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Chapter 662

“This is… Wayne Lin?”

Immediately a female classmate asked suspiciously.

“Wayne Lin, I remember, this is Wayne Lin, the student in our class!”

“Damn, I read that right, Wayne Lin actually came back? I thought he went abroad!”

“By the way, isn’t Wayne Lin a child of the rich family? Why is he dressed so shabby?”

Soon they recognized Wayne Lin, and for a while it began to lively again, there was a lot of discussion, and people came around.

However, they soon discovered that Wayne Lin was wearing shabby clothes, he did not have a famous brand watch in his hand, and he did not wear a gold chain on his neck. He looked like a passerby, a downcast image, and they formed a distinctive look. Compared!

Dai Xinghuai deliberately pushed Wayne Lin from behind, trying to push Wayne Lin out, and said in his mouth: “Wayne Lin, don’t froze. Say hello to your old classmates. They are all bosses in society now!”

He pushed hard, and the corners of his mouth raised, revealing a hint of bad intentions, obviously because of Wayne Lin’s embarrassment.

He believed that with his strength, Wayne Lin would definitely fall into shit!

At that time, he could still slap back, saying that Wayne Lin was too weak, and he just pushed Wayne Lin down. He could take the opportunity to humiliate Wayne Lin severely to avenge his previous revenge.

It’s a pity that his abacus is very good, but he underestimated Wayne Lin too much. As soon as he met Wayne Lin, he realized that he was pushing against a big rock, completely unable to move!

how can that be?

You know that he does exercise persistently, and his strength is greater than that of ordinary people. Now he is pushing Wayne Lin hard, but he still doesn’t move? This is not scientific!

So he used more energy…

But no matter how hard he tried, Wayne Lin still didn’t move, which made him feel very embarrassed and his face flushed.

He doesn’t believe in evil anymore, Wayne Lin actually has such great power?

Just when Dai Xinghuai exhausted all his strength and concentrated on his right hand to push Wayne Lin down, suddenly, Wayne Lin turned sideways, and in an instant Dai Xinghuai’s strength was lost, and his weight lost control and he fell forward hard. !

With a thump, there was a 30-centimeter-high staircase just in front of him. He threw himself to the ground, knocking his forehead and nose bleeding.

This sudden change caused everyone on the scene to be stunned. None of them expected that Dai Xinghuai would fall into this way.

Wayne Lin raised the corner of his mouth slightly, showing some sneers, and then said: “Squad leader, why did you fall, are you okay?”

Dai Xinghuai was completely stunned. He didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would suddenly turn sideways. Wasn’t this embarrassing him!

It was so painful. He hit his entire face straight on the floor like this. He felt that his face was flat, especially his nose. It was so painful. Tears flowed out. Now he saw Wayne Lin’s schadenfreude. He didn’t understand how he looked like, Wayne Lin deliberately made him embarrassed!

He suddenly became furious, and pointed at Wayne Lin and cursed: “Wayne Lin, you despicable villain, dare to yin Laozi, you’re f*cking looking for death!”

He yelled at him, his expression looked very hideous, he was a little gaffe in this occasion, and those classmates who were going to help him frowned slightly.

Wayne Lin spread his hand and said innocently, “Squad leader, what are you talking about? I stood there properly, how did I provoke you?”


b Dai Xinghuai’s expression froze, and he was speechless. Indeed, Wayne Lin stood there just now and didn’t touch him at all. He did it all by himself.

He was sure that Wayne Lin must know it. It was obvious that Wayne Lin deliberately made him embarrassed, and he had already seen the ridicule and disdain in Wayne Lin’s eyes.

This is so irritating, he swears that he will show Wayne Lin the color later!

This is when other classmates came over. Two men helped Dai Xinghuai up and said weirdly: “Old Dai, what are you doing? How can you fall like this in a good way.”

“Yes, you came here after drinking?”

Dai Xinghuai is a dumb eating Coptidis. He can’t tell if he has a bitterness. As long as he swallows it in his stomach, don’t mention how aggrieved!

Finally, he glared at Wayne Lin fiercely, threatening Wayne Lin, so he couldn’t scold him anymore.

Wayne Lin smiled contemptuously, did not put him in his eyes at all.

Then, many classmates focused on Wayne Lin and asked curiously: “Wayne Lin, it’s been a long time since I saw you, where have you been all these years?”

“Yes, after graduation, your contact information was lost. We can’t even contact you anymore. I thought you were arrested for MLM.” Someone made a joke, which caused other students to laugh.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I didn’t go anywhere, I just stayed in Huarvell.”

Someone found that Wayne Lin was so shabby and asked tentatively: “By the way, so many years have passed, what do you do now? You were the second generation of super rich in our class back then, with such good grades. Occupying the first grade all year round, I believe you must be the big boss now!”

The person who said this was a younger brother of Dai Xinghuai. When he was in junior high school, this person was Dai Xinghuai’s attendant. Now that he graduated, he is also following Dai Xinghuai.

When he asked this sentence, he was instructed by Dai Xinghuai.

Immediately after he asked this sentence, the classmates in the audience calmed down, looking at him curiously and strangely.

Wayne Lin said: “The big boss can’t talk about it, but he does have several companies.”

He said lightly, looking very calm and calm, just talking about a normal thing, there is no need or guilty conscience.

And the other classmates were stunned when they heard what he said. In their opinion, Wayne Lin’s outfit does not look like someone who can start a few companies.

In their opinion, if you can open a few companies, it must not be wearing a famous brand or wearing a famous watch, but for Wayne Lin, the total amount of the whole body is less than two hundred yuan!

“Really? What company do you open? Let me tell you!”

“Could it be that you were fooled by your boss and became the legal person of someone else’s company, so you said you started your own company?”

“Haha, that’s not the case. Who doesn’t know that a legal person is a hard job. If you don’t get the money, you have to take responsibility if something happens!”

They all started to tease.

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “It’s the company I started.”

At this moment, everyone started to calm down again. Seeing Wayne Lin’s calmness, without the slightest guilty conscience, they seemed so calm, not like joking. Could it be that Wayne Lin is really rich? Tonight is deliberately shabby, pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger?

Just when they were all guessing, a disdainful voice came out, “Haha, just listen to him. If he really opened a few companies, would he need to open a small eDonkey?”

Chapter 663

When the voice fell, a jeweled female classmate came out with a face full of disdain.

“What? Zhou Lian, are you kidding me! Wayne Lin is also a rich second-generation generation? After so many years, how could he drive a little eDonkey here? You are not funny!”

“Yeah, Wayne Lin was the richest in our class back then. Usually, he was picked up by a butler’s luxury car to go to school. It’s not comparable to those of us with mud legs.”

“However, it is not easy to say that this Feng Shui turns around. Many big families have lost their wealth in just a few years because of improper management!”

They were all very surprised when they heard Zhou Lian’s words. On the surface, they were speaking for Wayne Lin, but in their tone of voice, they were gloating and gloating.

Indeed, when he was in school, Wayne Lin was the richest second generation in the class. With good academic performance, I don’t know that many teenage classmates have a crush on him. Even the class Hua Han Ruxin is in pairs with him. How many male students are jealous!

If Wayne Lin is still so rich, then forget it, they are jealous and unhappy, and they dare not show it, but they want to please Wayne Lin. But now, Wayne Lin is obviously in a loss, and the mix is ​​very bad. Even if they ridicule and step on a foot, there will be no consequences, so how can they let this opportunity to beat the dog in the water!

Wayne Lin took their actions in his eyes. To tell the truth, he was not angry or humiliated, because he and these old classmates were no longer on the same level. He only feels extremely disappointed now. He did not expect that the simple old classmates of the past will become like this now. He had known it so long ago. He might as well not come to the class reunion, and at least he could still keep the old classmates. beautiful memories.

And when they saw Wayne Lin not speaking, they thought that Wayne Lin was right. They were embarrassed. For a while, they ridiculed more vigorously.

“Wayne Lin, don’t be silent. Is what Zhou Lian said is true? You really came here in an electric car, did you?” A fat male student walked over with a smirk. Said.

He used to be one of the people who had a crush on Han Ruxin, but he didn’t dare to confess to Han Ruxin, let alone fight against Wayne Lin. He only dared to secretly hate Wayne Lin. Now that he found an opportunity, let alone how excited he was.

Wayne Lin glanced at him lightly and said, “Zhu Bajie, are you gloating for misfortune?”

The corners of Zhu Bajie’s mouth twitched. His name was Zhu Jie. Because he was fat, he was nicknamed Zhu Bajie. This is his dark history. Since he graduated, he became the boss. No one has just called him like that. Unexpectedly, Wayne Lin dared to mention it, he was so annoyed!

“Wayne Lin, you are fine for Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu’s name is Zhu Jie, not Zhu Bajie. Then you call Lao Tzu Zhu Bajie. I am anxious to believe it or not!” Zhu Jie tore his face and said fiercely. He hates it most. Others called him a pig.

However, Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I know Bajie.”

“You!!” Zhu Jie flushed with anger. He subconsciously wanted to beat Wayne Lin with his hands, but immediately, he realized that Wayne Lin was a tall cow and a full head taller than him. After drinking and playing with women in the past few years, he had already hollowed out his body, and now it is the silver gun wax head, and Wayne Lin must be the one who suffers.

So no matter how angry he was, he didn’t dare to take action. He could only hold back obediently and shouted, “Poor ghost! You deserve to drive an electric car forever!”

For this jump

Joker Liang, Wayne Lin didn’t care at all, he was just disappointed that all the innocent old classmates of the past have become like this.

He already had the idea of ​​leaving now, and he planned to say hello to Deng Kai, which would be great.

Fortunately, Deng Kai has not changed, and he hasn’t looked down on him because he is now’down and down’.

However, he looked around and didn’t see Deng Kai. Even Han Ruxin was not here, which made him a little surprised. Didn’t Deng Kai and Han Ruxin come up first? Why haven’t they seen anyone yet?

At this moment, he heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside, and then accompanied by the welcoming sound of Miss Yingbin, he looked back and immediately saw Deng Kai and Han Ruxin, walking under the embrace of several bodyguards. Come in.

“Look, Han Ruxin is here!”

“Wow, President Han is indeed President Han. It is getting more and more beautiful every year, like a star on TV. I don’t know who is so lucky to pursue President Han!”

“Nonsense, Han Ruxin is now the boss of several companies, with a net worth of one billion. As for the super woman, the monthly maintenance costs are enough for us to make a year! Can this be beautiful? “

“Yes, now in our class, the richest person is Mr. Han, right?”

Many classmates suddenly saw Han Ruxin’s eyes, especially those male classmates, their eyes went straight, and they made no secret of their enthusiasm for Han Ruxin.

Dai Xinghuai couldn’t move his eyes even more, swallowing his saliva fiercely, especially coveting Han Ruxin.

Wayne Lin looked at Han Ruxin faintly, without any surprises in her eyes. It is undeniable that Han Ruxin is indeed quite beautiful and has a decent figure, but it is still far behind the best products like Alma Chu and Tao Sanniang.

Especially in terms of temperament, Han Ruxin seemed a bit vulgar.

Originally, he was expecting to meet Han Ruxin again, but the performance downstairs just now made him dispel this idea. Like many classmates, Han Ruxin has changed, not the innocent little girl before.

Soon, these classmates took the initiative to greet Han Ruxin, all of them were flattering, all kinds of flattering, licking Han Ruxin’s smelly feet.

Deng Kai, who was with Han Ruxin, was simply ignored. Those classmates didn’t even bother to call him hello.

Deng Kai didn’t have any anger or discomfort. It seemed that he was used to this kind of scene. He obediently left Han Ruxin. He took two steps. He saw Wayne Lin, his eyes brightened, and he strode towards Wayne Lin. Pat Wayne Lin on the shoulder, and said: “You kid, you came up so soon, I thought you would not find a way!”

Wayne Lin smiled, shifted his position, and said with a smile: “Didn’t you say it’s on the 13th floor, you can’t find this. Do you really treat me as a low energy?”

“Hahaha, I’m just kidding.” Deng Kai smiled heartily. He didn’t dislike Wayne Lin because Wayne Lin was down. Instead, he saw Wayne Lin staring at Han Ruxin. What he realized, he Deliberately said easily: “Hey, you were ridiculed by Dai Xinghuai just now? Don’t worry about them, they are like this, their mouths are very cheap, in fact, the people are not bad. This classmate meeting is also paid by a few of them. Yes, we don’t need to spend money, so just let go of the stomach and eat, haha.”

Wayne Lin felt warm when he heard Deng Kai’s words, and wanted to say something. At this time, Han Ruxin walked over here…

Chapter 664

It can be said that Han Ruxin is the focus of the audience, and her every move affects the eyes of everyone present.

Deng Kai worked for Han Ruxin for many years, and he had a deep respect for Han Ruxin. Now that Han Ruxin came, he immediately did not dare to lie down anymore. He stood up quickly and called President Han respectfully to Han Ruxin.

Han Ruxin looked at Wayne Lin faintly, then smiled and said, “Wayne Lin, long time no see.”

Everyone was surprised to see that Han Ruxin took the initiative to greet Wayne Lin. According to their understanding, Han Ruxin was a very proud person, especially after her successful career. And now Han Ruxin actually took the initiative to greet Wayne Lin. This is too abnormal. Could it be that after so many years, Han Ruxin is still unhappy with Wayne Lin?

Thinking of this, many people think that Wayne Lin is out of shit luck, and he is actually favored by Han Ruxin. This is a blessing from cultivation in the last life!

Who doesn’t know that Han Ruxin is now the big boss, and she is beautiful and beautiful, and if you marry Han Ruxin, you don’t have to worry in this life.

The male classmates on the spot were all ugly and full of jealousy. They were more or less interesting to Han Ruxin. Seeing Han Ruxin and Wayne Lin intimately, they would naturally be very jealous. If Wayne Lin is still the second generation of super rich, the key is now that Wayne Lin is down, just a dog in the water, so why won Han Ruxin’s favor!

Especially Dai Xinghuai, his face was even more ugly, and he clenched his fists, particularly unhappy.

He has secretly loved Han Ruxin for many years, and he has been pursuing Han Ruxin, but Han Ruxin has always looked down on him, leaving him very hurt and disappointed.

Wayne Lin stood up and said, “Yeah, it’s been a long time.”

When other male classmates face Han Ruxin, they will inevitably be nervous, excited, and eager to express themselves, but Wayne Lin’s reaction is extremely flat, without any restraint or excitement.

His reaction made Han Ruxin frown slightly and was uncomfortable. In her opinion, it was Wayne Lin’s honor to greet Wayne Lin as her own initiative. Wayne Lin should be flattered and be at a loss, not the current winds. Yun Dan!

However, Han Ruxin believes that Wayne Lin is just pretending to be calm and trying to catch up. She can see more of this kind of tricks.

So she continued: “Listen to what you just said, you have opened a few companies, I don’t know what field it is, we might be able to cooperate if you say it.”

With a smile on her face, but with obvious arrogance and ridicule on her expression, she clearly did not believe that Wayne Lin had the ability to start several companies.

What kind of look did Wayne Lin look, and how could he fail to see what she meant, smiled faintly, and said, “The gap between us is huge. I believe there will be no chance of cooperation.”

What Wayne Lin said is the truth. With his current business empire, the cooperation that he is talking about is more than tens of billions. Where can a small boss of Han Ruxin’s level be able to reach?

However, Wayne Lin’s words fell in Han Ruxin’s ears, but they became a manifestation of guilty conscience, making the smile on her face even more intense, “It’s okay. The level is a lot worse, but as an old classmate, I am still willing to help you.”

When Han Ruxin said this, many people became jealous of Wayne Lin. What kind of virtue Wayne Lin had accumulated in his previous life, he was able to win Han Ruxin’s favor!

Dai Xinghuai can’t listen anymore

, He quickly walked out and said: “Ruxin, don’t tease Wayne Lin. Do you think he is like a person who can afford to start a company? And he came to the classmate meeting tonight by driving a small eDonkey. It is estimated that the monthly income is three or four thousand yuan, haha.”

He said this very loudly, his expression was joking, but he was actually humiliating Wayne Lin, making everyone present to laugh at it.

Han Ruxin also raised her mouth slightly, showing a smile.

Wayne Lin became more and more disappointed with them. I really didn’t expect that the old classmates of the past would become like this squatter. He didn’t bother to pay attention to them anymore, and said directly to Deng Kai: “Deng Kai, I have something to do. ,We will keep in touch.”

Deng Kai was taken aback, and he said quickly: “Ah? You just came here, why are you leaving? We have a show next, we have to go to the resort later.”

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “No, I’m not interested in this. Let’s play.”

Everyone started to laugh when they heard what he said and achieved their goal.

A female classmate said: “Oh, Wayne Lin, we just made a joke with you, shouldn’t you be so stingy?”

Another male student said: “Yes, everyone has been an old classmate for so many years, and you have been missing for so many years, and you have not come to the class reunion year after year. We just made a joke with you, and you are angry. It’s too stingy!”

“Wayne Lin, are you like this? They are all people who are almost 30 years old, and the measurement is still so small, so you can’t make money in society.”

“Isn’t it? You’re the’big boss’ who has opened several companies, don’t you have this strength? Then I really want to wonder if you are really capable of starting a company, haha. But what I said just now was just a joke. Don’t take it to heart. I definitely believe that you have the ability to start a company. After all, you can register a company with an ID card.”

They are more yin and yang weird than the other, just deliberately disgusting Wayne Lin, that face is especially ugly.

Wayne Lin didn’t really matter when he heard it. He was used to it a long time ago. Besides, he was already disappointed with this group of classmates. How could he be affected? He ignored it.

But Deng Kai couldn’t stand it. In his opinion, Wayne Lin came to attend the class reunion because of him. Originally he thought it was these class reunions. After seeing Wayne Lin for so long, he would definitely welcome Wayne Lin very much. Unexpectedly, it would be the scene like today, and Wayne Lin was actually used to brush it off!

These guys, even if they hurt him in the past, he is indeed rubbish. After so many years, he is still the driver of Han Ruxin. But Wayne Lin is different. Wayne Lin used to be a super rich second-generation, and he is also a smart person. Now that he is down and out, he is already uncomfortable. Even being mocked by these old classmates, he must be even more uncomfortable!

So his face flushed, and he shouted loudly, “Hey! You guys, that’s enough! Yes, Wayne Lin has indeed fallen for years, but is it necessary for you to harm him like this! Everyone? I came out of a class! When I was in school, Wayne Lin took care of you all the time. He often bought breakfast for you, fruits, snacks, each of you had a lot! And you, Dai Xinghuai, you offended that time The sting of Class 3, it was not Wayne Lin who came forward. You were beaten into a dog long ago! Now that you have money, you have turned to mock Wayne Lin? Are you still a human!”

Deng Kai is particularly excited. He has been very unsatisfactory over the years. He bent over to live his life. Others humiliated him. He can still bear it, because he knows he is useless, but other people humiliate his good friends. He can’t just sit back and watch. Management!

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