responsible for managing Wayne Lin’s business in Yuancheng, Wayne Lin is still very relieved. The facts have indeed proved this point. Tao Sanniang is very organized and creates a lot of value for Wayne Lin every day.

In fact, Wayne Lin felt a bit guilty for Tao Sanniang, because he knew that Tao Sanniang was too little with him, and he didn’t have the right to be a man.

“Wow, who is this beauty, she is so beautiful, she is more beautiful than the stars on TV!”

“This look, this figure, is so perfect, I really love it.”

“If you can marry such a woman, ten years of short life is worth it!”

“Hehe, you dream, don’t take a piss and take pictures of yourself, just like you, let alone ten years, you can’t find a beauty of this level with a short life of fifty years.”

“Let’s wash and sleep, even the president of the Lin Group doesn’t even know that I am ashamed to say that I am a native of Yuancheng. They are the masters with a net worth of over 10 billion, and it is impossible to look at you even if you are blind.”

Many people were silent when they heard the words Lin Group. As a native of Yuancheng, I have heard of the Lin Group. This is a huge consortium established within a short period of time, with assets of more than 100 billion yuan. Even the original richest man in Yuancheng, Jiang Liqun, is the boss of the Lin Group.

But who is the boss behind the Lin Group is a mystery to ordinary people.

Over the past few days, many people in Yuancheng have been discussing this mysterious boss. Some people have speculated that it is a big man from Yandu, and some people have guessed that it is a foreign capitalist. Without exception, they all think that this mysterious boss must be The old man is old, and he has such a high wealth after most of his life.

But they would never expect that this mysterious boss stood in front of them, dressed plainly and plainly.

After Tao Sanniang came out, she saw so many people standing at the door, and her eyes were full of covetousness. She frowned slightly and her charming face became cold.

Since becoming Wayne Lin’s woman, she has put away her charm and became cold, not because she collided, but her charm only belongs to Wayne Lin from now on.

“President Tao, you still have a banquet to attend tonight, are you going to prepare now?” Tao Sanniang’s secretary said respectfully after coming out of the building.

Tao Sanniang rubbed her temples, feeling a little tired, not physically but mentally, because she hadn’t rested for a long time. Especially the miss of Wayne Lin has reached a strong point. She hasn’t seen Wayne Lin for more than a month, and it is usually a video at most.

She didn’t go to Huarvell to find Wayne Lin either, not because she didn’t dare, but because she didn’t want Wayne Lin to be embarrassed, she could only wait and wait all the time to be the woman behind Wayne Lin who gave silently. Just as she promised when she pursued Wayne Lin, perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, her approach is very

Stupid, on her terms, as long as she is casual, what kind of man can’t be found? But she just wants to be Wayne Lin’s woman, she doesn’t like other men.

She sighed slightly in her heart and said, “Okay, go home first. I’ll change into an evening dress. You go prepare the information and send it to my mailbox.”

“Okay, President Tao.”

The secretary thought for a while, and then said, “President Tao, one more thing, President Pei of Shengda Group has invited you to eat tomorrow…”

Before the secretary finished speaking, Tao Sanniang said directly: “Rejected and told him that I already have a boyfriend and will not go to dinner with him, so that he doesn’t have to waste time.”

“However, President Pei has invited many times. You always refuse, President Tao. Wouldn’t it be bad? After all, our company and Shengda still have a relatively deep cooperation.” The secretary said cautiously. She has been with Tao Sanniang for a while, but she has never seen who Tao Sanniang has been intimate with, so she does not believe Tao Sanniang really has a boyfriend, but Tao Sanniang refuses to pursue her. That’s it.

When Tao Sanniang heard this, she fell silent and frowned slightly. The secretary was right. Now the Lin Group, Yuancheng Branch and Shengda Group do have a relatively deep cooperation. If offended Mr. Pei, it’s not very good.

“Okay, let’s have a meal with him tomorrow.” After careful consideration, Tao Sanniang chose to agree. Anyway, it was just a meal, and it happened that Mr. Pei could explain it.

However, at this moment, a voice rang from behind them, “You don’t need to accommodate, if Shengda Group dared not cooperate, it would be his loss.”

When Tao Sanniang heard this sound, she was stunned on the spot, and her body trembled slightly.

She was so familiar with this voice, she didn’t know how many times she had heard it in her dream, it was Wayne Lin’s voice!

But she couldn’t believe it was true, and thought she had hallucinations, because it was not the first time that she had the same hallucinations.

The secretary turned around immediately. She saw a slender but ordinary man standing behind her. He didn’t have any temperament at all, and she knew it was an ordinary person.

“Who are you, let’s talk about things, is it your turn to give pointers here!” The secretary said proudly: “Bodyguard, kick this person out, lest it affect President Tao’s mood.”

The secretary didn’t know Wayne Lin. She had just entered the job, and she would never have thought of killing her. The ordinary man in front of her was Wayne Lin, the boss behind the Lin Group, her immediate boss!

The two bodyguards immediately moved forward and strode forward to drive Wayne Lin out of the opponent.

At this moment, Tao Sanniang came back to her senses, she quickly looked back, and immediately saw Wayne Lin, who was standing behind her, showing her a petting smile.

When she came into contact with Wayne Lin’s eyes, her eye sockets turned red, and her heart was filled, she couldn’t help shouting, “Wayne!”

Immediately afterwards, she made a move that made everyone present’s eyes fall sharply. She saw her breast swallow throw her arms at Wayne Lin, threw herself into Wayne Lin’s arms, and hugged Wayne Lin tightly. , Breathing desperately from Wayne Lin’s body, “Wayne, is it really you? I miss you so much…”

Chapter 720

Seeing Tao Sanniang leaping into Wayne Lin’s arms, the secretary opened her eyes instantly, with a ghost-like expression, and her mouth was open enough to swallow an egg!

The two bodyguards who rushed over were also dumbfounded and unbelievable.

Although they don’t want the secretary to follow Tao Sanniang all day long, they also know that Tao Sanniang is a jade-like woman, and they have never seen Tao Sanniang favor a man, not even more than one meter away.

But now, Tao Sanniang actually fell into another man’s arms like this, which is really beyond their expectations!

They even wondered for a while whether they had hallucinations, otherwise, how could such things happen?

As for the onlookers around, they were all very surprised. Especially for many men, they were uncomfortable, very sour and jealous. For a beautiful woman like Tao Sanniang, who didn’t want to take a bite. But now they watched Tao Sanniang plunge into another man’s arms, their mentality collapsed.

Wayne Lin also froze for a moment. He knew Tao Sanniang would miss him very much, but he didn’t expect Tao Sanniang’s reaction to be so big, and she gave a little bit of crying.

Suddenly, his guilt deepened.

He gently stroked Tao Sanniang’s hair, and said softly and softly: “It’s me, I’m here.”

A simple sentence made Tao Sanniang so touched. Sometimes, she is such a woman who is so easy to satisfy. She doesn’t ask much. Just need Wayne Lin to have her in his heart. It’s enough to come back and see her occasionally.

After all, she knew very well that she was not the original match, but a latecomer.

As a latecomer, she can’t ask for too much.

Wayne Lin patted Tao Sanniang on the back and said with a smile: “Okay, let me go.”

“I don’t!” Tao Sanniang hugged Wayne Lin hard, her body twisted, she didn’t care about her image at all, and she also gave up her cold coat as the president and restored her charming posture. I’m going to hold you, whoever told you not to come to me for so long, I almost miss you.”

She didn’t deliberately say this softly, but it spread to everyone’s ears. Suddenly, Wayne Lin seemed to hear a lot of heartbreaking voices. The secretary and bodyguard, some employees who came out of the company, saw this scene. All of them opened their eyes wide and stunned, feeling very incredible.

Is this charming, charming, coquettish woman in the arms of a man, really the cold, resolute and vigorous president they know? !

Wayne Lin smiled bitterly. He said, “I’m all the president now, and I’m so irritable. You let your subordinates see you. How can your subordinates see you? How can you convince the public.”

Tao Sanniang snorted and said: “I don’t care, I just want to stick to you, who told you not to come to me for so long.”

Wayne Lin sighed slightly, and did not stop Tao Sanniang.

Fortunately, Tao Sanniang is a woman who knows how to score. After taking a deep breath of Wayne Lin, she is satisfied. Then she let go of Wayne Lin, but she held Wayne Lin tightly with her fingers. Hands, the little bird nestled beside Wayne Lin.

It is strange that she felt very tired and sad a minute ago, but now, Wayne Lin’s appearance has made her feel relieved, the whole person is relieved, and her mood is also in a state of cheering and joy.

This is the magic of love, she thought.

The secretary recovered, she swallowed, and asked cautiously: “President Tao, who is this?”


Tao Sanniang picked up her hair in her ears and introduced proudly and sweetly, “He is the chairman of the Lin Group and my immediate boss. The entire Lin Group belongs to him.”

The secretary was so scared that his mobile phones fell on the floor. Is this the chairman of the Lin Group? This, this is too young! Moreover, it is the man behind Mr. Tao!

Her first reaction was not to believe it, but soon, her reason told her that it was true, because Tao could never make a joke about it.

She couldn’t help but get nervous now. This is the chairman of the Lin Group, and she just ordered the bodyguard to drive away. This is not offending the chairman.

She hastened to apologize: “The chairman is sorry, but I didn’t recognize Taishan just now, and didn’t recognize it as you. How offended, the chairman, please forgive me.”

She was terribly frightened and uneasy.

Naturally, Wayne Lin would not have the same knowledge as her, waved his hand and said, “He who doesn’t know is not guilty.”

The secretary felt relieved when he heard this.

Next, the two bodyguards also quickly apologized, and some employees who walked out of the building passed on from one to another. Hearing the news, they came over one after another, greeted Wayne Lin, and tried to save themselves. impression.

When they saw that Wayne Lin was so young and in such a good figure, they all found it incredible.

Some female employees were even more thoughtful and looked at Wayne Lin secretly, but they immediately saw Tao Sanniang who was next to Xiao Niao Yiren, and they gave up their minds.

They still have self-knowledge, and there are evildoers like Tao Sanniang, they must have no chance at all.

Tao Sanniang really enjoyed being by Wayne Lin, watching Wayne Lin calmly face it, which made her feel proud and safe.

“You have a banquet tonight? Does it matter?” Wayne Lin said.

Tao Sanniang shook her head and said, “It’s not important. It’s just a normal business banquet. It’s meaningless. I didn’t want to go. Now that you are back, I will accompany you.”

Wayne Lin saw the frantic look in Tao Sanniang’s eyes, his heart was hot, and a stunner like Tao Sanniang, who was doing chai Liehuo, would be ready to go.

“Ahem.” He coughed twice, avoiding Tao Sanniang’s eyes. There are still people around now. Don’t show this kind of things between lovers. “Okay, let’s just push it away. Let’s go shopping together.”

Tao Sanniang nodded vigorously, revealing a bright smile, like a hundred flowers blooming, and amazed the audience for an instant, “Okay, I listen to you!”

The men around, all full of dog food, all kinds of envy, jealousy and hatred, completely looked down, and left lonely.

Soon Jiang Liqun also received the news. He knew that Wayne Lin had come to Yuancheng, so he immediately called and said he wanted to greet him. Wayne Lin refused. He never liked to engage in formalism, and everything was fine.

Next, he and Tao Sanniang walked around the night market in Yuancheng hand in hand.

Speaking of it, it’s really been a long time since he has lived so easily, living a normal life of ordinary people, I have to say, it really has a different taste.

Tao Sanniang was always happy during this period, and the smile on her face never stopped.

However, when they walked out of the night market, they encountered an unhappy thing…

In front of them, more than a dozen people appeared. The front of them was the handsome sports car guy who was taught by Wayne Lin today. He is now staring at Wayne Lin angrily.

Chapter 721

Xu Bing was very annoyed. He had never been so insulted when he grew up!

His McLaren sports car was smashed to pieces, let’s not say, he was slapped a dozen times, and his face was slapped into a pig’s head. This hatred is not for the non-gentleman!

After he left, he simply went to the hospital for treatment, and immediately took advantage of his relationship, called a dozen thugs, and decided to beat Wayne Lin to vomit blood, otherwise he could not swallow this breath.

In Yuancheng, it is not too difficult to find someone. With his resources, he can find out in less than two hours. Originally, he thought that Wayne Lin was just an ordinary poor ghost, but now, Wayne Lin is still holding Tao Sanniang’s hand, looking like a concubine, and this really stimulates him deeply!

You know, Tao Sanniang is the woman he saw with his own eyes. He wants to get Tao Sanniang in his dreams. In his opinion, Tao Sanniang is the perfect woman. And now, there is actually a man holding Tao Sanniang’s hand. How can he stand this? New hatred and old hatred are coming up all of a sudden!

“I’ve found you!” Xu Bing’s eyes were splitting, his eyes burst into unprecedented hatred and anger, and his body was shaking with excitement.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly when he saw him. It seems that the lesson today was not heavy enough, and this guy dared to come to the door. He wasn’t scared. People like Xu Bing would be ants no matter how many people came. What he was upset about was that he rarely accompanied Tao Sanniang once and was disappointed.

Tao Sanniang also saw Xu Bing and said displeasedly: “Xu Bing, what do you mean by cursing, I offend you?”

Xu Bing’s expressions are a bit distorted, staring at Tao Sanniang and Wayne Lin holding hands, “Tao Yurong! You b*tch, I am so kind to you, and your heart is broken, but you disdain me, and you just throw in other things. In the arms of the man, you bastard! I think you are so innocent, you are a slut!”

He has lost his reason, and the scolding is particularly bad, Tao Sanniang’s face changed instantly, and the gloomy fell, “Xu Bing, what are you talking about, you kind of say it again!”

Tao Sanniang straightened her waist, her aura exuded, and she was also quite imposing, and Xu Bing and the others were immediately shocked and in awe.

Just kidding, although Tao Sanniang is a woman, her aura is incomparable with a big guy like Wayne Lin, but she is also a big man anyway, she is still a master of the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow, she becomes annoyed, and the aura is naturally not like Xu Bing’s. You can bear it.

Xu Bing’s face turned pale now, and he shivered twice. A person next to him reminded him, “Mr. Xu, what are you afraid of? There are more than a dozen of our brothers backing him.”

Xu Bing immediately became arrogant again when he heard this. In addition, when he came, he drank a few glasses of wine and is now in a state of excitement. The anger towards Wayne Lin and the resentment towards Tao Sanniang quickly eroded. In response to his reason, he said loudly: “I just said you are, why do you say you are wrong? You bastard, pretending to be innocent in front of Lao Tzu, but in front of this guy, you are completely exposed. Be a goddess, grass!”

Tao Sanniang’s expressions became even colder, and she clenched her fists. Originally, Wayne Lin arrived today and she was in a wonderful mood, but now, she has been disturbed by this guy.

Then, Xu Bing stared at Wayne Lin again, full of hostility and threats, and said: “And you guy, I grew up so old and never suffered such humiliation. You’re f*cking dead today!! Can you fight? I want to see today, can you fight more than a dozen!”

As his voice fell, suddenly, behind him, a dozen big men stood up, all gearing up, their expressions jokingly and hideously.

, There is a suffocating air on his body.

At a glance, I knew it was the kind of social, professional thugs. Many ordinary people present would shudder when they saw it.

Seeing Wayne Lin not speaking, Xu Bing became even more arrogant, “Why don’t you be crazy today? You can’t get up crazy now? Grass! Today, if I don’t make it up, you won’t be surnamed Xu!”

He didn’t say that he wanted Wayne Lin to kneel down. He couldn’t wait to teach Wayne Lin, so he would beat Wayne Lin first.

So he waved his big hand, and immediately came out four big hands, all holding weapons in his hands, and strode towards Wayne Lin.

For this kind of thing, Wayne Lin is already very familiar with it, for him, it is just a matter of ease.

But just when he was about to do it, Tao Sanniang said, “Wayne, give it to me this time.”

Wayne Lin was taken aback, and then he saw the serious and angry look in Tao Sanniang’s eyes, and he nodded and agreed.

With Tao Sanniang’s skill, it is completely enough to deal with these dozens of small warriors.

Xu Bing saw Wayne Lin hiding behind Tao Sanniang as a man, and despised Wayne Lin even more. He mocked Wayne Lin without hesitation: “Hahaha, you rubbish, you are still hiding behind a woman. You are not a man. Lost the man’s face!”

Those thugs also shook their heads, making no secret of their contempt and sneer at Wayne Lin.

“Beauty, are you sure you want to do it with us? We are vulgar, we are very heavy, wait for you to be ravaged, don’t cry.”

“Hey, I’ve been f*cking for so many years, and haven’t beaten a beauty yet, tusk.”

“This girl is in very good shape. When the brothers’ sticks go down, they will scream, haha.”

“Beauty, don’t listen to them, brother will pity you, hahaha.”

Each of these four thugs smiled wretchedly than the other. They looked up and down Tao Sanniang, and didn’t put Tao Sanniang in their eyes at all. In their opinion, what kind of fighting power could a beautiful girl like Tao Sanniang have? When they start, they can still eat tofu, which is also a wonderful thing.

Who is Tao Sanniang? Where can I not see their dirty thoughts? Suddenly her face became colder, and her eyes flashed with anger.

After Wayne Lin’s training, she has already broken through from her original master realm to the peak of the day after tomorrow. It can be said that she is able to deal with these small vulgarities.

“Looking for death.” She snorted coldly, and then began to take a shot, dashing forward, against the four thugs, it was an attack, four slaps, almost at the same time slapped the four of them in the face, so powerful that they all The fight was dumbfounded.

Immediately afterwards, Tao Sanniang hadn’t stopped. She took advantage of the victory and pursued a combination of punches, fast and swift, and in less than ten seconds, she beat the four powerful thugs to the ground. , One by one groaned painfully on the ground.

She said disdainfully: “Trash, vulnerable.”

This scene happened too quickly, and the visual impact it brought to people was very strong. Tao Sanniang, such a delicate woman, could actually fight so well, and it was too unreal.

Especially Xu Bing, his eyes widened, like hell.

Next, Tao Sanniang said coldly to Xu Bing: “Did you knelt down and apologize, or wait for me to do it.”

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