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Chapter 221

Wayne Lin doesn’t know what the intermediary is thinking, but he doesn’t matter. There are too many misunderstandings like this, and he is numb.

The intermediary murmured a few words, but didn’t say anything, anyway, the customer is the first, and he does what the customer says.

“In our Hwadrid City, the best villa area is Yulong Bay, with an average price of more than 10 million yuan, and the best batch of them has a price of more than 30 million yuan.”

On the way in the past, the intermediary was introducing him. The more he looked at Wayne Lin, the less he felt that he was rich.

Wayne Lin’s answer was simple and straightforward. He nodded and said: “Okay, go and see.”

Yulong Bay is indeed the best villa area in Hwadrid. It is well-known in Hwadrid. It is not only a good location, but also the environment and equipment of the community are particularly good. Those who can live in it are rich and expensive.

When Wayne Lin was still the door-to-door son-in-law of the Chu family, the entire Chu family wanted to buy a house in Yulong Bay, but they didn’t have the capital and couldn’t afford it.

Especially the mother-in-law Candice Liu, who has been talking about it for a long time. She most wanted to buy a villa in Yulong Bay. At that time, Wayne Lin was complained a lot by her, and she said it was useless and useless.

So at that time, for a while, Wayne Lin was eager to buy a house in Yulong Bay.

Unexpectedly, he was really capable of buying a house in Yulong Bay now, but it was a pity that he had divorced Alma Chu and separated from the Chu family. It had nothing to do with him, and there was no chance to raise his eyebrows.

Thinking of this, Wayne Lin was quite lost.

To be honest, Wayne Lin was despised by the Chu family for four years in the Chu family. Even the garbage was not that cheap. He had no choice but to do it before. Now he successfully counterattacked and became a man who can win the Huarvell. The big man said that he didn’t want to raise his eyebrows in the Chu Family. That was false. After all, he was also a normal person. No matter how mature and prudent, he still has his own emotions and desires.

Thinking about it, he also went into a daze, and did not listen carefully to what the intermediary next to him said. However, his performance fell into the eyes of the intermediary and became a manifestation of a guilty conscience, and his attitude towards Wayne Lin became more and more indifferent. Contempt.

“Yulongwan is here, get off the bus.” The agent said grimly.

Wayne Lin came back to his senses, oh, and started to get off the car.

When I came down to see, Yulong Bay was really extraordinary. It was completely different from other communities. Apart from anything else, this gate was magnificent enough. Seeing Wayne Lin’s gaze on the gate, the intermediary said proudly: “This is Yulong Bay. The gate is carved out of all natural marble, but the falsification of this gate has reached 3 million, which is not simple.”

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Three million, not bad.”

The intermediary secretly said pretendingly.

When he entered, the intermediary tried to ask Wayne Lin what his job was, but Wayne Lin never answered his questions directly, which made him even more convinced that Wayne Lin was a poor man and could not afford a villa in Yulong Bay. This time I came here, mostly for fun, took a few photos, and sent them to Moments to pretend to be forced. In the past few years, the intermediary has sat down, and he has not rarely encountered such people.

Wayne Lin didn’t know that he had been put on such a label by the agency. He carefully observed the villa inside to see if he was satisfied with it, and if so, he bought it in full.

With his current financial resources, it is not too simple to buy a villa worth tens of millions. It is more expensive than ordinary people buying a pack of cigarettes.

Keep it simple.

“Take me directly to the most expensive villa in Yulong Bay.”

Wayne Lin looked for a while, but found no satisfaction, frowned and said to the agent.

The intermediary looked lazily and said: “In order to prevent some people who are unable to buy a villa, deliberately use the reason of viewing the house to see the house, so the real estate agent here has formulated a rule, depending on the most expensive one in Yulong Bay. For those villas in China, you must pay a deposit of 200,000 yuan. If you can’t get it out, you can’t visit it.”

“There are such rules?” Wayne Lin frowned. He has lived in Huarvell for so long, and he has never heard of any real estate that requires a deposit before opening a house, and he has to pay out 200,000 yuan in one breath. , This is too much.

Seeing this reaction from him, the agent was even more sure that he was pretending to be forced. The corners of his mouth rose slightly, showing a little sarcasm and sneer, “Yes, for some poor people, deliberately took photos to Moments for the reason of buying a house. Pretend to be forced. After all, Yulong Bay is the most luxurious and high-end community in China. Those who can live in are all status symbols. If any poor people can come in and visit, it will also affect the normal life of the owners here and protect the Isn’t the style of Longwan going down?”

In fact, the intermediary said that there are true and false. The most high-end villa area in Yulong Bay does have such a rule, but the amount of deposit is less than 200,000, and it only needs to pay 50,000.

The intermediary said this, just because Wayne Lin was not pleasing to his eyes, and wanted him to retreat.

However, he did not expect that Wayne Lin said without hesitation: “Okay, where can I swipe the card?”

When the intermediary heard Wayne Lin say this, he was obviously taken aback, his eyes widened, and he said, “Are you sure? If you want to pay out 200,000 at a time, and Yulongwan doesn’t support credit cards!”

How could Wayne Lin not know that the intermediary was deliberately letting him “retire”? He didn’t bother to explain this kind of thing, and said impatiently: “Who said I am a credit card, quickly take me to swipe the card? , I am anxious to buy a house these two days, there is no time delay.”

The intermediary was choked by Wayne Lin, his face was a bit unsightly, and he was also uncomfortable. He secretly slandered a few words, and then took Wayne Lin to the real estate agent to swipe his card.

Although he does not believe that Wayne Lin really has the ability to buy a house, as a real estate agency, if his attitude is too bad and he is complained, it will still affect his career a little.

After a while, the intermediary took Wayne Lin over to swipe the card, and before Wayne Lin spoke, he winked at the front desk of the real estate agent and said, “Arrange this guest to pay a deposit of 200,000 yuan. He wants to see Yulong Bay Phase 8. Villa area.”

The front desk was very winked, she nodded, took out the poss machine, and swiped the card for Wayne Lin.

However, just as Wayne Lin was about to swipe his card, there was a sound of footsteps from behind, accompanied by some familiar voices, “My dear, I never dreamed that I could really come to Yulong Bay to buy a house. , It’s amazing! It’s my dream to live in Yulong Bay, thank you for helping me realize it!”

Then there was another voice, “Yes, Rong Min, it’s really a blessing for Latoya Chu to know you.”

Juana Chu?

Hearing these two words, Wayne Lin was stunned. Isn’t this Alma Chu’s cousin?

He looked back curiously, and sure enough, he saw a bunch of Chu family members walking in.

At the same time, they also saw Wayne Lin…

Chapter 222

Candice Liu has been very annoying recently. In the past few days, Han Xuefen has been showing off in front of her, saying that their baby daughter Latoya Chu has found a rich boyfriend. At a young age, she established an Internet company and can make money in one year. With a profitability of 20 to 30 million yuan, the profitability is stronger than that of the Chu family’s Shengke Lighting, and he has to buy a villa worth tens of millions in Yulong Bay and give it to Latoya Chu to use as their wedding house.

Han Xuefen is the wife of Berry Chu’s younger brother Chu Huarvell and Latoya Chu’s mother. She usually has a lot of intersection with Candice Liu. Candice Liu herself is a face-loving person. When she hears this, how can she stand it? Her daughter is now the chairman of Shengke, how could she lose to Han Xuefen, so when Han Xuefen asked her to come to Yulong Bay to inspect the house, she immediately agreed.

Moreover, she cut first and played later. After coming to Yulong Bay with Han Xuefen’s family, she called Alma Chu and told her to come to Yulong Bay and buy a villa.

When Alma Chu heard these words, she was dumbfounded on the spot. What’s the situation? The family has a house in Hwadrid and lives well, why did they go to Yulong Bay to buy a house? Besides, Yulong Bay is full of villas, and the lowest is tens of millions. How can their family get this money!

So she immediately said, “Mom, what are you doing? We have a house and live well, why are we going to buy a house in Yulong Bay? There are all villas over there.”

Candice Liu said, “You are now the chairman of the board, and you have the most shares. It is more than enough to buy a villa in Yulong Bay!”

She deliberately said loudly, and was heard by Han Xuefen’s family, emphasizing that her daughter is also the chairman, and she is no worse than anyone!

Alma Chu frowned and said, “Now the company has just returned to the track, and it hasn’t turned a profit yet. What if I have more shares? How can I get so much money at once.”

It just so happened that Candice Liu was using PA. Alma Chu’s remarks were immediately heard by Han Xuefen’s family. She burst into laughter at the moment, and Han Xuefen said, “I said Candice, you came from the countryside, I don’t know the director. There is also a difference between the chairman and the chairman. Although some people say that they are the chairman, they can actually make no money, and some chairman can make 20 to 30 million a year, such as our family’s Rong Min .”

Candice Liu heard this, her face turned green right now, she cursed a few times in her heart, switched the PA, stepped aside, and said to Alma Chu: “I don’t care, you come here now, otherwise you will not call My mother!”

After speaking, she hung up the phone directly.

Alma Chu listened to the busy tone on the phone, and she felt helpless. Fortunately, she had a little time today, which was not too busy. To prevent her mother from coming up with another moth, Alma Chu had to rush over.

Seeing Candice Liu approaching, Han Xuefen joked, “Well, Alma Chu still can’t afford to buy a house? But Alma Chu also said that you also have a small 100 square meter commercial house in Huarvell, enough for your family. Lived with four people. After all, the villas in Yulong Bay are too expensive, and it costs more than ten million for anything. Not everyone can afford it, ha ha.”

Latoya Chu immediately went on to say, “Mom, that’s not what I said. Now Alma Chu is the chairman of Shengke Lighting, and her status is very noble! Even grandpa has to listen to her. She is so awesome. Isn’t it easy to buy a villa in Yulong Bay? Aunty, don’t you think?”


Latoya Chu’s remarks were irritating. The two mothers and sons mocked and ridiculed her, making her mad, gritted her teeth, and snorted heavily, and said, “Of course, our family Alma Chu is now the chairman. Wouldn’t it be easy to pay more than ten million? But if you come to Yulong Bay to buy a villa, wouldn’t you also mortgage like the poor?”

This sentence really embarrassed Latoya Chu. Originally, they really planned to take the mortgage route. After all, more than ten million is not a small sum. Even her boyfriend Wang Rongmin is not so easy to take. from.

Of course, at this point, she couldn’t say that. She wouldn’t fight for steamed buns!

When Alma Chu first became the chairman of Shengke, the entire Chu family was under her control. During that time, Candice Liu was even more prosperous. Now she has finally found a rich boyfriend. Still willing to spend money for her, both mother and son wanted to beat her face back.

So she immediately gave Wang Rongmin a wink. After getting Wang Rongmin’s consent, she showed disdain and increased her voice and said, “Hehe, loans? That’s something poor people do. We Rongmin can use it. Come on? Auntie, it’s you. When Alma Chu comes, and can’t afford the villa in Yulong Bay, that’s funny.”

Candice Liu snorted and said, “You don’t need to worry about this. We can’t afford the Yulong Bay Villa.”

When Han Xuefen and his family were walking in front, Candice Liu deliberately fell down, pinched Berry Chu next to him hard, and cursed: “You useless thing, I wouldn’t say a few words for your wife just now. Let Han Xuefen’s family sneer there, are you still a man!”

Berry Chu was so choked, he grinned and said quickly: “I haven’t said about you yet, why are you going crazy with Han Xuefen? Alma said that we have a house in Hwadrid, why are we going to Yulong Bay? Come to buy a villa, now we are only three people, and we can’t live with it.”

Candice Liu poked Berry Chu’s forehead vigorously, and cursed: “So you are useless, you have no ambition. You have been bullied into this way, and you can still swallow this breath! Besides, Alma is already in Shengke. As the chairman of the board of directors, you can distribute tens of millions of dividends a year to buy a villa in Yulong Bay. Is that still a matter of minutes?”

Berry Chu said, “That’s how it is said, but now Shengke has just started, and Alma won’t be able to get the money until the end of the year at least. It’s still more than half a year.”

“Then I don’t care, today I must buy a villa in Yulong Bay, not to fight for steamed buns!” Candice Liu said capriciously.

Next, they followed Han Xuefen’s family to inspect the house. They probably learned about the houses on Yulong Bay. They are indeed expensive, but they are also very luxurious. Those who can live here are all dignitaries.

Whether it is Candice Liu or Han Xuefen, after the intermediary’s praise, they both like Yulong Bay more and more, and they have made up their minds that they must buy the villa in Yulong Bay!

Not long after, Alma Chu arrived. Candice Liu smiled excitedly when she saw her arrival, and waved vigorously, “Alma, come here, mom is waiting for you!”

Today, Alma Chu was wearing a skirt, especially immortal. With her beautiful appearance, Wang Rongmin couldn’t take her eyes off immediately. In contrast, Latoya Chu was really too far away from her.

Chapter 223

Latoya Chu noticed Wang Rongmin’s eyes, and she looked at Alma Chu and couldn’t move away. Suddenly her face turned black. She pinched Wang Rongmin hard, and cursed angrily: “Where do you look!”

Wang Rongmin was in pain. He recovered and quickly explained a few words to Latoya Chu, but his eyes couldn’t help but aim at Alma Chu. There is no way, Alma Chu is really beautiful, as one of the three beauties in Hwadrid One, her beauty is unquestionable, especially after she became the chairman of the board during this period, she has a bit of presidential temperament, which is more attractive to men.

Wang Rongmin is also considered a relatively successful entrepreneur. He has played with many beautiful women, but he has never touched someone of Alma Chu’s level, and he is immediately moved.

After Alma Chu walked over, she said, “Mom, why did you think of buying a villa in Yulong Bay?”

Then, she saw Han Xuefen and Latoya Chu, nodded and said hello.

Candice Liu said: “Yulong Bay is the best villa area in the city. You are now the chairman of Centec. Your status is different from before. Of course you have to live in the best house in the city!”

Han Xuefen came over at this time and said with a smile: “Alma, you are here too. That’s it. Xuan’er’s boyfriend plans to buy Xuan’er a villa in Yulong Bay. As a wedding room, I mentioned it to your mother. About this incident, your mother also wanted to buy a villa in Yulong Bay, ha ha. But ah, you just became the chairman of Centec, can you get so much money?”

Latoya Chu also took Wang Rongmin’s hand and walked over and said with a smile: “Mom, you are wrong to say that. Sister Fei is rich now and has become the chairman of our Centec, a villa of more than 10 million yuan. That’s still easy? Sister Fei, don’t you think? It happened that my boyfriend and I took a fancy to the villa in Phase 6, which is not expensive. If the full payment comes down, it’s more than 15 million. You. You can buy another one next to us. We can live in together and be neighbors.

When Alma Chu heard this, she finally understood. It turned out that it was because of the comparison. To be honest, she hated this kind of thing the most. She couldn’t help but glared at Candice Liu with dissatisfaction. Besides, even if she wanted to buy it, she couldn’t take it out. Come on!

“Really? Congratulations in advance. I bought a villa in Yulong Bay. But I am not interested in Yulong Bay. This is too far. I still like the city center and it is close to work, so I don’t plan to I bought a villa in Yulong Bay.” Alma Chu said with a smile.

At this time, Han Xuefen on the side said strangely, “Alma, is this really the case? Just now, your mother said that she really likes the villas in Yulong Bay, and said that she must buy one in Yulong Bay. I think you should not It’s because you can’t afford to buy a villa in Yulong Bay, so you say you are not interested in a villa in Yulong Bay? Haha.”

After she said these words, Alma Chu felt very uncomfortable after hearing this. She gave Candice Liu a fierce look, and she blamed this mother who loves to compare her for always making trouble for her.

Alma Chu said, “You don’t know my mom, she is always easy to get hotheaded. She likes the villa in Yulong Bay today, but she won’t like it tomorrow.”

Then she immediately winked at Candice Liu to make Candice Liu stand out.

Candice Liu could also see Alma Chu’s eyes. Even if she was very upset in her heart, she had no choice but to follow along: “Yes, I suddenly don’t like the villa in Yulong Bay. The location is too far, ha ha.”

However, she looks like this, no one can see Ni Duan, it is clear that Alma Chu has no money and cannot afford a house in Yulong Bay.

Seeing this scene, Han Xuefen and Latoya Chu looked at each other. The two of them were more happy and happy. Before Alma Chu became the chairman of Shengke, they didn’t even mention how unhappy they were. Now they finally found the opportunity to take a good look. “Revenge”, how can they let go of such a good opportunity!

“Haha, sister-in-law, your personality has not changed at all for so many years. I think you don’t like Yulong Bay Villa, but you simply can’t afford it.

! “The smile on Han Xuefen’s face was particularly ridiculous and ridiculed. With a victor’s posture, the eyes looking at Candice Liu were full of arrogance and disdain, and said: “That’s true, even though Alma is the chairman of Shengke. , But it’s incomparable with our Rongmin’s company, and Alma can’t get the money, after all, it’s more than ten million. “

Candice Liu felt uncomfortable when she heard this, but Alma Chu’s eyes made her dare not act rashly.

However, Latoya Chu’s next sentence directly caused her mentality to explode, “Of course, Sister Alma is now the chairman of the board. She has not even changed the car. She still drove the previous Volkswagen, unlike ours. Rong Min, I started Bentley a few years ago, ha ha.”

Candice Liu was angry at the moment, and stood up and said loudly: “What are you doing in that yin and yang! Who said that our Alma can’t afford a villa in Yulong Bay? We are just saving you face! Since you all said that, we Pay today and buy those two villas!”

Both Han Xuefen and Latoya Chu were dumbfounded. They didn’t expect Candice Liu to be so bold. When he was so bold, he still dared to say such words. They couldn’t help but make them feel guilty. It’s impossible that Alma Chu was acting just now, Alma Chu Can you really spend more than ten million to buy a villa?

For a while, they dare not speak easily anymore.

And Candice Liu understood their reaction and immediately got up and said, “Why, don’t you dare? I think it’s you who can’t pay? You just pretended to be wonderful, people who didn’t know, really I thought you were big on the list, haha.”

Latoya Chu was also very upset at once. She pulled Wang Rongmin aside and said a few words in a low voice, all kinds of coquetry and pleading, and also agreed to some’excessive’ requests, and finally Wang Rongmin gritted his teeth and agreed.

More than 15 million yuan is indeed a bit too much for him, but not to the point where he can’t get it. Just a while ago, he discussed a big order and returned a large sum of money.

He is also a person of good face, especially in front of beautiful women, and Latoya Chu gave him some stimulating conditions, he couldn’t help but gritted his teeth and agreed.

Latoya Chu immediately showed a bright smile, sighed hard on Wang Rongmin’s face, walked back, and said to Candice Liu: “Okay, my lady, I’ll set it down today, and now we go to the real estate agent. Make the payment and go through the formalities.”

Candice Liu snorted and said to Alma Chu: “Alma, did you hear me? Let’s pay now and buy the villa. Then we will have to decorate very high-end, like a palace!”

Alma Chu couldn’t stand it anymore, she said with some emotions: “Mom! You said it is enough, I said, not to buy a villa in Yulong Bay.”

After being trained by Alma Chu, Candice Liu felt very shameless, and said angrily, “Hey, what is your attitude? Did you talk to mom like this? Mom raised you so much. If you have money, buy a house for mom. Doesn’t the villa work?”

Alma Chu saw that Candice Liu was stunned, let alone 15 million, and now she couldn’t even get 5 million, and simply said: “It’s not that I refuse to buy, but I don’t have money. How can I buy it for you? “

When these words were said, Candice Liu’s face immediately turned green, and Han Xuefen and Latoya Chu both laughed so much that it was a gloat.

Listening to the ridicule of Han Xuefen and Latoya Chu’s two mothers and daughters, Candice Liu only felt her lungs exploded. Latoya Chu was very beautiful in her heart when she saw this scene. She probably said loudly to Wang Rongmin, “My dear, I really dream of everything. I didn’t expect that I could really come to Yulong Bay to buy a house. It’s great! It’s my dream to live in Yulong Bay. Thank you for helping me realize it!”

Han Xuefen also said: “Yes, Rong Min, it is really a blessing for Latoya Chu to know you.”

And just at this moment, Wayne Lin, who was about to pay a deposit of 200,000 yuan, heard their voices, looked back, his eyes met…

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