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Chapter 587

Sister Hong and the Qingxiu woman were also surprised. When they carried Wayne Lin over that night, they knew how much Wayne Lin was injured. As a result, it has only passed one day and one night, and the doctor told them that they would be discharged in two days. ? This is incredible!

It is said that they have been injured for a hundred days. Wayne Lin is more than just hurting the muscles and bones. They are all dying, and they can recover in such a short period of time, which really subverts their cognition.

But the doctor had already said that, and Sister Hong couldn’t say anything.

Only Wayne Lin knew that this was the contribution of the second heaven and earth spirit fruit, the rich source of life, which quickly repaired his injury, and in one day, he would completely recover and be alive and well.

Sister Hong said: “Mr. Lin, since you can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, why not contact your family first?”

These words stopped Wayne Lin’s question. Given his current situation, rashly telling his family to come over would definitely be at risk.

He dare to say that the entire Chu family must be under surveillance right now. If it’s only Xuanyuan three places, he is not very worried. The BRAGRUN organization he is most worried about, so he sighed and fell silent. .

The delicate woman was immediately dissatisfied, and said, “Hey, what do you mean? I’m not going to rely on us! I tell you, although our sister Hong accidentally knocked you down, but you too It’s okay. It’s best if you contact your family as soon as possible and settle the medical bills. We won’t pay for you!”

Wayne Lin frowned slightly. He was embarrassed when someone said that. Money is just a number to him, but now he has no mobile phone or bank card, so he can’t take the initiative to go. Contacting Damon Wang and others caused him to be unable to pay for it for a while.

“You have misunderstood. I never thought about asking you to help me pay for the medical expenses, but I don’t have money on my body now. When I recover, I will pay you back as soon as possible.” Wayne Lin said this too. Embarrassing, he is the chairman of ziqiong media, with a net worth of hundreds of billions, and now he can’t afford to pay for medical expenses.

Sister Hong glared at the delicate woman, “You tell me a few words!”

Then she said apologetically to Wayne Lin: “Mr. Lin, I’m sorry, my cousin was joking just now. Don’t take it to heart. In fact, I have already applied for insurance. Your medical expenses will be covered by insurance. From the company.”

Wayne Lin saw that Sister Hong was so talkative, he had a much better impression of Sister Hong, and said, “Then I will trouble you.”

Sister Hong smiled and said: “No trouble, this is what I should do. I haven’t said sorry to you yet, and hit you so hard. Fortunately, your life is not in danger, otherwise I will be guilty.”

Wayne Lin waved his hand and signaled that Sister Hong shouldn’t take it seriously. In fact, Wayne Lin would be very grateful to Sister Hong. If Sister Hong hadn’t sent him to the hospital, he would still be lying on the Qilian Mountain, unconscious all day and night. It may be discovered by people with ulterior motives.

For the next two days, Sister Hong would come to visit Wayne Lin every day, and she would buy food for Wayne Lin and take good care of Wayne Lin. After two days of getting along, Wayne Lin learned that Sister Hong’s full name is Yin Hong, and that delicate woman is her cousin, called Zhong Yiran.

Wayne Lin’s eyes are so sharp, he suddenly

It can be seen that Yin Hong is worried, and there is a sorrow between her eyebrows, which seems to be troublesome.

Just when they were chatting harmoniously, suddenly, Zhong Yiran’s cell phone rang, he took it out and saw the caller ID, his face changed slightly, and said to Yin Hong, “Sister Hong, it’s the call from my uncle. .”

Yin Hong’s face also showed some unnaturalness, she said, “Just say that I have left Fengcheng, and I won’t go back for a while.”

Zhong Yiran nodded, then ran to the balcony and answered the phone.

Wayne Lin saw this exchange between them and immediately realized that Yin Hong was in conflict with her family, and Yin Hong’s age, 27 or 18 years old, must have a high probability of a marriage problem and was urged to marry by her family. It’s a very common social phenomenon.

Although Zhong Yiran ran to the balcony, there was no secret to Wayne Lin and he could hear it clearly.

After a while, Zhong Yiran came back again, his face full of heavy and embarrassment, winked at Yin Hong and let Yin Hong pass.

Yin Hong politely smiled at Wayne Lin, then walked over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Zhong Yiran said worriedly: “Sister Hong, it’s not good. The uncle said on the phone that the surname Lu has already been killed at home. If he can’t see you within half an hour, he wants it. Uncle, they are welcome…”

“What?” Yin Hong was immediately surprised, clenched his teeth, and said angrily: “How can this surname Lu be like this? Can he do whatever he wants with his wealth and power? I have said that many times, I I don’t feel anything for him, let alone marry him!”

“Oh, there’s no way now. They have a big backstage, but they are relatives of Lord City Lord. We ordinary people can’t beat him.” Zhong Yiran sighed and said: “Or cousin, you should go back. In fact, there is nothing wrong with marrying that surnamed Lu.”

When Yin Hong heard this, her face became pale and her body swayed. She gritted her teeth, her eyes showed some sorrow, and then made a difficult decision and decided to go back…

Wayne Lin heard them clearly. He suddenly felt a little familiar. His surname was Lu, and he was also a relative of Lord City Lord. How could he sound familiar with this identity, as if he had seen it before?

However, seeing Yin Hong and Zhong Yiran in such a panic, it was obvious that the other party was someone they couldn’t provoke. Wayne Lin naturally wouldn’t stand by. He walked over and said, “Miss Yin, have you encountered any difficulties? “

Zhong Yiran was in a very bad mood. Now that she saw Wayne Lin, she became even more impatient, and she cursed directly: “You guy who can’t even get medical bills, don’t worry about it! You still think about how to do it. Live in society. Sister Hong and I met you. It’s really bad for eight lifetimes.”

Yin Hong became a little angry, and cursed at Zhong Yiran: “Yiran! You have been fierce to Mr. Lin again. How many times have I told you to be polite!”

Then she immediately said sorry to Wayne Lin and apologized for Zhong Yiran.

Wayne Lin waved his hand and signaled that he hadn’t taken it seriously. He said solemnly, “Miss Yin, forgive me for talking too much. If you run into trouble, I can go back with you and help you solve it.”

Chapter 588

Wayne Lin is a person who knows his gratitude. This time he was rescued by Yin Hong. He owed Yin Hong a favor, and he must repay Yin Hong.

After another two days of rest, under the nourishment of the powerful medicinal effects of the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth, his injury has almost recovered, and he has recovered 80% of the combat power at the peak. As long as the opponent is not the metamorphosis of the Innate Realm Dzogchen, he Can be easily rolled!

Moreover, as long as he rests for another day, he will be able to return to the peak state, or even exceed the peak, as long as it is not the perversion of the Innate Realm Dzogchen at the level of Jian Rushuang, he will be able to fight.

So he has absolute confidence that he can help Yin Hong solve the trouble.

However, his words fell in the ears of Zhong Yiran and Yin Hong and turned into a frivolous performance. Zhong Yiran immediately laughed, as if he heard a big joke, even Yin Hong’s expression was a bit embarrassing. .

Originally, during the two days of getting along, Yin Hong had a good impression of Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin was a very gentle, well-mannered man with a wonderful charm. But now, her affection for Wayne Lin has decreased a lot. It turns out that Wayne Lin and other men are so bragging.

She smiled and said: “Don’t bother Mr. Lin, it’s just a small matter, I can solve it myself.”

What kind of eyes are Wayne Lin? He can’t see Yin Hong’s thoughts. He is not unfamiliar with this kind of scene. Over the years, he doesn’t know how many times he has been despised, and he is used to it.

Zhong Yiran on the side also said weirdly: “Sister Hong, you see that he is very confident, so I believe him once, maybe, he is really a big man, especially the kind who can help us solve it. Trouble.”

Yin Hong gave her a hand, whispered “Don’t make trouble,” and then said politely to Wayne Lin: “Mr. Lin, since you can be discharged from the hospital now, then I won’t bother you. We have the chance to see you later.”

With that, she was leaving.

It’s just that she still can’t hide the sadness and sorrow on her face. She knows very well what is waiting for her once she goes home.

Because the other party’s background is really big, as a relative of Lord City Lord, it is not that ordinary people like her can offend. The strange thing is that her father was so obsessed with his heart, he actually agreed to this marriage!

Alas, maybe this is her fate.

She knew very well that the surnamed Lu was a big carrot. If she married a surnamed Lu, she would be ruined in her entire life, but what could she do?


Wayne Lin caught her sorrow and quickly stopped her.

“Mr. Lin, what else do you have?” Yin Hong forced a smile and asked.

Wayne Lin thought for a while, he realized that Yin Hong is a person with strong self-esteem and unwilling to cause trouble to others, so he changed his saying, “Ms. Yin, good people do it to the end, send the Buddha to the end, I am now Without money, I don’t know where to go for a while. I don’t know if you can let me follow you home for a few days.”

As soon as he said this, Yin Hong was immediately stunned. It seemed that he did not expect Wayne Lin to say such a thing!

But at the moment, after Zhong Yiran on the side listened, he couldn’t help but yelled: “Damn! Your surname is Lin, your cheeks are too thick! You can say this, then do you want us to cover you in the future? For a lifetime!”


; Yin Hong also frowned. Now she has a crush on Wayne Lin. She didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be such a shameless person! There is even a little contempt. She hates unmotivated men who eat soft food the most in her life.

But she is a very cultivated woman, unlike Zhong Yiran, she can’t say anything that is unpleasant, even if she hates someone, she is very polite.

She said: “Mr. Lin, there are not many rooms in my house. I am afraid it will be inconvenient to bring you back. Or, I will give you two thousand yuan. You will stay in the hotel outside temporarily? Or, you can go to the police. Bureau, contact your family to pick you up, what do you think?”

I have to say that Yin Hong is very kind to Wayne Lin and is also very polite. It is precisely because of this that Wayne Lin’s determination to help her has been strengthened.

He shook his head, still insisting on going home with Yin Hong.

Now Zhong Yiran became even more annoyed, and despised Wayne Lin even more. Even the red complexion was not very pretty, but her personality was so good that she could not say anything to refuse, and she looked at Wayne Lin. It’s also very poor. Finally he hesitated and agreed, “Well, then you can go back with me.”

Zhong Yiran immediately said: “Sister Hong! You are crazy, if you take him back and be seen by the surnamed Lu, it would be more…”

“Ahem!” Yin Hong winked at Zhong Yiran, preventing her from continuing to say, and said: “I have already decided, Mr. Lin is right, good guys are right, he needs help now, I should reach out A helping hand.”

Zhong Yiran clenched her fist, she couldn’t wait to punch Wayne Lin right away. Now she sees Wayne Lin too uncomfortable, and regrets it all the more. She knew that Wayne Lin was such a shameless person. She was on Qilian Mountain that day. You should be more resolute, and let Sister Hong rescue Wayne Lin back!

After finishing the discharge procedures, Wayne Lin went home with Yin Hong and Zhong Yiran.

He walked out of the hospital and was exposed to the sky again. When he looked up, he saw the clear sky. He had a special feeling, as if he had been reborn. He took a deep breath, it was all different fresh air!

Zhong Yiran looked at him very unpleasantly, thinking that he was trying to get his ambitions from a villain, and he must have seen Sister Hong’s beautiful appearance, and became enamored, and planned to rely on Sister Hong!

She even thought that if Wayne Lin really dared to make Hong Sister’s idea, she would prepare a pair of scissors and castrate Wayne Lin!

Along the way, Yin Hong was very absent-minded. She was distracted after driving several times. She could see that she was really upset.

Yin Hong drove the car very fast, striving to rush home within half an hour. During the period, Zhong Yiran received several more calls, all of them were from Yin Hong’s family, urging them to go back quickly. can not wait anymore.

Unfortunately, during the rush hour, there was a traffic jam and time was delayed. I couldn’t make it back within half an hour.

When Zhong Yiran saw this situation, she immediately lost her temper to Wayne Lin, “It’s all to blame. It takes so much time to go through the discharge procedures, otherwise we can rush back in half an hour! It’s fine now, more than half It’s been an hour, and that surnamed Lu must be angry!”

Yin Hong is also full of sadness.

Wayne Lin said, “Don’t be so scared. With me, the other party dare not do anything.”

And his words directly ignited Zhong Yiran’s anger, and he was yelling at him, and even Yin Hong shook his head again and again, extremely disappointed in him.

Chapter 589

“You are really enough! Will you die if you pretend less?” Zhong Yiran pointed at his nose and cursed, “Do you know what the other party is? He is a relative of our Fengcheng City Lord. He is rich and powerful. You can choke this kind of trash to death with a finger! You dare to pretend to be here, do you really think you are a big man?!”

She scolded her words very badly, and she still pointed at Wayne Lin’s nose. It could be said that she didn’t give Wayne Lin any face. If she changed someone else, Wayne Lin would have slapped it.

But he is not good at it now, so he had to endure it with a wry smile, and said, “Miss Zhong, you don’t need to be so irritated. I’m just stating a fact. In fact, I taught Fengcheng City Lord’s nephew six months ago. I’m not bragging.”

Wayne Lin spoke as seriously as possible, so that he didn’t seem to be bragging. In fact, he did this to comfort the two women so that they would not be so afraid. Especially Yin Hong, who drove absent-mindedly and almost hit someone several times.

If before the change, Yin Hong would still scold Zhong Yiran, but now, she is really speechless to Wayne Lin, and at the same time she began to doubt her vision, and she was too useless. Two days ago, she actually thought Wayne Lin. Ming is the kind of man who is very self-cultivating. Unexpectedly, he is no different from other men, and even worse in character. Not only is he bragging, he is also thick-skinned.

She sighed and satirized Wayne Lin with her character, and she couldn’t say anything bad. She said, “Mr. Lin, I understand your kindness, but Lu Fan is not a good one. He has a lot of power. It’s not something ordinary people like us can provoke. So when we get to my house, I’ll have to trouble you to stay in the car for a while, and wait for me to solve the housework, then you can come out again, okay? Please.”

Yin Hong was very serious and bit her lip tightly. She could see that she was really sad now, and she felt embarrassed.

Wayne Lin looked at her, his mouth moved. He wanted to say something, but when the words came to his lips, he still forbeared him.

Because he knew that even if he knew it better, Yin Hong and Zhong Yiran would not believe it, and even more disgusted him, thinking that he was a thick-skinned and boastful person.

So he chose to stay silent, anyway, when he arrived at Yin Hong’s house, he solved Lu Fan himself, everything was easy to say.

And when Yin Hong saw that he stopped talking, she thought he was ashamed and couldn’t blow it anymore, and the last trace of goodwill for him was wiped out.

Fortunately, the traffic jam did not last long on this road, and it was reopened within a few minutes.

But even so, it took more than thirty minutes to return home.

Quickly parked the car, Yin Hong saw the opposite side. Several luxury cars were parked. Among them was a black Maybach, which belonged to Lu Fan. She could not help but bit her lip tightly, her face full of anxiety and sadness.

“Sister Hong, that is Lu Fan’s Maybach. It seems that he is really waiting at home…” Zhong Yiran also found out, and said in a low voice, his face was a little pale, as if he was afraid of Lu Fan.

Yin Hong nodded and took a deep breath, “Well, the soldiers are here to cover the water and soil, I don’t believe he dare to eat me!”

After speaking, she mustered up the courage, puffed herself up, and prepared to leave.

Wayne Lin was also about to get out of the car. Zhong Yiran immediately said, “Hey, hey, what are you doing? Didn’t I tell you, let you wait in the car! When we call you over, you go over again, your ears? Are you all deaf? There is still a problem with IQ!”

Wayne Lin said seriously: “Miss Yin, please believe me, I can really help you

, Lu Fan saw me…”

“Enough!” Yin Hong burst out and interrupted Wayne Lin’s words. An irritation rarely appeared on her face, because she really couldn’t help it. This man in front of Man was so annoying!

Wayne Lin was yelled at by her and was stunned. He and Yin Hong had been together for two days. They had never seen Yin Hong lose his temper. She is a woman with a very good personality, but now she loses her temper at him and makes him very embarrassed. .

Yin Hong quickly realized that she had lost her temper. She immediately showed guilt again and apologized to Wayne Lin, “Mr. Lin I’m sorry, I’m lost.”

“It’s all right,” Wayne Lin said quickly.

Yin Hong continued: “Mr. Lin, I’m serious, please stay in the car and wait for me to resolve the matter before picking you up in person. Don’t embarrass me because we are friends, okay?”

She looked at Wayne Lin tightly with her unprecedented seriousness. Wayne Lin could see that she was serious. If she persisted, she would really be angry.

Wayne Lin had to sigh heavily, and said helplessly, “Well then.”

Yin Hong smiled again and said, “Mr. Lin, thank you for your understanding. I won’t let you wait long… I shouldn’t let you wait long…”

By now, Wayne Lin had no choice but to nod, and he added, “Miss Yin, I respect your decision, but if you are really bullied by Lu Fan and can’t handle it, you must tell me, I really Can help you solve the trouble.”

Yin Hong smiled faintly and said, “Okay.”

After speaking, she left the parking lot with Zhong Yiran.

Wayne Lin couldn’t tell why, Yin Hong hadn’t taken his words to heart.

To be honest, he also feels very helpless now, thinking that the chairman of Michelle Media, a wealthy man with a net worth of over 100 billion, is the fourth stage of the innate realm, and he is about to break into the innate realm. The big man, who was so despised by two women and locked in the car, he shook his head helplessly.

If this spreads out, it will definitely be laughed at by many people!

But since Yin Hong has said so, he shouldn’t go against Yin Hong’s wishes, because he understands the character of a woman like Yin Hong. If he really goes out, Yin Hong will definitely be very angry.

He simply meditated in the car, began to meditate, and then tried to spread his thoughts out.

With his current realm, his mental power is unprecedentedly strong, even if he does not go out, he can still perceive things within a few kilometers through his consciousness.

Soon, he felt that after Yin Hong and Zhong Yiran walked out of the parking lot, they walked towards a single-family villa, which should be Yin Hong’s home.

This kind of feeling is very strange, obviously others are still in the parking lot, but his thoughts can spread out and perceive everything around him.

On Yin Hong’s side, after the two of them walked out of the parking lot, Zhong Yiran couldn’t wait to say: “Sister Hong! I said you are still too good to talk. A shameless man like Wayne Lin, why do you give him so good? It’s enough to bring him home!”

Yin Hong sighed and said, “I think Wayne Lin is still good-hearted, but people are too unaware of themselves.”

Zhong Yiran sneered: “Isn’t it? I don’t look at what Lu Fan’s background is, and he brazenly said to help us solve the problem, oh.”

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