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Chapter 503

The other members of the Fang group also stood up immediately and saluted solemnly, their eyes full of enthusiasm and respect.

If you want to say who is the most admired and respected person in the entire Fangs group, then it must be the middle-aged man in front of him, the instructor of the Fangs group, Zhao Xia, a master of the innate realm, and a famous short-guard. It can be said that the reason why the Fangs team is so strong is completely created by him.

He was very big, nearly two meters tall, and he was wearing Xuanyuan three uniforms. He looked particularly mighty and domineering. He knew that he was not a mortal at first glance. Now he has just rushed back from the field. In his uniform, he can Seeing some dirt and some dried blood stains added to his despair and fierceness.

The most shocking thing is that he holds a round package in his hand. You can also see a few drops of blood on the zipper. As a member of the Fang team, he immediately knows what it contains.

With a little fatigue between Zhao Xia’s eyebrows, he casually threw the package to Che Hong, a member of the Fang team, and said, “This is the head of Kamifune Ichiro. Give it to him and I will rest.”

Hearing the name Kamifune Ichiro, everyone in the Fangs group immediately became energetic, excited, and the enthusiasm in their eyes became more intense!

Kamifune Ichiro is not an ordinary person, but a master of the Innate Realm of the Sun Kingdom, and has reached the third stage of the Innate Realm. It can be said to be very powerful, especially the swordsmanship of Kamifune Ichiro. To an unbelievable point, in the past few years, I don’t know how many talents from Xuanyuan 3 have died in the hands of Shen Chuanichiro!

Many masters have nothing to do with Kamifune Ichiro, but now, Zhao Xia actually took the head, which is really exciting!

For a while, their admiration for Zhao Xia grew stronger.

“Yes! Instructor!” Che Hong saluted Zhao Xia again, and then took the package with both hands.

At this moment, Zhao Xia’s gaze swept across Changfeng, Qinglang, and Lihuo, and found that they were injured. He frowned and said, “Aren’t you three on vacation? Why are you injured? ?”

“This…” Chang Feng froze immediately, not ashamed to say.

Qinglang and Agni also bowed their heads. As the top of the Fangs group, they were abused by the instructor of the fourth group. They were really embarrassed to say it.

Zhao Xia frowned, and commanded with majesty: “Say!”

“Yes!” The three of Changfeng were terrified of Zhao Xia, their bodies shook, and they didn’t dare to hide it anymore. They quickly said what had happened just now.

Including the ins and outs, Wayne Lin did not hide how Wayne Lin abused them. After Zhao Xia listened, his pupils suddenly shrank and surprise appeared on his face. Then he directly lifted the clothes of the three Changfeng and saw it. The footprints on their chests narrowed their eyes, and said: “The masters of the third stage of the innate realm, you are well defeated.”


All the people in the Fangs group were shocked after hearing this. They didn’t expect that the new instructor of the fourth group was such a strong one!

At this moment, the three of Changfeng, Qinglang, and Lihuo had lingering fears. They actually humiliated a top powerhouse in the third stage of the Innate Realm just now. Fortunately, this was in the third place of Xuanyuan. Otherwise, they would probably be dead.

However, they knew Wayne Lin’s identity, and now they were a little relieved. They were terrifying existences in the third stage of the Innate Realm. No wonder they were abused.

A thought-provoking smile appeared at the corner of Zhao Xia’s mouth, and bursts of anger flickered in the depths of his pupils, and said: “Unexpectedly, there will be a master in the trash area of ​​the fourth group, which is a bit interesting.”

When other people saw Zhao Xia’s expression, they immediately became scared. They had been with Zhao Xia for many years and knew Zhao Xia very well. Once they showed this expression, they were angry.


“Changfeng! Green wolf! Fiery fire!” Zhao Xia suddenly scowled.




Changfeng, Qinglang, and Agni straightened their waists and responded loudly.

Zhao Xia’s cold gaze crossed the three of them, and said, “Do you feel humiliated?”

“Yes!” the three of them shouted in unison.

“Is there any determination to take revenge?”


“Okay, follow me to the fourth group, I want to see what this new instructor has three heads and six arms, dare to move my fangs group!” Zhao Xia said coldly, his tone full of majesty and anger. .

The three of Changfeng immediately became excited, nodded vigorously, and then followed Zhao Xia stride towards the fourth group.

Zhao Xia’s height is close to two meters, no matter where he goes, he is very eye-catching. After he appeared, many people immediately spotted him, and he was followed by three people, Changfeng, Qinglang, and Agni. I understand what’s going on.

“I’m not mistaken, didn’t the instructor Zhao Xia of the Fangs team go to the Sun Nation to perform the mission? How come back early? He still looks fierce and vicious. Who is not long-sighted and offends Zhao Xia?! “

“Could it be that the Dragon Blood team is engaged with the Fang team again? That’s really a fight with the gods.”

“Nonsense, let Zhao Xia take the action personally. Looking at the three places in Xuanyuan, who else besides the Dragon Blood team? Could it be our four ordinary teams?”

“Cut, you just don’t know what happened just now! This Zhao Xia must be trouble with the new instructor of the fourth group!”

“The fourth group? Impossible. The fourth group is the most rubbish existence in the three places in Xuanyuan.”

“You don’t know. Just now, the three guys Changfeng, Qinglang, and Lihuo were abused by the new instructors of the fourth group. Zhao Xia is a famous short-guard. This will definitely find the place back.”

“I remember. Last month, this new instructor came to coach and said that he abused all the guys in the fourth group. I didn’t believe it at first, so it might be true! “

“That’s for sure, this new instructor is a bit capable. Anyway, there is a good show to watch this time…”

More and more people were alarmed, and followed Zhao Xia to the fourth group.

At the same time, in the building building in the other direction, there were several members of the Dragon Blood Team. They were all interested when they saw this scene.

“It’s a bit interesting, I actually shocked Zhao Xia. It seems that the new instructor of the fourth group is going to be out of luck.”

“That’s not necessarily true. People are experts who abused Changfeng, Qinglang, and Agni with ease. Maybe Zhao Xia will kick the iron this time.”

“Cut, how is this possible? Zhao Xia is an extremely strong man in the third stage of the Innate Realm. Looking at the three places of Xuanyuan, the instructor of our dragon blood team can break his wrist. The new instructor of the fourth team, even if it is. A master of the innate realm is certainly not Zhao Xia’s opponent.”

“That is, if the new instructor is really so good, Chief Sun won’t let him coach the fourth group of trash.”

“Do you want to see it together? I won’t wait for you if you don’t.”

“Go, why not?”

When the voice fell, they all jumped directly from the windowsill and walked in the direction of the fourth group.

As a result, a group of people walked to the base of the fourth group mightily, with Zhao Xia taking the lead, aggressively.

Chapter 504

The base of the fourth group is the smallest in the three corners of Xuanyuan, and the resources it tilts are the least. There is no way, who makes the fourth group the weakest group in the third Xuanyuan.

They were chatting inside. Suddenly, the door of the base was kicked open violently, which shocked them all. Then, they saw Changfeng, Qinglang and Agni, and immediately shouted.

“Changfeng, you three defeated generals, dare to come to our fourth team? We haven’t been taught enough by our instructors, right?”

“It hasn’t been long since then, have you forgotten the lesson just now?”

“In my opinion, they are itchy, hahaha…”

Dozens of people in the fourth group laughed loudly, with Wayne Lin supporting them, and now they are not afraid even when facing the people in the Fangs group, and even dare to ridicule.

But immediately, when the three of Changfeng drew away and Zhao Xia from behind walked up, they immediately opened their eyes, their mocking voices stopped abruptly, and fear was still on their faces.

“The instructor of the Fang Team, Zhao Xia!”

They immediately recognized Zhao Xia, their scalp was numb in fright, and they didn’t dare to look at Zhao Xia straightly. The mission of Xuanyuan has contributed much to the three places, especially Zhao Xia’s unfathomable cultivation base. I heard that he has reached the third stage of the Innate Realm!

As soon as Zhao Xia came out, the huge fourth group was silent, and everyone took two steps back.

“Your fourth team is capable, even my Zhao Xia soldiers dare to mock, yes, very good!” Zhao Xia said with a cold face, his eyes flashed across the faces of all the fourth team. The awe-inspiring majesty made all of them numb their scalp and even swing their legs.

The shadow of the famous tree of people, Zhao Xia’s reputation in Xuanyuan three places is really too famous.

Zhao Xia saw that they didn’t even dare to let the fart, shivering, did not conceal his contempt, and said, “Call out your new instructor, I will see how good he is. Teach my soldiers for me!”

He yelled it, majestic, and the sky thunder rolled, like a thunder in the ground, actually causing an echo in the base of the fourth group.

People in the fourth group felt Zhao Xia’s anger and became even more frightened. Someone quickly came out and said, “Our instructor has already left.”

“Gone?” Zhao Xia frowned. He probably felt it, and he did not feel the breath of a strong man. He was immediately dissatisfied, “Where did he go!”

“Our instructor went home. He only came to the base two or three times a month. He left after coaching today and went home.”

“Yes, instructor Zhao, our instructor is not here…”

Zhao Xia could see that they did not lie, so he snorted coldly, particularly dissatisfied, with cold eyes, “Tell your instructor, this beam has been formed, and he is restricted to come to my Fang team base to apologize before tomorrow. , Otherwise, I will let him go around!”

After saying this, he took a cold look at the soldiers of the fourth group and turned to leave.

As he left, all the members of the fourth team were relieved. At the same time, they also began to worry. Wayne Lin offended Zhao Xia. With Zhao Xia’s character, Wayne Lin’s fate is afraid. Terrible.

“Hey! Instructor Lin is in trouble this time…” Daniel sighed heavily, his face full of worry.

Someone next to him retorted: “It shouldn’t be that serious, right? Instructor Lin is also in a congenital state.

Extremely strong, maybe instructor Zhao is not his opponent. “

Someone glared at him immediately and said: “How is this possible? The instructor Zhao is an old and powerful man. There are not many notorious criminals in the world who died in his hands. His cultivation has reached an unfathomable level. , And how old is our instructor Lin, even if they are both in the innate realm, they are definitely not instructor Zhao’s opponent!”

“Then what should I do, Liang Zi has already taken over, should we tell Instructor Lin?”

“Oh, now, I can only tell Instructor Lin. Alas, instructor Lin is dragged down by us this time!”

Daniel, Liu Feng and others also showed their shame. If they hadn’t clashed with Changfeng and the others at first, such a thing would not have happened.

After Zhao Xia and others left, they began to call Wayne Lin and tell Wayne Lin the matter.

At this time, Wayne Lin had left the three places of Xuanyuan. On the way back to Yulong Bay, he received this call. From the team leader, he learned about this matter. He was not surprised, but said lightly, “I know. Up.”

Team leader Hou Tianyu saw that Wayne Lin didn’t seem to care about it. He said worriedly: “Instructor, the instructor of the Fangs Team, Zhao Xia, is a master of the third stage of the Innate Realm. He has a particularly irritable and vengeful personality. I apologize, I’m afraid it’s not good.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Could it be that Zhao Xia’s position is higher than mine. If he gives an order, I must apologize to him?”

Team leader Hou Tianyu shook his head and said, “That’s not what it meant. Although instructor Zhao’s position is higher than that of instructor you, this is a private grievance. You wouldn’t even apologize to him…”

Having said that, he suddenly thought of something and asked cautiously: “Instructor, don’t you really ignore Instructor Zhao? His character is difficult to deal with…”

Hou Tianyu felt that he understood enough, and I believe Wayne Lin must understand it.

Unexpectedly, Wayne Lin said easily: “There is nothing to take care of. If he wants to trouble me, he can just come directly.”

After a pause, Wayne Lin said solemnly: “Okay, don’t talk about this, you have to train well when I leave. When I go back, I will check your results. If I find that you still haven’t grown, I can I can’t spare you, you know?”

“Yes!” Hou Tianyu immediately stood up straight and answered loudly.

After Wayne Lin hung up the phone, he frowned slightly. The instructor of the Fangs Group, the third stage of the Innate Realm, he really didn’t pay attention to it. If it was before, he was still the third stage, he might still Be afraid.

But now, he has broken through to the fourth stage, and has killed such an extremely powerful person as Ye Xingchen. His cultivation has reached an unprecedented level. Even if he is a powerful person of the Innate Realm Great Perfection, he has the confidence to touch it. .

Wayne Lin quickly threw this matter out of his mind, and it did not cause a ripple in his heart.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye. Zhao Xia stayed in the base all the time, waiting for Wayne Lin to come and apologize, but in the end, he didn’t wait for anything. Wayne Lin didn’t take him seriously.

At the same time, everyone in Xuanyuan 3 knew about this. For a while, Wayne Lin’s reputation became louder. Apart from the instructor of the Dragon Blood Team, Wayne Lin was the second person to challenge Zhao Xia.

“Good, good!” Zhao Xia’s eyes burst out with a terrifying light. He originally wanted to simply teach Wayne Lin a bit, and it doesn’t matter if he clicks until he clicks, but Wayne Lin is so arrogant that he doesn’t put him in his eyes. It is necessary to greet Wayne Lin well!

Chapter 505

In contrast to the reputation of the three places of Xuanyuan, it was just the opposite. In these two days, Wayne Lin had been very casual, even a little boring.

Shengke Lighting, which is at the helm of Alma Chu, completed a new round of financing and expanded its scale. From the previous company, it slowly developed towards the group direction, so Alma Chu also started to get busy and had no time to linger with Wayne Lin. .

Wayne Lin felt sorry for Alma Chu, and specially arranged a professional team to assist Alma Chu, so that Alma Chu would be relatively relaxed.

Because of the relationship between Wayne Lin, Shengke Lighting has been completely managed by Alma Chu, and the Chu family has no opinion. Besides, they dare not express their opinions even if they have opinions. Ming is not the old Wayne Lin.

They usually rely on Wayne Lin’s sniffles to live. Moreover, they use the identity of Wayne Lin’s family to make money outside, and they don’t know how much their social status has improved.

In addition, Ziqiong Media, Tengyue Advertising and Aegis Security were also handed over by him. Under the care of the two teams of Damon Wang and Jeff Han, the prosperity of the world has risen and it can be brought to Wayne Lin every month. He didn’t need him to intervene at all for the huge profits.

As for the Ugly Lord, he is now healthy again, everything is running on the right track, and no one from BRAGRUN organization comes to ask for trouble.

On the contrary, Wayne Lin has become the most casual person, and his cultivation has reached the bottleneck stage now, and he is stuck in the fourth stage of the innate realm. It is impossible to break through the dry cultivation by himself. There must be an opportunity to let Only when he gets a huge insight can he break through to the fifth stage of Dzogchen.

But Wayne Lin knows that it is very difficult and difficult to break through to Dzogchen. If there are not enough opportunities, it may not be possible to make a breakthrough within ten or eight years.

So he wasn’t in a hurry anymore, after all, he couldn’t be anxious even if he was anxious.

On this day, he himself was quite boring in his villa in Yulong Bay, so he simply went out for a walk.

Speaking of it, he hasn’t calmed down like this for a long time, and his brain is empty to feel the atmosphere of the city.

After several years of development, Hwadrid City has become a second-tier city, with busy streets, people walking in a hurry, rushing for life, and struggling. There are magicians who perform magic tricks on the streets, sanitation workers who work hard to clean the streets, rich people who drive luxury cars, and part-time students who shout and hand out flyers…

All in all, all social conditions are deduced at this moment, and Wayne Lin has not been so integrated into ordinary people for a long time.

Don’t have a different feeling.

His net worth is enough to buy everything he can see, and wherever he looks, the total wealth of everyone is not as good as his tenth.

Moreover, with the strength of the fourth stage of his innate realm, he can end the lives of these ordinary citizens in a very short time. Unknowingly, his identity and abilities have already surpassed most of them. People are above.

However, in the essence of life, he is indistinguishable from these ordinary citizens. Everyone is human, and the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys that they can enjoy are actually the same, different, but their lifestyles have been happy. The way is different.

This gave Wayne Lin an experience that he hadn’t had before. Gradually, he forgot his identity, that he was a super rich man, and that he was a superior congenital powerhouse, but he was just Among all living beings, just an ordinary person who works hard for life.

Before he knew it, his thinking continued to spread out, covering a large area centered on him.

He stood still, motionless, at this moment,

He seems to be a radar that can survey everyone within a few hundred meters, including their manners, content of words, emotional fluctuations, joys, angers, sorrows, and joys in life, etc., all in his Presented in my mind.

Before this, he had never had such an experience!

He knows that his spiritual realm is very high, and he has reached the level of influencing others, but he has never tried to spread his thoughts out, penetrate thousands of people around him, and feel the joys, sorrows and joys of thousands of people. .

The consumption of this spirit is too fast, just run with the computer overclocking, and it will be overloaded in a while! Burn it in minutes! Wayne Lin is almost the same now. He just persisted for less than five seconds before stopping immediately. His face became pale, panting for breath, and even cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Just five seconds ago, he actually emptied his mental energy, so tired that he wanted to lie down and sleep immediately! This kind of thing had never happened to him before, even if he was fighting Ye Xingchen, he would not be so tired, because when he reached his realm, his physical strength was endless.

Especially, mental power is not the same as physical power, and mental power is hard to exhaust. It can be seen how heavy his load was in the five seconds he had just now!

“The experience just now… could it be Dzogchen?” Wayne Lin muttered to himself, his breathing started to rush, his shock and excitement made everyone around him look at him weirdly.

Wayne Lin was very excited. He originally thought that he would be stuck in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm for a long, long time. He never expected that he would have such an opportunity to take a walk on a whim and he reached the threshold of Dzogchen.

As long as he reaches the threshold and finds the direction, it will be easier for him to break through next, at least the time can be reduced by half!

If Ye Xingchen saw this scene, he would definitely be half-dead. He is already known as a genius, but he has been stuck in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm for five full years and has not touched the threshold of Dzogchen. As a result, Wayne Lin did not break through. In two months, I had already touched the threshold of Dzogchen.

Wayne Lin is very tired now. He was excited for a while, and even felt a headache. His brain was about to split, which made him laugh wryly. Now if there is a master of the acquired peak, he will be able to kill him.

It’s a bit big to play this time…

Fortunately, now Wayne Lin is very low-key, and his clothes are ordinary enough. No one can tell that he is a big man. And after he has realized so many ordinary people just now, his temperament is completely ordinary, even more than ordinary people. To be ordinary people, completely inconspicuous.

He hurriedly sat down in the corner to the side and began to recuperate. He now looks like an unemployed person, desperate, lost and lost on the side of the road.

Just in time, a gust of wind blew him, and a piece of paper was blown at his feet. Wayne Lin picked it up and looked at it. It was a publicity leaflet for a restaurant recruiting dishwashing workers. The monthly salary was three thousand five thousand.

Speaking of it, in the first two years when Wayne Lin first joined the family, he really thought about going to be a dishwasher and earning some money to support himself, so that he would be less scolded, but then he gave up.

At this moment, from the side, several people walked over. One of them was stunned when he saw him, and then said in surprise, “Brother Lin, is that you?”

Wayne Lin heard the sound and looked up, and suddenly saw a young man in a suit standing in front of him, looking at him with surprise, “Great Brother Lin, it’s really you!”

This young man looked twenty-three or four-year-old with a simple and honest face. Now he was very happy to see Wayne Lin, but immediately, he saw Wayne Lin’s now desolate appearance, sitting in the corner, holding it in his hand. A job flyer for a dishwasher, his expression is a little weird.

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