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Chapter 620

The voice said loudly and powerfully, and once again spread throughout the audience.

No one thought that there would be people who would dare to wreak havoc on tonight’s wedding.

You know, both the Yuntian Pavilion and the Profound Pill Sect are absolute overlords, especially the Profound Pill Sect, which is even more powerful!

Everyone of the Profound Pill Sect is not just a simple figure, not just a good medical skill, but also a good skill. Among them, the blue star at the helm is the top master of the fourth stage of the innate realm. Even Lan Feng, the bridegroom official tonight, is also in the second stage of the Innate Realm. Such a behemoth, there are people who dare to offend, and it is still such an offend that cannot be reconciled, really crazy!

Lan Feng finally couldn’t help it. He glared at the source of the sound, and immediately saw the person speaking in the crowd.

“You are so bold!” Lan Feng lost his demeanor and cursed directly.

Fan Zhenbang also glanced over and saw the person speaking in the crowd. When he saw the other person clearly, he was immediately stunned.

It’s him?

“Jiang Liqun, it’s you?!” Fan Zhenbang blurted out and opened his eyes wide. He felt incredible. How could a giant like Jiang Liqun do such a stupid thing to offend the Yuntian Pavilion and the Xuandan faction!

Others recognized it quickly, and they felt unbelievable. You know, Jiang Liqun is also a celebrity. As the richest man in Yuancheng, his reputation is still very strong.

Most of the people present knew Jiang Liqun, and it was precisely because of their acquaintances that they found it more incredible. In their impression, Jiang Liqun was a very stable person. Besides, I have never heard of any enmity between Jiang Liqun and Yuntian Pavilion.

Now that Jiang Liqun offends Yuntian Pavilion like this, he has already lost his way. Even if Jiang Liqun is the richest man in the Origin City, he is still inferior to Yuntian Pavilion in terms of power, not to mention that there is such a behemoth as the Xuandan Sect.

After Jiang Liqun stood up, his face was full of contempt, and he said: “Fan Zhenbang, you are also a character, and it is really shameful to do such an ungrateful thing.”

Fan Zhenbang’s face was ugly. He still didn’t understand why Jiang Liqun had such courage to offend him. The most important thing was that there was no grudge between him and Jiang Liqun.

“Jiang Liqun! Do you know what you are doing?!” Fan Zhenbang cursed loudly. He clenched his fists, full of majesty and anger, full of aura and shocking.

Lan Feng’s face was as black as Tan. He stared at Jiang Liqun firmly. He was completely irritated. He could see that Jiang Liqun was nothing but garbage from the first stage of the Innate Realm, and it was worthless in front of him. Mention, he even dared to mess with his wedding, he was looking for death!

And Tao Sanniang saw Jiang Liqun, she was also stunned, because she was very impressed with Jiang Liqun, she accompanied Wayne Lin to see Jiang Liqun, and it was also in her own eyes that Jiang Liqun met Wayne Lin. Surrender.

It is said that seeing things and thinking people, now I see Jiang Liqun, the memories of Wayne Lin in my mind are constantly emerging like a tide, and they will occupy her whole person, causing her to be extremely painful and tortured!

Jiang Liqun felt very happy and fulfilled now, and the blood all over his body was boiling. He has grown up so much and has never done anything so crazy

, Let him experience the taste of being young and frivolous.

In fact, he and Wayne Lin had already come to Tingyu Villa a long time ago. They just kept a low profile. Now that he heard Wayne Lin’s instructions, he could not wait to stand up.

With Wayne Lin by his side, he only felt an infinite sense of security, even if the sky fell, Wayne Lin would hold it.

Jiang Liqun laughed, “Fan Zhenbang, Fan Zhenbang, are you still claiming to be a sentimental and righteous person at the expense of you? This is how you are sentient and righteous?”

“Enough!” Fan Zhenbang was completely irritated. He can see it now. Jiang Liqun is here to make trouble today. He doesn’t want to go into it. What is Jiang Liqun’s purpose for doing this? Now he just wants to teach Jiang Liqun a heavy lesson. .

“Jiang Liqun, since you want to die, then I don’t mind making you perfect!” Fan Zhenbang shouted, “Come on, take Jiang Liqun down for me. I want to see who gave him the courage and dare to do this. I am against Yuntian Pavilion!!”

When the voice fell, a master immediately dispatched to capture Jiang Liqun.

Lan Feng also said: “Jiang Liqun, no matter what your purpose is, even if the King of Heaven comes over today, I won’t be able to save you!”

Jiang Liqun faced the double threats from Yuntian Pavilion and Xuandan faction. He didn’t pay attention to it at all. Instead, he directly asked Tao Sanniang: “Ms. Tao, someone asked me to ask you whether today’s wedding To your volition?”

When Tao Sanniang heard this, her delicate body trembled fiercely, she bit her lip tightly, and said with great pain: “This person is gone. Is it important to be willing or not?”

Now she is not only weakened because of the long-term lack of rest and eating, especially under the emaciated heart, she can’t hold it anymore, and her body is crumbling.

So many people present, seeing her like this, couldn’t help but sympathize with her and feel pity for her. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that the wedding tonight is not Tao Sanniang’s will at all, it was Yuntian Pavilion who forced her to do so!

But, what can it be? This society is where the weak eats the strong. Wayne Lin is dead, and without anyone to protect her, she is a weak lamb.

Jiang Liqun said solemnly and loudly: “Important! Very important! Miss Tao, please answer according to your heart!”

This sentence was very powerful, poking Tao Sanniang’s heart directly, making her blurt out, “It was not my voluntary! I am waiting for someone who can never wait, but he has left me forever and ever… …”

After saying this, she had completely burst into tears. She couldn’t control her tears. The tears rained down, and she was unsteady, squatting down and crying.

She has hardly had a good night’s sleep these days. Since hearing the news of Wayne Lin’s fall, her spirit has collapsed. If it weren’t for her family members in Yuntian Pavilion, then she might have followed Lin Zi. Ming left.

She has been dying, but until this moment, she has been unable to withstand it.

“Wayne, I really miss you so much… Why did you leave me suddenly, woohoo… I don’t need anything, I just want you to come back…”

She was sobbing, her mentality was completely broken. However, at this moment, she heard a voice familiar to her bones, and suddenly remembered, “Silly girl, who said I left you? I’ve been there all the time.”

Chapter 621


Hearing this voice, Tao Sanniang’s mind suddenly exploded!

This is Wayne Lin’s voice! ! !

She was stunned.

This voice, so gentle, she doesn’t know how many times she has recalled, nor how many dreams she has dreamed…

As a result, as soon as she heard it, she knew it, it was Wayne Lin, it was Wayne Lin!

She was ecstatic in an instant, and her whole heart was filled.

She was about to stand up, but immediately, she denied the idea.

The fake fake, it must be fake, Wayne clearly is gone, this is absolutely true news, everyone is rumored like this, and it has been so long now, Wayne has never appeared, so what? Is it possible to come back from the dead?

She must have missed Wayne so much that she had hallucinations again!

Yes, during this period of time, she did not hear Wayne Lin’s voice less, but it was all hallucinations, just her tortured thoughts.

However, this voice is really real. If it is true, how good would it be?

Her tears came out again.

In the eyes of everyone, a figure suddenly appeared on the stage, standing next to Tao Sanniang, looking at Tao Sanniang with full of affection, tenderness, and distress.

No one could see how this person suddenly appeared on it. Even Lan Feng, who was next to him, didn’t realize it. When he heard the sound, he was taken aback.

This person is naturally Wayne Lin. With his current strength of the Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, the distance of tens of meters is almost negligible to him.

He did come very early, but he did not come out hastily.

Now, the time has come, it’s time for him to appear.

He saw everything in his eyes just now, and in his heart, he was already angry!

But he wasn’t in a hurry. Whether it was the Yuntian Pavilion or the Profound Pill Sect, in his eyes they were nothing but ants, and some were tortured.

When Wayne Lin saw Tao Sanniang squatting on the ground, he had already heard his voice, and couldn’t believe it. He was really distressed because of the self-denial!

At the same time, she was very angry. This shows that Tao Sanniang has been wronged and suffered during this period of time.

He had let go of the Yuntian Pavilion before, but he did not expect that the Yuntian Pavilion was not only not grateful, but also dared to become more vigorous. Since this is the case, the Yuntian Pavilion has no need to exist!

In the audience, many people finally saw Wayne Lin. At the moment, more than half of them were shocked.

Because they all recognized it, the person in front of him was Wayne Lin.

This face is so profound that anyone who has seen Wayne Lin will never forget it!

This is the absolute legend of G province, especially after Wayne Lin had taken the colorful origin fruit on the Lion Rock a while ago, he became famous in the first battle! Even if he died in the end, countless people were still in awe of him.

But now, Wayne Lin actually reappeared in front of them, resurrected from the dead? And still with this unharmed attitude…

They were all dumbfounded and couldn’t understand why this happened.

As for everyone in the Yuntian Pavilion, when they saw Wayne Lin’s face, they stunned them, dumbfounded, and couldn’t believe it.

it is true!

Especially Fan Zhenbang, his scalp numb instantly, even his face became pale, his legs were swinging, “Lin Linlin, Lin, Wayne Lin?!”

He was talking and fighting with his teeth, his fear was extreme, his brain was blank, and he couldn’t function at all. He was afraid, regretful, panicked, and confused! Obviously Wayne Lin is already dead. He was besieged by more than forty masters of the Innate Realm, and finally pursued and killed by the peerless masters of the Dzogchen Realm of Innate Realm. He was killed in a shocking explosion and there was no place to be buried.

Why now, only half a month has passed before it appears alive?

Even with his temperament, his experience of over half a hundred years, his insight, and his composure, he can’t understand it at all, let alone accept it!

Soon, he thought about why Jiang Liqun dared to be so arrogant, even looking for death, because it was Wayne Lin’s instructions!

He looked at the stage and looked inconspicuous. There was only a lot of tenderness and Wayne Lin who looked like an ordinary person. He was so frightened that he sat on the ground and muttered: “Impossible. Maybe…”

The scene, after a short shock, also exploded all at once.

“I’m not mistaken, isn’t this Wayne Lin, Randal Lin?!”

“Oh, it’s really him, the No. 1 expert in Province G. On the Lion Rock, facing the siege of more than forty innate realm masters, a peerless fierce who can easily escape!”

“But, how is this possible? Didn’t it all say that Wayne Lin was dead? Finally, he was chased by the super master of the Innate Realm Dzogchen, and died in the big bang! That big bang, even a few kilometers away, can Hearing the movement, he could blow up a high-rise building to ashes. How could Wayne Lin survive such a big explosion!”

“The fact is that Wayne Lin really survived, and he’s still unscathed! I think I can understand why Jiang Liqun dares to be so arrogant and doesn’t put both Yuntian Pavilion and Xuandan faction in his eyes, because Wayne Lin is backing him! “

“No, this is what Wayne Lin meant. Today Wayne Lin is avenging the Yuntian Pavilion and the Xuandan faction! Now, the Yuntian Pavilion is going to be over!”

Those who can come to the wedding banquet tonight are all big-faced people in the circle. No one is stupid. They immediately understand the cause and effect. Now they only feel that they have not slandered Wayne Lin during this period of time. It is really a wise choice. what!

Who could have imagined that Wayne Lin could survive such a tough life under such circumstances.

This also shows even more that Wayne Lin’s strength is definitely an unprovoking giant!

Lan Feng heard what everyone said, his eyes widened now. For Wayne Lin, it was not that he had never heard the name. However, he had never seen Wayne Lin, and even if he heard more about Wayne Lin’s deeds, deep down, he still disapproved of him, and didn’t really put Wayne Lin in his eyes.

Now he saw Wayne Lin, his eyes suddenly shrank, and he began to look at Wayne Lin carefully, full of vigilance and hostility.

However, no matter how he looked at Wayne Lin, he couldn’t see the depth of Wayne Lin. In his perception, Wayne Lin didn’t fluctuate at all, he was just an ordinary person.

Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention to everyone’s eyes and opinions. In his eyes, these people were not as important as Tao Sanniang’s finger.

He knelt down and stroked Tao Sanniang’s hair very tenderly, “Sanniang, I am back, this is not an illusion.”

Tao Sanniang’s body trembled again, but she still did not dare to look up at Wayne Lin. Her body was shaking so badly that she was crying, “Fake, it must be fake, every time you tell me like this, every time I woke up, they were all fake…You are gone, I don’t want to suffer such despair anymore, oooooo…”

Chapter 622

What she said was really teary, Wayne Lin was about to tighten his heart, and at the same time he felt even more regretful and guilty!

This time he embarked on a plan to conquer the spirit fruit of heaven and earth, and did not take Tao Sanniang into consideration at all. It was his fault. He didn’t even say hello to Tao Sanniang and directly let Tao Sanniang accept the news of his fall!

At the same time, he also underestimated the affection that Tao Sanniang cared for him!


Wayne Lin’s nose is also a little sour, he feels that he is too bastard, and actually ignored Tao Sanniang’s feelings, causing Tao Sanniang to suffer such great pain and torture!

He directly put Tao Sanniang in his arms, “Sanniang, I’m sorry, it was my fault. I didn’t tell you the news in time and caused you to suffer such a great grievance. I promise that I will come back this time and I will never again. Something similar happened!”

This hug, Wayne Lin felt that Tao Sanniang had lost so much weight, and her body was already extremely weak, almost exhausted!

While Wayne Lin was distressed, he was also full of anger, rushing to his forehead!

Yuntian Pavilion! Xuan Dan faction!

The woman who dares to bully him like this, if he doesn’t do something, is he still a man? !

At this time, Tao Sanniang felt Wayne Lin’s hug, and she finally reacted. This did not seem to be an illusion, but that Wayne Lin had really come back.

Her body was shaking violently, she raised her head suddenly, and saw the face close to her eyes, the face that was familiar to her bones and appeared every night…It was really Wayne Lin!

She was stunned, her brain was blank, and the whole world disappeared, leaving only the man in front of her.

She stretched out her hand trembling slightly, holding Wayne Lin’s face, and cautiously, for fear that she would use too much force, she squeezed the person who was thinking about the day and night before her, and she said with a trembling voice: “Son, Wayne, is it really you?”

Wayne Lin nodded vigorously, “It’s me, I’m back, everything is fine.”

Tao Sanniang covered her mouth, and she finally realized that it was real, not an illusion. The huge surprise directly drowned her whole person.

“Great, I finally waited until you came back. You weren’t dead, great…” Tao Sanniang plunged into Wayne Lin’s arms and hugged Wayne Lin tightly, reluctant to leave for a moment!

Even the hard-hearted people have turned into all kinds of tenderness at this moment.

Tao Sanniang was really too sleepy and tired. Her nerves had been strained before. Now she plunged into Wayne Lin’s arms and felt Wayne Lin’s existence, not vain. She relaxed all at once and closed her eyes. Passed in a coma.

The silence resumed at the scene, and everyone’s eyes were fixed on Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang. No one dared to make a sound for fear that Wayne Lin would be provoked.

Lan Feng was the first to react. He looked at Wayne Lin with hostility and dissatisfaction, “You are Wayne Lin? I think that’s nothing more.”

Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention to him, but grabbed Tao Sanniang in his waist, and then walked to the stage.

His ignorance made Lan Feng even more furious. Today was originally his happy day. He was the protagonist under the eyes of everyone. But Wayne Lin’s arrival completely robbed him of the limelight. He was so proud of him. In terms of character, how can I accept it.

He snorted heavily and cursed: “Hey! Stop for Lao Tzu. Who gives you the courage to run wild on my Blue Maple site!!”

With that, he shot Wayne Lin and wanted to keep Wayne Lin!

He is currently the peak cultivation base of the second stage of the Innate Realm, but he doesn’t think that Wayne Lin is so much younger than him. There are really so many rumors outside. It’s just that the mud legs outside are exaggerated.


Yu escaped under more than forty innate realms, that is even more a fantasy.

However, as soon as he threw himself in front of Wayne Lin, before he touched Wayne Lin, he was stared at by Wayne Lin. He was acupunctured, his body stopped suddenly, his brain blank, his face was blank. Fear was revealed.

This scene looked very weird. Lan Feng was such a powerful person who was so aggressive, but Wayne Lin’s eyes made him so scared that he didn’t dare to move. It looked like witchcraft.

If it wasn’t for fear of awakening Tao Sanniang, Wayne Lin wouldn’t take Lan Feng lightly and slap him to death.

Just kidding, with Wayne Lin’s current innate realm Dzogchen cultivation base, the mental power is extremely powerful, where is the ant like Lan Feng comparable?

From Lan Feng’s perspective, he just felt the aura of ruining the heavens and the earth, as if as long as he stepped forward, what awaited him would be the end of the game.

Wayne Lin said with disdain, his footsteps didn’t stop, and he took Tao Sanniang to the car to rest. After setting up, he returned.

Lan Feng came back to his senses, he felt that he was too embarrassed just now, and he was shocked by Wayne Lin’s eyes, which made him even more hostile to Wayne Lin!

“Fan Zhenbang, you were very prestigious just now.” Wayne Lin walked up to Fan Zhenbang and said with a smile.

Originally, Fan Zhenbang was already trembling with fright. Now that he heard Wayne Lin’s words, his scalp was numb, his face was pale, and his teeth fought and said, “Misunderstanding, it’s all misunderstanding Randal Lin…”

“Misunderstanding?” Wayne Lin smiled brighter, “Then if I accidentally slap you to death, I also misunderstood.”

Fan Zhenbang’s face was earthy and he kept begging for mercy.

Not only him, but the many Yuntian Pavilion members behind him were also shocked and knelt down one after another.

This scene still seemed quite shocking. The hundreds of people in Yuntian Pavilion just knelt in front of Wayne Lin, completely impressed by Wayne Lin.

“Fan! You are always confused. With your strength, why should you beg for mercy from this clown?” Lan Feng said. He is now majestic, and the momentum of his whole body has exploded. It should not be underestimated. He jumped off the stage. In two steps, he arrived in front of Fan Zhenbang, “A mere Wayne Lin dare to be presumptuous in front of my Profound Pill Sect? Really knowing how to live and die!”

At this moment, Lan Feng was domineering and heroic. He didn’t put Wayne Lin in his eyes at all, and even looked at Wayne Lin with contempt.

As his words fell, immediately there were a lot of people from the Profound Pill Sect, and the tide rushed in, surrounding Wayne Lin and Jiang Liqun to the point.

Fan Zhenbang and the others reacted, yes, there is a behemoth like the Xuandan Sect, and they don’t need to be afraid of Wayne Lin.

So Fan Zhenbang straightened his waist again and stood behind Lan Feng. He still reminded with some worry: “Mr. Lan, Wayne Lin’s strength is good, we still can’t underestimate the enemy.”

Lan Feng laughed loudly, “Hahaha, outsiders are saying that he is the number one master in province g, how great he defeated Brian Gu and Wu Meizi. In my opinion, they are the same ants, Brian Gu and Wu Meizi, both are My defeated generals, if I were not in a good mood, I would have slapped them to death with a palm! Now a Wayne Lin appeared, thinking that after defeating Brian Gu and Wu Meizi, he would be invincible in the world? !”

With his face full of contempt, Wayne Lin didn’t put Wayne Lin in his eyes at all.

Seeing Wayne Lin not speaking, he thought that Wayne Lin was beginning to be afraid, his smile on his face became stronger and his posture became even more arrogant, “Why, I am afraid now? I dare not speak anymore? Hahaha! Well, I am not a cold person, as long as you kneel down and kowtow to all of us, I can spare your life.”

Wayne Lin looked at him with a weird face, just looking at the eyes of a fool, his gaze crossed Lan Feng, and said to Fan Zhenbang: “This mentally retarded, is the existence of your Yuntian Pavilion trying to flatter you?”

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