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Chapter 383

To be honest, no one thought beforehand that such a situation would happen because it is too unscientific.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe it at all!


They swallowed heavily, and now everyone was no longer arrogant, looking at Wayne Lin as if looking at a monster.

Wayne Lin stood in the octagonal cage, staring at the people under the stage. Anyone he was staring at was hairy in his heart, afraid to look at him, and quickly lowered his head. Especially Smith, he was trembling now. The fear is extreme.

He knew how powerful Connor was. As a result, such a top boxer could not fight back in front of this Chinese. He could no longer imagine how powerful Wayne Lin was.

As for Ning Yuning and others, they are also shocked to the extreme now. They now worship Wayne Lin to the extreme. No matter what era, personal heroism will still exist, and Wayne Lin meets this point now.

Wayne Lin took care of Connor, who was like a dead dog on the ground, and said directly: “There are also those who look down on Hua Guo Kung Fu and think that Hua Guo Kung Fu is not popular. You can come in and fight with me in an octagonal cage. There is no limit to the number of people. You can go together.”

This sentence is too domineering. With Wayne Lin’s now indifferent expression, it is simply the actor’s sense of sight. Ning Yuning sees the splendor in his eyes and the fluctuations in his mood, and his eyes are embedded in Wayne Lin. If I go, I can’t move it.

Yu Qing couldn’t help but said with emotion, “Randal Lin is really charming, rich, good character, and able to fight so well. He is the most perfect man! If anyone can marry him, it will be a blessing from his previous life. Divide.”

When Ning Yuning heard these words, she was even more moved, biting her lips tightly.

As a popular star, Ning Yuning has seen too good men, and has seen too many hypocrisy and dark sides in too many circles. Originally, there was no expectation for love. The appearance of Wayne Lin strongly broke her heart wall and entered her world.

“Why, don’t you dare to come up together?” Wayne Lin continued.

Still no one dared to respond to him. They were not stupid. Naturally, they could see Wayne Lin’s abnormality. They were not Wayne Lin’s opponents when they went up together. They would only get beaten up, and they were all confused.

Wayne Lin felt so relieved when seeing so many foreigners.

He walked to the iron door of the octagonal building and found that it was reversely locked. Without asking anyone to unlock it, he directly grabbed the doorknob and pulled it in. The lock was directly torn off by him, and then he walked out of the octagonal cage.

This scene even made the scalp numb of these people, and one after another gave up a way, for fear of offending Wayne Lin.

Smith was already terrified when he saw him walking towards him, his legs trembled violently, he wanted to run subconsciously, but he found that his legs were no longer at his disposal. He had never encountered this kind of thing before!

Finally, Wayne Lin walked up to him and said with a faint smile: “Smith, it seems that you are very unconvinced with me. You have also found a professional fighter to challenge me. Are you trying to beat me to death?”

When Smith heard his words, he was so scared that he shook his legs and shook his head and explained: “No, no! Dear Mr. Lin, you misunderstood, I just rely on your Chinese Kungfu, so Only let Connor…no, Mr. Lin, I was wrong. Connor himself wanted to challenge you. It has nothing to do with me, Mr. Lin.”

If they had seen Smith be frightened like this ten minutes ago, they would definitely despise Smith, thinking that Smith was too timid. But now, none of them will despise Smith, changing them, is the same begging for mercy.

Wayne Lin’s face was cold. How could he listen to Smith’s explanation. He would not show mercy at all for such foreigners who flaunt their power on the Chinese territory. He slapped him directly, and Smith flew out directly, spinning in the air. Circle for a half and then fell to the ground.

Half of his face was beaten and swollen, and the pain made him burst into tears. When everyone else saw this scene, they all felt that their scalp was numb, and they couldn’t help taking a step back, full of fear for Wayne Lin.

They are all master fighters, but facing Wayne Lin, they really have no temper at all.

Smith covered his face. He didn’t dare to be angry anymore. He was only afraid and regretful. He knew that this Chinese was so terrifying.

He wouldn’t call Connor to take revenge even if he died. It’s fine now, he’s in trouble!

Wayne Lin still did not let him go, but hooked his finger at him and motioned for him to come over.

Smith was already extremely scared, he was very scared in his heart, but he didn’t dare not follow it, and walked over with a slight trembling, looking particularly pitiful, a tall man, he even cried.

Ning Yuning clenched his fists tightly, especially excited and relieved. Smith didn’t know how arrogant he was in front of them these days, and now it can be regarded as the evil person’s own evil person’s grinding!

“Lin Linlin, Mr. Lin, I dare not, please let me go…” Smith cried and begged for mercy.

Wayne Lin looked at him lightly and said, “Kneel down.”

Some anger flashed in Smith’s pupils, but he immediately saw the coldness in Wayne Lin’s eyes. He didn’t dare not follow it, so he quickly knelt down, and all his dignity collapsed at this moment. He is a noble white man, but now he kneels down to the Chinese.

Wayne Lin was not satisfied, but looked at the foreigners who were with Smith, and said, “You must kneel and apologize for your insulting remarks against China.”

The bones of those foreigners were not as hard as Smith, and they all knelt down obediently now.

This scene is still extremely shocking. Any Chinese person who watches it will be extremely happy and relieved. Over the years, foreigners have always been superior to others. I don’t know how many Chinese people have been bullied by foreigners. Now Wayne Lin can be said to have greatly increased his ambition. ! ! !

Wayne Lin accepted it when he saw it. He saw that Smith and others had apologized, and he didn’t continue to embarrass them. He walked over to Ning Yuning and others with a smile and said, “The matter is solved, let’s go.”

Seeing Wayne Lin’s smile now like a spring breeze, they all felt a bit unreal. Wayne Lin was so domineering and arrogant just now, and now he has returned to his gentle and jade-like appearance, which is so handsome.

Ning Yuning nodded vigorously and said, “Well, let’s go!”

With that, they walked out of here together.

After they walked for half a minute, Smith and others dared to stand up. He gritted his teeth and said, “You can’t tell me anything about tonight, you know!”

What happened just now is a shame to Smith, and the dark history will be spread, and his reputation will be stinky.

Connor also walked out of the octagonal cage at this moment, his abdominal injury was too serious, it was really like being hit by a cannonball, and now it hurts to walk.

He also said coldly: “Smith is right. If we can’t tell the story just now, it will have a huge impact on our reputation.”

Everyone was silent.

After a while, a white man asked, “Connor, even you lost to him. Is Hua Guo Kung Fu really that powerful?”

His face was full of pain. This was a subversion of his three views. He had always thought that their country’s modern fighting was the most powerful, but Wayne Lin hit him in the face severely just now.

Others also asked questions one after another, very sad.

Connor said with a cold face, shaking his head and said, “The fart of Hua Guo Kung Fu! Hua Guo Kung Fu is a scam, not very powerful at all…”

After saying this, he realized something, and looked at the door direction carefully, a little bit embarrassed, for fear of being heard by Wayne Lin. Make sure that the door is closed and Wayne Lin won’t show up, only then did he show his arrogant expression again.

It’s just that this action of his was seen by others, and they didn’t believe his words anymore.

“I know what you are.” Connor snorted, not getting angry, and then said: “The Chinese man just used not Chinese Kungfu at all, but modern fighting. In fact, he is not an ordinary person, but Awakening That’s why the latter has such terrifying power.”


This word puzzled everyone, apparently none of them had heard of this concept.

Connor nodded and said, “Yes, the Chinese man just now is obviously a supernatural power! Originally, a superpower like him can’t attack ordinary people casually, but he still did this just now, which is a violation of the power. According to the rules of the Alliance, I will report to my boss and let my boss punish him!”

Chapter 384

On Wayne Lin’s side, they came out of the fight club and remained silent all the time. Wayne Lin didn’t speak, and they didn’t dare to speak. Several times when they reached their lips, they didn’t dare to speak.

Although Wayne Lin is very approachable now, they are still very afraid of Wayne Lin and dare not make mistakes. It is not that they are timid, but that the strength that Wayne Lin has just shown is too subversive and terrifying, just like Superman.

Finally, Wayne Lin broke the silence and said with a smile: “Why are you so afraid of me? Everyone dare not speak.”

Some embarrassment appeared on their faces.

In the end, Ning Yuning stood up first and said, “Randal, are you Superman?”

Wayne Lin was stunned for a moment, then laughed haha, and asked, “What do you think?”

Ning Yuning’s heartbeat speeded up immediately, and she watched foreign superhero movies like Superman, Captain America, Iron Man and the like. There is always an illusion in my heart, that is, in this world, is there really a superhero with a particularly strong personal ability? Today, Wayne Lin’s performance has somewhat met the requirements of a superhero.

“I think you must be!” Ning Yuning said seriously.

Her words caused Wayne Lin to be amused again. He shook his head and said: “You guessed it wrong, I am not a superman, I am an ordinary person, but my fighting ability is better than ordinary people.”

Ning Yuning obviously didn’t believe it, not just her, no one else would believe it.

It’s okay for Wayne Lin not to explain. With his explanation, Ning Yuning firmly believes that he is a superman, the kind of incognito, and invisibly likes Wayne Lin more.

After going downstairs, it rained unexpectedly. Wayne Lin didn’t drive. It’s not easy to take a taxi now. Suddenly Yu Qing suggested: “Randal, it’s raining heavily now. Why don’t you let Yu Ning take you back.”

Ning Yuning nodded when she heard the light in front of her eyes, “Yes, Randal Lin, let me take you back. My car is in the parking lot.”

Wayne Lin said weirdly: “You are a big star, so it’s not appropriate to send me specially.”

Ning Yuning shook her head and said, “There is nothing wrong with it. I usually drive home by myself. Actually, celebrities are just like ordinary people. Randal Lin, don’t think of me as delicate.”

Yu Qing also said: “Yes, Randal Lin, let Yu Ning take you home, it just happens to be convenient.”

Wayne Lin nodded in agreement when seeing them resolute and not hypocritical.

Ning Yuning didn’t lie, she could see that her driving skills were quite good, and she drove very steadily. During the period, Ning Yuning actively looked for topics and chatted with Wayne Lin.

“Randal, can you sign me?”

At the gate of Yulongwan Community, Ning Yuning suddenly said boldly.

“Sign?” Wayne Lin was a little surprised. He grew up so that he was asked to sign for the first time, and the other party was still a big star, which always felt strange.

Ning Yuning nodded vigorously and said, “Yes, I am Randal’s little fan from now on!”

Seeing Ning Yuning’s look of expectation, Wayne Lin couldn’t refuse her, nodded, smiled and said, “Okay, but I don’t have a pen with me…”

“I have!” Ning Yuning heard Wayne Lin’s promise, was particularly excited, cheered, and hurriedly leaned back in the back seat and took her bag.

She knelt on the seat cushion like this, forming a seductive arc. Wayne Lin’s face immediately blushed and her heartbeat accelerated a lot, so she quickly looked away.

You know, Ning Yuning is also a first-class beauty. She is so good that she is coveted. This action of kneeling on the knees, and in the narrow car space, is simply a tempting crime.


It just so happened that Wayne Lin was holding his stomach again, and now it was directly burning up.

As a result, his gaze has been steadily looking at Ning Yuning’s body.

“Strange, my pen is clearly in the bag, why is it missing?” Ning Yuning said anxiously, his body swooping backwards even more, and his thigh still touched Wayne Lin’s arm, it was terrible. !

It just so happened that Ning Yuning was wearing a hip skirt with black silk today, Wayne Lin was really going to have a nosebleed.

If he had known it earlier, he shouldn’t have agreed to let Ning Yuning send him back. Now it’s alright and embarrassing.

Wayne Lin couldn’t stand it anymore, his throat became dry, and he said, “It’s fine if you can’t find it. I’ll sign it for you next time I have a chance?”

Ning Yuning shook his head and said: “That’s not possible, Randal Lin, you always see the dragon without seeing the end. When I see you this time, I don’t know when I will see you next time. Now that I have a chance, I can’t give up.”

Wayne Lin laughed bitterly. You can’t give up, but you should also pay attention to your own image. You are almost gone now, you are a big star.

Finally, Ning Yuning cheered and said, “Great, I finally found it!”

She turned around quickly, because she was too anxious, causing her to bang, hit the headrest of the seat next to her, and let out a moan. Then her body became unbalanced and she went straight to Wayne Lin. Asked over there and fell over.

Wayne Lin was doing a avatar, and he didn’t react for a while, making Ning Yuning sit full!

The atmosphere suddenly became embarrassing.

I go, what’s the situation?

Well, how could Ning Yuning get on him, and his hand…

Time has stopped at this moment.

The two of them looked at each other, and Ning Yuning’s pretty face turned rosy at a speed visible to the naked eye, almost dripping blood!

Wayne Lin’s old face couldn’t help but flushed, it was really embarrassing.

Ning Yuning’s heart beat so fast that she was about to jump out, she actually sat on Randal Lin, and Randal Lin put her hand on her…

If other men ate her tofu like this, she would feel disgusted, and she would have slapped her in the face long ago!

But this person is Wayne Lin, instead of having the slightest disgust or disgust, she is very happy and feels particularly wonderful.

Now she looked at Wayne Lin who was close in front of her, and her breathing started to rush, completely instinctively, her lips slowly moved towards Wayne Lin’s mouth.

Wayne Lin’s heartbeat is also fast now. He is a man, not Liu Xiahui. It is impossible to say that there is no feeling in this situation.

Looking at such a beautiful face, he had watched it several times on TV, and it was difficult for him to remain indifferent.

Just when Ning Yuning’s lips were about to touch him, suddenly, his mobile phone rang, awakening him.

Quickly pushed Ning Yuning away and said, “Miss Ning, my house is here, thank you for sending me back.”

After speaking, Wayne Lin opened the car door directly and ran away in a hurry.

Ning Yuning was stunned. She looked at Wayne Lin’s disappearing figure, and it took a long time to come back to her senses. Then her face turned into an apple, and she cursed in shame: “Ning Yuning! What were you doing just now, it’s so shameless !”

After a while, she chuckled again, with a joyful and regretful expression on her face, “It’s a pity, I almost kissed Randal Lin! But it doesn’t matter, Randal Lin just ate tofu, he seemed to be right I am interesting…”

Chapter 385

Wayne Lin almost fled and left, looking particularly embarrassed.

What happened just now was really embarrassing for him. The worst thing is that if the phone didn’t ring in time, he would make a mistake.

Shouldn’t, shouldn’t…

By the way, phone.

He quickly took it out of his pocket to see that it was Alma Chu calling him, and he became even more panicked. He hurriedly looked around to see if Alma Chu was nearby, for fear that Alma Chu would have seen the scene just now.

Fortunately, there was no presence of Alma Chu nearby. He breathed a sigh of relief, and then called back. After a while, Alma Chu answered the phone, “Wayne, are you busy? Why haven’t you been home yet.”

Wayne Lin said, “The phone was muted just now, and I will be home immediately. Are you at home?”

Alma Chu said, “I’m at home. By the way, on your way back, buy a bottle of soy sauce and fuel consumption. Come back. The house has run out.”

“Ok, is there anything else?” Wayne Lin said with a sigh of relief.

“No, waiting for you to come back.” After a pause, Alma Chu said mysteriously, “My parents are back to Chu’s house tonight, and we are at home.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin immediately became excited. The meaning expressed by Alma Chu’s words was very obvious!

“Okay, I’ll be home right now, five minutes, no, two minutes!” After Wayne Lin hung up the phone, he smeared the soles of his feet.

After buying soy sauce, he appeared in the house in less than two minutes.

Alma Chu was watching TV applying a facial mask in the living room, and when she saw him coming back, her face was also happy.

Wayne Lin closed the door, put the soy sauce down, then came over and hugged Alma Chu, and walked upstairs.

“Hey, what are you doing, I haven’t finished watching TV yet!” Alma Chu punched Wayne Lin’s chest twice, and said shyly. She is no longer the simple girl she used to be, so she naturally knows that Wayne Lin is like this. What is anxious color for?

To be honest, she was also looking forward to it.

Wayne Lin said solemnly: “My wife, I am poisoned, and I need you to detoxify!”

“I hate…” Alma Chu’s face was red. Suddenly, she smelled Wayne Lin’s perfume from other women, her face stiffened and asked: “Wayne, who were you with just now? “

“Uh…” Wayne Lin realized that something was wrong, and he wished to slap himself, and stopped, “Well, I went to a dinner tonight, it’s like this…”

Wayne Lin quickly said what happened tonight, and then explained: “My wife, I assure you that Ning Yuning and I are innocent, and I have never done anything to be sorry for you!”

Alma Chu looked at him, “Really?”

Wayne Lin quickly said: “Of course it is true. If I don’t believe me, I swear, if I do something wrong with Alma Chu…”

He didn’t say anything, because Alma Chu had already blocked his mouth.

Lip points.

Alma Chu smiled and said, “Fool, what are you doing so nervously? I didn’t say that I didn’t believe you.”

Wayne Lin breathed a sigh of relief, Alma Chu’s appearance just now really scared him to death.

Now that Alma Chu’s kiss has lifted his fire again, he really has to get rid of it, or it will be suffocated.

When she arrived in the room, Alma Chu took off her facial mask, revealing her face that is full of beauty. Wayne Lin can also be regarded as meeting many beautiful women. But in his mind, Alma Chu thinks that the most beautiful is the attraction from the soul to him.

All the women in the world add up, and they are not as good as Alma Chu.

Alma Chu felt his deep love, and her heart was so touched that she was filled with it. She hugged Wayne Lin tightly, and said charmingly, “Wayne, marrying you is the biggest in my life. happy


After half an hour.

A violent storm suddenly stopped.

Alma Chu has no strength, lying down like a cat panting.

But Wayne Lin is still very energetic, with a wry smile on his face, Alma Chu still can’t do it.

Alma Chu had completely surrendered now. He could only take a cold shower and rely on physical means to reduce the fire.

“Wayne.” Alma Chu stopped him, and Wayne Lin turned back, “Huh?”

I saw Alma Chu sitting up, and said seriously: “I told you what I was saying from my heart, you should find two more outside, don’t hold back like this.”

Wayne Lin was stunned.

“Alma, don’t be kidding.”

“I’m not kidding, I’m serious…”

Wayne Lin waved her hand, motioning her to stop talking, turned around and went into the bathroom to wash in cold water.


Berry Chu and Candice Liu have both gone to the Chu family tonight, and now their status in the Chu family is only under the lord of the Chu family, the Chu family is all up and down, no one dares to push them out, and it is too late to flatter them.

Under the influence of Wayne Lin, the strength of the Chu family has increased a lot. Many people in the circle have to give them face and do things more conveniently.

Now when they mentioned Wayne Lin, they had to praise him for a long time, and they didn’t dare to say anything bad about Wayne Lin, for fear that someone would pass it on to Wayne Lin.

Even less dare to mention Wayne Lin’s previous wretched past.

Today, it was another family dinner held by the Chu family once a month. Wayne Lin was not present, but no one dared to blame Wayne Lin.

One by one also helped to speak nice things for Wayne Lin.

In the past, the family dinners of the Chu family were all in five-star hotels, and it was enough to book a box, but now, the Chu family is different and rich.

In order to show their Chu family’s financial resources, a banquet hall in a five-star hotel was directly covered!

I also invited a lot of relatives and friends, those far and near, all invited over for dinner. Originally, there were three tables at most for family gatherings. Now, I have just sat more than a dozen tables. The scene is quite big.

Among them, they took turns to toast Berry Chu and Candice Liu one by one, flattering and saying good things.

“Chu, you found a good son-in-law, we really envy you!”

“That’s not the case, the chairman of the dignified Ziqiong Media is actually President Chu’s son-in-law. President Chu is so amazing!”

“President Chu, this is a little gift I gave you. Please don’t dislike him and accept it.”

Many big bosses in the circle took the initiative to flatter Berry Chu, and others gave gifts.

Berry Chu was particularly happy and proud, and his face was always red.

Candice Liu didn’t accept the gift less, and the smile on his face never stopped.

If it were changed last year, they would not have thought of such a day when they were killed, and these were brought by Wayne Lin, and they were grateful to Wayne Lin from the bottom of their hearts.

Many Chu family members also looked at them enviously, especially jealous, but did not dare to show it. Who is the son-in-law of the family, the chairman of Ziqiong Media with a net worth of over 10 billion!

No matter when they think of it, they still feel very illusory. Wayne Lin used to be worthy of that, but now he has become a big man.

The banquet hall is very lively and the atmosphere is very lively.

At this moment, the door of the hall was suddenly kicked open. A dozen people walked in, and the one in the middle was Brian Gu’s junior sister. Gu Hanxing followed her.

“Wayne Lin, get out of me!”

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