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Chapter 218

Ning Yuning is a rare stream in the entertainment industry. Since her debut, she hasn’t had any scandals, nor has she ever filmed any kissing scenes or sex scenes. With her innocent looks, she has always been named the head of the jade lady, even if you look at it all Asia is a hot star, with tens of millions of fans, and hundreds of millions of people who know her. It can be said that she is a very hot star, much hotter than Wu Fanyi who is a small fresh meat.

Because Ning Yuning is not only as simple as looking beautiful, but the key is that she is also very talented, has good acting skills, and has a good reputation in the circle, much better than Wu Fanyi and the like.

In other words, Wu Fanyi is a traffic star, and she may pass away at any time, but Ning Yuning will not. She is a powerful actor.

She has always worked very hard, so she especially despises the kind of people who don’t have any strength but like to talk about them. Now in her opinion, Wayne Lin is such a person. She is obviously just a little dragon, but she is arrogant and domineering. She has no self-knowledge. I look down on such people most.

“Wayne…” Yang Qi was almost crying.

Wu Fanyi was amused by Wayne Lin again, and he smirked, “Hahahaha, what a big tone! Since Wu Fan has been in my career for so long, I have seen any big people, but I have never seen someone like you. Yes, I think you are crazy and treat yourself as a human being, right?”

Director Chen was also extremely angry. He had a tense task today and needed to shoot very urgently. But now that he hasn’t finished shooting a single shot, the efficiency is too low. If this is passed to the investor Ziqiong Media, Then he, the director, will inevitably be scolded!

And the cause of this is because Yang Qi, this guy, brought a crazy person to his set!

That’s right, in his eyes, Wayne Lin is a neuropathy, if he is not a neuropathy, he would not act like this.

Knowing this long ago, he shouldn’t have promised Yang Qi, now he regrets it!

“Yang Qi, now you take your people and roll for Lao Tzu, how far you go!” Director Chen was furious, pointing at Yang Qi and cursing.

“Director…” Yang Qi’s eyes were red.

“Go!” The director picked up the props next to him and threw it at Yang Qi.

Yang Qi gritted his teeth tightly. He is now like a concubine, knowing that his acting career is completely out of play.

Originally, he still had a dream of becoming a star, but now it was shattered and destroyed by Wayne Lin.

Regarding this, he could only sigh for a long time, and he didn’t even have the feeling of complaining about Wayne Lin, and his whole person was very sad.

He pulled La Wayne Lin and said weakly: “Let’s go, our dragon life is over.”

Instead, Wu Fanyi was willing to let them go, and immediately stopped them, with a gloomy expression: “I didn’t kneel down and apologize, still want to go? There is no door!”

Originally, Wayne Lin didn’t plan to leave either. This Wu Fanyi was so arrogant, not only was his acting skills poor, he was also showing off on the set, which brought down the quality of the entire set. Most importantly, as soon as Wu Fan insulted him and Yang Qi, it was even more difficult for him to let Wu Fanyi go easily.

“Kneel down and apologize?” Wayne Lin laughed immediately when he heard this.

Wu Fan raised his head and found that Lao Tzu is a heavenly king Lao Tzu, and you have to listen to my orders and said, “Yes! Both of you will kneel and apologize to me, otherwise, you will not be able to eat.”

Yang Qisei shivered and said bitterly, “Angkor, we were wrong. You are a superstar, so why should you be familiar with these little people like us?”

As soon as Wu Fan saw Yang Qi begging in a panic, his face was full of pride and arrogance, “Don’t tell me this, it’s your friend who is the brain-dead, he offended me recklessly! My patience is not very good. Ah, I count to three, if you still don’t kneel down, then you will have no chance to kneel down!”

After speaking, he began to count down, “One, two…”

With so many people present, no one dared to stand up and say a word. All of them succumbed to Wu Fanyi’s lewdness. In fact, they were not used to Wu Fanyi’s aggressive appearance. To be reasonable, even if it was Wayne Lin’s fault, he offended Wu Fanyi first, but Wayne Lin only said a couple of ugly things, so he would just apologize. And Wu Fanyi asked them to kneel down and apologize. This is something that hurts dignity.

But they couldn’t understand Wu Fanyi anymore, and they didn’t dare to disobey Wu Fanyi, so they all looked at Wayne Lin and Yang Qi with some sympathy.

Yang Qi was scared to the extreme. He pulled Wayne Lin and said in a panic: “Wayne, we really got into a catastrophe this time, so let’s kneel down and apologize to others, alas!”

Yang Qi’s eyes were flushed, and his grievance was extreme.

Wayne Lin looked at him very seriously, “Brother Qi, don’t worry, I said that I won’t cause trouble to you, and I won’t cause trouble to you. We don’t need to kneel. The king of heaven and Laozi are here, so we can’t do anything.”

“But he is Wu Fanyi, a popular star now! He said, we can’t even eat in minutes!” Yang Qi was a little annoyed now, staring at Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin sneered and said, “What if it’s Wu Fanyi? It’s just a little guy. I will block him every minute and let him fall from the sky to hell.”

No one took Wayne Lin’s words seriously, and felt that Wayne Lin was really crazy, and at this time, he could still say such things.

“What? You’re a fool, you can kill me in one sentence? I heard it right?” Wu Fan laughed with an exaggerated expression.

Then, he provocatively and owedly said: “Well, you are so awesome, but try to block me!”

Wayne Lin glanced at him lightly, “Okay, I will meet your requirements.”

Then, he took out his cell phone and made a call, “Damon Wang, which company is Wu Fanyi’s artist?”

Everyone saw that he really took out the phone, and said that he was acting in a good manner, and they all felt that he was acting and did not make a call.

Wu Fanyi was not nervous at all. He held his chest and looked at Wayne Lin with a playful expression, like a clown.

When Damon Wang heard the news, he was stunned for a moment and didn’t dare to delay. He immediately said: “It’s an artist from Black Rock Media, chairman, what, what’s wrong?”

Wayne Lin said: “You immediately call me the boss of Black Rock Media, even if I want to ban Wu Fanyi, if he disagrees, Zi Qiong will terminate all cooperation with Black Rock Media from now on.”

“This…” Damon Wang was shocked at once.

“Follow me.” Wayne Lin ordered coldly.

Damon Wang heard Wayne Lin’s seriousness and a hint of anger. He was taken aback and immediately said loudly: “Yes! Chairman, I will call the president of Heiyan Media!”


After Wayne Lin hung up the phone, no one believed him. They all thought he was playing mystery. He put it in a very good manner, and directly asked Black Rock Media to ban Wu Fanyi, really treating him as a person.

And Wu Fanyi was even more joking.

“Oh, I’m so scared, so I use Black Rock Media to scare me? Do you know that I am the pillar of Black Rock Media now, what an idiot.” Wu Fanyi is not afraid of Wayne Lin at all, and all kinds of ridicule and contempt.

Yang Qi also felt that Wayne Lin was crazy, and his complaints against Wayne Lin grew.

“Okay, I don’t have the patience to accompany you with this rubbish.” Wu Fan became impatient and immediately wanted to do something with Wayne Lin. However, at this moment, the phone of the assistant next to him rang, took the call and listened. After a while, the assistant’s face instantly became horrified, and said to Wu Fan in a trembling tone, “Angkor, no, no, it’s not good…”

Chapter 219

The assistant’s words stunned the audience.

Especially the panic expression on the assistant’s face made people feel very surprised. I don’t know what happened.

When Wu Fan saw his assistant look like this, he was also stunned for a moment. He didn’t know why, he suddenly had a bad feeling, could it be that this idiot named Wayne Lin really had the ability to block him?

As soon as this idea came up, he pushed it out!


First of all, it is not logically explained. If this guy really has this energy, how can he come to the set to run the game? Are you full?

Besides, this guy’s temperament doesn’t look like a big man, he’s just a very ordinary working-class guy, and a small person like this can’t threaten him at all.

So after trying to understand this, he was not afraid anymore, and generously accepted the assistant’s call, and he also scolded, “Looking at your panic, it’s really embarrassing. I didn’t tell you. Be calm and don’t panic no matter what happens.”

The assistant swallowed heavily, with a panic expression on his face, and said, “Angkor, you should answer the phone first. It’s a call from the chairman.”

“What? Chairman?!” As soon as Wu Fan heard these three words, his eyes widened, his face panicked, and he hurriedly answered the phone. In his panic, he accidentally pressed the speaker. “Hey, Chairman, are you looking for something to do with me?”

Immediately, from the phone, there was an angry voice, “Wu Fanyi! Are you fcking looking for death? Even the chairman of Michelle Dare to offend? You fcking, don’t get tired of your life. Lao Tzu, f*ck you!”

When I heard this, he was full of anger and trepidation, which immediately dazzled everyone.

Heiyan Media is also a relatively large entertainment company in China. Its market value is even higher than that of Zi Qiong. According to reason, the boss of Heiyan Media should not be so afraid of Wayne Lin. No matter how bad it is, it will not be because of Damon Wang. The phone was scared like this.

The main reason for this is that not long ago, he participated in the engagement banquet of Guo Huang’s family and saw the power of Wayne Lin! Indeed, the identity of Chairman Zi Qiong definitely wouldn’t make him so intimidated, but that day, even a character like Chou Ye had to bow down to Wayne Lin.

What does this show? It shows that Wayne Lin’s identity is definitely more than that of Chairman Zi Qiong!

Later, he tried to investigate Wayne Lin’s identity, but the more he investigated, the more frightened he became, because he could not investigate at all. Wayne Lin seemed to have killed out of thin air. At that time, he bought Ziqiong Media with 2.5 billion cash. What frightened him the most was the time. When Wayne Lin bought Ziqiong Media, Wayne Lin was still the son-in-law of the Chu family!

Especially a while ago, Wayne Lin also spent several billions to go out and set up a new advertising company, which is huge and strong.

Combining all these things, we came to a conclusion: Wayne Lin is definitely not only the chairman Ziqiong!

Originally, he wanted to invite Wayne Lin to make friends with this potential big man during this period, but he did not expect to receive a call from Damon Wang. The tone and words on the call scared him to death. After dropping the phone, call Wu Fanyi as soon as possible.

Wu Fanyi’s face turned pale immediately. He didn’t understand why the chairman would be so angry with him…Wait a moment, he suddenly reacted. Just now, the chairman said that he offended the chairman of Zi Qiong. ?

However, he has never seen Zi Qiong’s chairman. What is the situation!

Wayne Lin showed a faintly satisfied expression on his face. The boss of Heiyan Media was quite on the road, and he called right away without him having to wait too long.

In fact, he also knew that the chairman of Heiyan Media had attended the engagement banquet of Guo Huang’s family that day, and knew he was not easy to provoke, otherwise he would not directly let Damon Wang call him.


Qi was also stunned, and his brain couldn’t even react to what happened inside.

Ning Yuning, who was in the crowd, was stunned when she saw this scene, because she was also an artist of Black Rock Media, and she knew how old the chairman of her family was. She had never seen the chairman look so angry and panic. , That kind of feeling, it seems that Chairman Zi Qiong is a big man, and he can’t offend him at all.

Wu Fan swallowed, and after reacting, he immediately said, “Chairman! Did you make a mistake? I didn’t offend Zi Qiong’s chairman at all. Let me tell you, I’m even, I’m even Ziqiong. The chairman has never seen him, so how can I offend him? I’m still filming on the set…”

Wu Fan died of grievances. He was inexplicably trained by the chairman and turned on the speaker. He was heard by hundreds of people on the set. It was shameful!

But immediately, the chairman of Heiyan Media heard an even more angry roar on the phone: “Wu Fanyi! Do you dare to admit the fck? The president of Zi Qiong called me and said that you are an idiot offended. I got Michelle’s chairman, and asked Michelle to kneel down and apologize to you! Wu Fanyi, you have a goddamn kind, the chairman of Michelle is a super big man, even I dare not offend him, you fcking Well, let him kneel down and apologize to you! You are good, you are awesome!”

Hearing these words, Wu Fanyi’s scalp numb, thinking of something, he suddenly raised his head and looked at Wayne Lin who was opposite!

Suddenly, he saw Wayne Lin’s smiley face, his brain exploded with a bang, his legs were weak, his body was suddenly taken away, he took two steps back, and almost fell to the ground. .

He is not stupid. At this point, he still doesn’t understand. The little dragon set opposite him that he despised is Chairman Zi Qiong!

This time, he has caused a catastrophe and is about to die.

But he couldn’t figure out why the dignified chairman of Zi Qiong came to the set to do a little dragon game. This is totally unreasonable!

On the phone, there was still a roar from the chairman of Heiyan Media, which was so cruel, but he couldn’t hear it anymore, and now his brain was blank, Liushenwuzhu, never had the fear.

“Give me the phone to Chairman Zi Qiong, you are not a good waste!”

Wu Fanyi had completely lost his consciousness at this time, and he walked towards Wayne Lin stupidly, and gave Wayne Lin the phone.

“Hello, Randal Lin, hello, hello!” The chairman of Heiyan Media said in a very humble tone: “Wu Fanyi has nothing to do with me, I don’t know anything.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I know. Besides, you scolded so badly on the phone just now. Why should I give you face?”

The chairman of Heiyan Media heaved a sigh of relief. He just scolded so fiercely on purpose just to get rid of the relationship. Fortunately, Wayne Lin was a person with a clear grudge and did not anger him.

“Then I would like to thank Randal Lin.”

Wayne Lin said, “But Wu Fanyi, I don’t want to see him again in the future.”

“I understand, I understand!” The chairman of Heiyan Media said immediately: “From now on, there will be no such person as Wu Fanyi in the entertainment industry. From now on, I will hide him and block him to death!”

When Wu Fan on the side heard these words, he finally couldn’t bear it, and sat down on the ground, like a bereaved concubine, crying.

Next, the chairman of Heiyan Media and Wayne Lin chatted a few more words, all saying flattering words, and also asked Wayne Lin to eat together.

After hanging up the phone, Wayne Lin threw the phone at Wu Fanyi, smiled, and said to Yang Qi next to him: “Brother Qi, things are done, let’s go eat first.”

However, Yang Qi didn’t move, he still looked at him with dementia and shock, completely stupid…

Not only him, but everyone on the scene now looks at Wayne Lin’s eyes completely different, including Ning Yuning, who is indifferent by nature, completely shocked at this moment!

Chapter 220

Chairman Zi Qiong, this status weighs too much!

Although Ning Yuning is not an employee of Ziqiong Media, she has also heard of the famous name of Ziqiong’s chairman. There is no alternative, Ziqiong Media’s recent reputation is too great, and it is almost a legend in the industry.

You must know that a few months ago, Zi Qiong Media was only a second-rate film and television media company, and because of the poor management of the decision-makers at that time, the market value was only 2 billion. A large sum of 500 million bought Ziqiong Media, and under his management, in just a few months, the market value has repeatedly reached new highs. Now it has reached six billion, and it is almost catching up with Black Rock Media, and in time, it has surpassed Black Rock. The media is nothing strange.

Before, Ning Yuning was very interested in Chairman Zi Qiong, and wanted to know what kind of person she was, but she never expected that the famous chairman Zi Qiong was so young and still This way, appeared in front of her!

Even with her concentration, she couldn’t help being stunned at this moment, unable to calm down for a long time.

Fortunately, she looked down on others just now and thought they were hysterical lunatics, but in reality, she slapped her severely and slapped her with fierce pain!

Wayne Lin sighed helplessly when he saw the reaction of the people. He knew that his identity was exposed, and it would definitely cause a sensation. He didn’t care what other people thought. The key point was that he lied to Yang Qi. Very embarrassed.

“Brother Qi, what’s the matter, look at me with such an expression, don’t you recognize me?” Wayne Lin said with a smile.


Yang Qi swallowed heavily, recovered, and stammered: “Wayne, what’s the situation with you? You are from Ziqiong Media, the chairman?”

“Yes, Brother Qi, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the first time.” Wayne Lin said apologetically.

Yang Qi was fainted all over. He couldn’t understand why, how could the door-to-door son-in-law, who starved with him a year ago and looked down upon him, changed to become the superior chairman of Ziqiong Media?

“Brother Qi, I will explain this matter to you later. Let’s go now. Brother invites you to have a big meal.” Wayne Lin put Yang Qi on his shoulders and took Yang Qi away. “Brother Qi, you will You don’t need to be arrogant. I’ll arrange a movie for you as the leading actor. You can give me a bit of anger and don’t make me lose money.”

“This, this…” Yang Qi was even more shocked when he heard this, and the whole person was in a daze.

When other people heard this sentence, they were extremely envious of Yang Qi!

Especially those who know Yang Qi, their eyes are red at this moment. As for those who mocked Wayne Lin just now, they just want to give themselves a slap in the face. Damn, this is blocking the way to get rich. I knew Wayne Lin was so awesome, they just kneeled and licked Wayne Lin.

The director was also dumbfounded and his scalp was numb. After he reacted, he couldn’t take care of so much. He hurried over to please Wayne Lin: “Chairman, I have always admired you…”

However, before he finished speaking, Wayne Lin forced him back with a cold word: “Go away.”

The director’s face was as uncomfortable as he had eaten shit, and he really slapped himself hard. Now he really regrets his intestines.

At this moment, Wu Fanyi finally recovered. He immediately crawled over like a dog, hugged Wayne Lin’s thigh, and begged for mercy with tears and tears: “Chairman Chairman, I Wrong, please don’t block me, I beg you, you can let me do anything…”

How could Wayne Lin let him go? Kick him away with a kick.


p; Once Wu Fan was kicked away, she wanted to climb over and hold her thigh, but Wayne Lin was shocked back by saying, “You touch me again, I won’t let you stay in the country!”

Wu Fanyi was completely frightened now, and didn’t dare to come over again, his mentality was completely collapsed, and finally cried out. Everyone on the set saw this scene and felt very shocked, like a dream.

Not long after Wayne Lin and Yang Qi left, people from Heiyan Media and Ziqiong Media came over and expelled Wu Fanyi on the spot, and it was the kind that Xuezang banned.

Immediately changed the new actor, and because of this incident, Ning Yuning also chose to make an appointment…

This incident left Wayne Lin with an indelible impression on these people. Especially for Ning Yuning, she remembered Wayne Lin deeply. Wayne Lin’s identity was a reason. Another point was that Wayne Lin never looked at her face to face from beginning to end, which made her I was particularly frustrated.

She has always been the focus of the crowd. As long as she is a man, she will be attracted by her beauty and reputation. Many rich bosses are no exception. Wayne Lin is the only one who has never seen her from beginning to end. For her, the key point she could see was that it was not that Wayne Lin was trying to catch her, but that Wayne Lin didn’t take her seriously. This made her self-confidence extremely frustrated.

Wayne Lin didn’t care about the thoughts of these people. After he and Yang Qi came out of the set, they went for a meal together, and instantly told how they became Chairman Ziqiong. Of course, it is impossible for him to tell the Lin family. When this incident came, he found other reasons and prevaricated. Yang Qi was an ordinary person, he didn’t think so much, and he didn’t think deeply. Now that he knew Wayne Lin’s identity, he was very Excited, after the excitement, I start to be nervous again, and I am afraid that I can’t play the protagonist well.

In front of Wayne Lin, he didn’t have the state of being careless before. He became particularly cringe and conscientious, and he would never be able to return to the previous equal relationship.

Looking at this, Wayne Lin sighed helplessly. Because he expected this, he didn’t choose to tell Yang Qi his identity at the beginning, but the thing had already happened, so he didn’t think too much. , Do whatever it takes.

After bidding farewell to Yang Qi, Wayne Lin returned to the residence by himself.

After moving out of the Chu family, Wayne Lin has been living in a hotel by himself. This is not an option for a long time. He still has to buy a house. He is rich now, so he plans to buy a comfortable villa to live in.

However, he is not very familiar with real estate, so he called Jeff Han and asked him if he had any introduction. The price is not a problem.

When Jeff Han heard that Wayne Lin was about to buy a house, he immediately became energetic. Originally, he wanted to give Wayne Lin a villa by himself to please Wayne Lin, but after thinking about it carefully, as Wayne Lin, an ordinary villa of ten million yuan. Wayne Lin certainly didn’t like it either, so he didn’t open this mouth anymore. In addition, he was always busy during this period of time because of the opening of a new company. He arranged for an agent to accompany Wayne Lin to see the house.

Because Jeff Han’s incident was also explained and arranged, and he didn’t explain it clearly. When it was passed to the intermediary, he didn’t know that Wayne Lin was the big boss and took him to see a house within two million yuan. Wayne Lin sensed something was wrong and said directly: “I can’t use a commercial house. You can directly take me to the villa area in Hwadrid.”

When the intermediary heard this, some suspicions flashed in his eyes, and said, “Mr. Lin, the average price of a villa area in Hwadrid with a good location is more than 10 million.”

“Okay, take me to see it.” Wayne Lin nodded.

The agent frowned, his eyes filled with disbelief, but out of professional ethics, he still asked: “Are you sure?”


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