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Chapter 524

I have to say that this woman has a very good face, she is not too vulgar, she has a very good body, and she wears very sexy. In this case, no man can do the same, not even Wayne Lin. .

Like this kind of’invitation’, Wayne Lin has not encountered it in the past two days.

He was quite helpless in his heart. No wonder many men make mistakes once they have money. It is true that men have reached a certain height and the temptation is too great. It is too difficult and too difficult to control.

Even for that instant, Wayne Lin had a heartbeat.

Seeing that Wayne Lin didn’t speak, the other party thought that Wayne Lin had agreed, and a surprise smile appeared on his face, and he had to walk into the room.

In fact, after the past two days, there has been a competition in their circle, that is to see who can win Wayne Lin first. Before that, there have been many high-value sociables who have come home. This makes Wayne Lin appear More and more precious.

If she can win Wayne Lin and play around with the dragon and the phoenix, then she will definitely have a lot of face in the circle!

If a man with Wayne Lin’s status can linger for a night, she will take advantage.

Unfortunately, she still underestimated Wayne Lin too much. Just when she thought that Wayne Lin had already moved in and was about to walk in, Wayne Lin said, “Excuse me, the shower in my room is broken, I think you should look for it. Other people.”

The social flower is not embarrassing. She stretched out her hand and put it on Wayne Lin’s shoulder, sliding gently along Wayne Lin’s collar, and finally placed it on Wayne Lin’s chest, her eyes full of teasing, that eye-catching silky It seemed that even the eunuch would be moved.

But for Wayne Lin, it is not very attractive, not because he is not man enough, but because there are too many beautiful women around him, especially in the charming and sexy part, the social flower in front of him is not compared with Tao Sanniang. One level.

In other words, Wayne Lin’s concentration has been exercised by Tao Sanniang, so how could he be moved?

He said directly: “I’m not interested in one-night stands. Please come back.”

Now the socialite is a little anxious, she quickly said: “Mr. Lin, don’t worry, I won’t make you responsible! I won’t say anything, I just admire you and want to leave unforgettable memories with you!”

If he had changed other men, he would have been unable to control this situation a long time ago, but for Wayne Lin, it was still far from enough. His concentration had already reached a realm unimaginable by ordinary people.

He shook his head and said, “I’m already married, so please go back.”

After speaking, he closed the door, and there was no waves in his heart.

The woman clenched her teeth, her face was unwilling and depressed, but there was nothing she could do. If she didn’t know how powerful the Innate Realm was, she would think Wayne Lin had a flaw in that aspect!

After Wayne Lin closed the room, he shook his head helplessly and smiled. There was no disturbance in his heart. He turned on the phone and the screensaver was a picture of him and Alma Chu.

He called Alma Chu and talked for more than an hour until he hung up unless he was sleepy.

He now feels very satisfied. With a sweet wife like Alma Chu, considerate, virtuous, and docile, and a considerate confidante like Tao Sanniang, he himself is a master of innate realm, what else can he demand?

Two days passed quickly. On the third day, the cruise ship returned to Hong Kong. Wayne Lin bid farewell to the Yang family and Zhao Xia and returned to Yulong Bay. He wanted to see Alma Chu now.

When he went back, he found that Alma Chu was watering the flowers in the garden. The sun shone on her face, which looked particularly beautiful, and Wayne Lin would melt her heart when she saw it.

Wayne Lin winked at the bodyguards guarding the distance and told them to retreat. He quietly walked behind Alma Chu, covered her eyes, and made a deliberately low voice to scare Alma Chu: “Guess what who am I?”

Alma Chu was indeed frightened, and she let out a soft cry, and her body tightened, but shortly afterwards, she reacted with a joyful smile on her face and said, “Bad!”

“You guessed wrong, give you a chance to guess again.” Wayne Lin still used a thick voice.


“Wrong again!”


“Wrong wrong wrong, give you one last chance.”

“Zhu Bajie… giggle, don’t scratch, itching to death, hahaha…”

Wayne Lin turned into anger at last, tickles Alma Chu’s armpits, tickling Alma Chu’s branches trembling, and she couldn’t stand still. She fell into Wayne Lin’s arms, and her breathing started to rush.

“Huh? Alma, why is your face so pale? Didn’t you sleep last night?” Wayne Lin lowered his head and saw Alma Chu’s face, which was quite pale. He immediately frowned, and then began to pulse Alma Chu. Alma Chu’s pulse is a bit messy, and her body is also a little weak.

“Also, why is your pulse condition a little messy? Your body is quite empty.”

There was some panic on Alma Chu’s face, she quickly got out of Wayne Lin’s arms, shook her head, and said, “No, I feel pretty good, there is no discomfort.”

Wayne Lin continued to frown and said, “You still said no, your face is a lot paler, is it because you have been too busy at work recently and haven’t taken a break?”

Wayne Lin’s tone carried some blame.

He has said that Alma Chu many times, tell Alma Chu not to run around so much and to pay attention to his health. Centec Lighting is only a small company. If you ruin your body because of the management of this small company, it will be too much for you. Up!

When Alma Chu heard Wayne Lin’s reprimand, there was some panic on her face, and she quickly said, “No, I just missed you too much last night and didn’t sleep very deeply.”

Wayne Lin saw Alma Chu’s panic, his heart softened, and he held Alma Chu’s hand, speaking softer, and said, “Don’t be afraid. My close friend blamed you just now. Worrying about you. You are a young grandmother now. Your husband has money to spend. You don’t have to fight like that, you know? Your body is the most important thing. Besides, we haven’t had any children yet.”

Unexpectedly, when Alma Chu heard Wayne Lin’s words, she was suddenly emotional, her eyes turned red, and she suddenly lowered her head. This sudden reaction shocked Wayne Lin and said quickly, “Alma, what’s wrong with you? ?”

Alma Chu realized that she was a little gaffe, and shook her head and said, “No, it’s just a bit sore suddenly.”

Wayne Lin said softly, “Alma, don’t you want children?”

Children, for a marriage, are complete. At least Wayne Lin thinks so. He has always wanted to have a child with Alma Chu.

Alma Chu clenched her teeth, and the complexity in her eyes became even more complicated, muttering, child, child…

Yes, why doesn’t she want to have a child, but it is a pity that God has cruelly deprived her of this right.

Chapter 525

For the next week, Wayne Lin stayed at home and did not do any social entertainment. The main time was to spend time with Alma Chu.

Except that Alma Chu’s body was a little weak on the day he first came back, Alma Chu soon returned to normal. Wayne Lin later took care of Alma Chu’s pulse and found nothing unusual. She was in good health. Wayne Lin was also very healthy. I didn’t think much about it.

With the concept of a child in their minds, Wayne Lin and Alma Chu worked very hard during this period of time, hoping to succeed in the pregnancy, each time it ended with Alma Chu’s surrender.

The happy time always passed quickly, and in a short while, this week passed, when Wayne Lin was about to return to Xuanyuan to coach.

Contrary to Wayne Lin’s ease, the base of the fourth team in Xuanyuan’s third place was filled with gloom and grief, and everyone in the fourth team was worried about Wayne Lin.

Especially for Tan Qiuya, who is the deputy team leader, her face is full of worry now, very sad.

Today is the day when Wayne Lin will return to the third place of Xuanyuan. This was originally no problem. Before the change, no one cared about it. Apart from the members of the fourth group, no one paid attention.

But now, all the people in the three places of Xuanyuan looked over, staring at him!

Isn’t it? During the period when Wayne Lin was away from Xuanyuan 3rd place, this matter was already a big trouble. Everyone was waiting. Once Wayne Lin returned to coach, he would definitely be madly retaliated by Zhao Xia!

You know, this is Zhao Xia, the instructor of the Fangs team, who is notoriously short-handed and irritable. Even the instructors of the Dragon Blood team must be jealous of him by three points, and Deputy Director Sun Liang dare not offend Zhao easily. Man.

And who is Wayne Lin, just a new instructor from the fourth group at the rear of the crane, who wants to be backstage without backstage, and has no abilities, what can he use to contend with Zhao Xia?

After this period of fermentation, most people were waiting for Wayne Lin to come back. How did Zhao Xia teach them, especially those soldiers from Fang Fang team, even more so. He wanted to see Wayne Lin in his dreams. The appearance of being abused.

As for Zhao Xia will let Wayne Lin go? Sorry, this is something they never thought about!

“Hey, haven’t you heard that today is the day when the fourth group of new instructors returns. How do you say that instructor Zhao will teach him then?”

“Nonsense, do you need to talk about it? With the character of Instructor Zhao, he must be killed directly to the fourth group, and in front of all the fourth group members, he will be beaten violently!”

“I see, that new instructor probably won’t return. He knows that he has offended Instructor Zhao, and he ran away without rubbing the soles of his feet?”

“Hey, this is not necessarily true. At any rate, that new instructor is also a master of the innate realm. Moreover, he is already a member of Xuanyuan Third Division. If he doesn’t come back, he won’t be punished. Besides, he is Chief Sun. Chief Sun will definitely not let him go to the person that the chief finds.”

“That’s…but he is Director Sun’s person, I believe Director Sun will also come forward, will not let Instructor Zhao teach it?”

“Hehe, do you think Instructor Zhao will listen to Director Sun?”

“Haha, it seems that the new instructor of the fourth group is dead this time!”

“That’s for sure, don’t look at who the instructor Zhao is. The instructor of the Fang team, although the position is half a level lower than that of Director Sun, but the instructor Zhao has done nothing less than Director Sun!”

For a time, the entire three places of Xuanyuan were discussing enthusiastically, and they all looked forward to what Wayne Lin would come back and be beaten by Zhao Xia.

Things like this aroused the idea of ​​the entire Xuanyuan three places, which had never happened before.

Early in the morning, many people came to the fourth group base to guard, just waiting for Wayne Lin to return.


; Especially the soldiers of Fang Fang group are even more staring, with a sneer at the corners of their mouths, they are ready to watch Wayne Lin’s jokes.

Even the upper-level leaders were alarmed. After Sun Liang learned of this situation, he was very anxious and immediately called Wayne Lin, but Wayne Lin’s cell phone prompted to shut down.

“Wayne Lin is going to suffer a lot this time.” Sun Liang sighed and looked helpless. Although Wayne Lin was looking for him, he did not believe that Wayne Lin could be Zhao Xia’s opponent. The limelight is too high, and I don’t know how much exploits he has made for the three places of Xuanyuan. I don’t know how many criminals who have committed crimes in the world have been killed. He is known as a crime nemesis. As for Wayne Lin, he is less than 30 years old, even if he kills Brian Gu and Wu Meizi, he is also known as the No. Compared with Zhao Xia, he was still far behind.

Not only did he think so, but in fact, the entire three places of Xuanyuan thought so.

Wayne Lin’s cell phone was indeed turned off, because he forgot to charge it yesterday and got out of power today, so he didn’t receive a call from Sun Liang. In fact, not only Sun Liang, but also many students in the fourth group called him. But none of them were received.

“Hey, what should I do, the instructor’s cell phone is turned off and I can’t get in touch!”

“Or I will wait outside the base and stop him from entering once I see the instructor.”

“It’s useless, the instructor is a member of Xuanyuan’s third place. Sooner or later, he will return to the base. Alas, we are all to blame! The instructor is causing trouble!”

Many members of the fourth group began to frown. After this period of time, they completely recognized Wayne Lin. Now that they know that Wayne Lin will be taught by Zhao Xia when he comes back, they are particularly disturbed and guilty. By the way, they are still tired. Wayne Lin.

At this time, a voice said, “I don’t think everyone should be so sad. Maybe the instructor is not afraid of Zhao Xia. You don’t know how powerful the instructor is.”

Soon, his words were ridiculed by others, and they all agreed that Wayne Lin could not be Zhao Xia’s opponent.

At this moment, a group of soldiers from the Fangs group walked in with a scornful look, looking at the soldiers of the fourth group.

“Why, it’s almost noon, your instructor hasn’t come back yet? Is this scared, did you abscond directly?”

“Furthermore, that guy knew that Instructor Zhao was looking at him, and now he was so scared that he didn’t dare to come back to Xuanyuan three places.”

“Then this is not a deserter? Hahaha…”

“Don’t tell me, those who can be assigned by Chief Sun to teach in a rubbish place like the fourth team are the deserters.”

A group of people in the Fangs group laughed brazenly, their faces full of sarcasm and disdain, and they raised their tails to the people in the fourth group, making all kinds of mockery.

There were hundreds of soldiers in the fourth group, all of them gloomy, clenched their fists, and were extremely angry, but they didn’t dare to show it. Who made them inferior to others? Now the new instructor is being fanged by the team. The instructors of smashed, even the base did not dare to return.

According to the previous few times, Wayne Lin had already arrived at this point, but it hasn’t arrived yet, maybe he really escaped.

They really wanted to remind Wayne Lin to hide from the limelight at first, but now that Wayne Lin has really become a deserter, they feel particularly uncomfortable.

Originally, the fourth group was already enough for the tail of the crane at Xuanyuan three places. Now that this incident has happened, its status will be lower in the future, alas.

However, just when all of them were very sad and angry, suddenly they heard a familiar voice, “Which group are you from, you don’t train in broad daylight, what are you doing at the base of my fourth group?”

Hearing this sound, they all shook suddenly, looking towards the door one after another, they saw a slender figure, who else could it be if it wasn’t Wayne Lin?

Chapter 526

That’s right, the person here is indeed Wayne Lin. After he came to the third place in Xuanyuan, he went back to his dormitory and put on his uniform before coming to the base of the fourth group. As soon as he approached, he felt something was wrong. It is lively, and there are many more people from other groups.

Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, they immediately attracted everyone’s attention and looked at Wayne Lin one after another.

During this period of time, Wayne Lin has been completely popular. Even people who have not seen him have seen his photos and coaching videos, so they have recognized him at first sight. .

There was silence for two seconds.

It seemed particularly weird. Everyone opened their eyes wide and looked at him in shock. Obviously they did not expect that he would dare to come back under this pressure, and he was bold!

The soldiers in the fourth group were all overwhelmed with excitement when they saw his appearance.

Like Tan Qiuya, his eyes turned red. Wayne Lin was not in Xuanyuan three places during this time, and he couldn’t realize how much pressure the entire fourth group was under!

Because they offended the Fangs group, the people in other groups kept a distance from them, and they still ridiculed or even bullied them.

In addition, they themselves did not think that Wayne Lin had this strength to compete with Zhao Xia. Originally, the fourth group, at the third place of Xuanyuan, was the tail of the crane, and it had been underestimated by the people of other groups. Now that this happened, the contempt was even stronger.

Even more, there were still many people who did it directly, which led to the fourth group of people being beaten.

Two seconds later, the scene suddenly exploded.

“It’s the instructor! The instructor is back!”

“Great, the instructor is finally back!!”

“But, the instructor is back, it doesn’t seem to be of any use. The instructor offended this time is the instructor of the Fang Team…”

Hearing this, the people in the fourth group were all lost, and all their enthusiasm was blown away at this moment.

As for the people in the other groups, they were full of lively expressions and discussions were very lively.

“Damn, the new instructor of the fourth group really dare to come back, this one is too iron!”

“There is a good show here. With the character of Instructor Zhao, I still have to stew this guy.”

“It won’t be enough to stew, but I think a severe beating is inevitable, hahaha, in this way, the fourth group of mobs will have a lower status.”

“I see, the fourth group shouldn’t exist. It was simply disbanded. Every year, the competition always drags us back in three places. If it weren’t for the fourth group of mobs, we would not count down every year. “

“Look, this time the fourth team must be discredited.”

These people are discussing aloud, and many others are pointing at Wayne Lin, full of ridicule and gloat.

Wayne Lin’s hearing is so keen, he listened to everyone’s discussion, not only the voice, but even the expressions and emotions of these people did not escape his mental capture.

There was a strange expression on his face. Could it be that Zhao Xia came back this time and didn’t explain clearly, or wanted to trouble him?

It shouldn’t be. Last time on the cruise ship of the Yang family, he beat Zhao Xia so badly. As long as Zhao Xia is not crazy, it is impossible to return to Xuanyuan to make things difficult for him.

A lot of people came from the Fang team, they

Seeing Wayne Lin frowning and looking very confused, they all thought Wayne Lin was a little scared and smiled even more proudly. At this time, Chang Feng came out and said, “The surname Lin, you are dead, we The instructor has returned, and I have called for a lesson! Your good days are over, hahaha…”

The Blue Wolf and Lihuo next to him also looked at Wayne Lin happily, their faces full of wanton pleasure, as if they had seen Wayne Lin kneeling in front of Zhao Xia to apologize.

The other members of the Fang group also looked at him with clown eyes.

Wayne Lin hadn’t expected this situation. In his opinion, Zhao Xia had returned to the three places of Xuanyuan first, and he should have handled the matter properly.

In any case, these people have already affected the normal training of the fourth group. Wayne Lin can’t let this situation continue. He directly said with a calm face, “You, your instructor let you over?”

Wayne Lin’s question was obviously a question, but it fell into their ears and it became an act of sternness. Chang Feng smiled and said, “Why, you know now that you are afraid. You weren’t very arrogant before, saying that our Fang team is Rubbish? It turns out that you are sometimes afraid now!”

The fire was on the side, and Wayne Lin wiped his neck, and said threateningly: “You are dead, our instructor will not let you go.”

Seeing their mocking look, Wayne Lin laughed, and shook his head, feeling quite disappointed in his heart. Unexpectedly, the Fangs Group, as the top students in Xuanyuan Third Place, was actually such a group of naive guys.

He is too lazy to be familiar with these children, waved his hand impatiently and said: “Okay, you guys get out, our fourth group does not welcome you.”

Then, he said to the soldiers of the other groups, “You guys get out.”

However, because of his easy-going, they didn’t take his words seriously, they all stood still, looking at him jokingly and mockingly.

Wayne Lin took two steps and found that these people were still standing there. He didn’t listen to his words. He started a fire. He turned around and said with a cold face, “Why, do you take my words as the wind?”

Because there are a lot of people in other groups, in terms of number of people, it has surpassed three times that of the fourth group, especially the Fangs group. They are all powerful and powerful masters. Each of them has the hand. All of them have lives, have killed criminals, have their own evil spirits, and have much more psychological quality than ordinary people.

They didn’t pay attention to Wayne Lin now, so naturally they wouldn’t listen to Wayne Lin’s words.

So instead of retreating, they took two steps forward. In front of Wayne Lin, the person with the strongest breath said provocatively: “Oh, you really installed it, the instructor of the fourth team, Dare to let us go? What are you?”

Wayne Lin’s eyes suddenly became cold.

The clay figurine has three points of anger, so don’t talk about him. As the instructor of the fourth group, he has been provoked by several soldiers from the Fang Fang group. If he doesn’t take a lesson, then he doesn’t need to stay in Xuanyuan three places.

Chang Feng, Qing Lang, and Li Huo saw Wayne Lin’s angry face, a little jealous, their aura became much weaker, and thought of the scene where Wayne Lin had been taught. But for the other members of the Fang team, they had not seen Wayne Lin’s greatness, so they were not afraid of Wayne Lin, but wanted to provoke Wayne Lin.

They now have more than 20 people, and they can drown Wayne Lin with one spit.

Suddenly, Wayne Lin laughed, “It seems that it is for the face of Zhao Xia, I don’t want to teach you a second time, now it seems that the lesson is still to be taught.”

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