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Chapter 76

Many accomplices in the crowd were also very scared.

The tomboy was also angry. She finally came out once, and was actually deceived by someone. This group of people is really daunting!

Four million is not much to her, it is just a pocket money, but once it is passed out, she will lose face. Thinking of this, she was very annoyed, “Okay, I dare to use fakes to lie to my aunt… Lie to me! I think you are tired of living!”

Then she asked two bodyguards to call the police and arrested the antique shop owner.

The antique shop owner turned around and ran when he saw something was wrong.

But his movements were as fast as the tomboy’s bodyguards, and he was caught within two steps.

On the other side, the middle-aged man who was supporting him also began to panic. Before everyone noticed him, he began to sneak into the crowd, taking advantage of the chaos.

“You only think about running now, is it too late?”

A voice rang from behind him, grabbed his clothes, and said with a smile.

The middle-aged man was caught and his face changed suddenly. He turned around and stared at Wayne Lin with an unhappy expression, “Hey, what are you doing with my clothes?!”

Wayne Lin said: “You pretended to look alike just now. Many people thought you were really a buyer. Why do you start to panic when you see your accomplice being arrested?”

His words made many people look over.

The tomboy was surprised: “You mean, he is also an antique shop owner’s gang?”

“Of course, it’s like a fake replacement.” Wayne Lin said jokingly.

Many people in the crowd began to talk, and began to point to the middle-aged man. At this point, as long as people with normal IQs have reacted, this guy is cheating, just to deceive the tomboy.

Seeing this, the middle-aged man finally couldn’t keep his composure. He panicked completely and slammed Wayne Lin with a punch, “I’m going to f*ck you!”

I have to say that the middle-aged man’s reaction was quite quick, and his punches also had some strength. If he was replaced by an ordinary person, he really couldn’t escape his punch.

It’s a pity that the person he met was Wayne Lin. This punch was like a child’s play. Wayne Lin easily got out of the way and kicked him on the opponent’s knee, kicking him to his knees. He grinned in pain and sweated again and again.

By now, the middle-aged man knew that he could not run away. He looked at Wayne Lin with a bitter expression on his face, “I remember you, the door-to-door son-in-law of the Chu family! You dare to ruin our good deeds. If you have passed you, wait to die!”

After speaking, he laughed loudly, not afraid at all.

Wayne Lin’s face was cold. In the past, he slapped him a few times and swollen his face. He saw the murderous in Wayne Lin’s eyes. He finally began to be afraid, so he didn’t dare to threaten hard, and hurriedly begged for mercy.

Wayne Lin called the police in advance, and soon there was a policeman.

After investigation, it turns out that these two men are wanted criminals and they have a criminal record. They have done similar fraud cases before, but they are very oily and have not caught anyone several times. I did not expect that they were planted in Wayne Lin this time. On hand.

Wayne Lin saw through a fraud case this time. He had credit. The police wanted to issue him a pennant and reporters wanted to interview him, but he refused. He didn’t want to be so high-profile.


When he was about to leave, someone behind him stopped him and turned back

At first glance, he found that it was Mr. Guo, the tomboy.

Wayne Lin had to stop, “Is there something wrong?”

The tomboy has a delicate face and white skin. It can be seen that she must be a big beauty in real body, so the woman disguised herself as a man and became a very handsome young man, much more handsome than the little meat in the entertainment industry.

She came over, and there was even a faint scent wafting from her body. Wayne Lin was very curious. Didn’t the other party look in the mirror before going out, wondering that she didn’t want a man at all?

“Thank you for the matter just now. If you didn’t remind me in time, I would have been deceived by them.” The tomboy was very sincere and expressed his gratitude from the heart.

Wayne Lin said: “It’s a trivial matter, and I just raise my hand.”

The tomboy said with some embarrassment: “Oh, blame me, I was so anxious, I didn’t realize that they were lying to me. By the way, are you an expert in calligraphy? How can you tell that it is a fake at a glance? I haven’t found it for a long time. .”

This is something that the tomboy has never thought about. She just heard everyone say that the other party is a door-to-door son-in-law, and his reputation is so bad that he can’t even find a job, but the performance of the other party today is totally inconsistent.

Especially Wayne Lin’s self-confidence in strategizing, not even many young people with successful careers.

Wayne Lin said: “I’m also a messenger, not a calligraphy expert.”

Seeing that Wayne Lin refused to say, the tomboy was a little unhappy, but he didn’t force it. After all, they were not familiar.

“Get to know, my name is Guo Junyi.” The tomboy stretched out his hand and said with a smile. In fact, her real name is Guo Junyi, and now she pretends to be a man with homophones. She is very proud, thinking that her plan is perfect.

As everyone knows, Wayne Lin has seen her through.

Facing such a beauty who is disguised as a man, Wayne Lin always feels so good about herself. After thinking about it, he shook hands with the other party and said, “Fortunately, my name is Wayne Lin.”

“Wayne Lin, a good name.” Guo Junyi deliberately said in a thick male voice: “Hey, Brother Lin, you haven’t eaten yet, it just happened that I didn’t have a meal, brother, why don’t you go for a meal together? Not beautiful? Hahaha…”

Wayne Lin is full of black lines, what kind of women are these, pretending to be a man or pretending to be addicted.

He shook his head and said, “No, I’m full…”

However, his stomach didn’t give him much face. Before he could finish speaking, he screamed. For a while, the atmosphere was a little embarrassing.

Guo Junyi smiled and punched his chest, and said unhappily, “Hey, Brother Lin, do you look down on me? Walk around, there is a Sichuan restaurant nearby. It’s delicious. It’s hard to realize today. Brother Lin, we must have a good meal!”

Wayne Lin said helplessly: “It’s really not necessary, I still want…”

“Oh, oh, don’t refuse, we are all men, we should be bold and generous, drink a big bowl, eat meat!” Guo Junyi became addicted to acting, she patted her chest, and said with great pride: “Otherwise, then with the ladies What’s the difference?”

Wayne Lin almost spit out old blood, eldest sister, don’t you have a b-number in your heart?

Guo Junyi didn’t give Wayne Lin the opportunity to refuse at all, and actually hooked Wayne Lin directly and pushed Wayne Lin away.

She was ten centimeters shorter than Wayne Lin. She almost hung her body on Wayne Lin, causing Wayne Lin to tighten her muscles instantly.

Chapter 77

An hour later, Wayne Lin returned to the 4s shop and breathed a sigh of relief, but he got rid of the guy who pretended to be a man.

Just now, Wayne Lin was very uncomfortable after eating. It was obvious that the other party was a woman, but she pretended to be a man. If she pretended to look like it, it would be fine, but it was not at all.

It’s fine to pretend not to look like, but the other party doesn’t know, because he pretends to be perfect, he has always been brothers with him, and occasionally slaps his shoulders with him, making Wayne Lin really speechless.

So after eating, he quickly rejected Guo Junyi’s invitation and returned to the 4s shop quickly, and waited for the car to be repaired slowly.

Guo Junyi looked at Wayne Lin’s disappearing back with a triumphant expression, “Hey, this Wayne Lin is really a fool, and I didn’t realize that I was a daughter.”

The two bodyguards next to her rolled their eyes when they heard, Miss, you are dressed as you are, and your chest is so bulging. People have seen you a long time ago. You didn’t know it.

But in this case, they dare not tell Guo Junyi, they know the temper of the eldest, so they won’t be boring.

Not long after, she returned to a luxurious and atmospheric manor, with a group of people standing at the door, looking worried and perturbed. After seeing her getting out of the car, she immediately relaxed.

“My eldest lady, where did you go? The master and madam are very worried about you!” A middle-aged butler walked up quickly and said anxiously.

Guo Junyi coughed twice, held up her waist, and said, “What is there to worry about, haven’t I already come back?”

The middle-aged butler said: “Miss, the master and madam also care about you. Besides, your status is honorable. If something happens, the servants of us will fall to the ground.”

“How can it be so exaggerated, and it wasn’t in ancient times, how can there be any head-to-head things.” Guo Junyi said impatiently: “Okay, okay, no need to say, I have returned.”

As Guo Junyi said, she strode into the manor, followed by dozens of servants behind her in a huge pomp.

When she entered the house, a few people were sitting in the living room, and they showed different expressions when they saw her come in.

Sitting on the main seat was a middle-aged man with a serious temperament and a national face. Between his eyebrows, he was somewhat similar to Guo Junyi. He said in a deep voice: “You crazy girl, dressed like a man again, what System!”

She is the father of Guo Junyi, Guo Yuanjia.

Sitting across from Guo Yuanjia, was a handsome and elegant young man with a very good temperament, and he knew that he came from a rich family. When he saw Guo Junyi, he was full of joy and admiration. For Guo Junyi’s men’s clothing, something strange flashed in his eyes.

Guo Junyi’s face was disapproving. When she saw this young man, she frowned slightly, as if she didn’t like him too much. She walked over and paid a perfunctory salute to Guo Yuanjia, “Daughter has seen Daddy.”

After speaking, she turned around to go upstairs, turning a blind eye to the youth who admired her.

The Guo family has strict rules, not only the subordinates have to greet their masters, but their children also greet their parents.

The same is true in front of outsiders.

“Come back, you haven’t greeted Young Master Huang yet.” Guo Yuanjia said in a majestic tone.

Guo Junyi rolled her eyes, her face full of dissatisfaction, turned around, and said weakly to Huang Wenhua: “Junyi has seen Young Master Huang.”

She didn’t even look at Huang Wenhua in her eyes. She wanted to be more perfunctory. Huang Wenhua was a little annoyed, and the expression on her face became a lot stiff, but she restrained herself and smiled gently, “Miss Guo don’t have to be polite, I…”

However, before he finished speaking, Guo Junyi turned around and left. Once again, Huang Wenhua’s expression was stiff.

Guo Yuanjia called her twice, but didn’t stop her. He said with some embarrassment: “Wenhua, Guo is not strict in discipline, and the girl is rude. You shouldn’t take it seriously.”

“No, no.” Huang Wenhua waved his hand quickly, and said with a smile: “Miss Guo has a straightforward personality and is very cute. However, Miss Guo’s dress just now was quite strange.”

Guo Yuanjia sighed and said helplessly: “The little girl is stubborn and often likes to go out and play in men’s clothing. I am a father

There was no way for her to make Wenhua laugh. “

Huang Wenhua said: “Oh? I can’t see that Miss Guo has such a preference? Interesting, really interesting, haha.”

After chatting for a while, Huang Wenhua suddenly said in a serious face: “Uncle, in fact, Wenhua has something to ask for when he comes here.”

Guo Yuanjia said sternly: “What’s the matter? As long as Guo can help, he will definitely not shirk.”

Huang Wenhua glanced in the direction where Guo Junyi was leaving, showing a shy smile, and said: “Wenhua fell in love with Miss Guo at first sight, tossing and turning, and awake at night, so Uncle Wenhua boldly promised Miss Guo to her!”


Recently, Sean Chu has been miserable. Because of the incident last time, he was not only demoted, but also deprived of power. Now he can be described as a bereaved dog.

Moreover, Jeff Han still owed millions of dollars, so he had to max out his credit card and borrowed all of his friends before reluctantly repaying the money.

Contrary to his misfortune, Alma Chu’s enthusiasm in the company became more and more impressive, not only took over his financial power, but also became a celebrity in the family!

This made him look very unwilling, very jealous.

For this reason, he dropped a lot of things at home to vent his inner resentment.

He hated Alma Chu, this stinky b*tch, who actually took his things away, making him so downhearted now.

He hated Wayne Lin even more. He knew Jeff Han, but he didn’t open his mouth to intercede for him that day, and forgave the debt behind him, leaving him with nothing now!

He swears that as long as he has a chance, he will definitely take revenge and take what should belong to him at once!

Finally, it really gave him an opportunity.

After a friend’s introduction, he realized a big man, a business tycoon, an angel investor, with a net worth of at least one billion. If he can get his investment, then the Chu family can immediately come back to life and be rejuvenated!

Now the Chu family has fallen into the last crisis. The break of the capital chain has caused some partners to intentionally terminate their cooperation. If they can’t spend the money to operate within a week, they will not only go bankrupt, but also Facing a large amount of liquidated damages, the loss is at least 50 million yuan!

So now the Chu family is very anxious, constantly thinking of ways, Alma Chu is also very anxious now.

She thought about going to Chairman Zi Qiong to see if she could get an investment.

But she was really not very embarrassed.

On this day, Sean Chu finally had the opportunity to have a meal with this big business man and talked about the financing of Chu Jiala.

“Mr. Huang! Our Chu family is also a large-scale company in Huarvell. We are experts in making lamps and have advanced and unique technology. If you invest in us, you are guaranteed not to lose money!” After giving out the information, handing it respectfully to the young man in front of him, he continued: “Mr. Huang, this is us…”

“Okay.” Mr. Huang wiped his mouth, raised Erlang’s legs, picked up the cigar on the table, and dipped it on his mouth. Sean Chu immediately lit him, “I can invest in your Shengke Co., Ltd. 100 million, but I want 51% of your shares.”

Sean Chu’s expression froze and said, “Mr. Huang, Centec is the company of our Chu family after all. You will take 51% of the shares for 100 million, which is a bit too much. I’m afraid my grandfather won’t agree.”

“Haha, your company is now high in debt, and the capital chain is broken again. If you can’t produce more than 10 million turnover within a week, you must file for bankruptcy? When the time comes, the Centec company will be gone. What does it have to do with the Chu family? What?” Mr. Huang said disdainfully.

Sean Chu’s expression was stiff, not knowing what to say.

At this time, President Huang looked at the phone with a meaningful smile, and showed it to Sean Chu, “Is this woman in the picture your sister?”

Sean Chu was taken aback, isn’t this Alma Chu?

“Mr. Huang, what do you mean?”

“Let her come over and talk to me, I can only have 40% of the shares.” Mr. Huang narrowed his eyes, revealing a look that a man only understands.

Chapter 78

As a man, Sean Chu didn’t understand what Huang meant. This was for Alma Chu to accompany Huang to sleep!

If it were before the change, Sean Chu could agree without hesitation, but now, he hesitated a little, not because he refused, but because he couldn’t be the master of this matter.

Now Alma Chu’s identity in the Chu family is different. If she refuses to come, even Thompson Chu might not be able to force her.

The most important thing is that he is a little jealous of Wayne Lin now. This guy seems to have been out of shit recently. Not only did he save Hanson Lin’s life, he actually realized Jeff Han.

Jeff Han, that is a ruthless man in Hwadrid, ordinary people dare not provoke him.

Of course, the most important thing is the credit. Huang always wins over him. If Alma Chu negotiates the final business, wouldn’t the credit be taken away by Alma Chu?

“Why? Embarrassed?” Mr. Huang frowned and said with some discomfort.

Sean Chu hurriedly said: “No, no, of course it didn’t mean it, but I couldn’t help it. Although Alma Chu is my cousin, she has a proud personality, and I can’t order her to come over. She is married, and his husband knows Jeff Han.”

“Jeff Han?” When Mr. Huang heard the name, he showed a disdainful smile and said: “What about Jeff Han? It’s just a foolish man. In front of me, he is not even a fart!”

President Huang was very domineering and didn’t pay attention to Jeff Han.

Sean Chu breathed a sigh of relief, as long as he didn’t fear Jeff Han, it would be fine.

Mr. Huang continued: “This is an opportunity for your Chu family. Think about it yourself.”

Sean Chu hesitated and said, “Mr. Huang, if I call Alma Chu, wouldn’t it be Alma Chu’s credit? Don’t be afraid to tell you that the relationship between me and Alma Chu is not good. The situation was caused by her alone!”

Mr. Huang laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I just want Alma Chu to accompany me to sing and sing, drink and drink, and then I will finance your Chu family. It should be your credit.”

“Then thank you Mr. Huang!” Sean Chu was overjoyed in an instant.


The next day, Sean Chuxiong walked back to Centec with great enthusiasm.

Walked towards the meeting room in strides.

The current situation of the Chu family is getting more and more serious. Just yesterday, two partners came to the company to collect debts. If it weren’t for Thompson Chu to have some face in this business, he would have been taken to court.

However, no matter how great the face is, when interests are involved, it still seems very weak. The two partners finally gave three days. If the Chu family can’t settle the millions of balances in these three days, they just go straight. See you in court.

In this regard, the Chu family was very anxious and held meetings every day to find solutions.

Now in the conference room, another layer of haze is enveloped, and everyone’s faces are very ugly.

Thompson Chu sat on the main seat with a heavy face.

“Now that the company’s capital chain is broken again, do you have any good suggestions to help the Chu family survive this crisis?” Thompson Chu said.

Faced with his words, no one answered, everyone bowed their heads, they were already exhausted.

“Alma Chu, what can you do?” Thompson Chu looked at Alma Chu with some hope.

Alma Chu raised her head, shook her head and said, “Grandpa, I can’t get so much money now.”

At this time, someone said, “Or, let’s try again with President Wang. Maybe, President Wang is still willing to lend me money.”

After he finished speaking, he gave Alma Chu a light glance.

The other people in the meeting room also raised a little hope and looked at Alma Chu.

Yes, the last 20 million was borrowed by Alma Chu. If Alma Chu is willing to sacrifice again, there may be a turning point.

However, Thompson Chu shook his head and said: “It’s useless, I have asked Mr. Wang, he will not be willing to borrow money this time. Moreover, he also urged us, if we can’t pay 20 million after three years, It is to bear legal responsibility!”

“Didn’t you write the IOU?” Someone mumbled softly.

No one, but Chu Huayou.

Thompson Chu immediately stared at him, and Chu Huayou’s neck shrank and his conscience became guilty.

Alma Chu was also very cold when she saw this scene.

“Idiot, even if not

Write an IOU, can you rely on twenty million? Alma borrowed money from Chairman Zi Qiong. Chairman Zi Qiong has a profound background and strong strength, which is far from what our Chu family can resist. When the time comes, even if you borrow usury, you will have to pay back 20 million! “

After a pause, Thompson Chu said to Alma Chu again: “Alma Chu, you don’t have a little friendship with Chairman Zi Qiong, you see if you can come and look for him again. If we don’t borrow money from him this time, we will get him How about coming in to raise money?”

Alma Chu thought for a while, and said with a wry smile: “Grandpa, in fact, Chairman Zi Qiong and I are not familiar with each other. If I go to him, he will probably not agree.”

In fact, Alma Chu went to Zi Qiong to find Chairman Zi Qiong yesterday, but unfortunately she didn’t even have the qualification to see Zi Qiong as chairman. She waited for several hours at Zi Qiong Company yesterday, but she didn’t see it. people.

In the end she saw Damon Wang, but Damon Wang told her clearly that it was impossible for Chairman Zi Qiong to invest in the Chu family, so she had to leave disappointed.

Hearing what Alma Chu said, everyone was silent again, and fell into the silence just now.

At this moment, a loud voice came from the door: “Master Chu, you have been proposed to the board of directors. Now that the directors are all meeting inside, you are not eligible to go in…”

“Go away! I come back this time to save the Chu family!”

When the voice fell, the door of the conference room was pushed open vigorously, and Sean Chu strode in, with a triumphant smile on his face, and his whole body was very energetic.

“Sean Chu! You have been kicked out of the board of directors, what do you do when you run in, get out of me!”

“Yeah, the Chu family was dragged down by you, do you have the face to come in?”

“Come here, kick him out of me!”

Many people glared at Sean Chu and cursed angrily.

With the 20 million of Chairman Zi Qiong, the Chu family had already survived, but because of Sean Chu, a selfish beast, he lost more than 10 million in a bet, leaving the Chu family in trouble again! Many Chu Clan hated him to death. If it weren’t for Thompson Chu’s protection, it is estimated that many people would beat him. Now that he dared to come back, with such an arrogant posture, he was immediately angry.

Alma Chu also looked at him angrily.

Thompson Chu said solemnly: “Sean Chu, do you dare to come back?”

Sean Chu swept away his previous decadence. After he walked in carelessly, he took a chair and sat down directly next to Alma Chu. He also squeezed Alma Chu twice and squeezed Alma Chu aside, “Let let, let let. Do you understand?”

“Sean Chu, do you still have the face to come back?” Alma Chu said with a cold face.

“Haha, of course I have the face to come back!” Sean Chu swept everyone, and said disdainfully: “Look at you, it’s only over ten million, so it embarrassed you like this? Really weak.”

His remarks provoked another burst of angry abuse.

“You don’t need to look at me like this. I came back this time to save the Chu family.” Sean Chu said loudly, and he stretched out a finger, “I, Sean Chu, have brought a 100 million investment!”




His words stirred up waves with one stone.

Alma Chu was also stunned. She didn’t expect that Sean Chu’s kind of straw bag could attract so much investment?

You know, their Chu family’s Centec company is worth tens of millions.

“Sean Chu, can you tell me what’s going on? Where did you get a 100 million yuan investment? Isn’t it a lie to us?”

Thompson Chu was also excited, and he quickly said, “Don’t sell it, talk about who wants to invest 100 million in us?”

Sean Chu enjoyed this feeling very much. He said things slowly, and seeing everyone cheered up, he said triumphantly: “So you guys are too bad. It’s been so long, and even an investor can’t talk about it. You look at me, it took less than a week to get such a big investment, you still want to put me on the board of directors? Haha.”

Everyone was embarrassed by what he said, but it was not easy to refute.

After showing off enough, Sean Chu began to say: “I am an investor, he likes drinking tea, so he specifically requested that when signing the contract, Alma Chu should come with me to his office and make him tea.”

Sean Chu changed a euphemism, but everyone was an adult and immediately understood Sean Chu’s overtones.

After Alma Chu listened, her face immediately sank and said, “Impossible!”

Chapter 79

Alma Chu was already cold enough in the last Chu family crisis, and now she wants her to do it again, it is absolutely impossible for her to agree!

She still remembers that she sacrificed herself and borrowed 20 million from Chairman Zi Qiong. As a result, people in the Chu family didn’t believe her, and on the other hand, she lost the face of the Chu family and excluded her.

Now that the Chu family is suffering again, it is impossible for her to do it again.

Besides, what do these people think of her?

She is a serious person, a married woman, not a prostitute!

Sean Chu had expected that Alma Chu would say this a long time ago. He sneered and said, “Alma Chu, what is your attitude? Just asking you to accompany me to sign a contract. Your reaction is so big, you are still not from the Chu family. Up?”

Alma Chu stared at him coldly, “Sean Chu, don’t give me this one! I have sacrificed once for the Chu family in the matter of the last time. As a result, I borrowed the money back. Believe me, I also said that I corrupted the style of the Chu family! If this time, it wasn’t your Sean Chu who lost more than 10 million in gambling, would the Chu family fall into this predicament!”

Sean Chu was a little annoyed by what was said, he wanted to refute, but for a while he couldn’t think of how to refute.

At this time, Thompson Chu said: “Well, you don’t have to fight. Sean Chu, what is your investor’s name? Why did he call Alma Chu to make tea for him?”

“Grandpa, the investor whose surname I was attracted to is Huang, who is a well-known investment genius Huang Wenhua. He is now worth more than one billion yuan, and he has earned it back from his own ability! And the most important thing is that Huang Wenhua is behind Huang Wenhua. Home, with Huang Wenhua’s investment, our Chu family’s business will definitely expand! At that time, the market that we will face will not only be offline, but also online! This is a business that makes a profit without losing money, you think Think, people invest 100 million, as long as our 40% of the shares, if he doesn’t invest, our Chu family will be gone,” Sean Chu said loudly.

When everyone heard him say this, their hearts were moved.

Yes, now the Chu Family is already at sunset. If no one invests, it will really be over.

Now people take one hundred million, only 40% of the shares, which is very cost-effective.

Thompson Chu was also moved.

Alma Chu said, “I’m not the only woman in the Chu family. Juana Chu and Latoya Chu can also make tea.”

“That’s different. Huang Wenhua called you to make tea.” Sean Chu said, “Besides, it’s just making tea in the past. It’s not for you to do anything. What are you so afraid of?”

“I can’t go anyway!” Alma Chu said coldly, too lazy to play some word games with Sean Chu.

“You!” Sean Chu suddenly became angry, and he snorted heavily, “Okay, then you just watch the Chu family go bankrupt! But don’t blame me for not reminding that your dad is a legal person of our company. It’s not money, it’s a commercial fraud. Your dad is going to jail.”

When Sean Chu thought of this, he was not anxious at all, and sneered.

Alma Chu’s expression changed, but she immediately sneered: “Sean Chu, you want to scare me? The company’s legal person is your father, not my father. By then, will it be your father who will be in jail?”

“Hehehe, then wait.” Sean Chu leaned on the chair and put his feet on the table, calmly.

Seeing his determined look, Alma Chu was a little panicked. She looked at Thompson Chu, “Grandpa, is it true that he said it?”


nbThompson Chu was silent for a few seconds, and then slowly nodded to admit it.

In an instant, Alma Chu panicked. She gritted her teeth, took out her phone, and called Berry Chu, “Hey, Dad, it’s me, are you a company legal person now… Ah, isn’t the company legal person an uncle? How… OK , I see, it’s okay.”

After hanging up, Alma Chu’s breathing was short, she was very angry and felt very cold.

The legal person of Centec Corporation has really become his father, Berry Chu, and it was only changed a few days ago. Just because he ate a meal of Chu Huayou and got drunk, he agreed on the spot.

It can be said that this is definitely a conspiracy!

Alma Chu is not stupid. She is a smart person. She quickly thought that it must be that Chu Huayou is now having difficulties seeing the company and can’t afford the money and risking going to jail, so he transferred the legal person status to Berry Chu.

That’s his own brother, who does this way!

For a while, Alma Chu felt very angry, but more cold-hearted.

There really isn’t any warmth from relatives in the family.

“How is it? I didn’t lie to you.” Sean Chu smiled very proudly, a little gloating.

Now he saw Alma Chu’s expression, and he was very sad.

Alma Chu was silent.

Sean Chu continued: “Now is the time when the Chu family is critically dying. I admit that I was wrong when I secretly removed the company 10 million last time! But I have reformed. During this time, I ran around just to increase investment. , I stay up all night and drink all the time, and my body is broken. I want to make up for the damage caused to the family. Fortunately, I found it. Huang Wenhua is currently the most suitable investor for us. If we can get his investment, the Chu family will definitely It will flourish!”

Everyone was moved by Sean Chu, including Thompson Chu, and his eyes were full of appreciation and kindness.

After a pause, Sean Chu said again: “Now I have finally won this opportunity. With a 100 million investment, the value of our company is only tens of millions. People only get 40% of the shares. This is a good thing. Where can I find it? Now, you only need Alma Chu to sign the contract with me, and you can get this 100 million. Life and death, Alma Chu, are you so cold-blooded?”

Sean Chu squeezed out two tears pretendingly.

Suddenly, Alma Chu became the sinner of the family.

The others in the conference room began to persuade Alma Chu.

“Yes, Alma, even if Sean Chu made a mistake before, but he has changed his mind now, you have to forgive him.”

“Alma Chu, now the hope of the family rests on you. It’s just to make tea for Huang Wenhua. It’s not something to do. You wouldn’t refuse to agree to it, right?”

“No, Alma is not such a cold-blooded person!”

They babbled, making Alma Chu feel even colder.

At this time, she really felt lonely and helpless, and wanted to cry.

In her mind, she could not help but think of a person, that clown mask, if he was there, maybe she didn’t have to work so hard, right?

Seeing that she still refused to agree, Thompson Chu sighed and said, “Alma, just beg you as a grandfather, this time you will accompany Sean Chu to see Huang Wenhua? Okay?”

Facing the request of so many people, Alma Chu exhausted her strength and nodded slowly.

Chapter 80

“Alma, it’s off work.”

After Wayne Lin repaired the car, he drove over to pick Alma Chu from get off work.

Facing his call, Alma Chu didn’t hear her, and she continued to walk forward, looking absent-minded.

There happened to be a small pit in front of her, and Alma Chu stepped on it, accidentally staggered, and bumped into a woman with heavy make-up in front. She happened to be putting on lipstick when she was hit like this, and the lipstick was applied to her face.

The woman suddenly flew into a rage and yelled: “You are blind, you don’t have eyes!”

Alma Chu, who was wandering, was awakened instantly and saw that she was in trouble. She hurriedly apologized: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just thought about things, didn’t pay attention to the way, and accidentally hit you.”

“Is it useful to apologize? You ruined my makeup. This lady is going to talk about big business soon!” The other woman akimbo, with a mean and acrid face, yelling at Alma Chu’s nose, saliva and saliva. Flying around, you can see that it is the kind of uncultivated Taimei, “I tell you, hurry up and lose money, otherwise this lady can’t spare you!”

Alma Chu frowned. She was a little regretful. Why did she lose her mind when she was walking just now. Now that the trouble has caused her, her mood has become even more irritable, especially the crowd watching, making her feel embarrassed. She was a thin-skinned person, and she especially didn’t like being watched by people, so she had to say: “I was wrong for ruining your makeup. How much do you want?”

Some surprises flashed in the woman’s eyes, and she stretched out a finger, “This count.”

“One thousand yuan?” Alma Chu frowned slightly. The other party yelled a bit too much, but just slapped her lightly and scratched the lipstick on her face. Just wipe it off with paper. The extent of ruining makeup. Besides, depending on the temperament and dress of the other party, most of them work at night, and it is impossible to talk about big business. However, it was indeed wrong to her, and Alma Chu was not an unreasonable person, so she took out her money and disappeared. She took out her mobile phone from her bag and said, “I don’t have so much cash on me. Alipay will scan it for you. .”

However, the other party said disdainfully: “One thousand yuan? You should send a beggar! This lady said one hundred thousand yuan!”

“Hundred thousand!?” Alma Chu suddenly yelled out loudly, this is completely the lion’s mouth, no! This is no longer the lion’s big mouth, but blackmail.

Many people around also exclaimed, 100,000 yuan, this is too cruel.

“Yes, one hundred thousand yuan, if you give a penny less, I won’t let you go around.” The woman with heavy makeup said threateningly.

Alma Chu gritted her teeth and said: “You just put on a little lipstick on your face, just wipe off the paper towels, you are talking about one hundred thousand yuan, you are extorting!”

The face of the woman with heavy makeup became gloomy, “Blackmail? You are very arrogant, b*tch! You really don’t put my thirteenth sister in your eyes, right? You obviously hit me first and caused me to lose my big business. Now I only want you one hundred thousand yuan, do you still have the face to say that I am extortion? It seems that I won’t teach you a lesson, don’t you know how powerful my thirteen sisters are!”

She walked over with a grinning face, raised her hand and slapped Alma Chu on the face, very arrogant.

Alma Chu has been a good girl since she was a child. She has never fought before, even the number of quarrels is very pitiful. Faced with this situation, she immediately paled with fright. She didn’t even know how to dodge, and she watched her slap in the face. She called.

At this moment, a big hand appeared suddenly and accurately grasped the hand of the woman with heavy makeup, “You are so brave, how dare you beat people in the street?”

It was Wayne Lin, he walked out of the crowd and saw

The other party actually wanted to beat Alma Chu, and immediately aroused a wave of anger.

Alma Chu thought that she must have been slapped in the face, but now she saw Wayne Lin unexpectedly appear to rescue her, her eyes were a little dazed for a while.

The woman with heavy makeup was stopped by Wayne Lin, her face suddenly changed, “Where is the little crippled man, dare to stop me? Are you looking for death?”

As she said, she raised her leg and kicked Wayne Lin’s lower body viciously, to destroy Wayne Lin directly. She reacted very quickly, and she was stronger than ordinary women. It was obvious that she was the one who often fought. If Wayne Lin hadn’t come to pick up Alma Chu in advance, she would definitely suffer a lot from relying on Alma Chu.

Wayne Lin snorted coldly and blocked it with his knees in advance. With a slam, the other party kicked Wayne Lin’s knee hard, and immediately called out in pain, “Oh, my goodness, this lady will die. Oh! How dare you beat Miss Ben, wait for you to die!”

She just hit Wayne Lin’s knee with her calf, and the pain caused her tears to come out. Her eyes were full of anger and staring at Wayne Lin and Alma Chu fiercely, and immediately took out the phone and dialed out: “Hey, brother, you hurry up Come on, I was beaten…”

Putting down the phone, she stared at Alma Chu and Wayne Lin ferociously, “You two cheap maids, wait for this young lady. My man is coming over soon. If you don’t get half of your body, I won’t be surnamed Chen!”

Alma Chu was frightened, and she quickly grabbed Wayne Lin and said, “Oops, we have caused trouble, let’s run away!”

“It’s okay, I’m here, it’s okay.” Wayne Lin patted Alma Chu’s hand and said.

At this moment, a person came out from the crowd, it was Candice Liu. She saw Wayne Lin and Alma Chu, frowning and said, “What are you two doing here, playing monkeys? Wayne Lin, didn’t you go to repair the car? Is your car repaired?”

“Mom, the car is repaired, it’s there,” Wayne Lin said, pointing to a car on the side of the road.

“Then go, what are you doing here? Why are so many people watching? What happened?” Candice Liu asked curiously. She had just left the company and didn’t see what happened.

Alma Chu gritted her teeth and was about to speak, when a voice came from the crowd, “I remember, isn’t this Alma Chu from the Chu family? That man is the son-in-law of the Chu family.”

This suddenly aroused many people’s surprise, and they all began to talk.

Speaking of it, the Chu family is not a powerful family, let alone compared with giants like the Lin family, it is far inferior to the Huang family and the Guo family.

But the reputation of the Chu family is not small at all, mainly because of Alma Chu and Wayne Lin.

Because Alma Chu is a well-known beauty, she started high school, and after a young girl had grown up, she was surrounded by suitors, many of whom were children of wealthy families. Everyone thought that Alma Chu would definitely marry a wealthy family, but in the end, Alma Chu did not marry, but instead recruited a poor boy from the countryside. It was still very useless and very useless.

It immediately became popular at the time, causing many people to hear about it even if they had not seen the two of them.

“I’ll just say, why do you look so familiar? It turns out that it’s Alma Chu and her trash son-in-law, hahaha, I’ll watch it now!”

“I just listened to it. The other party is called Sister Thirteen, which seems to have a background!”

“That’s not it, it seems to be Liang Zhentian’s woman!”

“What? Liang Zhentian, isn’t that big brother! It’s over, now Alma Chu has gotten into trouble…”

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