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Chapter 167

Wayne Lin stunned when he saw the other party, and said with some surprise, “Jeff Han, is it you?”

Yes, this person called President Han is exactly Jeff Han. He is considered a personal figure in Hwadrid. Although he is not at the level of Damon Wang, he is considered a person with a good head and a face. In addition, he has been laundering slowly recently and his assets have been legalized. He is also considered a business man.

Jeff Han saw that Wayne Lin still recognized him, the surprise on his face was unspeakable, and he couldn’t hide his excitement. He quickly nodded his head excitedly: “Yes, yeah, Chairman, I thought you didn’t remember me!”

After speaking this sentence, Jeff Han’s tone unexpectedly brought a little bit of resentment, like a deep-seated wife.

Isn’t it right? Since Wayne Lin told him last time that he was going to take him into a big business of several billions, he has been thinking about Wayne Lin. He was happy for three days and three nights! I think my fortune is coming, and I must hug Wayne Lin’s thigh tightly in the future. But as a result, I didn’t expect that Wayne Lin had contacted him since that time. This made him worry, and he was worried about gains and losses!

And he didn’t have Wayne Lin’s contact information. He tried to find Damon Wang in the meantime, but he was pushed away by Damon Wang. This time, his heart was overwhelmed and he was very uncomfortable.

Now that I see Wayne Lin, how can he not make him excited? I feel even more happy than meeting my father!

Especially during this period of time, he stared at the market value of Zi Qiong every day and saw that Zi Qiong was continuously rising, and the market value had already risen to six billion, which made him even more ticklish. I want to hug Wayne Lin’s thigh right away!

Wayne Lin was also surprised to see Jeff Han. To be honest, he really forgot about Jeff Han. Not because he looked down on Jeff Han, but because he had too many things these days. Jeff Han forgot.

He feels Jeff Han’s resentment now, and he feels embarrassed in his heart, and said, “Hehe, Boss Han, how can I not remember you? It’s just that I’m busy during this time and I can’t spare time to find you. . It’s my fault, I punish myself for a drink.”

With that, he looked around for a wine glass, a little embarrassed, he didn’t have a wine glass.

Jeff Han said quickly: “No, no, no, the chairman has not forgotten me. It is my greatest honor.”

Wayne Lin smiled, not hypocritical, in his capacity, it is normal for Jeff Han to please him.

However, this frightened those upstarts just now, they all opened their eyes wide now, with an expression that looked like a ghost!

Especially the rich businessman who hated the most scolding just now, he was so scared that the blood on his face had faded, and his body was trembling, shivering.

They can’t help but be afraid. You know, Jeff Han is a big man they absolutely can’t afford to offend, and Wayne Lin is a man who even Jeff Han has to put down and swear, how can they not have a numb scalp.

Now even if their brains are dull, they also realize that they have caused a disaster this time!

Now Wayne Lin’s gaze swept over, and they were so scared that they almost choked their breath.

Wayne Lin looked at them with a faint smile, and said, “Where are you going?”

Seeing them turning to leave, how could Wayne Lin let them go so easily.

They had just turned around and hadn’t taken two steps yet. When they heard Wayne Lin’s words, their scalp numb and they almost cried. If there is regret medicine in the world, they promised not to provoke Wayne Lin!

Jeff Han is not stupid. At this moment, he still can’t understand how these upstarts who don’t have long eyes have offended Wayne Lin. Right now he frowned, and there was some anger between his brows.

He is a wise man. Like Damon Wang, he is very good at thinking about the intentions of big people. Just now Wayne Lin did not know what he did. Wayne Lin obviously didn’t want to let these upstarts so easily.

They heard Wayne Lin’s words, but did not dare to stop, and pretended to be ignorant, and walked forward, hoping to pretend to be mad and foolish.

“Give me stop!” How could Jeff Han give them this opportunity, and immediately stopped drinking, his tone full of coldness and threats.

They were respectful to Jeff Han just now, and Wayne Lin saw it in his eyes. Now if they let them go easily, it would become Jeff Han’s ineffectiveness. At their level, many things need not be said at all, a simple look and a movement can be realized.

Wayne Lin spoke in person just now, just not wanting to let them go so easily.

Immediately, their hands and feet began to become cold, Jeff Han said, even if they gave them a hundred courage, they would not dare to leave. These upstarts, who have no background, have made money by relying on fortunes and opportunities, and they are most afraid of social people like Jeff Han.

At the moment they all stopped, turning their heads mechanically, squeezing out a smile that was even worse than crying, “Mr. Han, are you calling me?”

“Mr. Han, what else do you have?”

Jeff Han glared at them coldly and did not answer. Instead, he respectfully said to Wayne Lin, “Chairman, do these dogs offend you?”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I didn’t offend that much.”

Just hearing this, several nouveau riche were relieved and ecstatic, it seemed that they had escaped.

But shortly after, Wayne Lin threw another sentence, making their hearts cold and fear to the extreme.

“Just call me a beast and threatened to kill me.” Wayne Lin said with a smile, and then he smiled kindly at Jeff Han: “Why, they are your friends?”

Jeff Han has been on the road for many years. He has seen many big scenes and people with very good psychological qualities. But now facing Wayne Lin’s smile, he only feels like he has fallen into an ice cave like never before. The ground was cold, cold sweat broke out on the back and forehead!

Sure enough, don’t look at the easygoing and low-key appearance of Chairman Zi Qiong, it is not unreasonable that people can make Zi Qiong company so big in a period of time! It’s impossible for a person without great power to make the look just now.

“No, no, no!” Jeff Han quickly shook his head and waved his hands in denial, “Don’t get me wrong, Chairman, they are not my friends, I am not familiar with them. In fact, they are only minor roles. A large piece of energy can be trampled to death at will! Of course, if the chairman has dirty feet, his subordinates can do it for them to ensure that they will be bankrupted instantly, their family will be ruined, and there will never be a day to turn over!!!”

Jeff Han said this more seriously than ever before, with a low waist and a humble appearance.

But that was in front of Wayne Lin, and it fell in the eyes of a few upstarts, and it became an unprecedented threat and fear!

At this moment, their thighs weakened, and their fear deepened into their bones. President Li couldn’t bear it at the moment, and his mentality collapsed. He thumped and knelt in front of Wayne Lin, begging for mercy, “Chairman I am wrong! I am wrong! Please! There are a lot of grown-ups, so just treat me like a fart! I have the old and the younger…”

Chapter 168

Li Tian is really scared. He finally got his identity today. He can earn two million a year. I don’t know how moisturized he is. He drives a Range Rover and returns to the countryside. He is an absolute big shot. He flattered, kneeled and licked all kinds of things, and he was a man. It is absolutely unacceptable for him to give up this kind of life and ruin his family!

He has no doubt that Jeff Han has this ability, let alone that it is a society under the rule of law, if Jeff Han really wants to attack him, to ensure that he will die thoroughly, and Jeff Han has nothing to do. Because Jeff Han dealt with him, he didn’t have to do anything illegal at all.

Not to mention, this young man who even Jeff Han would respectfully call the chairman!

So he kneeled very thoroughly, very simply, without hesitation!

At his age, dignity and face count as a shit, and being able to protect yourself is the most important thing!

He knelt so swiftly that Wayne Lin was a little speechless, it was too ridiculous, he hadn’t made any moves yet.

After he got down on his knees, several other upstarts immediately surrendered. They and Li Tian are the same type of upstarts. They make money quickly and have an easy mentality, but they also cherish wealth the most. If they want them to bankrupt their family, it is better to let them die! So after Li Tian knelt, they did not hesitate to kneel down.

what? Is there gold under the man’s knee?

It’s going to be bankrupt, and dignity is a shit!

There are already a lot of people now, and they kneel in front of Wayne Lin neatly, their sincere and fearful looks are really attracting people’s attention.

Fortunately, they are regarded as a corner here, and there is a pillar blocking it, so it didn’t cause much movement, but a limited number of people were attracted.

Wayne Lin was also very helpless in this situation. He was indeed very annoyed just now. These upstarts are not long-sighted and waste a lot of his time. But now that people have knelt down to apologize, he doesn’t bother to be bothered.

He waved his hand and said impatiently: “Okay, you all get out of here.”

After receiving Wayne Lin’s forgiveness, they were as if they were forgiven and showed ecstasy. They hurriedly stood up, apologized to Wayne Lin a few times, and ran away, and got into the crowd all at once, fearing that Wayne Lin would repent and look for them again. trouble.

Jeff Han also secretly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. Fortunately, Wayne Lin was generous enough and didn’t have the same knowledge as these little shrimps, otherwise it would be a little troublesome if he really wanted him to kill these people.

At the same time, he had a better impression of Wayne Lin in his heart. This is a thigh worth following, which many big men don’t have.

Wayne Lin was also very happy. There is still some time before the banquet actually starts. At this time, it is estimated that Guo Junyi is also putting on makeup in the background. He can also use this time to browse the files.

After seeing him sitting down, Jeff Han also sat down on the side, sitting very straight with his waist, maintaining a respectful attitude towards Wayne Lin.

This scene still looks weird. Jeff Han is already a man who can be Wayne Lin’s father, but now he is like a child in front of Wayne Lin.

Many people around had noticed this scene. When they looked at Wayne Lin, they were a little more curious and surprised, and they asked who Wayne Lin was.

Unfortunately, no one knew Wayne Lin.

No way, Wayne Lin is still very low-key in the upper class. Everyone knows that Zi Qiong has changed to a new chairman, but few people have actually met.


b and Wayne Lin, as the door-to-door son-in-law of the Chu family, is relatively unknown in the upper class.

So this situation was created.

However, at this moment, there was a sound of applause from the side suddenly, and then there was a ridiculous voice, “Wayne Lin, you were so prestigious just now. Let a few upstarts kneel in front of you begging for mercy. , Tusk, it feels so good to be fake!”

The voice appeared abrupt, and the tone was full of meanness and disdain, which immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Wayne Lin had just opened the information and wanted to browse it. This would be interrupted again. He frowned deeply. He raised his head and saw the other party, making him even more unhappy.

I saw a man dressed very vigorously with famous brands all over his body. Surrounded by a group of people, he walked up to Wayne Lin and looked at Wayne Lin with a playful expression, just like watching a clown.

“Situ Nan.” Wayne Lin said lightly, yes, the person standing in front of him now is Situ Nan, and he is also here to attend Guo Junyi’s engagement banquet.

“So you still remember me.” Situ Nan looked surprised, his acting was very contrived and exaggerated, clearly just joking and ridiculing.

Jeff Han on the side saw Situ Nan, he frowned somewhat weirdly, he knew Situ Nan, the young master of Ascendas Company, his status was considered honorable. But compared with Wayne Lin, it was not at the same level. You must know that Wayne Lin is the chairman of Ziqiong Company, and the market value has now exceeded 6 billion! And Situ Nan is just a young man, and even the market value of Ascendas has just exceeded 2 billion.

But now Situ Nan’s attitude towards Wayne Lin is hostile and despised?

This is strange.

Could it be that Situ Nan was looking for death.

Wayne Lin could tell what Situ Nan was thinking at a glance. He had no good feelings about Situ Nan, so he directly said, “Go away.”

Situ Nan’s face was gloomy immediately with this rolling word!

You know, this is in a public place, and the people around are big people with big heads and faces. Wayne Lin just let him go like this, but he didn’t give him any face.

Situ Nan didn’t know that Wayne Lin was the chairman of Ziqiong, so why not be angry?

Without him speaking, a young man next to him stood up and pointed at Wayne Lin’s nose and yelled: “What the hell are you, you dare to let Brother Nan go? I think you are f*cking impatient. right!”

The young man knew that it was Wayne Lin’s dogleg, and immediately jumped out to execute Situ Nan’s meaning.

The rich second-generation generations beside Situ Nan also stared at Wayne Lin intently, putting great pressure on Wayne Lin.

In their opinion, Wayne Lin wore a cheap suit and was still wrinkled to death, supporting less than two thousand yuan, indicating that Wayne Lin was just a hanging silk. Besides, Situ Nan took the initiative to provoke people. Where can the background be? So they don’t have to worry at all. If they offend, they offend. What’s the big deal.

Wayne Lin’s expression was also pulled down right now, no matter how good the temper is, he can’t stand being provoked, let alone him?

You know, before he was expelled from the Lin family and dormant, he was also a young and energetic character.

Now any cat or dog jumps out to humiliate him. If he hasn’t yet hit back, how can he be worthy of chairman Ziqiong, and how can he be worthy of fighting Lin Zihao?

Chapter 169

Right now, he gave Jeff Han a look. Jeff Han was a wise man. He didn’t understand the truth, and he immediately walked out from behind Wayne Lin to the young man, his face was cold and his eyes were full of badness.

It doesn’t matter how old Jeff Han is now, but he is a self-made man, who came out of the fight between the rivers and lakes, naturally has a powerful evil spirit on his body, and the average rich second generation cannot bear it.

The young man next to Situ Nan was stared at by Jeff Han, and he immediately stunned. There was some timidity on his face, his eyes drifted, and he said sternly, “Jeff Han, what do you want to do?”

Situ Nan also stared at Jeff Han with a calm face. He knew that Jeff Han knew Wayne Lin, but he couldn’t understand why people like Jeff Han should befriend Wayne Lin. This is very abnormal. Could it be that Wayne Lin is Jeff Han’s illegitimate child, or some relatives who failed?

Jeff Han grinned at the young man suddenly, but there was no half of a smile. Instead, it felt extremely cold and playful.

The young man conditioned his scalp to numb and realized that something was wrong. He just wanted to talk, but the next moment, Jeff Han’s slap hit his face with great force, and with a slap, half of his face was slapped. It swelled up, the whole person spun around and fell heavily to the ground.

This action of Jeff Han shocked everyone present, and they never thought that Jeff Han would make such a domineering move! Not to mention that this young man is a rich second generation, and his father is also a figure in the upper class. By doing this, Jeff Han undoubtedly offended him to death! Besides, now at the engagement banquet of the Guo and Huang family, Jeff Han makes such a move. Doesn’t it offend both the Guo family and the Huang family?

The key is that this young man didn’t offend Jeff Han. What reason does Jeff Han have for doing this!

Only the group of Situ Nan knows the truth, and Jeff Han is here to teach Wayne Lin!

For a moment, their focus was on Wayne Lin, especially Situ Nan. His pupils shrank, and intense fear and confusion flashed in his eyes!

But soon, he smiled again and wondered, what if Jeff Han covers Wayne Lin? He paid for the Ugly Master, and then the Ugly Master will take action. Who can save Wayne Lin? Does it depend on Jeff Han? A joke, Jeff Han is just a small character in front of Ugly Lord!

After understanding this, his mood became more relaxed, and he even wanted to laugh. The more proud and arrogant Wayne Lin is now, the heavier he fell after a while, and the happier he was!

“Wayne Lin, how dare you dare to be so arrogant? It turned out to be in favor of Jeff Han.” Situ Nan smiled weirdly, and gave Wayne Lin a thumbs up.

Why would Wayne Lin not know what he was thinking, so he didn’t bother to pay attention to it, “Since you know, don’t you just get out?”

Situ Nan was agitated by Wayne Lin’s arrogance again, and the corners of his mouth twitched. He was an extremely good face. Wayne Lin taught him in front of so many people and made him face sweeping, really annoying. However, for the sake of the overall situation, he still held back, with a smile on his face, but his eyes were extremely cold, “Wayne Lin, do you really think you can go sideways if you are in favor of Jeff Han? Humph!”

He pressed down a sentence fiercely, and then, staring at Jeff Han, he said in a threatening tone: “Jeff Han, I really don’t know what point you like Wayne Lin, so you can protect him. But there are some people you can’t keep. It is destined to be unsafe. Once you exceed your limit, you will cause yourself to death!”

When Jeff Han heard Situ Nan’s threat, his heartbeat speeded up a bit, but immediately, he dismissed a smile and said to Wayne Lin: “Get out.”

At this moment, Situ Nan’s expression became even more uncontrollable. He gritted his teeth and glared at Wayne Lin and Jeff Han, “Okay, let me go, you guys wait for me!”

After saying this, he got angry

He rushed away, but he was like this, no matter how bad he was.

At this moment, many people around, looking at Wayne Lin’s eyes were full of surprise and shock. They asked each other what Wayne Lin came from, why could Jeff Han protect him so desperately, and even hesitate to offend Situ Nan?

As for why, only Jeff Han himself knows. If nothing else, the identity of Chairman Zi Qiong is enough.

It’s just that he is also very curious that this fellow Situ Nan is not the kind of second generation ancestor who pretends to get into trouble everywhere. How could he have a grudge with Wayne Lin? Didn’t he know that Wayne Lin was Chairman Zi Qiong?

Wayne Lin went to the independent table on the side and got something to eat. He hadn’t eaten dinner yet, and now his stomach was a little hungry.

Jeff Han came over and ate with Wayne Lin. He had doubts in his heart, but he didn’t ask too much, because he understood a truth, don’t ask so many things that shouldn’t be asked, otherwise it would easily lead to disaster.

Wayne Lin had something to eat and after filling his stomach, he personally toasted Jeff Han a glass of wine, smiled and said, “Thanks for what happened just now.”

Jeff Han hurriedly said: “The chairman is polite, this is what I should do.”

On Situ Nan’s side, it was another scene.

“Brother Nan, why didn’t you teach them a lesson just now! Jeff Han deceived people too much!”

“Yes, Brother Nan, Jeff Han is just an old man, half-footed into the coffin. We don’t need to be afraid of him.”

“And the one named Wayne Lin just now is too arrogant! If it weren’t for the engagement banquet of the Guohuang family, I would definitely not be as delicious as him!”

“According to me, Brother Nan, you are too magnanimous. You are not as familiar with him as this. If you change, I will definitely not be able to bear it!”

“That’s not it…”

These rich second generations of them were all chatting, and they were talking indignantly, one is more cruel than one, and the other is more prestige, as if as long as they move their fingers casually, Wayne Lin and Jeff Han will be easily killed.

Situ Nan sat down, frowning, coldness, resentment, and cruelty condensed between his brows.

After drinking half a glass of wine, he slowly raised his hand. Immediately, the rich second generations stopped at the same time and looked at him together.

Although these people are also rich second generations, they are far behind Situ Nan, and they are usually only Situ Nan.

“Don’t worry, let these two guys stay for a while, wait a minute, when they are unlucky.” Situ Nan said, his cell phone rang, he saw the caller ID, he immediately looked straight and looked at them. He signaled not to make a sound, and then took the phone. After a few brief conversations, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he said with excitement: “Okay, I’ll wait for you to come.”

After hanging up, the rich second generations gathered around and looked at Situ Nan impatiently.

“Do you know who the person who called me just now is?” The corner of Situ Nan’s mouth rose slightly, his expression expressing meaningful.

They shook their heads, expressing that they didn’t know that Situ Nan especially enjoyed the feeling of selling off their children, and finally he said, “It’s Ugly.”

“Ugly Lord?”

“I’m going! It’s our underground emperor Ugly Lord of Hwadrid!”

“666, Brother Nan is Brother Nan, and you even know the ugly man.”

“Then I need to say, don’t look at who Nan Ge is, isn’t it normal to know Ugly Lord, haha.”

Situ Nan listened to these rich second-generation fancy flattering, he was very proud.

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