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Chapter 1

Wayne Lin was washing the clothes for the whole family. Suddenly Candice Liu, his mother-in-law, threw a piece of clothing on his face and said pretentiously: “Wayne Lin, first wash my clothes.”

Wayne Lin’s mouth twitched, and he couldn’t help his mother-in-law’s getting more and more excessive, and said, “Mom, next time you let me wash the clothes, can you put it in the basket? Don’t throw it on my face. I am also your son-in-law.”

Isn’t it? It was really embarrassing to put the whole clothes on top of his head.

The mother-in-law slapped him on the head, “Let you wash it, wash it, there is so much nonsense, believe it or not, I will put it in your mouth next time. If you dare to be a waste, I will tell you if you dare to wash it. Clean, don’t even think about eating today!”

After speaking, she was still angry, and slapped Wayne Lin on the head again.

Wayne Lin trembled with anger, and his mother-in-law said disdainfully, “Why don’t you want to beat me if you are not convinced? Come on, hit me, you try. It’s not that I despise you, if you dare to touch me Do you dare to win? You are a trash!”

If he can, Wayne Lin really wants to fight back desperately. In the past few years, he has been living with the Chu family, a life, worse than a dog. In addition to work or work every day, he often doesn’t have enough to eat because he is coming home late.

And after four years of marriage, he hadn’t even touched his wife’s hand, saying that he was a son-in-law, but he was actually just a slave of the Chu family.

“Trash is trash, so you don’t dare to hit me. If a man lives like you, it’s better to die!” the mother-in-law said viciously.

Wayne Lin lowered his head, clenched his fists, his nails were about to be pinched into the flesh, and he did not dare to say a word.

“Mom, how many times have I told you, don’t throw clothes on Wayne Lin’s face, he also has dignity.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin trembled, raised his head, and saw a stunning woman standing at the door, frowning slightly.

This woman is his wife, Alma Chu, a beautiful woman.

He saw indifference and disappointment in Alma Chu’s eyes.

“Dignity? Haha, ask him, does he have dignity? Does he know what dignity is?” The mother-in-law said with a sneer, “I hope he will be a man with dignity. We don’t need to be criticized in Chu family! But can he do it?!”

Alma Chu looked at Wayne Lin with expectant eyes and found that Wayne Lin was still indifferent, and she was even more disappointed. It seems that she really expected something from the wrong person, Wayne Lin is just a waste, not worthy of any expectation.

“Okay, mom, clean up and leave. Dad is still waiting for us downstairs,” Alma Chu said.

The mother-in-law realized something and pulled Alma Chu aside and said in a low voice, “Alma, is there really no other way? I heard that the surname Wang is an ugly and fat old man!”

Wayne Lin who was washing clothes heard this, his body trembled slightly and his ears stood up.

Alma Chu closed her eyes, took a deep breath, nodded and said, “This is the only way to save the family.”

The mother-in-law said unconvincedly: “You are not the only woman in the family, Latoya Chu, Juana Chu are also very beautiful! Why should you sacrifice you? Besides, you are now married. What if this spreads out? and people come to know about it!?”

Alma Chu showed some sadness and self-deprecating in her eyes, “Perhaps this is my life, who made me the lowest status in the family.”

The mother-in-law turned her head and stared at Wayne Lin angrily, “I shouldn’t have forced you to marry this rubbish, but if could change to a useful man, you won’t be allowed to do this kind of thing, ah!”

Alma Chu also looked at Wayne Lin, who was doing his best to wash the clothes, and the disappointment in her eyes became even heavier. Finally, she sighed helplessly, shook her head and said, “He is not this material, I never expected him. Besides, Grandpa hasn’t made a decision yet, maybe there will be a turnaround…”

“Really?” The mother-in-law’s eyes lit up.

Alma Chu smiled bitterly, “Maybe.”

They were a little far away, thinking that Wayne Lin could not hear what they were saying, but in fact Wayne Lin could hear them clearly. He raised his head, his eyes were full of bloodshot eyes, and his heart was so turbulent that it was difficult to calm down! How much he wanted to tell Alma Chu loudly that he was not a waste, but he was the second son of the Lin family of dignified Huarvell, with a distinguished status, powerful and powerful. However, he can’t, he has great difficulties!

Seeing Alma Chu and his mother-in-law go out, he gritted his teeth and decided to follow.

When he came out downstairs, he found that Alma Chu and his mother-in-law had seated in his father-in-law’s car and left, so he had to drive an electric car to catch up.

Fortunately, it is the rush hour and there are many cars on the road, so he barely caught up with him riding a broken electric car.

Half an hour later, the father-in-law’s car stopped and the three of them walked into the building together. Wayne Lin discovered that this was the office building of the Chu Family Company.

The Chu family opened a clothing company with a scale of tens of millions. As early as the first year of marriage, Alma Chu brought him here twice. The last time, he inadvertently offended Alma Chu’s cousin, and then the Chu family didn’t like it. He is here again.

“What did you do? It’s only now, everyone has been waiting for you for a long time.”

In the box, there are already more than 20 people sitting, one of the elders said dissatisfiedly.

“Sorry, there was a traffic jam on the road. It took some time and made everyone wait a long time.” Alma Chu’s father Berry Chu bowed and apologized in a humble manner.

“Okay, all sit down and discuss how to get through this crisis.” The elder waved his hand and said.

Sean Chu stood up and said, “Grandpa, I think that since Mr. Wang said that as long as our Chu family is willing to send a good-looking woman to accompany him for three days, he agreed to lend us 20 million free of interest and pay it off within three years. We will do as he says. As long as we have a turnover of 20 million, we will definitely be able to tide over this crisis.”

Grandpa Thompson Chu nodded and said, “Latoya Chu, Juana Chu, and Alma Chu, you three are the only eligible for the Chu family. Now it’s time for the Chu family to survive. Who is willing to sacrifice for the family?”

Latoya Chu was the first to stand up and say, “Grandpa, I’m already engaged to Kirk. If it spreads out, my marriage will be horrible. Moreover, I just came to the menstruation yesterday…Grandpa, I really want to sacrifice for the family. It’s a pity that you can’t help it…”

Immediately Juana Chu stood up for the second time and said, “Grandpa, I’m afraid I can’t do it. I checked out a few days ago and I was pregnant. If I accompany Mr. Wang, the baby will not be kept. Grandpa, I also want to make sacrifices for the family. Powerless!”

The two of them looked pitiful and squeezed out two tears forcefully. After finishing speaking, they all put their eyes on Alma Chu who was aside at the same time, and there was a sigh and pleasure in her eyes.

Since childhood, they have been jealous of Alma Chu. There is no other reason. Alma Chu is more beautiful than them and has a higher education level.

All the men they hook up with first will fall in love with Alma Chu without hesitation after meeting Alma Chu.

I originally thought that a stunning person like Alma Chu would eventually marry a wealthy family and enjoy the wealth and wealthy lifestyle, but unexpectedly, Alma Chu was kicked by a donkey and hired a son-in-law, and this son-in-law was still a waste. But it makes them happy.

Well, the family has a huge financial crisis, the bank is not willing to lend money, the only person willing to lend money is that ugly and fat President Wang, you Alma Chu is not a natural beauty, you come to make sacrifices for the family Up.

Grandfather Thompson Chu looked at Alma Chu, squinted his eyes and said, “Alma Chu, when the family is alive and dead, shouldn’t you also come to menstrual affairs, are you pregnant?”

Mother-in-law Candice Liu immediately walked out and said, “Master! Alma, is already married. Two days later, it will be their fourth anniversary. If the husband knows this, it will affect the relationship between husband and wife!”

Sean Chu immediately said with disdain, “Just Wayne Lin’s rubbish? What if he knows it, he is just a married son-in-law. According to me, Sister Alma Chu is so beautiful, and she is just like Wayne Lin. Flowers are stuck in the cow dung. It’s a waste! This will accompany Mr. Wang. If she gets his appreciation, following Mr. Wang is not a hundred times stronger than following Wayne Lin’s trash?”

Then he pretended to say, “I am doing this for Alma Chu’s good. Everyone said that is the reason?”

“Yes Yes Yes……”

“Sean Chu is right. It’s much better to follow Mr. Wang than to follow Wayne Lin.”

“We are all for Alma Chu’s good, and we will kill two birds with one stone!”

A group of people in the conference hall echoed.

Alma Chu, the person involved, was silent, looking out the window and not knowing what she was thinking. Candice Liu gave her a push and said, “Oh my dear daughter, what are you in a daze? Say something, mom is going Very impatient.”

Alma Chu retracted her gaze, looked at her grandfather Thompson Chu, and said a sentence that surprised everyone, “I can go with Mr. Wang…”

Chapter 2

Candice Liu was immediately stunned, and then she stared, “Alma, you are crazy, what are you talking about!!”

Grandpa Thompson Chu was overjoyed immediately, “Good, good! Very good! Alma Chu, you are really a good granddaughter of grandpa, you know righteousness!”

The others cheered up. They didn’t expect that Alma Chu promised so readily. It seems that Alma Chu is not a loyal person, she still worships money.

Alma Chu continued: “Grandpa, I haven’t finished speaking. I can go with Mr. Wang for three days, but I have one condition.”

“What are the conditions?” Thompson Chu was impatient.

Alma Chu took a deep breath and said, “I want to take 10% of the family’s shares and transfer them to my parents. In addition, I want the family to give me two million cash and transfer them to Wayne Lin’s account. .”

Hearing this sentence, Thompson Chu frowned. The others were shocked. He took 10% of the shares to Berry Chu and Candice Liu to understand, but what was the picture for Wayne Lin two million?

Wayne Lin is just a trash. Marrying such a man has been bloody for eight lifetimes, so he actually returned him money?

At this moment, the door of the conference room was violently pushed open, and a man strode in and said loudly, “I disagree!”

This person is Wayne Lin.

His appearance stunned everyone in the conference room, staring at him dumbfounded, including Alma Chu, who did not expect him to appear here.

In fact, Wayne Lin has been outside the door for a while, his hearing is sharper than ordinary people, and he can hear what he said just now.

When he heard Alma Chu’s condition, he couldn’t help but rushed in.

Now he, with red eyes, looked at Alma Chu closely. He had never thought that Alma Chu had a time to consider him.

“Wayne Lin!?”

“Outrageous, is this where you can come? Get out of here!”

“Presumptuous, this is the family meeting of my Chu family, who gave you the courage to break in, ah?!”

“What are you looking at? Get out!”

Facing the many evil words, Wayne Lin stayed still, walked over to Alma Chu, and said softly, “Sorry Alma, I’m late.”

Alma Chu looked at Wayne Lin’s appearance at this time, and couldn’t help but shake her mind for a while, feeling that Wayne Lin had become different.

Thompson Chu slapped the table abruptly and yelled, “Oh, you Wayne Lin, brave, who allowed you to break in, do you know where this is, huh?!”

Wayne Lin turned around and said to Thompson Chu, “Grandpa, I know I shouldn’t come to this place. You forced me to come. Alma Chu is my wife. I don’t agree that she betrayed herself for the so-called family benefit. Body and soul!”

He said this loudly, loudly, and harder than ever before. It made a lot of people look at him with admiration. Is this still the useless person they know?

Wayne Lin knew that it was dangerous for him to do this, and once he was discovered by the Lin family, he would be forever!

It is true that he is the second young master of the Lin family, but he was expelled from the family five years ago, and he was also ordered not to reveal his identity as the second young master of the Lin family, otherwise he would be beaten to death with a stick!

In order to survive, he can only hide himself, always behave like a useless person, not dare to show a trace of talent, because he knows that once someone in the Lin family knows that he has not become a useless person, what awaits him , Is death! And it will affect the entire Chu family! He is not afraid of death, but he cannot harm the Alma Chu family.

To this end, he has been living for four years, trying his best to get a chance to regain his strength and regain everything he has lost.

But now, in the face of Alma Chu’s crisis, he had to do this.

Sean Chu on the side said disdainfully, “You disagree? What qualifications do you have to disagree? You are just a door-to-door son-in-law, who has been in our family for four years. You spend all the money from my Chu family, without my Chu family. For you, you have long since starved to death! It would be a shame for our men to be like you. If I were you, I would have drowned myself in a piss.”

Wayne Lin straightened up and said, “Only I can put out 20 million to help the Chu family survive this crisis!!”

When everyone heard what he said, they couldn’t help but stunned, then as if they heard the most funny joke, they laughed.

“Hahaha, I heard that right, this rubbish actually says that he can spend 20 million? It’s him?”

“It’s really a shameful pen. Do you know what the concept of 20 million is? It’s enough for you to make money for ten lifetimes!”

“Alma Chu looks so beautiful, it’s really sad to marry such an idiot.”

Everyone was mocking Wayne Lin, and what he said was unusually harsh.

Candice Liu couldn’t bear to stay behind him and kicked, scolded him to stop being ashamed, and quickly rolled off.

And Alma Chu behind him, looking at his back, not only was not moved, but was disappointed and disgusted like never before!

Wayne Lin really couldn’t come up with the twenty million yuan. If it were changed, twenty million yuan would be equivalent to two thousand yuan for an ordinary person, so he just took it out casually. But now, he really can’t take it out, he can only drag.

“You don’t need to laugh, give me a week, and I promise to put out 20 million!” Wayne Lin said this, unable to hide his guilty conscience, and Alma Chu heard it.

“Enough!” Alma Chu said coldly.

Wayne Lin looked back, saw the disappointment and disgust in Alma Chu’s eyes, and was unabashedly discouraged with him.

“Alma I…”

Alma Chu interrupted him, “Wayne Lin, you really disappoint me. Go out, you don’t need to take care of my business.”

Wayne Lin said anxiously, “Alma, listen to me, I can really put out 20 million.”

“Wayne Lin, in the past four years, no matter how incompetent you are, no matter how shameful you are, no matter how embarrassing you are, I still do not hate you, because you have another advantage, that is, you will not swell your face to fill a fat man. But now, You really disgust me. I feel sick when I see your face!” Alma Chu stared at Wayne Lin, except for disgust and disappointment in her eyes, she was indifferent.

Wayne Lin wanted to say something, but he found that he couldn’t say anything.

Alma Chu continued, “Let’s go. Before I go to accompany Mr. Wang, I will let the lawyer draw up the divorce agreement. As long as you sign it, I won’t be cuckolding you.”

There was a hint of irony at the corner of her mouth.

When Wayne Lin heard this, he staggered back two steps, only to feel that his heartbeat had stopped, and he couldn’t breathe with heartache.

The four years of living together made him fall in love with Alma Chu unknowingly, and he was accustomed to the existence of Alma Chu every day. He couldn’t imagine his life without Alma Chu!

Others present were gloating at this scene, watching Wayne Lin’s jokes.

“Let’s go, if you really don’t want my last touch of affection for you, just go, I don’t want to see you again.” Alma Chu turned around, trying to keep her tears from falling.

Wayne Lin is used to her existence, is she not? It’s just that she has so many things on her back that she can’t help herself.

Wayne Lin was stunned for a few seconds, then uttered a good word stupidly, and then turned around and left.

Wayne Lin lost consciousness and didn’t know how he walked down until the louder and louder telephone ringing interrupted his thoughts. He instinctively connected the call, put it to his ear, and immediately heard the voice of an old man. “Excuse me, are you Wayne Lin?”

Chapter 3

“Well, what’s the matter.” Wayne Lin looked numb.

Immediately afterwards, the other party exclaimed excitedly, “Thank God! Second Young Master, the old slave finally found you!!!”

Wayne Lin’s body trembled when he heard the words’Second Young Master’. How long hasn’t he heard someone call him Second Young Master? Four years, a full four years!

“You are, Steward Yang?” Wayne Lin asked uncertainly.

“Thank God! Second Young Master, the old slave finally found you!” Butler Yang was extremely excited, and his tone was crying, making Wayne Lin a little embarrassed. Butler Yang has been loyal to the Lin family for many years and has always been stable. Why are you so excited now? What?

“Steward Yang, don’t call me the second young master. I’m just a bereaved dog now.” Wayne Lin sighed and laughed at himself.

“Second Young Master! You are the second young master of the Lin Family, with a distinguished status, how can you be a bereaved dog?”

“Second Young Master, come back, now the Lin Family needs you!”

“Housekeeper Yang, do you even come to humiliate me? I was expelled from the Lin family four years ago. I am not as good as a dog. What does the Lin family need me to do and do I need to go back and accept their humiliation?” Wayne Lin clenched his fists , He will never forget the humiliation the Lin family gave him back then!

In contrast, the grievances he suffered during the past four years in the Chu family were nothing at all.

Steward Yang hurriedly said: “Second Young Master, how dare the old slave humiliate you? You are the most powerful person in the Lin family now! Second Young Master, don’t you know, the master passed away last month. Before he died, he had all his inheritance. Assigned to you!”

Wayne Lin jumped up abruptly, “What?! What did you say? Grandpa made the inheritance…impossible! Absolutely impossible! Isn’t grandpa a vegetative? How did he transfer the inheritance to me! Besides, you are not all of you. I insisted that I gave Grandpa the medicine?!”

It appeared in front of him that how he was framed, beaten, and driven out of the Lin family mercilessly back then, he will never forget this humiliation.

“In the first two months, the master suddenly came to his senses and told everyone that it was not the second young master that you did it, and that you have been cleared of the crime. Second young master, come back, before the master’s death, 70% of the family funds will be transferred to you The name of the Lin family now needs you!”

Wayne Lin wept in tears. For many years, he was burdened with a bad reputation as a pig and dog. Now, he has finally settled his injustice!

He was in the Lin family, and his only concern was his grandfather. Now that his grandfather is dead, he has nothing to do with the Lin family. Four years ago, the Lin family treated him this way. Now what does the Lin family do with him?

“Housekeeper Yang, you don’t need to say much, the Lin family, I won’t go back. Grandpa’s side, I will go to worship later.” Wayne Lin simply hung up the phone, and then he quickly took out his exclusive VIP card There is no more money in it, but it is also a status symbol. Looking at the whole country, there are not ten. Each card has its own VIP channel and 24-hour manual service.

He called the manual service, “Quickly, help me check how much money is in my account!”

“Okay, Mr. Lin, please wait a moment.” A sweet voice came from the phone, and after a while, it rang again, “Hello Mr. Lin, your account has too much balance, I don’t have permission to check. You can come to us For bank inquiries, I can pick you up in person. If you are tired, we still have a big bed to rest~”

The sweet voice was full of teasing.

Too much balance, no permission to check! !

Wayne Lin was so stupid, he hung up the phone and laughed loudly. After Wayne Lin has been poor for so long, he can finally exhale, hahaha!

He laughed loudly. Just then Alma Chu, Candice Liu and others came out of the building and saw him laughing there. Candice Liu immediately

came up and kick him on his ass, yelling: “I’m kicking you an ungrateful dog thing! Wayne Lin, you are really not a thing. Your wife wants to sleep with someone, so you can still laugh?”

Wayne Lin was inattentive, hitting a telephone pole by this kick, his nose was swollen, and the pain made him burst into tears, and hurriedly explained: “Mom, you misunderstood, I am not laughing at Alma… “

He just turned around and was slapped in the face by Candice Liu, accompanied by a rude curse: “You shut up! We were caught on the spot. You still want to deny? Wayne Lin, you are such a beast!”

Candice Liu still wanted to fight Wayne Lin, but was pulled by Alma Chu, “Mom, forget it, let him laugh. Anyway, he and I are about to divorce.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin trembled suddenly and wanted to explain, but he saw the disappointment and disgust in Alma Chu’s eyes, and he only felt like a needle stick in his heart.

“Alma, I really didn’t…”

Alma Chu interrupted him and said coldly: “Enough, Wayne Lin, don’t obliterate the last trace of my respect for you!”

After speaking, she left without giving Wayne Lin a chance to explain.

Candice Liu gave him a fierce look, and then got into the car.

Wayne Lin was heartbroken. He and Alma Chu had been married for so long. In order to hide his identity and prevent the Lin family from killing him, he deliberately lived himself as a waste. It also made Alma Chu suffer countless grievances and criticisms because of him. He had no choice before. Now that he is rich, he must live a happy life for Alma Chu!

“Alma, wait, I won’t let you down again.” Linzi clenched his fists, his eyes were extremely firm!

Next he has to go to the bank to check in person how much money is in the account.

He rushed to the bank hurriedly, drove the tattered electric car, swaying, and falling apart at any time. Halfway through the drive, there was no electricity, and he had to paddle with his feet. It was particularly funny and caused a lot of people. Ridicule.

Wayne Lin didn’t care about this. He wanted to quickly find out how much money was in the account, and then withdraw 20 million to pass the trouble for Alma Chu. He couldn’t just watch Alma Chu be defiled anyway!

“Oh, this is not our famous soft rice king in Hwadrid, why? Your luxury Yadi is out of power, do you want me to borrow two dollars to charge you at a nearby convenience store?”

As soon as Wayne Lin stopped the electric car, he heard a strange sound of Yin and Yang, from behind him, a man wearing a famous brand taunted him.

Seeing this man, Wayne Lin’s mood immediately became bad, because this man was Alma Chu’s classmate, Peter Zhang, and his rival in love. In the past four years, Alma Chu’s attitude towards him was so bad, which had a lot to do with this man.

“Hey, Mr. Zhang, this is the soft rice king you mentioned. It’s really wasteful. If you drive a broken electric car, I think it’s only one or two thousand yuan at most. I don’t stop eating. This money, haha.”

“One or two thousand yuan? You look down on him too much, and you don’t even look at the clothes he wears. It adds up to less than one hundred yuan, like someone who can afford an electric car?

“You don’t understand this, it’s because he has no ability and can’t afford it, so he is called the soft rice king. This electric car was bought by his wife. Otherwise, he has to walk, hahaha…”

Peter Zhang and two other men in suits and leather shoes mocked him. When one of them came over, he kicked Wayne Lin’s electric car hard, almost causing Wayne Lin to fall. Seeing Wayne Lin making a fool of himself, they were again Smiling proudly.

Wayne Lin knew that people like Peter Zhang would be more vigorous the more he cared about him, he directly ignored Peter Zhang and strode towards the bank lobby. He was now a billionaire, and there was no need to waste time with a small role like Peter Zhang.

Chapter 4

But Peter Zhang saw Wayne Lin daring to ignore him, and his face became gloomy. If you want to say who is the most unpleasant in the whole world, it is definitely Wayne Lin. Four years ago, if it were not for Wayne Lin, he would have killed him. Alma Chu caught it!

“Hello sir, what business do you want to do?”

After Wayne Lin came in, looking around, a good-looking staff member came to ask him. This staff member saw Wayne Lin dressed shabbyly, and he knew it was a poor ghost. The smile on his face would be more perfunctory, Wayne didn’t care, and said, “I’ll withdraw some money.”

“Oh, let’s line up here.” The staff member pointed to the long queue and said lazily.

Today happened to be the weekend, many people came to withdraw money, and there were long queues in several windows.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “As far as I know, VIP customers don’t seem to have to line up, right?”

When these words were spoken, the staff was taken aback, and then the attitude changed one hundred and eighty degrees, “Yes, if you are a VIP customer, you don’t need to line up. Are you a VIP customer?”

The VIP of this bank is not so easy to get, at least a deposit of more than 10 million is eligible to apply. I can’t see it, the customer in front of me is so shabby, he is actually a VIP customer, and the wealthy now can really play.

Just as the staff was preparing to bring Wayne Lin into the VIP channel, a sneered voice sounded from the side, “Haha, what kind of eyesight do you have, just the shabby style he wears, does it seem like there are ten million people? If it is a VIP customer, then I am the richest man in the world.”

It was Peter Zhang again. After he came in, he immediately became happy when he heard Wayne Lin’s words just now.

The staff’s face changed immediately, and he said with a bad attitude: “Sir, this is a bank, not a circus, please don’t be kidding me.”

Wayne Lin frowned and said, “Who is joking with you, I am really a VIP customer or a supreme VIP you call.”

Hearing this, the three Peter Zhang laughed even more happily. Not only them, but other people in the hall also laughed when they heard it, thinking that Wayne Lin was a mentally retarded and hypothetical.

The staff member’s expression was even worse. She lost her patience, “Sir, please stop your unreasonable troubles and don’t interfere with our work, otherwise don’t blame us for taking tough measures.”

Two tall security guards walked over and caught Wayne Lin from the left and right, staring at him.

Wayne Lin became a little angry, and he said, “I am a supreme VIP. Your position is low. If it doesn’t count, ask your manager to come and receive me.”

Peter Zhang saw Wayne Lin deflated, and he felt refreshed. He stood up and said in a strange way: “Hey, how can you judge people by their appearance? His clothes are really shabby, compared to my rags. It’s all dirty, and he’s riding an electric car. But maybe he is a super rich man, deliberately experiencing the life of a poor ghost, hahaha. Well, he said he is a supreme VIP, there is always a VIP card, let him take the VIP card out.”

“I was right. I really have a VIP card.” Wayne Lin smiled and took out a bank card from his pocket. It was black and very delicate. It was different from ordinary bank cards. The material, there is no bank logo on the card, a simple dragon pattern is drawn with gold thread, and the word’Lin’ is carved under the pattern.

Seeing this black gold card, everyone was stunned for a moment. Didn’t expect Wayne Lin to actually get the VIP card? This is unscientific. When didi the vip card beocme so worthless?

Peter Zhang was taken aback. He didn’t expect Wayne Lin to actually take out a VIP card, but soon he discovered something was wrong. This VIP card was different from his.

“Haha, I’m so ridiculous, Wayne Lin, you’re really a mentally handicapped person, dare you say that it’s a VIP card if you get a scrap card?” Peter Zhang looked disdainful and took out a golden glitter from his wallet. The bank card slapped in front of Wayne Lin, and said hurriedly: “I see clearly the mentally handicapped, this is the VIP card of this bank. Each one has a special number, which cannot be faked outside! Is it mentally handicapped, thinking everyone is as mentally handicapped as you? Beauty, you are the staff here, tell everyone, is this a VIP card?”

The staff member is not high enough, and does not know the black gold card in Wayne Lin’s hand. He mocks: “Of course not, our bank’s VIP card is not so low-end!”

Of course Wayne Lin would not be mad at Peter Zhang. His unique black gold card is a symbol of honorable status. Peter Zhang is naturally unknown. However, when he saw Peter Zhang’s seductive look, he suddenly had an idea and said with a smile: “I am indeed not an ordinary VIP card, but a distinguished black gold card. People like you don’t know It’s normal.”

“I laughed. You have a black gold card. You are really brain-dead! Don’t say that this bank doesn’t have a black gold card. Even if there is one, is it your turn to have it? What status you have, just a wasteful son-in-law? , You have to rely on your wife to feed your garbage!” Peter Zhang pointed to Wayne Lin’s nose and cursed.

Wayne Lin wasn’t angry either. He smiled and said, “Peter Zhang, I advise you to talk less if you don’t know, so as not to be embarrassed. If you don’t have enough status, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any experience.”

When Peter Zhang saw Wayne Lin’s trash, he could still laugh, so he didn’t slap his anger, “Okay, do you mean it, like this, if you can prove that your card is a black gold card, I will be on the spot. Kneel down for you and call you father three times! If you can’t prove it, you will kneel down for me, call me grandpa ten times, and also divorce Alma Chu, dare you?”

He put his hands on his chest, staring at Wayne Lin with a high attitude, and Wayne Lin didn’t dare to bet with him after eating to death.

Wayne Lin’s expression became weird, “Forget it if you bet or something, it’s not necessary.”

Peter Zhang thought that Wayne Lin was counseled, and suddenly laughed, “Hahaha, why are you afraid now? You were not very arrogant just now, let me see if you are arrogant!”

Others also read Wayne Lin’s jokes.

Wayne Lin said: “Who said I was counseled? Real gold is not afraid of fire, I’m just afraid of you cheating.”

“I’ll be fooling? A big joke!” Peter Zhang waved his hand and tapped his fingers on the table. “I, Peter Zhang, will put the words here today. If you prove that you are a supreme VIP card holder, I will kneel for you on the spot. Next, call you three times, Dad! wihtout shame!”

He threw the sound and stared at Wayne Lin like a torch.

Wayne Lin smiled, “This is what you said.”

“Stop talking nonsense, I’d like to see how you prove it to me.” Peter Zhang sneered, taking Wayne Lin’s mind.

Chapter 5

At this moment, a voice came, “What happened? Why are so many people around here?”

It was a middle-aged man in a suit walking over with a frown. The staff and the two security guards showed respectful expressions when they saw him, and the staff greeted him happily, “Manager, you are here just right. There is someone unreasonable, holding a waste card, insisting to say that it is a supreme VIP card. It’s a laugh. Who doesn’t know that our bank has always only had VIP cards, and there is no supreme VIP card.”

As everyone knows, when the manager heard her, his face suddenly changed, “Extreme VIP card?”

“Yes! Manager, this is the man who made trouble for no reason and affected the normal operation of our bank. Let the security guard drive him out.” The staff did not see that the manager’s expression was not right, and they were still cleverly telling the security guard, “You are still there. What are you doing while standing, don’t hurry up and get this madman out!”

The expression on Wayne Lin’s face did not change. He raised the supreme VIP card in his hand and said to the manager: “This is the attitude of your bank towards supreme VIP customers?”

The manager looked at the supreme VIP card in Wayne Lin’s hand, his face suddenly changed, he became flustered, and hurriedly shouted, “Stop it! Don’t you want to do it? Blind your dog’s eyes? This is our bank’s supreme VIP customer! “

what? !

Hearing this sentence, everyone was stunned, unable to react for a while.

The manager trotted in front of Wayne Lin, bowed respectfully, and said in a very humble manner: “Dear VIP customer, please forgive us for our negligence, and we did not recognize you for the first time. Come out. Do you have any business to handle? In order to show our respect to you, we have a special VIP channel to provide the best quality and fast service.”

Peter Zhang is stupid, what is the situation?

This bank is one of the largest banks in China. Many big bosses of listed groups deposit money in this bank. The scale is very large. The manager of this bank itself is also a man of considerable status. Actually, he is in Wayne Lin. Respectful in front of the waste?

He once suspected that he had hallucinations!

Not only him, but everyone present also found it incredible.

The staff member with a bad attitude just now had a numb scalp and wiggled her legs. She actually offended the most distinguished VIP customer. She cannot keep her job!

Wayne Lin nodded, then smiled at Peter Zhang and said: “Peter Zhang, you should fulfill your promise, kneel, I’ll wait.”

Peter Zhang’s face was ugly to the extreme. He didn’t believe it was true, and said to the manager with a gloomy face, “This is fake, why haven’t I heard that your bank has a supreme VIP.”

The manager said: “Our bank has always had supreme VIP, because supreme VIP is very demanding and only available to special people, so most people don’t know. This Mr. Lin in front of us is the supreme VIP customer of our bank. “

Hearing the manager’s confirmation, Peter Zhang only felt uncomfortable after eating shit!

Seeing his expression, Wayne Lin felt very refreshed and urged, “Peter Zhang, you made the gambling yourself. Are you going to cheat?”

The others began to gloat, even the two men with him kept their distance silently.

Peter Zhang began to panic. He was an arrogant person. It was impossible for him to kneel down and call his father this man Wayne Lin.

He cursed and left the bank on the excuse that Wayne Lin had picked up this supreme VIP card.

Wayne Lin was not irritated. He had expected Peter Zhang to be shameless a long time ago. It is already very happy to let Peter Zhang eat a little bite today. Next, quickly check how much money is in the card


Enter the VIP exclusive reception room, there is a special teller machine to provide inquiries, using the world’s most advanced technology, confirm that it is absolutely impossible to be hacked, to ensure the safety of the property of the supreme customer.

Wayne Lin entered the password, and after a while, he saw the balance in the card, and his heart beat faster!

Tens of trillions…

The total is more than 50 billion! ! !

Seeing this string of numbers clearly, his brain was a little hypoxic, his whole body trembling with excitement, and then he burst into laughter wildly.

He Wayne Lin has survived for so many years, and finally got his head, more than 50 billion, which is enough for him to spend ten lifetimes.

It took a full three minutes for Wayne Lin to calm his mood, and then he gave himself another ordinary bank card and transferred it for 20 million. He did this because he didn’t want to reveal his identity, lest Alma Chu thought he was a dude.

He is now looking forward to what Alma Chu’s expression will be when he puts out 20 million to pass the difficulties for Alma Chu? It must be wonderful! Just think about it and get excited.

When he got out of the bank, Wayne Lin picked up his mood and went home directly.

Wayne Lin is a nostalgic person. Even if he is now a billionaire, he is reluctant to throw away this Yadi electric car. After all, this electric car has been with him for four years. He pushed to a nearby convenience store, charged it for an hour, and rode home.

When I was approaching the Chujia community, I met Alma Chu who was driving the Volkswagen around the corner. Because this electric car did not brake properly and did not stop the car in time, it ran into the rear of the Volkswagen and knocked off a piece of paint. Wayne Lin hurriedly Apology: “My wife, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, the brake pads of this electric car are a bit loose.”

Alma Chu had just returned from the company. She was irritated, and she was feeling upset. Seeing Wayne Lin’s recklessness, she suddenly became angry, “Wayne Lin, can you still use it a little bit! Men your age, you have been driving a Mercedes-Benz BMW! I don’t ask you to be as good as them, but at least you can stand up, at least you can afford to drive an Alto! You are good, you are still riding this after four years of marriage. A broken electric car! I’m so fed up with you!”

Wayne Lin was so cold and suffocated by her scolding, he had to smile hard and apologized: “My wife, I won’t have to ride again…”

Alma Chu interrupted him, “Enough, I don’t want to listen to your nonsense! I’m completely disappointed in you, don’t call me a wife in the future! I don’t want to have a useless husband like you!”

After that, she stepped on the accelerator and drove the car into the community.

Wayne Lin was left eating the exhaust gas.

Wayne Lin’s expression was stiff. He stood there for a long time before he recovered. He resisted the loss in his heart and kept comforting himself. Alma Chu just broke out in a bad mood. He is rich now and can give it to Alma Chu’s greatest happiness, Alma Chu will fall in love with him.

This hypnotized himself, he drove the electric car with the front of the car tilted, turning back and forth.

When Wayne Lin returned home, Alma Chu came out of the bathroom and saw him, the frost on her face was even worse, and she was extremely bored with him.

Wayne Lin took a deep breath and kept his spirits up. He walked over and smiled at Alma Chu and said, “Alma, what happened just now was my fault. I apologize to you and stop being angry, okay?”

Alma Chu did not respond to him and turned her face to the other side.

Wayne Lin’s posture humbled into the dust. He walked to Alma Chu’s side and said in the softest voice: “Are you hungry? If you want to eat something, I will make it for you.”

Alma Chu put down the phone, stared at him, and said something that made Wayne Lin tremble, “Wayne Lin, get a divorce, I’m going to accompany Mr. Wang in two days.”

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