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Chapter 773

They didn’t doubt Wayne Lin’s words at all, because in the past few days, they had thoroughly investigated Wayne Lin, and they also knew that Wayne Lin had done feats during this period of time, and they were no longer on the same level. No kidding, if Wayne Lin really wanted to erase the Lin family from Hwadrid, it would really be just a sentence.

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became embarrassing. They didn’t dare to talk any more. Those elders who leaned on the old and sold the old, now their faces were green and white. They felt Wayne Lin’s momentum, and they were already conscious. By now, Wayne Lin standing in front of them was no longer the kind and innocent Wayne Lin he used to, so they let them knead.

Wayne Lin didn’t have any more ink marks, and when the time was up, he rushed directly to his grandfather’s grave.

When I came to my grandfather’s cemetery again, I saw the yellowed photo on the tombstone and the kind appearance. Wayne Lin stood there blankly, his mind was full of what he looked like before his death, and how he treated him for so many years. Education and care.

Because of his grandfather’s existence, he was able to live happily in the Lin family, but because of his death, his good days have disappeared.

I don’t know if Grandpa knew that he was here. The sky was still raining heavily, but the rain gradually stopped and turned into a light rain, then stopped again, and began to blow slowly with majesty.

“Grandpa, here I am, how are you doing down here?”

Wayne Lin knelt in front of the grave, muttering to himself, falling into endless memories. Behind him stood a large line of Lin family members, but no one dared to say anything. Now Wayne Lin is the one they can’t afford to offend. The people, especially the majesty displayed by Wayne Lin, are like a high mountain, weighing heavily on their hearts, and they can’t kick them, so they can’t even think of going against Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin personally sweeps his grandfather’s grave, doing it bit by bit, doing his filial piety, as for what the Lin family thinks, he doesn’t care at all.

After finishing everything, Wayne Lin left directly. From beginning to end, Wayne Lin never talked to the Lin family again. For him, not taking revenge is the greatest tolerance for Wayne Lin. Does the Lin Family still want him to go back to the Lin Family? That is absolutely impossible.

Everyone in the Lin family looked at the leaving figure of Wayne Lin and sighed deeply, regretting incomparably. If they hadn’t driven Wayne Lin out so harshly back then, then their Lin family would not be what they are now. !

It’s a pity that I didn’t turn my head back when I opened the bow, and at this time, I didn’t regret taking medicine. If something is missed, it will be missed for a lifetime. It is useless for them to regret it.

Wayne Lin came out of the cemetery and felt a lot more relaxed. This time when he came back to the Lin family, he saw how regretful the Lin family was. To be honest, he was very happy in his heart. Five years ago, the Lin family treated him like this, he did not forget!

However, after this incident, he should also let go.

When he came down from the mountain, he wanted to make a call to the driver and ask the driver to pick him up in a Rolls-Royce, but at this moment, from in front of him, a car stopped, the window rolled down and appeared With a pretty face, he said to him, “Wayne Lin?”

Wayne Lin glanced intently, and was also taken aback. He didn’t expect that he would meet an acquaintance here, which is a coincidence.

He quickly smiled, Li

Maely greeted, “Murong, it’s you.”

The woman in front of him is an old acquaintance, even a childhood sweetheart. She grew up together when she was young. Even when her grandfather was married to Murongxue’s elders, she said that after she grew up, They both got married.

Only later, after Wayne Lin was expelled from the Lin family, this marriage was naturally cancelled.

Seeing Murongxue now, to be honest, Wayne Lin was still very emotional, and in his mind, he couldn’t help but think of the bits and pieces he had experienced with Murongxue since childhood.

To be honest, at that time Wayne Lin really had feelings for Murong Xue, and he believed that when he grew up, he would marry Murong Xue as his wife, but reality made a huge joke with him. Is it because he and Murongxue have no relationship.

After five years, Murongxue has not changed much, she is still so beautiful, with white skin, and she is a big beauty.

If Wayne Lin was not married and met Murongxue again, his heartbeat would definitely increase. But now, he would no longer be the Wayne Lin he used to. Seeing Murongxue again, he would just feel sorry for the ancients.

Murongxue stared at him, looked at him quickly, and then said: “It’s been a long time since I saw you, where have you been all this time?”

Wayne Lin also smiled and said, “Yeah, it’s been a long time since I saw you…”

He just wanted to talk. At this moment, a face appeared on the seat behind him. He stared at Wayne Lin and saw the plain clothes that Wayne Lin was wearing, and he appeared on foot. His face appeared. Some ridicule and disdain, immediately said: “Murong, is this the childhood sweetheart you referred to? The one who was kicked out of the family five years ago? I don’t think he looks good.”

The tone of this sentence did not hide the sarcasm. After Murongxue heard it, she was a little embarrassed, and Wayne Lin also frowned slightly. Who he is, and where he can’t be heard, is obviously Murongxue’s words. I also know that he was expelled from the Lin family back then.

But Murongxue just pretended not to know about this, and asked him where he had been in the past few years…

Thinking of this, Wayne Lin sighed secretly in his heart. It seems that in the past five years, not only has he changed, but other people have also changed, and everything is right.

But he didn’t make Murongxue embarrassed, smiled, and said, “Murong, I still have something to do, so I won’t chat with you anymore. See you later.”

Said he was leaving.

Murongxue’s mouth moved. She seemed to feel a little embarrassed and said to Wayne Lin, “Wait a minute!”

Wayne Lin stopped and looked at Murong Xue, “Is there anything else?”

Murongxue said: “Wayne, I haven’t seen each other for so long. Now that we have met again, let’s have a meal together. Let’s relive the past.”

Murongxue looked at Wayne Lin, her eyes full of expectation. Wayne Lin hesitated for a while and agreed, “Okay, you pick a time.”

Speaking of it, he hasn’t seen Murongxue for many years. In any case, Murongxue was his childhood sweetheart who grew up with him. He almost got married at the beginning. Now that fate has allowed them to meet again, they have a meal together and reminisce about the past. , It is still possible.

Chapter 774

Murongxue’s eyes lit up, and she seemed to be very happy. She smiled and said: “The opportunity is rare, then it is better to hit the sun instead of choosing a day. Shall we have a meal tonight?”

Wayne Lin thought for a while, he didn’t have anything tonight, so he nodded and agreed.

Next, Murong Xue wanted to send Wayne Lin home, but Wayne Lin refused. It’s not that Wayne Lin is hypocritical, but in the car, and Murongxue’s other friends, who mocked him just now, it would be somewhat embarrassing to ride in the same car.

So he walked away by himself, and when he reached the side of the road, his Rolls Royce arrived, and the driver came down to open the door for him and enjoy the distinguished service.

And after Wayne Lin left, at Murong Xue’s side, the woman in the back seat said somewhat puzzledly: “Murong, why are you inviting Wayne Lin to dinner? He is no longer the second youngest of the Lin family now. And you see that he was dressed just now and looked like a bottom of society, this kind of person, eating with us, didn’t it lower our class?”

Murongxue was silent for a moment, and said, “Wayne Lin seems to be a lot downhearted now, but in any case, he used to grow up with me. My grandfather and Grandpa Wayne Lin had decided to kiss him. I almost got married. Now it’s rare to meet again. Let’s have a meal together, is it okay?”

The woman in the car immediately frowned when she heard this, and said in a little anger, “What? Didn’t it, you actually have a baby kiss with this guy? This guy wants to swan to eat swan meat! Is he worthy of you like this? He doesn’t take pictures of himself by peeing!”

Murongxue thought of Wayne Lin’s ordinary dress just now. The total amount of his whole body probably does not exceed 300 yuan, and he still walks. That ordinary temperament has completely lost the nobleness of the second Lin family. .

Originally, she still admired Wayne Lin very much, thinking that Wayne Lin was an individual talent, even if she did not rely on the power of the Lin family, she would be able to flourish with Wayne Lin’s ability. It seemed that she had missed her eyes, Wayne Lin was just like that. He was not a genius at all. After being expelled from the family, he couldn’t mix up directly.

Now she is even very fortunate that she married Wayne Lin without impulse, otherwise she would suffer along with it now.

“Just have a meal. After eating, I won’t contact you anymore.” Murong Xue said, her face now lacks the gentleness and elegance that she had faced Wayne Lin just now.

The woman in the back seat said, “It’s best to be like this, Murong, you have already married the Lei family. If you are married to the Lei family, if you know that you are eating with your previous childhood sweethearts, I believe the Lei family will definitely do it. angry.”

Speaking of the Lei family, the woman’s eyes flashed with stars, full of admiration, envy, and even jealously looking at Murong Xue, and said: “To be honest, Murong, I really envy you, you can marry Young Master Lei Family, this is an absolute big man! The Lei Family doesn’t know how many times stronger than the Lin Family. You will jump into the Dragon Gate when you enter the Lei Family. I really envy you!”

When Murong Xue heard these words, she also showed a proud and happy smile. Indeed, being able to marry the Lei family is a blessing in her life.

You know, the Lei family is a big family that can be counted in the entire province g, and that Lei family’s youngest and youngest person is also extremely capable. When the Lei family’s head abdicates in the future, maybe the Lei family’s major can directly take charge of the Lei family. At that time she was the eldest lady of the Lei family, not to mention that honor

Now, kill many people of the same age in the circle.

Murong Xue smiled and said, “This is fate.”

The woman in the back seat rolled her eyes and said, “Murong, since you have promised to have dinner with this surnamed Lin, I suggest you don’t hide from Shao Lei. It’s better to tell Shao Lei. Let Shao Lei accompany you, so that Shao Lei knows that you are loyal to him, and that fellow Wayne Lin will retreat from difficulties and dare not pester you again in the future.”

When Murong heard this, she frowned slightly and said, “This, isn’t it necessary?”

She had no idea about Wayne Lin anyway, and now she was only loyal to the Lei family, as if she was eating with a friend, if this had to be told to the Lei family, it would be too free.

However, the woman in the back seat said solemnly: “Huh, why is it unnecessary? It is necessary! You know, the Lei family is a man with strong masculinity. I know, you told him to eat with your previous childhood sweetheart, and this childhood sweetheart still has a zealous attitude towards you, what would he think? Murong, let me tell you that men are particularly sensitive in this regard. Don’t underestimate it!”

Murongxue was shocked when she saw how serious her girlfriend was. If she really said it according to her girlfriend, it would be wrong not to tell the Lei family. Moreover, with the energy of the Lei family, his hands and eyes are open to the sky, maybe he will really be known by the Lei family.

After thinking about it carefully, Murongxue decided to do what her best friend said, tell the Lei family about this matter, and then go to dinner with the Lei family to avoid misunderstandings.

“In other words, after so many years, Wayne Lin shouldn’t be interesting to me, right?”

After the car started again, Murongxue frowned and said uncertainly.

I was immediately rebutted by my best friend, “How to call it will not be interesting to you, it will definitely be interesting to you! You didn’t even look at the eyes of the guy who looked at you just now, and your eyes won’t move! As someone who came by, I I’m absolutely sure that this guy is making your idea. You must know that you are the daughter of the Murong family, and you grew up with him. Now he is down, saying that he has no idea about you. Do you think it is possible?”

“Think about it, it’s really necessary to tell the Lei family, otherwise if you have this meal with him tonight, this guy will definitely find a way to stick to you!” My girlfriend analyzed with confidence, she said. With a certain look, Murong Xue began to believe it.

Indeed, Wayne Lin is already an ordinary person now, and he may earn only a few thousand yuan a month, which is completely different from her. Now that we encounter such a coincidence, normal people’s thinking will want to retell the old feelings.

The more you think about Murongxue, the more regretful she will be. If she knew this, she shouldn’t talk so much just now. If the Lei family knew about it, she might be really unhappy.

“Or? I just broke the appointment and I won’t go to the appointment tonight.” Murong Xue said after thinking about it.

What she said was immediately denied by her girlfriend, “This is not okay. I have already said what I have said. I still have to go. Otherwise, he is really shameless and goes to your house to find you? You know, he is yours. Childhood sweetheart, I know your details. So, the best way is to tell the Lei family and let the Lei family come out, humiliate him severely, and naturally let him retreat!”

Chapter 775

Wells International Hotel is a five-star hotel in Hwadrid, where the consumption is high.

Wayne Lin had also come to eat this time before. They were all business executives who invited him over to eat in order to flatter him.

This time Murongxue agreed to eat in this hotel.

Wayne Lin originally wanted Alma Chu to eat together, but Alma Chu said that she was not free. Now Alma Chu’s main energy is devoted to family business, which makes Wayne Lin quite helpless. But fortunately, since Alma Chu swallowed the heaven and earth spirit fruit, her realm has soared to the innate realm. Although she is not very strong in terms of strength, it is definitely enough for Alma Chu, a female class.

Therefore, even if Alma Chu gets busy, it is not easy to feel tired, otherwise Wayne Lin would not let Alma Chu work so hard.

Speaking of it, the chance to meet Murong Xue again this time still touched Wayne Lin and reminded him of many things that happened when he was a child.

Murongxue is his childhood sweetheart, and he has been in a good relationship since he was a child. The grandfathers of both sides had made a baby kiss. If it weren’t for the incident five years ago, he would probably be married to Murongxue.

But fate is really hard to say. If it hadn’t happened in reality, how could he have thought that his destiny would usher in such a big change?

Moreover, if this big change hadn’t happened in the middle, it would be absolutely impossible for him to grow up to today’s level with his easy-going personality.

It is not easy to say whether it is a blessing or a curse.

In any case, this is his destiny.

Wayne Lin didn’t pay much attention to the pomp. He went to the Wells Hotel by himself. On the way, he received a call from Murongxue and asked him if he was there. In his tone, he conveyed something meaningful.

On Murongxue’s side, after hanging up the phone, someone next to him immediately asked: “What’s the situation, is this guy Wayne Lin here?”

Many people looked at Murongxue. They were all luxuriously dressed young people with extraordinary temperament. They knew they were from extraordinary background. They all showed mocking smiles on their faces and their eyes were full of teasing.

Murongxue nodded and said: “Well, I said I’m already on the road, I believe I will be there soon.”

“Hahaha, that’s great, speaking of it, we haven’t seen Wayne Lin for a long time, and we don’t know if he has been doing well in the past few years, whether he has made a fortune!”

“Haha, he made a big fortune. He was expelled from the Lin family five years ago by Hanson Lin, and he was already inferior to a dog. You don’t want to think about it. If Wayne Lin is really mixed up, he Will there not even be a car?”

“I feel that Wayne Lin is also a very capable person. At the beginning, he was considered a celebrity in Hwadrid. In our circle, he is also ranked high. Even if he is expelled from the Lin family, he will not live so poorly. ?”

“Cut, you don’t know anything about that. How good do you really think Wayne Lin is? He didn’t rely on the second youngest of the Lin family to be able to eat well in the circle at the beginning. After leaving the Lin family, you really think he still Be promising? It’s impossible!”

“It makes sense. By the way, he made a special appointment with Murong for dinner tonight, I’m afraid he wants to retell his old love, haha.”

At the scene, there were many young people with joking smiles on their faces. It seemed that they all knew Wayne Lin, and there were still a lot of them for Wayne Lin.

Grievances and ridicule.

They are all descendants of the Hwadrid family. Before, they were in the same circle with Wayne Lin. Although they were in Hwadrid, they did not have much ability and belonged to the category of the second generation ancestor, so they could not touch the class of Wayne Lin. So they didn’t know that Wayne Lin, who looked down on them, had already become a super big man, even if their family had to look down upon it.

When Murong Xue heard this, she immediately said hurriedly: “Don’t talk nonsense, Wayne Lin and I are innocent, and don’t mean anything to him. Even if he is looking for me now, I will treat him as a normal friend at best. !”

Immediately someone joked and said, “Murong, I remember that you and Wayne Lin were childhood sweethearts. They grew up together, and your grandfather had ordered a baby kiss. Maybe this time Wayne Lin came to you just because he wanted to be with you. Ask to restore the marriage contract.”

A person beside him smiled and said, “Yeah, you are the daughter of the Murong family, and you look beautiful and beautiful. When Wayne Lin sees you now, he must want to pester you.”

“Cough cough!” At this moment, a tall, suave man next to Murong Xue coughed twice, and some discomfort flashed across his face. He said to Murong Xue: “Murong, you and this Wayne Lin, still Is there such a past?”

When Murongxue heard this, she immediately panicked and quickly defended: “Brother Lei, don’t get me wrong. Wayne Lin and I are just friends. It’s a very ordinary kind, and there is no such relationship at all. I treat you. Sincere!”

When Leighton heard this, his face reappeared with a smile, holding Murongxue’s hand, and said: “Fool, what are you panicking? I was just joking with you.”

Murongxue breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately heard Leyton say: “However, I am very interested in this Wayne Lin. I heard that he was in your circle before, and he was very beautiful.”

He squinted his eyes, with an intriguing look on his face, apparently staring at Wayne Lin.

He is a person with a strong desire to control, especially for women, he has a perverted desire to control, and now, his fiancee has suddenly appeared a childhood sweetheart, he will naturally not let this suppression. opportunity!

Moreover, he also has a secret that no one else knows, that is, he particularly likes to suppress rivals, this feeling will bring him a great sense of accomplishment!

Not long after, Murongxue’s cell phone rang again, and after a few conversations, Murongxue said, “Wayne Lin has already come, now I’m here.”

“Really? That’s interesting.”

“Haha, I really want to see how Wayne Lin has become.”

“Wayne Lin asked Murong to eat alone. I don’t know what kind of expression he would look like when he came up and saw so many of us? Still looking forward to it, haha.”

They all laughed meaningfully, taking Wayne Lin as prey for trickery.

For them, the theme of tonight is to tease Wayne Lin well, give Layton assists, and stammer well with Layton.

Leiton is the youngest of the Lei family, so it goes without saying that his status is honorable. If he flattered him, it would be good for them.

Furthermore, they were displeased with Wayne Lin. When Wayne Lin was the second youngest member of the Lin family, they had been suppressed by Wayne Lin. Now that Wayne Lin is down, they wanted to taunt them the first time, and get into trouble!

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