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Chapter 521

Zhao Xia felt Wayne Lin’s aura, his face changed, and he suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart. Could it be that he underestimated Wayne Lin? This time he has been entrusted, and he is not Wayne Lin’s opponent?

Fortunately, this idea only appeared in his mind for a moment, and he immediately threw it away. As the super strong person in the third stage of the innate realm, he is still the instructor of the Fang team, and his psychological quality is extremely strong. , Naturally will not be intimidated by Wayne Lin.

Almost immediately, his fighting spirit reunited and collided with Wayne Lin.

Fighting on the sea is the first time for Wayne Lin and Zhao Xia, and this is also the first time they can fully demonstrate their strength as masters of the innate realm. Under the innate realm, let alone fighting on the sea. , Even if you stand, you can’t stand firm!

Therefore, on the cruise ship, thousands of people stared with their eyes wide open, for fear of missing a bit of the picture. This was an unprecedented experience for them. Before that, they had not even thought that there were people who could fight on the sea. , This is too subversive!


When they collided, with them as the center, it was like the explosion of a powerful tnt explosive, which exploded a large piece of sea water, soaring into the sky, and even better, it also blew onto the deck with the sea breeze.

“Hi…Is this the strength of the Innate Realm?”

“This is too terrifying! Why are there such powerful people in the world? Ordinary people feel strenuous to swim tens of meters in the sea, but they can fight on the sea and make such a big movement…”

“Terror! It’s terrible!”

“I can understand why in today’s society, the position of masters of the innate realm is so noble. In a sense, the innate realm is no longer human, but half immortal!”

“Compared with the Innate Realm, what’s the point of the money I earned?”

Many people watched this scene, and their hearts were shocked, and they couldn’t wipe it off.

Even Yang Lie’s eyes burst out with a terrifying light now, and he made no secret of his admiration for Wayne Lin and Zhao Xia. Don’t look at him as the head of the Yang family, a high-ranking and powerful person, but he really didn’t live as well. The natural state of freedom, especially the body part, is even more incomparable. Now that he is fifty years old, he has clearly felt that his physical functions have declined a lot.

If he was allowed to choose, he would really choose to be a master of the innate realm instead of the Patriarch of the Yang family.

Wayne Lin and Zhao Xia’s collision immediately felt that Zhao Xia’s level was at the third stage of the Innate Realm, and was at the same level as before he broke through the fourth stage.

And now that he has successfully broken through to the fourth stage, Zhao Xia can’t be his opponent at all.

He was full of pride, and the collision of the punch just now caused the two of them to retreat violently. They opened a distance of more than 20 meters, and their waist was submerged in the sea, but Wayne Lin’s momentum did not diminish in any way. , But getting higher and higher, he roared happily and continued to rush towards Zhao Xia.

This time he didn’t cause much movement, but the whole person floated on the sea without gravity, at extremely fast speed, stepped on the water, and drew a straight line. When he arrived in front of Zhao Xia, the sea on both sides began to appear.


Wayne Lin didn’t have any bells and whistles, when he arrived in front of Zhao Xia, he punched directly.

On this lake, the moves didn’t have much effect, the competition was just the power gap between the two sides, head-to-head style of play.

In terms of strength, Wayne Lin has not been afraid of anyone yet.

Even Zhao Xia, who was two meters tall, was not in his eyes!

Zhao Xia felt the power of Wayne Lin’s punch, his pupils suddenly contracted, his scalp became numb, and he took a deep breath. He knew that at this moment, there was no way out. The only way was to attack and head-on.

And he is famous for being tough and powerful. He doesn’t think that a man like Wayne Lin, who is just over one meter and eight, can match him in strength.

Boom boom boom boom!

Wayne Lin kept punching. In less than a minute, he punched more than 500 punches. On average, he punched ten punches in one second, which is almost the limit. The most terrifying thing is that every punch he hits is powerful and can be called a cannonball.

Zhao Xia actually came all next. They fought all the way, not in a fixed area, but constantly rushing, you chased me, they were all left behind within a radius of five kilometers, and even the cruise ship could not catch them. , They can only be traced through the spotlights on the cruise ship.

This battle was fought in dimly lit weather, the sea was tumbling, and there were many dead fish on the surface.

Wayne Lin became more vigorous as he hits, and the more he hits, the happier he is. It has been a long time since he was so refreshing.

In this battle, he entered a wonderful state, as if there was nothing left between heaven and earth, only Zhao Xia was left, and Zhao Xia was not like Zhao Xia, but his own appearance. In his mind, he was no longer fighting Zhao Xia, but he was fighting himself!

Contrary to Wayne Lin’s growing excitement, Zhao Xia became more frightened as he fought, and frightened as he fought!

Now he knows thoroughly, Wayne Lin is not a mediocre person, on the contrary, Wayne Lin is an absolute strong, and his strength is above him!

Just now, he had used twelve points of strength to fight Wayne Lin. He tried to gain the upper hand several times, but failed. Wayne Lin’s strength far exceeded his imagination!

Moreover, Wayne Lin’s physical strength is constantly flowing, and it seems that he will never be exhausted. He has only resistance and no ability to fight back. At this moment, he received more than five hundred punches from Wayne Lin, not only his arms were numb, and it was difficult to lift them. Get up, even his body bones are shaken uncomfortably!

Wayne Lin’s strength was so great that every punch he struck made him extremely uncomfortable.

Now he has a hard time talking, and even regrets it. He is so good, why bother to provoke Wayne Lin.

He now understands why Sun Liang lowered his posture to invite Wayne Lin to join the three places of Xuanyuan. Wayne Lin’s feelings is a pervert!

The fame of the No. 1 master in Province G is indeed not an understatement.

“Have fun! Hahahaha…”

Wayne Lin looked up to the sky and roared, and after laughing, he attacked Zhao Xia again, faster and with greater force.

Zhao Xia was horrified to discover that Wayne Lin had grown a lot in the battle. Now Wayne Lin is on the sea, becoming more and more proficient and more relaxed. On the contrary, he is getting more and more overwhelmed. It was the thigh that was plunged into the sea.

And his physical strength began to weaken, breathing a lot.

If this continues, he will be beaten to death by Wayne Lin sooner or later!

“Wayne Lin, stop it, I admit you…”

Zhao Xia made peace and became soft, but Wayne Lin was now on the rise, and he was not given this opportunity. He kicked out and kicked directly to Zhao Xia’s waist. Zhao Xia’s expression was severely painful, and he crashed into the sea heavily. Spit out a mouthful of blood.

Chapter 522

The blood was immediately diluted in the sea. The blood of the masters of the Innate Realm was much stronger than that of ordinary people. The blood that Zhao Xia vomited, the bloody smell was comparable to half of the blood of an ordinary person. The smell of blood in the sea is easy to provoke sharks.

Wayne Lin’s kick was not light, Zhao Xia’s huge body smashed into the sea like a cannonball, exploding a large area of ​​sea water, this powerful collision force hit his internal organs hard.

The resistance of water is very high. At such a high speed, Zhao Xia is no different from crashing on the ground. You must know that rifle bullets can only hit a distance of one meter under water and lose their lethality.

Fortunately, they are now two kilometers away from the cruise ship, except for the other four innate realm masters with excellent eyesight, no one else saw this scene.

For those four innate realm masters, there was already a huge wave in their hearts! They saw the whole process. Zhao Xia was not Wayne Lin’s opponent at all. Under Wayne Lin’s hands, there was no room for resistance. At the last moment, Zhao Xia was seriously injured! Besides, Wayne Lin was completely unscathed except that his body was soaked.

Wayne Lin was happy.

Zhao Xia is a good opponent. Although his strength is below him, he wins in his rough skin and strong fighting ability. After receiving more than 500 punches from him, he did not lose his combat effectiveness. It was only when he finally suffered a kick. Lost.

Of course, this was also because he didn’t use all his strength at the beginning, otherwise Zhao Xia would not be able to hold on for that long.

Fighting at sea has brought Wayne Lin a brand new experience, allowing him to master his own power to a higher degree!

Wayne Lin did not take advantage of the victory, he and Zhao Xia had no unsolvable grievances, just click and stop.

Zhao Xia lay on the sea, gasping for breath, the expression on his face could not be suppressed in pain, now he was completely convinced of Wayne Lin, and at the same time he couldn’t help being in awe! He really couldn’t understand why Wayne Lin was so young and had such a perverted cultivation base. This was completely unscientific, but the fact was before him, and he had to believe it.

Standing on the surface of the sea, Wayne Lin looked at Zhao Xia condescendingly, and said, “Why, I’m not convinced?”

Where can Zhao Xia dare to say no words, he nodded quickly, and said weakly, “I’m convinced.”

He also gave Wayne Lin a thumbs up.

Wayne Lin showed a smile on his face, and he was very happy to be able to convince Zhao Xia. Zhao Xia himself was a member of Xuanyuan Third Place, and he made a lot of military exploits for the country. For this national hero , He really can’t hate it.

So he took the initiative to extend his hand to Zhao Xia and said, “Then go back.”

When Zhao Xia faced Wayne Lin’s kindness, he was immediately stunned. He didn’t expect Wayne Lin to defeat him. Instead of taunting him, he also offered a helping hand.

For a while, his mood was quite complicated, and he admired Wayne Lin even more. Wayne Lin surpassed him in realm.

As soon as he stood up, Wayne Lin frowned suddenly and said in a deep voice: “No, there are sharks here!”

Zhao Xia was stunned for a moment when he heard this. Then he followed Wayne Lin’s gaze and saw a group of sharks swimming quickly not far away. Obviously, it was the blood he vomited just now. The shark was attracted.

In the sea, even if their strength is terrifying, they are only mortals after all, and there is no way to compete with ocean overlords like sharks, especially there are many sharks!

Wayne Lin also realized the danger, he said decisively, “Hurry back to the cruise ship!”

Zhao Xia nodded vigorously, and without a word, he ran.

It’s a pity that Wayne Lin, who he suffered just now, had too heavy a kick. As soon as he applied his force, his whole body was in severe pain and his speed slowed down.

Wayne Lin noticed his situation. It’s no way to continue like this. He immediately backed away, pushing Zhao Xia’s waist behind, and running faster. Under his lead, Zhao Xia suddenly became more relaxed. After a while, he returned. Arrived next to the cruise ship.

“Instructor Zhao, you go up first!” Wayne Lin said in a deep voice, then forcefully threw Zhao Xia up.

Zhao Xia was stunned again. He didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would even let him go up first. You must know that these sharks have already arrived. If they stay for a while, they are facing infinite danger!

“Instructor Lin, then you…”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I’ll be here for a while with these sharks.”

Zhao Xia was even more dazed, what the hell, just now, in the battle, Wayne Lin had consumed so much physical strength, he would still have to be a shark for a while? He knows that Wayne Lin is very strong, but this is a shark, or in the sea, can Wayne Lin handle it?

But Wayne Lin no longer gave him a chance to speak, so he threw him up as soon as possible.

This situation stunned the other people on the cruise ship. They didn’t see clearly who Zhao Xia and Wayne Lin won.

When Zhao Xia came on the cruise ship, everyone’s eyes were on him, Zhao Xia didn’t.

I paid attention to them, but immediately set his eyes on Wayne Lin below.

At this time, the shark group had arrived, and the group of sharks looked terrifying!

“Oh my God, this is a school of sharks!”

“Why the sharks are here…no, Wayne Lin is still in the sea! He is in danger.”

“Hurry up and catch Randal Lin, the lethality of these sharks is not a joke!”

“Randal, the sharks are here, you should come up quickly!”

Everyone’s eyes were on Wayne Lin, and they called him to come up quickly, and the crew threw down the lifeboat for Wayne Lin.

But Wayne Lin did not choose to come up. He made an action that made everyone’s scalp numb, and saw a happy smile on his face. Then, he went straight into the sea, instead of backing up, but instead Swim quickly towards this group of sharks!

This is what he wants to face head-on with this group of sharks!


Everyone on the deck was stunned. They were in a state of confusion. Even Zhao Xia felt his scalp numb. Wayne Lin was really crazy. As the instructor of the Fangs team, he was in peak state. , I dare not do such a crazy thing!

Yang Guiying blushed all over, clenched her fists, her eyes burst with infinite expression, and she was so excited.

Wayne Lin is so awesome. She grew up so big and had never seen such a domineering and generous person. Her admiration for Wayne Lin had reached a terrifying level!

The four masters of the Innate Realm were equally stunned. They were both in the Innate Realm, but they couldn’t imagine what it would be like to fight against a group of sharks in the ocean. This is death!

But they all knew that Wayne Lin could not be looking for death, but Wayne Lin had such confidence, which showed what kind of terrifying realm Wayne Lin’s strength had reached.

Of course Wayne Lin was not looking for death. In fact, he did not expect at the beginning to attract sharks. The fight with Zhao Xia just now brought him into a mysterious state, excited, sensitive, passionate, fearless, even he Once again, he came into contact with the threshold of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm. If he delays this state again, then he really hopes to break through to the Dzogchen realm!

Once you break through to the realm of Dzogchen, it will be completely different, and it will be invincible if the King Kong is not damaged. But in the world, how many people are King Kong not bad, maybe none of them!

He has a strong hunch that he will fight with these sharks and it will definitely bring him a lot of progress!

It was too late and it was fast. He dived into the sea and immediately felt huge resistance and pressure, but the air was a completely different experience.

Here, his strength was greatly restricted, and he could only play less than one-tenth of what he was in the air.

But even one tenth is enough to fight this group of sharks.


In Wayne Lin’s sight, the first shark appeared, very hideous, opened his big mouth, and bit at him!

Wayne Lin dodged easily, and then he boldly shot, punching the shark directly on the forehead.

With a bang, you can hear the sound even in the sea.

It’s a pity that the resistance of the sea water is still too great, buffering Wayne Lin’s at least 80% strength, and when it hits the shark, there is no longer any strength.

Instead, it angered the shark.

This is not a solution. The restrictions in his sea are too great, so other methods must be used.

In an instant, he thought of a way to deal with it. Instead of using a fist, he stuck his hand like a knife directly on the shark’s body, and then slashed it away. Immediately, the blood on the shark’s body flowed out without money, and the shark violently resisted stand up.

One, two, three…

Wayne Lin continued to roll and shuttle in the sea. After a while, he actually killed seven or eight sharks!

The people on the cruise ship saw an undercurrent surging under the ocean floor, with blood constantly pouring up, directly staining a large area of ​​the sea.

After a while, shark bodies appeared one after another, and they realized that Wayne Lin had actually hunted the shark! !

“Is this a human or a ghost?”

Someone said with shock, and immediately someone knelt down again, “Sea God, this is Sea God!”

About five minutes later, the sea, which had been undercurrents, calmed down. On the sea, the bodies of nearly twenty sharks had appeared. Then, a shark body was weak and small, but its aura was infinitely huge. His figure appeared on the surface of the sea, his face slightly tired, but in his eyes, it was brilliant!

Wayne Lin bends his knees, and then rises up into the sky, standing firmly on the deck.

At this moment, thousands of people on the deck looked at him dumbfoundedly, shocked like a heavenly person…

Chapter 523

Wayne Lin smiled when he saw their reaction. There was not much turbulence in his heart. It was not that he pretended, but that he was used to this kind of scene.

Just now two consecutive battles, even with his abnormal physical strength, he is now tired, and said to Zhao Xia: “Instructor Zhao, we just tied for a tie. I don’t think there is any need to fight again. You What do you think?”

Zhao Xia was taken aback. He didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would say these words, it would be too much for him.

The other four masters of the Innate Realm also showed strange expressions on their faces. Others couldn’t see them just now, but the four of them could see clearly. Zhao Xia was not Wayne Lin’s opponent at all, and was beaten down. Well, in the end, he was seriously injured.

When Zhao Xia reacted, he immediately showed gratitude, Wayne Lin was too big, and he actually took care of his face! It can be said that at this moment, he was completely impressed by Wayne Lin. He took two steps forward, clasped his fist and said: “Instructor Lin is polite, and I thank Instructor Lin for his mercy, otherwise Zhao would have died at sea! Instructor Lin, Zhao. Someone is convinced of you!”

He said these words very seriously, from the bottom of his heart, and caused many people to be shocked. Even Zhao Xia is not Wayne Lin’s opponent. It can be seen that Wayne Lin is really amazing!

Wayne Lin smiled. Since Zhao Xia has said so, he didn’t deny it either. He smiled and said, “Instructor Zhao’s cultivation is through the sky, Lin also admires him very much.”

Then, the two looked at each other and smiled, and all their grievances disappeared cleanly in this smile.

At this moment, a graceful figure came out and knelt down facing Wayne Lin, “Master is here, please be respected by the disciple!”

It was Yang Guiying, who made no secret of her admiration and excitement towards Wayne Lin, and she was about to kowtow to Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin was taken aback by her, and then smiled bitterly. Yang Guiying, a girl, is really stubborn enough to catch him as a teacher.

Seeing Yang Guiying about to kowtow, Wayne Lin hurriedly stepped aside and said angrily: “Miss Yang, you should find another wise man. I have no plans to accept disciples for the time being.”

The other people present came back to their senses. Yes, tonight’s theme was the Yang family’s apprenticeship banquet, which was robbed of the limelight by Wayne Lin just now. They are only now reacting.

Yang Guiying said domineeringly: “Then I don’t care, anyway, I will recognize you in my life.”

Wayne Lin had a headache even more when he heard this. Why did he provoke such a evil star? He had to arrest him as a teacher.

Yang Lie had originally arranged for Yang Guiying to worship Zhao Xia, but now it seems that Wayne Lin is a better choice.

He is a businessman, and his thinking is always based on interests. To be fair, it is the most cost-effective to form an alliance with Wayne Lin rather than form an alliance with Zhao Xia.

Besides, Wayne Lin is still very young now, and his future is limitless.

After thinking about it, he immediately said: “Mr. Lin, I only have a daughter, Guiying. I usually spoil her. I don’t know if you can accept a little girl as a disciple? The little girl is stubborn since she was a child and loves martial arts, unlike other girls. This makes Yang seldom have a headache. Now it is rare for the little girl to admire Mr. Lin, and I believe that the little girl will become a talent under Mr. Lin’s school. In this way, Yang can also have a wish.”

After finishing speaking, Yang Lie still held his fist at Wayne Lin, his posture can be said to be very low. You must know that Yang Lie is not an ordinary person, but the current Patriarch of the Yang family, with a high position, and it is almost impossible for ordinary people to receive He bowed.

Moreover, what Yang Lie said just now is actually very obvious. Yang Guiying is his only daughter. As long as Wayne Lin accepts Yang Guiying as a disciple, then the relationship between Wayne Lin and the Yang family must be close!

This is something that many people envy.

Damon Wang, who was on the side, was very excited, and was anxious to agree to Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin smiled bitterly

He said, “Patriarch Yang, you look at me too highly. Actually, I am just a martial artist. I have never had experience in teaching apprentices. I am afraid that I may not be able to become a talent. I can pass my fist, but There is still a blank in terms of educating and accepting disciples, so there will be no mistakes.”

Wayne Lin refused.

Yang Lie frowned. At any rate, he was also the Patriarch of the Yang family. Wayne Lin still refused to put down his posture just now, and it was a bit of a shame.

But he also had to admit that Wayne Lin had the qualifications to deny him face. Moreover, Wayne Lin’s refusal was also very euphemistic, so that he could not find a reason to refute.

Yang Guiying was a little anxious, she immediately said, “Master, I will definitely not disappoint you, I will definitely practice hard!”

Wayne Lin shook his head with a firm attitude, “I’m sorry, I don’t have any plans to accept disciples now.”

Yang Guiying could see that Wayne Lin was not joking, but serious. She was extremely lost in her heart. She really wanted to follow Wayne Lin as a teacher, and it had become her obsession.

Fortunately, she is a very strong person, immediately cheered up and said: “Then when you have a plan to accept an apprentice, you must tell me! I will be your first apprentice!”

“Let’s talk about it.” Wayne Lin waved his hand, not paying attention.

When this happened, the banquet tonight has changed a bit. The focus is no longer on the Yang family, but on Wayne Lin. No way, the strength that Wayne Lin showed just now was too terrifying, and it was difficult for them to ignore it.

Wayne Lin went to change into clean clothes, took another bath, and did not come out to the banquet anymore, but went to rest in his room.

After all, he is not a King Kong indestructible body, and his physical strength is still limited. The two wars just now have exhausted 80% of his physical strength, and now his body is quite exhausted.

This cruise ship will be drifting on the sea for two days before returning on the third day. Wayne Lin simply sleeps in the room to recover his strength.

In fact, when he reached his level, it was not an easy task to consume all his physical strength. The battle just now consumed more than 80%.

Especially, the two wars just now benefited him a lot, because it was not on land, but on the sea. When the sharks in the Second World War, they were even in the sea. Let him have a deeper understanding of power and combat instinct!

He found that through these two battles, his strength has improved again. It has not been consolidated in the fourth stage, but has made further progress.

Although there are distinct realms after reaching the innate realm, there is no precise boundary for combat power. In theory, if the battle instincts in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm are strong enough, you can win the Innate Realm Dzogchen!

After resting for a long time and eating a lot of food, his physical strength slowly recovered, and he had recovered to 80%.

As long as half a day later, you can all recover.

In these two nights, Wayne Lin saw the indulgence of a feast at sea. In addition to the big shots, many young and beautiful ladies and various socialites came on this cruise.

Wayne Lin saw with his own eyes that many big people hugged left and right and brought people into the room. Even Zhao Xia was not vulgar, and Wayne Lin felt helpless.

Because of his reputation, there are many young and beautiful celebrities who come to invite to dance together, and they can develop to a deeper level, but they are all rejected by Wayne Lin.

It’s not his Liu Xiahui, but he is not good at this.

On the second night, in the middle of the night, someone even knocked on his door. After Wayne Lin opened the door, he found that it was a beautiful, tall beauty, with a wintry eye, and said to Wayne Lin: “Wayne Randal Lin, the shower in my room is broken, can I borrow your shower to take a shower?”

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