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Chapter 461

As Wayne Lin’s words fell, the audience suddenly fell silent, and everyone looked at Wayne Lin.

Including Sun Liang, they were all taken aback by Wayne Lin’s words. He knew that Wayne Lin was a master of the Innate Realm. However, in a small circle, singled out more than one hundred people, he still received professional training. Bing, it’s impossible, right?

The more than one hundred people on the scene also opened their eyes wide, thinking that Wayne Lin was too arrogant! No, it can no longer be described as arrogant, but absolutely arrogant, defiant, and contempt for them to the extreme.

Even if they were the last instructor, a veritable master of the Innate Realm, they would not dare to speak so loudly, single-handedly against so many of them, and the way to paint the ground as a prison!

Tan Qiuya’s eyes lit up a lot. She looked at Wayne Lin closely, and she had an intuition that Wayne Lin seemed to be able to do it…

And Chang Hongshen, who was in the building not far away, froze for a moment, then laughed, thinking that Wayne Lin was looking for death, and the level of half a bucket of water began to swell.

He didn’t think Wayne Lin really had this ability.

At this moment, Wayne Lin added, “By the way, you can use and, in addition to guns, you can use any cold weapons that are easy to use. As long as you can force me out of this circle, you will win.”

What is arrogance, arrogance, and rampant?

Wayne Lin is now.

However, he didn’t mean to be half arrogant, he just told the truth.

Suddenly, the scene exploded, and the hundreds of soldiers began to boil.

“Damn! It’s crazy, I can’t help it!”

“I’ve seen someone who is arrogant. I’ve seen him for the first time if he is so arrogant! This doesn’t teach him a lesson, where can we put the face of our hundred-odd people!!”

“It’s too much. This is a naked humiliation. I want to see if he really has three heads and six arms, so he can single out more than a hundred of us!!”

“What are you doing so much with him? Let’s let this guy feel our anger well.”

“Show him the color!!”

They surrounded Wayne Lin all of a sudden, and began to stare at Wayne Lin with anger, their expressions were more ferocious than one, and they were full of anger and murderousness towards Wayne Lin. I have to say that the momentum they brought was quite big, if it were ordinary The master of the Innate Realm would really be jealous and restrained, but for Wayne Lin, it didn’t affect him at all.

The atmosphere suddenly rose with swords and crossbows. More than a hundred soldiers surrounded Wayne Lin with three layers inside and outside. This scene seemed extremely shocking, and one person could drown Wayne Lin with one spit.

Sun Liang’s expression suddenly changed, and he had to stand up and scolded: “Hey! What are you guys doing? Rebellion!”

“Chu Sun! It’s not that we are going to rebel, but that this new instructor is too much.”

“Yes, Chief Sun, you heard what this guy said just now. It was he who uttered wild words first to provoke us. Anyway, we are also the elites of Xuanyuan 3rd place. We were mocked by a businessman like this. Where do we put our faces? what!!”

“Chu Sun, we can’t stand this kind of anger.”

“We admit that this new instructor is a bit capable. We are not his opponents single-to-one, but he said that we are going together and we can’t get him out of the circle. This is clearly an insult to us!!!”

The emotions of these soldiers were more agitated than one, and Sun Liang had a headache when he saw it. He expected that Wayne Lin would be troubled by these soldiers when he first arrived. He also believed that with Wayne Lin’s strength, he could easily deal with it. However, what he didn’t expect was that Wayne Lin was so arrogant that he wanted to single out more than a hundred Trumpeters with his own power.

This is too arrogant, even if Wayne Lin is a master of the innate realm, it is impossible to do it. From the bottom of his heart, Sun Liang didn’t believe that Wayne Lin could defeat the more than one hundred soldiers.

According to what Wayne Lin said just now, once he failed, he would kowtow and apologize, and the instructor would not have to do it… Sun Liang couldn’t help but feel a headache when he thought of this kind of thing.

He put down his identity and personally invited Wayne Lin to come over. He didn’t expect that something like this would happen and he would fall short in the end, and he was particularly distressed.

Even with that, I complained a little about Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin looked calm and introverted, but he didn’t expect his personality to be so arrogant and unpretentious. Now he has to play off himself.

Sun Liang said in a deep voice: “Naughty! Instructor Lin,

This is joking with you, okay, the farce ends here, you return to the team, from now on, you must obey Instructor Lin’s orders. “

These over a hundred buglers dare not reconciled, but for them, obeying orders is their bounden duty, even if they are unhappy, there is no way.

But at this moment, Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Chu Sun, I’m not joking.”

Sun Liang’s expression suddenly froze, “Instructor Lin, you…this hundred soldiers are not simple in strength. They have a special set of total skills, which are not so easy to deal with.”

Sun Liang thought that he was enough to give Wayne Lin face, and tried every means to get Wayne Lin down the steps. If Wayne Lin didn’t appreciate this, he would be disappointed.

Sure enough, Wayne Lin smiled and shook his head, and said, “It doesn’t matter, I can deal with it. Besides, if I don’t convince them, I believe they will not be willing to listen to my orders.”

Sun Liang sighed and was disappointed again with Wayne Lin. He gave Wayne Lin a meaningful look. He didn’t speak any more and stepped aside. Everyone could see that Sun Liang was a little angry. Wayne Lin was really too I can’t be a man anymore.

Chang Hongshen, who was in the building not far away, almost laughed, shook his head, folded his hands on his chest, and waited to see Wayne Lin’s joke.

In fact, Wayne Lin saw everyone’s reaction in his eyes. He knew and understood all of them, but he did it anyway. Firstly, he had absolute confidence in himself. Secondly, he showed it well. For his own opportunity, especially in the third place of Xuanyuan, many people questioned him. He simply took advantage of this opportunity to open up these people!

In this way, his position in the three places of Xuanyuan will also be improved abruptly. Anyway, he has joined the three places of Xuanyuan, so naturally he will shine.

When he reached the level of Wayne Lin, he had to consider everything he did, and every sentence and every decision had his intention.

“What I said just now is still valid. Let’s go together and use all your strength.” Wayne Lin said lightly.

A soldier from the acquired peak came out, squinted his eyes, looked at Wayne Lin with a smile, and said, “New instructor, no eyes, just in case something happens…”

Without waiting for him to continue, Wayne Lin said directly: “You are arrogant in life and death. You can beat me to death, it is your skill.”

With Wayne Lin’s words, they were relieved. They looked back at Sun Liang and found that Sun Liang had no objections. They were even more relieved. At the same time, they clenched their fists, and their fighting spirit continued to rise. .

I have to say that Wayne Lin stood among them, feeling their fighting spirit and anger, the pressure was still a little bit, but it was quickly erased by him.

“Instructor Lin, be careful!”

When the voice fell, three people immediately went up together, rushing towards Wayne Lin from three directions at the same time. Their speed was very fast and their cooperation was very subtle.

They have absolute confidence that they can win Wayne Lin.

However, what happened next shocked all of them.

I saw Wayne Lin understatement, kicking the three kicks separately, not to say that the line of sight can be caught, but the angle is very tricky, almost at the same time, kicking these three people away.

And when he fell to the ground, he screamed and couldn’t stand up anymore.

“Don’t waste time, let’s go together.” Wayne Lin said calmly.


Immediately there were five more people on the go, two of them were still masters at the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow, and their total skills were even more sophisticated.

However, Wayne Lin also didn’t touch Wayne Lin, so he was beaten out by Wayne Lin with three punches and two kicks. He fell to the ground and couldn’t get up.

At this time, the rest of the people no longer looked down on Wayne Lin, their expressions began to become solemn, and then ten of them came out together, three of whom were still holding a baton in their hands.

Facing their attack, Wayne Lin was still very relaxed this time, but it took a little longer for two or three seconds. Bang, bang, bang, a few critical strikes, and beat these ten people to the ground, but Wayne Lin still No injuries.

“You won’t have a chance if you don’t go together.” Wayne Lin hooked his fingers at them, with a bright smile on his face, looking very friendly.

There were about a hundred people left. They looked at each other, gritted their teeth, and decided to go together. They couldn’t do it. So many people couldn’t force Wayne Lin into a small circle of less than one meter! ! !

Chapter 462

“Let’s go together! I don’t believe it anymore. With so many of us, we still cannot beat him.”

“Since he has said so, let’s go together, we can drown him with one spit!”

“I have to admit, this guy is a bit capable, but so many of us can’t beat him together, then we will pee and drown ourselves!!”

“Go together……”

The remaining No. 100 people looked at each other, and their eyes started to turn red. They now regarded Wayne Lin as an opponent, and their chests were full of fighting spirit! To break out, each of them is a bloody person, usually very competitive and eager. Now being forced into this way by a young man, it really makes them angry.

For a while, they no longer hesitate, breathing quickly, and their fighting spirit rises, every cell is boiling, and then they roar, which can shake mountains and rivers, very surging, let alone a person, even if A mountain must be removed by them.

This situation is too scary. In an instant, Wayne Lin also felt a little pressure, but it was far from the pressure he faced on the cliff for a few days, and he didn’t need to pay attention to it now.

Instead, the corners of his mouth raised, showing a satisfied smile.

Finally got together, this is what he wants.

Now his realm has stabilized in the third stage of the innate realm, only half a step away, he will be able to enter the fourth stage, and at that time, he will be in the same realm as Ye Xingchen and Nishang.

“Good coming!!”

Suddenly, his eyes widened suddenly, and his original unremarkable aura suddenly improved at this moment, like a skyscraper erected out of thin air.

Almost in the blink of an eye, a dozen people rushed in front of him, appeared in all directions, with fists and feet covering his whole body, in all directions that could dodge.

From an ordinary person’s point of view, Wayne Lin was definitely going to be injured, because all directions and all angles were blocked.

However, Wayne Lin did something that ordinary people could not understand. From an absolutely tricky angle, his body was in a weird posture, and he just escaped the attack of a dozen people without touching his clothes. Then, the next moment, he began to fight back.

The fist is like a cannonball, it hits quickly, bang bang bang bang, every time a punch is punched, one person will inevitably fly out, and it is powerful enough to knock everyone behind.

At the same time, there were seven or eight other people who were kicked out by him. So the picture Sun Liang saw was centered on Wayne Lin, like a repulsive magnet, and bounced all of them away.

Especially Chang Hongshen, who was standing upstairs, saw it more clearly, and his eyes became round suddenly.

His breathing stagnated, and he didn’t even see how Wayne Lin made the move. In the blink of an eye, Wayne Lin broke the game?

However, Wayne Lin repelled the dozen or so people who were at the brunt of it, and did not relieve the crisis. More than 80 people came in and wanted to launch a fierce attack on Wayne Lin.

I have to say that although these soldiers in Xuanyuan 3 are not high in their realm, their fighting ability is still good. They can fight better than masters of the same realm. They are especially courageous and will not be afraid. When Wayne Lin was so mighty, they were just shocked, not intimidated. On the contrary, they were even more fierce, and their fighting spirit was even more boiling.

Standing in this circle, Wayne Lin never stepped forward. Facing the rest of the crowd, he made continuous shots. The speed was not very fast, but every move was extremely subtle, like an unknown prophet, always predicting in advance. To the opponent’s action, then break.

So, outsiders

In his eyes, he saw the shocking scene. Wayne Lin stood in the circle and never came out, and he always kept a smile on his face, which seemed so relaxed and calm, and the people who threw at him almost He couldn’t make the second move, and he was shot flying, like a basketball, hit the wall, and bounced back.

In less than two minutes, there was no one standing except Wayne Lin.

The over a hundred buglers all lay down.

No, there is the last one. It was the first bull who challenged Wayne Lin. He now rushed to Wayne Lin three meters before stopping. Looking at the colleague lying on the ground, his face suddenly became pale!

Wayne Lin smiled and said to him: “You are left, do it.”

Guru! !

Daniel swallowed heavily, his scalp numb, especially when Wayne Lin looked at him like this, he was really terrified, and his feet began to swing.

It wasn’t that he was not brave enough or afraid of death, but that Wayne Lin was shocking him too much now! He couldn’t think of killing him. Wayne Lin could really bring down so many people. He still had no injuries at all in such a crushing situation.

Is this really still a human?

It’s a monster! ! !

Daniel’s face was full of fear, and he couldn’t help asking Wayne Lin, “Are you a human or a ghost?”

Wayne Lin was amused. He deliberately made a threatening action to Daniel, “What do you think?”

Suddenly, Daniel became even more frightened.

He backed quickly now, tripped his back feet and fell to the ground. All his fighting spirit faded at this moment. Even when performing dangerous tasks, he had never been so gaffe.

In fact, Wayne Lin’s toughness greatly exceeded his imagination.

In fact, not only him, but everyone present was shocked by Wayne Lin. The eyes looking at Wayne Lin were full of shock, incredible, and hell.

Sun Liang was dumbfounded and stared at Wayne Lin motionlessly. He couldn’t recover for a long time. He knew that Wayne Lin was amazing, but he didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be so amazing!

In his impression, there seems to be no such abnormal character in the three places of Xuanyuan?

As for Chang Hongshen, who was upstairs in the building, he also had a numb scalp now. He stared at the square in disbelief. Looking at the shameless Wayne Lin, he was completely stupid.

He has lived for so long and has never encountered such a thing. Even with his will, he is shocked at this moment.

At this moment, Wayne Lin suddenly turned around, raised his head and looked at him, showing him an intriguing smile, his eyes clearly saying,’Is my performance satisfying you? ‘Chang Hongshen’s scalp became more numb. Obviously, from the beginning, Wayne Lin knew that he was peeping here.

At this moment, he completely lost the contempt and doubt of Wayne Lin before, but invisibly, he felt a sense of awe for Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin can stop, he stands with his hands behind him, smiling and saying, “How about it, is there anyone who is not convinced? I can wait.”

No one spoke, they were all impressed by Wayne Lin.

Finally, someone stood up one after another, walked to Wayne Lin, bowed deeply, and said convincingly: “Instructor Lin, I take it. From now on, you will be my instructor. You let us go east. We will never west!”

With the first one taking the lead, soon there will be a second and a third, until everyone bows deeply to Wayne Lin, showing their respect and conviction.

Chapter 463

When Wayne Lin saw this scene, he couldn’t help but smile, and his goal was achieved.

He knew very well that being an instructor in Xuanyuan three places was not so easy to do. The best way was to convince them, and now he has done it.

The next thing is much easier, Wayne Lin has successfully become the new fighting instructor of Xuanyuan 3rd place.

Moreover, the attitude of these soldiers towards him had undergone a 180-degree change. No one dared to despise him anymore. They were all in awe of them, and they couldn’t hide their worship of Wayne Lin.

This time Wayne Lin really completely convinced them. Originally in Xuanyuan three places, he was respected by strength, and whoever had the ability was respected.

After Sun Liang came back to his senses, he was so excited that Wayne Lin really gave him a great surprise this time!

Originally, he thought Wayne Lin was just a more powerful master of the innate realm, but he didn’t expect that Wayne Lin’s strength was already terrifying to this realm. There was no problem at all as a fighting instructor!

Then, he saw that Wayne Lin’s coaching ability was particularly strong, not only able to play, but also to teach, it was perfect. You should know that many people are powerful, but their ability to teach others is not strong. Just a scientist who has a lot of knowledge himself, but if he wants him to teach others, then it is not necessarily good.

And Wayne Lin is now very strong, and his ability to teach others is perfect.

As for Chang Hongshen, he soon came over to apologize to Wayne Lin, and his attitude was quite sincere, which made Wayne Lin’s impression of him much better, and there was no hostility towards him.

For the next three days, Wayne Lin stayed in the three places of Xuanyuan, specially coaching these hundred soldiers.

It was not until the next day that he realized that the hundred-lai troopers he was coaching were not the entire force of Xuanyuan III, but only two of them, namely the third and fourth teams.

In addition, there are four groups.

They are the first group, the second group, as well as Fangs and Dragon Blood.

The strength of these four groups is stronger than that of the third and fourth groups, especially Fang Fang and Dragon Blood, which are even stronger.

If you really want to compare it, it’s like the difference between an ordinary class and an elite class at an age, and the Olympic class.

And Wayne Lin is the head teacher of the ordinary class.

After these three days, he has a deeper understanding of the three places of Xuanyuan, knowing that the three places of Xuanyuan are mainly dealing with foreign forces and actions in China. If there are foreign forces, they have done bad things in the country, and ordinary police cannot solve them. It’s up to them.

Over the years, because of the continuous improvement of China’s international status and the strengthening of its comprehensive national strength, it has attracted many foreign companies to invest. This is a positive and a good thing. But at the same time, along with it, many evil foreign forces began to infiltrate the country.

Like the Connor and the boss behind him that Wayne Lin met before, the supernatural person is one of them.

Moreover, this category is relatively low-key, and the harm is not so great. Some of the more evil ones are more difficult to deal with.

The relationship is even more complicated.

Wayne Lin also learned that the three places of Xuanyuan were originally very powerful, and there were seven or eight masters in the innate realm.

However, five years ago, a relatively serious evil event occurred. The three places of Xuanyuan experienced a fierce battle, which lasted for a full eight months, and finally ended in victory at the three places of Xuanyuan, and this evil foreign force was wiped out. Up. But in the same way, the three places in Xuanyuan also paid a tragic price. Of the eight innate realm masters, five died, and only three were left!

And these three, two of them can’t stand serious injuries either.

Fortunately, after these five years of recuperation, Xuanyuan’s three places slowly recovered. Among them, the fangs and dragon blood have all appeared masters of the innate realm, and they can act independently.

After listening, Wayne Lin was quite interested in Fang Fang and Dragon Blood, especially their instructor, definitely a master.

On the fourth day, Wayne Lin left Xuanyuan No.3. This was an agreement between him and Sun Liang. It was just the outside personnel of Xuanyuan No.3, just like contract workers, not working in Xuanyuan No.3 with full diligence.

Back in Hwadrid, his feelings were completely different, it was a kind of home feeling.

Especially when he was with Alma Chu, he was even more peaceful.

Tao Sanniang has returned from Yuancheng. Wayne Lin picked her up. As soon as they met, Wayne Lin greeted her, and Tao Sanniang threw her breasts into his arms.

“You don’t want more…”

“Wayne, I want to kill you!!”

Tao Sanniang’s arms were like cane, hooked Wayne Lin’s neck, and looked at him on tiptoes, winking like silk.

I don’t know if it was his illusion. He found that after not seeing it for a while, Tao Sanniang seemed to have become even more attractive, and her whole body exuded a scent of goblins, and she salivated when she smelled it! Can’t wait to eat her in one bite.

Isn’t it? It’s not just Wayne Lin who was tempted. The men around him couldn’t move one by one. They looked straight at Tao Sanniang, and many of them showed obsessive eyes, even more towards Wayne Lin. It is envy, jealousy and hatred.

If the eyes can kill, then Wayne Lin has been killed 10,000 times.

Even if he is a master of the innate realm now, Wayne Lin’s face is still very thin. In the crowd, being held by Tao Sanniang in such a close and intimate manner, Wayne Lin will still feel embarrassed, and his face will be a little red.

He quickly coughed twice, pushed Tao Sanniang away, and said, “What are you doing, it’s a big crowd, cuddling, you are not shy.”

With a happy smile on Tao Sanniang’s face, she raised her head and said: “What is it, you are my man, what happened to me holding you? I tell you, you ran away in Yuancheng last time, now I come back to Hwadrid, you are not allowed to run away!”

Wayne Lin’s body stiffened instantly. He was not a stupid pig, and naturally knew what Tao Sanniang meant.

“Cough, cough, cough!” Wayne Lin hurriedly coughed, his face turned a little red, Tao Sanniang, the fairy, spoke too boldly.

But why does he like it a little bit?

“What? I don’t understand. Okay, I won’t be arguing with you. It’s going to rain soon. Get in the car as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will get drenched.” Wayne Lin quickly changed the subject.

Tao Sanniang couldn’t tell that Wayne Lin was shy. She was even more sly scared. She liked seeing Wayne Lin’s shy look. It’s so cute. She is already a super big figure, and she blushes so easily. , This kind of man, I am afraid that it has become extinct.

However, she was also very considerate. Knowing that Wayne Lin’s face was thin, she didn’t want to embarrass Wayne Lin anymore. Instead, she whispered a coward, and then intimately embraced Wayne Lin’s arm and pushed the suitcase to Wayne Lin. Go, his face is full of sweetness.

She is the kind of beauty who is absolutely overwhelming, and harming the country and the people. To cooperate with her to cultivate to the top level of charm, it is extremely shocking to ordinary people, and many people can’t move their eyes.

Wayne Lin is extremely envious.

However, at this moment, there was a gaze that looked over from the crowd, gritted his teeth, and was sad again.

“Hey, Yanran, why are your eyes red? Is anyone bullying you?”


“I said no, you are going to cry!” Then, the man followed Yanran’s gaze and saw Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang. She became furious, “Damn, it’s this scumbag who bullied you. I will teach him for you!”

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