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Chapter 215

Wayne Lin naturally saw Yang Qi’s thoughts in his eyes. He smiled faintly and didn’t explain anything. The more he reached his level, he wouldn’t explain too much.

As soon as Wu Fan stepped on crab feet, he walked over arrogantly, not looking at anyone, looking at the world. When he reached the director, he said lazily: “Director, everyone is here. You can start the machine.”

The director, who was very prestigious on the set, immediately respected Wu Fan. He lowered his posture a lot, and said quickly, “Everyone is here, and you can boot anytime.”

“Yeah.” Wu Fan nodded faintly, and said, “It’s good if everyone is there, lest I wait.”

Many people were uncomfortable with what he said, but they didn’t dare to talk back. The director said: “Angkor, let’s turn it on now. Today’s task is relatively heavy.”

Hearing the director’s words, many actors around began to move around, ready to start, but unexpectedly, Wu Fanyi’s words stopped their movements, “Wait a second, what are you doing? No food yet.”

“This…” The director frowned.

Wu Fanyi immediately stared, “What is this? I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, how can I take pictures when I’m hungry?”

The director’s eyes clearly flashed some sullenness, gritted his teeth, his face changed obviously, if he changed other actors, he would have started cursing, but the person in front of him was Wu Fanyi, the actor of the show, and He is still a popular traffic star with many fans, and he dare not scold him even if he is angry.

So he had to gritted his teeth, stubbornly endured it, and squeezed out a smile and said: “Angkor, you misunderstood, I didn’t mean that, but Michelle has a task to complete the filming within three months. So the task is pretty tight.”

Wu Fanyi said disdainfully, “How about the tight task? I am the actor of this movie. How can I shoot if I don’t have enough food and energy? You have been a director for some years. I don’t know the truth. ?”

“Yes, yes, Angkor taught right.” The director nodded quickly. He broke his teeth and swallowed in his stomach. He didn’t dare to show any complaints at all, and his posture was very humble.

Wayne Lin, who was not far away, watched this scene. He faintly frowned. Wu Fanyi was a bit uncomfortable. Wu Fanyi was too aggressive, and his attitude towards filming was not positive. How could the scene be better? go?

Anyway, he remembered this person and asked his subordinates to investigate whether this Wu Fanyi was really worth the investment.

Finally, another group of people waited here for Wu Fan to eat breakfast, eating very slowly, and a whole set of people were waiting for him.

Wayne Lin became impatient when he saw it. He frowned and grumbled. Because the set was relatively quiet, everyone was dissatisfied and didn’t speak, so his words happened to reach Wu Fanyi.

Suddenly Wu Fan slammed the lunch box, frowned, and said uncomfortably, “Who was talking about me just now! Stand up for me!”

He stood up, his face full of gloom, especially arrogant and aggressive, where is there such a gentle and elegant as advertised on TV? Now he seems to be a small and vagrant attitude.

Yang Qi’s face was scared, because Wayne Lin next to him said this!

His heart was screwed up, and he was thumping and jumping. Wayne Lin was the one he brought. If Wayne Lin offended Wu Fanyi, he would not escape responsibility!

What he doesn’t understand now is why Wayne Lin would make such a complaint. Isn’t this an obvious offense to Wu Fanyi? Besides, Wu Fanyi is a big star. Fans don’t know how many millions. No need to get in the circle.

Now he regrets a little bit, and brings Wayne Lin to this set.

But although he regretted it, he didn’t blame Wayne Lin too much. He didn’t understand more. When did Wayne Lin become so bold? You must know that when he knew Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin was very courageous, even worth it

Worse, how come it has changed so much after not seeing it in a year.

Many people looked at Wayne Lin at once.

In an instant, Wu Fanyi saw Wayne Lin and said in a bad tone: “Is it you who speak ill of me behind your back? Who are you, so courageous!”

There was no expression on Wayne Lin’s face. He looked at Wu Fanyi faintly. Just as he was about to speak, Yang Qi stood up next to him and quickly bowed and apologized: “Angkor Angkor, you misunderstood, he didn’t say you just now Well, he just commented on other people on the Internet casually, Angkor, don’t take it to heart…”

Yang Qi’s face was full of flattery and respect, and he kept nodding and bowing. He was so humble that he felt uncomfortable looking at Wayne Lin.

Wu Fanyi looked a lot better, and he said to the director: “Director Chen, how did you do it? All cats and dogs are on the set. If I tell the boss, Zi Qiong, how can you be in this circle? It’s not so easy to leave.”

Director Chen wiped his sweat and said quickly: “Angkor calms down his anger, Angkor calms down his anger, I’ll drive them two out immediately.”

When Yang Qi heard these words, there was panic, sorrow, and bitterness on his face. He didn’t expect that he had just arrived and would be fired, and he would offend Wu Fanyi. He was afraid that there would be no set to invite him.

Fortunately, at this moment, a few people walked out from the house not far away. The one in front was dressed in an urban white-collar suit. His appearance was amazing and his figure was in a mess.

She asked with some confusion: “What happened?”

Her appearance immediately brightened the eyes of everyone on the set, and even Wayne Lin’s pupils shrank a little, and she was amazed, and her breathing stopped.

Like the other men present, they were even more idiots, their eyes straightened.

As soon as Wu Fan saw this woman, she immediately showed a flattering smile, and said, “Yuning, you are here too, isn’t your scene only in the afternoon?”

“Who were you scolding just now? So angry.”

Wu Fan didn’t bother to scold Wayne Lin. He hurried to Ning Yuning, his eyes revealed passion and love, and he obviously had a special liking for Ning Yuning.

“I didn’t scold anyone, but there was a silly thing who said bad things about me behind my back. I just said a few words. Yu Ning, you also know that mine is a very big person. As long as the other party is not too excessive, I don’t bother to care about each other, hehe.” Wu Fanyi was like a dog licking in front of Ning Yuning.

Ning Yuning gave a faint hum. Obviously, he didn’t call Wu Fanyi too much, and took two steps back gently, keeping some distance from Wu Fanyi, and then said to the director: “Director Chen, now people come. All are ready, can you turn it on?”

Director Chen didn’t dare to agree casually, and looked at Wu Fanyi…

Wu Fan said immediately, “It all depends on what Yu Ning means. Yu Ning will start the machine when it is turned on.”

After speaking, he still looked at Ning Yuning with affectionate eyes. This set is an urban love movie with some elements of martial arts. Among them, Wu Fanyi is the male number one and Ning Yuning is the female one. number.

Ning Yuning said, “Then turn it on.”

With Ning Yuning’s words, the director ordered to start the boot.

When Yang Qi saw that Wu Fanyi didn’t continue to care about Wayne Lin, he was relieved and quickly reminded Wayne Lin in a low voice, “Brother, wait a minute, don’t talk nonsense, or we brothers will be finished.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Brother Qi, this Wu Fanyi is just a little star, so he shouldn’t be so jealous, right?”

“What? Little star?” Yang Qi immediately opened his eyes, looked at Wayne Lin with shocked eyes, and reached out to touch Wayne Lin’s forehead, and said, “I said Wayne, are you okay? Even Wu Fanyi is like this. You said that Xiao Xianrou is a little star? Is it possible that you are the boss of Zi Qiong?”

Chapter 216

When Yang Qi said this, his face was obviously teasing.

Wayne Lin smiled dumbly and deliberately said with a shocked expression: “Wow, Brother Qi, how did you know that I am Chairman Zi Qiong?”

Yang Qi immediately punched Wayne Lin in the chest, and said with a smile: “f*ck you, say you are fat, you really breathe.”

Wayne Lin blinked and said, “Brother Qi, why can’t I be the chairman of Zi Qiong?”

Just next to me, there were two people who came over here too, and heard their conversation, they all laughed out loud and said: “I said kid, you really made me laugh, do you know what company Ziqiong Media is? The current market value? It’s over six billion. Do you know what Chairman Zi Qiong represents? That is an absolute capital crocodile, the owner of billions of dollars. Even our studio is invested by Zi Qiong. The director and Wu Fan met Chairman Zi Qiong nodded and bowed.”

Another dragon set also sarcastically said: “I think he has read too many online novels. I think he is an overbearing president, haha. A chairman with a wealth of billions, actually went to this small studio to run the dragon. , It’s a shame that you dare to say, hahahaha…

The laughter of these two dragon sets was very loud, and they happened to be heard by a few dragon sets not far away. They also came over one after another. After they learned about this, they all laughed like they heard Great joke.

“I heard that right? He can still be Chairman Zi Qiong like this?”

“What else can it be? A stubborn guy who actually said that he is the chairman of Shi Qiong, hahaha, this is the funniest joke I’ve heard this year.”

“Yang Qi, where did you get to know this weird flower? There is a problem with your brain? Even Chairman Zi Qiong dare to pretend to be?”

A bunch of runners took this as fun, and laughed at it, even Yang Qi was ridiculed.

Wayne Lin didn’t care much about this. He was ridiculed more often, so what a degree. Instead, Yang Qi couldn’t stand it. He blushed and explained loudly: “I said that your brains are not working well. My brother is clearly joking. You can’t see it? What about your brains.”

But no matter what Yang Qi explained, they didn’t listen to it, and deliberately used it to mock. The more angry they saw Yang Qi, the more fun they felt.

Just at this moment, a few people came over, and the director frowned and said: “You all gather together and do nothing, don’t you need to work, do you want to be fired by me!”

In addition to the director, there are Wu Fanyi and Ning Yuning in this group. Wu Fanyi looked at these dragon sleeves, obviously with some contempt, and the posture was particularly arrogant. It was completely the way the superior was to the inferior. Kind of dismissive.

Ning Yuning doesn’t have such a high posture, but her expression is also relatively cold.

Seeing the director and the others, these dragons dared not laugh anymore. They were very in awe, and quickly explained: “The director, it’s none of our business, it’s the dragons Yang Qi brought. He said he is the director of Michelle Long, it made us laugh, so we gathered here.”

When the director heard this, he was obviously taken aback, “What? Chairman Zi Qiong?”

“Yes, yeah!” The dragon sleeve immediately pointed to Wayne Lin who was aside, and threw the pot on Wayne Lin’s body, with a gloating expression on his face.

The other dragon sleeves were also very grateful for their misfortune, and stepped back two steps to separate Wayne Lin and Yang Qi, and Wayne Lin and Yang Qi were immediately visible.

Wayne Lin didn’t think anything. He still had a lazy expression on his face. Yang Qike was miserable if it wasn’t right. The whole face became pale immediately, Liushen Wuzhu, the whole person panicked, and the explanation began to stammer: ” Director, director, it’s not like that, my friend, he is joking…”

Wu Fan burst into laughter immediately, “Wait a minute, what did you just say? I heard it right.

Right, he said he was Chairman Zi Qiong? Hahahaha…”

The actors next to him also couldn’t help laughing, as if they had heard some funny joke, looking at Wayne Lin and Yang Qi as if they were looking at a clown.

When Ning Yuning heard these words, she also looked at Wayne Lin. She felt that Wayne Lin was a jumping clown. After a glance, she didn’t look at it again. Instead, she said to the director: “Don’t waste time on these trivial matters. Now, let’s start shooting now.”

“Okay, okay.” The director glared at Yang Qi and Wayne Lin, and then started shooting.

Yang Qi saw that the director and them were gone and didn’t care about them. He sighed in relief, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and said, “I said Wayne, can you stop making this joke next time? Brother Qi’s heart can’t stand your tossing like this.”

Wayne Lin was very helpless, he made a ghostly joke, he was really Chairman Zi Qiong.

However, he didn’t bother to explain this kind of thing to Yang Qi, so he patted Yang Qi on the shoulder and said, “George Qi, I know, I promise you won’t cause trouble next.”

Yang Qi breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Wayne, brother doesn’t mean that, but it’s not easy to find jobs outside now. People like us who don’t have much culture and special skills are one of the few of us who come here to run the game. There is a chance to get ahead. If we offend Director Chen and Fanyi Wu, we will not be able to find jobs in the circle in the future.”

Wayne Lin felt warm in his heart when he heard these words. He nodded and said, “Well, Brother Qi, I know.”

Yang Qi smiled again and said, “That’s good, we will start shooting soon. Let’s prepare too. Take the opportunity and be able to appear in front of the camera for an extra second, but you will make money! In case you enter the audience. Sight, it’s hot, then make a lot of money! Come on!”

Looking at Yang Qi’s face like chicken blood, Wayne Lin only found it interesting, as if he had returned to the time when he was the door-in-law of the Chu family, fighting with Yang Qi outside.

Then the director announced the launch, and Wayne Lin really saw what it was like to film.

To put it ashamed, as the chairman of a film and television company, he can be regarded as a bigwig in the entertainment industry. As a result, he didn’t know how to shoot the film.

No way, he is the chairman of Ziqiong, he can be said to be at the top of the entertainment circle. He has always only needed to grasp the general direction. He looks at data and makes decisions based on market changes. Speaking of which, he knows nothing about filming and singing.

Now watching them filming, I think it’s quite interesting, opening up a world I haven’t touched before.

Now he watched it for an hour or two and found that this Wu Fanyi was a soy sauce player, and his acting skills were terribly poor. On the contrary, Ning Yuning’s acting skills were good and his attitude was relatively dedicated.

In the middle, Wayne Lin followed Yang Qi and ran away for a while, and appeared in the camera for two seconds, acting as a green leaf saved by a hero Wu Fan.

However, when Wayne Lin saw Wu Fanyi’s distorted and distorted movements, they were not standard at all, and there was no masculinity at all. He couldn’t help it, got up from the ground and said, “Wu Fanyi, your martial arts movements are too soft. I don’t have any strength at all, it’s not like that at all!”

Wayne Lin could see that Wu Fanyi has a little bit of martial arts foundation, and he has learned some three-legged cat kung fu, but his strength is too soft, and the movements are completely correct, not good-looking, and he does not seem to have the masculine and fierceness of a martial artist. On the contrary, it is more like dancing. The key director passed it back. If it is released, it will definitely affect the word of mouth, and then affect the box office!

In any case, he is the chairman of Ziqiong Media, and he invested in this movie. If he didn’t see it, it would be fine. Now he has seen it with his own eyes, how can he let Wu Fanyi’spoil’ his investment works? This affects Michelle’s income!

It’s just that what he said directly offended Wu Fanyi.

Chapter 217

It’s okay not to say this sentence. As soon as I said it, there was a short silence in the audience. In an instant, everyone stopped their hands and looked at them. Everyone looked over.

But Wu Fan’s expression that was still triumphant in the first moment, in the next moment, it went dark in an instant.

His eyes were full of anger and gloom, staring at Wayne Lin.

Yang Qi, who was still lying on the ground, saw Wayne Lin utter this sentence, and there was a bang in his head, directly exploding!

In an instant he realized that Wayne Lin had caused a serious disaster this time, and that he had really caused a serious disaster, and that it was still irreparable.

As Yang Qi who has been in the circle for a year, he understands the personality of some stars in the entertainment circle, especially Wu Fanyi, who is famous for his arrogance and arrogance, especially in Wu Fanyi. After the fire, he became more self-sufficient and unwilling to listen to outsiders’ opinions. On the set, even the director did not dare to offend him.

So in the filming of this movie, the pass rate of his clips was actually very high, not because of how well he acted, but because the director was a small director, so he didn’t dare to remake him for fear of offending him.

But now, he thought he was perfect in a fight scene just now. He was actually caught by a small dragon in front of so many people, accusing him of not being able to fight martial arts, and saying that his movements were too soft? He couldn’t accept this. He threw the props angrily at the moment, and there was a bang, and the glass shards fell everywhere. Everyone was shocked. Even the director shook his body suddenly and looked at Wu in astonishment. Fanyi.

Many people had their skin cut by glass shards, and they bled.

As for Ning Yuning, she also frowned deeply, her eyes looking at Wayne Lin were very cold.

To be honest, she also knows that Wu Fanyi’s acting skills are not good, and his martial arts movements are not good-looking, soft and lacking the masculinity that a man should have. However, even if Wu Fan repeatedly fails, Wayne Lin is not qualified to comment.

You should know that in the entertainment industry, qualifications and status are very important. Wu Fan has been bad again and again. He is also a leading actor and a popular traffic star. But Wayne Lin, even an actor, is not even an actor. Now you actually stand up and criticize Wu Fanyi? Regardless of whether Wayne Lin’s criticism is correct or not, this matter is wrong. To be more serious, it is the following crime.

So all of a sudden, she had a very bad impression of Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin was sensational, and she was completely a clown.

“You’re a fool, I’ve been tolerating you for a long time! You take Lao Tzu’s generosity as indulgence, don’t you think Lao Tzu dare not do anything to you?!” Wu Fan quickly walked to Wayne Lin. , With a haze and cold face, staring at Wayne Lin, at this moment, the aura that erupted from him was so big that most of the people present were frightened, shivering, afraid to make a sound .

As for Yang Qi, he was even more frightened. He was completely utterly innocent and his brain was completely blank.

Before today, he had never thought that he would offend Wu Fanyi, Wu Fanyi, who is now a popular star in the entertainment industry, with many fans, and one person can drown him with one spit. Up.

As a result, the people he brought have actually offended Wu Fanyi again and again…

He didn’t dare to think about the next thing.

Anyway, his next career is gone, more serious

, Maybe a sum of money will be compensated!

Thinking of this, his blue became paler, and he swallowed constantly.

He looked at Wayne Lin’s resolute face, facing Wu Fanyi’s anger, but Gu Jing didn’t waver. He didn’t have any expressions. He didn’t know whether Wayne Lin had a good psychological quality or was heartless.

Alas, he sighed faintly in his heart, and his heart was extremely bitter. To be honest, he has now begun to regret bringing Wayne Lin over. He didn’t expect Wayne Lin to become so troublesome if he didn’t see him in a year. Wayne Lin, who I knew honestly, and even talked about, was completely different.

Wayne Lin looked at Wu Fanyi and smiled, “Oh, look, what can you do to me?”

Everyone thinks that Wayne Lin is crazy and offends Wu Fanyi. He dare to say such things. Is he not wanting to live?

Yang Qi only felt that his scalp was numb. He couldn’t take care of that much anymore. He quickly got up from the ground, grabbed Wayne Lin’s hand, and said in a low voice: “Wayne! What are you doing, crazy! Don’t hurry up and talk to him. Angkor apologizes!!!”

Wu Fan waved a big hand, gritted his teeth, and said cruelly: “Apologize? It’s too late! Now you are kneeling in front of me, and I can’t forgive you!”

Then he said to the director: “Chen Liang, how did you become a director? From which garbage dump did you find these two rubbish, and dare you to accuse me of not being able to fight? I am very angry. If you can’t handle this matter, Okay, don’t even think about doing it as a director!”

As an actor, he directly called the director’s name, and his tone was extremely poor, which made the director very shameless.

But the director didn’t dare to attack, because this matter was indeed his problem. He found Yang Qi, which means that he also found Wayne Lin.

Now that I was so annoyed, I had the urge to choke Wayne Lin to death!

He hurriedly apologized with Wu Fan, then sat down, and immediately gnashed his teeth at Yang Qi and cursed: “Yang Qi! What are you doing?! I agree with you to bring people over, and you will bring me some neuroses. , You deliberately cheated me, right?”

Yang Qi was sweating with anxious head. He was originally a small person, and his character was relatively weak and fearful. He had never encountered such a big scene before. The pressure he is facing now directly exceeds the limit he can bear. I was panicked, completely uncontrollable, my legs were swaying violently, I couldn’t stand fast, and my mouth was stuttering: “Director, director, me, me… I don’t know, my brother, he , Before, it wouldn’t be like this before…I apologize to you, apologies…”

After speaking, he wanted to bow and apologize to the director and Wu Fan.

However, when he was about to bend down, Wayne Lin stopped him and said, “Brother Qi, you don’t have to apologize, don’t panic. I am here today, and no one can make you apologize.”

Wayne Lin’s words were very domineering and loud, as if a golden rule could be done by speaking out, full of majesty.

Because this kind of majesty was completely inconsistent with his image, it brought a huge sense of disobedience, so when he said this, everyone was stunned.

Then, after they all reacted, it was a flood of ridicule, really thinking that he was crazy, he was a lunatic.

Ning Yuning, who had a weak continuity, was full of disdain and disgust in his eyes.

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